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"Adam and Eve" is a work in progress that I started in December 2012. It features a pair of kinky siblings who have a lot of fun busting hot guys' balls...

All about Adam
New Year's Eve
Horny virgin
to be continued


"Adventures in Europe"

In April 2009 I took a hiatus from writing and this blog came to a screeching halt. Then, in December 2011 I had a new idea for a story and started writing again, and I found out I still enjoyed it... :-))

For various reasons, I didn't want to go back to the original setting and characters right away, so I created a completely new set of characters that surround "Alex" in Europe: his boss Nikolai, Nikolai's sister Katya, the Dutch brothers Henk and Gerrit, and - last but certainly not least - stagehand-turned-showstar Erik. Special thanks to my friend bbmal who had a huge role in bringing me back to writing...

"The Balls of Others" (4 parts, December 2011-February 2012)
The show
Summoned by the boss
Episode 2

"Family business" (5 parts, June-September 2012)
Oh brother!
Meet the cousins
Career advice
Family business

"Erik's road to stardom" (6 parts, February-October 2012)
Russian intervention
New job - new challenges
The secret is in the sauce
A dream come true
Shattered dreams
A star is born


"And the winner is..." is a 3-part-story that I wrote in February 2008. I wanted to try something different and decided to let the outcome of the Academy Awards Ceremony determine who got his nuts cracked. I wrote the grand finale in one sitting the day after the Oscar's and published it right away, and in retrospect, it seems a bit like a writing exercise. I'm still not sure I like how it turned out. But decide for yourselves. It is one of the very few stories that assembles the whole cast of characters - and if your favourite doesn't get his nuggets crunched you'll have to blame the Academy... :-))

Oscar night ahead
The nominees
And the winner is...


"Auditions" - a simple title for a very complex series of stories... Starting in August 2008, I introduced more than a dozen new characters (many of which were based on readers' suggestions) and made them battle it out in nutcrunching fights. Eventually, after many rounds of fighting and a reader's poll, Logan made it to the top spot and was cast as a new cast member of the Ballbusting Boys. And there were other characters (like spoilt rich boy Xander and his boy toy Shorty) who appeared in other stories, too.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Final fight


"The Ballbusting Olympics" is an epic story in more than 20 parts that was published from February to May 2008. It was a huge project, and the centerpieces (the opening ceremony and the days of competition) turned out to be a massive piece of work. But it was a lot of fun, with a lot of input from the readers, with a bunch of new characters that turned out to be fan favourites (massively-endowed Zach makes his first appearance) and I'm still quite proud of the way it turned out. The following year, I tried to bring back the Olympics for a second year - without much success. In the end, I abandoned the project. But The Ballbusting Olympics 2008 will stay forever... :-))

Behind the scenes: Beckhamania (guest starring David Beckham)
Day 6: Awards and Penalties

And here is what should have been The Ballbusting Olympics 2009... Oh well, at least the "Training Parker" stories are kinda fun... :-))
Ballbusting Olympics 2009?
New poll: Ballbusting Olympics 2009
Olympic Countdown: Training Parker (1)
Olympic Countdown: Training Parker (2)
Poll results: Ballbusting Olympics 2009


"BB Academy" is a series of stories (started in 2015) focusing on experiments and a "scientific" approach to ballbusting.  In association with the Institute of Testicular Agony (ITA), the Ballbusting Boys aspire to find out everything about the funny little things that are the human testicles. Of course, they are always looking for your ideas...

Footwear study
Pleasure and pain
Bashed abs and busted balls (Be our guest: Jerry and Ken meet Logan)
to be continued


"Ben's wrestling match" is a series of 4 stories that were published from September to November 2008. The center pieces are part 2 and part 4, the original wrestling match and the rematch. Somehow, it was extraordinarily fun to write this story about a rigged fight, with poor, naive Ben being mercilessly taken advantage of... :-))

Ben's wrestling match
Good times
The rematch


"Be our guest" is an experimental series of stories that is based on reader participation. Special thanks to our devoted reader Carter for coming up with the idea. If you want to meet one or two of the ballbusting boys and see yourself in a hot story please check out this post for details.

Big day for a little dick (Carter meets Logan)
Hurt pride (Alex meets Ben)
Nut-popping jizz-fest 1 (Kevin and Ryan meet Zach)
Nut-popping jizz-fest 2 (Kevin and Ryan meet Zach)
Nut-popping jizz-fest 3 (Kevin and Ryan meet Zach)
Nut-popping jizz-fest 4 (Kevin and Ryan meet Zach)
Big, blond and ballbusted (Cody meets Zach and David)
Wrestling challenge (Rico meets Logan)
The nut-knocker (Daniel H. meets the twins)
Fun between friends 1 (Raul meets Logan)
Fun between friends 2 (Raul meets Logan)
Threesome (Daniel P. meets Danny and David)
Balls and feet (Chris meets Will and Kev)
Begging for a busting (Noah meets Zach)
Let's play Roshambo (Paul and Ross meet Kev)

An honest mistake (Brian meets Logan)
Abducted, abused abandoned (Gaz meets "the dark twins")
Cocky guy meets his master (Marc meets Xander and Shorty)
Two for one (Martin meets the twins)
Tag team trauma (Reuben and Scott meet Logan)
Just deserts (Nik meets David)
Get rid of that junk! (Andy meets Troy)
No holes barred (Nick meets Logan)
Favored to lose (Carlos meets Ben and Kev)
Just for kicks (Mark meets Phil and Kev)
Zach's education: Detention! (Micky meets Logan and his friends)
Dirty dancers (Jack meets David and Parker)
Winning feels so fucking good (Chris meets Brandon and Cal)
Hanging around in the boxing gym (Aaron meets Ben)
A fun night out (Michaël meets Logan and Zach)
High stakes - part 1 (Sean meets Zach)
High stakes - part 2 (Sean meets Zach)
High stakes - part 3 (Sean meets Zach)
The burglar and the baseball bat (Barry meets Logan and Ashley)
Spice up your life (James meets Logan and Ashley)
A lesson in pain (Martin meets Leo and Ben)
Toy boy (Orion meets Zach)
Low blows and cum shots (Luis meets Leo and the twins)
Gym buddies (Jesse meets Kev and the twins)
Happy feet (Pat meets Logan and Ben)
Who needs two? (Tyler meets Ben)
Used (Kris meets Logan)
Step by step (Derek meets David and Logan)
Lucky day (Callum meets Logan and Zach)
Ten loads (Mitch meets Logan and Ashley)
Prom night (Nick meets Logan)
A painful case of mistaken identity (Brian meets the twins)
Teamwork (Billy meets Logan and Zach)
Acting nuts (Robin meets Danny)
Newbie (Larry meets Logan)
Emergency drain (Rob meets Brandon)
Lucky slut (Drew meets Xander and Shorty)
Hot and horny (Stefan meets Logan)
Bashed abs and busted balls (Jerry and Ken meet Logan)
Nutshot dummy (Thomas meets Ben and Kev)
Good boy (Eddie meets Logan)
Sweet revenge (Chris meets Logan and Kev)
Just for fun (Harrison meets Logan)
Welcome to the team (Myles meets Phil)
Crying at the discotheque (Jarret meets Kev and Logan)
Vicious little fucker (Finn meets Logan and Zach)
Skaters gone nuts (Brant meets Sammy and Tristan)
One hell of a farewell party (Pablo meets Logan)
Kinky (Ashton meets Logan)
Duped - part 1 (Daniel meets Ben, Zach and Logan)
Duped - part 2 (Daniel meets Ben, Zach and Logan)
Big mouth, little dick (Jack meets the twins)
A friendly game of nutball (Jake meets Leo, Sammy and Tristan)
Fighting dirty (Damon meets Logan)
Bruised balls for birthday - part 1 (Jeffrey meets Zach and Manuel)
Bruised balls for birthday - part 2 (Jeffrey meets Zach and Manuel)
Bruised balls for birthday - part 3 (Jeffrey meets Zach and Manuel)
Tagged (Fraser and Colin meets Kev)
Love, sex, fun, pain (Joshua meets Leo and Tristan)
The pervert and the giant (Gareth and Ben meet Kev)
Fight club (Jeremy meets Logan)
Water balls (Joshua meets Cal and Brandon)
The photo shoot (Kurt meets Ben)
Humbled (Darren meets Logan)
All out of cum (Andy meets Logan)
Spanked, fucked and busted (James meets Zach)
Respect (Robbie meets Logan)
Like a lady (Chris meets Ben)
Well played (Arthur meets Danny and Logan)
Beach brawl (Dustin meets Leo)
Knights in shining swim shorts (Michael meets Brandon)
Three on one (Greg, Garth and Gary meet Logan)
Brute force (Pietro meets Logan)
Beginner's luck (Mike meets Kev and Logan)
Cowboys and Indians (Ahmik meets Ben)
Husband and wife (Chad and Jessica meet Parker and Tristan)
Wrestkling the coach (Coach Johnson meets Logan)
Superstud! (Adrian meets Logan)
Nutshot contest at the skate park (Justin meets Leo)
Three hunks go hiking (Patrick and Paul meet Kev)
Anger management (Nick meets Logan)
Spunk-o-gram (Jake meets the twins)
Meeting my nemesis (Mario meets Logan)
Cherry popping (Paul meets Kev)
A painful footjob (Daniel meets the twins)
Tutoring the tank (Kyle meets Sammy and Logan)
Boys will be girls (Ewan meets Kev and Ben)
Your humble servant (Darnell meets Xander)
Nut fucked butt slut (Erik meets Cal and Brandon)
Kinky date (Sebastian meets Tristan)
Sold (Lucas meets Logan)
Dirty tricks (Lars meets David and Parker)
Hurts like team spirit (Andrew meets Logan and Phil)
Two pairs of big, fat balls (Tony meets Logan and Zach)
Monkey bar chicken fighters (Cody meets Kev)
Last man standing (Chris meets Kev and Ben)
One on one (Adam meets Phil)
Nut cracking contest (Connor meets Kev, Ben and Colin)
Bully's locker room lesson (Robert meets Logan)
Top trumps (Syphax and Clément meet Leo and Tristan)
Chastity fuck wrestling (Wyatt meets Zach and Logan)
Stoners, boners, beats and balls (Pete and Mike meet Leo)
Blast from the past (Dan meets Ben, Kev and Colin)
Happy together (Seb meets David and Parker)
Mr. Steal Your Girl (Luc meets Logan and Zach)
Supermodel's suprise (Stéphane meets Leo and Ben)
Logan's series of unfortunate events (Mickey meets Logan)
Third time's the charm (Garry meets Logan)
Battleship ball bash (Andrew meets Kev) 
Painful playtime (Kit meets Logan and his cousins)
Girly boy's wildest dream (Hubert meets Leo)
Nutcrushing skateborard race (Benji meets Leo, Tristan and Sammy)
Underfoot (Casey meets Logan)
Painful training (Hiro meets Phil)
Kinkster's delight (Mitch meets Parker)
Busted balls and an extramarital milking (1) (Chad and Jessica meet Simon)
Busted balls and an extramarital milking (2) (Chad meets Simon)
Tagteamed (Jules and Reuben meet Logan and Zach)
Game over (Jake meets two maniacs)
My painful valentine (Joseph meets Logan and Ashley)
Pain slut (Caden meets Parker and Simon)
Sweet tooth (Donald meets Sammy and the twins)
Handymen (Wilson meets Kev and Ben)
The right one (Carson meets Leo and Danny)
Best buddies (Tyson meets Cal and Brandon)
Superstud returns! (Josh meets Logan)
Free-for-all (Ricardo meets Logan and Parker)
Kisses, kicks and kinks (Ayaz meets Sammy)
Work buddies (Jordan meets Brandon and Tristan)
Competition with consequences (Dominik meets Ben and Logan) 
Bros gone wild (Scott meets Kev)
Hot on the trail (Oliver meets the twins)
Rascals (Franklin meets Leo and Tristan)
Wingman (Tracey meets Logan)
Fun at the gym (Brock meets Parker and the twins)
Surf buddies (Jimmy meets Logan and Michael)
Ninjas go nuts (Yuri meets Logan)
Bisexual ballbusting adventure (Chris meets Simon and Danny)
Walk of shame (Toby meets Ben)
Nut pong (Nathan meets Ben, Logan and Phil)
Endurance (Julian meets Ben)
Étude in pain (Haruki meets David)
Loser gets fucked (Hunter meets Logan)
On the count of three (Stan meets Ben, Leo and Logan)
Bossy bottom (Ty meets Parker)
Trial and terror (Tommy meets Sammy and Tristan)
Wax to the max (Ken meets Logan) 
Kick war (Mark meets Phil) 
Sketchbag (Sab meets Sammy) 
Grower (Jonas meets Logan)
Family fantasy (Oscar meets Jimmy and Lester) 
Breaking me in (Andrew meets Alex and Kev)
Special treatment at the strip club (Jeff meets Michael)
to be continued


"Big balls training camp" is an 8-part-story that I wrote in July and August 2008. It features horse-hung models Cal, George and Zach, who go on a weekend trip to toughen up their nuts. Sure. Sounds perfectly reasonable... :-))

Sunday night


"Boys and girls" is a series of stories featuring f/m and mixed ballbusting.

New girl in town
Ballbusting 101
Kick ball tournament
Bisexual ballbusting adventure (Chris meets Simon and Danny)

to be continued


"Boys will be boys" is a six-part-story written in 2015. It's a light-hearted summer story that features Sammy, Brandon, Cal, Logan and Zach on vacation.

On the road
Wet, hot and horny
Winners and losers
Locked and unloaded
Blue balls and empty nuts
On the road again


"The castings" mark the very beginning of this blog in December 2007. One day I woke up and had the characters of Danny, the twins, Leo, Kev and Simon in my head and I was very excited about the idea of having them come to a casting for a ballbusting porn site...

Getting started
Casting Danny
Casting Leo
Casting Simon
Casting the twins
Casting Kev

Casting Jesid (February 2008)
Casting Nate (April 2008)
Casting Cal (July 2008)


"Charity nutshot festival" is an ill-fated story that I started in 2008. Somehow I ran out of ideas pretty fast, but I managed to at least give it a proper ending. It's just that the middle part is missing...

"The Danny and David stories" are a series of stories I wrote in 2008.
Danny was the very first character that I conceived when I started this blog. Pretty soon (I don't remember exactly, but it might have been a reader's idea) Danny's evil little brother David appeared. While the two of them have featured in many, many stories, here are the ones that deal primarily with them.
David turned out to be one of the most controversial characters I created: In a poll in January 2009 he got into the top 3 of "favourite characters" and took the top spot in "least favourite characters". Well, from a writer's perspective, David is pure gold - his stories practically write themselves...

"High kicks" (2 parts, January 2008)

"The nutcracker prince" (3 parts, February 2008)

"Brother knows best" (4 parts, June 2008)

"Caught in the act" (2 parts, October 2008)
Caught in the act


"Diagnosis Softballs" is a 4-part-story written in 2014 featuring cameraman Chad who has a slightly embarrassing problem concering his genitals. Fortunately the Ballbusting Boys gladly offer a treatment plan and do everything in their power to "help" him...

The path to recovery
Shock treatment
Heavy Lifting
House Call
Terminal stage


"Dorm buddies" is a series of stories featuring Kev, Ben and Colin and their adventures with their friends at the college dorm.

A little secret
Naked Nutball Tournament
Day of the champions
Who needs two?
Nutshot dummy (Be our guest: Thomas meets Ben and Kev)
Biggest balls in the room
Beginner's luck (Be our guest: Mike meets Kev and Logan)
Three hunks go hiking (Be our guest: Patrick and Paul meet Kev)
Nut cracking contest (Be our guest: Connor meets Kev, Ben and Colin)
Battleship ball bash (Be our guest: Andrew meets Kev)
Bros gone wild (Scott meets Kev)


"Easter egg hunt" is a pretty crazy 4-part-story that I wrote around Easter 2008. It was supposed to be a two parts, but then a reader pointed out a continuity error which I turned into a follow-up story...

Easter preparations
Easter egg hunt
A tip from the public
Zero tolerance


"Family affairs" is a loose series of stories focusing on the main characters of this blog and their families.

Crazy cousins
Daddy's boy (co-written by our reader Cal)
Safety first
Good sport
Helping hand
Sleepover (part 1)
Sleepover (part 2)
Painful playtime (Be our guest: Kit meets Logan and his cousins)


"Family jewels" is a series of stories focusing on Colin, his dad Kenneth and his grandpa Bob.

Cock knock
Sacktap trap
to be continued


"Fathers' day" is a multi-part story written in 2013. It features Leo's father Glenn (who was introduced in the 2012 story Father and son), the twins' father Lester and Logan's father Bradley. The premise is pretty simple: The sons team up with their dads in a ballbusting contest...

Balls for all!
Dawn of the dad
Ballsy brothers
Personal training
Painful encounter
Father's day


"Fun and games" is an ongoing series of stories focussing on competitions and contests based on readers' suggestions. If you have an idea for a hot competition, game or contest feel free to leave a comment here.

Don't lose your load!
Sex prevention
Ace of spades
A matter of size
Soggy biscuit
Leif's too short
The pain of being popular
Balls à la carte
Stag night
Nut sack tug-of-war
Competition with consequences (Dominik meets Ben and Logan) 
Fun at the gym (Brock meets Parker and the twins)

to be continued


"Jerk'n'Drain Enterprises" is a series of stories focussing on the themes of ballbusting and milking.

The price of milk
The milkman's apprentice
Don't cry over spilled milk
The milking machine
Bruised balls for birthday - part 1 (Jeffrey meets Zach and Manuel)
Bruised balls for birthday - part 2 (Jeffrey meets Zach and Manuel)
Milk and honey
to be continued


"The key to happiness" is a series of stories dealing with chastity and ballbusting. It's inspired by our reader Kinky Kage's vow "to remain locked up for as long as Zach is locked and to lock back up whenever he gets locked in future stories." (see also: I hold the key to Kinky Kage's cock)

Zach's choice
Cage fright
Gleam of hope
Days of woe
On the edge
Party boy
To the last drop


"Leo's sleepover" is a 3-part-story that was conceived with the help of Chris, a great supporter of this blog and a great lover of male feet... We exchanged a couple of e-mails with ideas and the story was published in January 2009. Chris and I had a great time creating this story, and I loved the challenge of mixing some foot fetish stuff (which I don't particularly fancy) in with the ballbusting...

Leo's sleepover: The morning after


"Logan's high school diary" is a series of short stories that I wrote in April and May 2009. Originally, there was going to be a fifth part that I never wrote at that time because "real life" intervened. In 2014, I picked up where we left. The story features Logan (who was added to the cast as a result of the Auditions) and his high school friends.

Part 4
Part 5: Wednesdays suck


"Love hurts" is an unlikely love story that I started writing in 2013. It follows the storyline that has been started in One on one: Parker vs. David, the rematch and the third match.

Panic reaction
Date night
Man in the middle (Be our guest: Joey meets David and Parker)
Just deserts (Be our guest: Nik meets David)
Deep inside
Dirty dancers (Be our guest. Jack meets David and Parker)
Learning to cope
Dirty tricks (Be our guest: Lars meets David and Parker)
Happy together (Seb meets David and Parker) 


"Naughty or nice" is the 2016 Christmas special. After a reader poll decided it was time for Sexy Santa to take a break, I decided to bring all the regular Ballbusting Boys characters together for a wild Christmas Party.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6


"Mean machines" is a series of stories that I started in May 2016. It introduces several painful contraptions.

Sackwrecker Deluxe
Under construcion (Call for ideas)
The Stud Squasher
to be continued


"The menu" is a 4-part-story that I wrote in December 2007. After having started the blog with the casting sessions, the next logical step was introducing the (fictional) website. In retrospect, this story is maybe a bit too cheesy. Truth be told, it was basically a weird wet dream I had that I put in writing... :-))

The menu - Intro to The aftermath


"Office shenanigans" is a series of 5 stories written in 2013. After reintroducing the original characters in The return of the Ballbusting Boys and before reuniting them in Balls to the wall I thought it would be nice to focus on the dynamics in team behind the scenes.

Cock knock
Doggy style
Coffee break
Double down
Strings attached


"Office vendetta" is a series of 15 short stories that I wrote between June and September 2008. I liked the character of Chad, the assistant, and I wanted to create a story that put him front and center. Originally, the story consisted of 9 stories that ended with a truce in "Fine print" in July 2008. After having taken a summer break, I added another 6 stories.

Once and for all


"One on one" is a series of stories that center around a fight between two guys (don't take that too seriously, though, sometimes it's more than two at a time...). It was hugely successful, and there are still a lot of open tasks on the One on one wish list...

Sammy vs. Phil
Simon vs. Tristan
Phil vs. Parker
Zach vs. Will
Phil vs. Kev
Michael vs. Will
Danny vs. Leo
Cal vs. Brandon
Leo vs. Tristan
Danny and David vs. the twins
Kev vs. Nate
Simon vs. Parker
Sammy vs. Parker
Zach vs. Kev
Leo vs. Xander
The twins vs. Parker - Roshambo
Kev vs. Logan
Leo vs. Phil
Leo vs. Sammy
Xander vs. David
Ben vs. Kev

Ben vs. Logan
Ben vs. Logan - the rematch

Zach vs. David
Zach vs. David - the rematch

David vs. Ben
David vs. Ben - the rematch
David vs. Ben - the third match
David vs. Ben - the fourth match

Parker vs. David
Parker vs. David - the rematch
Parker vs. David - the third match

Zach vs. Logan
Zach vs. Logan - the rematch


"On the job" is a little series of stories that feature one of the characters in their "natural habitat". There are a couple of ideas left that never made it into a story. Who knows - maybe some day I'll continue the series...

Career counseling (collection of ideas)

"Pride and pain" is a four part story taking place at a Pride Parade and featuring three hapless straight guys getting their nuts crushed by gay party people.

Balls on parade
Queen for a day
Twinks go nuts
Spuds for studs


"The return of the Ballbusting Boys" is a series of stand-alone stories written in 2012 and 2013. After more than three years, the original set of characters is revisited - where are they now?

Testicular emergency


"Reunion party" is a two-part-story written in 2013. It reunites the original "Ballbusting Boys" and reintroduces the original concept of a studio that produces video clips for a ballbusting website. (The original title was "Balls to the wall" and there were supposed to be more than 2 parts. But when I wrote the second part (the party itself), I noticed that that story indeed was the centerpiece and I saved the idea I had for "Balls to the wall" for later...)

"Richard and Paul" is a series of 3 stories that I started at the very beginning of the blog. In retrospect, it feels a bit odd, since they are not part of the group. The characters and the plot were a reader's suggestion, and I still feel like I didn't do him justice... Well, anyway, here they are... :-))

Part 3


"Role play" is a series of stories that feature the guys playing various scenarios based on readers' suggestions. Each of those stories is pretty long, but I had a lot of fun writing them...


"Sammy the ball doctor" is an ongoing series of stories that feature skaterboy Sammy as a cute yet brutal nurse wreaking havoc on his patients' testicles. Each "patient" enters Sammy's office with an outlandish diagnosis that inevitably leads to a lot of nut pain...

Treating Alex
Treating Kev (with illustration by Knave)
Treating Logan
Singing in the pain (Be our guest: Gerard meets Sammy and Logan)
Treating Ben
Treating Colin


"Sexy Santa and his nutcrunching elves" is a Christmas special featuring - as the title suggests - a hot and hunky Santa and a dozen of hard-working, devoted little helpers who enjoy singing, dancing and ballbusting...

How the elves saved Christmas (2012)
Revenge of the elves (2013)
Great big balls of Christmas Magic (2014)
On a cold winter's night (2015)


"Shakeout" is a series of 13 stories that were published between November 2008 and Februrary 2009. It combined two ideas from readers: 1. a rival ballbusting porn team, 2. the boys being trapped in mechanical contraptions (like in the "Saw"-movies, but less deadly...). The latter idea came from JP, an avid fan of this blog, and we exchanged dozens of e-mails plotting this story. It was a great writing experience (it turned out to be darker than my usual work), and it remains one of my favourite pieces.


"Skaterboys derailed" is a 2-part-story that introduces Leo's friends Tristan and Sammy who went on to appear regularly on the blog, with Sammy even getting his own series (see above).

"Snapshot" is a loose series of short stories inspired by pictures I found on the web. They don't necessarily feature any of the regular characters. If you have an inspiring picture let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (
The teacher
The wake-up call
The buyer
to be continued


"Snapshot (extended)" is a variation on the "Snapshot" theme. When a "Snapshot" short story is very popular I sometimes turn them into a full story.

The weightlifter
to be continued


"Soccer balls" is a 7-part-story that I wrote in December 2007 and January 2008. It was one of my first ideas that I had when I started the blog. It introduces Jimmy, the twins' older brother who is a professional soccer player in Europe, and Phil, an up-and-coming soccer star who'd become a regular guest on the blog. It's all about ball-kicking, plain and simple... (By the way, I realize the titles for the first three parts are awful. My only excuse is that I was a young and inexperienced writer... :-))

Phone call from Europe
Another phone call from Europe
Yet another phone call from Europe
Jimmy's training
Frank's training
Soccer balls
Birthday plans (crossover episode with "The twins' birthday bash")


"Soccer balls 2" - who would have guessed - is essentially more of the same: another ballkicking competition between two professional soccer players. Who'd wish for more? This 7-part-story was published in the summer of 2008.

Take five
Sneak Peek
Soccer balls 2
Phil's punishment


"Special Guest Star: Ryan Philippe" was written in May and June 2008. The readers chose Ryan Philippe as the "special guest star" for this story.

Your suggestions: Special Guest Star
New poll: Special Guest Star
Poll results: Special Guest Star
Cool intentions
Ryan goes down
Special Guest Star: Ryan Philippe
Picture perfect


"Special Guest Star: Zac Efron" is another take on the starbusting idea. Once again, the readers made the choice. Somehow, it turned out darker and meaner than Ryan Philippe's story. When a reader pointed that out in a comment, I added another chapter where Zac gets his revenge on me. You reap what you sow, right? ;-)

Your suggestions: Special Guest Star 2
New poll: Special Guest Star
Poll results: Special Guest Star

Hitting the high notes
Special Guest Star: Zac Efron
Just deserts


"Special Guest Star: Taylor Lautner" is the third installment of the ever popular idea of celebrities joining the original characters to bust balls and get their balls busted. We had so many suggestions that it took two polls to determine the winner. And there was a little confusion about Alexander Ludwig...

Your Suggestions: Special Guest Star 3
New poll: Special Guest Star 3
Alexander Ludwig and the current poll
Final poll: Special Guest Star 3
Poll results: Special Guest Star 3

You only cum twice
Boy, interrupted
Busted at the gym
Special Guest Star: Taylor Lautner


"Special Guest Star: Cody Christian" welcomes actor Cody Christian to the Ballbusting Boys studio.

Your Suggestions: Special Guest Star 4
New poll: Special Guest Star 4
Final poll: Special Guest Star 4
Poll results: Special Guest Star 4

Leader of the pack
Special Guest Star: Cody Christian


With "Special Guest Star: Justin Bieber" I took a path a little different from previous "Special Guest Star" stories.

There are two independent stories:
"Rage and Revenge" (2 parts) is for those of you who like permanent damage and complete destruction
- "7 days of pain" (7 parts) is a more playful and light-hearted (albeit painful...) story.

Your suggestions: Special Guest Star 5
New poll: Special Guest Star 5
Final poll: Special Guest Star 5
Poll results: Special Guest Star 5

"Rage and Revenge" features superstar singer Justin Bieber messing with the Mafia and getting his manhood destroyed. Warning: This story is much darker and more brutal than usual. If you're not a fan of permanent damage you might want to skip this one...

Revenge (original version)
Damage control
Revenge (revised version)

"7 days of pain" features Superstar Justin Bieber as a celebrity contestant in a Reality TV game show.

Day 1 (Kev, Colin and Ben)
Day 2 (Cal and Brandon)
Day 3 (Leo, Sammy and Tristan)
Day 4 (the twins)
Day 5 (Danny and Simon)
Day 6 (Logan and Zach)

Your choice
Poll results: Your choice

Day 7 (Finale)


"Special Guest Star: Nick Jonas" is a series of stories featuring Nick Jonas meeting some of the Ballbusting Boys.

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"Special Guest Stars: Tom Holland + Andrew Garfield + Tobey Maguire" is a two part story featuring three Spider-Men and some hilarious superhero madness.

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The Incredible Spider-Men: Bumpy flight
The Incredible Spider-Men: Nasty fight

Here's the reboot with Tom Holland as the lone star:
The Incredible Spider-Man: Spidey's plight


"Special Guest Star 8 - The B Factor" is a new format in the popular Special Guest Star universe.

Auditions (Your suggestions)
The Lucky Dozen - Elimination poll #1
The Weenie Wizard (Elimination #1)
Elimination poll #2
Keep smiling (Elimination #2)
Elimination poll #3
The salty taste of justice (Elimination #3)
Elimination poll #4
Bigger, larger, fatter, gone (Elimination #4)
Elimination poll #5
Sweet revenge (Elimination #5)
Elimination poll #6
Hands-on (Elimination #6)
Elimination poll #7 
A special scent (Elimination #7)
Elimination poll #8
Vanilla (Elimination #8)
Elimination poll #9
Dumb nuts (Elimination #9)
Elimination poll #10
Fucked (Elimination #10)
Final elimination poll
Boy vs. stud (Final elimination)

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Ten testicle tales with Tom Holland 
"Special Guest Star 9: The B Factor - Season 2" is the sequel to the hugely successful 2019 season. Once again, there are 12 candidates that get eliminated one by one.

"Spit it out" is a story in 5 parts that was published in January 2008. A competition, naked guys, and cum - what's not to like? :-))

Leo's idea
Dog day afternoon
Simon says yes
The preparations
Spit it out


"Spring break diary" is a series of 5 short stories that I wrote in March and April 2008. It shows Kev and his friends playing pranks on Ben. To date it's one of my favourite stories...

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


"Summer in the city" is a series of 13 stories that I wrote in the summer of 2008. I wanted to create a "summer special" that included most of the cast and had a recurring theme. The theme was "public ballbusting", and every episode takes place in a public place.

Summer in the city
At the park with Simon
At the campus party with Kev
At the circus with Parker
At the barbecue with Zach
At the zoo with Nate
At the city pool with the twins
At the soccer club with Phil
At the fireworks with Danny
At the swim team party with Cal
At the camping ground with David
At the skate park with Leo
At the pool hall with George
At the rock concert with Tristan
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"Take one for the team" is the first story I wrote for this blog after the casting sessions. Ahh, good times...

New poll: What should be the first segment of
Poll results: First game
Take one for the team
The day after
The penalties


"Top trumps" is a series of stories that feature 4 guys playing a game of "top trumps". I'm pretty sure that those stories are the longest ones I've ever written. It's unbelievable how long it takes to describe everything that happens during an innocent game played by four horny guys... :-))
Most of the categories were reader's suggestions, and it was a lot of fun to include all those ideas in the stories...

Zach, Xander and the twins
Leo, Sammy, Brandon and Cal
Ben, Danny, David and Tristan
Logan, Kev, Parker and Phil


"The twins' birthday bash" is a story in five parts that was published in between January and April 2008. Those twins sure know how to party...

Birthday plans (crossover episode with "Soccer balls")
I know what you did last year
Meeting Jimmy again
The twins' birthday bash
The morning after


"World Cup Testers" is a special series of stories in honor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Each installment (except for the first setup story) features at least one internationally renowned soccer player from a team that played a game on the day the story was published. Originally, I planned on writing four stories for every day that the round of 16 games took place plus a setup story. One of our readers from Mexico came up with an idea for an additional story for Brazil so I wrote one more part.

Brazil (published on the day of the 8th-final, Brazil wins against Chile 4:3)
Netherlands (published on the day of the 8th-final, Netherlands win against Mexico 2:1)
Germany (published on the day of the 8th-final, Germany wins against Algeria 2:1)
Argentina (published on the day of the 8th-final, Argentina wins against Switzerland 1:0)
Do you want more?
Extra time for Brazil (published on the day of the quarterfinal, Brazil wins against Colombia 2:1)


"The workshop" is a 2-part-story that was published in January 2008. I love the concept of guys (more or less) willingly putting their balls on the line, and I thought that the premise of an acting workshop would be a great idea. This marks the first appearance of big-balled actor George.

"Zach the cheater" is a series of stories I planned with my friend bbmal. It was conceived as a 9-part-story. Four parts were written in 2008 and 2009, and I continued the story in 2013.

Indecent proposal
Zach and Maggie
Zach and Stephanie
A night to remember
to be continued


"Zach's education" is a 7-part-story based on an idea by JP (who also came up with the premise of "Shakeout" a couple of years ago).

Lesson 1: The erection
Lesson 2: The "blue balls" phenomenon
Lesson 3: The ejaculation
Lesson 4: The prostate
Lesson 5: Phase of practical involvement

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