Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Jimmy's Found Video's #48


Jimmy’s Found Videos #48

Hey Ballbusting Boy Fans, 

Here's this weeks videos!


1). Leather pants will not save you.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Dues Paid written by Jimmy


Dues Paid

by Jimmy



Jayden arrives at Midtown Middle School and the party already seems underway.

Yesterday, Chase told Jayden that he had made a bet with his swim team and if they won the finals, he would allow each member on his team that won to hit him in the balls. There were eight champions on the list: Shane, Adam, Leroy, Aldo, Rex, Max, and Bill; not including himself.

Chase and the others are down to their respectable sky blue speedos, the air is hot when Jayden enters the space and immediately he starts to sweat. One bulge stands out bigger than all the rest of the team, and it’s easily one of the reasons why Chase is their captain. He is the alpha male, and he parades around his junk to make sure that everyone remembers who has the biggest assets on the team. Although today, he might have wished for small balls…maybe they would hurt less after being pummeled by almost every member of the swim team.

“Hi Jayden!” the boys chorus when Jayden walks in, the door swinging shut behind him.

Jayden waves and says “Hello” back to the group smiling.

Everyone is smiling.

There is only one exception.

Chase clears his throat as the seven boys on unison start to circle him, like sharks spotting a wounded animal.

“So…” Chase says, a quiet chuckle coming from him, but Jayden can plainly see that he is nervous. “Who’s first?”

Update: This Week's Stories and Videos May 29th


Update: This Week's Stories and Videos

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Caleb and Junior: Sibling Rivalry written by Jimmy



Caleb and Junior: Sibling Rivalry

by Jimmy





Sorry this one was late coming out for Friday. Hope that you enjoy Caleb and Junior's epic return to th blog. It has been awhile since we have seen Logan's cousins. But they are back!




Walking down the hallway, Junior has to shuffle his sheets under one arm. Junior takes a whiff of the sheets and wishes that he in fact did not. 


“Gross,” he mumbles into the bunched up fabric.


Turning the corner Caleb, Junior spots his older bro! He pauses and laughter fills the hallway. 




“Shut up!” Junior yells, face red his cheeks burning with crimson heat.


“Honestly man…choke the chicken before bed. You’re going to hump your bed to death.”


Junior growls, angrier than ever as Caleb passes him. 


“God you stink!”


Dropping the load, Junior grabs Caleb and moves to shove him against the wall but Caleb’s knee comes up and out of nowhere and slams into Juniors very recently emptied testicles.


Juniors eyes bulge, and his pretty blue eyes lose focus as he falls to his knees, kneeling before Caleb. Caleb laughs in his face, “Extra sensitive, huh?” Shaking his head Caleb turns away and leaves him crumbled on the floor moaning and holding his sore, throbbing balls. 


It’s not until ten minutes later that he finally stands up, Juniors walking with a limp as he a familiar face walks up to meet him. 


“Hey Junior.”


It’s Jayden Gomez. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Jimmy's Found Video's #47


Jimmy’s Found Videos #47

Here is this week's list of videos. I hope that

 you enjoy the latest finds!

1). Ouchies!

Monday, May 22, 2023

Paying His Dues written by Jimmy


Paying His Dues

by Jimmy


Jayden smiles, unable to stop himself.

“Do you really think that’s going to work?” he asks, snickering and grabbing his mouth to stifle the sounds of mirth coming from his curved lips.

Chase is staring into the mirror frowning at the cup. It’s bigger than he expected and in his shorts it’s so obvious and he turns to Jayden slightly exasperated.

“What else am I going to do? I promised the team if we won the meet that they could all get a free shot…nothing will be left of my big balls, Jayden!”

Jayden can frowns and lets out a breath. “Its not all of them…only the ones that won their race.”

“Yeah…practically all of them! Adam, Leroy, the twins, Bill, and Aldo…fucking Aldo will be the worst I just know it.” Chase folds his arms over his chest his pecs feel amazing after all the swimming that he has done over the past few weeks, bouncy and firm as rocks. Chase gives Jayden a concerned look, and Jayden comes up to him and nip him slightly on his nose before he moves down to his lips. The kiss they share makes, Chase’s cup feel uncomfortable. He’s grown uncomfortable and the reason is rather obvious.

When Jayden pulls back, his deep brown eyes radiate warmth and a similar stirring within him.

“As soon as you are done, I’ll take you back to your place and kiss them until they feel better. You are stronger than you think and…” Jayden taps the cup until Chase looks down, the slight knocking arousing him further. “There is nothing that any of those guys can do to your big balls that I won’t be able to fix with my mouth.”

Friday, May 19, 2023

Karate Class Self-Defense for Boys written by Jimmy


Karate Class Self-Defense for Boys


by Jimmy


Chase walks into the karate class already dressed. Sam Hell convinced him that getting in a little more knowledge would be a good idea, to ‘protect your assets.’ He had claimed.

He’s new and this is not his favorite place to be. He spots a few familiar people as his blue eyes travel the room. The instructor tells everyone to pair up but he ignores him and stretches for a bit only to have the instructor inform him:

“You two will be a pair, you are the only ones left.”

Chase rolls his eyes, busy his cheeks burn from embarrassment. His belt is loose and he pulls it off turning to his partner and showing off his swimmer body, and well-muscled chest and abs. He’s pretty sexy, and he knows it. Tightening his belt back in place he says, “I’m Chase, looks like we are partners.”

Ryan forgets to put on his cup after being rushed to look for a partner and rushes to meet Chase.

“Hi Chase, I’m Ryan. Listen here I’m not gonna back down from this fight and I don’t think you are either. I know that we don’t know each other but that is not gonna stop me ok?”

Grinning Chase looks unimpressed at Ryan, “I see. Well, I hope you don’t mind being on the floor.”

“Haha, we’ll see about that. How about this, I’ll make a deal nothing is off limits if you agree to it as well.”

Chase scoffs “Your funeral.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Ryan catches Chase off guard and trips him into falling on the floor and holding his arms down

Chase grins, eyes scanning the room to what smuck he will inevitably face after he destroys Ryan. “I will even let you…” but his words are cut short as Ryan charges him and hits him off guard dropping to the mat below.


“Let me what?!” Ryan states as he holds down Chase’s hands and moves his foot inch-by-inch closer to Chase’s unprotected package.

The wind is knocked out of him, Chase tries to catch his breath he feels a twinge of fear as Ryan’s foot gets closer to his crotch.

Chase gulps “Careful…you are awfully close to my big balls.”

A brief shifting of Ryan’s eyes downward confirms this knowledge and he decides to do something bad. Ryan grins mischievously.

“What are you smiling about?” Chase asks rather nervously, trying to throw Ryan off of him.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Jimmy's Found Video's #46


                       Jimmy’s Found                   Video’s #46

1). He wants it bad

Monday, May 15, 2023

You Can't Stop Me: Aldo's Tryout written by Jimmy


You Can’t Stop Me: Aldo’s Tryout

by Jimmy


“Man I can’t wait to become a wrestler!” Aldo says glancing at the mat, his dark eyes yearning for the new sport that he wishes to sign up for.

Outside of the gym, Aldo looks over the sign-up sheet and bounces foot to foot thinking about how he would look in his singlet, and reaches down, readjusting himself with a content little sigh.

Doug looks at Malik, one eyebrow raised up.


Doug can’t believe that his friend is even interested.

“You’ve never done this before. We were singlets…you’re a newbie. They would eat you alive!” Doug laughs slapping his friend on the back.

“Yea, yea whatever you say!” Aldo gives a quick one-two punch to Doug’s big bicep.

Doug’s eyes narrow, and he gives him a push. “Hey, just trying to help you out man. You would be shark food if you tried now. They would smell fresh meat a mile away. Nawww. You must be joshing me. No way would you put on a singlet like me…afraid of what you might look like when you put it on. Everyone sees what you are packing. If you know what I mean. Better stick with swimming with Chasey… and if you need a new sport try something like…tennis! Or something lame like that. This is a real men’s sport.”

“Thanks but no thanks I don’t need anybody’s help. I got this!” Aldo says and boldly writes his name down on the sign-up sheet.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Men of the House XI written by Jimmy


Men of the House XI


by Jimmy



All weekend long Dylan and Corey have been locked in an epic battle and their story all comes down to this…


Corey’s recently drained testicle are softer, and squishier in Dylan’s fist and Corey can feel that he is losing the fight and very quickly.

However with one arm pinned if he can just….

But his balls…

“Oh…oh no!”

Corey’s body shudders and he moans, Dylan’s got him and got him good.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Jimmy's Found Video's #45 Nostalgia


                     Jimmy's Found Video's #45

I decided to take a trip down memory lane for this addition of videos. Sometimes the classics are better.

1). Let's start with an old favorite... I always wanted him to do another ballbusting video. Alas to my knowledge that never happened. But this one did and it's amazing.

Monday, May 8, 2023

The List written by Jimmy


The List


by Jimmy


Rex woke up late. 


His brother tried to get him to rise from sleep but it simply was not possible. Rex was our cold. 


Rex furiously ran around his room trying to remember everything. He even forgot to pack his back-up the night before. 


He was out of the house, biking to school a pop tart in his mouth and as he chews on the gooey half-baked strawberry filled dessert he tries to remember if he actually finished his homework or not. He honestly, can’t remember. 


At a red light he goes through his bag, and sees that he grabbed the wrong notebook the one that screams: Keep Out glares up at him and it’s then on the eve of Midtown Middle School coming to an end in a few days that he remembered: The List.


Grinning Rex pulls it out and it’s like yesterday that first practice after Jayden Gomez was still the Captain and the guys had declared that if any of them by the end of Middle School managed to bust everyone in the group by the balls in one day without being tagged back would be the winner. 


Rex fondly remembers the prize, and he’s hard as the light turns green. And he’s off, ready to work on: The List and pushing the homework that was owed out of his mind. This was way more important. 


The guys that signed it were:










The rest of the swim team was too chicken to sign-up. Especially Adam, he wanted no part of this.


Only six guys. Rex could pull this off. 

Poll Results: And the winner is...?


And the winner is...?

Friday, May 5, 2023

Men of the House X written by Jimmy


Men of the House X


by Jimmy



As night time approaches Dylan’s friends start coming over, all bros.

“Now listen” Dylans says coming over to Corey, his little brother and staring down at him. “My friends and I are gonna play video games tonight and play some drinking games, make some bets and what not. You’re gonna be fully dressed but I’m not taking that collar off of you. If you do anything to fuck this up I’ll shock you at a ten. I want you to be a good butler to my friends and take care of their needs. You got it?”

Dylan turns the shock collar up to 2 as a threat.

The doorbell rings cutting off Dylan from possibly abusing Corey some more.

“You gonna get or are you gonna make my friends wait?” Dylan asks, laced with the unspeakable threat as the shock collar around Corey’s balls stops sending volts into his tightly packed scrotum. “And make sure to ask if they want a drink. Mom has a ton of beers in the garage refrigerator and she won’t notice they’re gone as long as we replace them later.”

All day Corey has been forced to do manual labor and chores around the house. He’s sore and a little hot and sweaty. Dylan didn’t let him take a shower and he smells a little ripe. When Dylan turns the dial he is already on edge and freezes not that it helps as his body vibrates.

Corey looks at his brother with hatred and grimaces.

He takes a full breath before gritting his teeth and heading towards the door to open it.

Monday, May 1, 2023

Check-up written by Jimmy




written by Jimmy



“You’re not sick, why do you want to go to the doctor?” Will Brady asks his son, as he pulls down the newspaper looking his son in the eyes.


“I…had some questions.”


Will Brady considers and clicks his tongue before putting down the paper and motioning for his son to sit next to him. 


Cautiously Bill heads into the living room and sitting on the couch next his Dad as he pats the sofa. 


“Do we need to go over the talk again? I don’t mind.”


“It’s not that,” Bill says in a huff, arms crossing over his chest. 


Will Brady seems to be considering this as he eyes his son thoughtfully. 


“Well if you want a check-up, I can bring you. Might as well take Sam too…”


“No!” Blurts out Bill grabbing his Dads arm. 


“Can this be…just for us?”


Will Bradley shrugs. 


“Sure, I can take Sam another time.”


Bill sits back pleased. “So when can we go?”


“I’ll call Joe, now and I’m sure that he will fit you in.”


Bill smiles with contentment.