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Rex's Latest Scheme: The Tag-Team Tryouts written by Y1ddo and Jimmy


Rex’s Latest Scheme: The Tag-Team Tryouts 



By Jimmy and Y1ddo

Hi everyone,

I am so proud of this story which is almost 90 pages long. It will be split into four parts and in the story it contains favorites like Logan, Zach, Jayden, Chase, Max, and Rex. It was a blast to write this with Y1ddo. I hope that you all enjoy it!






“What do you mean, you don’t want to be my partner?” 


Max is flabbergasted and stares openly at his twin brother Rex, not believing the truth. 


“You lost to Logan, remember?” Rex points out.


“So…? you lost to Zach!” Max declares. 


“You are only giving me more ammo for why the two of us can’t beat Logan and Zach. That’s why, I am teaming with Chase.”


Chase, who was, in all honesty, not paying attention but draped over Jayden and nuzzling his neck, giving him yet another hicky.  


“Chase!” gasps Jayden, and he squeezes the arm rest. The four of them are watching the previews at The Bartlet Theatre and no one is interested in the screen. 


Rex grumbles. 


“Gross, Chase! Can you stop licking him for a second… I have a proposition for you!”


Chase does not stop immediately, he has Jayden in the zone and he wants him to spill some pre-cum before the show. The tent in his athletic shorts is telling him that he’s almost at the right spot. His teeth inch along, just under Jayden’s left ear and when he bites down this time he can see the quiver between his legs, and he smiles as he sucks on Jayden’s skin. 


Pulling back, he fixes Rex with a look. “What?”


Rex rolls his eyes and opens his mouth to explain his plan, but Max slugs him rather hard in his sweet spot and Rex’s mouth falls open. 


The guys snicker, but Jayden is gasping and holding onto his neck. “I wish you wouldn’t…” he says in almost a whisper. 


“Hush. I’ll finish what I started soon.”


Max leans over Rex, still gulping air like a fish out of water. 


“Rex here wants to team up with you against Zach…”


“Not interested.” Chase says, about to go back for another bite, when Max finishes. 


“…and Logan. I told him it was a stupid idea. I’m his partner in crime. It should be me!” Max says rather indignantly. 


Chase pauses and feels the thrum of Jayden’s pulse against his mouth, and he grins. 


“Rex, I’ll do it.”


“No!” Max stands up, his candy falling to the floor. “I’m teaming with him.”


“Tell you what…how about we face off. Whoever makes the other submit first gets to be Rex’s partner,” Chase is smiling, and Jayden is too grabbing Chases shoulder and pulling him against him. 


“You going to show them who’s boos, Chase.”


“Bet your ass!” Chase says as he reaches back and grabs Jayden ridiculously hard erection in one hand, making him tremble. 


“Fine, as long as we shake on it.” Max holds out his hand, his Amber eyes alight with mischief. 


“Deal. Now let’s ‘watch’ the movie.”


Jayden gulps, as Chase says: “I have to tie my shoe.”


The lights begin to dim as Chase goes in between Jayden’s legs and looks once into his boyfriends eyes before moving straight down on top of the stuffy that he pulls out.


“Chase!” Jayden whimpers above.


Rex and Max roll their eyes in the same fashion, as Max plops back down. 


“I’m going to be your teammate,” Max says, stuffing a hand full of buttery popcorn into his mouth. 


Rex pushes his bangs out of his face: “You wish. No way you’ll beat Chase...”


Max is grinning as he pulls Rex close to him. “Chase is going to be all hot and bothered after the movie, he’s not even going to be thinking with his ‘big head.’ I’ll put him down so fast he won’t see it coming.”


Max leans back, and Rex has to admit… that’s not a bad plan. But for him to actually beat Zach again he needs a strong partner. Rex tries to lose himself in the movie in Chases home theatre as Chase’s bobbing only gets in the way… a little bit. 





Max and Chase have changed. Obviously, Chase keeps his singlet collect in good taste and still has Max’s size. Jayden’s referee attire is nowhere to be seen. 


“I must have misplaced it again. Just wear those little black and white underwear I got you, and the whistle. It’s only us guys after all!”


Jayden smirks. After the movie, Jayden is in a damn good mood and even agrees with Chase. 


“Yeah… I can’t believe that it’s still lost.” Jayden slaps Chase’s ass, as he comes out almost nude wearing a silver whistle, and his black and white tight-fitting undies.


Chase is surprised that nothing is peeking out, and judging by the stretched-out fabric it might not be like that was for long. Jayden’s swimmers body looks good in those shorts, his lean muscles gleaming in the almost summer sunlight. 


Suddenly Logan peers around the corner, sweaty and coming back from a run. 

“What’s up guys?” Logan huffs, his t-shirt sticking to his chest, as rivulets of sweat pour down his face. 


Jayden looks over one shoulder. “Just fooling around. Want to watch?”


“Can’t. Date night with the babe, but… aren’t those a little tight?”


Chase puts a hand on Jayden’s bare shoulder. “It was the only size they had, Logan. Don’t make a big deal out of it.”


“I’m sure they were…” Logan says, heading inside. 


“I can’t wait to beat him in my rematch,” Chase says determined.


“Before you do, you have to go through me.” Max is pulling up the straps of his singlet and glaring at Chase, a determined look on his handsome, youthful face. 


Rex is on the sidelines, hoping that Chase wins as he says: “You go, bro!” Rex winks in Chases direction, and the swim captain chuckles. 


“You are going down so fast, Max...”


That takes the smile off his face, and it’s then that Jayden explains the rules. 


“I want a clean fight… well… at least one in which is enjoyable to watch. I’ll make sure all the rules get followed.”


Rex raises one eyebrow. “Wait…there are rules?”


“Typically. But not with us. It’s anything goes,” Jayden explains. 


“My favorite kind of match,” Chase says, smiling. 


“Mine too—!” Max begins.


Chase rushes him. One moment Chase was joking, the next he is flying across the wrestling mat at Max. Max barely dodged to the side, before Chase charges him again and this time spearheads him in the gut, slamming him down to the mat below. 


“Ugh!” Max grunts as Chase comes up grinning.


“Heh. Got you.”


Chase punches him in the stomach, the same spot in which his head had hit earlier. All the air he just got back into his lungs is expelled, as Chase’s fist hits him just above his belly button. 


Max’s eyes go wide and he flails underneath Chase, and he gets lucky. A knee twists and moves between Chase’s legs and comes up, managing to catch one of Chase’s “big balls” …Max thinks it might be the smaller one and knees it hard against his thigh, trapping the squirming orb flat against Chase’s well-muscled leg. 


Chase gasps “Rightie!” before he doubles over, landing on top of Max. Chase’s hands protect his scrotum from another hit as he rolls onto his side, giving Max a moment to sit up and breathe. 


Max is holding his middle, and breathing hard. Not the best start to the match, but he grabs Chase’s arm and pulls him back onto his back. 


“Serves you right! Cheater…”


Max elbows him in the stomach asking: “How do you like it? Huh!”


A grin spreads over his face as Chase makes a low whining sound at the back of his throat, as one hand reaches up to grab his middle leaving the bigger left testicle completely unprotected. 


Max reaches down hungrily for the hidden treasure, but Chase kicks back at the last moment, nailing Max in his stomach again and launching him further back onto the mat. Max still holding his middle, glances up making eye contact with Logan in the second story window. 


Logan winks at him mouthing ‘Go get ‘em, kid.’


Max nods and tries to get up again, but Chase grabs his feet pulling them apart. His own bigger, longer legs start stretching out, and the space between Chase’s toes and Max’s bulge get smaller. 


“Oh oh,” Max says grabbing Chase’s feet and trying to low him down, but Chase’s legs are too much, plus he has his ankles. A classic gas pedal is about to befall him, and it looks like there is nothing he can do to stop it. 


Max looks up hoping to get some advice from Logan, but he just shrugs shaking his head now mouthing ‘That’s gonna suck.’


Max only has a moment to make eye contact with Chase before he stretches his feet all the way, bypassing Max’s fingers and shoving both feet deep into his privates. That’s the last conscious, thoughtful thought that he has before pain overwhelms him, and Max gasps. 


“Oh… noooooo!”


Chase’s feet push Max’s balls right into his own body, as the hardened balls of his feet trap the squirmy suckers against Max’s pelvis. He then starts to slowly jerk them in and out, letting Max’s balls plump back up into spheres before shoving them back against his own body. 


Max grits his teeth, and his eyes roll as pain, sharp, white and hot pulses down below his navel. 


“Oh shit, you got him good!” Rex says excited. 


“Yeah, I know. I can feel it...” Chase agrees as he pulls Max’s ankles, giving himself a better and more easy way to make the move even more devastating.


All there is for Max is to take it. 


He does so for almost a minute, before he yells out: “My nuuuuuuts!” 


His testicles are like flattened pancakes, shoved into his belly. Chase’s Cheshire cat grin in place, with a hint of perfect white teeth glowing in the sun, pulls his feet back and slams them back into Max’s pubic bone, nuts firmly trapped beneath. 


Max grunts and moans as Chase leave his feet there, but his big toes slowly slip and maneuver down as Chase twists his foot, which give Max the feeling that Chase is stamping out a cig. Chase’s toes grasp his penis, the head catch between the crevice in Chases big toe and the other four. He pinches it a bit, which gets his attention. 


“You’re not…?” Max starts to say as Chase’s other toe pushes on his tip and taps it. 


“You… no… my god!” 


Chase starts toying with him, big toe looping around his head as the toenail runs down his full length. Max lays back, body trembling. 


“Is he hard yet?” Rex asks eagerly. 


“Almost.” Chase says. “Right, Max?”


Max moans, and Chase stomps his balls again into his crotch. 


“I asked… are you hard?”


“I…” Max tries to say but can’t. Chase kicks him again. 


“I think you won.” Jayden says. 


“Winners are decided when one has a leaky faucet. Max has not slipped… yet.”


Max moans low, and his breathing starts to pick up. Along with his heart beat, that thuds against his chest. 


“Chase… my balls!” Max grunts.


Chase does not ease up. 


“You know the deal, Max. Now be a good boy and make a mess in that singlet. Then I will stop.”


Chase is now pumping Max’s erection between his toes, and Max balls his hands into fists. If he does not do something soon… he will lose. 


Max tries to sit up, and it’s almost as if Chase sense the effort and he boots him hard into his nuts with his foot, bringing it all the way back and striking forward with such force that Max bolts upright, body twitching as his head falls to his chest. 


“Oh my fuuuucking god!” 


Chase smiles wide then. “Now he’s mine.”



Above the boys Logan watches the teens battling, and calls Zach.


“Hope you aren’t busy. Rex wants a rematch.”


“We already had one,” Zach says with a sigh. “I won… or does he forget?”


“Actually, he does not. He wants a tag-team match, and this is going to be an easy one as you will be paired with me.”


Zach laughs. “Really?”




“Who is Rex partnering with?” Zach asks curiously.


“That’s about to be decided upon. Come on down this Saturday, and we can put Rex and his partner in their places.”


“My younger cousin is coming over for the weekend,” Zach says, hesitantly.


“Who? Cody?” Logan asks.


“Yes, we’re going clubbing. Gotta give him a feel of the city life… and the city girls of course!” Zach chuckles.


“Bring him over then, the boys are going to love him!”

‘And his big balls’ Logan mutters to himself, smiling.


Zach sighs resigned. “He’ll be down, no worries. But you better watch my back, buddy… My nuts are still sore from last time out!”


Logan clicks end call.


“Don’t worry, I will Zach.”




Down below, Max is fairing no better than before. If anything can be said, things have only gotten worse for the poor swimmer.


“You’re sooo close, bro… I can feel them tingling,” Chase sniggers.


“Nnngh… nooo!” Max complains though gritted teeth, but he knows deep down in his heart that he’s finished.


“Just let it go…” Chase smiles, easing a bit up on the pressure. Max is standing at full attention, and his rigid pole is quivering. “You know you want to…”


Max is in a mixed state of pain and pleasure, and his eyes are rolling to the back of his head.


He kicks out desperately with his feet, and one foot fortunately crashes into Chase’s big basket with a loud “thud”.


“My… big… balls!” Chase complains hoarsely, and he lets out a cough. He has still got his hands around Max’s ankles though, and he shoves them away from his wounded fruit basket. “You’ll regret that one…”


Chase’s foot clamps down on Max’s nuggets, and he starts stomping them like they’re grapes about to be turned into wine.


“Ooouugh, fuuuck!” Max moans. “I… give!”


“I’m not done with you… yet!” Chase smiles mischievously, as he starts to slide his other foot up and down Max’s shaft.


Max’s mouth drops in a silent “o”, and his eyes display a mix of discomfort and desire at the same time.


“I’m… coming!”


His raging tool starts to vibrate violently, and to his own surprise Chase removes his feet.




Max starts, as Chase punts him with all his might straight into his sensitive sack. His hands tightens and his toes curl, as a big jet of love juice shoots up his chest, staining his tight wrestling singlet.


“Chase…” Max moans softly.


“I bet there’s more where that came from…” Chase chuckles, as he draws his foot back a second time.


“Noooo…” Max manages to object, before he’s hit with another devastating blow to his baby makers. His member erupts in another impressive spurt, completely soaking the thin fabric of his singlet.


Jayden cups his own bulge in sympathy, and looks straight into his boyfriend’s sparkling eyes. “Save some for the weekend, big boy.”


Chase gives him a playful wink and grabs his bulge through his singlet. “Those big jocks are going down…”


He retracts his foot, allowing Max to curl into a miserable, moaning heap.


“You can keep the singlet…” Chase smiles down at him, not sure if the agonized swimmer is able to receive the message.


Rex is grinning from ear to ear, as he gives Chase a fist-pump. “I knew you were going to join my team, captain. Let’s kick some big, weak balls!”


“Don’t worry buddy, these big ‘steel balls’ are coming out on top,” Chase chuckles cockily, and he cups his big bulge again. “That big doofus is going down…”


To be continued…


owen said...

good start jimmy. Hope zach gets his bjg nuts busted somethinf good: zach is always a bit of an idiot i've found: i love his big nuts, so easy busted. And so sounds promising. Wonder what jayden's gonna get up too while chase and rex bust logan and zach's balls and have so nuts crushed in turn.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Owen,

I’m glad that you liked the start of the story! I can guarantee you that a part of Zach is going to be very unhappy…and very soon! I always enjoy when Zach’s big ones are taken down a peg or two. Zach however is going to do everything in his power to beat Rex and claim victory! Hope that you enjoy the rest, Owen!