Friday, March 31, 2023

Men of the House Part VIII written by Jimmy


Men of the House Part VIII

The Biggest Bully in School

by Jimmy


 Warning: Includes ballbusting. Contains traces of forced semen. You have been warned.

 Ball Busting Tales: Men of the House (Previous Dylan and Corey stories can be found here).

One of Corey’s favorite things to do is bust his older brother’s balls. He has gotten so good at it, that Dylan sometimes walks funny after encounters with his younger sibling.

After his latest session of beating his brother’s balls black and blue, Corey decided to try his hand at going after some other…more challenging guys. Corey decided to target the biggest bully at school. If he could beat him, then Corey knew he would rule the school and all would fall before him.

One day, after gym class Corey hung around his locker in his t-shirt and gym shorts waiting around until the bully finished picking on one of his classmates ready to take him on.

Corey could hear the toilet flushing and the laughter of the bullies while the torture the poor kid. Corey knows him too, and the kid does not deserve the swirly porcelain bowl.

Frowning, Corey crosses his arms watching the bathroom entrance as the bully dunks his classmate over and over. Water sloshes and runs down the sides of the bowl and seeps out covering their shoes.

“Gross,” Corey mumbles and the bullies seem to hear him and freeze thinking that he might be their gym teacher.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Basketball Bully written by Jimmy


Basketball Bully

by Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting and underaged characters.

“You’re the worst on the team,” Declan said with a laugh. “The way you throw a ball, ha!” The black haired boy had been hassling the new kid since he joined last week. Declan was spry, short and always seemed to have the ball.

Chris was taller, stalker and with brown hair. Chris was not as popular or as good looking as Declan, and was finding it difficult to make friends. Declan hassling him about his lousy free throws, sure did not help things.

 “You always get this weird face when you try to take a shot, it’s a mix of like taking a shit and oh fuck I’m the worst player!” Declan said, laughing meanly along with the other boys around them.

Gino a tall seventeen year old was picking up the wet towels from around the locker room muttering, “Logan is the worst coach ever. Putting me on duty as the freaking toy bitch boy.” Gino mumbles coming up to their bench and taking their towels.

“Don’t worry Chris, you won’t be the worst player for long. Coach is bound to take pity on you and cut you from the team!” Declan said with a grin, turning away from him and laughing with the rest of the team.

Chris’s face turned bright red, and he felt his eyes starting to tear up. Gino overheard that one, and stepped forward getting down to one knee and smirking up at Chris. “This is how I deal with assholes,” he whispers and reaches forward as Declan pulls his shirt overhead and grabs the pouch in front of his shorts. Declan’s yellow boxer briefs offer zero protection as Gino grabs the contents and gives a mighty crushing squeeze.

Friday, March 24, 2023

The Thieves in Hell House written by Jimmy



The Thieves in Hell House

by Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting. one underage character, and extreme violence. This story is darker than my usual ones  You have been warned.

Ballbusting Boys: The Thief in Hell House written by Jimmy (Part 1)

In the darkened hallway Bill is starting to hyperventilate as he breathes in and out faster and faster. 


Sam knows that he has to stay focused. A new threat is in the house. Mr. Will Brady is on the floor in the entryway unconscious and not moving, and there is a second thief stronger and more experienced than the first inside the house. Worst of all, Sam does not know where he is. 


Turing to face Bill, Sam speaks quickly and does not waste words “Go out the back door, go to the shed. Stay there. I will take care of this.” 


“I can’t…leave you.” Bill is trying to stay strong, he’s breathing hard and looking scared. His voices quavers and he must know how little and pathetic his voice sounds. Ignoring this Sam presses him. 


“Go. I’ve got this.”


Bill is nodding, Sam Hell the Devilboy can barely see but hears him going back through the kitchen towards the exit. 

Monday, March 20, 2023

Roshambo: Flip Fuck Part 2 of 2


Roshambo: Flip Fuck Part 2 of 2

By Jimmy


This is the story of Jayden and Chase’s first time having sex. This story has been a long time coming, I hope that you all enjoy it.



The water is on spraying the tiles below but Jayden is pressed against glass and griping the edges, with Chase behind him one hand wrapped around his stomach the other on his recently emptied ballsack.

Jayden groans as Chase’s wet and slicked up cock slaps across his ass, the whack makes him wince involuntarily but it does not hurt.

“Get ready for it.”

Chase’s words send a shiver down his spin, even though the steam coming from the shower is hot and makes him feel loose. Jayden is quite spent from topping Chase so easily allows Chase to manhandle him. The firm grip on his drained balls put him in no position to deny him.

The squeeze is suprising and Jayden gasps.

“I’m talking to you.”

“I know…!” Jayden says gulping back a groan.

“Easy on my boynuts…” Jayden says unable to hide the pleading sound of his voice or the quiet grunt when Chase increases the pressure using his thumb as the driving force pressing deep in the middle of both nuts and squishing the ends underneath. Jayden still can’t believe that his nuts now fit in Chase’s larger hand, and he knows that his boyfriend is loving this fact.

“You can take a little squeeze.”

Friday, March 17, 2023

Roshambo: Rise to the Top Part 1 of 2


Roshambo Rise to the Top

(working title)

Jayden and Chase's First Time

By Jimmy


This is the story of Jayden and Chase’s first time having sex. This story has been a long time coming, I hope that you all enjoy it.


Warning: Includes ballbusting. Sex and traces of cum. You have been warned.

Walking into his boyfriend’s bedroom, Jayden finds himself surprisingly… nervous. He has never had sex and the idea both thrills, and excites him. There is just one hurdle. He has to get his boyfriend to submit.

A month or so ago, Jayden made a bet with Chase that the winner of their roshambo contest would get to be ‘the top,’ which is a sexual position in gay sex. Jayden has been doing a lot of…research into best position and he really wants Chase to be his bottom. If he loses, well…than he has to be the bottom. Usually Jayden goes easy on his boyfriend when it comes to low blows. Not today, he plans on holding nothing back to win.

Trading shot for shot to the balls sounds rough, but Jayden has a tough set of boynuts and he does not plan on going down without a fight. And his boyfriend Chase…well, he his big balls which are almost bigger than his own…or so Chase boasts. But Chase’s set cannot withstand the blows that he can.

Jayden slowly lowers his shorts, standing in only his underwear, he wears black jockeys and finds that they are slightly loose on his hips and they seem to sag with the full weight of his equipment. The air conditioning creates goose bumps that appear on his arms and bare chest and he flex’s his abs as he gulps taking in his boyfriend.

Chase has been watching his slowly disrobe, and he smiles as Jayden flex’s his abdomen, the curves of the flowing six-pack calls to him and he wishes to bath the muscles with his tongue but he resists.

“Ready?” Jayden says, not able to hide the nervousness, or the tremor in his voice as he feels his own balls hanging between his legs and he feels vulnerable.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Batman and Superman Battle of the Supersons written by Jimmy


Battle of the Supersons

by Jimmy

  Warning: I do not own any Batman or DC related properties, this is an act of fiction. Also, this is not my artist work in the comic. It was sent by a good friend that wants MORE ballbusting and Robin stories. Contains traces of cum.

‘It’s time that I took the fight to superboy. No more surprises in my batcave.’

Swinging into Metropolis Damian Wayne, aka Robin cannot help but admire the bright city, and sharp contrast to Gotham.


Damian Wayne scoffs seeing the cleanliness and sheen makes him feel out of place. 

The wind whips around him, causing his black hair to become quite unruly. 

One of the big problems of facing any superhero is that they are so fast...was that breeze Superan flying by? On may never know. Fortunately for Damian he placed a tracker on Jon the other day and he has been following it

Pulling out his binoculars Robin zooms in until he spots Jon Kent. He's flying high through the clouds making circular swooping patterns arms outstretched and laughing, not a care in the world. The white puffs of liquid air swoosh past him and he lazily flicks his hair back water droplet falling from him as he spins and swoops.

A flair fired from Robin's utility belt causes him to pause midflight and hover questioning what he is seeing. Then the flair explodes.


Friday, March 10, 2023

After the Break-Up written by Jimmy


After the Break-Up

by Jimmy


Rex, still sore about his breakup with his boyfriend that was all too quick heads over to the pool 🏊 to get out his frustrations and spots his teammate Leroy already into his swim routine.

Rex notices how Leroy attacks the water with ferocity and power, cleaving into the water with aggression and remembers that he is going through a breakup too. In fact if memory severs him right Leroy was cheated on.

Rex matches him stroke for stroke after changing into his sky blue speedos and rockets up and down the pool a plan forming in his brain. As the two swimmers tire Rex says to his friend “Hey…” still slightly out of breath he pauses before going on. “I’m so mad about my breakup…and well, I gather you are too. Want to…get the aggression out…on each other?” Rex quickly thinks over what he just said. Only then does he realize it sounds more like a come-on. He retracts a bit and adds more just in case.

Monday, March 6, 2023

Supersons: Robin VS Superboy written by Jimmy


The Supersons Robin VS Superboy

By Jimmy

 Warning: I do not own any Batman or DC related properties, this is an act of fiction. Also, this is not my artist work in the comic. It was sent by a good friend that wants MORE ballbusting and Robin stories. 

Damian Wayne might have bitten off more than he can chew…this time.

Superboy is in the batcave. The batcave…his home. This is unacceptable.

"Yaaagh!" Superboy and Robin scream upon seeing each other.

Friday, March 3, 2023

Gladiators written by Harry



by Harry







Dear Ball Busting Boys Community,


Harry wrote a love letter to both Alex and I's characters. His story is amazing, and I am so happy to share it with all of you. I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I!







“Alex, please don’t be angry.” 


The production assistant Erik winced and pulled his phone back a few centimeters from his ear. Some of the words coming through the line were incomprehensible to him, but Erik suspected he was getting cussed out. 


“I’m sure it wasn’t as expensive as you’re thinking,” Erik assured his agitated boss. While the writer / producer / director of was away on sabbatical, it had fallen to the 19 year old twink to keep the wheels turning and testicles churning at their niche video production company. He’d just signed off on a big purchase, and breaking the news to the boss was not going well. 


“Well, it’s been like thirty years since that dumb old show was on TV, but the set is in remarkably good shape. And Vince has already made a few improvements to some of the tech, so we will be good to shoot this week.” 




“Yes, the costumes came with the rest, but they’re pretty ridiculous, so I was gonna just…” 




“Oh. Oh! You LIKE the costumes. Well perfect! Because I was just going to say that we should use them for the new series to make it more authentic.” Erik rolled his eyes behind his wire-rimmed glasses and sighed in relief. 


“Okay, okay, thank you, Alex! I promise our subscribers will go nuts for this one.” Erik hung up, leaned back in his chair and propped his sneakers up on Alex’s desk. The exuberant, twinky smile slowly drained from his face. He drummed his fingers on the polished wooden surface, waiting for inspiration to strike.