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Fathers' day

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Ballsy brothers
Personal training
Painful encounter
Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: LeoLogan and the twins (click for pictures)

I couldn’t help but grin when I saw our teams standing together. The family likeness in each of them was striking.

19 year old skater boy Leo was talking to his dad, Glenn. Both of them had a full head of curly black hair, lanky bodies and handsome faces. Even though Glenn was 40 years old, he could’ve passed as Leo’s older brother under the right circumstances. He had a boyish attitude and a disarmingly cute grin. Leo was fully dressed, wearing well-worn sneakers, saggy blue jeans, an oversized black t-shirt with some sort of band logo on the front. His father was naked except for a pair of tight-fitting baby blue briefs that acted as a perfect showcase for his ample equipment.

“How do I look?” Glenn asked his son.

Leo grimaced. “Okay, I guess.”

Glenn grinned, rubbing his hairy chest. “You don’t like your dad’s body?”

Leo rolled his eyes. “I guess I prefer seeing you when you are dressed, Glenn…”

Glen laughed.

Michael and Will, the 22 year old twins were standing next to their father. Lester was 48 years old, the oldest competitor in our little contest. He was blond like their sons, with blue eyes. He wasn’t as muscular as his sons, but he looked great nevertheless. He proudly showed off his wiry and athletic body, wearing skimpy golden spandex shorts that clung to his body, reminding me of the Rocky character in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Michael looked at his father’s bulging crotch and mumbled, “You couldn’t have found something a little less…”

“Showy?” his father grinned.

“I was going to say embarrassing”, Michael said, raising his eyebrow.

His brother Will chuckled. “Why don’t you let Dad strut his stuff a bit?”

Michael stared at his him. “He’s are almost falling out of his shorts!”

“Don’t be a prude, Mikey!” Will shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. Like his twin brother, he was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. “Let him show off his balls.”

“I got a nice pair, son”, Lester grinned, “and I don’t have to hide it.”

Michael inhaled deeply and mumbled something unintelligible.

19 year old high school wrestler Logan was helping his father getting undressed. The two of them had arrived late, and Bradley took off his clothes in a hurry, handing them to his son who folded them and placed them on the ground in a little pile.

Logan was wearing khakis and a brown shirt. His blond hair was cut short and he looked like he had spent a good deal of the summer outside in the sun.

It didn’t take long until Bradley, at 38 years the youngest one of the three hot dads, had stripped down to his tighty whities that were bulging obscenely with his oversized manhood.

“Watch this”, Bradley muttered and winked at his son. Raising his voice, he said, “Hand me the thong, please?”

Leo, the twins and their fathers turned their heads and watched as Bradley pulled down his underwear and casually stretched his limbs, buck-naked, allowing everyone to get a good look at his magnificent equipment.

Logan watched the reactions with amusement.

The twins and their father were taken by surprise. Lester’s jaw dropped as he stared at Bradley’s crotch.

“Wow”, Michael whispered, unconsciously licking his lips.

His twin brother Will was speechless.

Leo’s father Glenn who had already met Bradley and his extralarge goods, frowned at the shameless display of Bradley’s endowment. “He’s hung. So what?” he mumbled.

Leo turned to his dad and whispered. “Big balls break easier, you know…”

Will found his voice again and neighed like a horse, grinning cheekily, causing the rest of the guys to burst out laughing.

Bradley looked at his son and chuckled.

Logan grinned. “Here’s your thong, dad.” He was holding a very skimpy piece of white fabric that didn’t look like it was able to contain all of Bradley’s bits and pieces.

Bradley slipped into the thong, stretching the thin fabric to accommodate his mammoth schlong and the two huge meatballs that went with it. He carefully pushed here and there until he seemed to be fairly sure that his equipment was stabilized. The result wasn’t perfect but acceptable. The fabric was stretched so thin that it was transparent. Bradley’s oversized balls bulged on either side of the thong’s tiny pouch, and his huge, limp rod peeked out at the top.

Logan eyed his father’s groin dubiously.

Bradley tentatively let go of his junk, half expecting the carefully erected structure to collapse and his balls to drop out at either side of the thong. But, miraculously, his mammoth tools stayed in place. Bradley looked up, grinning proudly.

“Okay”, I said. “Let’s get started.”

We had decided to use three cameras to capture the spectacle. They were manned by my cameraman Chad, our assistant Erik and our prep guy Vince. I looked at Chad who gave me a thumbs-up.

I nodded. “Welcome to our Fathers’ Day competition.” I smiled at the competitors. “The rules are simple. The dads provide the balls, the sons are going to destroy them.” I grinned.

Logan, Leo and the twins cheered and clapped their hands. Bradley, Glenn and Lester looked slightly less enthusiastic as they applauded politely.

I looked at the twins. “Obviously, it would be unfair if both of you played. So which one of you is gonna do it?”

Michael lifted his hand. “Me.”

Lester proudly patted his son’s shoulder.

I thought I saw a hint of jealousy in Will’s eyes. They had probably flipped a coin, and Will had lost.

“Alright”, I said and held three straws in my fist. “Short straw gets to pick a dad.”

Once again, Michael was lucky. He beamed with joy as he held up the short straw triumphantly.

“Take Fat Balls!” Will shouted. All

Bradley shifted uncomfortably, inadvertently causing his right nut to drop out of his thong. The weight of the heavy plum tugging on his sac caused the left nut to follow suit. The vibration caused the fabric of the skimpy thong to slip to the side, promptly letting Bradley’s monster cock slip free and join his two oval companions in their newfound freedom.

“Come on, Mikey!” Will yelled. “Take Fat Balls!”

“His name is Bradley”, Logan mumbled, visibly embarrassed by his father’s display of nudity.

Michael grinned. “Yeah. I take Fat Balls!”

Logan glared at him.

I nodded. “Alright, it’s Michael vs. Bradley. That leaves Logan vs. Glenn and Leo vs. Lester.”

Leo looked disappointed at the prospect of having to make do with the oldest balls in the room while Logan seemed to be looking forward to busting Glenn’s nuts.

I continued, “The loser is the first dad to give up, hit the ground, shoot his load, or get at least one nut ruptured.”

I saw the three fathers wince at the thought while their sons were chuckling.

“We decided not to make things too complicated, so we’ll have one loser and two winners”, I said. “And of course there’ll be a prize for the winners…”

Bradley, Glenn and Lester looked at me expectantly.

“The winners will get a chance to bust the loser’s son’s nuts”, I said.

The younger guys looked at each other, slightly puzzled expressions on their faces. Their fathers grinned.

“Nice”, Glenn said.

His son Leo looked at him, biting his lower lip.

“Don’t worry, we’ll win”, Glenn assured him. “Fat Balls is going down.”

Michael walked over to Bradley, unashamedly eyeing his naked junk, smiling in anticipation.

Bradley gulped. “Hi”, he said.

Michael didn’t look up. “You look great”, he said.

“Um, thank you”, Bradley mumbled.

“We’re gonna have a lot of fun”, Michael smiled.

Bradley cleared his throat and looked around, searching for his son. But Logan had left his side and was standing next to Glenn, his designated target.

Logan was a hands-on guy, and he grabbed the impressive bulge in Glenn’s briefs with his right hand, trying to get a feel for Glenn’s manhood, weighing his nuts in his hand and squeezing the tip of Glenn’s cock.

“Hi, I’m Glenn”, the 40 year old said.

“Logan”, Logan said casually as he groped the older guy’s genitalia.

Glenn was visibly irritated by Logan’s attitude but he just stared stoically over his shoulder.

Finally, Logan said, “I think this will work.”

Glenn opened his mouth to say something but Logan just bent down and pulled his briefs down, making Glenn’s junk flop happily into the open.

He inspected Glenn’s equipment, chuckling when he noticed the tattoo on his sac.

“Balls of steel”, he read. “So I guess you’ll not give up easily, huh?”

Glenn looked at him. “No way.”

Logan nodded.  “So what do you think – want me to go for the cumshot or the blackout or the rupture?”

Glenn blinked.

“When was the last time you’ve cum?” Logan asked causally.

“Last week”, Glenn said slowly.

Logan smiled. “Nice. I guess we’ll bust a nice, big load out of your nuts, huh?”

Meanwhile, Leo had walked up to 48 year old Lester, eyeing his golden spandex shorts with a disapproving expression on his face.

“Like what you see?” Lester grinned.

Leo grimaced. “Not particularly, old man.”

“Hey”, Lester said sharply. “Watch your mouth, you little brat!”
Leo rolled his eyes. “Whatever.” Tentatively, with a weary look on his face, Leo pulled the waistband of Lester’s shorts away from his body and peeked inside.

Lester raised his eyebrows.

“Not bad”, Leo mumbled. “I’ve seen worse.” He wrinkled his nose. “Smells old, though.”

Lester growled. “You little shit!”

Leo turned to me and said. “What do I get if I rupture both of them?”

Lester gasped. “You---“

“Shut up, old man”, Leo said without looking at him. “It’s not like you need them any more anyway, right?”

Lester was speechless.

Leo looked at me expectantly.

I shrugged. “One or two doesn’t matter. So I guess you could stop after the first one, right? That’d be the nice thing to do.”

Leo shrugged. “We’ll see…”

I clapped my hands and said, “On your marks.”

The three young guys stood in front of their respective targets.


Michael dropped to his knees and balled his fist. Bradley watched him, a fearful expression on his face as his huge lowhangers dangled invitingly below his fat cock.

Leo took a step back, staring at Lester’s tightly packed shorts.

Logan cracked his knuckles and winked at Glenn who smiled anxiously. His briefs were dangling around his ankles and he quickly kicked them away.


The three young guys made their moves simultaneously. Michael fist smashed into Bradley’s mammoth nuggets with a wet splat, Leo kicked Lester’s junk with his sneaker-clad foot, and Logan grabbed Glenn’s naked balls with his hand and squeezed hard.

The result was a disconcerting choir of yelping, yodeling and yelling as the three older studs’ nuts were smashed with relentless force.

Bradley groaned in pain as Michael abused his big, juicy meatballs with a barrage of punches, alternating his left fist and his right fist with the expert coordination of a professional boxer. Bradley’s nutsack was bouncing wildly as Michael sent his fists flying into his vulnerable testicles.

Will was standing next to his brother, cheering him on. “Come on, smash those suckers! Make him gag on his own spunk! Trash them!”

Michael concentrated on Bradley’s bouncing sack, pummeling his fat plums with wild abandon.

Bradley was struggling to keep his hands behind his back, his abs contracting, breathing heavily and moaning in pain.

“Yes!” Will yelled. “Trash those mutherfuckers!”

Next to them, Leo was wreaking havoc on Lester’s nuts. The tip of his sneaker crashed into the soft bulge of Lester’s manhood again and again, making Lester scream from the top of his lungs. Leo kicked his balls like a world class soccer player, making sure to aim at a virtual point in Lester’s stomach so that his nuts were smashed flat into his body.

Lester grunted and groaned. He seemed to be slightly distracted as he glanced over to his sons massacring Bradley’s ample junk.

“Yes!” he groaned hoarsely as Leo’s foot collided with his precious, 48 year old nuts. “Ruin him, Michael, crack his nuts!”

Leo stared angrily at Lester and increased the force, lifting the older man off his feet with his well-placed kicks, filling the room with the dull thuds of his foot connecting with Lester’s junk.

“Shut up”, Leo grunted, striking Lester in the testicles with a forceful kick that made Lester shriek in pain.

“Yeah, that’s it, Leo, bust his saggy old balls!” Leo’s father Glenn grunted, grimacing in pain.

Logan had both of Glenn’s precious balls in a vise-like grip. Both of his hands were busy squeezing the life out of Glenn’s juicy nuggets, his fingertips digging into the soft flesh, grinding them and squishing them like grapes.

Glenn gritted his teeth, grunting in pain, beads of sweat running down his pale face. His black curls started to moisten with his perspiration and he let out anguished groans.

“Kick him hard!” Glenn moaned hoarsely. “Mash his spuds!”

Logan looked up, an annoyed expression on his face. He twisted Glenn’s nuts in opposite directions, making Glenn shut up at once. His eyes turned inward and he let out an almost comical high-pitched wail.

Logan looked immensely satisfied with Glenn’s reaction and held Glenn’s sac in his left palm, his thumb pressing his gonads to the very bottom, making them bulge obscenely. Without further ado, he balled his fist and sent a nut-crunching punch into Glenn’s manhood, flattening his hefty orbs against the palm of his hand and making Glenn wail in agony.

The noise made Leo glance to his father, grimacing in sympathy. He threw one final kick between Lester’s legs, catching both of his nuts dead-on. Lester whimpered in pain and doubled over, clutching his crotch.

“Get your hands away, old man”, Leo growled, prying Lester’s fingers off of his manhood. Then Leo slipped his hand into Lester’s spandex shorts and closed his fingers around Lester’s precious genitalia.

Lester’s eyes widened and he yelled in pain as Leo’s fingernails pinched into his tender flesh. Not wanting to work blindly, Leo roughly grabbed the waistband of Lester’s shorts and pulled them down to his thighs, exposing Lester’s nuts. Leo yanked down on Lester’s sack of spuds before switching his technique. Apparently the way Logan had busted his father’s balls seemed efficient and easy to Leo. He grabbed Lester’s nuts with both of his hands and started yanking, squeezing and twisting poor Lester’s hapless testicles.

“Fuck!” Lester screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Punch the spunk out of his nuts!” Will yelled as his brother pummeled Bradley’s huge babymakers.

Michael threw a vicious uppercut at Bradley’s rapidly swelling nuts, making the handsome blond’s eyes clench shut as his mouth opened to let out a hoarse cough.

Bradley’s thick cock was starting to slowly rise in front of Michael’s face.

Under normal circumstances, Michael wouldn’t have thought twice before getting his mouth around that fat juicy rod that was dangling right in front of him. A tiny thread of delicious precum was leaking out of the tip, slowly making his way down to the ground. But Michael had better things to do.

Another hard, well-placed uppercut found its way into Bradley’s dangling gonads, ramming them into his body and making Bradley let out a strangled yelp. His cock twitched and continued to rise.

“Yes!” Will yelled. “Spank those nuts! Crush them!”

Michael mumbled something unintelligible as he continued pummeling Bradley’s poor nuts. Now that his cock was out of the way, it got much easier to hit the targets, and Michael skillfully smashed his fist into Bradley’s huge left nut, flattening it against his thigh.

Bradley let out a high-pitched yowl. His cock was hard as a rock now, pointing at the ceiling and swaying lazily from side to side as the traumatizing of his testicles continued.

As Michael pounded Bradley’s fat right nut into his thigh with a powerful punch, Will glanced at his father whose knees were weakening. His balls were kneaded relentlessly by Leo’s bony fingers.

Lester’s limp cock shriveled as Leo squished and squashed his nuts with both of his hands, yanking down at his sack and twisting his poor gonads with all the force he could muster.

Lester screamed in pain. His balls looked as if they were ready to pop out of their sac any second.

“Come on, dad!” Will yelled.

Lester groaned as Leo yanked and pulled his sensitive ballbag down as far as possible. Leo grunted with effort as he stretched the skin of Lester’s scrotum, squishing and squashing his tender testicles.

Beads of sweat were running down Lester’s pain-stricken face. His pale face indicated that he might throw up any second. He was panting and groaning, trying desperately to resist Leo’s force.

“Dad, come on!” Will yelled again.

Leo looked up at Will, a mean grin on his face. “You didn’t expect your daddy to give you any more siblings, did you?”

Will stared at him.

“Those saggy old balls are not going to stand it much longer”, Leo mumbled, concentrating on Lester’s nuts again and kneading them like dough between his fingers.

Lester screamed from the top of his lungs.

“I feel it, one of them is going to pop”, Leo grunted. “The left one feels all squishy.” He looked up at Lester and smiled innocently. “You better give up, old man!”

“No, don’t!” Will screamed. “Don’t give up, dad!” He turned to his brother again and shouted, “Finish him, Mikey, finish him! Come on, finish him.”

It was very obvious that Michael was getting tired of Will’s constant distractions. He interrupted the relentless punching of Bradley’s oversized genitalia for a brief moment to ram his elbow into Will’s bulging crotch, shutting him up instantly.

Will’s eyes bulged and he let out a pitiful wheeze before grabbing his crotch and doubling over in pain. “Yup”, he moaned in a strained voice. “Got it.”

Michael grinned and continued working Bradley’s balls over.

Bradley whimpered in pain and glanced over to his son, desperately hoping that he would soon destroy Glenn’s sex life and thereby end the competition.

He had reason to hope, as Logan had switched from punching to kicking. He had taken off his shoes and was standing in front of Glenn, smashing kick after nut-crunching kick into his crotch.

Glenn’s self-proclaimed balls of steel looked seriously swollen as Logan’s bare foot slammed into them again and again, flattening them against his body and making him wail in pain.

Logan looked like an experienced soccer player, keeping his eyes on the balls at all times and hitting Glenn’s nuts at the perfect angle.

Glenn shrieked in pain as his nuts were viciously struck by Logan’s expert kicks.

It was a ridiculous, bizarre sight: Three middle-aged men, bare naked, getting their ample genitalia worked over by three young studs. Maybe Lester, Glenn and Bradley couldn’t see the beauty in this sperm-destroying spectacle, but I was sure that it would look pretty impressive on film…

By now, all the color had Lester’s face and he was struggling to stay on his feet.

Glenn was sweating like a pig in a Finnish sauna.

Bradley’s monster rod was leaking precum like a broken faucet.

The room was filled with anguished moans and shrill squeals accompanied by laborious grunts and triumphant laughter when one of the young guys had scored a particularly nasty hit.

Everyone know that it would only be a matter of time before one of the fathers would go down.

Logan increased the force of his kicks, lifting Glenn off the ground and making him cry out in pain.

Seeing that his dad wouldn’t be able to stand the constant pain much longer, Leo took a radical step. He opened his mouth wide and stuffed both of Lester’s swollen testicles into it. Lester’s limp cock rested on Leo’s nose, making the young skater grimace with revulsion.

Leo’s mouth was filled with nut-meat and for a short moment it looked like it was Leo who as going to throw up instead of Lester. But he picked up courage and closed his lips around the base of Lester’s scrotum.

A ear-shattering scream escaped Lester’s lips as Leo started gnawing on his tender nuggets.

Both Logan and Michael stopped for a second, staring at Leo in disbelief.

“Fuck”, Will mumbled.

Michael looked at Bradley’s huge boner. It was glistening with precum and twitching violently.

“He’s ripe”, Will whispered. “Punch the spunk out of him.”

Another shrill squeal from his father made Michael ball his fist again. He punched Bradley’s sore, swollen meatballs with all the force he could muster.

Bradley screamed in pain.

Logan kicked Glenn’s tender nuts as he was trying to send him into space.

Mid-flight, Glenn let out a soprano wail like a world class primadonna.

Leo bit down on Lester’s balls, digging his back teeth into the soft flesh.

Lester’s voice cracked and his eyes started to cross.

Michael threw another punch into Bradley’s nutsack that was swinging wildly between his thighs. That one sent him over the edge and his body convulsed violently, his rock-hard cock spasming.

It was a photo finish.

Bradley’s balls pulled up to his body.

Lester’s eyes rolled back into his head.

Glenn tumbled backwards, twisting his ankle as he landed on the ground.

Bradley’s balls contracted, getting ready to propel the first spurt of cum out of his extralarge babymakers.

Lester’s body sank to the ground and Leo reluctantly let his nuts slip out of his mouth.

Glenn stumbled and lost his footing.

It was a matter of split-seconds.

First, Lester hit the ground, immediately followed by Glenn crashing down next to him and Bradley firing his first shot.

The room was filled with screams and shrieks.

Lester and Glenn curled up on the floor, clutching their aching testicles and screaming in utter agony.

Bradley was screaming, too, but he kept standing, frozen like a statue as his cock erupted with a lavish amount of creamy white jizz. His cock was twitching violently, his oversized nuts contracting as they pumped out more than a dozen spurts of his sticky jizz.

Michael realized he had lost, and angrily punched Bradley’s busy balls as hard a she could.

Bradley let out a soprano wail as he splattered Michael with his copious load.

Michael gasped as a thick spurt of cream hit him in the face, followed by another spurt that found its way into his open throat.

By the time, Bradley’s nuts were empty, Michael was literally drenched in spunk. His clothes were dripping wet and his head looked as if someone had poured a pint of buttermilk on him.

Thick drops of jizz slowly trickled down to the ground as Michael carefully wiped his eyes with his hands to free them of Bradley’s salty cum.

Bradley’s knees were shaking and he slowly sank to the ground, panting heavily and moaning. He grabbed his abused nuggets with both of his hands and clutched them tightly. The last few drops of cum slowly ran down his thick shaft.

Michael looked slightly disoriented.

His brother had fully grasped the situation. “Dad lost”, Will sighed.

“Yes!” Logan shouted. He high-fived Leo who looked proud and happy.

“Well done, Glenn!” Leo grinned.

Logan looked at his father. “You did fine, too.” He glanced at Michael who was soaked in his father’s jizz. “Even though that probably wouldn’t have been necessary…”

“Fuck”, Will mumbled.

His brother looked at him.

“You’re fucked”, Willsighed.

Michael raised his eyebrows.

“Dad lost”, Will said slowly. “He got his nuts crunched.”

Michael groaned. “Fuck.”

“Yup”, Will nodded. “That’s what I’m saying.”

Michael leaned back, closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.

“You’re fucked”, Will repeated.

“Does anyone care about how I feel?” their father croaked.

Will and Michael turned their heads.

Lester whimpered in pain. “I think that bastard split my nuts with his teeth.”

Both of his sons grimaced in sympathy.

Will walked over to his dad and carefully inspected his swollen sac. “One, two, three”, he counted. “Three chunks of nut. I guess one of them broke.”

Lester stared at his son, a horrified expression on his face.

Will burst out laughing. “I’m kidding, dad! They are swollen but you’ll be fine.”

Lester shot him an angry look. “Hey”, he turned to Glenn who was rocking back and forth, cradling his aching gonads. “Congratulations on your win I guess…”

Glenn didn’t seem to be in a celebratory mood yet. “Thanks”, he said in a strained voice.

“You get to crack the loser’s son’s nuts, huh?” Lester said. “What if the loser has two sons?”

Will stared at his father. “Dad!?!”

Glenn glanced at Bradley who was whimpering in agony, clasping his battered balls. “We’ll take them both”, Glenn said gloomily. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure”, Lester groaned.

Will shook his head in disbelief. “But dad!”

Michael sighed. “You shouldn’t have talked him into this!”

“Mikey”, Will hissed. “I didn’t---“

He was interrupted by his father’s elbow slamming into his crotch.

Will let out a strained groan and doubled over, grabbing his crotch.

“Don’t call him Mikey”, Lester mumbled. “He doesn’t like it.” He looked down at his naked crotch and shuddered at the sight of his swollen, bloated ballsack.

I smiled. “Thanks for the show, guys. It was great.” I turned to the twins. “Now it’s time for part 2. We should give Bradley and Glenn a couple of minutes to recover, I guess.” I winked at Bradley and Glenn. “I imagine there are a lot of things you’d like to do to those two sacks of nuts.”

Bradley and Glenn looked at the twins with menacing grins.

Michael and Will looked at each other and gulped.


Judging by the reactions to the previous parts of this story (there was very little feedback) I need your opinion now: Do you want this story to go on for another part where Glenn and Bradley have fun with the twins' testicles? Or do you have enough of the "hot dads" theme and want me to focus on other stories?


Darrel L said...

I'm not usually into the daddy thing but this was HOT :-)

Anonymous said...

I would like to see what Bradley will do to Michael...

Alex said...

Thank you very much for your comments!

@Darrel: Thanks for saying that. It was something new for me and I'm glad you like it... :-))

Anonymous said...

I think it's only fair to finish it off, as some people will be into it.

I far prefer the ones about the models (generally Kev, twins, Logan and Zack seem to have particularly fun stories, and that's what's pulling this one up for me).

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I got the feeling that most of you don't really care about the younger guys' dads, so I'm not sure whether I should waste more time on a story that does not really connect...

Anonymous said...

You could maybe have the dads feel too incapacitated to get revenge themselves, so delegate the task to their sons (even going after the twins one at a time). That way the story can finish rather than stop, and it's back to being more about the younger guys....?

BBcrusher said...

Alex thanks for the great hot stories, I really enjoyed hunky daddies get busted their huge daddy balls. It was very hot that dad and son share BB things ;-) Kinda man to man talk


Alex said...

@Anonymous: Thanks for your suggestion. That might be a good idea to wrap the story up. I'll think about it.

@BBcrusher: Thanks you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed the stories!

Todd said...

Hi Alex,

I found this story to be unbelievably hot! I love that the fathers are still sexy, and not too old. I don't know what made this story work so well for me--maybe the talk (love hearing Logan ask if he wanted "blackout or rupture" and Leo ask "what do I get if I rupture both of them." Super hot thinking about hearing someday talk about making you blackout (my fav) or rupture your nut(s) while you are standing right there--even taunting you with it.
And the father-son angle worked. For whatever reason, it really pushed my buttons. As long as the dads are still sexy, then tons of father-son busting-in either direction is a pretty great fantasy

Thanks for all the stories--you are a terrific writer! And we appreciate all your time and effort. My cock thanks you for the many, many hours you have put in to make it so hard and my balls so tender (can't read without squeezing or punching).

Alex said...

Thank you very much, Todd! That comment totally made my day and I'm very, very grateful that you took the time to write it! Thank you! :-))

If you have any ideas for future stories please let me know and I'll do my very best to give your cock more hours of pleasure... ;-)

Carter said...

That was super hot.
Gotta love that photo finish you had there.
I've never been so invested in a he outcome of a competition before. (Well, I was rooting for your team against Warren, but I knew you'd all be safe in the end.)
I was praying Logan's dad would go down first, and even though he didn't, I found that I was enjoying this story a lot because of it.
I'm not sure what it is about Logan, I just love seeing his jewels suffer.
Might be busy soon so I may have to vanish for a week or so, and I'll definitely miss this site. I've been a reader for a lont time, but only for the joy of a few guys getting their nuts cracked.
It's easy to write a ballbust, just have character a hit character b in the huevos, but you sir, have a talent.
You weave exciting stories out of these nutshots. There's such rich and vivid life within these tales that they're enjoyable as fiction.
And they're hot too.

I hope one day I can bring my fantasies to life with stories the way that you do.

Alex said...

Thank you very much, carter! I really appreciate your kind words! I'm glad you enjoy the stories and I hope you'll come back for more!

As I said: If you are interested in collaborating on a new story feel free to send me an e-mail: alexander.nehling (at)

Carter said...

Oops forgot to proofread this. I meant to say that I've read bb fiction for a long time, and before your site it was only for the busts, but you've got me hooked on the stories as well.
My comment looked like it was contradicting itself.

As for a collab, thanks, maybe someday. But I don't think I have many ideas that would be hot enough when compared to your stories.

And I'll definitely be back soon.

Alex said...

Don't worry, I got what you wanted to say. :-)

Thank you!

WaterSpirit said...

Proceed to another part where Bradley and Glenn have fun with the Twins testicles (a comic or a story)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, WaterSpirit! I don‘t have any more parts planned right now but I‘ll think about it. :-))

Anonymous said...

I would love to see more

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! :-))

Anonymous said...

It would have been so much fun if Lester's nut had really cracked.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm nit sure Lester would agree with you, though... :-))

Anonymous said...

Who knows? Maybe he would. :)

Alex said...

LOL. Good point! :-))

Anonymous said...

I would love to read more of this series

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! :-))