Saturday, September 1, 2012

Family Business

Warning. Can contain traces of cum

“Okay, we’re ready”, I said, after I had made sure that the camera was working and that it showed my two handsome cousins in the middle of the frame.

Gerrit was 21 years old, a handsome young man with medium-length blond hair and beautiful eyes. His brother Henk was two years younger than him. His hair was a bit shorter but it was the same shade of blond, and as far as beauty was concerned, he ranked right there at the top with his brother. Both of them had muscular bodies, and they weren’t the least bit shy about showing them off.

They were both wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy briefs in different shades of blue that contrasted nicely with their bronzed skin. Geritt's briefs were royal blue while the color of Henk's briefs was sky blue, making his package look like oversized robin's eggs.

It had been a wonderful summer so far in Amsterdam, and my cousins looked like they had spent a considerable amount of time in the sun.

“Okay, what do we do?” Henk asked.

The two brothers had asked me to help them make a casting tape. We had talked about what I did for a living, about the time that I had spent filming naughty videos for a US website and about the TV show that I had created in Europe. I had spent a reasonable portion of my working life filming guys getting hit in the nuts – and apparently that was just the expertise that these two young hotties needed.