Sunday, September 28, 2014

New poll: Story themes

Over the years I have played with a lot of themes in my stories, like cum eating, footplay, gay and straight sex, chastity and lots of other stuff. I'd love to know: Which (additional) themes do you like to read about in ballbusting stories?

Tell me your opinion in the new poll on the right. (And of course there's an option "Just ballbusting, nothing else" for those of you who like their bb stories pure... :-))

If you choose "something else" it would be great if you left a comment and explained what you have in mind.

The poll will be open until the 31st of October. If you are reading this post on your mobile device please click this link or go to the bottom of this page and choose "View web version" to vote in the poll .

Thank you!

Friday, September 26, 2014

One on one: The twins vs. Parker - Roshambo

Special thanks to the anonymous readers who came up with the idea for this story.

Featured in this story: Parker and the twins (click for pictures)

It had started with some playful banter between friends at a party a couple of weeks ago, now the three handsome guys were standing in the studio, eager to bash each others’ balls.
Will had stripped down to his light blue boxer briefs that hugged his impressive package nicely. The 22 year old blond gymnast was tall and tanned, with muscles in all the right places. He grabbed the bulge in his briefs, looked down at his groin and mused, “Now it’s time to prove yourselves, my tough little soldiers…”
His twin brother Michael rolled his eyes. “This is a stupid idea”, he mumbled, running his hand through his blond hair. He looked exactly like Will, with muscular legs and arms, well defined abs and a nice, big set of genitals that were held snugly by his red boxer briefs.
“Oh, come on”, Parker chimed in. “It will be fun!” At 21, he was one year younger than the twins. He was naked except for a tiny, well packed pair of bright green briefs with yellow stripes that had a slight retro feel to them. His hair was dyed red and stood on ends, making him look like he had just gotten out of bed. He scratched the pubic hair that was visible above the waistline of his briefs and grinned at Michael. “You won’t chicken out, right?”
Michael sighed and shrugged. “Of course I won’t.” He lifted the waistband of his underwear and peeked at his nuts. “It’s just that I had some plans tonight”, he mumbled.
Will chuckled and patted his brother’s shoulder. “Well, if your fun factory is out of commission tonight, I’m sure your boyfriend doesn’t mind if you let him do the pitching for a change…”

Friday, September 19, 2014

Nut-popping jizz-fest 4 (Kevin and Ryan meet Zach)

Special thanks to our reader Kevin! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who is absolutely turned off by stories containing permanent damage but who’ll read the story anyway despite the warning!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details..

Warning: Can contain traces of cum. In addition to that there’s the violent, graphic and entirely gratuitous destruction of a couple of testicles. If that's not your cup of tea you might want to skip this one. Seriously. You have been warned... 

Featured in this story: Zach (click for pictures)

Kevin smiled at his lover. “I want him to kick the cum out of me.” He pointed at Zach whose spent dick immediately grew hard again.

Ryan chuckled. “Wow, you’re enjoying this, huh?”

Kevin grinned. “I sure am.”

Ryan squeezed Kevin’s balls with his hands and whispered into his ear, “They are really squishy, you know. I’m not sure if they can take any more of this.”

Kevin let out a pained groan. “You think they’ll pop?”

Ryan’s dick twitched with excitement as he kneaded Kevin’s balls with his strong hands. “I don’t know, maybe they will.”

Kevin looked Ryan in the eyes. “That’d be so hot.”

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nut-popping jizz-fest 3 (Kevin and Ryan meet Zach)

Special thanks to our reader Kevin! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who is annoyed that the story is split up in four parts when there’s absolutely no reason why it couldn’t be published as a whole!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details..

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality. Very graphic. You've been warned...

Featured in this story: Zach (click for pictures)

Ryan grinned, kneeling down next to his boyfriend. “Now you’ll get your ass fucked.”

Kevin looked up, looking strangely excited and horny even though his fat cock remained locked in the chastity cage, unable to get hard. “Oh yeah”, he moaned, rolling onto his back. “Fuck me.”

Ryan chuckled. He straddled Kevin’s neck, resting his big, juicy balls on his throat and looked down at him with a gentle smile. He tapped the fat head of his enormous cock on Kevin’s lips, leaving little drops of precum on Kevin’s lips. “Come on”, he whispered softly, open up. “I know you want to suck on it.”

“Yeah”, Kevin moaned and opened his mouth. Gently, Ryan shoved the head of his dick between Kevin’s lips, closing his eyes and moaning in pleasure as they closed around his shaft.

“What about me?” Zach said impatiently, his huge, dripping dick throbbing and twitching.

Ryan opened his eyes and looked back over his shoulder. “What are you waiting for? Start fucking his ass!” He grinned. “Kevin likes it hard by the way…”

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nut-popping jizz-fest 2 (Kevin and Ryan meet Zach)

Special thanks to our reader Kevin! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who is waiting for the extraordinary finale that I talked about yesterday!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details..

Featured in this story: Zach (click for pictures)

Ryan looked at Kevin and grinned. “I think we’re ready for round two.”

Kevin chuckled.

I gave Vince and Erik a sign to prepare the stage for the next game.

A few minutes later, they had built a platform that was high enough for a man to stand under it. There were two holes in it.

Ryan, Kevin and Zach watched them with growing interest, every one of them sporting massive erections.

Kevin’s and Zach’s faces showed signs of continuing pain and they kept fondling and massaging their bruised, swollen balls.

“The next game is called ‘Piñata’”, I explained with a grin, holding up a massive wooden baseball bat. “I guess that gives you a pretty good idea…” I handed Ryan the baseball bat.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nut-popping jizz-fest 1 (Kevin and Ryan meet Zach)

Special thanks to our reader Kevin! We exchanged a lot of e-mails and came up with a pretty extraordinary plot together (especially the finale is a bit different from my usual stories…) The story turned out to be quite long so I’ve decided to split it up into four parts that will be published one day at a time. If you (yes, I mean you, the one who hasn’t read this paragraph because he always skips the fine print!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details..

Featured in this story: Zach (click for pictures)

“You don’t really look like fags”, Zach said slowly. The handsome 20 year old hunk scratched his blond head of hair.

Kevin chuckled. The muscular stud had been Zach’s fans for years, and he had jumped at the chance to meet him. Behind Kevin, his fiancé Ryan was leaning against the wall.

Kevin was 22 years old, a handsome guy with buzzed-short brown hair and a killer smile. Ryan was two years older than Kevin. He was very masculine, with an impressive body and short blond hair. Just like Zach, they were shirtless, wearing blue jeans.

Kevin smiled at Zach. “And you don’t look like a guy who’s about to get kicked in the nuts.”

Zach raised his eyebrows and opened his mouth to say something – but before he could, Ryan kicked his nuts hard from behind with a loud, dull thud. Ryan’s boot slammed into the soft mound between Zach’s thighs and visibly flattened it.

Zach let out a cough and doubled over, clutching his nuts.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Diagnosis Softballs: The path to recovery

Thanks to an anonymous reader who came up with the idea for this story!

Featured in this story: ChadErikKevSammySimonthe twins and Vince (click for pictures)

“It’s so embarrassing”, Erik chuckled as I walked into the studio. My 19 year old assistant was surrounded by some of our models, and he seemed to be enjoying the attention.

He had been modestly famous in Europe, and he had lost the opportunity to become a European TV star by a hair’s breadth. That wasn’t the only thing he had lost: His ambition had cost him a testicle, too. He took his shortcomings with pride, though, and jokingly referred to himself as the “The one and only”.

His job at our studio was far less glamorous and prestigious than what he had done in Europe, and he seemed to crave the recognition of the guys who stood in front of the camera.

“I mean, Chad of all people”, Erik grinned.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, smiling.

Six heads turned in my direction: our technician and prep guy Vince, lanky skater boy Sammy, the twins Michael and Will, geeky Simon and jock Kev. All of them had amused expressions on their faces.

Erik grinned at met. “Good morning, Alex”, he said.

“Good morning”, I said.

“Guess who has acute symptoms of floppy dick syndrome?” Erik grinned.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Zach’s education – lesson 5: Phase of practical involvement

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.
“Welcome to the fifth lesson of our sex ed class”, Logan said. The 18 year old blond was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. He smiled at the thirty students who filled the classroom. “In the past few weeks we have learned a lot about the male body. We studied erections and ejaculations, we learned about the ‘blue balls’ phenomenon---“

“Yeah, that was fun!” someone shouted to cheers and laughter from the rest of the class.

Logan chuckled. “And we thoroughly examined the prostate.” He glanced at 20 year old Zach who was standing next to him, stark naked, his hands covering his crotch. “Zach here couldn’t sit down for a couple of days, right buddy?”

Zach blushed. “It wasn’t that bad”, he said sounding not very convincing. Apparently he was trying to maintain a tough guy façade even though last Friday his tough guy hole had seen more business than IKEA on a Saturday.

Happily undermining Zach’s self-perception, Logan leaned back and looked at his ass, pretending to be shocked. “Oh my god, it’s still gaping open!”

“Stop it”, Zach muttered, his face beet red.

Logan grinned and patted Zach’s shoulder. “Now, knowing about all those things is good and all – but you don’t want to forget all the things that you have learned in this class, right?”

The students nodded.

“So today we’re going to repeat what we’ve learned”, Logan smiled.

Zach’s eyes widened.

“Don’t worry”, Logan laughed. “We’re not going to repeat everything on you…”

Zach sighed with relief.

“I’m going to demonstrate it on Zach here”, Logan explained, “and then you’ll split up in groups and practice with each other.”

Zach groaned along with the thirty students.

“It’ll be fun”, Logan grinned. “Trust me.” He placed a large leather bag on top of the desk and opened it. “Here is everything that we need.” He held up a couple of dildos in various sizes and a few chastity devices. “I didn’t bring any lube.” He winked at the students. “You know how to make your own lube now, right?”

A couple of guys laughed.

“We better start milking Leroy right now”, someone shouted. “He’s got the biggest balls, I’m sure we’ll get a lot of lube out of those…”

The students laughed as Leroy, a handsome black guy with curly hair, grabbed his crotch and grinned. “This lube is for girls only.”

“We’ll see about that”, CJ, a cute redhead with a nose piercing, grinned.

“If you run out of lube”, Logan said, reaching between Zach’s legs and weighing his nuts in his hand, “I’m sure we can get Zach to pitch in.”

Logan divided the class into six groups and told them to strip naked.

A minute later, the room was filled with naked boys, joking and chatting, commenting on the sizes of each others’ genitalia and playfully slapping each others’ butts and balls.

Logan was the only one who remained clothed. He cracked his knuckles and turned to Zach. “First let’s make sure that we get a nice erection”, he said, gently grabbing Zach’s huge flaccid cock.

Zach bit his lower lip.

“Remember, you get the best results when you stimulate the cock and the balls at the same time”, Logan explained patiently and wrapped his fingers around the two meaty gonads that were hanging low in Zach’s roomy sac. “In five minutes I want to see more wood in this room than in a lumber mill! Chop chop!”

Zach inhaled sharply as Logan started squeezing his nuts while jerking his cock.

All over the room, the boys started working.

Limp cocks were thoroughly jerked and tender nuts were playfully teased and violently manhandled in a bizarre sexual frenzy.

The group that included black stud Leroy chose the conservative approach. All of the students jerked their own cocks, occasionally giving their own nuts a loving squeeze or a playful slap.

Red-haired CJ had volunteered to help the guys in his group, selflessly sucking their dicks and caressing their balls as they surrounded him. CJ’s own dick was rock-hard and dripping with precum as he went to town on his classmates’ dongs.

The third group included Speedy, a lanky kid with spiky blond hair. The guys had decided that nut-tapping was the way to go. They were involved in a fierce ballbusting fight, shrieking and screaming as they tried to punch and slap each other in their dangling ballsacks. They dicks were swelling rapidly and swinging wildly as they jumped back and forth, trying to crunch each other’s nuts.

Asian-American Kim was a kneeling in the middle of the forth group. Unlike CJ who was sucking his buddies’ cocks, Kim was dealing out uppercuts, smashing his friends’ balls as hard as he could, occasionally knocking their hardening cocks around, too.

In the fifth group, bespectacled Seth had bent over and spread his cheeks, allowing his friends a nice look at his asshole. The guys were jerking their cocks, looking at Seth’s ass, sticking their fingers into his tight pink hole and licking their lips.

In the last group, Gary, a cutie with dark blond hair and brown eyes, had managed to wrestle Dash, the class bully, to the ground. He held his legs apart and encouraged the rest of the guys to kick his nuts into orbit. The chance to make mincemeat out of the bully’s fragile meatballs was enough to make them all spring an instant boner as they cheerfully bashed Dash’s balls as hard as they could.

“Great”, Logan shouted, trying to drown out the moans and groans from the students. “Now let’s get the precum production going. Make sure those cocks are dripping wet! Squeeze those nuts, punch them, do whatever you like to them!”

With a cheerful smile, Logan grabbed Zach’s huge nuts and twisted them hard, making Zach scream in anguish. Then he smashed his balls with his fist a couple of times, eliciting high-pitched shrieks from Zach.

There was laughter and screams of pain as the boys moved it up a notch.

The first group started punching their own nuts, grabbing their sacks by the neck and pushing their balls to the bottom of their scrotums where they bulged obscenely.

Leroy was by far the best equipped guy in the group, his huge boner was leaking precum as he balled his fist and punched his balls, grimacing in pain.

“I should have skipped this class”, he said in a strained voice before powering another hard punch into his own gonads.

On all fours, CJ continued sucking off the guys in his group, his own dick throbbing as he moved from boy to boy, taking their hard, dripping dicks deep down his throat. He slammed his fist into his lucky friends’ nuts as he sucked their dicks, pummeling their nutsacks with his mouth full of cock.

Naturally, CJ couldn’t service all the guys at once, and the guys who were waiting for their turn in CJ’s warm mouth were stroking their dicks and watching CJ smash their buddies’ balls as he sucked them off.

One of them stepped behind CJ and kicked his legs apart. The young redhead’s nuts dangled between his thighs as his rock-hard cock slapped against his abs.

“Mmmmph”, CJ grunted, his mouth filled with cock as his nuts were brutally kicked from behind. His buddy’s bare foot slammed into his nuts again and again as he continued sucking off his friends.

The third group had exchanged from their playful nut-tapping to a mean game of Roshambo, dealing out full-blown kicks to each others’ nuts as they stroked their cocks.

“Ooooh, that’s gotta hurt”, Speedy chuckled after he slammed his foot into his classmates’ balls as hard as he could. “Now do me!” The lanky boy spread his legs and pressed his hard dick against his abs with both of his hands, allowing his low-hanging balls to swing freely between his thighs.

“Oooof!” Speedy groaned, his eyes crossing, as his classmate kicked his balls with all the force he could muster. “Good one! You really nailed them both!”

In the fourth group, Kim was hellbent on coaxing as much precum out of his mates’ dicks as he could. Kneeling on the ground, he turned from cock to cock at a rapid pace, grabbing his buddies’ balls with one hand and smashing them with his fist a couple of times before moving on to the next one and repeating his nut-crunching maneuver.

“We need a couple of dildos”, Seth said breathlessly, walking up to Logan.

“Sure”, Logan said and handed Seth some of the sex toys he had brought with him.

Seth looked at one slender vibrator with a skeptical expression on his face. “Do you have something bigger?”

Logan chuckled and held up a huge black dildo.

Seth’s eyes lit up. “Yeah! That’s more like it!”

He brought the sex toys to his buddies who cheered and clapped their hands.

“Now stuff your holes!” Seth grinned, choosing the biggest toy for himself. He bent over and slowly inserted it into his tight hole. “Oooooooh”, he moaned.

One of his buddies decided to help him, taking a step back and throwing a mean, hard kick into his balls from behind.

Seth’s eyes crossed behind his glasses as the wind was knocked out of his lungs. His knees met and he sank to the ground, the dildo sinking deep into his hole.

“You’re welcome”, Seth’s buddy grinned as he slipped a butt blug up his own hole, jerking his cock leisurely.

“Thanks”, Seth whispered, “that really wasn’t necessary…”

The rest of the guys laughed as they fucked their own holes with the sex toys.

The last group had shifted their attention from Dash, the bully, to Gary. Poor Dash was lying in a pool of his own jizz after a ridiculously premature ejaculation. His classmates had kicked the cum out of his nuts within minutes, and now he was sobbing pain and clutching his spent, sore nuts.

With Dash out of the picture, Gary was standing in the middle of the group, his legs spread wide apart. “Kick them as hard as you can!” he encouraged his friends who took turns kicking his nuts from every angle as they frantically jerked their cocks.

“Okay, guys”, Logan shouted. “Now I want to see you cum!” He stepped behind Zach and made him bend over and touch his knuckles.

Zach closed his eyes in anticipation.

With a running start, Logan smashed his foot into Zach’s crotch, nailing both of Zach’s big, meaty balls dead-on and smashing them into his pelvis.

Zach let out a pathetic shriek as his nuts were flattened against his body. His huge, throbbing dick was dripping with precum as Logan powered another nut-crunching kick into his tender testicles.

Zach howled in pain, his body trembling, his eyes clenched shut.

Again and again, Logan kicked Zach’s meaty babymakers until Zach’s huge schlong started shooting the first creamy jet of spunk right into Zach’s face.

Zach’s eyes opened wide in shock as the creamy load splattered into his open mouth and against his nose.

Spurt after spurt of sticky semen found its way into Zach’s face, painting it in a gooey layer of jizz.

“Flood this room with juice!” Logan shouted, laughing.

The students cheered and clapped as they started knocking the jizz out of each others babymakers.

All over the room, guys were moaning and screaming, their cocks twitching and throbbing, as dick after dick released huge loads of cream.

Leroy’s big black cock was sputtering semen as he pounded his own nuts with his own fist as hard as he could.

“Aaaargh!” he screamed as his precious load splattered all over the floor, mixing with the creamy contents of his buddies’ nuts whose dicks started spurting at the same time.

CJ managed a hands-free cumshot as his balls were kicked in from behind. His classmates jerked their own dicks as they punted CJ’s nuts, pointing their shooting cocks in his direction and covering CJ’s athletic body in their jizz.

Speedy’s group was not far behind as they kicked each others’ nuts like professional soccer players. One by one, the boys emptied their young balls all over the floor.

Kim had managed to drain all but one of his classmates’ ballsacks, and the last one proved to be a tough nut to crack. Gritting his teeth, Kim pounded away at the poor sap’s nuts. His own cock had already released its load and was dripping with cum.

The pair of testicles in Kim’s hand turned black and blue as he threw punch after nut-crunching punch into the hapless plums.

“Come on”, Kim hissed. “Come on!”

Finally, the big, young cock started spurting, making Kim cry out in joy as he continued smashing his nuts as hard as he could. Jet after jet of creamy jizz sputtered out of the throbbing dick while Kim was slamming the nuts as if he wanted to turn them into peanut butter.

Seth and his group had abandoned their holes and used the dildos and vibrators like meat tenderizers, slamming them into each others’ nuts as hard as they could.

“I’m cumming!” Seth screamed as his cock spat out a huge jet of jizz.

One of his buddies slammed the big black dildo into Seth’s nuts from behind, smashing his busy balls like a battering ram and making Seth yodel from the top of his lungs.

Soon after, the rest of the boys shot their loads, coating each other in jizz, moaning and screaming in pain and pleasure.

In the last group, cute Gary was the target in a frenzied circle jerk. His buddies kicked his nuts with all the force they could muster as their cocks released load after load of cum that splattered against Gary’s body, covering him in jizz from head to toe.

The room was filled with groans and moans and the air was ripe with the smell of sex after thirty-one loads had been spilled. 

The students were covering their crotches, nursing their battered balls. Some of them were lying on the ground, some of them rolling around on the sticky floor, whimpering in pain and clutching their sore and spent nuts.

Logan looked at them with a satisfied grin on his face. “Very good”, he smiled. “It seems that all of you pass this class with flying colors!”

The students were too busy nursing their wounds to break out in applause.

Suddenly, Zach raised his voice. “What about you?”

The students raised their heads and looked at Logan.

Logan blinked. “What do you mean?”

“Well, we can’t let you get away with your balls all full and healthy”, CJ chimed in with a cheerful smile.

Logan shifted uncomfortably. “Guys, I’m fine”, he said, lifting his hands as the guys came closer, surrounding him with mean grins on their faces.

Logan cleared his throat, nervously scanning the room for possible escape routes. “I--- There’s no need to--- I’m going to see my girl tonight and---“

“Let’s drain his balls!” someone shouted, and all hell broke loose. The thirty naked students jumped Logan, ripping his clothes off his body as he screamed his lungs out.

Within seconds, Logan was stark naked, his shirt ripped to shreds, his jeans pulled off his legs.

Zach was standing at the side, grinning happily, as he watched the young guys spread Logan’s legs wide. “Yeah, kick ‘em hard”, Zach shouted. “As hard as you can.”

Accompanied by cheers and laughter, Leroy, Speedy, Kim, Gary and Seth took turns kicking Logan’s nuts. Their bare feet slammed into Logan’s exposed plums again and again, making him scream from the top of his lungs.

At the same time, CJ was jerking Logan’s hard cock, grinning like a Cheshire cat as Logan groaned and moaned in pain.

“Here it cums”, CJ shouted cheerfully as Logan’s dick erupted with a massive load of cum that rained down on his naked body.

Every jet was greeted with cheers, and the guys timed their kicks so that Logan’s busy, contracting balls were slammed at the same moment when another spurt of cum came flying out of the tip of his dick.

“Get another load out of him”, Zach grinned when Logan’s orgasm had subsided. “I’m sure there’s plenty of cream left in those nuts.”

CJ chuckled and continued stroking Logan’s dripping cock. He took his dick into his mouth and sucked on the tender tip like he was devouring a lollipop while his classmates took turns punching Logan’s spent balls with their fists.

Soon, CJ’s cheeks puffed as a second load of cream was pumped into his mouth. After swallowing every drop like a thirsty castaway he continued sucking on Logan’s cock, wrapping his tongue around its head and working hard to coax a third load out of Logan.

Logan was sweating profusely, his naked body glistening, as the boys continued to wreak havoc on his spent babymakers. He moaned and groaned while CJ was bobbing his head up and down.

The guys were squeezing Logan’s balls now, squishing and squashing them with their bare hands, wringing his nutsack as if they were trying to get the very last bit of toothpaste out of the tube.

“No”, Logan groaned, grimacing in pain as his third load ran into CJ’s mouth.

CJ gulped and gulped, swallowing every drop. Finally, he lifted his head and grinned. He looked a bit cum-drunk, his eyes glassy, an absent smile on his face. “Yummy”, he snickered.

The guys looked up at Zach.

“Wanna have a go at his nuts?” Leroy asked.

Zach chuckled.

The students held Logan’s legs apart as Zach stepped between them, a huge grin on his face.

He lifted his big bare foot and brought it crashing down on Logan’s balls, stomping his nuts into the ground as if he was grinding out a cigarette.

Logan wailed in pain as the class erupted in cheers and laughter.

Some of the guys cringed and covered their crotches in sympathy as Zach twisted his foot, flattening Logan’s nuts like pancakes. Zach’s majestic erection swung back and forth as he stomped Logan’s sore babymakers into the ground.

Suddenly, Logan’s cock twitched a couple of times and a pathetic streamlet of cum trickled onto Zach’s toes.

Zach looked at the result of Logan’s fourth orgasm and raised his eyebrows. “I’m pretty sure those nuts are empty now”, he declared to roaring laughter from the class. He lifted his foot, allowing Logan to curl up in a little ball and nurse his beaten, drained nuggets.

A couple of minutes later, everyone was dressed. Most of the guys clothes were covered in cum stains and they stank of sex.

Logan was shirtless and grimacing in pain, his hands covering his crotch. “Alright”, he said in a strained voice. “That’s it. I hope this class has been fun and instructive for you.”

The guys left the room, most of them limping or walking bow-legged.

Logan looked at Zach, a weak smile on his face. “What do you think – should we offer this class to other high schools?”

Zach grimaced. “I’m not sure my nuts could handle that…”

Logan’s chuckle turned into a cough as he doubled over, massaging his balls. “Man, I think I have to come up with an excuse for my girl…”