Saturday, November 29, 2008

Charity Nutshot Festival: Day 2

Featured in this story: Danny (click for pictures)

After last week’s event at the gym, when Simon got his balls bashed by several good-humored college students, we decided to take a different approach for the second day of the Charity Nutshot Festival.

21 year old actor Danny and his 23 year old friend George had agreed to come with us today.

It had been Danny’s idea to set up a tent-like booth in the middle of the main shopping street. It was a pedestrian zone, filled with people.

Danny probably hadn’t thought about the fact that it was freezing cold outside, and the booth wasn’t heated. It was a simple, blue colored tent, secluded on every side.

Danny and George were both half naked, wearing only their sneakers and their underwear.

“Bad idea”, George mumbled, rubbing his hands on his bare chest. He was a bit smaller than Danny, but he seemed taller, thanks to his head of curly blond hair. Just like Danny, George was a struggling actor, and his body was in very good shape, with muscular arms and legs, six-pack abs and a chiselled chest. He was wearing blue boxer briefs that couldn’t hide the fact that he was marvellously endowed. His big balls and thick, long cock defied the temperatures and bulged inside his tight blue underwear.

Danny looked at him, shrugging, “Sorry. We won’t be here for long, right?”

I nodded. “Two hours, tops.”

Danny smiled. “Okay.” The strawberry blond actor played with his erect nipples and grinned. “I think we are ready…” He was wearing a skimpy pair of white briefs, with his pubic hair visible above the waistband.

My cameraman Chad looked at the sign that I was holding. “Shall I put it up?”

George and Danny looked at each other.

“Alright”, George said. “Let’s get it over with…”

Chad grinned and walked outside, looking at the sign. It said, “STRESS RELIEF BALLS INSIDE”.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ben’s wrestling match – the rematch

Previous parts:
Ben's wrestling match 
Good times

Warning: Girl present.Another warning: Contains f/m ballbusting (near the end).

Update: Roshambo part rewritten. [2008/11/29]

Featured in this story: Ben and Kev (click for pictures)

“This is gonna be a fair match”, Ben said. The muscular 20 year old adjusted his crotch and grinned. He was wearing tight white briefs that contrasted very nicely with the color of his tanned skin. The black haired jock’s muscles were on full display, his arms and legs naked, his abs and his pecs outlined in the fabric.

“It’s gonna be a fair fight”, Ben repeated.

I looked him in the eyes, trying not to stare at his crotch.

“The last time, Kev set me up”, Ben continued. “The twins, Kev, and the ref – everybody had been in on it!”

I tried to look surprised. Apparently Ben hadn’t figured out that everyone, from the audience to me and my cameraman Chad, had been in on it.

“This time”, Ben grinned. “I have made sure that it will be fair. I’m gonna show Kev who has the biggest balls.” He licked his lips and grabbed his crotch, squeezing his package lightly, making his cock and balls seem even bigger than they were. “Me.”

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Top trumps: Leo, Sammy, Brandon and Cal

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BrandonCalLeo and Sammy (click for pictures)

“What is this game about?” Sammy asked, looking confused. The 18 year old skater scratched his his head, running his hand through his red hair. The lanky boy was sitting on the ground, his skinny legs crossed, wearing nothing but plaid boxer shorts and dirty white socks.

I had turned the heating on in the studio. It was rather cold outside and I didn’t want the four guys to catch a cold.

“You never played top trumps?” Cal grinned. He adjusted his crotch in his blue boxer briefs and sat down next to Sammy. The African American boy had the perfect swimmer’s build: muscular chest and trained abs, strong arms and legs, and not an ounce of fat on his entire body. His briefs were bulging with his manhood, his large balls clearly visible below his fat, flaccid cock that pointed to the left. He massaged his bare feet and chuckled.

Sammy shook his head. “Never.”

“It’s easy”, Leo chimed in. He was sitting opposite Cal, his legs crossed just like his friend Sammy’s. “We compete in different categories. And top trumps.” Leo leaned back and grinned. He was a skater, 18 years old, and - just like Sammy - skinny and lanky. In addition to his socks and his plain white boxers, Leo wore a baseball cap on top of his curly black hair.

“Let’s start the game”, Brandon said, sitting down opposite Sammy and completing the circle. Brandon was 21 years old, one year younger than his buddy Cal. They both were on the college swim team, and Brandon’s body was almost as well-trained and defined as Cal’s. At 5’7”, the Asian American boy was the shortest of the four boys. He was wearing socks and a pair of skimpy briefs that barely contained his big balls and thick cock.

“Alright”, Sammy said. “Who wants to start?”

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shakeout – task 1: The key

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Vince (click for pictures)

Previous parts:
Meeting with the enemy

Chad and I arrived at the warehouse at 7 pm.

Almost one week had passed since we had been here for a meeting with Warren, owner of, a website that shamelessly copied our content and continued to steal our members. We had been jumped by Warren’s henchmen, and he had challenged us to a fight, a series of tasks that both of our teams would have to cope with. The winner was going to keep his website. The loser was going to wrap things up and go offline. Everything was on the line, our money, our future, everything.

But we had no idea what those ominous “tasks” were going to be.

Earlier, I had received a email from Warren. “Warehouse. 7 pm.”

I had been antsy all day, pondering whether we should just give up.

Finally, Chad and I had decided that we had no chance. We had to meet Warren again and hope that this wasn’t some kind of trap.

I had left a message with a good friend of mine, telling him where I was going and who I was going to meet. After our last encounter, I didn’t trust Warren at all.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New link: Ballbusting Playground

I've added a new site to the link section: Ballbusting Playground, a brand new blog with great potential: m/m drawings and comic strips. I love the first two drawings and I hope there will be more to come! It's great to see some new talent in the m/m bb community!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Charity Nutshot Festival: Day 1

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Kev and Simon (click for pictures)

I was standing at the entrance of the gym, watching a long line of people wait to buy their ticket and enter.

Today was the first day of our Charity Nutshot Festival. I had been quite busy this week, so I had delegated the organization of the event to 20 year old Kev, veteran president of the Ballbusting Olympics Committee (BOC). Kev had done a great job organizing the Olympics in spring, and I was amazed at the efficiency of his work today.

Kev was standing next to me.

I looked at him and smiled. “Wow”, I said. “Great work.”

Kev shrugged and grinned. “Thanks.”

The line was moving, and the gym filled with people. At one side of the gym, there was a small stage where today’s show was going to take place.

“What are we going to see today?” I asked.

Kev smiled. “Today is Simon’s day. It was his idea, so I thought he’d be the perfect one to start the festivities…”

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One on one: Sammy vs. Parker

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Parker and Sammy (click for pictures)

“Hey, Sammy”, Parker grinned as he entered the studio. “Nice to see you again.”

The 21 year old gymnast was wearing tight green jeans, white, well-worn sneakers and a skin-tight brown t-shirt with some orange colored abstract artwork on it. A couple of colorful patches – probably more fashion statement than repair work – were sewn on the legs of his jeans. A small white patch with blue stripes on his right thigh, a bigger one on his left knee, checkered red and white, looking like it had been cut out of a cheap napkin.

His bulging crotch sported a well-placed tear in the fabric, letting us catch a glimpse of his plain red boxer shorts that had the same bright color as his dyed red hair. Parker’s balls were outlined in his jeans, separated by the crotch seam, and his dick pointed to the right.

“Hi, Parker”, Sammy said.

Parker hugged him, making the lanky skaterboy blush.

Sammy seemed slightly uncomfortable with Parker’s overt showing of affection.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Meeting with the enemy


Featured in this story: Chad (click for pictures)

Previous parts:

“This is it”, I said, looking at the address I had written down on a piece of paper.

My cameraman Chad and I were standing in front of a large warehouse building.

A couple of days ago, we had found the reason of our declining subscription numbers. Another website, had started producing videos that seemed to lure our members away from us. Their production values seemed to be as good as ours, if not better, judging from the clips on their site. And on top of that, they were stealing our ideas. We had contacted Warren, the owner of, and he hadn’t been very cooperative. Today, we were going to meet him.

I looked at the building. “What a shabby place”, I mumbled.

Chad grinned.

“What?” I snapped.

“It looks just like our place”, Chad said.

I raised my eyebrows and pointed at the first floor of the building. Some windows were shattered. “The first floor is abandoned”, I said.

Chad chuckled. “As I said, just like our place.”

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good times

Featured in this story: Ben and Kev (click for pictures)

Today, I visited Kev at his dorm again.

A couple of days ago, he had told me that he hadn’t finished working on the flyer for the Charity Nutshot Festival yet. Now, with the first day of the Festival only a couple of days away, I wanted to see if there had been any progress.

Kev had been very good as acting president of the Ballbusting Olympics Committee (BOC), and I was sure he would do a good job in advertising the Festival – but I decided that I’d better keep an eye on him, because he tended to be a bit lazy from time to time…

I hadn’t reached Kev on his mobile phone, so I decided to drop by.

I passed the entrance and stood at the stairs. I looked up. Kev’s room was on the second floor. I decided to go down to the basement, the leisure room, where most of the committee meetings had taken place.

As I walked down the stairs, I heard loud noise and laughter.

I opened the door and looked inside the room.

Kev was surrounded by a couple of guys, all in their early twenties. Most of them were shirtless, with smooth, muscular chests and well defined abs.

Kev was shirtless, too.

“… bam, right in the nuts!” Kev grinned, making a kicking motion with his sneaker-clad foot, stopping short of Ben’s crotch who was standing opposite him, obviously embarrassed.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trouble at the office

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: CalDannyLeoTristan and Zach (click for pictures)

“I’ve never done porn”, George said. “I mean, real porn. Gay porn.”

The 23 year old guy looked at me, his green eyes wide open. He scratched his head and grinned sheepishly. “I don’t know what do do…” He was wearing black trousers, a white shirt with a blue tie, and black leather shoes. His curly blond hair was tamed by styling gel.

We were standing in the middle of the studio, waiting to begin the shooting of another skit for our website.

Right next to us were three desks with computers. Actually, they were electronic scrap that my cameraman Chad had organised, keyboards and computer screens that didn’t work but looked okay. The three desks were placed together like in an open-plan office.

Behind the desks was our regular desk, the supervisor’s place.

We had put up a fake wall with a door on the left side of the setting.

My cameraman Chad had set up two cameras. He was standing behind one of them, with some friend of his operating the other one.

Frat guy Zach was standing next to George, wearing black trousers and a shirt with a red tie. The 20 year old blond put his right arm around George’s shoulders and grinned, “Just follow my lead.” He adjusted his crotch with his left hand. “I starred in a little private movie with my ex-girlfriend and two friends of hers”, he said, beaming with pride. “You can watch it on xtube.”

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Thanks to guy787970 for the idea of a rival website and to JP for a ton of great, twisted ideas and the basic outline of this 13 part story!

Previous parts:

Today I was sitting at my desk, crunching the numbers on my computer, to see what we could do about the decline in membership subscriptions. After reading, thinking, calculating and cursing for more than four hours, I was ready for a break. And I still couldn’t explain why our members had left us. The exodus had started in September, and by the end of October, more than 50% of our members were gone.

I was getting a headache.

I decided I needed some fresh air, so I went for a walk.

When I came back, Chad was sitting at the computer.

“Hi Chad”, I said weakly. “How’s---“

“Look at this”, he interrupted me, his eyes fixed on the computer screen.

I raised my eyebrows. “What---“

“Look at this”, he repeated.

I grabbed another chair and sat down next to him.

“I think I know why our members left us”, he said in a low voice.

I looked at the screen. My jaw dropped. “But--- How could they---“

“I have no idea!” Chad sighed. “I came across it by accident. A little typo and, voila, here it is…”

“”, I read.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New poll: Milosh, Nestor, Logan, Ian?

Previous parts:
Placing the ad

Okay, now that round 2 of the Auditions is over, we have the final four candidates. You decide who'll be the winner! Tell us your opinion and vote in the poll on the right! Thanks!

Auditions – round 2: Ian vs. Len

Previous parts:
Placing the ad

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Today was the final day for the second round in our Auditions. We were looking for a new model for our website. Sixteen guys had applied. Eight had been defeated in the first round. After tonight’s fight, there would be four guys left.

Ian grinned at me and adjusted his crotch in his cargo pants. “Last time was fun…”

I chuckled. “Yeah, well, it took only one kick to defeat your opponent.”

Ian grinned and nodded. “Fun.”

“And you got to fuck Xander’s boyfriend”, I smiled.

“Yeah”, Ian said dreamily. “The little blond slut…”

“Well”, I said. “I guess today will be more difficult. And probably without the sex.”

Ian raised his eyebrows.

“You know”, I continued smiling. “Your opponent tonight is quite a guy.”

My cameraman Chad walked past us and chimed in, “He has balls of steel.”

Friday, November 7, 2008


This morning we got troubling news: Our subscription numbers are down. Way down. Since we’ve launched in December, we have seen a steady increase in subscription numbers. January was better than December, February was better than January, month by month, the numbers went up.

But beginning in September, the numbers went down. We don’t know why. And in October, we had the lowest number of members since February.

We’ll have to find out why the numbers are declining. There is the very real possibility that we might have to close down the site.

Of course, we’ll do everything we can to avoid that.

I’ll keep you updated.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Last week, our geeky model Simon had made an intriguing suggestion: a Charity Nutshot Festival.

In the last few days, I had called our models and asked them if they were willing to spend a little bit of their time getting their balls busted in the name of charity. I had talked to everyone, Danny, the twins, Kev, Cal, Zach, Parker, Xander, every number I could find in my little black book, and most of them agreed to participate.

Now, I was on the college campus, standing in front of the dorm building where Kev, Colin and Ben lived.

I walked in and went straight to the basement. Here, in the leisure room, we had planned the Ballbusting Olympics, and I hoped to meet Kev. I walked into the room that was empty except for two people.

There was a new pool table in the middle of the room.

A young, buff blond, wearing nothing but his boxers, was sitting on top of it, his legs spread, laughing and daring another guy to shoot a pool ball at his nuts.

“Come on”, the blond shouted. He reached inside the leg opening of his boxers and pulled out his big, bulging balls. His sac was shaved and his nuts looked healthy and heavy, a vulnerable target resting on the green. “Do it!”

The other guy, a shirtless black kid in his late teens, with a muscular chest and defined abs, held the pool cue. The white ball was sitting on the table, waiting to be smashed into the blond’s meaty nuggets.

“Do it!” the blond shouted again, his hands raised up in the air.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Auditions – round 2: Logan vs. Dean

Previous parts:
Placing the ad

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Logan walked into the studio, followed by a group of guys most of whom I recognized from the last time I had seen him. They were friends of his from high school, all in their late teens, most of them white, a couple of them black, Hispanic, or Asian.

“Hi”, I said.

“Hi, Alex”, Logan said, smiling. “I brought my friends again. I hope that’s okay with you…”

I shrugged. “Sure.” I turned to the guys and pointed at the couch. “Make yourselves comfortable…”

Chatting and laughing, Logan’s friends walked past us and sat down on the floor and on the couch.

Suddenly, a young, redhaired guy with a nose piercing burst into the room, slightly out of breath. “Am I late?”

“Nah”, Logan grinned at him. “Plenty of time, Jeremy.”

Jeremy smiled and joined his friends at the other end of the studio.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

On the job: Brandon, fry boy

Featured in this story: Brandon (click for pictures)

I walked into the restaurant. It was rather small, but a typical McDonald’s restaurant in every respect: a large room with seating for fifty or sixty people, a counter with three cash registers, and an open industrial kitchen.

There were no patrons but me, so I walked right up to the counter.

A young, skinny, bored-looking cashier with short blond hair and a freckled face was standing behind one of the registers. Above his upper lip was an amusing attempt at a moustache. I looked at his name tag. Jack. Jack looked like he was nineteen or twenty years old. He didn’t look like he had to shave every morning…

“Hi”, I smiled at him. “I’m looking for Brandon.”

Jack stared at me with a blank expression on his face.

“The Asian guy?” I said.

“Oh, Brandon”, Jack said.


“I’m looking for him”, I said, smiling.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Poll results: Cum?

In last months poll, we asked you to give us your opinion on cumshots in ballbusting stories. 99 people took part in the poll. I admit, it was a bit of a no-brainer and the results are hardly surprising:

Yes, I can't get enough of them! 66%
I don't mind reading one once in a while... 22%
No! I hate them! 12%

Regarding this months poll: I haven't finished writing the second round of the Auditions stories. All that aggressive fighting was starting to bore me, so I wrote a couple of stories that don't involve nasty battles... As soon as I have posted the rest of the round 2 stories (probably within the next week), I'll set up a poll so that you can decide who will be the winner...