Saturday, November 29, 2008

Charity Nutshot Festival: Day 2

Featured in this story: Danny (click for pictures)

After last week’s event at the gym, when Simon got his balls bashed by several good-humored college students, we decided to take a different approach for the second day of the Charity Nutshot Festival.

21 year old actor Danny and his 23 year old friend George had agreed to come with us today.

It had been Danny’s idea to set up a tent-like booth in the middle of the main shopping street. It was a pedestrian zone, filled with people.

Danny probably hadn’t thought about the fact that it was freezing cold outside, and the booth wasn’t heated. It was a simple, blue colored tent, secluded on every side.

Danny and George were both half naked, wearing only their sneakers and their underwear.

“Bad idea”, George mumbled, rubbing his hands on his bare chest. He was a bit smaller than Danny, but he seemed taller, thanks to his head of curly blond hair. Just like Danny, George was a struggling actor, and his body was in very good shape, with muscular arms and legs, six-pack abs and a chiselled chest. He was wearing blue boxer briefs that couldn’t hide the fact that he was marvellously endowed. His big balls and thick, long cock defied the temperatures and bulged inside his tight blue underwear.

Danny looked at him, shrugging, “Sorry. We won’t be here for long, right?”

I nodded. “Two hours, tops.”

Danny smiled. “Okay.” The strawberry blond actor played with his erect nipples and grinned. “I think we are ready…” He was wearing a skimpy pair of white briefs, with his pubic hair visible above the waistband.

My cameraman Chad looked at the sign that I was holding. “Shall I put it up?”

George and Danny looked at each other.

“Alright”, George said. “Let’s get it over with…”

Chad grinned and walked outside, looking at the sign. It said, “STRESS RELIEF BALLS INSIDE”.

I followed him.

Not a minute passed before a young man stopped and looked at the sign.

“Wanna come inside?” Chad said, smiling.

The man shrugged. He was in his mid-twenties, with short, light blond hair and a cheerful smile, wearing blue jeans, a black leather jacket and black boots.

“You’ll have to donate some money to charity, though”, I said quickly.

The young man chuckled. “You trying to rip me off?”

Chad smiled. “Of course not”, he grinned. “You’ll get your money’s worth…”

“Okay”, the guy said.

I guided the man into the booth while Chad stayed outside. “I’m Alex”, I said.

“I’m Andy”, he replied. “It’s a---“ He stared at George and Danny who smiled sheepishly. “Is this some kind of sex thing?”

“No”, Danny said quickly. “Have a look at the balls…”

Simultaneously, Danny and George slipped down their underwear.

Andy stared at them. Then he looked at me.

“Big balls or small balls?” I said.

“Hey”, Danny said. “My balls aren’t small!”

Andy chuckled, looking at Danny’s crotch. “Well, they are smaller than those…” He pointed at George’s nuggets that hung low in their shaven sac.

George blushed and smiled.

“I’ll take the big ones”, Andy said.

Danny raised his eyebrows. He pulled his briefs back up and shrugged.

George nodded.

Andy looked him in the eyes and winked. “I’ve been experiencing a lot of stress this week.”

“Have you?” George said weakly.

Andy nodded. “This could be painful.”

George grimaced. “You might want to reconsider your decision. The smaller pair of---“

Andy grinned. “No, thanks. I think yours are fine.”

“Great”, George said, not very enthusiastic.

Andy reached for his wallet and gave a couple of bills to George.

George counted the money and sighed. “Five minutes.”

“It’s for charity”, Danny said, smiling.

George nodded. “Alright.” He lifted his hands and put them behind his neck. “Andy, if you’d like to---“

Andy didn’t lose any time. He grabbed George’s meaty nuggets with both hands and squeezed hard, looking into George’s eyes and obviously enjoying his surprised, shocked reaction.

Andy dug his thumbs into the tender flesh of George’s nuts, making the poor boy squirm and scream from the top of his lungs.

Danny chuckled. “You can twist them, too. That’s very effective”, he grinned.

“Thanks”, Andy chuckled and held each of George’s nuts between his thumb and forefinger, increasing the pressure and causing George to whimper in pain. Suddenly, he twisted his hands, twisting each nut individually, and making George cry out in pain.

„Fuck!“ George yelled. “Stop!”

Andy let go and looked at his watch. “Half a minute”, he said, raising his eyebrows.

George doubled over and grabbed his balls. “Sorry”, he whispered. “I don’t think this is a good idea…”

“I paid for the time”, Andy said, looking disappointed.

George whimpered.

I looked at Danny.

Danny shook his head.

I cleared my throat. “Maybe you could use the rest of your time on Danny’s---“

“No”, Andy interrupted me. “Sorry. I paid for his balls.”

I looked at George and shrugged.

Andy sighed and got down to his knees.

George whimpered. “But---“

He was interrupted by a very well-placed uppercut that connected perfectly with George’s right nut. Andy’s hard knuckles crunched the tender gonad hard, ramming it into George’s pelvis.

George gasped in pain.

“That was the right one, right?” Andy said.

George’s eyes twitched.

Andy nodded. “I think it was. So this is for the left one.” He balled his fist and sent it flying into George’s groin, smashing his big left nut dead-on.

George wailed in pain.

Danny and I cringed in sympathy.

“I guess I nailed it”, Andy chuckled. “You know, this is really relaxing…”

George whimpered in pain. “Please, don’t---“

Suddenly, Chad’s head appeared at the entrance. “Umm, guys, you are attracting quite a crowd here”, he said. “Could you be a little bit more quiet? It sounds as if someone is killed in here…”

“We’ll try”, I said.

George whimpered.

Chad nodded and disappeared.

“Okay”, Andy said. He grabbed George’s boxer briefs and pulled them down. “Come on”, he said, looking up at George.

George whimpered and lifted his feet one after the other, helping Andy to strip off his briefs.

Andy grinned and got up. He grabbed George’s jaw and opened his mouth, stuffing his briefs into it.
George’s eyes were wide open.

“Let’s see if this works”, Andy said. He took a step back and sent his foot flying into George’s crotch. The tip of his boot connected with George’s bulging balls and flattened them into his pelvis.

George let out a muffled scream.

Andy grinned. “It works”, he said cheerfully as George doubled over and grabbed his crotch. “How much time have I got left?”

I looked at my watch. “Two and a half minutes…”

George looked at me and whimpered.

I smiled sympathetically.

Andy nodded and cracked his knuckles. “Alright, let’s make good use of the time…” He knelt down in front of George and looked up at him. “Ready?”

George let out a noise that sounded like a laugh.

Andy turned around and looked at Danny. “Could you hold his hands, please?”

Danny grimaced. “Do you think that’s---“

Andy sighed.

“Alright”, Danny said quickly and walked behind George. He grabbed hold of George’s hands and pulled them behind his back.

George whimpered.

Andy looked at the two dangling nuggets right in front of face. He balled his fists and inhaled deeply.

Then he started punching George’s nuts like a punch ball, alternately hitting George’s sac with both of his fists, making the two low-hanging testicles swing wildly with every hit.

George squirmed and struggled, whimpering in pain.

Andy increased the pace of his punches.

Finally, after more than fifty hits, he ended his workout with a hard, well-placed uppercut that drove both of George’s balls into his pelvis, making the curly boy let out a miserable groan.

Andy got up and patted George’s head. “Thanks”, he smiled. “I’m feeling better now…”

Danny let go of George’s hands, allowing the poor boy to double over and comfort his swollen nuts.

Danny looked at Andy and grinned, “It was a pleasure, sir…”

Andy chuckled and left the booth.

I looked at Danny. “I guess it’s your turn, now…”

George whimpered, his briefs still stuffed in his mouth.

“Okay”, Danny said. “I just hope---“

The next guy came walking in.

He looked like a bodybuilder, with a bulky frame and a fierce expression on his face.

“Oh”, Danny said.

“Hi, I’m Alex”, I said. “What’s your name?”

“Ruff”, the man grunted.

I smiled. “Okay, Ruff. Has my buddy told you about---”

“I paid him”, Ruff interrupted me.

I nodded. “Then you’ll---“

Ruff brought back his foot and kicked my nuts hard.

I felt like I had been hit by a train.

I stared at Ruff and slowly doubled over. My balls sent waves of pain through my body, numbing my brain and making me want to vomit. “Actually”, I whispered weakly. “The balls are over there…” I pointed at Danny who looked like he was thinking about fleeing, even if that involved him running down the crowded street wearing nothing but his briefs.

“Hi”, Danny said slowly, trying to smile. “How do you do?”

I coughed, cupping my aching nuts and falling to my knees.

Ruff turned to Danny and put his hands on his shoulders.

Danny gulped. “I guess you’ll---“

Ruff lifted his knee, bringing it up between his thighs and making Danny’s eyes lose focus.

“Fuck”, Danny whimpered as his nuts were crunched between his pelvis and Ruff’s bulky knee-cap.

Ruff took a step back and looked at Danny. “Weak balls, huh?”

Danny whimpered and grabbed his groin, staring at him.

“Bad luck”, Ruff said and grabbed Danny’s shoulders. He pushed him back, making Danny stand upright for a moment. Then he grabbed Danny’s hips with his large hands and pulled him closer.

Danny was grimacing in pain, his eyes filling with tears.

Ruff lifted his knee again and again, pulverizing Danny’s nuts with every blow.

I groaned and got up.

“Sorry”, I said, limping over to him, making sure to guard my groin with my hands. “But you can’t just---“

Ruff let go of Danny.

The strawberry haired actor was screaming in pain, his face beet red. He grabbed his crotch and collapsed on the ground.

“Thanks”, Ruff said, leaving the booth before I could say another word.

Chad looked into the booth, chuckling. “Ready for the next one?”

“No!” Danny, George and me cried out simultaneously.

Chad raised his eyebrows.

“I guess”, I said slowly. “This wasn’t a very good idea. Maybe there are other ways to make some money…”

“But people have already paid money”, Chad said.

I looked at George and Danny.

“What do you think?” I said. “Just the guys who have already paid…”

George whimpered.

Danny groaned.

I looked at Chad and said, “Okay. Just the ones who have already paid.”

Chad chuckled and nodded. “Alright.” His head disappeared, and we heard him yell, “Alright folks, we’re closed for today. But everybody who paid will get their money’s worth… Please stay in line and wait for your turn.”

“Alex”, Danny said, a little pale around his nose. “How many people are waiting?”

I looked out and saw a line of thirty or forty guys waiting in front of our booth.

I bit my lower lip and turned to Danny. “Quite a few.”

“How many?” George chimed in, looking frightened.

I grimaced. “It’s gonna be a long day…”


Anonymous said...

Way hot Alex! Loved it when Danny got kneed and you got kicked! Does George have pubes? Hope we hear more about what hapens in the tent! Maybe even Chad can take a few shots!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feeback! I'm glad you like the story. Originally, I hadn't planned to write another story in the same setting, but I'll think about it...
Oh, and George does have pubic hair. :-))

Carter said...

Ouch, sounds like you got hit in the crossfire. Still could be worse, you didn't get it nearly as rough as the others, so that's a silver lining I suppose.

Alex said...

Well, I guess it comes with the job that my nuts take a hit now and then. That's the danger of working in the ballbusting business... ;-)