Friday, June 28, 2024

Rex’s Latest Scheme: Part Two It Takes Two By Jimmy and Y1ddo


Rex’s Latest Scheme: Part Two

It Takes Two 


By Jimmy and Y1ddo


Rex is admiring himself in the mirror, and running a hand over his small bulge. Max watches him rather glumly. He lost to Chase and won’t be a tag-team partner with his brother. The missed opportunity to face Logan again, and having lost to Chase, has really brought him down.


“I hope that you guys do well,” Max says dolefully, adding a long sigh afterwards.


The singlet that Chase gave him needed to be washed. Underneath his t-shirt he is still wearing the tight uniform, and as Rex continues to fiddle with his own uniform bulge, attempting to plump up his altogether rather unimpressive assets, Max hopes that maybe Chase will back down.


“Thanks bro,” Rex smiles over his shoulder and sees Max’s downturned expression and walks over to him. “Hey, Max?”




“After the match, when Chase and I win… I can face you at home if you want. That way you get to wrestle somebody.”


That perks Max up a bit and he gives him a reluctant smile, and he pulls Rex in for an unexpected hug.


“Love you too, Rex.” Max gives him a squeeze. “Now go kick Zach’s big plums in for me!”


Rex pulls back and grins at Max: “You know I will!”

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Jimmy’s Found Video’s #86

 Jimmy’s Found        

          Video’s #86

Dear Ballbusting Boys Friends,


Here is this week crop, hope you enjoy!




1). He's back!

Monday, June 24, 2024

All Tied Up Again, Cousin written by Jimmy


All Tied Up Again, Cousin


written by Jimmy


Soaring through the air in a near perfect arc, Jayden dives into the lake with a quiet splash. It’s near five pm but the summer sun is still blazing overhead, beautiful and overpowering in its heat. The water is a rush, with the cool tempt on Jayden’s skin makes him shoot for the surface splashing aside the water above and coming up for a full deep breath. The lake is everything that Jayden had wanted and more.

The weather was enjoyable this time of the year. Hanging around in the open air with nothing to worry about was the best and Jayden could not wish for more besides the summer holiday to finally start. He just met a bunch of other guys and he quickly made friends. The memory of what happened before with his cousin, Diego simply dissipated from his mind.

It was not the same for Diego. He was enjoying the moment with the other guys his age and Gino but his mind kept on coming back at his bound cousin. It was funny, satisfying and exciting. He wanted to do it again. Diego came out of water and dried himself. Found a good place to rest Diego leaned on his towel and rested on his back in the shade and closed his eyes.

Diego begun to fantasize about Jayden. There was a lot of ways to play with a bound boy. Tickle him, mock him, make him smell his feet end even strip him naked. All his boy bits would had been at his mercy! Especially his balls!

It was amusing to Diego to see Jayden’s helplessness and his quiet squirming in pain because of a slight hit between his legs. Diego wondered how he would had been to give him a full force kick…and would he actually go through with it. The idea was thrilling.

If Diego wanted to tie his cousin first thing first he needed ropes. There was not actual ropes in her summer house. Diego checked the time. At half past six. There was still time to find what he was looking for. The money he had were enough to go shopping. It was a long walk from the lake to the town but that was Diego’s only chance to buy some ropes.

“I have to go to the market. I'll be home before dinner” Diego said to his mother and father.

“Do you want me to bring you there? It's hot and the walk isn't short.” Marco, Jayden’s Dad asked.

Diego’s cheeks darkened at the very idea of including Jayden’s father in his plans. “No, don’t worry. I think that the walk will be good for me. See yah!” Diego called over his shoulder and took off down the path.

Marco and Diego’s parents chuckled and turned back to cooking on the grill, but Jayden wondered where his older cousin was going. Jayden thought about asking, but turned back to dive under the water, enjoying the peace of the lake and the beauty all around him. He would find out later, he was most certain of it.

Friday, June 21, 2024

Rex's Latest Scheme: The Tag-Team Tryouts written by Y1ddo and Jimmy


Rex’s Latest Scheme: The Tag-Team Tryouts 



By Jimmy and Y1ddo

Hi everyone,

I am so proud of this story which is almost 90 pages long. It will be split into four parts and in the story it contains favorites like Logan, Zach, Jayden, Chase, Max, and Rex. It was a blast to write this with Y1ddo. I hope that you all enjoy it!






“What do you mean, you don’t want to be my partner?” 


Max is flabbergasted and stares openly at his twin brother Rex, not believing the truth. 


“You lost to Logan, remember?” Rex points out.


“So…? you lost to Zach!” Max declares. 


“You are only giving me more ammo for why the two of us can’t beat Logan and Zach. That’s why, I am teaming with Chase.”


Chase, who was, in all honesty, not paying attention but draped over Jayden and nuzzling his neck, giving him yet another hicky.  


“Chase!” gasps Jayden, and he squeezes the arm rest. The four of them are watching the previews at The Bartlet Theatre and no one is interested in the screen. 


Rex grumbles. 


“Gross, Chase! Can you stop licking him for a second… I have a proposition for you!”


Chase does not stop immediately, he has Jayden in the zone and he wants him to spill some pre-cum before the show. The tent in his athletic shorts is telling him that he’s almost at the right spot. His teeth inch along, just under Jayden’s left ear and when he bites down this time he can see the quiver between his legs, and he smiles as he sucks on Jayden’s skin. 


Pulling back, he fixes Rex with a look. “What?”


Rex rolls his eyes and opens his mouth to explain his plan, but Max slugs him rather hard in his sweet spot and Rex’s mouth falls open. 


The guys snicker, but Jayden is gasping and holding onto his neck. “I wish you wouldn’t…” he says in almost a whisper. 


“Hush. I’ll finish what I started soon.”


Max leans over Rex, still gulping air like a fish out of water. 


“Rex here wants to team up with you against Zach…”


“Not interested.” Chase says, about to go back for another bite, when Max finishes. 


“…and Logan. I told him it was a stupid idea. I’m his partner in crime. It should be me!” Max says rather indignantly. 


Chase pauses and feels the thrum of Jayden’s pulse against his mouth, and he grins. 


“Rex, I’ll do it.”


“No!” Max stands up, his candy falling to the floor. “I’m teaming with him.”


“Tell you what…how about we face off. Whoever makes the other submit first gets to be Rex’s partner,” Chase is smiling, and Jayden is too grabbing Chases shoulder and pulling him against him. 


“You going to show them who’s boos, Chase.”


“Bet your ass!” Chase says as he reaches back and grabs Jayden ridiculously hard erection in one hand, making him tremble. 


“Fine, as long as we shake on it.” Max holds out his hand, his Amber eyes alight with mischief. 


“Deal. Now let’s ‘watch’ the movie.”


Jayden gulps, as Chase says: “I have to tie my shoe.”


The lights begin to dim as Chase goes in between Jayden’s legs and looks once into his boyfriends eyes before moving straight down on top of the stuffy that he pulls out.


“Chase!” Jayden whimpers above.


Rex and Max roll their eyes in the same fashion, as Max plops back down. 


“I’m going to be your teammate,” Max says, stuffing a hand full of buttery popcorn into his mouth. 


Rex pushes his bangs out of his face: “You wish. No way you’ll beat Chase...”


Max is grinning as he pulls Rex close to him. “Chase is going to be all hot and bothered after the movie, he’s not even going to be thinking with his ‘big head.’ I’ll put him down so fast he won’t see it coming.”


Max leans back, and Rex has to admit… that’s not a bad plan. But for him to actually beat Zach again he needs a strong partner. Rex tries to lose himself in the movie in Chases home theatre as Chase’s bobbing only gets in the way… a little bit. 


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Jimmy's Found Video's #85


 Jimmy’s Found        

          Video’s #85

Dear Ballbusting Boys Friends,


Here is this week crop, hope you enjoy!




1). That's a fun grab.

Monday, June 17, 2024

I'm Tired of Waiting written by Jimmy


I’m Tired of Waiting


written by Jimmy


Jayden was laying on the bed wearing only his swimsuit “I just wanna go swim!” He complained rolling on his stomach and buried his face into the pillow.

“We can't go! First we have to wait for your Dad” Diego answered. He was playing with his phone and didn't give Jayden’s complaints too much attention.

They were cousins, and Diego was visiting for the weekend. They were spending a weekend together at Diego’s summer house. It was Jayden’s second day there and all he wanted was spending an entire afternoon messing around at the lake where the water was cool and the air fresh. Diego and his family had been there for over a week and he had already gone swimming more than once.

“I can go and you can join me later” Jayden said. His voice was muffled by the pillow.

"You can't. My parents says its dangerous go alone. You can slip on a rock." Diego chimed in, but he didn't move his eyes from the phone.

“We can go together.”

“I don't wanna walk there, it takes way too long. Your Dad has the car with your brother, Gino. Can't you just wait? It's still early after all.” Diego closed his phone and turned his attention to his cousin. He was now sitting on the bed.

“I'll go! Even if I have to escape from here!” Jayden challenged staring at his cousin waiting for his reaction. He didn't really mean that and Diego could tell that Jayden was kidding. He was just annoying him on purpose, as younger cousins were usually known for.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Slammer Conclusion written by Jimmy


The Slammer:




By Jimmy





The past few hours come to Jayden Gomez in flashes in his memory:


The smile on Gino’s face and his smirk as he said “Hey bro, miss me?”


The twinkle in Chase’s blue eyes when he walks in behind Gino, and Jayden somehow himself in his boyfriend’s arms kissing him so hard that it hurt, but he didn’t care.


Being surrounded by friends, patting him on the back welcoming him back home.