Thursday, October 2, 2008

On the job: Career counseling

Last week, a reader posted an idea for a new story:
I have an idea for a future segment, I was thinking sort of a "on the job" thing where we visit various models occupations (I mean, they must have other jobs besides modelling for the site, right?), like Tristan can be a rookie cop or something, which would explain why he had handcuffs at the camp, and we could even visit Logan at his school [or even part time job], where he and his buddies bust (of course busting would be happening at each job site) just a thought, it sounds cool to me, but if you don't want to do it, I don't mind...
Another reader added:
Great idea, and we can meet David in his skin-tight leotard backstage at a dance rehearsal. And, of course, Danny still searching for his first Oscar.
What about the twins...are they still part-time strippers?
I think it is a fantastic idea for a new series! And I hope you can help me with the guys’ jobs.

Here’s what we got so far (I’m excluding Logan because we don’t know if he will be with us after the Auditions):

Occupation: Cop in training
Job site: Police station.

The twins [published 10/21/2008]
Occupation: Strippers
Job site: Strip club

Occupation: Dancer
Job site: Theater

Occupation: Actor (struggling…)
Job site: Film set

Kev [updated 10/03/2008]
Occupation: Model for erotic underwear
Job site: Photo studio

Zach [updated 10/03/2008, published 07/19/2013
Occupation: Life guard
Job site: Beach

Cal [updated 10/03/2008, published 12/13/2008]
Occupation: Sales clerk
Job site: Department store

Simon [updated 10/03/2008]
Occupation: Computer repair man
Job site: Client's home

Leo [updated 10/03/2008]
Occupation: Sales clerk
Job site: Music store

Brandon [updated 10/03/2008 and 10/24/2008, published 11/02/2008]
Occupation: Fry boy
Job site: McDonald's

Parker [updated 10/10/2008]
Occupation: Gymnast
Job site: Circus

Leo [updated 10/24/2008, published 03/16/2009]
Occupation: Cup tester
Job site: Science lab

Sammy [updated and published 02/20/2009]
Occupation: Librarian
Job site: Public library

Logan [updated 03/13/2015, published 01/22/2016]
Occupation: Assistant Wrestling Coach
Job site: High School gym

Any other ideas? What about skaterboy Leo? Maybe Kev, Ben, Cal, Brandon or Zach have a part time job? The same goes for Danny, Parker and George. What is Simon’s job? Please leave your comments if you have any ideas…


Anonymous said...

How about Ben and/or Kev as part models for erotic underwear.

Anonymous said...

Zach should totally be a life guard. I could see some really hot scenes at a beach with him. :) Maybe Cal as a sales clerk at a department store? He could be helping guys try on clothes and end up getting some unwanted respones. And maybe Simon as a computer repair man or something. He could go to a few houses of some crazy clients who like to bust balls? I dont know, these are just random ideas. :)

Chris said...

Leo should definately be someone working in, like, a music store or something. Or maybe a generally grunge store. I couldn't imagine him anywhere else.

Brandon... I can see working in fast-food. Unless he cleans up nicely, that is, in which case I could imagine him as a waiter...

Anonymous said...

If Davids in it, his fellow dancers should get revenge and bust David.

Anonymous said...

Logan should work part-time at the beach with Zach....

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments! Those are some fantastic ideas! I've added them to the list. I'm not sure about Logan, though. In case he wins the Audition fights, I'll include him...

Anonymous said...

If David's fellow dancers do get revenge, it would be cool if David took a load of kicks before he fell to the ground. Tough like Len, but with a lot more screaming, coughing and swearing !Maybe he even busts a couple of them before they can restrain him. The other dancers could be really impressed by his tough nuts and could have a challenge who can bring him to his knees.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm not quite sure whether David's nuts are tough enough for that kind of entertainment, though... But maybe they are. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

Yes you're probably right, Len is a machine! But would be awesome if David takes at least 5 kicks. Your keyboard will decide what his real liit is!

Alex said...

I'll do my very best... ;-))

Anonymous said...

We know Parker works in a circus (Summer in the city) so maybe we could have another story there. Parker is a flexible character [in every way :-)] so I guess it's easier to build a story around him.

Alex said...

Thanks for your idea! I've added Parker to the list.

Anonymous said...

Whenever - and if - you feel like restarting this series, how about adding Logan and making him his school's assistant wrestling coach? Especially after the Zach's Education storyling, you can tell he'd be a good teacher. Both buster and bustee ;)

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestion! Frankly, i don't know if I'll pick up on these stories again... But I like your idea and I'll add Logan to the list. :-))

Anonymous said...

Zach gets a job as a personal trainer, but some of his gayer clients tend to get handsy. When he talks to the gym manager about it, the guy bashes Zachs balls, and then makes Zach let him fuck his ass so he can keep his job.

Alex said...

Thanks for your idea! I‘ll see what I can do! :-))