Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the job: Cal, sales clerk

Featured in this story: Cal (click for pictures)

I walked into the department store. The tiny new camera that my cameraman that Chad had given me was attached to my shirt. I had no idea how this little thing worked, but Chad had assured me that I didn’t have to do anything and the thing would work by itself.

I passed the book section and the jewelry, the CDs and the cosmetics, the toys and the electronics, until I reached clothing department.

I was looking for Cal, our 22 year old African American model.

Finally, I spotted him talking to a customer.

As I approached, the customer walked away and Cal grinned at me.

He looked great, his black hair cut short, wearing a dark suit with a white shirt. He had a perfect swimmer’s build that was obvious even when he was wearing a suit.

“Hi, Cal”, I said.

“Hi, Alex”, Cal replied. He looked at his watch. “You’re right on time.”

I smiled. “I’m just gonna sit over there and watch you working.”

Cal grimaced comically. “Not very interesting, I guess…”

I shrugged. “Maybe something happens…”

Cal sighed and nodded.

I looked around and sat down on a chair, clothes all around me. We were in the men’s department. Black suits, ‘young fashion’, shoes, underwear, ties and belts – nothing expensive, but nothing cheap, either.

Cal fumbled with a suit when a group of three young men came walking towards him.

They were in their late teens or early twenties.

A tall blond with very short hair nudge his buddy and pointed at Cal. “Ask him, Drew!”

The guy he had called Drew was shorter then the blond. He had a smooth, handsome face and brown hair. He was wearing blue jeans and a knitted sweater. He cleared his throat and tipped on Cal’s shoulder. “Excuse me?”

Cal turned around and smiled. “Can I help you, gentlemen?”

The three guys chuckled.

Drew grinned. “Gentlemen? We’re younger than you, I guess…”

Cal smiled.

“I’m Drew. And these are my buddies Thomas”, he nodded at the tall blond, “and Garth.”

Garth was a stubby boy with black hair and a friendly smile.

Thomas rolled his eyes and chuckled, “Are you here to make friends or to buy some new shoes?”

“Okay”, Cal said quickly. “Let’s see what I can do for you.”

The four of them walked through the store until they stood in front of a rack that was filled with all sorts of different shoes.

Cal turned to Drew. “What kind of shoes are you searching for?”

Thomas grinned and pointed at Drew’s feet. “Well, if they were in one piece, it’d be a huge improvement.

Garth chuckled.

Drew grinned sheepishly and looked down at his well-worn, torn, grey sneakers. The big toe of his right foot was through a small hole in the fabric. Drew turned to Cal and shrugged.

“Okay”, Cal said. “Sneakers. Well, we have all kinds of models. What size?”

Drew told him.

Cal nodded. He looked at the rack and pointed at a pair of shiny white Nikes. “Okay, what about these?”

Drew shrugged.

“Well, try them on”, Thomas said, rolling his eyes again.

Drew sat down on a chair.

“Let me help you”, Cal said, getting down on one knee and untying Drew’s shoe laces.

“Do you need socks?” Cal asked without looking up.

Before Drew had time to answer, Cal had taken off his shoes and looked down at the grey sport socks that had several large holes in them.

Cal grinned. “Wait a moment, I’ll get you some…” He left the group alone.

Thomas grinned at Drew and shook his head, “Man, you could have put on a pair of new socks…”

Drew chuckled. He took of his socks and threw them at Thomas.

The tall blond grimaced and took a step back. “Eww, stop it!”

Garth was laughing his ass off.

Thomas chuckled and picked up Drew’s socks. He threw them at Garth, causing the chubby boy to stumble backwards and fall into a rack of clothes.

Thomas and Drew roared with laughter.

Garth got up and frowned at them, blushing.

The socks were lying on the ground.

Thomas grinned and kicked them away.

Cal returned with a pair of thin, lily-white socks.

“Thanks”, Drew said and put them on.

Cal got down on his knees in front of Drew and opened the shoe box. Taking out one of the shoes, he loosened the laces and gave it to Drew.

Drew looked at him expectantly.

Cal blinked. Then he sighed and grabbed Drew’s foot.

Thomas chuckled. “I guess he doesn’t like the smell of them…”

Drew grinned and looked at Cal with a vicious sparkle in his eyes. “Would you like to give me a massage?”

Thomas and Garth laughed.

Cal gulped, his hands holding Drew’s socked left foot. “Well, I’m here to help you buy some new shoes, not to---“

Drew interrupted him by bringing his right foot into Cal’s crotch and stomping down.

Garth’s jaw dropped.

Thomas grinned as Cal groaned and grimaced.

“Well”, Drew chuckled, moving his socked foot on Cal’s clothed crotch. “I guess you’d like to give me a massage, don’t you?” He turned to Thomas and grinned, “He has a boner…”

Thomas laughed.

“Actually”, Cal groaned as Drew’s foot was messing with his cock and his testicles, “I don’t.”

Drew shrugged. “Either that or you have a monster cock.”

Cal bit his lower lip.

Drew stared at him. “Wow--- You--- That cock is soft?” He moved his foot and played with Cal’s groin, trying to get a feel of his dimensions while Cal was grimacing, holding on to Drew’s smelly left foot.

Cal winced. “Maybe you could---“

Drew brought his right foot back to bring in crashing into Cal’s crotch, crunching his nuts against his pelvis and making Cal scream at the top of his lungs.

Thomas and Garth laughed as Drew launched another hard kick into Cal’s balls.

Cal coughed and doubled over, letting go of Drew’s left foot and sticking his ass up into the air.

Drew grinned and straightened, bringing his foot up to Cal’s face, making him get a good noseful of its penetrating aroma.

Thomas chuckled and stood behind Cal. He brought his foot back and kicked Cal’s nuts hard from behind. The instep of his sneaker connected with the soft bulge in Cal’s groin, making Cal scream in pain and press his face against Drew’s left foot.

Cal whimpered in pain while the three boys where laughing their ass off.

Garth laughed. “Let me give him one, too!”

Thomas grinned and turned around, facing his friend. He shook his head slowly. “Sorry, Garth”, he chuckled and lifted his knee, catching the chubby boy right in the groin.

Garth’s mouth opened and he let out a hoarse cough.

Thomas smiled and grabbed Garth’s shoulders.

“Smash his balls!” Drew laughed.

Thomas chuckled and kneed Garth again, holding on to his shoulders and ramming Garth’s testicles into his body.

Garth groaned. His eyes lost focus and he collapsed on the ground.

Thomas laughed. “Man, his balls are so weak…”

“I bet his kids will be retarded”, Drew chimed in. “You really nailed them…”

Thomas grinned. “I did, didn’t I?”

Garth was writhing on the ground.

Thomas looked down at Cal whose hands were clutching his crotch, his face touching the ground.

“Come on, let’s test some of those shoes”, Drew suggested cheerfully. He grabbed the white Nikes and put them on.

Cal looked up at his customer and groaned.

Thomas grinned and lifted Cal up, holding his hands behind his back.

Drew stood in front of him, lifting his foot and looking down at the new shoe. “Looks good, doesn’t it?”

Thomas nodded and grinned.

Drew brought his leg back and let it swing into Cal’s crotch. The instep of the Nike sneaker connected with the bulge in Cal’s trousers and smashed his testicles into his crotch.

Cal let out a high-pitched shriek.

Thomas and Drew roared with laughter.

“Nah”, Drew said, grinning. “They don’t feel good… Let me try another pair…”

Thomas grinned.

Cal watched, squinting, as Drew grabbed a pair of Reeboks and put them on.

“I don’t know”, Drew said, standing up.

“Have a try”, Thomas chuckled.

Drew shrugged and grinned. “Okay.”

He took a couple of steps back. Then, with a running start, he delivered a powerful kick to Cal’s gonads.

The black sales clerk screamed from the top of his lungs as the pain hit him. His tender globes were crunched against his pelvis, and Cal coughed and doubled over.

Drew and Thomas laughed.

“What do you think?” Thomas grinned.

“I don’t know”, Drew said. “I guess I’ll have to try another model.”

He took off his shoes, chuckling as Cal was squirming in pain, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth hanging open.

Drew chose a pair of Adidas sneakers and put them on. Wiggling his toes, he grinned, “I think I like them…”

Thomas shrugged. “Alright. Let’s see them in action!”

Drew winked at Cal and chuckled, “Tell me how they feel on your nuts…”

Cal groaned.

Drew put his hands on his hips and stood in front of Cal. He lifted his knee and let his foot slam into Cal’s crotch four times in rapid succession.

Cal squirmed in pain and screamed from the top of his lungs as his big nuts were crushed again and again.

Finally, Thomas couldn’t hold him any longer. He let go, and Cal doubled over and collapsed on the ground, cupping his crotch and curling up in a ball.

“What do you think?” Drew asked, leaning over Cal.

Cal coughed.

Drew grinned. “Huh? What’s that? Which ones were best?”

Cal swallowed and looked up. Hoarsely, he whispered, “´The Adidas.”

Drew and Thomas laughed out loud.

“Yeah?” Thomas asked, chuckling. He turned to Drew. With a side-glance at Garth, he grinned, “I guess you should get a second opinion, huh?”

Drew chuckled. “Alright.” He turned to Garth. “Garth!”

The chubby boy groaned and slowly got up from the ground. Cupping his balls, he cleared his throat. “Yes?”

Drew smiled. ”Spread your legs, buddy, I need a second opinion…”

“Oh, come on, Drew”, Garth mumbled. “You always go for the balls. It’s getting---“

“Spread your legs”, Drew said. “Now.”

Garth sighed and shot Thomas a pleading look.

Thomas shrugged and pointed at Drew. “Spread them, buddy. He’s calling the shots today…”

Garth grimaced and spread his legs. He placed his hands on his hips and looked at Drew with a pained expression.

Drew smiled and took a step back. Then he kicked Garth’s nuts hard. The instep of his shoe slammed into Drew’s balls and rammed them into his pelvis.

Drew’s eyes widened. His mouth opened and his eyebrows raised. Slowly, his knees met and he folded in the middle. His hands reached for his groin as he let out an agonized groan.

He fell to his knees and collapsed on the ground.

Drew looked at Thomas and raised his eyebrows. “I think they are perfect…”

Thomas shrugged. “If you think so.”

Drew nodded and patted Cal’s shoulders. “Thanks.”

Cal coughed. “You’re welcome. I’m glad I could help you…”

Drew and Thomas laughed and walked away.

“Garth!” Thomas shouted without stopping.

Garth whimpered and crawled away, following his friends.

When the three boys were out of sight, I walked over to Cal and helped him get up.

“Wow”, I said. “That was pretty bizarre…”

Cal groaned and massaged his crotch.

“Why did you let them do that to you?” I asked.

Cal whimpered and looked at me. “I already got two warnings. If another customer complains about me, I’m gone.” He grimaced, cupping his crotch. “I need this job.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Maybe you should get a new job?”

Cal sighed and shrugged.

Another group of young men walked in, six young guys, heading straight towards us.

“Shit”, Cal mumbled.

I looked at him. “What?”

“I know them. They’re soccer players”, he whispered, grimacing in pain. “And they have a very special way of choosing their shoes…”

I chuckled. “Okay, Cal, I’ll leave you to it.”

Cal groaned. “Yeah, well, see you…”

I grinned.

I left, hearing one of the customes say, “Hey, Cal, we need some new shoes. Ready for some ballkicking?”

“Gentlemen”, Cal moaned. “I think I have just the right shoes for you…”


Anonymous said...

the whole shoe and sock think was kinda off-putting, but other than that, good story

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I know that the foot thing isn't everybody's cup of tea but I wanted to try something different... :-))

Ballbuster said...

I loved the story! Is funny when a client test a product in the balls of an employe! Would be great a sequel, but with another things, how toys, furniture or food. Or also in a service how in a gym or a restaurant.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Oscarmau! I‘m glad you like the story! :-))