Monday, August 19, 2019

Blue balls busted - Your Opinion

Now that our final Original Video has been published I have received lots of feedback asking for more. You heard it here first: We are talking about doing a second season! :-))

But first things first: Let's talk about clip #10.

Blue balls busted
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 16 min
Price: $15.99
Quality Guarantee:
Get the clip now at!
MP4: 739 MB
Click here for a detailed description and more information

It reached #3 on the clips4sale ballbusting charts which is absolutely fantastic, and it's #2 on our current poll of your favorite videos. This is what people said about it so far:
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More o'dat pleeze!
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What do you think? Let me know your opinon about our latest clip by leaving a comment or by sending and email ( I appreciate your feedback!

Thank you so much!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Special Guest Star: Ryan Phillippe (revisited)

Since more than half of our readers discovered this blog less than five years ago I thought it would be nice to re-introduce some older stories for those who didn't catch them when they were first published. Enjoy!

Previous parts:
Your suggestions: Special Guest Star
New poll: Special Guest Star
Poll results: Special Guest Star
Cool intentions
Ryan goes down

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: DannyLeo and Simon (click for pictures)

I looked at my watch.

“Ryan should be here any minute”, I said.

Danny, Simon and Leo were looking at me. I had chosen those three to co-star with Ryan Phillippe in our first Special Guest Star episode.

Danny had a sceptical expression on his face. “You sure?”

I raised my eyebrows. “Sure.”

“Well, it’s just that--- You know, I don’t think you made a perfect first impression…”

I frowned at him. “I know I wasn’t very forthcoming. But I called him and we talked about it. Everything is okay.”

Danny shrugged. “Okay.”

Chad was fumbling with the camera.

I walked over to him. “Everything working?”

Chad nodded. “Give me a few minutes and we’re ready to go.”

Danny, Simon, Leo and I sat down on the couch.

Danny was drinking a cup of coffee. The 21 year old actor was wearing tight-fitting blue jeans and a white shirt with short sleeves. I looked at his strawberry-blond hair. It was cut short and neat, making Danny look even more attractive.

“You been to the hairdresser?” I grinned.

Danny blushed.

Simon and Leo laughed.

Their laughter was cut short when Danny gave both of them a playful slap in the nuts.

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Third time’s the charm (Garry meets Logan)

Special thanks to Garry for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who likes cocky, overconfident studs!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

It was obvious that Garry had bitten off more than he could chew.

A few years ago, the handsome 22 year old had been muscular and athletic, with six pack abs and great fighting skills. But he had put on weight since going to uni, and it showed.

Garry was by no means overweight – but he was no match for the young, fit wrestler he had challenged to this fight.

Logan was 18 years old, a popular and very successful high school wrestler with several trophies to show for it. Blond and blue-eyed, Logan looked nothing short of stunning in his singlet that bulged with his very impressive family jewelry. He was friendly and jovial, funny and outgoing – but he didn’t shy away from using dirty tactics if they were necessary to win a fight.

Garry was a little less agile and a little less athletic than he needed to be in order to defeat Logan. He had dark curly hair and brown eyes that contrasted nicely with his orange singlet that was sitting a little too tight for comfort and made his long dick and his medium-sized balls bulge obscenely. Apparently he had put on an old singlet that he had worn in his late teens – without accounting for the fact that he had outgrown it in several places…

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Video links: Sack taps and dick slaps (9)

Nothing says "You're my friend" like a nice, hard, surprise smack to the sack!

Here are some more of my favorite videos featuring guys sack tapping each other.

Let's start with a short and sweet little video. The sack tap is right on target. Good work!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Blue balls busted - Extended trailer

The final one of our Original Videos has made it into the clips4sale ballbusting TOP 5, and I am very glad you like it so much!

Blue balls busted
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 16 min
Price: $15.99
Quality Guarantee:
Get the clip now at!
MP4: 739 MB
Click here for a detailed description and more information

If you haven't checked it out yet here's an extended trailer featuring more action scenes from the clip:

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Soccer balls 2: Phil's punishment (revisited)

Since more than half of our readers discovered this blog less than five years ago I thought it would be nice to re-introduce some older stories for those who didn't catch them when they were first published. Enjoy!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BrandonPhil, the twins and Zach (click for pictures)

Previous parts:
Take five 
Soccer balls 2
Last week, professional soccer players Jimmy and Phil had competed against each other in a ball kicking competition. The twins, George, Zach, Brandon and Cal had provided the balls, while Jimmy and Phil had done the kicking. It had been a messy affair, at the end of which Jimmy had been the winner. 18 year old Phil, the red haired soccer pro, who had been born in England and was now one of the highest paid soccer players in the US, had lost.

Today, Phil was going to receive his punishment.

The muscular boy was standing in the room, dressed in his soccer outfit. He was wearing green shorts and a green jersey with his name and number on the back, soccer shoes, socks and cleats.
He looked at me and scratched his head. “Jimmy is back in England?”

I nodded. “He had to take a flight home.”

Phil grimaced. “He should have taken me with him…”

I chuckled.

Phil sighed. “Where’s my team?”

I raised my eyebrows.

“George, Cal and Will were on my team last week”, Phil said.

I nodded.

“Where are they?”

I smiled. “There are no teams today.”

Phil stared at me.

“You are going to have to take it on your own”, I continued.

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

New poll: Favorite video

New poll - artwork created by Champ

Now that we have published the final of our ten Original Videos I would love to know which one is your favorite.

Please let me know by voting in the new poll.

The poll is open tfor a few weeks. If you are reading this post on your computer you find the poll in the right column of this blog. If you are reading this post on your mobile device you find the poll at the bottom of this page.

Thank you very much for sharing your opinion!

Poll results: Original Videos - success or failure?

Poll results (version 2) - artwork created by Champ

Last month I asked you to tell me your opinion about our Original Videos. More than 130 people voted in the poll, and here are the results:

Success:   68%
Failure:   32%

About two thirds rate our project a success. That is fantastic! You always hope that many people like what you are doing, but this is really amazing. I know that you can never get 100% on board, and 50% would have been a great result for me. 68% is more than I imagined.

Thanks to everybody who voted in the poll - no matter what your answer was! :-))

Friday, August 9, 2019 Original Videos: Blue balls busted

Today (August 9th) is a special day: It’s Toby Springs’ birthday! Say hello to him on twitter or send him a birthday gift if you want to. What a wonderful day to release the final one of our Original Videos featuring Toby Springs and Fluffy! Hold on to your nuts – this is gonna hurt!

Blue balls busted
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 16 min
Price: $15.99
Quality Guarantee:
Get the clip now at!

When Toby finds out that Fluffy’s girlfriend locked his dick in a chastity cage, he instantly knows that it’s going to be a fun day! “You know that your girlfriend is more of a man than you are, right?” Toby laughs and starts trashing his bro’s tender, cum-filled testicles. Toby offers Fluffy to help him get out of the cage as he squeezes, punches and slaps his desperate bro’s precious package. When Toby reveals that he has a universal key to Fluffy’s cage, Fluffy thinks that his torment is finally over. But there’s a catch: The International Bro Code demands that Fluffy get a boner and shoot a load right after being freed. Fluffy agrees – but Toby wouldn’t be Toby if he didn’t bust his buddy’s balls to keep him from getting hard. Toby punches his bro’s balls and slaps them, kicks them and squeezes them, all the while mocking his bro and making fun of him. Will Fluffy be able to get a boner despite Toby’s cheerful interventions? Will he shoot a load? Or will he be locked up again without that sweet release? (That’s a rhetorical question. Do you really think Toby will allow his bro to get a boner?! LOL!)

My opinion:
There’s something incredibly sexy about the way that Toby and Fluffy interact in this video. Their chemistry is always amazing, but it really shines in this clip. You might notice that there are very few cuts in this clip (just two, in fact) which is great for this kind of straight-forward fetish clip because it means that there is a natural flow of the scene and the actors easily find their way through the plot. In fact, Fluffy and Toby almost make you forget that you are watching a video. It’s intimate and close, and absolutely fucking hot! The sexual frustration theme was a new idea that we wanted to explore after people asked for a more sexual vibe. You might not see an erection in this video – but you sure get some hot, sexual tension!


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Video links: Flick those nuts! (2)

The nut flick doesn't get the recognition it deserves. It's like the underappreciated little brother of the sack tap. It might not be as successful or popular - but it deserves a little attention, right?

Here are some of my favorite videos of guys flicking each other in the bits.

These young men play Rock Paper Balls with a nut flick twist. Now that's a fun thing to do!