Friday, July 25, 2014

Zach’s education - lesson 1: The erection

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

“Welcome to the first lesson of our little sex ed program”, Logan said, smiling. He was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt, with well-worn sneakers on his feet.

The blond 18 year old was standing in a class room at Josiah E. Bartlett high schoo. The thirty chairs were occupied by other students, most of them around Logan’s age.

“You know that I have initiated this extracurricular course because the biology teachers at our school refuse to teach sex ed to us.”

The students looked bored, some of them playing games on their mobile phones.

“We’ll meet here every Friday until we know everything we need to know”, Logan continued.

There was a collective groan. Most of the guys had better things to do than spending their free time at the school.

“This”, Logan pointed at the handsome, muscular blond standing next to him, “is Zach. He kindly volunteered to assist us.”

“Hi”, 20 year old Zach said.

“Okay”, Logan said, rubbing his hands. “Let’s start.” He turned to Zach. “Take your clothes off, please.”

Zach blinked. “Umm… Right now? I thought you’d start with some theoretical lessons before we, you know…” His voice trailed off.

Logan turned to Zach and lowered his voice, “They look pretty bored right now. We have to show them something spectacular so they pay attention.”

Zach chuckled. “I see.” He cleared his throat. “Alright guys, watch this”, he said, a self-confident grin on his face.

He took off his shirt, revealing his muscular chest and his perfect six pack abs. Then he slipped out of his shoes and took off his jeans and underwear. Stark naked, he put his hands on his hips and widened his stance, standing with his feet shoulder-width apart.

There was a collective gasp from the assembled students.

Zach chuckled proudly. He loved this reaction. And he experienced it every time he showed off his truly extraordinary equipment. His fat, plump balls were the textbook examples for lowhangers and his thick, meaty dick would make every male porn star proud and every female porn star’s mouth water.

“This is it”, Zach grinned. “Take a good look. This is what a guy’s equipment should look like.”

“Wow”, Leroy, an handsome black guy with short, curly black hair said.

“What a huge fucking dick!” Seth, a bespectacled black haired boy, exclaimed.

“Cock”, Zach corrected him with a gentle smile. “The clinical term is ‘cock’.”

“What a huge fucking cock”, Seth whispered breathlessly.

Gary, a cute young guy with dark blond hair and brown eyes, pointed at Zach’s midsection. “And look at those--- Well, what’s the clinical term for your, you know…”

Zach looked down his naked body, gently pushed his limp monstercock out of the way and grabbed his sac that was bulging with his supersized testicles. “Those?” he said, a contemplative expression on his face. “Well, there are several terms for them. Calling them nuts or balls wouldn’t do them justice, right?”

The thirty boys nodded simultaneously.

“Kiwis”, Zach said, dreamily gazing at his gonads, “that’s more accurate.”

“Or eggs”, Leroy suggested.

“Eggs”, Zach nodded. “Yeah, good.” He wiggled his hand, causing the two gigantic orbs to bounce up and down.

“’Eggs’ seems very appropriate”, Logan weighed in, stepping closer to Zach, “especially when you consider how very fragile those two little organs are.”

Zach was looking at his big balls with an affectionate smile on his lips.

“Let me show you”, Logan said with a naughty grin. He balled his fist and sent it crashing into Zach’s juicy spuds that were held in place by Zach himself.

Zach let out a throaty groan as his two big gonads were flattened between Logan’s fist and Zach’s own hand.

The students cringed in sympathy.

“Oooh, right in the kiwis”, Gary mused, causing the rest of the guys to burst out laughing.

“Naturally”, Logan said, trying to keep a straight face as Zach doubled over in agony, “It takes a lot more force to scramble his eggs. This didn’t even put a crack in their shell. Right, Zach?”

Zach groaned in pain, nursing his balls.

“But let’s set that topic aside for a moment”, Logan said, patting Zach’s back. He turned to his class. “Any questions?”

Seth raised his hand. “Those, um, kiwis are pretty big”, he said, adjusting his glasses. “Are they usually this size?”

“Actually, they come in all shapes and sizes”, Logan said. “Well, maybe not in all shapes. They are usually round… But the size differs. Some guys have tiny marbles, like Dash over there.” He pointed at a bulky guy with black hair in the last row whose face turned the color of a ripe tomato.

The other guys laughed.

“If you haven’t seen Dash’s puny pair make sure you pay attention when you see him in the showers”, Logan said with a gentle smile. “Of course they are no match for those enormous bull balls that Zach has swinging between his legs.”

Zach straightened, grimacing.

Logan smiled at Zach. “Show them to us one more time, please.”

Zach shifted uncomfortably and put his hands behind his back.

“Those nuts”, Logan said and cupped Zach’s big balls from underneath, weighing them in his hand, “are one in a million. These are two very rare examples. They are pretty heavy and very warm, like two little power plants. Do you want to see for yourselves?”

The students jumped up from their seats and crowded in front of Zach.

Zach shot Logan a disgruntled look.

Logan winked at him reassuringly. “Hey, guys”, he shouted, “please be careful not to break anything.” He looked at Zach and nodded at him.

Zach didn’t look pleased.

One by one, the students stood in front of Zach, grabbed his nuts and rolled them between their fingers. Some gave them a little pinch to test their density, other squeezed them with both of their hands.

Zach gritted his teeth and looked straight ahead, occasionally wincing and letting out a yelp.

Finally, after having been gropes by 30 pairs of hands, the students went back to their seats.

“Now look at that”, Logan chuckled and pointed at Zach’s crotch where his formerly limp dick had turned into a majestic hardon.

“What a huge fucking cock”, Seth said in a low, reverential voice.

The students craned their necks to get a good view of Zach’s huge boner.

Zach grinned proudly. After endless minutes of getting his nuts groped, this was more to his liking. Obviously, his audience was wowed by his impressive dong, and he decided to give them a little show, tensing his muscles and causing his dick to twitch and dance.

The students went “Ooooh” and “Aaaah” watching Zach’s little performance. It looked as if he was controlling his huge, meaty schlong with invisible strings.

“What’s the clinical term for that?” Leroy asked.

Zach thought for a moment. “That’s a baby batter blaster”, he said. “And there’s an endless supply of baby batter to supply the blaster in those tanks here”, he added, weighing his huge gonads in his hand.

“Okay, who wants to see the blaster splatter the batter?” Logan grinned.

30 hands went up in the air.

Zach blinked.

“We might be jumping a few lessons here but I think that’s alright”, Logan said and stepped behind Zach.

Zach cleared his throat. “Umm, actually, I think that we’d better stick to the---“

Logan interrupted him with a hard, well placed kick to his cum-filled nuts. The tip of his sneaker-cald foot sank deep into the two huge plums, crunching them hard and make Zach let out a hoarse cough.

Zach’s knees met and he doubled over, moaning in agony. He cupped his balls, his erection protruding obscenely between his thumbs.

Logan looked down at him with obvious displeasure. “Okay, I need a couple of volunteers to assist me”, he said, clapping his hands. “Come on, don’t be shy, just hold Zach’s arms and legs and you get a front row seat to watch the action.”

Four guys volunteered and held Zach steady. Zach was grimacing in agony as his arms and legs were spread wide.

“Very good”, Logan said. He took a step back and brought his leg up between Zach’s thighs, flattening his nuts like pancakes and eliciting a wheezing groan from Zach’s mouth.

The students cringed in sympathy.

A third kick found its way into Zach’s manhood, ramming his balls into his body and making Zach let out a high-pitched shriek.

His cock was hard as a rock, twitching violently as drops of precum oozed out of its tip and ran down his pulsing shaft.

“We’re getting close”, Logan announced as he powered another forceful kick into Zach’s groin, hitting both of Zach’s huge balls dead-on.

Zach let out an ear-piercing wail as the pain in his traumatized testicles radiated through his body. His cock was spasming and twitching, and his nuts pulled up to his body.

The students watched in silent appreciation as Logan delivered another final kick to Zach’s contracting nuts.

Zach wailed from the top of his lungs as his cock started spurting. Jet after jet of copious cum shot out of his dick, raining down onto the first row of students who grimaced and covered their hair with books.

The sound of Zach’s cum splattering onto the books, onto the tables and the floor was evocative of a heavy rainstorm, with Zach’s voice providing the noise of thunder as he screamed and moaned in pain.

His muscular body was writhing as his cock danced like a snake spitting out batch after batch of juicy venom.

Finally, his orgasm came to an end. The final spurts were charged with less jizz, and didn’t cover half the distance of their predecessors.

“Thank you”, Logan said directed at the four boys who went back to their seats with huge smiles on their faces.

Zach whimpered and collapsed on the floor, curling up in a little ball.

“And thank you, Zach”, Logan smiled. “I think we’ve learned a valuable lesson today.” He noticed someone in the front row dip his finger into a puddle of Zach’s jizz and bring it up to his nose.

“We’ll look at that stuff in more detail in a couple of weeks”, Logan said and the boy nodded. “But feel free to taste a sample now if you want.”

The boy looked at his gooey finger, shrugged, and brought it to his lips.

The rest of the class watched him, waiting for his reaction.

The boy smacked his lips. “Actually”, he said after gulping audibly. “It’s not bad at all.”

Logan smiled. “Okay, that’s it for today. Class dismissed.”

The students left the room, chattering and laughing as they passed poor Zach who was lying on the ground, whimpering and moaning and nursing his battered balls.

The last one to leave the room was Seth who looked at Logan with a wink, his glasses sprinkled with Zach’s sauce. “Thanks, man.”

Logan chuckled. “My pleasure.”

He waited a couple of minutes until Zach had slightly recovered and put on his clothes.

“Thanks, buddy”, Logan said, heading for the door. “You’re really helping me out, here.”

Zach grimaced in pain, clutching his crotch as he limped behind Logan. “Are you sure those guys need these kinds of lessons?” he asked in a strained voice. “Most of them look like they have a lot of experience…”

Logan shrugged. “We have to bring everyone up to the same level, you know? No child left behind.”

Zach sighed. “Yeah, well, I guess you’re right.”

Logan grinned and playfully slapped his friend’s clothed crotch.

Zach screamed as if he had been hit by a train and collapsed on the floor.

Logan chuckled. “See you next Friday!”

Zach whimpered. “See you next Friday, buddy.”

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Zach’s education: Volunteer

Special thanks to JP who had the idea for this series ages ago - again, I'm very sorry that it took me so long to get it done...

“Really, you’d do us a great favor”, Logan smiled. “The biology teacher is such a prude. She really doesn’t teach us anything.” 

Zach stared at Logan. “Why don’t you teach your friends?”

The two of them had just finished a long run in the park and were catching their breath and stretching their limbs. Both 18 year old Logan and 20 year old Zach were wearing grey sweat pants and white t-shirts that were wet with sweat and clung to their bodies.

Logan sighed. “Yeah, I thought about that. And maybe it would work. But I’m not that experienced, you know? And we’d need someone to study on, like an anatomy model.” He peeked into his shorts. “I don’t know if I’m built for that.”

They hadn’t known each other for a long time, but they had become friends. Zach had taken it upon him to show Logan the way of the world – and Logan didn’t bother to show Zach that he wasn’t as naïve and green as Zach thought he was.

Zach shrugged. “You’re fine, buddy.”

“I don’t know”, Logan said. He looked around. They were alone in this area of the park, there was nobody to be seen. He pulled down his sweat pants, exposing his big, sweaty balls and his large, limp dick. He looked at Zach.

Zach studied Logan’s equipment and grinned. “Well, you’re not exactly huge.”

Logan blushed.

“Don’t take this the wrong way”, Zach said, casually stretching his legs as Logan stood next to him, his pants around his ankles. “You’re probably way above average size for a kid your age.” He glanced at Logan’s crotch again and added, “Maybe.”

Logan bit his lower lip.

Zach smiled and put his hands on Logan’s shoulder. “I know what you’re thinking.” He winked at him and clicked his tongue. “You’re thinking about this.” Zach pulled down his pants and grinned proudly as his huge, meaty dick and his massive, low-hanging balls swung gently in the morning sun.

The pair looked rather bizarre, two blond, muscular studs, standing in the middle of the park with their genitals exposed. From a distance, they looked a bit like brothers, with similar haircuts and resembling bodies, though Zach was a bit taller and more muscular than Logan.

Zach put his hands on his hips and wiggled his junk. He loved comparing his junk with other guys, especially guys like Logan who didn’t hide that they were impressed by Zach’s ridiculously oversized manhood.

Logan looked at Zach’s crotch, then at his own, and grimaced. “Yeah”, he mumbled. “That’s what I was thinking about.”

Zach chuckled and patted Logan’s shoulder. “Come on, buddy, not everybody can have this kind of equipment.” He grabbed his junk and wiggled it in Logan’s direction.

“Yeah, I know”, Logan mumbled.

“You know what”, Zach said. “Tell your friends I’ll do it. They have a right to know what a real man looks like, huh?”

Logan looked at Zach. “Really?”

Zach shrugged. “That’s what buddies are for, right?”

Logan grinned. “Awesome. I’ll tell the boys we’ll meet on Friday for the first lesson, alright?”

Zach smiled gently. “Sure.”

Logan pulled up his pants and repeated, “Awesome!”

Zach smiled. He didn’t look like he was in any hurry to follow Logan’s example and cover his genitals. Below his sweaty pubes, his extralarge schlong was hanging in front of his well-filled ballsack.

Logan looked down at Zach’s groin and grinned. Smiling cheekily, he smacked Zach’s bare balls with the back of his hand.

Zach gasped in surprise and pain before doubling over and cupping his groin.

“Better be careful”, Logan laughed. “You don’t want to damage those before Friday…”

Zach coughed. “That’s not funny”, he said in a strained voice.

Logan laughed and started running. “See you on Friday, buddy! Make sure to bring your balls”, he shouted as he ran towards the exit.

Zach groaned. “See you on Friday”, he mumbled, his hands wrapped around his naked balls.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hotdogs: Zach's ballbash barbecue (5)

Thanks to Corsair for the inspiration, the idea and a lot of plot details – and of course for his awesome artwork. Kev, Zach, Cal and Ben have never looked better!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Zach stared at Ben. “Nut fight?”

“Nut fight!” Ben yelled again and tackled Zach into the grass.

Zach let out a grunt that left no doubt he was as annoyed as he was surprised by Ben’s sudden attack.

The two half-naked studs wrestled on the ground, rolling back and forth, each of them trying to get the upper hand.

Ben tried to grab Zach’s tightly filled jockstrap while Zach was desperately trying to crawl away.

There was a shrill shriek that made the birds fly up from the trees as Ben found what he was looking for. He closed his hand as far as he could around Zach’s ample fruit basket and squished Zach’s plums as if he wanted to turn them into prune jam.

Zach squirmed and struggled, screaming and shouting. His legs kicked violently and with one lucky kick he caught Ben’s nuts dead-on, knocking the wind out of his buddy’s lungs.

“Oh, that was a good one”, Ben whispered in a hoarse, strained voice. “Right in the double-yolker…”

Ben’s hand loosened, allowing Zach to break free and throw Ben onto his back. With his knee between Ben’s muscular thighs, Zach was in the perfect position to scramble Ben’s eggs for good.

Grimacing in pain, Zach brought his knee back and powered it into Ben’s crotch, making Ben’s cheek puff and his eyes turn glassy.

A hint of a smile appeared on Zach’s handsome face as he repeated the devastating, nut-crunching maneuver, kneeing Ben’s nuts once again with all the force he could muster. His bony kneecap collided with Ben’s tender balls that were held conveniently in place by his tight-fitting speedo.

Ben let out a soprano wail and helplessly flailed his arms, trying to reach between Zach’s legs and retaliate.

Zach’s aim on the next knee was a bit off, and he only managed to flatten Ben’s left testicle. Zach seemed to notice that his knee had just crunched one of Ben’s nuts, and he looked slightly dissatisfied. Nevertheless, the knee had the desired effect on Ben who screamed from the top of his lungs.

Shifting to the side, Zach wanted to make sure he hit Ben’s right gonad on the next blow. After pausing to look down between the two sweaty buddies’ bodies and check the angle, Zach grunted and brought his knee in between Ben’s thighs, catching his right nut dead-on and making Ben’s eyes water and his lips tremble.

Finally, Ben was able to reach the huge package that was swinging between Zach’s legs. His nuts and his supernaturally thick and meaty dick were barely held in place by Zach’s jockstrap, and the earlier ballbusting had caused Zach’s naturally awe-inspiring equipment to swell to an almost unbelievable size. His dick was hard and swollen, and his balls were huddled against its shaft.

While Zach was used to regarding his massive endowment as an asset, in this situation it was quite the opposite as Ben found his precious belongings and wrapped his fingers around the neck of Zach’s sac.

Just before Zach could land another ball-shattering knee on him, Ben pulled as hard as he could. It looked as if Ben had taken lessons from the bell-ringer of Notre-Dame. And sure enough, he made Zach’s uvula tingle. Zach yodeled like the lead singer of Notre-Dames Sweet Little Girl’s Choir on vacation in the Swiss Alps, his enchanting ditty causing several birds to join in and chirp along with him.

Grunting and groaning, Ben managed to pull Zach off of him by his balls, causing poor Zach to continue screaming in a comically high-pitched voice.

Somehow, Ben managed to get behind his blond buddy and pull his nuts up between his ass, lifting Zach clear off the ground and jamming his jockstrap-clad package in his crack. Wrapping his arm and his strong legs around Zach’s legs, Ben managed to trap him in this very compromising position, with Zach’s nuts trapped and firmly held in place by his own thighs and ass.

Zach’s huge, swollen balls were bulging obscenely, and the jockstrap looked like the fabric was going to give any moment. A bit of the rosy skin of his stretched, well-filled sac peeked back at Ben as he took a moment to catch his breath. Looking at Zach’s painfully wedged babymakers, he chuckled and slapped them playfully with the palm of his hand.

Zach let out a scream, causing Ben to laugh. “Looks like I got you by the balls, buddy!” Without turning his eyes away from his conveniently presented targets, Ben grinned, “You ready to get your junk trashed?”

“Fuck, no”, Zach groaned predictably, but he just couldn’t free himself from Ben’s iron grip.

Ben lifted his hand, balled his fist and smashed it into Zach’s exposed testicles with a resounding smack.

Zach shrieked from the top of his lungs.

Satisfied with this reaction, Ben repeated his move, hammering down on Zach’s bulging balls with his fist as if he was trying to drive a nail into a concrete wall.

“Oh, fuck, no!” Zach wailed.

His fully erect dick was pressing against Ben’s thigh, and Ben almost thought he could feel it throbbing against his leg.

Ben himself was hard as a rock, too, his own dick poking against Zach’s muscular thigh. He glanced at Zach’s bulging manhood. The jockstrap had almost completely slipped off of his balls, exposing the bronze skin of his sac, and a funny association popped into Ben’s mind.

“You like your eggs sunny side up, huh?” Ben said cheerfully. “I got bad news for you, ‘cause I prefer them scrambled…”

Zach let out a strained groan.

Ben raised his eyebrows. “You don’t like that image?” He shrugged. “Well, then I bet you won’t like this either…” He laughed at his own wit as he brought his fist down onto Zach’s package, smashing both of his massive gonads with devastating force and eliciting another shrill scream from Zach’s lips.

Zach’s dick started twitching against Ben’s thigh.

“Uh oh”, Ben grinned. “Someone’s gonna cream in his jock…” In quick, brutal succession, Ben hammered down on Zach’s nuts five times in a row, each time catching his bulging balls dead on and making Zach shriek like a banshee.

Zach’s nuts pulled up against his thighs and started pulsing as his cock started firing shot after creamy shot of hot, white jizz into his grubby jockstrap, soaking the fabric within seconds. Zach’s eyes slowly crossed and is mouth opened, but the long, hoarse groan was drowned in the sound of Ben’s fist pummeling Zach’s nuts.

Ben grimaced as he felt Zach’s spunk run down his thigh and rammed his fist into Zach’s sensitive, pumping babymakers in another barrage of hard, unrelenting punches.

Ten more times, Ben’s fist found its way into Zach’s busy manhood as the superstud released a giant load into his jock. His eyes crossed even further and his pupils slowly moved up, almost rolling back into his head, nothing but a low groan of “Awwwwwww…” coming from his slightly parted lips.

Ben chuckled and threw one last, nut-crunching punch into Zach’s crotch, thoroughly smashing Zach’s tender globes and probably putting the stud’s sex life on hold for a couple of weeks.

Finally, Zach’s orgasm came to a halt, and the violent spurts of jizz were replaced by a steady flow of creamy juice. Zach’s jockstrap was dripping wet and clinging to his still throbbing dick. Zach’s sweaty chest was heaving as he was panting and moaning heavily.

Ben unceremoniously pushed Zach away, causing him to land on his back, with his nuts still trapped between his legs, effectively crunching them into the patio tiles with his own body weight.

Zach’s crossed eyes rolled back into his head and he closed his eyes, whimpering in pain.

Ben rubbed his hands, a satisfied smile on his face. “I’m pretty sure those huge eggs are scrambled”, he mused. “Just the way I like them.”

He stood and looked down at his thighs. Zach’s jizz had left a large wet spot that ran from Ben’s speedo-clad bulge to his knee.

Grimacing in disgust, Ben turned around to face the sun and quickly wiped away Zach’s seed with his bare hands.

Satisfied, he straightened. “Okay, now---“

He was rudely interrupted by a sudden, unexpected blow to his unsuspecting testicles that were presented in a nice, firmly held package by his tight speedos that were straining with his hard dick.

Ben’s speedo-clad package bounced violently as his facial expression changed from a satisfied, smug grin to surprised, open-mouthed blank to a pitiful, wretched grimace as he realized that the virile center of his universe had been dealt a rather serious blow.

In front of him, Cal smiled with satisfaction, watching Ben’s bulge bounce until it stopped, hanging heavily between Ben’s spread thighs. Almost reflexively, he inspected the heavy “Bick Stick” baseball bat that he held in his hands, probably checking if Ben’s gonads had left a mark in the solid wood. After staying in the pool and letting his balls recover from Ben’s earlier double-fisted nut-attack that had forcefully emptied his big, studly balls, Cal had decided to climb out of the pool while Ben was dealing with Zach. And now, he had decided, was just the right time to make Ben pay for the involuntary depletion of his massive sperm tanks…

Ben let out a strained, guttural groan. “My balls”, he whispered in a toneless voice, sounding incredulous of the sudden annihilation of his potentially very handsome unborn babies.

“Oh yes”, Cal said, gloating, “those were your balls.”

Ben slowly doubled over and his hands rested on his knees. He let out a long, miserable moan. “Owwwwww.”

Cal nodded slowly. He sighed and weighed the heavy baseball bat in his hands. Grabbing it like a pro baseball player, he lightly tapped Ben’s nuts a couple of times, making them bounce without causing too much additional pain.

Ben’s eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily. The poor guy seemed to be in a shocked state, not even trying to shield his vulnerable gonads from the blow that was about to squish them like grapes. His juicy nuggets were outlined below his rock hard dick that was throbbing and straining the thin fabric of his speedos.

Cal took his time, assuming the proper stance, his eyes on Ben’s balls.

Then, with remarkable force and admirable precision, he hit them out of the park. The heavy, wooden bat connected with both of Ben’s balls, brutally smashing them into his pelvis and flattening them like a pair of meaty pancakes.

Ban’s muscles strained and his back arched as his lips formed a small “O” and his eyebrows rose above his watering eyes. He resembled a cat whose tail had been stepped on – except that there was not a single sound coming from his mouth.

He was frozen in a silent scream, tears rolling down his cheeks, his hands glued to his knees, his ass sticking out. He was completely immobilized and the was no movement on his body – except for his plump package and his rock-hard dick. While his big, juicy balls were jiggling happily, his cock twitched and jerked before releasing a truly phenomenal spurt of salty spunk inside his speedos. The second and third jet of cum followed suit, drenching the front side of his swimwear and dripping down to the floor.

Before the fourth jet of jizz saw the light of day, Cal landed another testicle-shattering blow to Ben’s busy nuts, finally breaking the spell and making Ben let out an ear-piercing, ghoulish shriek.

His battered balls continued to contract and pump precious seed into his cock that happily spilled the full load in his dripping wet speedos as Ben was screaming from the top of his lungs.

Cal watched him, leaning on the baseball bat, grinning in satisfaction.

There seemed no end to Ben’s massive orgasm and all the muscles on his sweaty body were tense and strained. Ben howled like a werewolf, his balls throbbing in pain and his cock throbbing in pleasure.

Finally, the flow stopped, and Ben’s knees slowly folded inward. His hands found his groin and slipped into his spermy speeds. He clutched his sticky, spent balls, whimpering in pain, before he fell to the side and curled up in a ball.

Cal smiled and sat down in a lounge chair. He put on his sunglasses and leaned back, enjoying the sun. He kept the baseball bat within reach, just in case.

Around him, three broken studs were nursing their battered and forcefully emptied babymakers, sobbing and whimpering in pain and humuliation.

Cal grabbed a cold beer and took a sip. Then he placed the ice-cold bottle against his swollen genitals. “Ahhhhh”, he exhaled and enjoyed the moment.

A second later he opened his eyes and shouted, “Hey, anyone up for a beer?”

There was no answer from his three buddies.

Cal grinned and looked at the beer bottle. “You know what? Zach, this bottle is almost as big as your cock!”

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hotdogs: Zach's ballbash barbecue (4)

Thanks to Corsair for the inspiration, the idea and a lot of plot details – and of course for his awesome artwork. Kev, Zach, Cal and Ben have never looked better!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Ben, Zach and Kev sat down next to where the pieces of the collapsed table and all the stuff that had been placed on it were scattered on the floor.

“Damn”, Kev chuckled. “Looks like a bomb went off!”

Zach frowned at him. “My frat brothers won’t be happy about that…”

 “And wait until you have to explain to them why there’s cum floating in the pool…” Kev smiled and waved in Cal’s direction who was nursing his severely injured balls. They were bruised and badly swollen. Even though Ben had thoroughly drained them with his patented double-fist nut crunch, they looked bigger than ever before. Ben had coaxed what looked like a gallon of spunk out of Cal’s massive babymakers most of which was swimming in slimy little puddles on the water surface.

Ben burst out laughing.

Zach shot Kev an angry look. “Shut up!”

Kev grinned. “And look over there.” He pointed at a little puddle of Cal’s jizz on the tile floor of the patio. “I heard it’s really hard to get those messy stains off the tiles…”

Zach ignored him.

“Wait, I have an idea!” Kev chuckled. “Why don’t we get out your big fire hose and paint the floor with your seed?”

Ben chuckled.

“You haven’t gotten any ass lately, right?” Kev adjusted the bulging contents of his skimpy gym pants and leisurely scratched the pubic hair that was showing above the waistline. “Your cajongas must be full to the brim…”

Zach grunted disapprovingly.

“I bet we could paint the entire floor with your studsauce”, Kev laughed.

Zach shifted uncomfortably on his chair and adjusted his crotch.

“Two coats”, Kev added.

Ben grinned. “Stop it, you’re making Zach angry…”

Kev shrugged. “Why? Because that monster cock of his isn’t getting any action?” He snorted. “Deal with it, buddy. A monster cock and a pair of absurdly big low-hangers isn’t everything.” He stood and made fucking motions with his hips while slapping his imaginary sex partner’s ass. “It’s not about what you have but about what you do with it…” He closed his eyes and continued his lewd motions. “Yeah, take my meaty dick, bitch!”

Ben laughed. Kev’s crotch was at his eye level and he noticed that Kev’s cock was hard as a rock and tenting his gym shorts. “Careful, buddy, you got a boner!” Ben said casually before lashing out and placing a resounding backhand slap into Kev’s bulging balls.

“Ow!” Kev cried out and doubled over.

“That should take care of it”, Ben grinned.

“That was totally unnecessary!” Kev said in a strained voice, covering his nuts, his hard dick protruding above his hands.

Ben shrugged. “You were getting cocky, buddy. I guess I needed to take you down a notch.” He grinned and looked at Zach. “Right?”

Zach smirked. “Right.”

Kev groaned.

“Oh, and that boner is still raging”, Ben observed and slapped Kev’s junk again, aiming for his dick this time and connecting perfectly.

Kev let out a grunt as Ben’s backhand smacked into the head of his dick. “Fuck you!”

“Still there”, Ben grinned. “Damn, that is one brazen bastard!” He turned to Zach. “Wanna help me?”

Zach grunted.

“Come on”, Ben insisted. “Have a go.”

Kev stared at Ben. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Ben grinned. “We’re going to help you get rid of that damn hardon.” Ben aimed a playful kick aimed at Kev’s crotch, but Kev manged to turn his hips and avoid any potential erection threatening foot-to-nut contact.

“What if I don’t need any help?” Kev said, facing Ben, his crotch facing Zach.

Zach seized his chance and delivered a powerful nut-punch that connected with Kev’s hands, ramming them into his balls.

Kev let out a howl that brought a delighted grin to both Ben’s and Zach’s faces.

Ben shrugged. “There’s absolutely no use for that boner here, buddy. Unless…” He let out a mocking gasp. “You want to fuck Zach and me?! You want to fuck your own buddies?! You pervert!”

Kev let out a laugh. “Come on, you clown!”

Ben raised his eyebrows. He turned around and pulled down his speedo to expose his naked ass. “You want to fuck this ass?” he said in an exaggeratedly appalled voice. “You want to fuck this virgin ass?”

Kev laughed. “Yeah, twerk it, bitch!”

Ben complied and wiggled his hips. “I won’t let you fuck my virgin---“

He was interrupted by a powerful kick between his legs courtesy of Kev whose foot sailed in between Ben’s thighs with utter precision. His instep collided with Ben’s ample gonads, crunching them hard into his body and making Ben complete his sentence in a comically high-pitched voice. “---ass?!” he shrieked, sounding like a naughty schoolgirl, before sinking to his knees, his naked ass up in the air, covering his crotch and moaning in pain.

“Fuck you”, Ben whimpered. “Right in the fucking nuts!”

Kev shrugged. “You started it, remember?”

“Ow”, Ben groaned. Suddenly, he turned around and brought his elbow into Kev’s unprotected groin, ramming it into his meaty balls.

Now it was Kev’s turn to sink to his knees and groan in pain.

Zach was watching his buddies with an indifferent look on his face.

Ben lunged at his buddy and wrestled him to the ground. The two of them rolled back and forth, each of them trying to get the upper hand. Both of them used dirty tactics, of course, and the main target for both Ben and Kev was their opponent’s bulging ballsack. Kev grabbed Ben’s nuts and squeezed hard, causing Ben to rapid-fire slap Kev’s sensitive testicles with his open palm.

High-pitched shrieks and agonized screams echoed through the garden as two sets of spuds were relentlessly busted and bruised in a fierce battle of the bulge.

With his buddies engaged in their own version of “How to make an omelette out of a limited amout of eggs”, Zach turned to Cal who was floating in the pool, nursing his own battered manhood.

“Wanna come out again?” Zach asked.

“Nah”, Cal groaned, his hands firmly clasping his aching, drained babymakers inside his speedos. “I’m gonna stay here.” He nodded at Ben and Kev who were in a 69 position, both of them grabbing their buddy’s sac with one hand and punching it as hard as they could with their fists. “For now, anyway…”

Zach nodded. Cal’s reasoning that his balls had seen enough action for the day wasn’t entirely unconvincing.

Finally, Ben appeared to get the upper hand. He managed to get on top of Kev with his buddy lying on his stomach, applying a sleeper hold with right arm while reached between Kev’s thighs and grabbing hold of his fat nuggets with his left hand. He squeezed hard, making Kev let out an agonized roar.

Groaning and panting, Ben managed to bring Kev into a standing position without loosening the sleeper hold or the firm grip on his nuts.

Kev was cursing and moaning in pain as his nuts were crushed in Ben’s vice like grip.

Finally, Kev let go, only to pin Kev’s arms behind his back.

“Come on”, Ben groaned, exhausted and obviously in pain, looking at Zach. “Finish him.”

Zach sighed and slowly got up.

Kev was thrashing against Ben as Zach got into position in front of the blond hunk.

“Finish him”, Ben repeated.

Zach looked at Kev, shrugged, and brought his knee up between Kev’s legs as hard as he could. He made perfect connection, ramming Kev’s nuts into his pelvis and flattening them like French pancakes, all but annihilating Kev’s precious cream puffs.

Kev’s eyes fluttered and his mouth opened in a silent O as the pain exploded in his nuts.

“Wow”, Ben chuckled. “Not bad. There goes his chance of fathering children…”

Kev gulped audibly, causing Ben to grimace in mock sympathy and muse, “I guess he’s trying to get his balls to drop out of his throat again…”

Zach kneeled down in front of Kev and so that he was at face level with Kev’s crotch.

Even though Kev’s nuts had been severely traumatized, apparently they hadn’t passed on this crucial piece of information to his raging boner. It tented Kev’s tight shorts, making him look like virgin high school boy in the cheerleaders’ changing rooms. His open mouth fit the picture. Only his teary, half-closed eyes were an indication that there was something other than pleasure boiling in his loins…

Zach’s face changed. With a focused, determined expression, he looked at Kev’s crotch.

“Everything okay down there?” Ben chuckled, still holding Kev’s arms behind his back even though at this moment Kev didn’t put up any resistance. “Do you see his nuts or have you smashed them to smithereens?”

“I can see them alright”, Zach said calmly and balled his fists.

Kev let out a dry cough.

“Have a go at them”, Ben suggested cheerfully. “I’m sure he doesn’t mind. He won’t be using them for a couple of days anyway…”

Zach took a moment to focus on Kev’s balls. Then he went to town. Alternating his left and right fists, he threw a barrage of punches at Kev’s bruised and rapidly swelling ballsack. Literally using them as a punching bag, Zach delivered punch after ball-shattering punch into Kev’s defenseless bag of goodies.

Ben let out a surprised laugh. “Hey, easy there, Rocky! I’m sure Kev won’t be happy if you completely destroy his spunk factory…”

Zach continued unperturbed. He seemed to know his way around a punching bag, delivering rapid-fire combinations to Kev’s bag of plums.  Left uppercut, right cross, left hook. Left uppercut, right cross, left hook.

Ben raised his eyebrows. “Wow. You should be a professional nut-puncher, my friend…”

“I’ve waited a long time for this”, Zach mumbled between his teeth.

Ben grimaced in sympathy as Zach pummeled Kev’s swelling sack with unrelenting force. Kev’s dick was hard as a rock, in fact it seemed to grow harder and harder with every punch.

Tears were streaming down Kev’s eyes and drool was running out his mouth as his nuts were brutally smashed again and again at an amazing speed in this bizarre exhibition of Zach’s boxing skills.

“Hey”, Ben said.

Zach ignored him.

“Hey!” Ben repeated. “Come on, you don’t want to castrate him, right? Go easy on him…”

Zach stopped for a moment, catching his breath.

Kev let out a throaty noise that sounded like his nuts were trying to escape Zach’s punches by crawling out through his mouth.

But Zach wasn’t going to let Kev get away just yet. Kev’s swollen nuts were clearly outlined in the thin fabric of his tight pants, each individual nut bulging below his thick, hard dick.

Zach grabbed Kev’s balls, one giant, swollen plum in each hand, and squeezed as hard as he could.

“Ouch”, Ben mumbled.

Zach gritted his teeth, digging his fingertips into the soft flesh of Kev’s poor spunk bunkers.

“Ouch”, Ben repeated as he saw the veins in Zach’s forearms standing out.

Kev’s cock was as hard as it could possibly get. A damp spot appeared where the tip of his dick fabric was straining against the fabric of his shorts. His thick, meaty dick started twitching as Zach continued to brutally mangle Kev’s manhood.

Suddenly, Kev’s eyes started fluttering violently as his dick started shooting a massive load inside his pants. Spurt after creamy spurt of salty spooge found its way into Kev’s shorts and drenching the fabric of his pants.

Zach let go of Kev’s right nut while continuing to squeeze the left one with renewed force. Kev’s freed testicle tried to get away, contracting and drawing up to his body, but Zach drew his right fist back and threw a straight punch at the poor, dancing nut, crunching it hard as it pumped jizz up into Kev’s spurting dick.

Again and again, Zach pummeled Kev’s spasming right ball as he squished and squashed Kev’s left nut in his fist.

Kev’s dick continued shooting as his nuts were brutally assaulted amidst his violent orgasm.

The sound of Zach punching Kev’s right meatball changed into wet thuds as Kev’s spunk soaked the fabric of his shorts. Little drops of cum were flying everywhere as Zach let out a primal scream and punched Kev’s twitching right nut as hard as he could.

Ben shuddered and let go of Kev’s arms.

Kev let out what sounded like “Ow.” – a definitely understated comment on the utter destruction of his most prized possessions - before eyes rolled back into his head and his body went limp.

Zach let go of Kev’s manhood and Kev collapsed on the ground, his cock twitching and shooting the final spurts of cum into his pants.

Zach and Ben stared down at their fallen buddy who was out cold.

“Remind me never to get on your bad side”, Ben said slowly.

Zach was panting and rubbing his knuckles. “Ow”, he mumbled. “That hurts.”

Ben adjusted his crotch. Like Zach’s, his dick was granite hard. He cleared his throat and pointed at Kev. “Do you have some smelling salt?”

Zach shrugged.

Ben cleared his throat and knelt down next to Kev. He gingerly lifted the waistband of Kev’s shorts and peeked inside, shuddering as he saw his bloated, bruised gonads. Kev’s cock continued to pump and flex, but is seemed like the sperm flood had subsided.

Holding his breath, Ben dipped his finger into the sticky mess inside Kev’s shorts, getting a good helping of cream on his index finger.

Grimacing, he brought the finger to Kev’s nose.

At first, there was no reaction. But when Ben smeared Kev’s cum on his upper lip, Kev opened his eyes and let out a deep, miserable groan.

Ben sighed with relief and wiped his finger on Kev’s muscular chest.

“Fuck”, Kev whispered in a toneless voice. “You ruined me.”

Zach shrugged.

“My nuts are killing me”, Kev whispered, unconsciously licking his lips and squinching up his face when he tasted his own cum. “Is that…”

“Yup”, Ben grinned. “Fresh from the tap.”

Kev groaned.

“You shot a massive load, buddy”, Ben chuckled. “I hope you didn’t intend to save it for someone special…”

Kev groaned again and rolled to his side, clutching his nuts and squirming in pain.

Ben grinned and turned to Zach. “Nice work”, he smiled at Zach and said, “High five, buddy.”

Zach grinned proudly and slapped Ben’s hand.

Ben looked at Kev who was moaning in pain, curled up in a little ball and rocking back and forth. Then his eyes shifted to Cal who was floating in the pool, clutching his nuts and grimacing in pain.

“Well, looks like it’s just the two of us left”, Ben said. “You know what that means, right?”

Zach blinked. “What?”

“Nut fight!” Ben yelled.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

New poll: Favorite character(s)

Things are pretty quiet at my job right now, so I've been able to start writing again (well, you might have noticed that already... :-))

I'm working on a couple of stories right now, and I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll be able to publish one story a week for the time being. I don't want to get your hope up too high: There have been times in the past couple of years where I thought I might be able to pull it off, and then something happened - and suddenly I couldn't find the time to write a single word. But, as I said, for the time being I'm pretty optimistic...

You know that I love getting your input, and I try my best to write the stories that you want to read. So I've created a new poll, asking you to vote for your favorite character(s) on the blog so I can bear your favorites in mind when I create a new story.

I've limited it to those who are the most popular, but there's an "Other" option and you can specify your opinion in the comments section of this post. Also, there's a "Celebrity Guests" option if you like those "Special Guest Star" stories best. (By the way, I am working on the Taylor Lautner story and it should be ready soon.)

And please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions, either by leaving a comment or by sending me an e-mail: alexander.nehling (at) - I'll try my very best to turn your fantasy into a hot story... :-))

The poll will be open until the 31st of August. If you are reading this post on your mobile device please go to the bottom of this page and choose "View web version" to vote in the poll.

P.S.: I've done a little bit of work on the blog design, and I hope you like it.

Friday, July 4, 2014

World Cup Testers: Extra time for Brazil

Special thanks to Fernando, one of our Mexican readers, who came up with the idea for this little story.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.


Júlio César

Givanildo Vieira de Souza looked miserable. The 27 year old stud was one of Brazil’s most famous soccer players. A huge, muscle-bound hunk, Giovanildo went by the nickname “Hulk” due to his extraordinary built physique, and he certainly lived up to that name.

We were at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, filming a couple of short, fun skits for a viral marketing campaign. Last week, we had met Brazil’s star player Neymar and apparently we had left quite an impression.

After Brazil’s match against Chile, we had received a call from him, asking if we’d be interested in doing a little video starring Hulk and Brazil’s goalie Júlio César. The match had been very exciting, ending in a nerve-wrecking penalty shootout. Brazil’s goalkeeper had shown an incredibly strong performance, saving two shots from Chilean players and sending Brazil through to the round of eight in the international tournament.

Hulk, on the other hand, had failed. His shot had been comparatively weak, directed right at the Chilean goalie, and he hadn’t been able to score.

Now, Júlio had an ax to grind with Hulk, and we were very lucky that he had decided to let us witness sturdy Hulk’s humiliation.

My cameraman Chad, young marketing consultant Kieran and I had decided to stay on the sidelines for this. We were just going to let the camera roll and stay out of the picture, allowing Júlio to take the stage and do whatever he wanted with Hulk.

Hulk knew what was in store for him. The muscle-stud was shirtless, wearing nothing but a loose pair of blue soccer shorts. The thin, shiny fabric of his shorts couldn’t conceal that Hulk’s genitalia seemed to match the rest of his body: the bulge in his groin looked huge, as is he was hiding a king size sausage and a pair of big tomatoes inside his underwear.

“Alright”, Júlio said, a fierce smile on his face, “I really could have done without your failure.”

Hulk studied his large, naked feet as if he saw them for the first time. He had to lean forward in order to see his toes because his bulging genitalia obstructed his view.

Júlio cracked his knuckles. “You know how it feels to know you have to do this almost singlehandedly? Penalty shootouts are sheer horror for any goalie – and you missing the mark certainly didn’t help!”

“I’m sorry”, Hulk mumbled.

“What was that?” Júlio asked.

“I’m sorry”, Hulk repeated, a bit louder this time.

“Well, sorry isn’t good enough”, Júlio said, an evil smile on his face. “Today, I’m going to show you how you’re supposed to kick the balls.”

Hulk gulped.

“Strip”, Júlio said, “and put these on.” He pointed at two items that were lying on the ground in front of him. One was a jockstrap, the other one a cup. Both of them had a bright red bull’s eye painted at the front, the fitting yet unimaginative logo for BULL’S EYE protective cups.

Hulk sighed and took off his shorts, revealing a truly gargantuan set of reproductive organs that looked one or two sizes too big even on Hulk’s huge body.

There was a collective gasp from Chad, Kieran and myself as we watched Hulk’s beefy dick sway from side to side along with his low hanging sack that housed what looked like two coconuts.

Even though Júlio had supposedly seen Hulk’s massive equipment time and time again in the showers, I couldn’t help but notice a hint of jealousy in the handsome 34 old goalies eyes.

Kieran turned to me and whispered, “But Júlio asked for a size S cup.”

I chuckled. “Ouch.”

“But that must be a mistake”, Kieran said. “It’ll never fit.”

I looked at him and grinned. “I’m pretty sure he knew that.”

“Oh”, Kieran looked at me. Then his eyes widened. “Ohhhh.” He grimaced. “I see.”

Hulk seemed have arrived at the same conclusion as he held the jockstrap and the cup in his hands and looked at them, a desperate expression on his face. He looked pleadingly at Júlio.

Júlio shrugged. “Put them on”, he said, smiling.

Hulk groaned and muttered something unintelligible before putting on the jockstrap, or rather, trying to. The waistband was cutting into his flesh, but that was not the worst of it.

Watching Hulk try to squeeze his ridiculously oversized genitalia into the blatantly inadequate pouch of the jockstrap was like watching a juggling act that contained two melons, a cucumber and an egg cup.

There was barely enough room for either one of his nuts or his fat schlong, and Hulk trying to place all of his junk inside was truly a sight to behold.

Finally, he had found a more or less acceptable solution. Of course, the jockstrap didn’t cover his stuff, but at least it held everything in place, as long as he wasn’t moving. His nuts were bulging on either side, more than half of the meaty orbs out in the open. All the rummaging around had had a rather curious side-effect: His monstrous dick was hard as rock and pointing at the ceiling. Of course it didn’t fit into the pouch, but at least it held itself more or less upright and didn’t take up any room.

Holding his breath, Hulk let go of his junk and moved his hands away, carefully watching his crotch. When nothing fell out of his jockstrap, he smiled.

Then he remembered he had to put the cup into the pouch, and his face darkened. With a sigh, he slipped the cup into his jockstrap, his tongue between his lips, concentrating hard. Miraculously, the delicate construction worked.

He grinned proudly.

Júlio chuckled. “Whenever you’re ready.” He was wearing his usual soccer kit, loose fitting grey shorts and a grey jersey with his name and number on the back, grey socks and orange bright soccer cleats.

Hulk cleared his throat. “Well---“

“Alright”, Júlio interrupted him with a cheerful smile and kicked Hulk’s crotch as hard as he could. His foot collided with the hard cup, driving the unrelenting plastic into Hulk’s artfully arranged genitalia. It looked as if a sledgehammer had struck. Hulk’s meaty balls were squashed by the cup, its edges almost splitting them in half, and his thick, hard shaft bent at a rather uncomfortably looking angle.

“Ouch”, Júlio commented with a satisfied grin.

Hulk’s handsome face looked like his sex life was flashing before his eyes. His eyes went glassy and lost focus, and his mouth dropped open.

The sight was spectacular but the sound was what made me cringed in sympathy.

When Júlio’s foot collided with Hulk’s overcrowded cup, there was a loud, sharp crack that sent shivers down my spine.

I was sure I heard the shell of one of Hulk’s poor walnuts breaking.

Hulk let out a deep, guttural groan.

Júlio chuckled and drew his foot back. Once again, he smashed his cleat into Hulk’s crotch, flattening his huge bulge and producing another cracking sound.

I shuddered. That was nut number two, probably shattered into a million pieces.

Hulk’s pupils moved inward, giving the good-looking guy’s face a rather silly expression. Drool was running down his mouth as he let out another throaty groan.

His cock remained hard as a rock, even though it looked like it was going to get cut in the middle of the shaft by the hard edge of the cup. Its head glistened with precum.

The third kick was even harder than the previous two. Júlio kicked Hulk’s already traumatized testicles with the accuracy and energy of a seasoned soccer player. With all the force he could muster, he rammed Hulk’s balls into his pelvis, making them look like doughballs being flattened by the smack of a rolling pin.

Another loud crack echoed through the room. It dawned on me that it wasn’t his nuts that I had heard crack, it was the delusively named protective cup.

Hulk gave a cross-eyed yelp, followed by a wheezing moan. A little drop of precum sputtered out of his rock-hard boner.

Júlio chuckled and reached inside Hulk’s jockstrap, pulling out little pieces of plastic. The cup had shattered into almost a dozen pieces. Undoubtedly, it had broken on the first kick, and the shards had splintered into smaller pieces with the following hits. I cringed when I imagined the sharp pieces of plastic skewering Hulk’s meatballs as they were pummeled by Júlio’s strong kicks.

Hulk’s face was pale and sweaty.

With a cheerful laugh Júlio knelt down in front of him and pulled down the jockstrap, exposing his brutally assaulted balls and his erect cock. There were visible bruises on its shaft, and the tender testicles had swollen inside their sac of skin which had taken on an alarmingly red color.

“Oooh”, Júlio grimaced, looking anything but sorry about what he had done. “Damn, I bet you learned your lesson…”

Hulk let out a pitiful whimper.

Glancing up at Hulk’s painfully contorted face, Júlio grinned and grabbed Hulk’s massive gonads, taking one of the huge, swollen orbs in each of his hand. With a mean chuckle, Júlio started squeezing. He dug his thumb deep into the sensitive tissue as if he was trying to reach the core of Hulk’s big, battered balls.

Hulk let out a low moan. The moaning turned louder and louder when Júlio twisted his hands, and it rose in pitch when Júlio yanked down hard. The big, muscular soccer player sounded like a girl who had lost her doll, shrieking from the top of his lungs.

Júlio chuckled when he saw the effect his manhandling had on Hulk’s reaction, and he seemed to enjoy testing his new-found power. He alternately twisted and turned his hands, dug his fingernails into the soft flesh, made the two huge nuts crash into each other and pulled them apart, yanked down on one nut and up on the other, obviously enjoying Hulk’s reaction whose voice rose and fell in volume and pitch with every manipulation of his poor, battered plums.

Unfortunately, Júlio let Hulk’s rock-hard cock out of sight. The fat, meaty schlong twitched and jumped, precum running down its shaft. Suddenly, a huge jet of thick, creamy spunk erupted from its tip, hitting Júlio directling in the face.

The handsome goalkeeper yelped in surprise, only to catch the second spurt of Hulk’s sticky studsauce right in his mouth. His eyes grew wide and he spat in disgust as another load of jizz splattered into his face.

“Fuck!” Júlio screamed, almost drowning out Hulk’s hysterical high-pitched wails of agony.

Load after load of rich, white cream erupted from Hulk’s supersized cock, splattering across Júlio’s face. Within seconds, Júlio’s face looked like he had put on a fancy milky face mask, and his hair was soaked in Hulk’s spunk.

With an angry grunt, Júlio let go of Hulk’s nuts and jumped up. Drops of Hulk’s cum rained down onto the floor.

Hulk was in the midst of a powerful orgasm, screaming like a coloratura soprano in peril as his cock sputtered jet after jet of salty spunk.

Júlio wiped his forehead with his bare arm and let out a roar before throwing a powerful nut-shattering kick into Hulk’s pumping babymakers, ramming his busy balls into his pelvis.

All of a sudden Hulk’s screaming stopped. He looked almost confused for a second. Then his eyebrows rose and his lips started trembling. “Ow”, he whispered hoarsely before cupping his busted gonads and collapsing on the ground. He curled up in a ball, nursing his aching nuts and whimpering in pain.

Júlio watched him, catching his breath. He looked like the shining star of a naughty bukkake video.

A little later, we were in our car, driving to the hotel. Júlio and Hulk had made peace after Hulk had promised never to miss a penalty shot ever again and Júlio in turn had promised never to spill Hulk’s precious load again.

I looked at my watch. “Today’s the quarterfinal”, I said. “Brazil faces off against Columbia.”

Kieran nodded. “Wanna watch it on TV?”

I grinned. “Sure. I want to see if Hulk can hide his limp on the field…”

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hotdogs: Zach's ballbash barbecue (3)

I know I'm a day early with this chapter of "Hotdogs" but the World Cup got in the way and there's a "World Cup Testers" story scheduled for tomorrow. I figured you wouldn't mind getting this story ahead of time... :-))

Thanks to Corsair for the inspiration, the idea and a lot of plot details – and of course for his awesome artwork. Kev, Zach, Cal and Ben have never looked better!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Cal, Kev, Zach and Ben were sitting around the table, chomping on meaty hotdogs, chicken drumsticks and burgers. Even though the delicious taste in their mouths couldn’t whitewash the churning pain in their meaty balls, they were happy for a brief timeout from all the ballbreaking mayhem they had endured.

When Zach reached for the last hotdog, the precious break for the stud’s bulging basket was over, however.

Sitting opposite from him, Kev had an eye on the hotdog, too. And he was in a perfect position to stop Zach from taking it. With a swift motion, he brought his foot up and sent it crashing between Zach’s thighs.

Zach’s nuts were held snugly by his tight shorts, and they had nowhere to go when the tip of Kev’s foot crashed into them, catching both of them dead-on and driving the air from Zach’s lungs.

“You could have asked, you know”, Kev said with a good-natured smile before kicking Zach’s nuts again under the table as hard as he could.

Zach let out a miserable yelp as the pain exploded from his oversized testicles. One hand clutching the much sought-after hotdog, the other one slowly reaching for the thick, plump meatballs between his legs, Zach groaned in pain but refused to let go of the hotdog.

Kev raised his eyebrow. “Come on, we could share it, you know?”

“After you kicked me in the nads?!” Zach grunted. “Fuck you!”

Kev sighed. He stood and walked around the table where Zach was standing doubled over, his cute butt stretching his tight shorts.

Kev let out another sigh. It looked as if he was almost sorry to interfere with his buddy’s sex life. On the other hand, he wasn’t too sorry to send a powerful, nutcrunching kick between Zach’s legs from behind, crunching Zach’s gonads into his body and lifting him up a couple of inches before he crashed face first onto the table that collapsed under him. The plates and cutlery landed on the floor with ear-shattering noise, pieces of meat and bottles of sauce flying everywhere.

“Fuck!” Ben shouted, jumping up from his chair.

“That was totally unnecessary!” Cal chimed in, rubbing muscular, naked chest that was covered in barbecue sauce.

Zach was whimpering in pain, lying amidst all the chaos, clutching his balls while refusing to let go of the hotdog.

“Zach, you’re a fucking klutz,” Kev said, feigning indignation.

Ben and Cal looked at Zach who was whining in agony.

“Come on, guys, let’s have some fun with him”, Kev grinned and grabbed the waistband of Zach’s shorts.

Cal and Ben hesitated for a moment. Then, with a shrug, they assisted Kev in stripping Zach’s shorts off of his body, revealing his muscular, naked ass and his well-worn jock-strap that was stretched to the maximum, trying in vain to cover his hard monster meat and his supersize nuts.

“Damn, you horny bastard”, Kev chuckled and he threw a playful yet definitely painful backhand at Zach’s package, making the blond stud shriek in pain.

Zach struggled against Kev but he couldn’t stop his buddy from ripping his shorts off his body, leaving him naked except for the jockstrap.

“How about we play a little game of nut bottle?” Kev grinned.

Cal and Ben held Zach’s legs wide open as Kev reached for a heavy bottle of barbecue sauce. He weighed it in his hand and smiled. “It’s a bit like nut ball. It may be a little more one-sided, though…”

Cal and Ben laughed as Kev took a step back and launched the heavy bottle between Zach’s wide-spread thighs. The bottom of the bottle connected with Zach’s nutsack, slamming into his crotch with a dull thud and causing the stud to let out a soprano wail.

Kev frowned. “Damn. I only got lefty. My aim is off…”

“Wait”, Ben grinned. “I have an idea…”

Zach was whimpering in pain, his jockstrap failing to do its job and letting his heavy dick swing to the side.

Ben reached for a little bottle of Tabasco.

Zach’s eyes widened as Ben generously poured the hot, spicy liquid onto the pouch of his jockstrap, almost succeeding in painting a bright red bull’s eye on Zach’s doomed manhood.

Kev cheered and clapped his hands.

Ben winked at Zach, pulled his waistband away from his crotch and broadly sprinkled his naked nuts, his pubic hair and the root of his dick with Tabasco before letting the waistband snap back. He made sure to hold it high up so that it didn’t smack against Zach’s taught abs but against his Tabasco-covered babymakers, making Zach howl in pain.

“Ouch”, Kev and Cal dead-panned in unison before breaking out in laughter.

Ben threw the little Tabasco bottle at Kev. “Here, try again”, he smiled.

Cal and Ben spread Zach’s legs as wide as they could, putting his Tabasco soaked package on full display and making poor Zach scream in pain.

Kev hurled the bottle at Zach’s nuts as hard as he could. The little glass bottle connected squarely with Zach’s bulging manhood, squashing both of Zach’s meaty nuts and making him yodel in pain.

By now, the Tabasco was starting to have an effect on Zach as the spicy fluid spread over the sensitive skin of his sac and ran down his rock hard shaft until it reached the huge, bulbous head of his dick. Sweat ran down Zach’s face. His short blond hair was dripping wet and his half-naked body was glistening.

“This doesn’t work”, Kev mumbled, apparently unhappy with the results of his turn at his own newly invented game. He looked around, searching for an appropriate missile. When nothing caught his eye, he walked up to Zach who was panting and moaning, his eyes wide open, his pupils slightly crossed.

“I guess we’ll have to take a more hands-on approach”, Kev smiled. “Or should I say knee-on?” With that, he dropped to his knee that came crashing down on Zach’s ample genitalia like a ton of bricks. Zach’s juicy nuts were flattened like pancakes under Kev’s body weight, and Zach let out an agonized yelp.

Chuckling, Kev ground his knee into Zach’s nuts, squishing and squashing his golden globes  as if he was trying to kill a cockroach.

Zach gasped for air, his eyes crossing inwards.

Kev looked into Zach’s eyes and grimaced in mock-sympathy. “Ooooh, that’s gotta hurt”, he cooed while continuing to grind Zach’s gonads under his bony knee. “Well, I guess you shouldn’t have reached for that last hotdog”, he added, smiling brightly.

Kev reached for the sausage in question and took it from Zach. The blond stud didn’t offer any resistance as he screamed from the top of his lungs while his nuts were virtually flat-ironed.

“Hey, not so fast”, Cal shouted and ripped the hotdog from Kev’s hands, causing him to loose balance and slip off of Zach’s bruised balls.

Zach let out an ear-piercing shriek as Kev’s knee slid over his nuts. “Fucking fuck!” Zach wailed, sounding like a foul mouthed coloratura soprano.

Ben decided to join in on the battle over the hotdog and lunged at Cal, retrieving the hotdog.

“My dick is on fire!” Zach belted in an ambitious imitation of Mariah Carey with a hint of Mickey Mouse thrown in. Groaning and panting, he managed to get on all fours and wobbled towards the pool, his battered and bruised balls hanging out of his jock next to his rock-hard dick that was dripping with Tabasco.

Neither Kev nor Cal or Ben paid any attention to Zach as he slid into the pool, sighing in relief when the cool water extinguished the fire in his loins.

The three studs were busy fighting over the last hotdog.

With a swift kick to his bulging nuts, Kev floored Cal who wailed in pain and dropped to the ground.

“Yes!” Kev shouted and grabbed the hotdog – but his moment of triumph was rather short lived as Ben’s hand sneaked between Kev’s thighs from behind.

Kev’s eyes widened as Ben’s hand closed around his ample junk.

“No”, Kev whispered in a toneless voice as Ben started squishing his tender gonads with all the force he could muster. It looked as if Ben was kneading cookie dough. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of Kev’s most prized possessions, squeezing them, twisting them, pulling on them and wringing the life out of them.

Kev’s eyes started watering as Ben performed a daring combination of a swift 180 degree vertical twist and a simultaneous 90 degree horizontal turn which all but ripped Kev’s precious babymakers off his body.

“Ouch”, Kev whimpered in a comically high-pitched voice as his manhood was being mangled.

Ben formed a ring around the bottom of Kev’s genitals and pulled them back between his thighs, causing his meaty dick and balls to form a big, bulging pouch below his ass. Ben balled his fist, concentrated on his neatly presented target and fired a hard, powerful punch into Kev’s tender testicles.

Ben’s bony knuckles dug into the soft, tender flesh, crunching his nuts with admirable force, making Kev shriek like a pig in a slaughterhouse.

Ben chuckled and punched Kev’s balls twice again for good measure, making sure to twist his knuckles on impact, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the blows.

Kev was screaming from the top of his lungs. His knees buckled and he collapsed face-first on the ground.

Ben grimaced in sympathy as he let go of Kev’s busted balls. Before Kev had a chance to cup the massive mound between his legs, Ben decided to treat Kev to a nut-shattering kick that connected perfectly, brutally squashing Kev’s ample gonads into his pelvis. Kev’s face went white as a sheet and his cheeks puffed. With a miserable groan, he curled up in the fetal position, sobbing and whining in pain.

Ben grinned. “Sorry, buddy”, he said, not sounding sorry at all. He bent down to grab the hotdog that had fallen onto the ground.

By now, Cal had recovered from Kev’s attack. The muscular swimmer decided to take a page from Ben’s book and launched a hard kick between Ben’s thighs from behind.

Ben screamed from the top of his lungs, dropping the hotdog and reaching for his busted balls. “Fuuuck”, he wailed, cupping the two big, juicy balls in his skimpy speedos.

He doubled over, clutching himself, and fell to his knees.

Cal smiled and picked up the hotdog from the floor. He eyed it suspiciously. Then he shrugged and opened his mouth to take a bite.

Ben turned around and before Cal was able to bring the hotdog to his mouth, he balled his fists and brought them together, catching Cal’s oversized package between them.

Cal froze.

Zach winced in sympathy, forgetting about the pain in his own nuts for a second as he paddled in the pool.

Even Kev shuddered, as he watched the devastating effect of Ben’s creative try at a double-fisted nut-sandwich while nursing his own battered balls.

Frozen like an antique statue, Cal let out a hoarse groan. His fingers loosened and the hotdog fell to the floor once again. Inside his skimpy speedo, his cock visibly hardened and a conspicuous moist spot appeared where the bulbous head of his dick tented the fabric of his swimwear.

Ben appeared more than satisfied with his inventive move and decided to repeat it. He brought his fists together again, smashing Cal’s huge nuts between them with an audible smack. The creative rearrangement of the contents of Cal’s bulging speedo caused Cal’s lips to start trembling as a long, breathless, wheezing moan escaped his lips.

Kev and Zach grimaced in sympathy, unable to take their eyes away from the humiliating spectacle.

Kev chuckled, his eyes fixed on the extending moist spot on Cal’s speedo. “I guess someone is going to lose a batch of cream sauce soon…”

Ben laughed. “Gosh, I guess you are right… What do you say? Want me to finish him?”

Kev shrugged, nursing his own battered balls. “Sure, go ahead. I guess he won’t be in the mood for putting that spunk to a better use for a couple of days anyway…”

Cal let out a tiny whimper. His body was still frozen, his muscles tense and sweat running down his forehead.

Ben let out a sigh. “Well, what a terrible waste of cream”, he said in a mocking tone before finishing the deal.

He drove his fists together one final time, brutally squashing Cal’s huge, sperm-filled babymakers with a resounding smack. Cal’s eyes bulged, then they slowly crossed, and his mouth opened in a silent scream. At the same time, the thick, meaty, rock-hard dick let go of a fusillade of salty spunk inside his speedo.

Ben backed away, rubbing his hands with a satisfied expression on his face as he watched a massive orgasm rock Cal’s body. Within seconds, Cal’s speedos were soaked in creamy jizz, and his dick wasn’t finished yet.

Finally, poor Cal found his voice again, and he let out an agonized shriek that caused Zach, Kev and Ben to wince in sympathy.

His eyes crossed and wide open, Cal tentatively reached for his groin, slowly cupping his precious genitalia while his dick was continuing to shoot what looked at least a year’s worth of spunk inside his speedo.

“My dick!” Cal screamed in a high-pitched voice. “My nuts!”

Ben rolled his eyes. “Come on, man, don’t be a drama queen…”

“My fucking nuts!” Cal shrieked. “You fucking---“

“Hey!” Zach interrupted him. “If you leave any cum stains on the patio I’m going to rip your nuts off!”

Ben and Kev laughed as spunk was dripping down from Cal’s speedo, landing on the ground with wet splashes and forming puddles of gooey jizz on the tiles.

“I mean it!” Zach insisted. “It takes ages to get that stuff off!”

Ben grinned. “Is that the reason why you stopped jerking off on the patio?”

Kev laughed as Zach’s head turned bright red.

Ben shrugged. “Time to cool off, buddy”, he said to Cal who was clutching his groin as spurt after spurt of salty jizz continued to soak his speedos. Without much effort, he tipped his finger against Cal’s muscular chest.

Cal let out a surprised gasp as he lost balance and fell backwards into the pool, water splashing everywhere.

Kev and Ben laughed as Cal tried to keep his head above the water while dealing with the pain in his oversized testicles and his raging orgasm at the same time.

Underwater, his cock freed itself from the constraining fabric. Another couple of jets of creamy cum spurted out of his cock, cooling down immediately and slowly floating to the surface.

Zach raised his eyebrows. “Great, now I have to clean the pool”, he mumbled.

Kev laughed. “You better come out of the water. I bet Cal’s cum is so potent that he’ll knock you up in seconds…”

At the sight of a creamy batch of Cal’s spunk floating towards him, Zach quickly paddled towards the edge and climbed out of the pool.

His muscular body was dripping wet, and his grubby jock had taken on a see-through quality, allowing Kev and Ben a magnificent view of Zach’s tremendous meat and potatoes.

Zach ran his hand through his wet blond hair and adjusted his rock-hard cock and his huge balls inside his jockstrap.

Meanwhile, Ben’s attention had shifted to the hotdog that had caused all the mayhem. He picked it up and looked at it, a disgusted expression on his face. The thing was dirty and had cracked in several places. Ben shuddered and went inside the house to throw it away.

When he returned, he laughed. “Guess what I found in the kitchen?”

Kev, Zach and Cal looked at him.

Ben held up a package of hotdogs. “I guess it wasn’t the last one… Want me to put them on the grill?”

The three guys looked at each other.

“Not hungry”, they said in unison.

There was a brief moment of silence, then all four of them burst out laughing.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

World Cup Testers: Do you want more?

Originally, I wanted to write five stories about the World Cup and end the series with the Argentina episode I posted earlier today. Then our Mexican reader Fernando inspired me to write another instalment that's going to be online on Friday, starring Brazil's Hulk and Júlio César.

But what's going to happen after Friday? The World Cup goes on - do you want more stories starring ruthless ball kickers from international soccer teams? And if so, who do you want to see? I'd love to hear your opinion.

There's only one rule: If a team is out, it's out. Sorry, Spain, Italy, England, Chile, Greece, Mexico, Nigeria etc. - you won't get a turn at kicking our guys' balls. I know it's hard. But you should have worried about that before you decided to let yourself get kicked out of the tournament... ;-)

World Cup Testers: Argentina

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Lionel Messi had a skeptical expression on his face. “I don’t know”, he said slowly. “I guess there was a misunderstanding. I thought you wanted me to kick some balls, you know, like, normal balls.”

The 27 year old Argentine looked helpless, searching for words. It was weird. Lionel Messi had who won countless prizes, an Olympic gold medal among them, and held the Guiness World Record for scoring 91 goals in a single year. And yet, he seemed like a regular guy who wasn’t sure what to do. A regular guy dressed in Argentina’s official colors: white shorts, a white jersey with light blue stripes, white socks and soccer cleats.

After meeting a couple of very confident soccer stars over the last few days, it was somehow refreshing to see that the greatest star of them all was the most down-to-earth person among them.

We were in Brazil at the FIFA World Cup, and we were on a mission to have the most famous soccer players use their skills to knock down the sperm count of our models. Young marketing consultant Kieran had devised a viral media campaign for BULL’S EYE protective cups, and this was our fourth day of shooting.

Kieran smiled at Lionel. “Don’t worry, it’s okay.” He pointed at Zach. “He’s a professional.”

Muscular superstud Zach grimaced. He was naked except for a jockstrap that had the BULL’S EYE logo on it. Not very surprisingly, the logo consisted of a large, bright red bull’s eye that was conveniently placed right at the front of the jockstrap’s pouch.

Apparently, we had brought the wrong size, because Zach’s oversized meat and potatoes barely fit into it. The pouch was bulging with its vulnerable contents, and his huge balls as well as his massive dick seemed to be in constant danger to leave their designated place and fall out.

“Right?” Kieran said, looking at Zach. “You’re a pro.”

Zach shrugged. The horsehung hunk had taken his fair share of nut-crunching kicks, knees and squeezes – but I wouldn’t exactly call him a pro. Those bull balls of his were particularly sensitive and prone to crack.

I had managed to convince the handsome blond 20 year old stud by showing him pictures of Brazil – and I was pretty sure that one picture in particular, showing three superhot Brazilian girls in skimpy bikinis had closed the deal. Zach’s brain was reliably very susceptible to letting his monster cock do the thinking.

“I guess I am”, Zach muttered. He looked down at his crotch, carefully adjusting his delicate goods.

“Alright”, Lionel said hesitantly.

“Nice”, Kieran smiled. “These are your lines.” He handed him a sheet of paper. “Make sure you kick him as hard as possible right in those fat nuts of his.”

Zach grimaced.

Lionel smiled shyly. “I’ll try.”

Kieran chuckled. “Well, they’re not that hard to miss, are they?”

Lionel laughed. “You’re right about that…”

“Just imagine you’re trying to score the winning goal for Argentina”, Kieran smiled.

Lionel rubbed his hands and chuckled. “That might work…”

“Alright”, Kieran chuckled and patted Lionel’s shoulder. “Turn his nuts into peanut butter.”

Lionel let out a laugh and looked at Zach. “You’re not planning on having children, are you?”

Zach opened his mouth.

“Well, even if he did”, Kieran said quickly, “you don’t want him to sire the boy who’ll grow up to be a soccer player and kick Argentina out of the World Cup in 2034, right?”

Lionel had an amused expression on his face. “So you are saying this is like a preemptive strike?”

“So to speak”, Kieran smiled.

Lionel chuckled. “For Argentina, then.”

“For Argentina”, Kieran grinned. He handed Lionel a BULL’S EYE hard plastic protective cup. “Let’s go.”

Lionel looked into the camera and smiled. “Hi, I’m Lionel Messi and I’m going to show you why you shouldn’t leave home without this.“ He held up the cup with the bright red bull’s eye on it. With a whimsical smile, he threw the cup back over his shoulder and it landed on the ground with a loud clank.

The soccer star turned around and faced Zach who looked anything but comfortable. His massive genitalia was stretching the fabric of the jockstrap to its limits. At the sides, I could see the skin of his hairless nutsack. His pubic hair showed above the waistband, and his absurdly oversized dick looked like a snake trying to sneak up underneath the waistband to see the light of day.

I knew that Lionel Messi was one the most confident goal-scorers in history, but nevertheless his confidence and accuracy amazed me. He drew his leg back, and with an elegant yet powerful punt he rammed Zach’s juicy plums into his body. His foot connected perfectly with both of Zach’s tender gonads and crunched them flat against his pelvis.

Zach’s eyes bulged and he let out a hoarse grunt as his babymakers were flattened like pancakes.

“Owwwwww”, he groaned, his knees folding inward as he closed his eyes and doubled over.

“Goal!” Lionel mused.

Apparently, he was getting into the groove.

It took a moment for Zach to recover. He grimaced and straightened, groaning and moaning, his muscles straining.

Lionel had done a god job at rearranging Zach’s privates. Zach’s right nut was on the verge of slipping out of the jockstrap, and the tip of his dick was peeking out above the waistband.

Lionel focused on his target and followed up with another hard, nut-crunching kick that landed right in the middle of the bull’s eye, smack in the middle of Zach’s sperm factory, driving Zach’s huge meat balls away from each other and to the sides.

Zach let out a miserable shriek and doubled over, his hands on his knees, his fingertips whitening as they gripped onto his legs.

The force of the star soccer player’s kick had caused Zach’s hefty plums to become wedged between the sides of the jockstrap and his thighs. The rims of the pouch cut into the flesh, the pressure creating what looked like a white middle line on Zach’s otherwise beet red balls. The additional room inside the pouch was filled by his meaty dick that visibly hardened and fattened. Its mushroom head was fully visible above the waistband, pressed against the top of his trimmed bush.

Lionel watched Zach’s crotch with amusement before taking a step back and throwing another hard, championship-winning kick between Zach’s muscular thighs. Being the star player that he is, he added a little spin, aiming for Zach’s ridiculously oversized left nut that was held firmly in place by the jockstrap.

Zach’s eyes opened wide as the tip of Lionel’s foot connected with his hapless testicle. His mouth opened in a silent scream as his pupils moved inward, giving his face a painfully funny look. The poor, smashed nut looked like it was throbbing as it slipped out of the jockstrap, the white line slowly disappearing and making the fat testicle assume a plain  and and Zach’s cock twitched and slipped up a bit, revealing an inch of his meaty shaft.

Lionel cringed in sympathy, grabbing his own equipment inside his loose shorts. From the look of things, Lionel was pretty well-endowed himself.

Naturally, Lionel didn’t like things half-done. What soccer player settles for one ball when there’s another one sitting right in front of you, waiting to be kicked into oblivion? Before Zach had a chance to come to his senses, Lionel slammed his foot into Zach’s captive right ball, scoring a perfect hit and squashing the delicate orb like a bug.

Just like its throbbing twin, the swollen right nut slipped out of the jockstrap. Slowly, the sheer weight of Zach’s massive organs made them slide down until they almost met at the bottom of Zach’s jock. The two meaty orbs looked like a disjointed pair of juicy, over-ripe plums hanging heavily from Zach’s jockstrap.

Zach’s dick was rock-hard and more than half of its shaft had freed itself from the confines of the jock. His hard, throbbing meat pointed at the ceiling, its tip glistening with precum, like the wet, awe-inspiring scepter of a mighty king.

Zach’s eyes fluttered and he let out a throaty gargle. His body was frozen in shock, every muscle in his body tense and tight. His mouth was gaping open, lower lip trembling.

Lionel stared at Zach’s crotch, his eyes sparkling with amusement and curiosity.

“Let’s see if we can score another goal”, Lionel mumbled and lined up to aim another kick at Zach’s exposed balls.

With the deadly accuracy of an experienced scorer, Lionel nailed Zach’s dangling nuggets dead-on. The tip of his foot smashed into Zach’s unprotected cherries, ramming them up into his body.

Zach’s huge cock twitched and pumped. His traumatized, swollen, red testicles contracted and pulled up to his body.

Zach’s eyes rolled back into his head and he let out a small whimper as the first jet of pearly white cum shot out of the tip of his massive dick. Held in place by the waistband of the jock, Zach’s supersized dick pointed at the ceiling and erupted like a geyser. Spurt after protein-laden spurt of thick, gooey cream shot up into the air, raining back down like a slimy shower on poor, helpless Zach who was frozen in place, whimpering and moaning.

Within seconds, Zach’s hair was drenched in his spunk which ran down his head, coating his sweaty face with a sticky layer of jizz.

Zach was gasping for air, his balls pumping load after load of his precious stud sauce into his cock which unloaded like fountain and sprayed his spunk everywhere.

Lionel watched him, a fascinated expression on his face, absentmindedly adjusting the highly visible hard-on in his loose shorts. “Wow”, he chuckled. “Unbelievable.”

Zach’s balls seemed bottomless as his cock let go of what looked like a gallon of prime stud cream.

Finally, Zach’s orgasm subsided and the shower stopped. Zach’s red, swollen balls were throbbing and the final drops of jizz oozed out of Zach’s dick and ran down his shaft, making it look like an overflowing candle.

Zach’s body was coated in spunk.

Finally, Zach’s knees gave and he sank to the ground.

“Fuck”, he whispered before cupping his spent, sore testicles and doubling over, his forehead touching the sticky, slimy ground and his naked ass sticking up in the air. He whimpered and moaned in pain, kneeling in a puddle of jizz.

Lionel Messi raised his eyebrows and looked into the camera. “I’m not sure if this is what happens every time you don’t wear a cup”, he said, grinning. “But anyway, you better wear a BULL’S EYE protective cup!”

Zach let out a miserable groan.

“Cut”, Kieran said. “Guys, that was perfect. Great work.”

“Thanks”, Lionel said. He squatted down next to Zach, trying to avoid stepping into his jizz. “Hey, man, that was a really big load you shot there…”

Zach whimpered.

“I bet you wanted to save it for some Brazilian hottie, huh?” Lionel said.

Zach groaned.

“Well, thanks for giving it to me”, Lionel chuckled. “That was awesome.”

Half an hour later we sat in the car, heading for our hotel. The car stank of Zach’s cum and we had opened all the windows to allow us to breathe.

Zach looked miserable. His blond hair was sticky and greasy and dried spunk was sprinkled all over his face.

Kieran was enthusiastic, going on and on and on about the great videos.

I grinned. Now all I needed was Germany winning the World Cup and my world would be perfect.

Monday, June 30, 2014

World Cup Testers: Germany

Thomas Müller and Mesut Özil burst out laughing.

Both of them star midfielders on the German national soccer team, they were wearing the team’s home kit, black shorts and white shirts with white socks and soccer cleats.

24-year-old Thomas looked at his buddy and grinned. “Gleich gibt’s Rühreier…”

Mesut broke out laughing.

We were at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, working with young marketing consultant Kieran to shoot a couple of video clips promoting BULL’S EYE protective cups. Kieran had come up with a simple idea that had convinced the BULL’S EYE executives, and we had been able to sign some of the most prolific and successful soccer players of the world to participate in our little skits.

“What did he say?” Kieran asked me.

I grinned. “They are looking forward to it”, I said. “He joked about scrambling some eggs.”

Kieran chuckled.

The eggs in question were neatly packaged in BULL’S EYE jockstraps.

Michael and Will, the 22 year old twins, looked very hot in those. Their perfect gymnast bodies were naked except for the white jockstraps which had bright red bull’s eyes printed in the front. The two blond identical twins were very well endowed, and it looked as if their junk was barely fitting into the skimpy pouches.

Will adjusted his crotch and grinned. “Hey, Mikey, which one do you want?”

His brother Michael frowned at him. “Don’t call me Mikey. And I don’t care.” Michael was his usual grumpy self. Frankly, I had been surprised that he had agreed to come to Brazil with his brother. From what I knew, the two had had a falling out recently, but apparently they had reconciled. Nevertheless, I couldn’t shake the feeling that he wasn’t feeling very comfortable.

“Shouldn’t we ask Thomas and Mesut?” I suggested.

The two soccer players shrugged their shoulders.

“They both look the same”, Mesut said.

Will grinned and looked at Mesut. “My nuts are tougher than his. If you like a challenge I suggest you pick me.”

Michael rolled his eyes.

Mesut chuckled. “Okay.”

Kieran handed two sheets of paper to the Germans. “Your lines”, he said. “Feel free to improvise. The first line and the last line, that’s what we need.”

Mesut and Thomas nodded.

Thomas rubbed his hands. “Alright, let’s go.”

Kieran handed each of them a plastic BULL’S EYE protective cup that sported a bright red bull’s eye on the front.

Mesut inspected the cup, bending it before looking at Kieran and grimacing. “Wow, this is pretty bad quality…”

Kieran smiled. “Yeah, it is.”

“But it does protect your family jewels, right?” Mesut asked. “I mean, I don’t wanna get sued by someone who can’t have kids because the cup didn’t work.”

Kieran looked him in the eyes. “It works. I tested it myself.” The 23 year old marketing consultant adjusted his crotch. “And I didn’t get any complaints from the ladies.” There was a slight twitching in his eye as he touched his junk.

I’m sure Mesut and Thomas missed it, but I didn’t and couldn’t suppress a grin. I had witnessed Kieran’s cup test – and it had gone spectacularly wrong. I was pretty sure that he hadn’t gotten any complaints because he had avoided sex for the last couple of days.

“Okay, man, let’s kick some balls!” Thomas said impatiently. Apparently he couldn’t wait to wreck the twins’ sex life.

Will chuckled.

His brother shifted uncomfortably.

“Wait, how are we going to do this?” Mesut asked.

The two soccer players talked in German for a few seconds. Then they walked up to the twins and put the cups into their jockstraps.

“I thought you wanted to scramble our eggs”, Will protested jokingly. “You can’t put them back into their packages…”

Michael rolled his eyes.

Mesut and Thomas laughed.

“Let’s go”, Thomas said.

My cameraman Chad nodded at me. I nodded at Kieran.

“Action”, he said.

“I’m Thomas Müller”, Thomas introduced himself.

“And I’m Mesut Özil”, Mesut added.

“We have an important message for you”, Thomas continued, standing next to Michael.

Mesut was standing next to Will and continued, “Always wear your BULL’S EYE protective cup.”

Simultaneously, they reached into the twins’ jockstraps and pulled out the cups.

“Because if you don’t”, Thomas grinned and threw the cup away at the same time Mesut got rid of the other one, “this is what happens.”

The twins stood still, their legs spread apart, their bulging baskets waiting to be smashed as the two German soccer players walked behind them. Mesut stood behind Will and Thomas took his position behind Michael.

“Damn”, Michael whispered as he realized that his testicles were going to get smashed from behind.

Thomas and Mesut looked at each other and grinned. Then, in perfect unison, they kicked the twins’ nuts with all the force they could muster.

The tip of Mesut’s foot smashed into Will’s tightly packed pouch, crunching his nuts hard and almost making his dick and balls flop out of the jockstrap.

Thomas’ instep collided with Michael’s nuts, flattening them against his body.

There was a brief moment of silence before the twins erupted in ear-piercing screams.

Thomas and Mesut cheered and high-fived as the twins’ knees folded inward and they doubled over, clutching their crotches.

“Fuck”, Will coughed.

Michael moaned in agony.

“Oh”, Thomas cooed in mock-sympathy. “You should have worn a cup, right?”

Mesut laughed.

“You know what could be even worse than a kick?” Thomas asked.

Mesut looked at him, an amused expression on his face.

“A punch”, Thomas said.

“Without a cup?” Mesut cringed in sympathy. “Damn, that would hurt.”

“Wanna try it?” Thomas grinned.

“Sure”, Mesut chuckled.

They kneeled down in front of the twins who had barely recovered from the kick.

“Hand behind your back”, Thomas said in a friendly yet firm voice.

The two blond hunks complied, grimacing in pain and panting heavily.

The two soccer player’s fists connected with the twins’ nuts at the same time, making the two bulging packages bounce wildly.

Will and Michael screamed from the top of their lungs as their balls were brutally smashed by precise and powerful uppercuts.

Again, Thomas and Mesut cheered and exchanged high-fives.

Will and Michael were doubled over, clutching their crotches.

Suddenly Thomas burst out laughing. “Look at that!” He pointed at Michael’s crotch where his left nut had found its way out of its confines. The skin of his sac was wedged by the jockstrap, causing the bulging and rapidly swelling testicle to be trapped in place.

Michael looked down at his groin, grimacing in pain.

Mesut chuckled. “That’s what happens when you don’t wear a cup…”

Thomas laughed. “Imagine getting hit with your balls out like that”, he grinned as he reached into Michael’s pouch and freed his other nut, making his naked sack dangle invitingly between his thighs.

“That would hurt even worse”, Mesut said cheerfully, following Thomas’ example and pulling Will’s balls out of his jockstrap.

The twins looked at each other, desperate expressions on their faces and their naked ballsacks hung unprotected in the open.

Mesut and Thomas balled their right fists and smashed them into the twins’ nutsacks, flattening them against their thighs.

Will’s mouth dropped open and he let out a wheezing groan.

Michael’s eyes crossed slightly and he screamed in pain.

“Ouch”, Thomas chuckled.

Mesut laughed.

Apparently, the two Germans understood each other without speaking, as they drove their fists into the twin’s bare balls again.

Will’s face scrunched up in a painful grimace and he looked like he was about to throw up.

His brother’s voice rose an octave, culminating in a soprano-like wail.

“I’m sure this hurts, too”, Thomas said, grabbing Michael’s naked nutsack in a vice-like grip. His fingers closed around the neck of the sack, trapping his balls at the bottom. The two tender organs looked swollen and bruised, and the color of his sac had changed into an unhealthy rosy red.

Mesut grimaced in mock-sympathy as he eagerly grabbed hold of Will’s balls in the same way.

Thomas chuckled and drove his open palm into Michael’s exposed testicles. The slapping sound echoed through the room. He pulled on Michael’s balls, making him bend at the knees, before slapping his balls again and making him shriek like a little girl.

Mesut laughed and joined in, pulling down on Will’s sac and slapping it hard, driving the trapped orbs into his fist.

Michael and Will sounded like a twisted version of crazed soccer star fan girls, shrieking in pain as their nuts were slapped again and again.

Finally, Thomas and Mesut stopped, looking at each other and laughing.

They got up and Thomas fetched the cups they had thrown away earlier.

Michael and Will were panting, their naked bodies glistening with sweat. Their nuts were hanging out of their jockstraps, and they looked red and swollen.

Michael was clutching his crotch while his brother had his hands on his knees, catching his breath, grimacing in pain.

“Let’s see your balls, boys”, Thomas chuckled.

Groaning and moaning, the twins straightened, allowing Mesut and Thomas to examine their reddened nuts.

“Ooooh”, Mesut grimaced in mock-sympathy, pointing at Will’s swollen nutsack. “You see, this is exactly why you should wear a cup!”

Thomas chuckled.

The two soccer players exchanged glances, then they playfully slapped the twins’ battered plums with the hard plastic cups, making them gasp in pain and double over.

Mesut and Thomas held up the cups, grinned into the camera and said, “You better wear a BULL’S EYE protective cup!”

“Cut!” Kieran shouted. “Perfect, that was perfect!”

Mesut and Thomas laughed and exchanged high-fives.

The twins sank to the ground, whimpering in pain.

The two Germans patted their shoulders.

“Thanks, guys, this was a lot of fun”, Thomas said.

“Let’s do it again sometime”, Mesut suggested.

Thomas broke out laughing. “Maybe we can get Poldi and Schweini to provide the balls next time around.”

Mesut grinned. “They’re gonna love it.”

Thank God we had remembered getting two ice-packs for today, because they were desperately needed.

“It was nice meeting Müller and Özil”, Will said cheerfully, an icepack sitting on his crotch, as we rode back to the hotel an hour later. “They’re great guys.”

His brother was less enthusiastic. “They were pretty hard on us”, he mumbled, his eyes closed and leaning back.

Will shrugged. “Of course they were.” He grinned. “Maybe we should have worn cups…”

Even though his brother had his eyes closed I could see him rolling his eyes.

“So what’s the plan for tomorrow?” I asked Kieran.

“Tomorrow”, he said, beaming with excitement, “we’re going to meet Lionel Messi.”