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Emergency drain (Rob meets Brandon)

Special thanks to Rob for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who watches Olympic Swimming only for the sport... not!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Brandon (click for pictures)

Brandon paced the room.

The 21 year old swimmer was naked except for a pair of skimpy speedos that left nothing to the imagination. He had a muscular body, a perfect swimmer’s build, with strong arms and legs, broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

Brandon was alone in the locker rooms. The rest of the team had already taken off.

Brandon looked at the large clock above the door. The competition was going to start in 15 minutes.

“Fuck”, Brandon mumbled, looking down at his crotch. The Asian-American’s big cock was rock hard, straining the fabric of his tiny swimming briefs. Even when Brandon wasn’t hard, the speedos were small, barely able to contain his fat balls and his big, meaty dick. Now, with a raging erection, they made him look obscene and vulgar.

The swim meet was a family event.

There was no way he could go out there looking like this.

He’d probably get arrested for indecent exposure.

“Fuck”, Brandon repeated, rearranging his cock and balls inside his swimming briefs.

His cock was hard as a rock. The fat mushroom head peeked out through the left leg opening, distorting the fabric and making his right nut fall out through the right leg opening.

“Fucking shit”, Brandon sighed, running his hand through his short black hair before starting another attempt at stacking every single piece of his genitalia inside his speedos in a fashion that looked reasonably demure.

He looked down at his crotch, a skeptical expression on his face.

“There you go”, he muttered.

The door opened, and Brandon turned slowly, careful not to cause the meticulous construction inside his swimming briefs to collapse.

“Brandon, you coming?” A young black man entered the room.

Rob was one of Brandon’s best friends. 18 years old, he was one of the youngest members of the team, a very attractive hunk whose body was as perfect as Brandon’s. His white speedos contrasted nicely with his dark skin.

Like Brandon, he was shaved form head to toe, and his black hair was cut very short.

“I wish I was”, Brandon mumbled, staring at his speedos that were filled to the bursting point. He looked up at Rob and smiled. “I’m rea---“

In a absurdly comical chain reaction, Brandon’s hard cock popped out of his speedos, causing his balls to tumble through the leg opening.

Brandon let out an exasperated sigh.

“Shit, Brandon”, Rob burst out laughing, pointing at his buddy’s raging erection. “What the fuck is that?”

“What does it look like?” Brandon mumbled.

“Like a problem”, Rob laughed. “A pretty big problem if you ask me.”

Brandon nodded, trying to assemble his parts and stuff them back into his speedos.

Rob watched him, an amused expression on his face. “Didn’t you blow your load this morning?”

Brandon shook his head, fumbling with his equipment. “I dunno. I haven’t cum for…” He paused, his lips moving silently. “For more than two weeks.” His dick popped out of his speedo again. “Shit.”

Rob chuckled. “Need some help, buddy?”

Brandon let out a deep sigh. “Yeah, if you don’t mind.”

Rob shrugged his shoulder and knelt in front of his friend. He grabbed Brandon’s meaty shaft and tried stuffing it into Brandon’s swim wear, tugging at his sack, squeezing his nuts into the speedos.

“Careful, buddy”, Brandon mumbled. “Those are valuable jewels.”

“Yeah”, Rob grinned. “But let’s face it, buddy: There’s no way we’re going to cram your stuff in there.” He smacked Brandon’s balls playfully, making them bounce in their sack.

Brandon let out a pained grunt.

“Those suckers are just too full”, Rob said, tentatively squeezing Brandon’s fat left nut. “I mean, even if they stay inside your speedos – and I’m not saying they will – they’ll fucking mess with your concentration. There’s no way you’ll be able to compete in this state.” He weighed Brandon’s plump balls in his palm, slowly shaking his head. “You’re gonna lose. The team’s gonna lose. We’re all gonna lose.”

Brandon groaned. “Fuck, you’re right.”

Rob looked at the clock. “Ten minutes.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Brandon mumbled.

Rob thought for a moment. “Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do: We’re gonna drain your fucking balls, get rid of all that backed-up spunk. That’ll free your head.”

“You think so?” Brandon said.

“Sure, buddy, that’s why I jerk off a couple of times when there’s a swim meet that day”, Rob grinned, casually jerking Brandon’s cock a couple of times before squeezing its mushroom head, forcing a drop of precum out. “See? Your jizz is dying to get out.”

Brandon looked down at his dripping cock, nodding slowly. “Thanks for your help, man, I really appreciate it.”

“No biggie”, Rob said cheerfully. “That’s what friends are for, right?”

“Right”, Brandon smiled.

Rob let go of Brandon’s dick and smacked it with his palm, causing it to ricochet against Brandon’s defined abs.

Brandon let out a grunt.

Rob cracked his knuckles and laughed. “Step out of your swimming trunks, please. Operation Emergency Drain is go!”

Brandon chuckled and took off his speedos.

Rob looked up at him and winked. Then he balled his fist and brought it up between Brandon’s legs, crunching his fat nuggets into his pelvis and making Brandon let out an anguished wail.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Brandon groaned, doubling over.

Rob raised his eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

“You fucking punched me in the fucking nuts”, Brandon moaned, cupping his aching gonads.

Rob nodded. “Yeah. What did you think I’d do?”

Brandon rubbed his sore balls, grimacing in pain. “I dunno, maybe suck me off?”

Rob looked at him, an amused his expression on his face. “You thought I’d suck you off?”

Brandon blushed. He realized how silly that sounded. “I dunno.”

Rob chuckled. “Sucking you off would have been an option if we were talking about a couple of days’, maybe a week’s worth of spunk.” He pried Brandon’s hands away from his balls, wrapping his fingers around the neck of Brandon’s sack, trapping his fat, heavy nuts at the bottom before smacking them with the palm of his hand, eliciting a strangled yelp from Brandon.

“This”, Rob grinned, slapping Brandon’s nuts once again. “This is serious. I mean, we’re talking about more than two weeks, here.” He clicked his tongue as he yanked down Brandon’s sack, making him yelp in pain. “And we’ve got less than ten minutes to flush your nuts, get all that pent-up spunk out.”

Brandon groaned. “But—“

“You have to trust me on this, Brandon”, Rob said with a smile.

“Okay”, Brandon mumbled. “Okay.”

Rob nodded. “Attaboy”, he said cheerfully, balling his fist, bringing his arm back and smashing his knuckles into Brandon’s trapped nuts, squashing them flat.

Brandon let out an ear-piercing scream. His hands shot down, trying to pull Rob’s fingers from his nutsack, but Rob stayed calm.

He chuckled and twisted Brandon’s nutsack, making him throw his head back and scream from the top of his lungs.

Brandon’s dick was rock hard and throbbing as Rob kneaded his juicy plums with both of his hands, digging his fingertips deep into the tender flesh of Brandon’s cum-filled babymakers.

“Okay, I fell the first load coming”, Rob chuckled.

Brandon groaned, his face a mask of pain. “What do you mean – ‘the first’?! How many---”

Rob interrupted him with a well-placed uppercut that flattened Brandon’s fat spuds like pancakes.

Brandon let out an ear-piercing shriek as his dick erupted with jet after jet of creamy spunk.

“Holy fuck”, Rob chuckled, squishing and squashing Brandon’s nuts with his bare hands as Brandon’s twitching cock spat out dozens of spurts of salty jizz that left both Rob and Brandon drenched in cum.

After more than a minute, Brandon’s orgasm subsided and the spurts turned into a slowing trickle.

“Thanks, buddy”, Brandon croaked. “That was… Well, thanks.”

Rob chuckled and mopped up Brandon’s spunk with his swimming briefs. “We’re not finished, yet”, he announced cheerfully.

Brandon’s eyes widened. “But---“

“Brandon”, Rob interrupted him with a smile. “Think about it. Two weeks.” He let out a whistle and chuckled. “Man, that’s a lot of spunk. You’ll be hard again in no time. Do you want to pop a boner in the pool?”

Brandon grimaced as Rob handed him the speedo to wipe himself dry.

“Fuck, you’re right”, Brandon groaned.

“Of course I am”, Rob grinned, taking the soaked speedo from Brandon and wringing it out.

Brandon’s spunk dripped to the floor.

Rob straightened and smiled at Brandon. “Turn around and spread your legs.”

Brandon grimaced. “But---“

Rob pointed to the clock, smiling brightly.

Brandon groaned and complied. His fat balls were dangling between his thighs.

“Brace yourself”, Rob said cheerfully, bringing his leg back.

“What are you---ououououghghgh!” Brandon yodeled in pain, his voice cracking as Rob’s bare foot connected with his low-hanging danglers.

Rob laughed out loud. “Holy shit, I should stop swimming and start playing soccer!”

Brandon sank to his knees, cupping his aching balls, screaming from the top of his lungs.

Rob looked up at the clock. “Come on, we don’t have time for this”, he said. “Don’t be a pussy!”

“Fuck! I wish I were a pussy right now!” Brandon shrieked. “I mean, literally. I wish I didn’t have these…” He pushed his balls back between his thighs, making them stick out below his ass.

Rob chuckled. “I’m pretty sure that can be arranged”, he mused before delivering a very hard, very precise kick between Brandon’s thighs from behind.

Brandon’s body was lifted off the ground as he squealed like a pig in a slaughterhouse, clutching his rapidly swelling nuts with both of his hands as he rolled to the side and curled up in a ball, his eyes clenched shut, his face contorted in utter agony.

Brandon’s voice echoed in the room, and Rob casually grabbed the cum-soaked speedo and stuffed it into Brandon’s mouth.

Brandon let out a muffled grunt as he tasted his own spunky cum on his tongue. He pulled the drenched, clammy swimming briefs out of his mouth but Rob stuffed them back inside.

“We don’t want anybody to see you like this, right?” he said with a chuckle before grabbing Brandon’s ankles and spreading his legs in a wide V.

Brandon let out a miserable groan, looking up at Rob who smiled down at him, raising his foot.

“Chew on that rag, buddy”, Rob said with a wink. “I bet the second load hurts worse than the first…”

Brandon’s dick was hard as a rock, its head resting on his muscular abs. His balls were bright red and severely swollen.

Rob foot came down between Brandon’s thighs, flattening his big, swollen orbs and eliciting a muffled scream from Brandon.

Brandon’s eyes were wide open, filled with pain, as he stared at Rob who smiled down at him, bringing his foot down again and again.

Smiling brightly, Rob stomped down on Brandon’s nut as if he was trying to squish a very nasty and particularly hard-shelled pair of bugs.

Unfortunately, Brandon’s nuts were not particularly hard-shelled…

The squishy nuggets flattened under Rob’s foot, bulging obscenely as if they were trying to squeeze out from under his sole.

Rob laughed and twisted his foot, brutally grinding Brandon’s juicy nuggets.

Brandon was grunting and screaming, grinding his teeth into his cum-soaked speedos, his face cortorted in agony.

“Here we go again”, Rob announced cheerfully, lifting his foot before bringing it down hard and crushing Brandon’s balls flat.

A big, creamy batch of spunk splashed out of Brandon’s balls, followed by an even bigger one, as Rob pressed his foot into Brandon’s crotch, squeezing every last drop of cum out of his tender babymakers.

“Nice!” Rob laughed as Brandon’s muscular body was hosed down by his very own fire hose.

His face covered in a thick layer of sticky spunk, Brandon gasped for breath, spitting out his speedo and coughing. He blinked through the salty juice that was covering his eyes.

His abs and his chest, his face and his hair, everything was coated in a thick layer of jizz. Brandon looked like a glazed shortbread cookie.

After his dick had stopped shooting, Rob withdrew his foot, looking down at Brandon’s swollen, drained balls with a chuckle.

“Okay, thanks, buddy”, Brandon croaked. “Thanks, again. I think I can take over from here.”

Rob looked at the clock. “Third time’s the charm, isn’t it?” Rob chuckled. “And we have two minutes left. I say let’s make dead-sure you won’t get an erection anytime, soon.”

Brandon’s eyes widened. “Wha---“

Rob stomped down on Brandon’s nuts, making his body jolt violently as he screamed from the top of his lungs.

Rob couldn’t hold on to Brandon’s feet and they slipped out of his hands as Brandon sat up straight, his mouth wide open, his burning eyes filled with pain.

“Wow”, Rob chuckled and playfully slapped his friend’s face.

Brandon’s nuts were sitting on the tiled floor, crushed flat under Rob’s foot.

Rob shifted his bodyweight, crushing Brandon’s meaty balls even flatter and causing Brandon’s eyes to cross as his voice rose an octave.

“Buddy, I love your voice”, Rob quipped, squashing Brandon’s spent and swollen balls under his foot.

He twisted his foot as if he was twisting out a cigarette, causing Brandon’s eyes to bulge obscenely as he let out a dry cough.

“My balls”, Brandon whispered in a toneless voice. “My fucking balls.”

“What about them?” Rob grinned, leaning down hard on Brandon’s flattened spuds.

Brandon’s left eye twitched. “You’re killing them”, he whispered. “You’re fucking killing them.”

“Nah”, Rob chuckled. “I’m just killing your fucking boner.” He glanced down at Brandon’s raging erection. It was twitching and throbbing. “Look at that thing. Fucking nuisance.” He twisted his foot again.

Brandon’s mouth opened in a silent scream as his dick sputtered out a thick, creamy jet of cum.

Brandon’s third violently induced orgasm wasn’t nearly as fruitful as the previous ones. Instead of a geyser of cum, it looked as if someone had stepped on a tube of toothpaste.

Brandon’s precious juice squirted out of his dick in one blotch as Brandon’s eyes rolled back into his head and he sank to the ground.

Rob burst out laughing. “I’m pretty sure your balls are empty, now”, he mused, leaning down and playfully ruffling Brandon’s hair.

Brandon let out a miserable groan. “Thanks”, he said, almost inaudibly.

“You’re welcome, buddy”, Rob grinned, handing Brandon his speedos.

“I think I need a minute”, Brandon whispered.

“No time for sweet idleness”, Rob said cheerfully as he toweled Brandon down, massaging Brandon’s cum into his skin. “There’s a competition to be won!”

Brandon groaned.

“Come on, man”, Rob grinned, playfully smacking Brandon’s drained and battered balls, making him let out a high-pitched shriek.

Groaning, Brandon got up and slipped into his swimming briefs.

He tried storing his goods inside the skimpy speedo. His dick was not a problem. It was floppy and limp. But his balls had almost doubled in size.

“Fuck”, Brandon grimaced and groaned as he tried to stuff his swollen testicles into the pouch of his speedos.

The result of his efforts were less than convincing. His balls looked like they were going to tumble out of his swimming briefs any second.

Brandon looked at Rob, a miserable expression on his face.

“Well, at least the boner is gone”, Rob quipped before bursting out laughing.

He opened the door and turned to Brandon. “Come on, man, we’re late. They’re waiting for us.”

Brandon tentatively moved his feet, slowly setting one foot in front of the other. He winced as a jolt of pain ripped through his body.

“Wait for me, Rob!” he croaked.

Bowlegged and limping, Brandon followed his buddy, grimacing and wincing with every step, trying not to slip on the sticky, cum-covered floor.

He couldn’t wait to jump into the cold water of the pool…

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Video links: Comedy gems (8)

Welcome to another episode of Comedy gems where we celebrate the unique comicality of guys getting hit in the ding-dong, the scallops, the seed bag, the dangly bits, the spunk bunkers, the giggleberries, the--- well, I guess you get it... :-))

First up we have an epic fight scene from Disaster Movie, featuring an evil version of the Chipmunks exploring their passion for nuts...

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Snapshot: The boyfriend

This is the third part of a loose series of short stories inspired by pictures that I found on the web. They don't necessarily feature any of the regular characters. If you have an inspiring picture let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (

Previous episodes:
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The farmer's sons
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Aidan's jaw dropped. He couldn't believe his eyes. He had been looking forward to a nice, hard fuck from his boyfriend - but apparently Kory had decided to take matters into his own hands.

Aidan was standing in the doorframe, staring at his boyfriend who had his eyes closed, his face buried in the pillow, a huge dildo (a birthday present from Aidan!) shoved deep in his butt.

A nice, creamy load was dripping from his softening cock. That load had been meant for Aidan! Now it was nothing more than a couple of stains in the blue sheets.

Aidan opened his mouth to say something.

His boyfriend let out a soft moan of post-orgasmic bliss.

Aidan closed his mouth again.

He looked down.

He was still dressed for work, wearing his steel-toed leather boots. He felt his dick harden inside his denim coveralls.

Kory's legs were spread apart.

Perfect position.

His balls were still busy, drawn up in Kory's cute little nutsack.

Aidan took a step further.

Kory was oblivious to his boyfriend's presence in the room.

"You started without me?" Aidan said.

Kory froze.

Before he had a chance to say something, Aidan's boot connected with his nutsack, driving his tender, recently emptied balls into his body.

Aidan thought he could feel Kory's nuts compress even though it was impossible to feel anything through the steel cap in his boots. But he definitely heard something. A loud, wet SPLAT as his boot flattened his boyfriend's nuts like a fat, meaty pancake.

Kory's eyes opened wide and instantly filled with tears. He gasped for breath.

The dildo slipped out of his hole.

Aidan couldn't nelp but chuckle at the sight of Kory's hole winking at him.

How could he be mad at someone with an ass like that?

"Cheeky", he grinned before planting another hard kick between Kory's thighs, crunching poor Kory's nuggets hard.

Aidan took off his coveralls, scooped up some of Kory's cum and stuck his fingers deep into Kody's hole, making him moan softly. "Now it's my turn to have fun."

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Family affairs: Good sport

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Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Logan adjusted the boner in his loose sweat pants. The 18 year old high school wrestler was lying on his bed. He had just received a naughty picture from his girlfriend Ashley, and he felt his balls churning with pent-up sperm.

They hadn’t seen each other for a couple of days, and Logan had deliberately refrained from jerking off, saving his spunk for Ashley. She loved his cum, and Logan loved the sight of her cute face covered in it. Tonight, he was going to shower her in his salty jizz.

“Damn”, Logan chuckled, trying to calm down his raging erection that created a big tent in his pants.

Suddenly, the door to his room opened, and his father walked in.

“Dad!” Logan gasped, grabbing a book from his nightstand to cover his crotch. Unfortunately, the heavy book not only hid his erection, it also crushed it, bending the shaft and bashing it against his left nut.

Logan let out a dry cough, his eyes bulging as the pain rushed.

His father looked at him with an amused grin. He was 38 years old, a handsome, muscular man with dark blond hair. “Am I interrupting something?” He glanced at Logan’s crotch and chuckled.

“Ever heard of knocking?” Logan croaked, pressing the book against his crotch. His left nut was sending waves of pain through his body.

“Knocking one off, you mean?” Bradley chuckled. “Yeah, I’ve heard of that. Your mom is very cooperative, though, so I rarely feel the need to scour the tower of pow---“

“Daaaad!” Logan groaned, rolling his eyes.

Bradley let out a laugh. “Don’t let Ashley know you’re charming the purple snake or she’ll---“

“Dad!” Logan tossed the book at Bradley, hitting him squarely in the crotch.

Bradley let out a surprised yelp as the book fell to the ground. He doubled over, clutching his crotch and groaning in pain.

“Anything you wanted to tell me?” Logan said, jumping off his bed and adjusting his crotch. His boner was gone. The heavy book had done a good job of destroying his mighty erection. His balls were still tickling despite the pain – but that was to be expected after almost a week without release.

Bradley looked up, chuckling through the pain. “About Ashley?”

“No, dad”, Logan rolled his eyes again. He made sure to guard his crotch with both of his hands as he walked past his father. “You wanted to talk to me, right? That’s why you came in. Without knocking.”

Bradley’s fist shot up between Logan’s legs, hitting his hand and making Logan let out a laughing grunt.

Logan chuckled, rubbing his nuts.

Bradley grinned. “Your cousins are here. They are waiting downstairs. Apparently you invited them over for a video project?”

Logan stared at him. Then he let out a sigh, running his hands through his blond hair. “Shit, I totally forgot about that.”

His father grinned. “Logan?”

“Yeah?” Logan said.

Brandon glanced at Logan’s crotch.

His dick was growing hard again, tenting his sweat pants.

Brandon chuckled and threw a hard uppercut at his son’s nuts, crunching them into his body and making Logan let out a guttural grunt.

“You don’t want the boys to see your boner, right?” Bradley grinned as he turned around and left the room, whistling happily.

“Thanks, dad”, Logan croaked, rubbing his crotch as his boner faded.

“You’re welcome, son”, Bradley yelled as he walked down the stairs. “Happy to help.”


“Logaaaaaan!” Caleb and Jayden yelled in unison as Logan limped down the stairs.

Cheering and laughing, they jumped at him as soon as he had reached the floor.

Logan’s eyes widened “Easy, boys, eas---“

Jayden’s head bumped into Logan’s crotch as the ten year old slammed into him, throwing his arms around him.

“Oooof!” Logan’s eyes bulged and he let out an anguished grunt.

A split-second later, Caleb bumped into his brother, driving Jayden’s head into Logan’s unfortunate testicles once again.

Logan let out a high-pitched yelp and doubled over, wrapping his arms around his cousins as his face contorted in pain.

Caleb and Jayden loved their big cousin.

Caleb was 12, and his brother was 10 years old. Both of them were blond and blue-eyed, two hyperactive rascals with relentless energy and youthful vigor.

They loved to spend time with Logan, even if they only met him once or twice a month. He was a great playmate, funny and adventurous, far superior to their same-aged friends at school.

What they loved most about him was the funny faces and the hilarious noises he made for their entertainment.

“Great to see you, boys”, Logan said with a high-pitched voice.

Jayden and Caleb took a step back and looked at him.

“What’s with your voice?” Jayden said slowly.

“What about my voice?” Logan said in a soprano sing-song, a blank expression on his face.

“It’s funny”, Caleb giggled.

“Like Mickey Mouse”, Jayden added, snickering.

“Oh, that”, Logan said in a clear falsetto, nodding solemnly. “Well, it looks like you crunched my nuts, so…” He shrugged his shoulders.

Caleb and Jayden burst out laughing.

“Does that mean you’ll talk like this forever?” Caleb laughed.

“Well”, Logan said, scratching his chin with a thoughtful expression on his face. He lifted the waistband of his sweat pants and looked down. He shrugged his shoulders. “There’s nothing but peanut butter in my pants now, so I guess you are right.”

The boys laughed and clapped their hands in utter delight.

 “Maybe”, Caleb said, his eyes lighting up. “Maybe if we hit you in the boy bits again---“

“What?!” Logan said, his voice suddenly back to normal. “No, you---“

Caleb brought his leg back and sent it up between Logan’s thighs. It connected perfectly with Logan’s balls, ramming them into his body.

Logan folded like a camp-chair, falling to the ground and howling in pain as Caleb and Jayden convulsed with laughter.

“Anybody want some ice?” Bradley’s head peeked out from the kitchen, a huge grin on his face.

“Yeah!” Caleb and Jayden exclaimed.

“Chocolate with lots of sprinkles for Caleb and Jayden”, Bradley grinned as the boys ran past him. “And for you?”

“A bag”, Logan groaned, rubbing his sore testicles. “A bag of ice would be nice.”


“Okay, so what’s your project?” Logan said, hunkering down, his hands on his knees.

Caleb and Jayden smiled at him, their mouths smeared with dried chocolate ice cream.

“It’s for my school”, Caleb said. “We’re supposed to film a clip about sports.”

“What kind of sports?” Logan asked.

“Dunno”, Caleb said, shrugging his shoulders. “All kinds.”

Logan scratched his head. “Okay, are you sure you’ve got it right?”

“I know exactly what I we’re going to do”, Caleb said, his voice brimming with excitement. “I’ll be the director, and you’ll be the star.”

“Okay”, Logan chuckled.

“What about me?” Jayden mumbled, pouting.

“You’re too young”, Caleb said.

Jayden blinked, suddenly on the verge of tears.

“We’ll think of something”, Logan said, winking at Jayden. “Hey, I got an idea: You can be the cameraman.”

Jayden’s face lit up.

“No!” Caleb yelled. “It’ll be all shaky and stuff.”

Jayden looked at his feet.

“What about this: I’ll be the cameraman, and you’ll be the co-star”, Bradley suggested.

Caleb rolled his eyes. “But---“

“You need a co-star for your video, Caleb, right?” Logan interrupted him.

“I’ll be great!” Jayden said enthusiastically.

“Okay”, Caleb mumbled. “But don’t blow it.”

Logan and Bradley looked at each other and chuckled.

Caleb explained the plot. His vivid description made Jayden and Bradley laugh out loud while Logan was shifting uncomfortably.

“Okay”, Logan mumbled. “I better get my cup…”

“We brought one for you”, Caleb said, producing a tiny kid-sized protective cup.

Logan blinked.

His father chuckled. “Perfect! You thought of everything, Caleb!”

Caleb grinned proudly as he handed Logan the small plastic device.

Logan cleared his throat.

“What is it, son?” Bradley grinned.

Logan grimaced, inspecting the little cup. “Well, I’m thinking, maybe I should use my own---“

“Oh, come on”, his father interrupted him, patting his back. “Your cousin brought it just for you.” He turned to Caleb. “You want Logan to wear this one, right?”

Caleb nodded his head.

“See?” Bradley grinned. “You don’t want to disappoint him, do you?”

Logan raised his eyebrow. “Dad, if I wear this thing, I’ll have nothing but peanut butter in my pants when we’re done.”

“Well, that’s the point, isn’t it?” Bradley grinned, looking at Logan’s cousins for confirmation.

Caleb and Jayden broke out in cheers and laughter. “Peanut butter! Peanut butter!” they chanted, making Bradley laugh out loud.

Logan grimaced. “But---“

“If you don’t want to wear this one”, Bradley interrupted him with a grin, “feel free to wear no protection at all. I‘m sure your cousins would be fine with that as well…”

The boys’ cheers grew even louder.

“Okay, okay”, Logan said quickly. “This one’s fine…”

His father chuckled and put his hand on Logan’s shoulder. “If you’re lucky it’s big enough to protect one of your nuts and you’ll only have half a sack’s worth of peanut butter…”

Caleb and Jayden laughed as Logan changed into his jockstrap. He tried fitting his junk into the tiny cup but it was impossible to get everything in. Logan looked at his father and sighed.

“You gotta choose, son”, Bradley grinned. “Leftie or rightie.”

Logan let out a laugh. “Yeah. Well.” He shrugged his shoulders and adjusted the cup so it was encompassing his fat left nut. His jockstrap was bulging comically. He looked at his cousins and grinned weakly. “What are you waiting for? Let’s make some peanut butter!”

His father and the boys laughed as Logan grimaced comically and walked out into the garden in an exaggerated John Wayne swagger.

A couple of minutes later, they were filming.

“You’re not sure what kind of sport you’re into?” Logan smiled into the camera. “Well, I have a few suggestions for you!”

Logan’s father was holding the camera, chuckling as he watched his son stand on the lawn wearing nothing but his jockstrap, his legs spread wide apart, smiling into the camera as Jayden approached him from behind, carrying Logan’s baseball bat and snickering mischievously.

The wooden bat looked huge in Jayden’s hands, and he was having trouble holding it upright.

When it came to swinging it, though, Jayden was a pro.

“If you like hitting things – try baseball!” Logan said, his legs spread, his hands on his hips. “You have to hit as hard as you can, and----“

The baseball bat crashed into Logan’s crotch with a dull thud, making Logan’s eyes bulge as he doubled over, his face scrunching up as he let out a wheezing groan.

“Just like that”, Logan whispered in a toneless voice. “Just like that. You hit them right out of the park…”

Jayden, Caleb and Logan’s father burst out laughing as Logan fell to his knees, groaning in pain.

“How’s the cup working, son?” Bradley chuckled after switching off the camera.

Logan got up, groaning and rubbing his crotch. “Leftie is happy”, he grinned weakly.

“What about rightie?” Bradley looked at his son, an amused expression on his face.

“Not so much”, Logan chuckled, adjusting his crotch.

“Peanut butter!” Jayden yelled enthusiastically, wildly swinging the baseball bat, inadvertently hitting Logan in the crotch once again, causing Bradley to roar with laughter.

His son, despite the pain that was radiating from his precious jewels, joined in the laughter while massaging the contents of his jockstrap.

They resumed filming as soon as Logan was able to stand up straight again.

“If you have strong legs, maybe you should try football”, Logan said, smiling weakly into the camera. His legs were spread wide apart and his upper body was leaned forward, with his right hand touching the ground.

Jayden came running into the frame from behind, screaming a battle cry before kicking Logan’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Unfortunately, Jayden’s foot caught Logan’s unprotected right nut dead-on. The kick was right on target, and it lifted Logan off the ground, making him scream in pain as he collapsed on the ground, clutching his crotch and writhing in pain.

“Touchdown!” Jayden yelled enthusiastically. “Touchdown!”

Bradley and Caleb were laughing their asses off as Jayden ran in circles around Logan who was grunting and groaning in pain, his face contorted in agony.

“Aww, damn, we have to do it again”, Bradley grinned.

“What?!” Logan croaked, rubbing his aching gonads.

“Sorry, son”, Bradley chuckled. “I was laughing so hard that the camera was shaking.”

“No way, dad”, Logan moaned, his face contorted in agony.

“Let’s ask the director”, Bradley grinned, looking at Caleb.

Caleb pretended to think about it for a couple of seconds. Then he declared enthusiastically, “Do it again!”

“You gotta be kidding me”, Logan groaned as he got up, adjusting his crotch, grimacing, before spreading his legs and assuming his football position.

“Action!” Caleb yelled.

Logan looked into the camera. His smile was almost non-existant. “If you have strong legs, maybe you should try football”, he said flatly, bracing himself for the impact.

The sound of Jayden’s battle-scream sent shivers down his spine, and a second before Jayden’s foot made contact with his nuts, Logan’s eyes opened and he said, “Bad idea.”

A split-second later, his voice turned into a soprano wail. Jayden’s foot landed right in the center of Logan’s nutsack, squishing his unprotected right nut flat and driving the hard cup into his left nut.

Bradley and Caleb burst out laughing as Jayden did a little victory dance behind his older cousin who collapsed on the ground, squealing in agony.

“Oh my fucking god”, Logan groaned, curled up in a ball.

“Hey, watch your tongue”, Bradley chuckled.

“My fucking nuts are fucking killing me”, Logan whimpered, peeking into his shorts, only to close his eyes and let out a deep, guttural grunt.

“That’s not reason to swear, right?” Bradley said patiently, glancing at Jayden and Caleb who nodded solemnly.

“What do we do with people who use bad words?” Bradley smiled at Jayden and Caleb.

“We kick them in the boy bits!” Caleb yelled cheerfully.

Caleb and Jayden jumped at Logan and started kicking him, aiming for his balls. Logan grunted and groaned, curled up in a ball, trying to avert his cousins’ kicks, as his father roared with laughter.

“That’s right, boys”, Bradley chuckled. “We kick them right in the boy bits…”

This time, it took a little longer until Logan was ready to continue filming, and Bradley treated Jayden and Caleb to another round of icecream while they were watching Logan try to walk off the pain.

“Ready, son?” Bradley chuckled. “Now comes the best part.”

Logan looked at his father and rolled his eyes. “Not for me.”

“Or your boy bits”, Bradley mused, causing Logan to chuckle despite the pain that was radiating from his rapidly swelling nuts.

Bradley was sitting on top of a ladder, pointing his camera at the ground where his son was laying on the grass, looking up at him with an uneasy expression on his face.

“Action!” Caleb yelled.

He and his brother were standing on either side of Logan, slightly out of frame.

Logan looked into the camera and cleared his throat. “Or, if you don’t like ball games, you could try the trampoline”, he said. “It’s fun.”

As soon as Logan had stopped speaking, Jayden and Caleb jumped on top of him, their feet landing right on his crotch. They started jumping up and down, yelling and cheering enthusiastically as Logan’s nuts were squished under their feet.

There was a loud cracking noise as the protective cup shattered under the weight of the two boys – but Jayden and Caleb were too excited to notice.

Logan let out an ear-piercing shriek as his cousins jumped on his precious jewels, squashing them flat again and again with every jump, driving the splintered pieces of the useless protective cup into his hitherto unscathed left testicle, causing it to rapidly make up ground on its swollen companion…

Logan’s father was laughing in good-natured fun as he watched Jayden and Caleb use his son’s manhood as a trampoline, crunching his nuts, screeching with joy while Logan was shrieking in agony.

“Boys”, Bradley laughed. “I think that’s enough.”

“Nooooo!” Jayden and Caleb yelled in unison, driving their feet into Logan’s nuts again and again as the handsome hunk squealed in pain.

A minute or two later, when Logan had almost given up hope that his cousins would ever grow tired of jumping on his testicles, Jayden and Caleb descended their human trampoline, not without twisting their feet on Logan’s balls one last time, of course.

Bradley handed Caleb the camera.

“Nice”, Caleb grinned. “I bet this will be the best film of everybody in my class!”

“Yeah”, Bradley chuckled.

Logan had curled up in a ball, whimpering and moaning in pain.

Jayden and Caleb were picked up a couple of minutes later.

“Thanks, Logan”, Caleb said casually, rushing for his father’s car.

“Maybe I can make a film next time!” Jayden yelled, following his brother.

“See you, boys”, Logan croaked, still on the ground, cupping his aching nuts.

Bradley chuckled and knelt down next to his son. “Looks like the cup didn’t really work”, he grinned.

Logan pulled down his jockstrap, revealing his beet red, bruised, almost ridiculously swollen nuts. “Nope”, he whispered, tentatively rolling the tender orbs between his fingers.

“I hope you weren’t planning on making me any grandkids tonight”, Bradley chuckled.

“Oh, fuck”, Logan groaned. “I completely forgot about Ashley. She’s gonna be so pissed!”

His father burst out laughing. “Look at the bright side, son, I bet you won’t need to use a condom for the foreseeable future…”

“Daaaad!” Logan groaned, rolling his eyes.

Bradley laughed and smacked Logan’s swollen nuts playfully with the palm of his hand, causing him to shriek in pain and curl up in a ball.

Inside the house, the telephone rang.

Bradley got up and grinned. “If it’s Ashley I’ll tell her that the sperm factory is closed tonight.” He turned around and laughed.

“Dad!” Logan protested as his father walked into the house, whistling happily.

He looked at his severely damaged goods and groaned.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be discreet as usual”, Bradley shouted before disappearing inside the house.

Logan couldn’t help but chuckle.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (22)

For boys, the fun never ends. It doesn't take much for them to break into hysterical laughter: All they need is that ridiculous little beanbag that's dangling between their legs, and a mean-spirited friend. Hilarity ensues.

Here are some more of my favorite videos featuring guys hitting each other in the nuts for fun.

In the first video, a hapless young man is punished for wearing yellow skinny jeans. Serves him right. An unfortunate side effect of his poor choice of clothing is the fact that his package is very neatly held in place, leaving his precious spuds no room to hide. Watch his balls bounce in a video appropriately titled Skinny Jean Nut Shot - RIP Testicles.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

New poll: Story archive

In December it will be 9 years since I started this blog. I have written and published more than 500 stories that you can find in the archive at the top of this page right below the header.

I was wondering: Do you use the archive and read stories that have been published a while ago or do you read the newest blog entries only?

Let me know by voting in the new poll that will be open until November 15th. If you are reading this post on your computer you find the poll in the right column of this blog. If you are reading this post on your mobile device you find the poll at the bottom of this page.

Thank you!

Poll results: Permanent damage

Last month I asked you about your opinion regarding permanent damage. More than 300 people voted in the poll. Thanks to everybody who participated!

And here are the results:
No. I like my BB stories painful but non-permanent!   55%
Yes. The nastier the better!   24%
Sometimes. I enjoy a more brutal story now and then.   21%

These numbers reassure me to keep the direction of this blog as it is. Frankly, I don't know if a different outcome would have prompted me to change anything. I'll continue to write stories I'd like to read, which (most of the time) don't include permanent damage. But there will continue to be more brutal stories now and then. :-))

Again, thanks to everyone who voted!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Newbie (Larry meets Logan)

Special thanks to Larry for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who didn't care if he made the wrestling team!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Larry ran his hand through his red hair and exhaled deeply, leaning against the locker. He closed his eyes and counted to ten.

He was furious.

The 18 year old boy was new at Bartlett High. He was a handsome young man, quite tall, with a very muscular and defined body that was covered in freckles. His big dick and balls created a very impressive bulge in his wrestling singlet.

Larry opened his eyes again and looked at the ceiling.

“Sorry”, Speedy said with a sympathetic smile. “I thought you should know.”

“He seems like such a nice guy”, Larry said.

“Yeah, he does”, Speedy said with a shrug. “But he doesn’t like competition. He thinks he is the best wrestler on the team – and you’re threatening him.”

Speedy had a hard time staying serious. Inside, he was laughing his ass off. He couldn’t wait to tell his friends. He loved messing with the new kids at school. They were so gullible on their first days…

“What a fucking asshole”, Larry grumbled.

Speedy cleared his throat, suppressing a laugh. “Yeah.”

“Thanks for telling me”, Larry mumbled. “I’m gonna kick his fucking ass.”

Speedy chuckled. “Yeah.” He looked around. “He’s in the showers right now. I better go. Good luck.”

Larry nodded slowly. “Again, thank you.”

“No prob”, Speedy smiled. “You’re a nice guy, you know.”

Larry smiled weakly. “Yeah, you too.”

Speedy left the locker room, a huge smile on his face, whistling happily.

Larry turned around and punched the door of his locker. “Fucking asshole”, he grunted. He punched the door again, harder. “Fucking asshole!”

Larry was a nice guy, easygoing, friendly, sociable and funny. He had been looking forward to the new school. Making friends came naturally to him.

There was one thing he couldn’t stand, and that was being deceived.

He punched the door again, grunting as he felt the pain in his knuckles.

Oh, he’d teach that fucking asshole a lesson he’d never forget.

A familiar voice made him turn around.

“Hey, Larry, how’s it going?” Logan said, rubbing his wet body with a towel as he walked out of the showers.

Larry’s eyes narrowed.

Logan was oblivious to Larry’s dark mood.

He was 18 years old, like Larry. The captain of the wrestling team, Logan was one of the most popular guys at school. With a winning smile, a handsome face, an immaculate body, and a great sense of humor, he was the perfect package – liked, admired and respected by teachers and students alike. He had won countless trophies with the wrestling team but he didn’t make a big fuss about it.

He stood in front of his locker, drying his wet blond hair.

“I wanted to talk to you about something”, Logan said, turning to Larry with a wide smile on his face. His towel was hanging around his shoulders and he was stark naked, his limp cock and his low-hanging balls on full display.

Logan wasn’t shy about his body. And there was nothing to be ashamed of. He was blessed with a fat, meaty dick that was a lot bigger than average, and a very impressive pair of testicles to match. His pubes were neatly trimmed and his sack was shaved.

“Yeah”, Larry said slowly. “About what?”

Logan smiled and put his hands on his hips. “You had a pretty good trial”, he said. “You probably know that we had a lot of people there, and unfortunately we can’t take everybody on the team.” He paused, trying to build up suspense. “But”, he continued with a smile. “I liked you.”

Larry took a step forward. “You did.”

“Yeah”, Logan said. “I like your technique.”

“You do”, Larry said, taking another step forward. “Do you?”

Logan chuckled. “Sure.” He raised his eyebrows. “What’s the matter?”

“Listen, asshole”, Larry said slowly. “I don’t know what game you’re playing but you’re not fooling me.”

Logan blinked. “Pardon?”

Larry let out an angry grunt and swung his foot up between Logan’s thighs. His instep connected with Logan’s fat babymakers, smashing them into his body with a loud splat.

Logan’s eyes bulged and he let out a dry cough.

“You think you’re tough, huh, asshole?” Larry muttered as Logan doubled over, letting out a wheezing groan. “You think you can play me for a sucker, huh?”

Larry lunged at Logan and punched him in the kidney, making him scream in agony.

“Larry, listen”, Logan groaned. “I don’t know what you’re---“

“Shut the fuck up!” Larry growled, throwing a hard uppercut at Logan’s rock hard abs.

Logan howled in agony.

Larry grabbed Logan’s shoulders and slammed him against the lockers, making Logan groan in pain. “You think you’re clever, huh?”

He powered his knee up between Logan’s legs, crunching his nuts flat and eliciting an anguished wail.

“You think you’re better than me, huh?” Larry grunted, his eyes filled with rage as he rammed his knee into Logan’s precious jewels once again.

Logan shrieked in pain and doubled over, clutching his crotch. “Larry, I have no idea what you’re---“

Larry slammed his knee into Logan’s abs, knocking the wind out of him, before shoving him to the ground.

“Fuck you, asshole!” Larry grunted, grabbing Logan’s ankles and spreading his legs apart in a wide V. “Fuck you!”

Logan’s eyes widened as Larry raised his foot and stomped down on Logan’s crotch, squashing his hefty plums flat against his crotch.

Logan’s body jolted and he let out a miserable wail.

“Fuck you, asshole!” Larry repeated, wild with rage as he stomped down again, viciously crushing Logan’s meaty balls under his foot.

Logan let out a hoarse grunt as his eyes rolled back into his head.

Again and again, Larry stomped down on Logan’s fat nuggets as if he was trying to put out a fire. “I’m a fucking nice guy, and you treat me like shit!” he yelled as he crushed Logan’s balls with stomp after stomp after nut-shattering stomp.

Logan was grunting and groaning in agony. “Larry, please, Larry--- I--- Owfuckarghgh!“

Larry brought his foot down hard one more time, twisting it and causing Logan to scream from the top of his lungs. “Yeah”, he sneered. “You should listen to yourself pleading for mercy. You think you’re such a stud – but you are fucking pathetic! Fuck you, Logan! Fuck! You!”

Larry let go of Logan’s feet, and Logan curled up in a ball, whimpering in pain and clutching his aching babymakers.

Larry brought his leg back and kicked Logan’s kidney, making him groan in pain and roll to the side.

“Arghghfuck… Listen”, Logan groaned hoarsely. “I---

“Fucking liar”, Larry grunted, pulling Logan up by his hair and making him scream in pain.

Larry slammed him against the lockers. Then he grabbed his arm and pulled him to the other side, causing him to crash into the wall.

Logan staggered forward, his face a mask of pain, and Larry punched him in the abs with a hard, well-placed uppercut.

Logan coughed.

Another hard punch found Logan’s reddening abs as he coughed and groaned in agony.

“You think everybody loves you, huh?” Larry grunted, bringing his leg back and throwing a mean, hard kick into Logan’s unprotected testicles, ramming the two swollen babymakers into his pelvis.

Logan choked and coughed.

“You think you’re everybody’s darling, huh?” Larry growled as Logan collapsed on the ground.

Logan gasped for air. He tried to say something, to defend himself, but everything that came out of his mouth was throaty gibberish. “Ighughfuckanghmmm…”

He crawled away from Larry towards the showers, on all fours, his head spinning, his body aching.

Larry followed him, laughing derisively. “Guess what, one of your ‘friends’ told me everything about you”, he said before delivering a hard kick to Logan’s balls from behind.

Logan’s body was pushed forward and he collapsed on the ground, grunting, bawling, roaring incoherently.

He managed to get back on all fours again, crawling into the showers.

“That’s what friends are for, right?” Larry yelled, his voice echoing in the tiled room. “Thank god somebody warned me about you!” He kicked Logan’s nuts from behind again, making Logan scream from the top of his lungs. “You fucking asshole!”

“Whognaghrgh…” Logan was unable to form any words at this point.

His nuts were aching, his abs were aching, his kidneys were aching, every fiber in his body was aching. Ironically, his fat dick had turned into a raging erection that was wedged between his body and the tiled floor. “Whognaghrghaargh…”

His boner didn’t go unnoticed by Larry who let out a laugh and kicked Logan’s ass, slamming his body into the shower wall. “You’re fucking pathetic!”

Logan was gasping for breath, lying on the floor, flat on his belly, his hard cock and his swollen balls exposed between his thighs. He raised his hands, trying to find something to hold on to, but his fingers slipped off the slick tiles.

Larry laughed and brought his foot down hard on Logan’s dick and balls, squashing the complete set flat against the ground.

Logan let out a retching grunt.

“Pathetic!” Larry stomped down on Logan’s genitals again, eliciting a gurgling, throaty croak.

The mushroom head of Logan’s fat cock was crushed under Larry’s heel, and his meaty, swollen spuds were flattened under the ball of his foot.

Logan gagged.

“Fucking pathetic!” Larry yelled, bringing his foot down hard on Logan’s most precious possessions.

Logan’s body convulsed.

His dick spat out a huge jet of cum that splattered all over the tiles.

Logan heaved and retched before throwing up, coughing and spitting, his face contorted in agony.

Larry took a step back, grimacing in disgust as he watched Logan puke and shoot his load at the same time.

His dick was twitching and throbbing, releasing jet after creamy jet of cum that that made its way over the tiles and ran down the drain.

“Gross”, Larry mumbled. “You should be ashamed of yourself!”

Logan was panting and retching, lying in a pool of his own puke, as his dick sputtered out spurt after spurt of salty semen.

“Take a shower”, Larry said, turning on the water before turning around and walking away, leaving Logan behind as the water poured down on him.

Logan curled up in a ball, clasping his aching balls, gasping for breath. His throat was sore, his cock was spent, his balls were drained. There was a vile taste in his mouth. He coughed and groaned in pain.

Larry opened his locker and changed his clothes, a satisfied smile on his face.

“Fuck the wrestling team!” he mumbled as he put his singlet into his bag.

Suddenly, his eyes fell on Logan’s open locker. There was a piece of paper in there. The team sheet.

He looked away. He didn’t care who had made the team. He hadn’t. That was all that mattered.

But then, his curiosity got the better of him.

“Okay”, he muttered, reaching into Logan’s locker and grabbing the sheet. He read the names on the list and froze.

“What the fuck?!” he whispered.

He turned the paper around. It was real. No doubt about it.

“What the fuck?!” he repeated, incredulously.

Holding the sheet firmly in his hand, he walked back into the shower.

Logan was lying on the ground, his eyes closed, water running down his naked body.

“Logan”, Larry said softly.

Logan’s eyes opened and immediately widened in terror.

“Logan”, Larry repeated, taking a step forward.

Logan let out a frightened grunt.

“What is this?” Larry asked, holding up the team sheet.

Logan stared at him.

“I made the team?” Larry said slowly.

Logan let out an unintelligible groan before he was shaken by a coughing fit. He nodded his head, his face contorted in pain.

“Fuck”, Larry mumbled. “Logan, shit, I’m so sorry!”

Logan blinked.

“I was told that I didn’t make it”, Larry said, suddenly blushing.

Logan cleared his throat. “Who?” he grunted hoarsely.

“I don’t know his name”, Larry said, scratching his head. “Lanky guy, spiky blond hair, said he was a friend of yours.”

“Speedy”, Logan croaked.

Larry nodded. “Yeah, that’s the guy.”

Logan let out a coughing laugh.

Larry smiled sheepishly. “I guess he took me for a ride, huh?”

Logan nodded. “Newbie”, he grunted.

“Yeah, I guess he does it with everybody”, Larry said meekly.

Logan chuckled and coughed.

“And I fell for it”, Larry mumbled.

Logan looked at him, managing a weak grin. “Welcome.”

Larry laughed. “Yeah, well, thanks.” He paused. “Captain.” He switched off the shower and helped Logan up.

Logan put his arm around Larry and limped into the locker room.

“That Speedy guy loves pranks, huh?” Larry grinned.

Logan nodded his head as he sat down on a bench. He looked down at his crotch. His balls were beet red and badly swollen.

Larry grimaced at the sight.

Logan looked up at Larry, a mischievous grin on his face. “We gotta get back at him”, he whispered, his voice throaty and hoarse.

“Yeah”, Larry chuckled. “I’m sure we’ll come up with something nice and painful…”

They burst out laughing.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Video links: Bollywood balls (5)

It's been a long time since I treated you to a bit of Bollywood ballbashing fun, right? Hot guys, hilarious reactions, over-the-top sound effects - nutshots in Indian movies and TV series are surely among the best in the world!

Special thanks, as always, to an anonymous reader who has provided me with a lot of clips that I wouldn't have found otherwise.

Let's dive right into the manhood-mangling mayhem with a scene from the trailer of A Flying Jatt. It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment  featuring our handsome hero getting whacked in the bajingos with a baseball.

Monday, October 10, 2016

GoPros and lowblows - part 3 (written by Reg)

This is a great piece of writing from our reader Reg. It's always amazing to see someone else take my characters and write a story with them. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did! Special thanks to Reg for this extraordinary story!

Previous parts:
Part 1
Part 2

“Kev wins! That’s one point each” Josh announced.

Ben groaned miserably as he pawed his defeated balls and watched Kev celebrate his win. It took several minutes before he was able to stand up for the next challenge.

“Come on tough guy, you’ll bounce back!” Josh slapped Ben on the back.

The big jock was still reeling from his defeat and his proud balls felt like they had been run over by a bus. He bit his lip as he tried to think of a challenge to defeat his room-mate without causing further havok to his sorry genitals.

“Come on buddy, how about biggest balls? Last time was fun!” Kev taunted him with a wicked grin.

“Fuck you!” Ben mumbled glumly.

Josh whispered something in Ben’s ear. The jock raised his eyebrows and he peered up with a sudden look of inspiration.

“I know!” Ben exclaimed excitedly “Let’s see who’s got the biggest arms!!!”

“Sure whatever” Kev shrugged nonchalantly.

Ben rolled his shoulders and stretched his neck like a boxer warming up before a fight. Slowly he raised his arms into a double biceps pose and flaunted his powerful muscles in front of Kev’s face.

Ben grinned confidently. He loved to show off his body and he was especially proud of his arms. He spent hours in the gym sculpting his stunning biceps and he was in no doubt that they would trump his workout buddy.

“Check out my guns of steel!” Ben bragged. 

Josh cheered wildly but Kev just rolled his eyes disdainfully and casually mirrored Ben’s pose. Both jocks flaunted their baseball sized guns and glared at each other.

“Is that all you’ve got!” Ben scoffed dismissively.

“They’re at least as big as yours!” Kev stated bluntly.



“Face facts Kev, Ben’s guns are bigger!” Josh announced finally.

Josh grabbed Ben’s arm and traced the hard mound with his fingers, admiring the rock-hard peak of muscle. Kev frowned in annoyance. Ben’s biceps did seem to peak slightly higher than his own but he seemed reluctant to concede defeat.

“Bullshit” he snapped

“OK why don’t you measure them, Josh!” Ben laughed.

Josh ran off eagerly and returned with a plastic measuring tape. He draped it first over Ben’s beefy arm and pulled it tight around his flexed arm.

“Holy shit! Sixteen and a half inches!” Josh announced excitedly.

“Fuck yeah!” Ben whooped excitedly.

Next up was Kev and Josh soon had the tape looped around his thick arm.

“And Kev has sixteen and …” Josh tutted in irritation. He seemed dissatisfied with the result and readjusted the tape carefully.

 “Well um, sixteen and a half inches too” he muttered in disappointment.

“WHAT???” Ben huffed and he stared in astonishment at the tape on Kev’s arm.

“Looks like a draw” Kev smiled broadly “You need to grow triceps like these!”

Ben held his head in dismay as Kev flaunted the thick muscles behind his arm.

“I guess no winner that time” Josh stated bluntly “And the score remains one point each. Your turn again, Kev”

“Well let me think!” Kev rubbed his hands together eagerly.

“I know! Let’s check who’s really got the biggest balls?”

Ben quietly groaned in despair and the muscles of his jaw twitched nervously. He was still stunned that his beautiful biceps had been denied victory and now his prized testicles were about to be put to shame again!!!

Kev eagerly removed his briefs and stood stark naked in front of his rival. He rolled his hips, making his big cock and heavy balls swing triumphantly between his muscled thighs. He flaunted his package in front of the Go-Pro lens and was clearly enjoying Ben’s look of utter dismay.

“Yeah, I know you dream of having a cock like mine” Kev chuckled gleefully.

He held out his big schlong proudly under Ben’s irate glare. Then with a cocky grin he grabbed his beefy balls with his other hand and rolled them in his open palm.

“But now let’s see if your little raisins have grown since last time.” Kev laughed cruelly.

Ben scowled as he observed his room-mates impressive equipment. The memories of their recent vegetable competition flooded through his mind. With a fatalistic frown he grasped the sides of his briefs and slid them down his thighs, shutting his eyes to avoid witnessing Kev’s smug face.

Ben’s hefty wedding tackle flopped out of his briefs and swung heavily between his thighs and Josh knelt down eagerly to compare their goodies.

“Get that little wiener out the way” Kev chuckled “and see if you can find Ben’s berries”

Josh shuddered with excitement as he reached forward and grasped Ben’s delicious cock. He gazed at it hungrily and didn’t seem at all bothered how it measured up against Kev’s. Slowly he lifted it up to inspect Ben’s meatballs.

“Well Josh?” Kev beamed across at his humiliated room-mate.

“Well I guess, it’s clear” Josh gulped “You win!”

“Ha ha! No shit!” Kev laughed, pumping his fist.

With a joyful grin he proudly weighed his big nuts in his hand and beamed across at his blushing roommate.

“So buddy, remind me who’s got the biggest balls in the room!!!” Kev laughed.

“Hey, Kev!” Josh yelled up at his cousin.

Kev peered down at him with a curious expression.

“I said YOU win!”

Josh was grinned wickedly and pointed at a dumbstruck Ben. Both jocks gazed down in confusion as Josh took Ben’s nuts in his hands and held them up next to Kev’s.

Kev blinked twice and then gaped like a hungry carp at feeding time. It was impossible but true! Ben’s balls looked beefier than last time he had seen them and now even eclipsed his own hefty gonads. Kev pointed dumbly at Ben’s fat testicles and stammered but could find no words to express what his eyes were seeing.

Ben gulped then inhaled loudly. A tidal wave of immense joy flooded his meagre brain as he gazed at the mighty bull-balls between his legs! Neither jock seemed to realise how bruised and swollen they were from the brutal pounding they had suffered.

“Biggest balls in the room!!!” Ben roared in delight.

“Yes Ben wins!” Josh yelled in delight.

“Now Kev!” Ben beamed joyfully “Let’s see if I can crack your tiny nuts!”

Kev seemed to be in a trance as he obediently spread his legs to receive his punishment.

Ben took a running start and powered his foot into Kev’s vulnerable dangling eggs. His toes smashed into the jock’s sex organs sending them careening upwards. Kev howled as his nuts were crushed between foot and pelvis.

He stood clutching himself and gasping before staggering and then collapsing in agony next to the foot that had so neatly floored him. He remained moaning in pain for several minutes as Ben swung his big balls triumphantly above him.

“What a stud! Ben has the biggest balls in the room!” Josh yelled “And now he leads with two points to one!”

Ben pumped his fist as he flaunted his baby-makers in front of the camera.

“Hey, there’s still one challenge left!” Kev protested angrily as he rose painfully to his feet.

“So what will it be Josh?” Kev scowled “And remember YOU have to face the winner this time!”

Kev smirked as Josh gulped and cast his eyes over the two naked jocks. It was obvious to everyone that he had no chance of victory against such impressive studs.

“Let’s make it double-points for the final challenge!” Kev added.

It was more a statement than a question and the others shrugged in agreement. Ben seemed unaware that he had just gifted his rival a chance to overtake his slender lead.

“Ok so the final challenge will be …” Josh inhaled nervously “longest cock”

“But Josh…” Ben sputtered.

He looked mortified and he gaped at the teenager like Julius Caesar to Brutus as the knife pierced his body.

“Good choice Josh!” Kev laughed gleefully “Are you ready, Ben?”

He reached down and grabbed his impressive tool with utmost conviction. He and Ben had compared their cocks on numerous occasions and, although they were both in the porn-star league,  Kev knew he was slightly more hung.

“Come on buddy!” Kev chuckled “Let’s see how your little worm measures up today!”

Kev held his cock out in his hands and pretended to count the inches with his fingers.

Ben scowled at him angrily and reluctantly stepped forward. Josh knelt down between them and bit his lip as he gazed at their big flaccid members. They were both impressive specimens but of course Kev’s confidence was well founded. His impressive tool clearly dangled a fraction longer than Ben’s.

“Look we’re both pretty big. So let’s just call it a draw?” Ben’s voice cracked as he pleaded with Josh.

Josh peered up at him but seemed unconvinced.

“Ha, nice try buddy!” Kev laughed  “Come on Josh, you don’t need a measuring tape for this!”

Kev gave a cheeky grin as he swung his hips, making his heavy cock smack loudly against its smaller rival. Ben whimpered and hung his head in shame.

“Hang on guys, I want to be absolutely sure” Josh whispered nervously.

Unseen by Kev, the teenager carefully wrapped his finger’s around Ben’s virile plums and gave them a playful squeeze.

The big jock gasped in surprise and his powerful muscles twitched. Then Josh carefully ran his fingers down the underside of Ben’s cock until, to his delight, it responded with the faintest twitch. Biting his lip, the boy repeated the same move again.

“So, come on! Who’s the winner?” Kev smirked confidently.

“Well, you’re both pretty hung” Josh announced finally “but Ben’s right, it is a draw”

“Yes!!!” Ben sighed in relief “I knew it!”

“Bullshit!” Kev retorted angrily.

Josh grinned and held both cocks against each other in his hand to prove his point.

Kev peered down at the two prized exhibits. To his astonishment, he really could see no difference in size between them.

“You’ll never beat my huge sausage!” Ben grinned triumphantly and pointed proudly at his cock.

“Bullshit, I always beat you!” Kev sputtered in disbelief.

“Well maybe your dicky is shrinking!” Ben laughed and he  curled his little finger in front of Kev’s face.

Kev put his hands on his hips and frowned. He took a few deep breaths as he prepared to concede the draw. Slowly he looked up but his frown had now curled into a sly grin.

“No Ben, my dick’s not shrinking! I think yours is growing!” Kev chuckled as he pointed at Ben’s crotch.

Ben glanced down in alarm and his face turned bright crimson. His cock was now semi-hard and throbbing rhythmically in Josh’s palm, clearly the lasting effect of the teenagers handcraft. Its thick purple head was even peeking out through his foreskin like a curious one-eyed snake.

“OK Ben, let try it your way!” Kev laughed

He grabbed his own cock and began jerking it enthusiastically.

Ben sighed and reluctantly began stroking his own joy-stick. He leaned back and closed his eyes as he pumped away at his big schlong with a determined expression. His smooth, plump balls had withdrawn to the base of his cock and jiggled in time with his jerking.

“How’s it going buddy?” Kev enquire moments later as he slapped his room-mate on the back.

“Ready” Ben grunted.

Ben opened his eyes and gazed sown with pride at his impressive schlong that looked impressively thick and long as always. Then he glanced across and gulped as he caught site of his room-mate’s towering erection. It was thrusting skywards, rock hard and glistening with precum. He blushed slightly as he realized that he probably fell a good half-inch short.

“Fuck! Ok you are bigger” Ben almost choked on the words.

“Yeah! Isn’t it a beauty!” Kev exclaimed, slapping his victorious cock against Ben’s drooping tool.

“But I’ve still got bigger balls!” Ben mumbled.

“Ha! We’ll see next time” Kev smirked dismissively “Anyway, now it’s your turn little cousin!”

Kev positioned the Go-Pro carefully. His cocky little cousin was about to get ridiculed and Kev was going to make sure all his friends knew it. Josh gulped, and stared wide eyed like a deer trapped in headlights.

“Hard or soft?” Kev laughed.

He paraded in front of his cousin making his pendulous genitals swing threateningly. His cock had started to droop but was still slightly engorged and hung thick and long in front of his meaty balls.

“Soft please” Josh whispered.

Biting his lip he slowly lowered his briefs exposing his wispy black pubes. Then, with a nervous smile he slid them down an inch further to reveal the slightest glimpse of his teenage cock.

“Ha! What a cute little dick!” Kev chuckled.

Josh blushed and turned around bashfully, covering his groin.

“OK you win, dickhead! Leave Josh alone” Ben muttered angrily at Kev.

“It’s alright Ben” Josh gulped bravely “I agreed to do this”

“That’s the spirit, kid!” Kev chuckled and rubbed the boy’s hair playfully.

Josh sighed and slipped his briefs off completely. Kev chuckled as Josh revealed his firm, naked butt cheeks. Then the boy turned back to Kev with both hands still covering his naked genitals. He looked petrified, concealing his young cock in his hands while his teenage balls dangled between his legs like ripe grapes in a silky sack.

“I can’t wait to kick those little nuts!” Kev smirked “But first show us your little boy toy!”

“OK” Josh muttered despondently.

Kev cheered ironically as Josh finally released his hands and stood stark naked with his hands on his hips. However Kev’s laugh turned to a strange, wheezing croak as the air caught suddenly in his throat.

“Duuuude!” Ben gasped and blinked in surprise.

Josh grinned at the reaction and peered down proudly at his slender teenage cock. What it lacked in girth it more than made up for in length and Josh looked delighted that his faked shyness had fooled the two jocks. He wiggled  his hips slowly making his long dong slap softly against his smooth tanned thighs.

“That’s quite a snake, huh Kev!” Ben grinned nudging his room-mate.

“Well it’s certainly bigger than yours” Kev smirk pointing at Ben’s crotch.

Ben frowned but chose to ignore the jibe.  He bit his lip as he anxiously assessed the manly assets of the two finalists. Usually he felt ashamed when he was among guys that out-ranked him but if Josh could defeat his room-mate it would make his own defeat easier to swallow.

“Nice try little cousin but I’m still bigger!” Kev boasted confidently “Your pencil dick is out of its league”

“Yeah?” Josh grinned as he tried to sound like a dumb jock.

“Yeah!” Kev snapped angrily “You want me to prove it!”

Kev and Josh were soon face to face and comparing their big tools together as Ben watched on nervously.

“Nice try, Josh but I win!” Kev bragged arrogantly “Look, mine’s at least twice as thick! A chick wouldn’t even feel your little poke stick!”

“Yeah right!  Mine’s like an inch longer” Josh licked his lips “so I can reach sooooo much deeper”

“He’s right dude! Longest cock wins, so I guess you lose!” Ben chuckled as he slapped his room mate around the head.

“I’m still more hung than you!” Kev huffed turning angrily to Ben.

“But I’ve got bigger balls!” Ben snarled back, grabbing his junk to antagonize his rival.

“Hey guys” Josh laughed, pushing the two jock’s apart “Time to count the final scores!”

“ So I make it two points for Ben!” Josh yelled “Armwrestling champion and biggest balls!”

“Woohoo!” Ben yelled “I’m the man!”

“And two points for me!” Josh gave his cousin a cheeky nudge “thanks to my massive cock”

 Kev frowned angrily.

“And one little point for you Kev” Josh giggled “because Ben let you win at Roshambo”

“What a team! Biggest balls and  biggest cock in the room!” Ben roared in triumph and gave Josh a high five.

“Fucking bullshit!” Kev huffed.

“But since I beat BOTH of you, you’re in for a double punishment.” Josh laughed “Let’s see if I can crack four big nuts with one strike!” Josh chuckled.

He lined the two jocks up with Kev standing in front of Ben and spread their legs wide. They took their places willingly and neither seemed at all afraid of a kick from the teenager. Slowly Josh walked behind them then with a wicked grin, he silently picked up a heavy baseball bat from the corner. He pitched his sights on the two hefty nutsacks and made a few practice swings, feeling the lethal weight of the club in his hands.

Gritting his teeth he took a huge back swing and powered the bat full force between both jocks’ muscular legs. The middle of the bat contacted first, landing directly between Ben’s proud balls smashing them up into his pelvis. Then the business end of the bat careened into Kev’s tough right nugget with a sickening squelch, crushing it flat against his muscled thigh.

Both jocks howled in unison as they gazed down in horror at the lethal weapon that had shattered their precious jewels. Kev’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he keeled forward and fell on his knees. He groaned in agony and clutched at his stomach and his balls as his muscular body heaved once then again. Finally his cheeks puffed out and with a pitiful groan he puked violently then curled into a ball sobbing in agony. 

Ben remained doubled over clutching his swollen balls and groaning in agony. He managed a faint painful grin as he watched his rival throwing up.

“Wow! Balls of steel!” Josh chuckled and slapped Ben hard on the ass.

“My balls!” Ben croaked as he too joined Kev on the floor.

“OK see you later guys, I’ve got to go send this video to Alex” Josh chuckled as he grabbed the Go-Pro.

“Huh? You know Alex?” Ben gasped weakly.

“Sure! I’m a big fan of BallbustingBoys” Josh continued with a cheeky grin “And I made a little bet with him. Now what will I spend the money on?”

The door slammed shut as Josh left the apartment.

Friday, October 7, 2016

7 days of pain: Day 7 (Finale)

Special thanks to our reader Richard Rock who came up with the idea for this story!

If you want to read another story feat. Justin Bieber and you don’t mind brutal violence and permanent damage, you might want to check out “Rage and Revenge”.

Previous parts:
Day 1 (Kev, Colin and Ben)
Day 2 (Cal and Brandon)
Day 3 (Leo, Sammy and Tristan)
Day 4 (the twins)
Day 5 (Danny and Simon)
Day 6 (Logan and Zach)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

“Yeah, that’s no surprise”, Justin Bieber mumbled.

The handsome superstar was taking part in the celebrity edition of a very popular Reality TV game show, and his participation was driving ratings for “7 days of pain” through the roof. He had spent the past six days getting humiliated and tortured, his naked body on full display for millions of viewers who had taken great delight in seeing the bratty singer’s balls get busted harder and harder every day.

After yesterday’s session, the viewers had been voting on the team that would get another shot at Bieber’s balls.

Justin was naked, his tanned upper body covered in tattoos. He looked a bit tired – which was hardly surprising considering what his junk had gone through…

His dick was sore and red, and his balls were considerably swollen, the skin of his sack covered in bruises.

But despite his pitiful physical state, the superstar was surprisingly cocky and confident.

“Bring it on”, Justin said, putting his hands on his hips, a wide sneer on his face. “Just bring it on.”

He had just been told that he’d face Zach and Logan for the grand finale.

Logan was an 18 year old high school wrestler, a handsome young man with blond hair and a muscular body.

Zach was 20 years old, blond and handsome, a bit taller than Logan, and a bit more muscular. He was blessed with an extraordinary big cock and a huge pair of balls to match.

Even though they were not related, Logan and Zach looked like brothers.

Today’s set-up was slightly different from the previous days’. Instead of the candy-colored torture chamber that we had seen in the previous six installments, there was a wrestling ring at the far end of the studio, and there would be a live audience tonight, surrounding the ring, comprised of all the candidates that had manhandled Justin Bieber’s balls the previous days.

I was sitting next to Kev, Ben and Colin who had treated Bieber’s spuds as a speed bag on the first day. Sitting opposite us were Brandon and Cal, two handsome swimmers who had used a humbler and a vise to squish a load out of Justin’s nuts on the second day. In the same row, Leo, Sammy and Tristan, our resident skater boys, were joking about the third day when they had milked Justin’s balls dry. The row to my right was shared by the twins Will and Michael who had made Justin suck his own cock on the fourth day, and the dynamic duo of Danny and Simon who had initiated a face-fucking free-for-all on the fifth day.

But all those humiliating, painful experiences paled in comparison to the sixth day.

Zach and Logan had wreaked havoc on the famous singer’s nuts, all but turning his precious jewels to diamond dust before stretching Justin’s holes to their limits, spitroasting him before flooding him with cum from both ends.

To my left were the cameras that would capture everything for the viewers at home who were eagerly awaiting Justin’s final day of pain, judging from the reactions on twitter and Facebook. #nokidsforbieber was trending worldwide, as was #fuckthefucker.

Zach and Logan were standing in the middle of the ring, opposite Justin Bieber, smirking at him.

They were bare naked just like the singer.

Zach’s fat, meaty dick was semi-hard, dangling in front of his low-hanging nuts.

“How are you?” Logan grinned, casually jerking his impressive cock.

There was an almost unnoticeable flicker in his eyes when Justin announced, “I’m great. I’m looking forward to beating your ass, in fact!”

Logan and Zach laughed.

“How does your hole feel?” Zach chuckled. His thick cock twitched. “Not as tight as it used to be, huh?”

Justin turned away from him and looked at Logan, an arrogant smirk on his face. “Your big-dicked friend seems to think I’ll just let you do whatever you want with me. But today is different. Today I’m allowed to fight back. And I’m going to beat your fucking asses. Then I’m going to fuck you hard. And then I’m going to let everybody else have a turn…” He looked at the audience. “What do you think, guys?”

Despite the fact that the audience consisted of Logan’s and Zach’s friends, and despite the fact I know they loved seeing Justin Bieber get taken down a peg, the guys burst into cheers and applause.

Logan and Zach shifted uncomfortably. They had been counting on a friendly audience. Now it seemed like their friends were rooting for the arrogant superstar.

“The big guy’s balls are made of glass!” Kev yelled.

“Yeah, go for his nuts!” Ben chimed in.

They high-fived and burst out laughing.

As soon as the cameras were rolling, the three guys were in attack position.

Clearly, Justin was at a disadvantage, facing two muscular opponents.

Logan didn’t waste any time. He brought his foot up between Justin’s legs, aiming for Justin’s swollen nuts.

But the singer jumped to the side and punched Logan’s foot away, retaliating with a hard punch to the jaw that sent Logan stumbling back, grunting in pain.

Zach made the next move, lunging at Justin, his knee aimed at Justin’s most precious possessions.

Again, Justin managed to evade the blow while delivering a nut-smashing attack on Zach at the same time.

Justin’s foot connected with Zach’s low-hanging balls, smashing his fat plums into his body and making him let out a surprised grunt that turned into an anguished groan as he doubled over in pain.

“Ooooooooh!” the crowd went, cringing in sympathy.

“That’s gotta hurt”, Colin shouted, laughing.

“It hurts worse coming from Justin Bieber”, Kev chimed in.

The crowd laughed.

“Wow”, Logan grunted, rubbing his jaw. “You’re a fighter, huh?”

Zach sank to his knees, clutching his balls, his face contorted in pain.

“Surprised?” Justin smirked.

Logan shrugged his shoulders, before balling his fists and smiling at Justin. “I thought you’d let others do the fighting for you.”

Zach let out a miserable whimper, cradling his huge balls in his hands.

Before Justin had a chance to respond, Logan lunged at him, aiming a hard punch at Justin’s face.

This time, Logan’s attack worked. His fist connected with Justin’s world-famous face, making the singer scream in pain. He sank to his knees, clutching his head, screaming from the top of his lungs.

“Don’t touch my fucking face!” he wailed, his voice cracking with rage and anger.

The crowd burst out laughing.

Logan let out a laugh. “Oh, come on, there’s nothing that can ruin that pretty face of yo---“

Justin let out a guttural groan and brought his fist up between Logan’s thighs, smashing his nuts into his body.

Logan’s eyes widened and he let out a dry cough.

Back on his feet, Justin delivered a hard punch to Logan’s muscular abs, making the handsome high school senior grunt in pain.

The tattooed superstar grabbed Logan’s shoulders and brought his knee up between Logan’s thighs, flattening his balls like pancakes.

Logan let out an anguished scream, trying to push Justin away, but the singer followed up with another hard knee to Logan’s precious testicles.

“Holy fuck!” Cal laughed. “The boy knows how to fight!”

Again and again, Justin’s knee found Logan’s balls, squishing his tender babymakers into his body and eliciting all kinds of funny noises.

“Shit!” Sammy yelled incredulously. “Look at him!”

“Finally we know what Justin Bieber is good at”, Colin quipped, prompting riotous laughter as the singer all but annihilated Logan’s nuts with his knee.

“Looks like we’ll get to fuck two asses tonight!” Kev chimed in, causing the rest of the guys to whoop and cheer.

Justin delivered one final hard knee to Logan’s nuts before pushing him to the ground where he curled up in a ball, moaning in pain.

The singer turned to the audience and grinned, “How do you like that, guys?”

The crowd cheered and clapped.

Justin turned to Zach who was back on his feet, staring at Logan who was writhing in pain.

“What the fuck?!” Zach moaned, scratching his head.

Justin approached him, a confident smile on his face. “Hey, big guy”, he grinned, glancing at the fat, hard cock between Zach’s legs. “Your turn now.”

Zach opened his mouth to say something but Justin stopped him by grabbing his huge nuts with both of his hands and squeezing hard.

Zach’s face contorted in pain as Justin’s fingertips dug into the tender flesh of his meaty plums. His mouth opened and closed, making him look like fish out of water, as his eyes watered and lost focus.

The crowd was roaring with laughter and applause.

“You thought you could fuck me, huh?” Justin growled, squishing and squashing and twisting Zach’s meaty nuggets with his bare hands.

Zach let out a pitiful high-pitched squeak, his eyes crossing, his dick twitching violently.

“You wanted to fuck me with that disgusting monster of a cock”, Justin grunted, letting go of Zach’s nuts, turning him around and throwing him to the ground.

Zach landed on all fours, groaning in pain. Before he had a chance to grab his aching nuts, Justin reached between his thighs from behind, grabbed Zach’s hard cock and yanked it backwards, squishing Zach’s meaty danglers against his legs and grinding them between his hard cock and his muscular thighs.

Zach let out a soprano wail as Justin balled his fist and threw a devastating punch at the glistening head of his twisted cock.

The crowd cringed in sympathy, roaring with laughter.

“I’ll make you fuck yourself”, Justin grinned, bending Zach’s rock-hard member, guiding it towards Zach’s puckered hole.

Zach’s balls were squished flat against his body and he was presenting a bizarre rendition of “The highest notes I ever sang” while kneeling on all fours, his face contorted in pain.

Justin squeezed and bent Zach’s cock, trying to stuff the fat mushroom head into Zach’s ass.

The unfamiliar sensation and the friction caused Zach’s dick to twitch and throb violently.

Suddenly, a violent volley a creamy cum shot out of Zach’s dick, hitting Justin right in the face. It was followed by a second and a third spurt of spunk that shot directly into Justin’s open eyes, making him scream in surprise.

The fourth and the fifth spurt found their way into Justin’s open mouth, turning his scream into a funny gurgle.

Zach’s cock was shooting cum like a fire hose, drenching Justin’s famous face in cum and making him gasp for breath.

“Holy fuck!” Kev laughed. “Didn’t see that coming.”

“Neither did he!” Leo quipped to roaring laughter.

Blinded by the salty cum in his eyes, Justin let go of Zach’s cock, allowing him to curl up in a ball as the cum-covered singer frantically tried to wipe Zach’s jizz out of his eyes, only making matters worse by rubbing it in.

In the meantime, Logan had recovered and approached Justin, rubbing his balls and limping slightly, grimacing in pain.

Justin was whirling around, yelling obscenities as he was rubbing his sore eyes.

Without further ado, Logan brought his leg back and kicked the singer’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Justin’s scream stopped abruptly and he let out a pitiful squeak before collapsing on the ground, groaning and moaning in pain. He was blinking frantically, his eyes red and sore, and it was obvious that he couldn’t see Logan kneeling down next to him.

“Okay”, Logan said slowly, reaching between Justin’s legs. “Now we know that you are a great fighter.” He wrapped his fingers around Justin’s balls and squeezed them hard.

Justin let out a miserable squeal.

Logan put his thumb and forefinger around the base of Justin’s sack, trapping his swollen nuts in his palm. Then he balled his fist and smiled at Justin. “It’s much more fun to humiliate a good fighter than to humiliate a mediocre singer…” With that, he brought his fist down hard onto Justin’s nuts before twisting his hand, grinding Justin’s balls between his palm and his knuckles.

Justin screamed from the top of his lungs, drawing cheers and applause from the crowd.

The handsome singer was writhing in agony, his eyes beet red from Zach’s salty spunk, his face covered in creamy jizz. Beads of sweat were running down his face as he shrieked in agony.

“Sounds pretty much like your latest record”, Logan mused, twisting his fist and squishing Justin’s nuts flat. “A flop, if you ask me.”

“Let me have a go”, Zach groaned, slowly crawling towards the singer. His dick was dripping with cum and his face was contorted in pain and anger. He raised his fist and brought it down on Justin’s plums like a hammer.

“Yay!” Logan cheered as Justin’s nuts were flattened like pancakes.

The singer was squealing in agony, his voice cracking as Logan and Zach took turns smashing his precious jewels with their fists.

I cringed in sympathy as I watched Logan and Zach wreck the superstar’s bieberbeads, rapidly reducing his chances of ever bringing a little Justin Jr. into the world...

“You wanted to give the guys in the audience a go at our asses”, Logan sneered, looking Justin deep in the sore eyes.

“Fuck you”, Justin shrieked.

“No”, Logan grinned, smacking Justin’s trapped balls with the palm of his hand. “Fuck YOU, my friend.” He turned to his friends in the audience and grinned. “Who wants to fuck Justin Bieber?”

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause, and I couldn’t help but chuckle. Almost all of the guys were straight, and yet they were more than happy to stick their dicks into Justin Bieber’s tight hole…

The guys stormed forward, taking off their clothes on the way.

A moment later, the singer was surrounded by a group of hot, horny young men with raging erections.

Logan was sitting on Justin’s face, smothering him with his ass, his knees on Justin’s arms, pinning them to the ground. He was holding his legs apart, lifting his ass off the ground, presenting his hole to the group of horny guys who were jerking their hard cocks.

“Who wants to go first?” Logan asked cheerfully as Justin’s protests were muffled by his butt.

After a bit of pushing and shoving, Kev made his claim to Justin’s butt known by smacking two of his friends in the nuts. “I’m going to open his honey pot up for you”, he chuckled as Ben and Colin doubled over, clutching their balls.

“Don’t destroy his hole right away”, Colin groaned. “Leave something for us!”

Kev chuckled and stomped down on Justin’s nuts, squishing them into his body, before kneeling down and ramming his dick into Justin’s ass. He grabbed his thighs and started plowing the famous singer’s butt like there was no tomorrow.

The rest of the guys were cheering and laughing, jerking their dicks as they watched Kev ream the superstar’s ass while delivering a couple of punches to Justin’s red and swollen balls now and then.

Ben took over from Logan, shoving his dick into Justin’s mouth and fucking his face deep and hard, making the singer gag and retch as Ben’s cock tickled his tonsils.

It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes before Kev unloaded the contents of his balls deep inside Justin’s butt, burying his cock to the hilt as a barrage of punches rained down on Justin’s balls.

Kev’s friends went wild with cheers and applause.

“Thank you, thank you”, Kev chuckled, wiping his forehead. He pulled his dick out of Justin’s ass, causing a flood of cum to spill out of his hole. “If you want to book me for your show, let me know”, he grinned, scooping up some of his cum and wiping it on Justin’s pain-contorted face while Ben continued fucking Justin’s throat.

One by one, the guys used Justin’s mouth and his ass, cheering and laughing as they filled him with spunk, punching and stomping and kicking his balls while he was writhing on the ground.

After Kev, Ben, Sammy, Tristan, Leo, Danny, Simon, Brandon, Michael and Will had dumped their loads inside Justin, it was Cal’s turn.

The handsome black swimmer’s dick was hard as a rock. It was a gargantuan tool, about the same size of Zach’s extraordinary fuck stick, but it easily slid into Justin’s well-lubed, stretched hole.

Logan was eagerly fucking Justin’s throat, driving his fat cock in and out of his mouth.

The outline of his fat dick was visible on his neck, and Logan wrapped his hands around it, adding additional pressure on his cock by choking Justin.

Justin’s screams and groans of protest had faded. Instead, he was letting out miserable whimpers amid the gagging and retching noises that Logan’s dick eliciting from his throat.

Cal chuckled and smacked Justin’s bruised and bloated balls hard. “Come on, man, make some noise”, he grinned as he shoved his dick deep into Justin’s ass.

The crowd laughed as Justin let out a muffled grunt that was turned into a gurgling groan as Logan shot his load deep down Justin’s throat.

Cal increased the pace of his thrusts, his balls smacking against Justin’s ass. He looked up at Zach and grinned.

Zach was staring down him, his thick, fat dick dangling listlessly between his legs.

“Zach?” Cal grinned as he pounded Justin’s hole. “What about you?”

Zach shrugged his shoulders, weighing his fat balls in his hand. “That fucker made me shoot my load”, he mumbled. “I’m all empty…”

“Awwww”, the crowd went in mock-sympathy.

“Never mind”, Cal grinned as he happily buried his fat cock inside the singer’s ass. “I bet you’ll have another chance at fucking Justin Bieber…”

Zach grimaced as the rest of the guys burst out laughing.

“That miserable fucker”, Zach mumbled. “That load was totally wasted.”

Logan pulled his dick out of Justin’s mouth, a satisfied expression on his face. “You should get back at him for that”, he grinned, pointing at Justin’s bloated genitalia.

Justin was gasping for breath, his face coated in cum, his impeccable haircut ruined, his hair messy and slimy.

Zach’s face lit up. “Yeah, you’re right!”

He knelt down and leaned over, grabbing Justin Bieber’s spuds with both of his strong hands.

“God, no!” the singer croaked as his balls were squished between Zach’s hands.

“Yeah!” Cal laughed, increasing the pace of his fucking, making Justin’s body rock while Zach was squeezing his meaty nuggets.

“Oh god”, Justin moaned hoarsely. “Oh god!” His handsome face was a mask of pain. His red-rimmed eyes were wide open and he stared at the two big-dicked studs who were wreaking havoc on his hole and his balls.

“He’s tightening up”, Cal announced cheerfully, thrusting his dick in and out of Justin’s hole while Zach was kneading Justin’s balls like they were pizza dough.

Suddenly, Justin’s red, sore cock exploded with a huge spurt of cum that splattered into the singer’s pain-contorted face, adding another layer of creamy paint.

Justin was screaming hoarsely as his body was rocked by a painful, powerful orgasm while his hole was wrecked by Cal’s fat monster cock and his balls were squeezed and twisted by Zach’s strong hands.

“Look at that”, Cal grinned, glancing down between Zach’s legs.

Zach raised his eyebrows as he followed Cal’s gaze to his huge, hard cock.

“Welcome back, my friend”, Cal grinned. “Looks like your batteries are recharged…”

Zach let out an incredulous laugh.

“Ready for round two?” Cal chuckled without slowing down on his thrusts.

Zach chuckled. “Yeah.”

“DP?” Cal suggested.

“Hell yeah!” Zach laughed.

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause as Justin’s eyes widened in terror. “Wait!” he croaked. “Please don’t stick both of your cocks inside my---“

Cal interrupted him by throwing a hard punch at the singer’s freshly drained spuds, making him groan hoarsely.

It took a moment until Cal and Zach had figured out a way to stuff their cocks into Justin’s ever-stretching ass hole at the same time, but their friends gladly helped, twisting the athletic singer like a pretzel and holding him in place as the two gargantuan dicks squeezed into his ass.

“Now we know what these yoga lessons were for”, Leo mused as Justin screamed in pain.

Cal and Zach pounded the singer’s hole as if their lives depended on it, while the rest of the guys took turns smacking his face and punching his bloated balls.

Finally, they both shot their loads deep inside of Justin in what seemed like an endless orgasm that had the crowd cheering and laughing while Justin was grunting and groaning and squirming in pain.

We left the TV studio half an hour later.

Justin Bieber was a mess, tired and exhausted, covered in cum and gasping for breath. His dick and balls looked like they had been run over by a sixteen-wheeler.

“A couple of promo shots and we’re done”, I heard the production assistant tell the singer.

“How do I look?” the singer asked with a raspy voice.

The assistant laughed. “Great, man, just great.”

The door closed behind us.

We watched the show together that night, and I was pretty impressed by the mean jokes and the funny one-liners that the producers had added in post-production. The session had lasted more than an hour, and the producers had managed to cut it into a very entertaining 30 minutes of quality television.

Maybe Justin Bieber had finally found his calling as a bottom bitch for horny straight guys…