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En vacances

Bonjour, mes amis! I'm going to be on vacation in France for two weeks. Yay! The place I'm going is pretty rural and I have no idea whether I'll have access to the internet, so I may not be able to respond to your comments during this time.

Don't worry, there'll be updates: I've scheduled the final part of "Zach's education" for Friday, and the first part of a brandnew series of stories is coming your way the Friday after that.

Have a great time while I'm away - I'll think of you whenever I see a French lad with a fine pair of couilles, burnes or boules... :-))

Friday, August 29, 2014

Zach’s education – lesson 4: The prostate

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality. As the title suggests, we’re going anal in this story. If you like your porn stories to be limited to pure ballbusting you might want to skip this chapter.

“I don’t know about this”, Zach mumbled.

“As the Brits say: In for a penny, in for a pound”, Logan smiled. The 18 year old high school wrestler was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. His sneakers looked like they might have been white a long time ago. Now the color had changed to a dirty grey.

Zach sighed. “You’ll be gentle, right?”

Logan patted Zach’s shoulder. “Sure, buddy.”

Zach looked at him with a skeptical expression on his face, earning a reassuring smile from Logan before he turned to the 30 students assembled in the classroom. “Welcome to the fourth lesson of our little sex ed program.”

Standing next to him, 20 year old Zach was bare naked, his muscular body on full display in front of the class. His ridiculously oversized dick dangled lazily in front of the two mammoth balls that were hanging low inside his smooth, shaven sac.

“Today we’ll delve deep into a very sensitive and delicate subject matter: the prostate.” Logan turned to Zach who had a blank expression on his face. “Turn around and bend over, please.”

Zach grimaced and did as he was told, bending over the wooden desk and grabbing onto the edge with his hands.

“Spread your legs a bit further”, Logan said and reached between Zach’s legs, manipulating his cock and balls so that they were in plain sight underneath his crack, pressed against the desk.

“You see”, Logan said, resting his hand on Zach’s naked ass, “he’s clenching his cheeks. To get to the prostate, we have to open the hole. Here’s a little trick that’ll make things speed up a bit…”

Logan winked at his students, turned around and sent a powerful kick between Zach’s thighs. The tip of his sneaker-clad foot crashed into Zach’s big, bulging balls and rammed them into the hard surface of the desk.

Zach let out a hoarse groan. His dick fattened and his cheeks unclenched, giving the class a perfect view at his hole.

“Voila”, Logan grinned. “Now it’s open for business.”

The students clapped politely.

“You see”, Logan explained, “there is a very direct connection between the hole and the nuts. There’s an old saying: The key to a man’s hole is through his nuggets.” Logan smiled. “Very true indeed. I’m sure we’ll come back to that later. But now we have a closer look at that hole.” He reached in front of Zach and held out his index finger. “Spit on it, please.”

Zach grimaced and complied.

Logan brought his index finger to Zach’s smooth hole and ran it in circles around the puckered center. “There we go”, Logan mumbled with a smile as his finger slipped into Zach’s ass.

Zach let out a low moan.

“Let’s see if we can get another finger in”, Logan said with a gentle smile. “At first, of course, we have to push the button.” His right index finger stayed firmly inside Zach’s butt as Logan balled his left fist and punched Zach’s nuts hard twice in a row.

Zach let out a scream and his body buckled.

“Now look at that”, Logan said cheerfully. “I think there’s room for two more fingers.” He pulled his index finger out and rammed three fingers into Zach’s ass, eliciting a distressed yelp from Zach.

“Aaaah“, Logan said, a satisfied grin on his face. “I think I got it.” He bit his lower lip,  concentrating hard on move his fingers inside Zach’s ass and reaching the sweet spot that he was searching for. “Look at his cock.”

The students craned their necks.

Zach’s cock was hard as a rock. A tiny thread of glistening precum was oozing out of the tip of his dick.

Logan grinned and wiggled his fingers, causing Zach’s cock to twitch and release more precum that dribbled onto the floor.

The students were mesmerized.

“You gently press on his prostate”, Logan explained. “It’s just like a water tap.” He demonstrated it, a huge smile on his face.

“Of course”, Logan continued. “It works much better if you use something bigger than just a couple of fingers.” Logan pulled out of Zach’s ass and slapped Zach’s left cheek, leaving a red handprint on his ass.

Zach groaned.

Logan chuckled and reached into a black leather bag that was standing next to the desk. One by one, he presented a vibrator and two dildos of increasing size and placed them on the table next to Zach.

Zach looked at the sex toys and groaned.

Logan held up the vibrator, a slim pink toy that looked like he had stolen it from a schoolgirl’s handbag. “Any volunteers?”

A lanky student with spiky blond hair raised his hand.

“Speedy”, Logan said, “alright, come here.”

Speedy grinned and walked up to Zach.

Now, Logan and Speedy were standing on either side of Zach’s naked ass. Logan handed Speedy the pink toy.

“Nice”, Speedy said and squatted behind Zach. He put the vibrator on Zach’s lower back for a moment, spread his cheeks with both of his hands and spat on his exposed hole.

“You got some experience, huh?” Logan chuckled.

Speedy shrugged. “I used to do stuff with my girlfriend.” He aligned the tip of the vibrator with Zach’s hole and started to push in.

Zach groaned.

“A-ah”, Logan wiggled his finger. “Don’t forget to push his button first…”

“Right”, Speedy slapped his forehead. “Of course.” He balled his fist and punched Zach’s nuts with a sharp, well-placed uppercut.

Zach’s agonized scream stopped abruptly when Speedy shoved the vibrator all the way up Zach’s ass.

“Oooh”, Logan cringed.

Zach’s eyes were wide open and his dick was leaking precum like a broken water pipe.

With a satisfied grin, Speedy switched the vibrator on and quickly moved the vibrator in and out of Zach’s ass.

Zach started groaning and moaning, his fat, hard cock twitching violently.

“Make sure you aim for his prostate”, Logan said.

Speedy nodded and continued to fuck Zach’s ass with the vibrating toy.

“If you want to speed things up you can always punch his nuts again”, Logan suggested.

Speedy thought about that as he was working Zach’s hole with the vibrator. After a couple of seconds, he shrugged and balled his right fist. While shoving the toy in and out of Zach’s hole with the right hand, he started punching Zach’s nuts with his left fist, ramming Zach’s fat plums into the desk again and again.

Zach screamed in pain as his nuts were flattened on the hard wooden surface by Speedy’s relentless punches.

The rest of the students grimaced in sympathy as they watched Zach’s hole and his nuts get pounded by Speedy who seemed to be having the time of his life.

Zach’s screams grew louder and louder as Speedy’s punches grew harder and harder. At the same time, he increased the pace of the penetration of Zach’s ass.

Zach’s cock was twitching violently, a constant flow of precum running down from the tip of his dick, creating a large puddle of sticky fluid on the wooden floor.

Gradually, Zach’s breathing quickened and his voice turned comically high-pitched as he wailed in agony.

Speedy grinned at Logan who winked back at him.

“Go really deep, that’ll push him over the edge”, Logan smiled.

Speedy nodded and shoved the vibrator all the way into Zach’s hole.

Zach let out a gasp. “Oh God”, he whispered.

Then the first load of cream shot out of his dick and splattered onto the floor, sending drops of jizz flying all over the place.

The sex toy lodged deep inside his ass, Zach whimpered and moaned as his balls pumped load after creamy load of sticky spunk into his dick, making it spurt out jizz like a fire hose.

Speedy chuckled. He brought back his fist and sent it crashing into Zach’s busy nuts, crunching them hard as they were got rid of what looked like a week’s supply of pent-up semen.

Zach let out a shrill shriek, the vibrator still shoved up his ass.

A few spurts later, his nuts had emptied.

Exhausted and panting, Zach was bent over the desk, his face wet with sweat, his muscular body glistening. His nuts and his dripping cock were pressed against the desk, and his hole was stuffed with the pink sex toy.

The students were watching, their mouths hanging open.

“Nice work, Speedy”, Logan said and patted the blond students shoulder.

Speedy grinned and reached for the vibrator. He tried to pull it out but apparently it was stuck.

Speedy raised his eyebrows. Then his face lit up. “Oh right”, he grinned, brought his leg back and kicked Zach’s nuts hard. The tip of his foot slammed right into Zach’s sore, spent nuts, flattening them against the desk, making Zach shriek in pain.

With a resounding PLOP, Speedy pulled the vibrator from Zach’s ass, leaving his hole gaping open.

“Who’s next?” Logan asked as Speedy returned to his seat. He held up a big black dildo.

Zach let out a whimper.

A couple of students volunteered, and Logan picked an Asian boy with black hair and a muscular body.

“Kim”, Logan smiled, “get to work.”

The handsome Asian smiled and lined up the dildo with Zach’s abused hole. The black toy was more than double the width of the pink vibrator that Speedy had used, and a couple of students got up from their seats to watch it slide into Zach.

Kim didn’t waste any time. Casually, he slammed his fist into Zach’s nuts as if he was driving a nail into a wall.

Zach screamed hoarsely.

“Open sesame”, Kim grinned and pushed the big, fat dildo into Zach’s butt. “Yeah, that’s it.”

He pulled the thing all the way out before slamming it back in, making Zach wail. Apparently, Kim had good aim, he seemed to hit Zach’s prostate perfectly. Zach’s huge cock was fully hard and reloaded in a matter of seconds.

The young Asian expertly reamed Zach’s hole, slamming his fist into his now and then to make sure that his hole didn’t close up. He needn’t have worried about that, though. The sheer width of the dildo made sure that Zach’s hole was stretched as wide as possible.

It didn’t even take a minute until Zach reached orgasm again.

Kim looked baffled as Zach’s muscles started cramping and clenching, and his dick sputtered out more than a dozen spurts of semen.

Apparently Kim had looked forward to working over Zach’s ass some more. With a frustrated expression on his face, Kim yanked the dildo from Zach’s ass while his cock was sputtering and twitching.

He focused on Zach’s contracting nuts, grabbed the dildo by the root with both of his hands, and slammed the business end into Zach’s balls, smashing them as if he was beating a rat with a baseball bat.

Zach screamed from the top of his lungs as his second orgasm was violently interrupted by the toy that had pressed against his prostate just seconds ago.

Kim let the dildo sail down onto Zach’s busy babymakers again and again until Zach’s orgasm had subsided.

Then he turned around and sat down on his seat again, visibly upset.

Logan looked down at the large puddle of jizz on the floor between Zach’s naked feet. He shook his head and chuckled.

“And now”, he said, holding up the third toy. It was another dildo, this one a huge, purple monster with nubs all over the shaft.

“Wow”, one of the students said, “where did you get those things?”

Logan shrugged. “My girl and I like to party”, he said with a wink, drawing some chuckles and a couple of raised eyebrows from the students.

“Now who wants to stuff Zach’s hole with this beauty?” Logan grinned. “I think we may need two volunteers for this…”

All the students raised their hands, glowing with excitement.

“Leroy and CJ”, Logan smiled, pointing at two students in the front row.

Leroy was a handsome black guy with curly black hair and CJ was cute redhead with a nose piercing and a stylish haircut.

Zach was panting and moaning, bent over the wooden desk, his traumatized, swollen testicles and his huge, spent cock dangling between his spread legs.

CJ climbed on top of the desk and sat down on Zach’s lower back, facing his ass while Leroy stood in front him.

CJ ran his hands over Zach’s sweaty ass cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing Zach’s puckered hole.

“Oooh”, Leroy chuckled.

Zach’s hole was gaping and twitching, but the opening was definitely too small for the huge toy that Leroy was holding in his hands.

“I think we need some lube”, Leroy said.

CJ collected some saliva in his mouth and spat on Zach’s quivering hole. “I’m afraid that’s not enough”, he said as he stuck a finger into Zach’s ass.

Logan pointed at the puddle of spunk between Zach’s feet. “Try some of that”, he said. “It’s totally organic”, he added with a wink.

Leroy chuckled. He squatted down and scooped up Zach’s jizz with his hand, applying it to the huge red dildo until it was coated in Zach’s juice.

The rest of Zach’s spunk found its way onto his ass where CJ made sure that his hole was dripping wet and looked like someone had poured a cup of sugar water over his crack.

CJ and Leroy looked at each other and grinned.

“That should do”, both of them said in unison before bursting out laughing.

Both of them brought the huge dildo in position and lined it up with Zach’s hole.

“Open up, Zach”, CJ mused, winking at Leroy.

At the same time, Leroy pushed, CJ pulled and Zach screamed as the fat head of the monster sex toy entered his abused hole.

“Yay!” CJ cheered as the first inch slipped easily into Zach, helped by the juicy lube that Zach himself had so kindly provided.

But his joy was short lived. Both Leroy and CJ grunted with effort but they couldn’t get the dildo further inside.

“Okay, let’s try it this way”, Leroy said and took a step back.

CJ leaned forward and grabbed the root of the dildo, pulling it towards him to slide it into Zach’s waiting ass.

“On the count of three”, Leroy said. “One, two, three!”

With a concentrated expression on his face, Leroy kicked Zach’s fat gonads as hard as he could. The tip of his foot slammed into Zach’s tender, traumatized testicles, ramming them into his body and making Zach scream from the top of his lungs.

At the same time, CJ pulled on the dildo, shoving it further into Zach’s hole.

Zach’s limp cock twitched.

“It works!” CJ rejoiced.

A couple of students clapped and cheered as the other watched in fascination.

“Do it again!” CJ laughed.

Leroy chuckled. He took a couple of steps back, and kicked Zach’s nuts again with a running start. His foot slammed into Zach’s precious balls, flattening them like pancakes, making Zach wail in agony.

“Yes!” CJ screamed as he drew the dildo further up Zach’s ass. Almost one third of the length was inserted into Zach’s hole by now.

Zach’s cock twitched again, slowly awakening and growing harder and harder.

The applause from the crowd grew louder.

Leroy grinned. He brought back his leg and sent it crashing between Zach’s thighs, hitting both of his balls and his hard cock dead-on and eliciting a high-pitched wail from Zach’s mouth.

“Half-way in!” CJ reported cheerfully on the progress he was making as pulled on the fat dildo with all the force he could muster.

Zach’s cock was hard a s a rock now. It was pulsing and quivering, refilling the dissipated spunk puddle with fresh supplies of his sticky precum.

The class was clapping and cheering, egging Leroy and CJ on.

Leroy cracked his knuckles and followed up with another nut-crunching kick that almost caused CJ to fall off Zach’s back.

Zach’s wailed in agony as the dildo slipped further into his ass, stretching his hole to the limit.

His cock was twitching violently now.

The students went mad, clapping and cheering.

“We’re almost there!” CJ shouted, trying to no avail to drown out than the cheering class.

Leroy winked at CJ and took a couple of steps back.

Then, with an amazing running start, he kicked Zach’s nuts with all the force he could muster. It looked as if he was trying to kick Zach’s fat plums into orbit, intent on pulverizing them and turning his precious jewels into diamond dust.

Zach’s scream sounded like the howl of a dying wolf.

Leroy’s world class kick enabled CJ to pull the dildo all the way up Zach’s ass, causing Zach’s cock to let go of his third load of the day.

This time, his load was more watery and less creamy than before, looking a bit like skimmed milk. In addition to that, it didn’t shoot out of Zach’s cock, it flowed out. It looked as if someone had knocked over a half-full bottle of skimmed milk.

The class went wild, clapping and cheering.

CJ climbed off of Zach, leaving him screaming, moaning and panting, his ass stuffed with the huge dildo, as his precious load spilled onto the floor.

Leroy and CJ looked at each other and laughed. They grabbed each other by the hand and took a bow as if they had played leading roles in the school play.

The class screamed for an encore, but Logan calmed them down.

“I’m pretty sure that Zach here is done for the day”, Logan smiled. He reached between Zach’s thighs and playfully squeezed Zach’s sore nuts, making him whimper in pain. “Yup. Totally empty”, Logan said with a chuckle. “Now, we could have another go if one of you volunteered, of course…”

The classroom was empty within seconds.

Logan walked around the desk and smiled at Zach.

“Everything okay?” he grinned.

Zach whimpered. “Well…”

Logan laughed. “Thanks for your time and effort, buddy”, he said, patting Zach’s naked shoulder. “I really appreciate it.”

Zach groaned. “Could you pull that thing out of my ass?”

Logan chuckled. “Sure.” He walked behind Zach and grimaced. The dildo was buried deep inside his butt. Logan tentatively poked it with one finger. “It’s jammed”, Logan said, “But we’ll get it out in no time. I’m afraid this is going to hurt a little bit, though.”

Zach let out a long moan.

Logan grimaced in sympathy, brought his leg back and delivered a well-placed, hard kick to Zach’s gonads.

Zach let out a screeching wail.

Quickly, Logan grabbed the dildo and pulled it out of Zach’s hole.

Zach yodeled in pain and slid off the desk, curling up on the floor, cupping his balls and his asshole as he was writhing in pain.

Logan looked at his watch. “Oh, damn, I gotta go, I’m gonna see my girlfriend tonight.” He quickly put the three sex toys into the leather bag and winked at Zach. “Better take those with me, it’s going to be a long night”, he grinned as he hurried out the room.

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When I started this blog a couple of years ago I didn't think of registering the top level domain of - and a short time later someone else (entirely unaffiliated with me) did. 

Today I registered - so from now on you have a simple and easy to remember URL you can type into your browser to get to this site.

I retrofitted all the stories (I hope) to refer to instead of but there might be the odd reference here and there that I might have missed...

Oh, and now you can reach me by mailing to the wonderful address

In a manner of speaking

You probably have noticed that certain images return again and again in my stories (prime example pictured above). I guess it comes with the subject: There seems to be a limited amount of metaphors that come to mind when you want to describe a pair of balls getting busted - so it's not a surprise that peanut butter, scrambled eggs and pancakes (to name just a few) make regular appearances on this blog...

(I don't know if it's just me but most of these images seem to be in reference of food. Except for soprano singers.)

I try very hard not to write the same story again and again (and again and again) but I know there are certain phrases, certain images and certain comparisons that you'll find in a lot of my stories.

As always, I'm interested in your opinion: Are there particular images or comparisons that you absolutely love or passionately hate? Is there a particular phrase that makes you roll your eyes whenever you read it in my stories? Or one that makes your balls tickle the second you read it? Is there anything (linguistically speaking) that always annoys you or that makes your heart (or other body parts) jump?

I'd love to hear your opinion! :-))

Update 08/25/2014:
D'oh! If forgot to the most important question (and the one that made me write this post in the first place...): Do you have any suggestions for hot imagery or expressions that you'd like to read in a story?

P.S.: I recently discovered this ancient 80s classic that's the reason for the title of this post. It's completely off-topic, not remotely related to ballbusting - just a beautiful, beautiful song...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Be our guest: Alex meets Ben

Special thanks to our reader Alex who provided us with a lot of hot details for this story. If you (yes, I mean you, the one staring at the computer with his throbbing dick in his hand!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details..

“You’re awesome”, Alex said with a huge grin.

Ben smiled proudly. “I’m just a normal guy”, he said, but it was easy to see through his clumsy attempt at modesty since he was flexing his biceps, looking at Alex with an expectant expression on his face, like a puppy dog waiting for his master to ruffle his fur.

Alex knew what Ben expected, and he didn’t disappoint him. “Oh man, all those muscles”, Alex chuckled. “I bet you’re working out a lot. I work out, too, you know. But, well…” His voice faded as he looked down at his body, then at Ben’s body. It was obvious that Ben was more muscular than him.

Ben shrugged. “Just your usual stuff”, the 20 year old jock grinned, striking a pose to show off his abs.

I felt a bit of nausea rise as I watched the scene.

Alex was a long time member of our site, and he had jumped at the chance to meet his favorite model. A tall man with brown eyes, short dark hair and a trimmed beard, Alex was a handsome man in good shape. But he was not nearly as muscular as Ben and it was apparent that he was in awe of Ben’s body. Just like Ben, Alex was shirtless and barefoot, wearing just a pair of blue jeans.

“Wow”, Alex smiled. “May I touch them?”

“Sure”, Ben grinned without hesitation.

I chuckled. It truly was a sight to behold, seeing this ├╝ber-straight bloke let his muscular body be touched by another guy.

Alex ran his hand over Ben’s taut abs. “Wow”, he repeated, moving his hand to Ben’s biceps. “You must be the strongest guy in the team, huh?”

Ben grinned. “Sure”, he said.

“I bet nobody can beat you in a fight”, Alex continued, running his hand over Ben’s chest.

Ben scoffed. “Of course not. You know what? They don’t even try.”

Alex nodded. “Because you are the alpha of the pack”, he said, slowly caressing Ben’s pecs.

Ben grinned. “Right. Everybody knows that.”

“Maybe this is too much to ask”, Alex said. He hesitated, biting his lower lip.

“Go on”, Ben said with a noble smile, “just ask me.”

“Maybe you can show me your legs?” Alex asked hopefully.

Ben let out a laugh and undid the fly of his jeans. “Sure.”

I chuckled when I saw Ben pull down his pants. Apparently he was very keen on making an impression on Alex, slowly lowering his jeans and gradually revealing his tight red boxer briefs that hugged his bulging package tightly. I was reminded of a cheap stripper in a night club.

Alex’ mouth was gaping open as he stared below Ben’s waist, taking in the sight of his big bulge and muscular legs. He hurried to strip off his own jeans, never taking his eyes off Ben.

Ben had a satisfied grin on his face as he stepped out of his jeans and allowed Alex to kneel down and fondle his calves and thighs.

I shook my head and chuckled. It was like watching a king getting worshipped by one of his subjects.

It probably was the intimate attention that Alex paid to the inner side of his thighs in combination with the feeling of superiority and grandeur that caused an unmistakable stirring inside Ben’s underwear, right at Alex’ eyelevel.

“Oh”, Alex said, squinting at the tip of the huge tent that was directly in front of him.

Ben looked down. His cock was rock hard, pointing straight at Alex, pulling the waistband of his boxer briefs away from his body and exposing a trimmed bush of pubic hair.

“Oh”, Ben said.

Alex gulped. “Can I… have a look?”

There was a brief moment of hesitation but then a huge smile appeared on Ben’s face. “Of course.” He winked at Alex. “Step away or it might hit you in the face…”

Even though it didn’t look as if Alex was particularly frightened by that threat, he got up and took a big step back.

Judging from the distance between the two guys I wondered if Alex expected a Godzilla-like cock to rise from inside Ben’s underwear.

Ben teasingly pulled down his boxer briefs, very slowly exposing his long, hard shaft until the heavy head of his meaty dick swung up, swaying gracefully from side to side.

“That is one big fucking cock”, Alex said, nodding approvingly.

Ben smiled proudly and his dick twitched with excitement. “It’s bigger than most”, Ben said, shrugging. He glanced at the obvious erection that was hiding inside Alex’ underwear. “It’s bigger than yours I guess.”

Alex bit his lower lip and looked down at his groin. “I guess”, he mumbled.

“Let’s have a look”, Ben suggested.

Alex stripped and the two naked guys stood side by side. Alex’ dick was by no means small – but it couldn’t compete with Ben’s size.

“Yup”, Ben said, a satisfied smile on his face. “Of course I’m bigger than you.”

Alex focused his attention on the two hefty nuts that were hanging low in Ben’s sack. He swallowed and tentatively reached for Ben’s balls.

Ben chuckled. “Like them?”

Alex nodded.

“Go on, feel them”, Ben grinned. “Biggest balls in the room.”

Alex grabbed the two big orbs and rolled them between his fingers. “Damn, those nuts are huge”, he said hoarsely. “Biggest balls in the room for sure…”

Ben smiled. “Big and beautiful.”

“Wow”, Alex whispered as he gently squeezed Ben’s heavy plums. He looked Ben in the eyes. “Tell me, can any of the other guys compete with these bad boys?”

Ben blinked.

Alex looked at him expectantly.

I raised my eyebrows. Ben’s ego was far bigger than his cock, and I wondered whether he would be able to admit that he wasn’t in fact the best hung horse in the stable.

With a chuckle I noticed that Ben’s cock seemed to lose a bit of girth and length.

“Well”, he said slowly, his dick rapidly deflating.

Alex smiled at him, waiting for an answer.

Ben cleared his throat and straightened. “I’m the star”, he said confidently. “Biggest balls in the room. Balls of steel, really. There’s nobody who can take it up with me.”

I chuckled. Ben’s cock had returned to its full hardness. I was amazed by the obvious power of auto-suggestion.

“Balls of steel?” Alex chuckled. “Come on, that’s just a marketing ploy, right? You guys don’t really bash each other’s balls, right? Those videos gotta be fake.”

Ben stared at Alex. “What do you mean?”

Alex laughed. “Come on, you don’t really hit each other in the nuts, do you?”

“Of course we do!” Ben said with righteous indignation. “Of course we do!” He grabbed his balls by the neck of his sack and wiggled them at Alex. “These boys have taken so many hits that they’d be completely destroyed if it wasn’t for my incredible powers of self-healing! They have been punched and kicked and kneed and hit – and it was all for real!”

Alex chuckled.

“You don’t believe me?” Ben asked with an incredulous expression on his face.

Alex shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“You know what”, Ben said, spreading his legs and putting his hands behind his head, showing off his muscular arms. “Take a shot.”

“Really?” Alex asked. He didn’t look hesitant at all. Apparently he wanted Ben to beg him for a nut shot.

Ben nodded emphatically, making his dangling nuts swing back and forth between his thighs.

“You sure?” Alex asked.

“Just fucking do it”, Ben barked, “hit them!”

“You really want me to hit your nuts?” Alex said with a slight smile on his lips.

“Trash those suckers!” Ben shouted.

Alex shrugged. “Okay.” He grabbed Ben’s shoulders and jerked his knee up, ramming Ben’s nuts into his pelvis.

Ben’s eyes bulged and he let out a groan. Somehow he managed to stay on his feet. “Do it again!” he whispered.

Alex smiled and kneed Ben’s nuts again, driving his kneecap into Ben’s fat plums and flattening them like pancakes.

His eyes watering, Ben tried to maintain his dignity. “Again!” he said hoarsely.

Dutifully, Alex powered his knee into Ben’s meaty nuggets once more, smashing his balls hard and making Ben let out an agonized gasp.

Ben struggled to remain standing. His head was beet red and he was gritting his teeth, trying to remain in control of his pain-flooded body. “One more time”, he blurted out through his clenched teeth.

Alex brought his leg back and rammed his knee between Ben’s thighs, catching both of his nuts dead-on and lifting Ben clear off the ground.

Ben’s eyebrows rose and his eyes opened wide. His jaw dropped and he let out a pitiful cry before he collapsed on the ground, clasping his crunched nuts and groaning in pain.

Alex watched him, chuckling.

“Balls of steel, you see?” Ben whimpered, curling up in the fetal position.

“You’re such a stud”, Alex said. “Amazing!”

“Right?” Ben looked up, his face a mask of pain.

“Absolutely amazing”, Alex nodded. “I wonder if--- Oh, forget it.”

Ben looked at him, grimacing in agony and nursing his battered balls. “What?”

“Nothing”, Alex said. “You’re in enough pain already.”

“What?” Ben insisted.

Alex shrugged. “I was just wondering if your balls could take it if I went full force on you.”

Ben stared at him. “You didn’t go full force?” he said in a toneless voice.

Alex shrugged. “I held back.”

Ben was silent for a brief moment. Then he got up and assumed his position again, his legs spread, his hands behind his head. He tried to put on a casual expression, but it was quite obvious that he was in a lot of pain. His nuts seemed to be slightly swollen as they dangled inside their rosy sack.

Ben looked at Alex and nodded in the direction of his crotch.

“Want me to go again?” Alex asked.

Ben gritted his teeth. “Hit them. As hard as you can.”

Alex bit his lower lip. “As hard as I can?”

Ben swallowed. “As hard as you can”, he repeated, his voice trembling.

Alex smiled. “I really feel bad”, he said, not looking sorry at all.

“Don’t”, Ben whispered. “I got balls of steel.”

Alex grinned. “Alright.” He took a step back and kicked Ben’s balls with all the force he could muster. His instep collided with Ben’s juicy balls, squashing them into his body and making his hard dick slap against his abs.

“Fuck!” Ben yowled. “Again!”

Alex didn’t have to be told twice. He let his foot sail in between Ben’s thighs, crunching his nuts flat and making Ben howl in agony.

Ben’s legs were trembling, his muscles flexing, as sweat ran down his naked body. His pain-contorted face was red and sweaty. “Go again!” he grunted.

Alex chuckled. “You’re such a tough stud!”

Ben’s face lit up for a brief moment before twisting up in a painful grimace as another fresh jolt of pain emanated from his fat, plump babymakers. Alex’ toes dug into the soft flesh of his meaty balls and squished them hard, making Ben scream from the top of his lungs and collapse on the ground in pain.

“Such a tough stud”, Alex repeated, grinning, as he watched Ben writhe on the floor, clutching his aching gonads and screaming in agony.

“You didn’t hold back this time, did you?” Ben whimpered, cradling his balls.

Alex looked at him and smiled guiltily.

“I told you not to!” Ben exclaimed.

Alex sighed. “I didn’t think you could take it, you know? I don’t want to hurt you…”

Ben scoffed. “Hurt me?! Does it look like you hurt me?!” His face was contorted in pain as he was clutching his balls, his body glistening with sweat.

“Well…” Alex looked at him and shrugged, raising his eyebrows.

“That’s nothing!” Ben groaned quickly. He tried to get up, stumbling and landing on his ass. He was more successful on his second try, even though it seemed as if he was having trouble standing up straight. He brought his hands behind his head and stood slightly doubled over, his legs spread wide. His nuts were dangling between his thighs like a ripe pair of apples ready to fall off the tree. They looked severely swollen and bruised, hanging very low in his roomy scrotum.

Ben looked at Alex. “What are you waiting for?! Just turn them into---”

Just what exactly Alex was supposed to turn Ben’s juicy nuts into was going to remain his secret forever, but judging from the expression on Ben’s face Alex succeeded triumphantly.

Alex’ knee shot up between Ben’s thighs with the force of a freight train, flattening Ben’s nuts to a fraction of their diameter and turning his big, round testicles into thin, wide lumps of meat for a second before they regained their original shape.

Ben’s eyelids fluttered, his eyes rolled back into his head and he let out a throaty, gurgling groan before he dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

“Oh, fuck”, Ben groaned as he curled up in a tiny little ball, grabbing his demolished testicles.

“You know, I really envy you”, Alex said with a huge smile. “Not many people can pride themselves for having balls of steel.”

“Fuck, my nuts”, Ben croaked.

Alex’s eyes widened in an innocent expression of surprise. “I haven’t hurt you, have I?”

“Nope”, Ben whispered. “Of course not.”

Alex sighed in relief. “Phew, for a minute I thought you weren’t so tough at all…”

Ben let out an agonized groan and rolled to the other side.

Alex shrugged. “You’re done already, aren’t you?”

“What do you mean?” Ben whimpered.

“Well, it looks like you can’t take anymore”, Alex explained.

“Nonsense”, Ben said without much conviction.

“Really? You want to go on?” Alex asked, kneeling down next to him.

“Sure”, Ben muttered, almost sobbing. “I got balls of steel, remember?”

“I think you already told me”, Alex chuckled. He ran his hand over Ben’s muscular arms. “Wow, those muscles”, he sighed, squeezing his biceps. “I really admire you.” His hand ran down his arm until it reached his hand that was clasping his injured balls. Gently, he pried Ben’s hand away from his genitals and wrapped his own fingers around Ben’s meaty nuggets.

Ben inhaled sharply.

Alex grinned, grabbing Ben’s massive, swollen testicles with both of his hands now. Then he started squeezing.

Ben’s eyes opened wide.

Alex dug his fingers into the soft flesh of Ben’s babymakers, squishing and squashing them as if he was trying to squeeze the juice out of a pair of oranges with his bare hands.

Ben let out an agonized squeal.

Unperturbed, Alex kneaded Ben’s nuts with all the force he could muster, twisting them harshly and yanking them up hard.

“Fuuuuck!” Ben shrieked.

Alex slipped the neck of Ben’s sack between the middle finger and the ring finger of his left hand, making his bulging meatballs rest inside his palm. Then he lifted his right hand and started pounding Ben’s nuts with the force and aggression of a heavyweight boxer. He smashed Ben’s poor, hapless nuggets more than a dozen times in rapid succession, pounding away at his delicate plums as if he was trying to turn them into mincemeat. Resounding slaps echoed through the studio.


“Oh my fucking god!” Ben yodelled from the top of his lungs.


Alex continued pummeling Ben’s beefy balls with admirable perseverance and the energy of a high performance athlete.


Ben’s voice cracked and his screams went higher and higher in pitch and volume as Alex ground his knuckles into Ben’s manhood, obviously intent on ruining Ben’s chances of fathering children for good.


When Ben’s shrieks reached a frequency that made the dogs bark in the neighborhood, Alex stopped. He looked at his handiwork, grinning as he inspected the two bloated, swollen orbs by poking his finger into the soft flesh, making Ben wince and squirm.

“Balls of steel you say”, Alex said slowly, digging his fingertip into Ben’s swollen right testicle. “Huh.” He poked the left nut hard, making Ben let out an ear-piercing wail. “I don’t know…” He squeezed Ben’s nuts hard with both of his hands, making Ben retch and gag as tears streamed down his face. “I really thought you were a tough guy…”

Alex shrugged and let go of Ben’s nuts, allowing him to roll to his side and curl up in the fetal position.

“Well”, Alex sighed and casually put on his clothes. “I guess I’ll have to keep looking for someone who acts like a man and doesn’t cry like a girl as soon as someone tickles his testicles”, he said while buttoning his jeans. He slipped into his sneakers and looked at Ben who was squirming in pain on the floor, letting out little whines and moans. “Shame.” He turned and walked towards the door.

“Wait”, Ben whimpered.

Alex turned on his heels.

“Wanna have another go?” Ben whispered, rolling onto his back and spreading his legs.

Incredulously, I looked at the naked stud lying on the ground, his ridiculously swollen balls resting between his legs like two soccer balls waiting for James Rodriguez to fire them into the goal.

Alex raised his eyebrows.

“No big deal”, Ben said in a toneless voice, his glassy eyes looking up at Alex. “I got balls of steel.”

Alex nodded slowly. He took his position between Ben’s spread legs. “I think you have to spread them wider”, he said with a mean smile.

Ben obliged, spreading his legs as far as he could. He lifted his head off the ground and looked at Alex who had his eyes fixed on the inviting target that was presented right in front of him.

“Kick them”, Ben whispered. “As hard as you can.”

Alex chuckled. With a running start, he kicked Ben’s meaty balls with all the force he could muster. The tip of his sneaker connected with Ben’s sack only just missing his pelvis and crashed into the underside of Ben’s nuts, driving them up as far as they could go, stretching the skin of his sack to its limits.

Ben’s face contorted in pain and his mouth opened in a silent scream as the pain washed through his body. He lay motionless, every muscle strained, the veins in his neck bulging, his mouth open wide, in a grotesque picture of agony.

Alex let out a chuckle. He turned around, looked at me and winked. “Thanks”, he grinned. “I had a great time.”

“You’re very welcome”, I said slowly.

“Maybe we can repeat this sometime in the future?” Alex said casually walking towards the door.

“Anytime”, I replied absentmindedly, staring at Ben.

“Great”, Alex said. “Give my best to Ben.” He walked out the room and the door slammed shut behind him.

I slowly got up and walked over to Ben who was frozen in unimaginable pain, his eyes and mouth wide open, tears running down his face.

Quickly, I tried to think of a way to get him out of his trance. My eyes fell on his bloated, swollen testicles. I shrugged, bent down and flicked Ben’s left ball lightly with my fingertips.

Ben’s upper body shot up and he screamed from the top of his lungs.

I shuddered.

With an agonized wail, Ben grabbed his crotch and rolled onto his stomach, his legs kicking wildly.

His first words after he was able to speak coherently again were, “I showed him, right?”

I stared at Ben. “What?!”

“I showed that guy”, Ben whispered, rocking back and forth, cradling his aching nuts.

I sighed. “Yes, you did.”

Monday, August 18, 2014

Fun and games: Nutball

Thanks to an anonymous reader for the plot idea.

“Alright, guys”, I said. “Thanks for coming.”

“I’m pretty sure we won’t be able to cum for a while after we’re done here”, Leo quipped. The 19 year old skater was wearing nothing but a very revealing white pair of mesh briefs.

Leo’s meaty dick and his big balls were visible through the fabric. Even though Leo’s equipment wasn’t huge like some of our other models’ whose genitalia was almost ridiculously oversized he nevertheless sported a very impressive pair of nuts and a sizeable cock that looked pretty spectacular on his lanky frame.

Leo’s friend Tristan laughed.

He was taking off his t-shirt, revealing his hairless chest. Tristan had a very interesting choice in t-shirts. This particular one sported the drawing of a naked skater dude with a hipster haircut and a woolen hat. He was holding his cartoonishly large, red and throbbing balls in his hands, presenting them to the viewer. He looked directly at the viewer with an agonized expression on his face. The caption said, “Skating takes balls.”

Tristan took off his pants and his boxers. He had a nice, big dick and a pair of hefty testicles that hung low in their sack. He didn’t seem to be trimming his pubes or shaving his ballsack. A fuzzy layer of hair was covering his scrotum, and an untamed blond bush was visible above the root of his dick.

“We’re supposed to wear these?” Tristan said with a skeptical expression on his face as he picked up another pair of white mesh briefs.

Leo chuckled, looking down at his crotch. “Looks pretty hot.”

“Yeah”, Tristan grimaced, scratching his pubes. “And it keeps the goods in place.”

Leo laughed. “Perfect for nutball.”

“I guess”, Tristan shrugged and put on his underwear.

The two skaters looked at each other. Their lanky bodies were naked except for the revealing underwear that left nothing to the imagination. Leo and Tristan burst out laughing.

“We look like underwear models”, Leo chuckled.

“Yeah”, Tristan grinned and assumed a ridiculous pose, lifting his arms, putting his hands behind his head and looking up with a dreamy expression on his face.

Leo laughed and threw a playful kick at Tristan’s groin. It probably wasn’t intended to hurt Tristan’s jewels, but unfortunately Tristan shifted his weight at the same time, bringing his bulging basket right into the line of fire.

Leo’s toes crunched Tristan’s nuts with a resounding smack, ramming them into his pelvis.

Tristan’s eyes widened in shock. The dreamy expression on his face turned into a surprised, painful grimace and he let out a strained yelp.

Leo was startled for a second, then he burst out laughing. “Ow, dude, I’m sorry…”

Tristan doubled over, clutching his crotch. “Fuck”, he whispered. “That was right on target.”

“I’m sorry”, Leo repeated, laughing.

“You wanted to get a head start, right?” Tristan groaned.

Leo grinned. “Did I hurt your little ballsies?” he said in a mocking tone.

“Fuck, you bastard”, Tristan moaned.

Leo sighed. “Oh, come on, you little baby”, he smiled, spreading his legs and lowering his upper body, making himself very vulnerable and presenting his package to his buddy. “Kick them, come on. Then we’re even.”

Tristan looked at Leo’s crotch.

“Come on, kick them”, Leo insisted, grabbing his bulging balls and joggling his equipment.

“Alright”, Tristan said. He brought his leg back and kicked Leo’s nuts with all the force he could muster. His instep drove Leo’s nuts into his body, making him let out a long, wheezing groan.

“Okay”, Leo said in a toneless voice, his hands resting on his knees as he doubled over in pain. “Good shot. You got them both. Great work. Crunched them flat. Yup. Great work.”

Tristan laughed, cringing in sympathy and massaging his own nuts. “Come on, let’s play nutball.”

“Yup”, Leo whispered. “Let’s play nutball.”

“Alright”, I said. “Let’s go.”

Tristan and Leo stood side by side, both of them slightly bent over as they were feeling the aftermath of the two nut kicks.

“Hi there”, Leo said, smiling weakly into the camera. “I’m Leo and this is my buddy Tristan.”

Tristan waved to the camera. “Hi.”

“And these are our balls”, Leo continued, pointing at his crotch where his throbbing balls were resting peacefully inside his mesh briefs. He adjusted his crotch, making his prominent package bounce and shift around.

Tristan chuckled and followed his friend’s lead, pointing at his groin with one hand and grabbing his package with his other one.

“Thank god we’re not planning on having children”, Leo winked at the camera, “because we are going to play nutball for your entertainment. I’m sure you’ll love seeing the two of us crush each other’s nuts.”

Tristan laughed.

“The rules are pretty simple”, Leo said. He grabbed a tennis ball that was lying on the ground. “We’re going to hurl this ball here at each other’s nuts until Tristan gives up.” He burst out laughing.

Tristan chuckled. “You wish, buddy… I’m going to smash your nuts so hard that you’ll be singing soprano!”

“You think so?” Leo grinned.

“I’ve already booked you an audition spot at the Vienna Boys’ Choir”, Tristan mused.

“We’ll see”, Leo replied, running his hand through his curly black hair. “Maybe you can take my spot…”

The two friends laughed.

Tristan grinned. “Alright, let’s---“

“Wait a minute”, Leo interrupted him. “There’s something we should mention.” He let the tennis ball drop to the floor. It landed with a dull thud without bouncing back up.

Tristan raised his eyebrows.

“This is not your usual tennis ball”, Leo explained, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. “I’ve filled it with concrete.”

Tristan grimaced, rubbing his groin. “Oooooh, that’s gonna hurt.”

“Now it’s as heavy as a pool ball”, Leo said. He picked the ball up and weighed it in his hand. “It has to be heavy so we can crush some nuts with it, right?”

Tristan chuckled. “Sure. I bet it’s perfect for turning our nuts into peanut butter…”

“Let’s find out”, Leo smiled.

The two lanky boys sat opposite each other, only a couple of feet apart. They spread their legs, happily displaying their bulging packages.

“Get your dick out of the way”, Leo said, reaching inside his own underwear, pulling his limp cock up by the head and making it point upwards so that it was held in place by the waistband. The tip of his dick was peeking out of his briefs like the head of a swimming dog. “I want a clear shot at your nuts, buddy.”

Tristan chuckled and followed Leo’s example. He pointed at his balls that looked vulnerable and exposed underneath the mesh fabric and grinned at Leo. “There. Good enough for you?”

“Perfect”, Leo chuckled. “Wanna start?”

“Sure”, Tristan replied.

Leo rolled the ball to his friend. “My nuts are yours”, he grinned and spread his legs even wider.

“Let’s make some peanut butter!” Tristan lobbed the ball at Leo’s crotch. It was a near miss, landing with a dull thud just a few inches in front of Leo’s balls. “Damn.”

“Oooh, close call”, Leo commented with a laugh. He picked up the ball and weighed it in his hand. He bit his lower lip and tossed it at Tristan’s groin.

It landed right on Tristan’s left nut, connecting with a dull thump and smashing the testicle into the hard floor.

“Oooooooh!” Tristan wailed, doubling over and cupping his crotch. “Fuck!”

“Yes!” Leo exclaimed. “Strike!” He lifted his ass off the ground and shook his hips in a silly four-legged victory dance.

Tristan burst out laughing despite the pain in his throbbing testicle. After a few seconds, he picked up the ball, grimacing in pain. He threw it between Leo’s legs, hitting his inner thigh and making Leo cheer happily.

“You missed again, loser!” Leo laughed before grabbing the ball and launching it at his buddy.

Tristan’s eyes widened as the ball smashed into his left nut again, brutally flattening it and making Tristan wail in pain.

“Fuuuuck!” he coughed, rubbing his sore nut. “What’s up with your aim?! That was lefty twice in a row…” He exhaled slowly. “You know you can’t make peanut butter with just one nut, right?”

Leo chuckled. “Well, my aim is better than yours.”

“So far”, Tristan added. “You know, your nuts are just too small for me. I need bigger targets…”

Leo threw his head back, laughing.

Right at that moment, Tristan hurled the heavy tennis ball at his buddy, driving it into Leo’s crotch and hitting both of Leo’s fat testicles dead-on.

Leo’s laughter turned into a shrill scream as the pain exploded in his nuts.

“Fuck yeah!” Tristan yelled.

“Great shot”, Leo howled.

“I hit them both, right?” Tristan smiled.

“Yup, both of them”, Leo grimaced, doubling over and massaging his package. He looked up with a pain-contorted face and gave Tristan a thumbs-up. “Nice work.”

“Yeah!” Tristan clapped his hands.

“But now it’s peanut butter time”, Leo announced before throwing the ball between Tristan’s thighs.

This time, his aim was perfect. The heavy ball smashed into Tristan’s tender testicles in a perfect arc. It landed on Tristan’s fat nuggets with a dull thud, flattening both of his plums like pancakes.

Tristan’s eyebrows rose and his mouth opened wide in a silent scream.

“Peanut butter time!” Leo chanted. “Peanut butter time!”

Tristan found his voice a couple of seconds later when the pain spread through his abdomen. He buried his hands in his briefs, cupping his aching testicles, screaming in pain.

Leo grinned. “Tristan’s Nut Butter – I like the sound of that…”

“Fuck you”, Tristan mumbled, making Leo laugh out loud.

Leo winked at Tristan. “Tell me – chunky or creamy?”

Tristan chuckled despite the pain in his nuts. “Extra crunchy...”

Leo roared with laughter.

“Let’s see if we can produce a nice, big batch of Leo’s Nut Butter”, Tristan said. “I’m aiming for creamy, by the way…”

Leo grimaced comically, leaned back and spread his legs wider. “Oooh, fire away…”

Tristan threw the ball as hard as he could. It crashed right into Leo’s plump testicles with a loud bump, ramming both of his juicy plums into the hard floor and flattening them paper-thin.

“Shiiit!” Leo shrieked, sounding like a foul-mouthed schoolgirl. He grabbed his crotch and rolled onto his stomach, kicking his legs and screaming in pain.

Tristan cheered and clapped his hands, watching his friend writhe on the ground with obvious glee.

“Oh fuck”, Leo wailed, squirming on the ground, his hands cupping his nuts.

“Now that was a good shot!” Tristan exclaimed proudly. “I bet your kids will come out cross-eyed!”

“If I ever have any”, Leo whimpered, causing Tristan to laugh out loud.

After a few seconds of moaning and groaning, Leo said in a weak voice, “I give up.”

Tristan laughed. “Come on, don’t be a pussy.”

“Seriously”, Leo moaned, turning around and sitting up, his hands buried inside his briefs, cradling his aching balls, “I’m done.”

“One more round”, Tristan tried to persuade him. “I know you want to take another shot at those suckers.” He lifted his ass off the ground and wiggled his hips, causing his impressive basket to bounce happily. Tristan’s nuts had swollen a bit, making his package look very big and inviting.

Leo glanced at him, grimacing in pain. “One more round?” He bit his lower lip. “Okay.” He inhaled deeply and grabbed the heavy tennis ball, focusing on Tristan’s throbbing balls.

Tristan grinned.

“Say goodbye to your balls, buddy”, Leo said casually.

Tristan chuckled and looked down at his crotch. “Goodbye, balls”, he said cheerfully. “We had a great time together. I guess your time is over…” He looked up at Leo, grinning cheekily. “Like that?”

“Exactly”, Leo smiled before dashing the heavy ball at Tristan’s waiting testicles.

It landed on Tristan’s bulging package with a loud, dull thud, crunching his nuts hard and squashing them into his body, knocking the wind out of Tristan’s lungs.

Tristan’s eyes lost focus and he let out a hoarse cough.

“At least you had a chance to say goodbye”, Leo dead-panned.

Tristan slowly doubled over and grabbed his aching plums. He let out a long, agonized groan, his eyes clenched shut, grimacing in pain and massaging his nuts.

Leo watched him, laughing.

A couple of seconds later, Tristan had sufficiently recovered and fired the ball at Leo’s nuts. It wasn’t a perfect hit but it smashed Leo’s right testicle with considerable force, making him scream in agony.

Leo’s right eye twitched as he cupped his nuts, howling in pain.

“Ooooh, looks like righty took a hit”, Tristan commented cheerfully.

“Fuck”, Leo groaned. “You hit the motherfucker dead-on. I got half a sack full of Leo’s Nut Butter now.”

“Mmmmh, tasty”, Tristan laughed.

Grimacing, Leo grabbed the ball and looked at his buddy. “I’m going for the full sack.”

Tristan chuckled, spreading his legs wide. “At your disposal.”

Leo threw the ball as hard as he could. It crashed into Tristan’s crotch at high-speed, flattening his testicles like pancakes and eliciting a shrill, high-pitched shriek from Tristan’s mouth.

Despite the pain in his own nuts, Leo laughed heartily. “I like that sound!”

Tristan curled up in a ball, clutching his nuts and squealing in pain.

“That’s the sound of nut butter!” Leo chuckled, massaging his own battered balls as he watched Tristan writhe on the ground.

“Holy fuck”, Tristan whimpered. “That’s it. I’m done.”

Leo chuckled. “You sure?”

Tears were running down Tristan’s face as he rocked back and forth, trying to comfort his precious jewels.

“You sure?” Leo repeated. He looked down at his crotch, grabbed his package with his right hand and grinned. “I know you want to take another shot at those suckers”, he said, echoing the argument that Tristan had used on him.

Tristan shook his head, whimpering and moaning.

Leo laughed. “Come on. I know you want to crunch those nuts.”

Tristan looked up, an agonized expression on his face. He stared at Leo’s balls for a second. “Alright”, he groaned. “One more round.” He sat up straight and spread his legs. His throbbing, swollen balls were beet red, glowing through the mesh fabric of his briefs.

Leo’s nuts didn’t look much better. They were considerably swollen, too, and had taken on the color of ripe tomatoes.

Leo grinned, his legs spread wide. “Come on, buddy, give it your best shot!”

Tristan did.

He slung the heavy ball at Leo’s nuts with the force of a professional baseball player. The impact was accompanied by a cringe-inducing dull SPLAT that sounded as if someone had dropped a grocery bag full of eggs on the floor.

Leo’s eyes opened wide and crossed at the same time. His knees turned inward and his toes tensed up. His jaw dropped and he let out what sounded like a surprised baby bird’s squeak.

Tristan’s own nuts were hurting bad, but the sight of his buddy’s reaction made him laugh so hard that he had to hold his belly instead of his balls.

“Oh fuck”, Leo whispered.

“Ooooh, that’s gotta hurt”, Tristan cheered, clapping his hands.

“Oh fuck”, Leo repeated, a bit louder this time.

“No kids for you, buddy”, Tristan laughed.

“Oh fuck!” Leo screamed, grabbing his nuts.

“I hope you didn’t plan on getting laid this weekend”, Tristan said cheerfully, “cause that ain’t gonna happen…”

“Oh fuuuuuuck!” Leo wailed from the top of his lungs. He rolled to the side and curled up in a ball, grabbing his aching testicles and screaming in agony.

Tristan watched him, an amused grin on his face. The pain in his own balls was back, and he was rubbing them gingerly.

“I take it you give up?” Tristan grinned.

“No fucking way!” Leo sobbed. “You started the game. Now it’s my turn to finish it.”

Tristan gulped. “Okay.”

Leo had trouble sitting up straight. His reddened sack looked swollen and bruised and he was grimacing in pain. He grabbed the ball and looked at his buddy. “What about you, do you have any plans for the weekend?”

Tristan cleared his throat. “Umm... Well, actually---”

“I guess you’ll have to change them”, Leo said with a shrug before he flung the ball at Tristan’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

The ball landed right on target, squashing Tristan’s nuts and ramming them into his body.

Tristan’s cheeks puffed and it looked like he was going to throw up. He rolled onto his back, bringing his knees close to his chest while clutching his crunched nuts, retching and gagging while rocking back and forth.

Leo laughed, clutching his own nuts in a mixture of sympathy and real pain.

A few minutes later, Tristan and Leo were standing side by side, their arms on each other’s shoulders. They looked exhausted, grimacing in pain and breathing heavily, their lanky bodies glistening with sweat. Their nuts had swollen and looked bruised, and their mesh briefs looked like they each contained a pair of beet red potatoes.

Leo looked at the camera, grimacing. “I hope you enjoyed it.”

“We certainly did”, Tristan added, grinning weakly. He turned to Leo. “Always a pleasure to crush your nuts, buddy!”

The two friends shook hands.

When they let go, both of them seemed to have the same idea: They threw backhand slaps at each other’s swollen nuts at the same time.

The two hands connected with the two sacks, eliciting two surprised, pained yelps before they collapsed on the ground.

They burst out laughing as they were writhing on the ground.

“Sneaky fucker!” Leo chuckled.

“Ditto!” Tristan replied, laughing.


If you have an idea for a hot ballbusting competition or game for our "Fun and games" series please leave a comment here.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Zach’s education – lesson 3: The ejaculation

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

“Welcome”, Logan said to the 30 students who were sitting in the class room, “to the third lesson of our sex ed program.” The 18 year old blond smiled. “It’s been two weeks since we met. Anybody remember what we did last time?”

Leroy, a handsome African-American with curly black hair, raised his hand. “We talked about the ‘blue balls’ phenomenon.”

“That’s right”, Logan nodded. “You did a very good job punching and kicking Zach’s ‘blue balls’.”

Leroy smiled proudly.

“Now, let’s see where we are”, Logan said and looked at Zach. “How are you?”

Zach gulped.

The past two weeks had been hell.

The hunky 20 year old stud had been fit with a nasty chastity device by the class, a cruel instrument that bent his huge, meaty cock in a way that prevented him from having an erection.

Two weeks he had worn this ghastly device. Two weeks without sex, without the chance to shoot the giant load that had built up in his supersized testicles. The worst thing: Last weekend his buddies had celebrated their annual “Porn is life” spectacle at the fraternity. With a couple of hot and eager Triple-D-cup girls offering themselves for entertainment, the guys spent the weekend watching porn and engaging in a 72-hour-fuckathon that left every testicle in the house drained and completely empty – every testicle except for the two prime examples that Zach was carrying between his thighs.

He’d tried to come up with excuses, but eventually his buddies stripped him naked and found his famous gargantuan cock locked away in the chastity cage. At first, they were shocked, but that didn’t last very long. Soon, they were making fun of him, and they came up with a couple of ways to use Zach’s plight for their enjoyment.

Friday night, Zach spent chained to a chair, watching his buddies gangbang a very outgoing blond chick with remarkably stretchable orifices.

Saturday night, Zach was on pussy duty. His buddies made him eat out the girls after they had been fucked, making sure they were nice and clean for the next cock. Due to a regrettable misunderstanding of the exact nature of “pussy duty”, one of the girls, an intellectually-challenged blond with amazingly oversized fake breasts, fucked Zach’s ass with a strap-on for almost an hour until the guys realized the mistake. Of course, they sincerely apologized to her and had Zach make it up to her by pleasuring her with the strap-on for the rest of the night.

On Sunday, the frat guys organized a girls-vs-boys nut-kicking competition centering around Zach’s big and swollen balls that was a huge success with almost all the participants. The boys won narrowly, and they celebrated their victory by banging the shit out of the losers, making Zach watch with a broomstick pressing against his prostate.

The past two weeks had been hell.

“I’m fine”, Zach mumbled.

Logan chuckled. To keep the element of surprise, he had wrapped a towel around Zach’s waist. Except for that Zach was stark naked, his tanned, muscular body on full display.

“Great. Now this”, Logan said with a grin, “is what blue balls look like.” He pulled the towel away like a Las Vegas magician, exposing Zach’s genitalia, his locked cock and the two extremely swollen gonads below them.

The students gasped in unison.

“Yeah”, Logan nodded. “I know. It looks terrible. I’m showing you this so you know why you have to be very diligent with your fucking. It’s absolutely vital that you empty your nuts a couple of times a week or your stuff will look like this. If there’s no hole available you might have to take matters in your own hands. That’s cool, don’t be ashamed about it.” Logan smiled. “Just make sure you don’t let it come to this.” He pointed at Zach’s bruised, sore and swollen meatballs.

The boys nodded gravely, staring at Zach’s groin. Some of them made notes so they didn’t forget Logan’s valuable advice.

Logan waited a moment until he was sure that the image of Zach’s poor balls was engraved in every student’s memory. “Before I unlock Zach’s cock and we’ll finally be able to concentrate on today’s lesson, all of you will get a chance to feel Zach’s nuts for themselves. Stand in line, please.”

One by one, the students walked up to Zach and groped his sore, swollen nuts, making Zach wince and shift uncomfortably.

“Notice the texture?” Logan said. “They feel more squishy than they used to, right?”

The boys nodded.

“Like overripe tomatoes”, one boy said.

“Our dog’s toys feel exactly like this”, another added.

“Fells like you can squish them with your bare hands”, yet another one chimed in.

Zach yelped in pain as his bloated balls were viciously squeezed and wrung by the students.

Finally, they boys went back to their seats and Logan knelt in front of Zach to free his dick.

Logan opened the padlock and wrinkled his nose. “You did shower, didn’t you?”

The class burst out laughing.

Zach shot Logan angry look.

Logan carefully examined the metal tube that was jam-packed with Zach’s incredibly huge dick. He raised his eyebrows when he saw some huge dents and bumps in the tube. “Zach”, Logan shook his head, clicking his tongue, “this thing is completely useless now. I’m afraid you’ll have to reimburse me, buddy. What have you done with it?”

Zach frowned at him. “I just---“

Logan grabbed the tube and yanked down hard, causing Zach to stop mid-sentence and scream from the top of his lungs.

It took a lot of effort until Logan was finally able to pull the tube off of Zach’s huge, meaty dick with a resounding PLOP.

“There we are”, Logan mumbled as Zach screamed in agony. “Now the ring…” He bit his lower lip. “This is going to be a little difficult…”

With a dauntless look in his eyes, Logan grabbed the tight metal ring that enclosed the neck of Zach’s sac. Pressing his thumbs into the soft meat of Zach’s testicles, Logan tried to pull it off of Zach’s sack.

Grunting with effort, he squished and squashed Zach’s tender, swollen balls, eliciting shrill shrieks and agonized yells from Zach’s mouth.

“Phew”, Logan wiped his forehead. “I guess we’ll have to do it one at a time…”

Zach was whimpering in pain, staring down at his crotch in sheer horror as Logan concentrated on Zach’s right nut first.

The bloated, swollen orb looked like it was twice the size it used to be. It looked severely bruised and had taken on a decidedly unhealthy bluish red color. It certainly didn’t help that Logan was now digging his thumbs into the tender flesh, trying to squeeze it through the ring.

It took him a couple of minutes until he had freed both of Zach’s balls, a couple of seemingly endless minutes that Zach spent shrieking and screaming.

Zach was sweating from all pores, his muscular body glistening.

Holding the metal ring in his hand, Logan looked up at Zach and shot him an annoyed look. “Stop the screaming already”, he said, slapping Zach’s swollen nuts with the palm of his hand, ironically eliciting another high-pitched wail from Zach’s lips.

Zach doubled over, cupping his oversized, swollen genitals. His cock and his balls looked sore and miserable. “My beautiful dick”, Zach whispered, looking at the red, limp monster and gently caressing it.

The first gentle touch in two weeks had a very immediate and obvious effect on Zach’s sore schlong: Within seconds it stood at attention, pulsing and throbbing as Zach continued examining his genitals, gently rolling his bloated balls between his fingers one at a time.

“There it is, folks”, Logan grinned. “The baby batter blaster is back in action.”

The students clapped politely.

Zach looked down at his rock-hard monster cock. The relieved smile on his face couldn’t mask the pain he was feeling.

“And we’re right in the middle of today’s lesson”, Logan said cheerfully. “There must be gallons of spunk stored in Zach’s big, blue balls that are just waiting for us to coax them out.”

Zach’s smile vanished immediately. “Umm, you know”, he said, “maybe it’d be better if we gave it a rest for the time being?”

Logan grinned. “Don’t worry, we won’t touch your dick.”

Zach exhaled slowly. “Okay, good.”

“I guess it must be pretty sensitive after it’s been locked away for two weeks”, Logan smiled sympathetically.

Zach nodded, a pained expression on his face.

“And besides”, Logan added, “that’d be pretty gay.”

Zach was fumbling with his balls. The slightest touch of his genitals caused his dong to twitch in reaction. Its tip was wet and shiny and dripping with precum.

“No”, Logan continued, “we’ll be concentrating on those huge blue plums of yours.”

Zach looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“We’ll make sure to milk every last drop of pent-up jizz out of those monsters”, Logan smiled. “You’ll be thoroughly drained until your big balls are completely empty.” He looked at the class. “Now who wants to press out the juice?”

Almost all of the students raised their hands, jumping at the chance to get their hands on Zach’s gigantic balls again.

“CJ”, Logan smiled and pointed at a cute redhead with a nose piercing.

“Yes!” CJ exclaimed jubilantly.

“Most of you guys know that CJ has a bit of experience”, Logan chuckled. “You have milked a guy or two in the past, huh?”

CJ grinned. “Yeah, a couple of times…”

Some students blushed.

“So what’s your technique?” Logan asked.

CJ shrugged. “I’m pretty good with my mouth.”

“But”, Logan smiled, “the cock’s off limits today.”

CJ nodded slowly. “Yeah. Well, I think I’ll concentrate on squeezing and kneading today.”

“Squeezing and kneading”, Logan repeated, “Good choice. I’m sure you’ll be able to get that pent-up load out of him in no time.”

CJ cracked his knuckles and knelt in front of Zach.

Zach looked down at the cute redhead who winked at him and grinned.

“Relax, this might hurt a little bit”, CJ said.

Logan chuckled and handcuffed Zach. Then he placed a big glass pitcher on the ground next to CJ.

“Thanks”, CJ said. He licked his lips and grabbed Zach’s swollen nuts with both of his hands, causing Zach to inhale sharply.

Separating the two huge testicles was more difficult than it looked. Both of them were absurdly swollen, and there was barely enough room in the scrotum to fit them both in, let alone get some space between the two massive orbs. But CJ didn’t give up. He pulled and yanked on Zach’s nuts, making the blond hunk whimper and groan, until he had a good, firm grip on both of his testicles.

Then CJ started squeezing.

Zach let out an ear-piercing wail as CJ’s slender fingertips dug into the soft flesh of his nuts as deep as they could. With a satisfied grin, CJ twisted Zach’s nuts, squeezing hard and causing his fingertips to whiten from the pressure.

Zach’s dick twitched and jumped as CJ tortured his tender globes, squishing and squashing them with his bare hands, alternately yanking up and down, causing Zach to let out all kinds of bizarre noises.

Precum ran down the thick shaft of Zach’s oversized dick, coating it in a sticky layer of juice. CJ had to fight the urge to lick Zach’s splendiferous tool, so he doubled down on Zach’s nuts.

CJ let go of the two orbs and grabbed the neck of his sack with his left hand, pushing Zach’s tender gonads to the bottom of the sack. Then he balled his right fist and used it to grind his knuckles into Zach’s nuts.

That technique proved to be very effective: Zach’s screams grew louder and louder as CJ twisted his fist, crushing Zach’s meaty nuts into peanut butter.

Zach was moaning and screaming, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth wide open, as CJ wreaked havoc on his poor, tender gonads.

CJ was panting, gritting his teeth as he applied as much pressure as he possibly could, trying to squish the spunk out of Zach’s nuts.

“Damn”, CJ said, gritting his teeth, “these bastards are tougher than I thought…” He lifted his fist and smashed Zach’s nuts with a well-placed punch.

Zach’s screaming stopped and he let out a throaty gurgle as his eyes slowly turned inward.

“Now we’re getting somewhere”, CJ mumbled and repeated the maneuver, punching Zach’s bloated balls as hard as he could, flattening them between his hands.

“Urgh”, Zach grunted, his mouth hanging open, his eyes crossed.

CJ punched Zach’s nuts again and again, smashing his fist into them and making sure to twist his knuckles on impact, doing as much damage as possible.

Drool was dropping down from Zach’s lips, landing on his twitching cock and mixing with the precum on his wet dick.

CJ fired another dozen of punches at Zach’s poor, swollen babymakers, before his cock exploded with a huge jet of spunk that sputtered up high into the air and came down landing right in the pitcher sending drops splattering against the glass wall.

“Yeah”, CJ smiled in satisfaction. He carefully grabbed Zach’s cock and pointed it at the pitcher. “We don’t want to waste a drop”, he mumbled, licking his lips.

A second huge spurt of cum shot found its way into the pitcher with a wet splat.

With the other hand, CJ grabbed Zach’s nuts and squeezes them. He alternated between the two big plums, and it looked curiously as if he was milking a cow with one hand.

Zach’s cock spat out jet after jet of creamy jizz that landed in the pitcher thanks to CJ guidance. Within seconds, the bottom of the pitcher was coated in white, sticky cream.

CJ continued squeezing Zach’s bloated balls, making sure that the flow didn’t stop. Indeed, the amount of cum shooting from Zach’s pulsing dick was incredible. Dozens of spurts of sticky semen landed in the pitcher, slowly filling the glass container, the level rising and rising without an end in sight.

Finally, the spurts grew less frequent and less rich. CJ looked up at Logan. “Would you?” he asked.

Logan grinned and lifted the pitcher so that the head of Zach’s cock submerged in the collected ocean of jizz. His continuing spurts caused the viscous liquid to bubble with evey shot.

CJ clamped both of his hands around Zach’s balls, squeezing as hard as he could, trying to drain his balls as thoroughly as possible.

Zach let out a long, wheezing moan as CJ interlocked his fingers and pressed his hands together, squashing both of his nuts between his palms.

Finally, CJ wrung Zach’s ballsack like a cleaning cloth, causing Zach to choke and gag.

“They should be all empty now”, CJ said. “Phew.” He wiped his forehead with his lower arm and started licking his fingers that were sticky with Zach’s precum.

Zach let out a whimpering yelp before his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed on the ground.

“You’re welcome”, CJ said, noisily sucking of Zach’s precum from his fingertips.

Logan looked at the pitcher, raising his eyebrows. “Wow”, he said slowly. “Not bad.”

CJ looked at the pitcher and licked his lips. “Now, what are we going to do with it?” he asked, smiling innocently.

Logan grinned. “You know, after an ejaculation like that, there’s an acute danger of dehydration.”

CJ looked disappointed. “I see.” He sighed and looked at Zach who was lying on his back, whimpering in pain. “Lucky bastard”, he mumbled.

He watched, his eyes glowing with envy, as Logan lifted Zach’s head and poured the slimy jizz into his mouth.

At first, Zach swallowed like a baby. But suddenly, his eyes opened wide and he started struggling.

“Easy”, Logan said, “easy.” He turned to CJ. “Hold his nose.”

CJ mumbled something unintelligible and did as he was told.

Zach gasped for air, allowing Logan to pour the rest of his sperm into his mouth. He gulped and gulped until the pitcher was empty.

“Okay”, Logan smiled, handing the slimy pitcher to CJ. “You can lick it clean if you like.”

CJ grinned and scooped up Zach’s spunk with his finger, thoroughly cleaning the glass pitcher and slurping down Zach’s cum.

Logan turned to the class.

The guys were staring at the spectacle, their mouths hanging open.

“That’s it for today”, Logan smiled. “Now you know everything there is to know about the ejaculation. Practice what you’ve learned on your friends. And maybe you want to prepare in advance for next week’s topic.” He held up his index finger and wiggled it with a cheerful smile. “Next Friday, we’ll take a close look at the prostate.”

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Be our guest: Carter meets Logan

Special thanks to our devoted reader Carter for providing us with a lot of personal information.

If you (yes, I mean you, the one with his pants down, his dick in one hand and that wonderful pair of low-hangers in the other!) would like to be our guest, meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more Details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.
“Nice to finally meet you”, I said and shook Carter’s hand.
“Thanks”, Carter mumbled. His hand was slightly moist and he looked a bit nervous.
There was an awkward moment of silence.
“You have been a member of our site for ages, right?” I said.
Carter nodded. He was a handsome 23 year old guy, with short black hair and beautiful dark eyes. His body was lean, almost scrawny, and he had a great tan, probably due to his partly Hawaiian background.
“Well, we certainly appreciated all your input over the years”, I continued. “You must have commented on at least one hundred videos.”
Carter smiled at me. “I hope I haven’t been annoying.”
“No, nonono”, I said quickly. “Definitely not. We love to get feedback from our members. It makes us want to become better and better.”
Carter nodded, looking relieved.
I looked at my watch. “Logan should be here any minute”, I said.
Carter bit his lower lip.
“No need to be nervous”, I smiled. “Logan is a nice guy.”
“He’s my favorite”, Carter said.
I chuckled. “Yeah, he’s great. Nice, friendly, kinky – and he has a great set of balls.”
Carter blushed and snickered.
Carter was one of the first members to visit us. In an attempt to get them more engaged in our activities we had started a contest, inviting our members to apply for a guest appearance in our studio where they’d meet their favorite model and have some fun with them.
Carter was a handsome guy, but he seemed a bit shy. Right on the outset he’d mentioned that he wasn’t sure if his equipment met our standards. He was wearing jeans and a shirt, so I hadn’t been able to evaluate it for myself.
The door opened and Logan burst into the room. The 18 year old high school wrestler was shirtless, wearing just a pair of sweat pants. His chest was tanned and muscular, just like the rest of his body. He ran his hand through his short blond hair and smiled.
“Hi”, he said, a big smile on his handsome face, “you must be Carter.”
Carter cleared his throat. “Nice to meet you”, he said politely. “I’m a huge fan.”
“We’re going to have a lot of fun”, Logan chuckled and playfully slapped Carter’s bulging crotch.
Carter winced and let out a groan as he doubled over, rubbing his crotch.
“No time to waste, right?” Logan chuckled, putting his hands on his hips.
Carter looked up and blinked. His eyes were at Logan’s crotch level. He grinned and slapped Logan’s groin.
“Ooooh”, Logan moaned hoarsely, grabbing his nuts. “Nice shot”, he said in a strained voice, “you got them both dead-on.” He grinned. “I guess we’ll both be singing soprano when we’re done here, huh?”
Carter chuckled.
“Alright”, Logan smiled, “let’s get the balls rolling.” He took off his sneakers and slipped out of his sweat pants, revealing a tightly packed jockstrap.
Carter looked at Logan’s crotch.
“Don’t worry”, Logan grinned. “I’m not wearing a cup.” He grabbed his crotch and squeezed the soft contents of his jockstrap. “I’m playing fair. May the toughest nuts win…”
Carter gulped.
“Wanna take your clothes off?” Logan grinned. “Let me see what I’m dealing with…”
Carter blushed. “Sure”, he said hesitantly before stripping off his shirt and his jeans. He was wearing a tight pair of Calvin Klein briefs that left very little to the imagination.
 “Well, didn’t you say you were a ‘huge’ fan?” Logan chuckled cheekily.
Carter shifted uncomfortably and put his hands in front of his groin which seemed to greatly amuse Logan.
“I don’t see anything huge there”, Logan grinned.
Carter looked mortified.
“Let’s have a look”, Logan winked at Carter and pried his hands away from his groin.
Carter looked down at his crotch, biting his lower lip, as Logan pulled down his underwear to reveal a small set of balls and an equally sub-standard dick.
“Oh my god”, Logan laughed. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dick as small as that one.” He gingerly grabbed Carter’s cock with his thumb and index finger, wiggling the limp little thing and chuckling. “Does it even work?”
Carter’s head was beet red and he looked like he was about to faint.
“I’m just pulling your leg, buddy, you’re fine,” Logan grinned and pulled Carter’s underwear up again. He playfully patted the small bulge in Carter’s Calvin Klein’s and chuckled as Carter moaned in pain and doubled over.
“My balls”, Carter whispered, grimacing.
“Oh, small dick and weak balls”, Logan laughed. “Perfect combination…” He casually adjusted the big bulge in his own crotch and winked at Carter.
I cleared my throat. “Okay, guys”, I said. “We’re going to play a little dice game. And we’re going to keep it simple: You roll the dice and the number determines how many times you can bust your opponent’s balls.”
Carter nodded, grimacing as he rubbed his groin.
“Sounds fun”, Logan grinned. “You have much experience, Carter?”
Carter shook his head. “Not exactly…”
“Then you’re in for a ride”, Logan chuckled.
I handed Carter the dice. “You go first.”
Carter rolled the dice. Five.  The bright smile on Carter’s face made me chuckle.
“Ouch”, Logan grimaced in anticipation. “You’re off to a good start…” He put his hand behind his head and spread his legs.
“I can do whatever I want, right?” Carter looked at me.
I nodded. “Whatever you want.”
Carter thought for a moment. “I think I’ll start with some kicks from behind…”
“Damn”, Logan mumbled.
I clicked my tongue. “Logan! Be nice to our guest!”
Logan shrugged, sighing. “Good choice, Carter”, he grinned weakly. “Make sure you really kick my nuts as hard as you can! Want me to bend over so you have a better shot?”
“Umm, sure”, Carter’s eyes lit up.
“Alright”, Logan grinned and bent over, his fingertips touching the ground.
Carter was standing behind him, his eyes fixed on the big bulge between Logan’s muscular thighs.
Carter drew his leg back and kicked Logan’s nuts. It wasn’t a very hard kick but it definitely made contact with both of Logan’s hefty plums.
Logan let out a groan. “Nice”, he said in a strained voice, “but you can do better than that… Don’t hold back! Give it all you can!”
“Alright”, Carter nodded.
He took a step back. Then, with a little running start, he kicked Logan’s nuts as hard as he could. His bare foot collided with Logan’s testicles, ramming them into his body and making Logan let out a guttural groan. His knees turned inward and he struggled to stay in position.
“How was that?” Carter said with a shy grin.
“Pretty good”, Logan coughed, slowly spreading his legs again and presenting his nuts to Carter. “Pretty good…”
Carter chuckled. There was a small yet conspicuous tent in Carter’s briefs. He definitely seemed to be enjoying himself. When he noticed my grin, he blushed and adjusted his crotch, trying to hide his erection.
He bit his lower lip and concentrated on the next kick. Again, he took a running start, and again he hit both of Logan’s nuts dead-on. His instep slammed into Logan’s meaty balls, flattening them against his body.
Logan let out a scream, his arms and legs trembling. “Fuck”, he whispered.
“That was pretty good, too, huh?” Carter grinned.
“Yup”, Logan mumbled, grimacing in pain. “You’re getting better and better at this… Now see if you can make me sing soprano…”
Carter chuckled. “I’ll certainly try…”
Logan grimaced and nodded. “Yeah, I thought so…”
Carter’s fourth kick was as devastating as the previous ones, colliding with Logan’s nuts with a resounding thud, lifting him a couple of inches off the ground and making him scream in agony.
I chuckled. “Sounded more like alto to me”, I mused.
Carter laughed. “Yeah, there’s definitely room for improvement.”
I grinned. Shy young Carter was certainly warming up.
Logan was breathing heavily, struggling to stay in position as his knees closed and he whimpered in pain. “One more”, he said hoarsely.
Carter grinned and drew his leg back. With devastating force and admirable precision he slammed his instep into Logan’s crotch, ramming his poor testicles into his body and eliciting a long, high-pitched squeal from Logan’s lips as he collapsed on the ground and curled up in a ball.
“Yes!” Carter laughed.
I chuckled.
Carter turned to me, a huge smile on his face. “He’s got a beautiful singing voice”, he quipped.
Logan was moaning and groaning, clutching his nuts and rolling around on the floor.
“Well, seems like you bring out the best in him”, I grinned. Glancing at his crotch, I added, “And it looks like you are enjoying yourself quite a bit, huh?”
Carter let out a laugh, shrugged and adjusted his crotch.
I looked at Logan. “You ready for your turn?”
Logan looked up, grimacing in pain. “Yup”, he whispered. He got up, groaning, and slowly straightened.
I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that this scrawny guy had brought down that muscular hunk with just five well-placed kicks.
Logan grinned weakly and adjusted his crotch. “Man, you really rearranged my junk. I swear I could feel them in my throat.”
Carter let out a laugh.
“Time for revenge, my friend”, Logan grinned and rolled the dice.
Carter gulped.
It was quite obvious that Logan was disappointed.
Carter, on the other hand, grinned happily.
Logan shrugged and reached inside Carter’s underwear. “What’s that? Oh, that’s your little dick”, he grinned as he moved past Carter’s hard cock and wrapped his hand around Carter’s balls and making him inhale sharply.
Logan looked him in the eyes and winked. “Let’s see if I can smush your raisins…”
Carter’s eyes widened as Logan started squeezing hard. The veins on Logan’s forearm stood out as he crushed Carter’s little balls with all the force he could muster.
Carter’s eyebrows rose and he let out a pitiful whimper as Logan kneaded his nuts between his fingers.
“Oh, oh, oh”, Carter wheezed, his eyes slowly crossing.
Logan chuckled. “I like that look in your eyes”, he said cheerfully. “Very attractive…” He moved his wrist, cruelly twisting Carter’s nuts and making him squeal like a pig before he let go, allowing Carter to clutch his manhood and double over.
In took a little time until Carter was ready to continue.
“Wow”, Logan grinned, “those little things seem to hurt pretty easily…”
Carter groaned. “Yup, they do.”
He rolled the dice and got a Two.
Smiling weakly, Logan adjusted his package, spread his legs, and put his hands behind his back.
Carter stood in front of him, putting his hands on his shoulders. He was still grimacing from the pain in his balls when he jerked his knee up, slamming Logan’s fat nuggets into his pelvis and knocking the wind out of his lungs.
“Ooof!” Logan coughed and stumbled backwards, grabbing his crotch and doubling over. “Ow, that hurt”, he groaned.
Despite the throbbing pain in his own nuts, Carter managed to smile.
The second knee lifted Logan off his feet. Carter’s bony kneecap crunched Logan’s juicy balls hard, flattening them like pancakes and making him yowl in agony.
“Fuck”, Logan shrieked from the top of his lungs. He jumped up and down, clutching his crotch, before he relaxed his legs, grimacing. “My turn”, he said and rolled the dice.
“A six!” Logan yelled triumphantly as the color left Carter’s face. “Oh, this is good, this is good!” Logan laughed and cracked his knuckles. “Spread your legs, my friend, this is going to be painful!”
Carter gulped and did as he was told.
Logan looked at the little tent in Carter’s briefs and chuckled.
Carter blushed.
Without further ado, Logan kicked Carter’s groin as hard as he could. His toes slammed into the bulge in Carter’s briefs, brutally flattening it and making Carter shriek from the top of his lungs.
With an ear-piercing squeal, Carter collapsed on the ground, clutching his crotch and curling up in a little ball.
“Ouch”, Logan chuckled, massaging his own aching nuts. “Right on target…”
He watched Carter squirm on the ground a couple of seconds before turning to me and quipping, “You would have guessed that those little marbles would be harder to hit, huh?”
I couldn’t help but laugh along with Logan as Carter was moaning in pain, nursing his battered testicles.
“Get up”, Logan smiled. “Five more kicks.”
Carter looked up, his eyes glassy, his handsome face glistening with sweat. “Damn”, he whispered.
Logan chuckled. “Don’t chicken out now, my friend. Get up and spread your legs so I can kick your little balls into orbit…”
Carter groaned and slowly got up. His boner hadn’t vanished and there was a little moist spot where the tip touched the fabric.
With a cheerful smile, Logan kicked Carter’s nuts again. His instep crunched Carter’s nuts hard, making Carter gag and retch.
“I would have said they’re flat like pancakes”, Logan quipped. “But I guess there’s not enough dough for that…” He laughed. “Flat as a two cent coin, maybe…”
Carter fell to his knees, clutching his groin, groaning in pain and nursing his aching testicles.
“Oh, you can stay like that”, Logan said. “Just take your hands away from your balls…”
Carter grimaced and moaned, slowly bringing his hands behind his back, kneeling on the ground with his thighs spread wide.
Logan took a couple of steps back, making Carter’s face turn into a frightened grimace. With a running start, Logan kicked Carter’s nuts as if he was trying to kick a football beyond the horizon, making the scrawny young man sound like a Hawaiian opera diva singing a slightly dissonant, yet oddly entrancing aria.
Carter’s lean body was lifted off the ground and he fell onto his back, clutching his balls as he continued his soprano performance.
Logan was laughing his ass off.
“Ow, man”, he laughed, clutching his crotch in mock-sympathy. “That must have hurt!”
Carter was squirming and kicking his legs, screaming in pain and clutching his battered balls.
It took a couple of minutes until Carter was standing again, his face a mask of pain. His short black hair was wet and sweaty, and his eyes were glassy.
“Ready for number four?” Logan asked with a wink.
Carter groaned. “I don’t know.” He looked down at his crotch pulling the waistband of his Calvin Kleins away from his body.
It seemed that the bulge below his persistent erection had grown quite a bit, and judging from the expression on Carter’s face, his balls were not only swollen but slightly bruised as well.
“Show us”, Logan grinned.
Carter gulped and pulled his briefs down, revealing his small boner and a pair of beet red, swollen testicles.
Logan let out a laugh. “Well, they are almost normal size now”, he chuckled. “And the color is pretty original, don’t you think?”
Carter groaned and pulled his briefs up again.
Without hesitation, Logan powered his foot between Carter’s thighs, smashing his bruised, battered balls hard and making Carter yodel from the top of his lungs.
“We’re moving from opera queen to yodel queen”, Logan quipped before bursting out laughing.
Carter had collapsed on the ground again, clutching his nuts and screaming like a banshee.
Logan looked at me and grinned. “Do you think he’ll get up again?”
I shrugged.
We both watched poor Carter rock back and forth, clutching his crotch for a couple of minutes.
“I’m gonna go get something to drink”, Logan chuckled and disappeared in the kitchen. He returned with two bottles of beer, handing me one bottle.
“Cheers”, he said and took a big gulp. He held the cold bottle against his jockstrap, sighing at the cool sensation on his balls.
After what seemed like an eternity, Carter was standing again, grimacing in agony, his legs trembling, his toes curled up.
Holding the bottle of beer in one hand, Logan unceremoniously kicked Carter’s balls hard. His instep collided with Carter’s bruised testicles, ramming them into his pelvis.
Carter froze. His eyes slowly crossed and his eyebrows rose. His nose started twitching and drool was running out the corners of his mouth.
At the same time, there seemed to be an explosion going off inside his Calvin Klein briefs. The main pole of the little tent was moving rapidly as the fabric dampened with spurt after spurt of creamy cum, creating a very odd visual.
Logan raised his bottle, staring at Carter’s groin. “Wow.”
Batch after batch of creamy cum unloaded from Carter’s bruised balls, quickly wetting the fabric of the briefs and dropping to the ground, creating a slimy puddle of jizz on the ground between Carter’s trembling feet.
“Wow”, Logan repeated, chuckled. “Who would’ve thought that there was so much spunk hidden inside those little balls…” He took a big gulp and grinned. “Congrats, my friend! That’s very impressive!”
Carter didn’t seem to be very receptive to Logan’s compliment. His cock was sputtering jet after jet of his stud sauce into his underwear as his face slowly scrunched up. Simultaneously, a low, guttural groan emanated from his lips. The groan turned into a scream, and the scream turned into a wail as the spell on Carter’s body was broken.
His knees slowly came together and his hands found his crotch, slowly clasping the wet bulge as his dick continued shooting like a geyser inside his underwear.
He fell to his knees and curled up in a ball, screaming from the top of his lungs.
Logan looked at me. “I got one left.”
I grimaced. “I guess you don’t want to spare him?”
Logan laughed. “Of course not!” He walked up to Carter, rolled him on his back and pried his hands away from his crotch. Lifting his foot high above his crotch, he looked Carter in the eyes and winked at him.
Then he stomped down hard on Carter sore balls, driving the ball of his foot into them and twisting it as if he was putting out a cigarette.
Carter’s voice went up a notch and he let out a high-pitched wail as his bruised, swollen, spent balls were crushed underneath Logan’s foot.
Logan took another sip from his beer and smiled cheerfully before lifting his foot and allowing Carter to curl up in a ball, sobbing and moaning.
Half an hour later the three of us were sitting on the couch with a bottle of beer in our hands.
Carter’s face was contorted in pain as he pressed the cool bottle against the bulge in his wet, drenched underwear.
“I gotta say”, Logan grinned. “You shot quite a load…”
Carter looked at him. “Um, thanks, I guess”, he said.
“So, did you enjoy your little visit to our studio”, I asked.
Carter cleared his throat. “Well…”
“I certainly did”, Logan said, chuckling. He clinked his bottle against Carter’s, making Carter scream from the renewed pain in his nuts.
Logan burst out laughing.