Monday, May 2, 2016

Video links: Kiss or kick (2)

A couple of months ago I shared with you my fascination with a wonderful little game called "Kiss or kick". It is a simple game:
  1. Walk up to a random girl in the street. 
  2. Convince her to play a little game of chance (like "Rock Paper Scissors" or "Coin Toss" or "Spin the Bottle").
  3. If she loses, you get to kiss her.
  4. If you lose, she (or an emissary of her choice, ideally a MMA fighter or a football player) gets to kick you in the sweetbreads.
  5. Repeat until you're sure that you'll never be able to have children.
  6. Look at your video on youtube and laugh your ass off.
Wonderful isn't it? What fascinates me the most is the risk/reward ratio. Reward = kiss a stranger = a moment of pleasure. Risk = getting hit in the sperm factory with dozens of strangers watching = at least half an hour of pain and lifelong memories of embarrassement.

It's a no-brainer, right?

Well, apparently it is, because I have found some more videos since I published that post in January. Here they are:

First up, we have a wonderful young man who enjoys the game of "Beso o patada en los huevos" so much that he did it not once but twice! Maybe the first time around wasn't painful enough?

Friday, April 29, 2016

One on one: Leo vs. Phil

Featured in this story: Leo and  Phil (click for pictures)

“It’s been a while since I’ve been in a one on one fight”, Phil said, leaning back in his chair, his legs spread wide apart. The 18 year old star soccer player was wearing soccer shorts, a tight-fitting jersey, and sports shoes. He ran his hand through his red hair and looked at the young man sitting opposite him.

Leo was 19 years old, a handsome guy with curly black hair. His lanky body was covered in too-large clothing, a black XXL t-shirt and a pair of baggy knee-length cargo pants that had probably been black originally but had turned into an indefinable, dark grayish color. His sneakers looked equally old and well-worn, as did the skateboard that was sitting on the ground between Leo’s legs.

“How did it go?” Leo smiled at Phil.

I filled their glasses with iced tea.

“Not too bad”, Phil said with a chuckle. “We didn’t compare sperm counts but I’m pretty sure the other guy got it worse than me.”

Leo smiled cockily. “Well, today it’s a whole different ball game.”

Phil grinned. “Wait till you feel my penalty kicks…”

The two guys shared a laugh.

“I don’t suppose you’ll take it easy on me?” Leo said with a grin.

“Well, will you go easy on me?” Phil retorted.

“No fucking way”, Leo said without a moment’s hesitation. “I’m gonna smash your little English balls so hard you’ll be walking funny for a week!”

They both burst out laughing.

“We’ll see who will be walking funny”, Phil replied with a cheeky grin.

Leo chuckled. “Yeah, probably both of us…”

Again, they burst out laughing.

I turned to my cameraman Chad who was setting up the equipment for our shoot. “Ready?”

Chad nodded, and I walked over to Leo and Phil.

“We’re ready to start”, I smiled.

The boys got up.

“Want me to take my clothes off?” Leo asked.

“That’d be nice”, I said.

Leo nodded and stripped to his boxers, revealing his pale, skinny body. He kept his socks and sneakers on.

“What about me?” Phil asked.

I looked at him. He looked very hot in his soccer outfit. “You’re not wearing a cup, are you?”

“Nope”, Phil grinned before taking a wide stance and shaking his hips. The sound of his genitals smacking against his thighs echoed through the studio. “I’m freeballing.”

Leo and I laughed.

“Sounds juicy”, Leo quipped. “I can’t wait to turn those things into paste…”

Phil chuckled.

“Okay, keep your clothes on”, I said. “I’m sure Leo will try and rip them off your body first thing…”

Leo nodded emphatically, causing all three of us to laugh out loud.

After I had explained the rules – there were none – and they had delivered an opening statement to the camera, introducing themselves and promising to rob their opponent of his sex life in a lot of colorful words, we were ready to start.

 The boys faced each other.

“You know, I keep wondering”, Phil said. “Do people actually enjoy watching us bust each other’s balls?”

Leo shrugged. “I sure hope so. Because we certainly don’t enjoy this…”

They looked at each other and laughed.

“Action!” I shouted.

Phil didn’t lose any time. He knew that his balls weren’t his strongest assets so he went on the attack right away, kicking his leg up into the air, aiming for Leo’s groin.

Leo was able to jump to the side just in time, avoiding the potentially nut-shattering impact and dealing out a blow of his own. His fist dashed forward, hitting Phil square in the gut and knocking the wind out of his lungs.

Phil yelped in pain and doubled over, grimacing. “Hey, I thought we were going for the---“

He was interrupted by a mean, hard uppercut that connected squarely with his free-hanging junk, ramming his tender jewels into his body.

“Bollocks!” Phil croaked as the first wave of pain radiated through his body.

Leo had a huge grin on his face as he watched Phil fall to his knees. “So much about your famous penalty kick, huh?” The grin was quickly wiped off, though, when Phil brought his fist up between Leo’s thighs, smashing his balls into his body and making him scream in agony.

He folded at the waist and sank to the ground, clutching his nuts.

They were kneeling opposite each other, their faces contorted in pain, their hands clasping their genitals.

Suddenly, Phil let out a grunt and lunged at Leo, throwing him onto his back and straddling him, his knees resting on Leo’s shoulders.

Phil’s hands sneaked inside Leo’s boxers and grabbed hold of his nuts. With his free hand, he yanked on the waistband of Leo’s underwear until it ripped off his body, revealing Leo’s meaty dick and his plump balls that were held in a vise-like grip by Phil.

Throwing the shredded boxers away, Phil balled his fist and sent it smashing down on Leo’s trapped testicles, flattening them like pancakes and eliciting an anguished wail from Leo.

Punch after punch met Leo’s precious jewels, making Leo scream in agony.

Leo tried frantically to throw Phil off of him but the skinny skater was no match for the athletic soccer player who continued to thrash poor Leo’s babymakers with punch after nut-crunching punch.

Finally, with the strength of a man desperate to lose his ability to father children, Leo pushed Phil forward. His hands raced to the back of Phil’s soccer shorts, his fingers clamped around the waistband and he yanked upwards with all the force he could muster, giving Phil a major wedgie that made him loosen his grip on Leo’s nuts.

The two boys toppled to the side.

Leo was holding on to Phil’s shorts, pulling and yanking as hard as he could, until the flimsy fabric was torn at the seams, exposing Phil’s naked butt. Without wasting any time, Leo’s fingers crawled between Phil’s thighs and grabbed his balls. He twisted his hand, making Phil scream from the top of his lungs.

Leo’s thumb was pressing into the tender flesh of Phil’s right testicle, digging deep into the core of his manhood, making Phil howl like an injured rhinoceros.

Phil kicked his leg back hard, hitting Leo in the thigh. The second kick found his gut. The third kick hit the motherlode. His heel only grazed Leo’s right nut but it connected with Leo’s left testicle dead-on, ramming the fragile orb into his body.

Leo froze. The vise-like grip around Phil’s nuts loosened and he gasped for air. His right eye squinched shut and his left eye opened wide, the pupil inching towards his nose.

Phil crawled away, catching his breath, his face a mask of pain, while the three-and-a-half phases of total testicular excruciation unfolded in slow motion in Leo’s left eye.

Phase 1: Ready!
There’s a very short moment of calm directly after the testicle has been struck. The brain knows what’s happened and enacts the emergency protocol: The stomach goes into turning position. The eyes tone down the light. The extremities prepare for a quick transformation into the fetal position. The vocal chords search their repertoire for a glorious soprano solo. A quick final inventory of the available sperm at the moment of impact is made. And the memory cells are ordered to save the pictures of the most recent sexual encounter from the short term hard drive to the long term hard drive in case things turn for the worst. 
Phase 2: Steady!
The moment of calm continues. The brain starts wondering: False alarm? Maybe everything is fine! Maybe it was just a---
Phase 3: Go!
Every organ goes into overdrive. The stomach turns at high speed. Bright sparks and eery shadows flash before the eyes. The brain throbs and pulses, just like the struck testicle. Cramps, sickness, beautiful aria – the whole nine yards.
Phase 3 1/2: Shutdown
The pain is so overwhelming that the brain abandons the post and allows the others to take over. It leans back and smokes a cigarette and waits for all of this to blow over.

In this case, with only one testicle affected, the soprano aria was slightly underwhelming, more like a pitiful whimper.

Apparently, Phil thought Leo could do better, because he got up, grimacing and rubbing his own balls, and quickly delivered a hard, powerful kick to Leo’s balls.

This time, his foot found both of Leo’s testicles, and the result was nothing short of spectacular.

Leo’s mouth opened wide and he screamed from the top of his lungs. It was a clear, high-pitched note that was delivered with such heartwarming fervor that it brought tears to my eyes.

Leo’s eyes were watery too, though I suspect it was for a different reason.

For a moment, I thought that this was it, that Phil had won the fight with this glorious, nut-shattering kick.

But I was wrong.

Somehow, Leo managed to throw himself at Phil, his face filled with pain and rage. His knee connected with Phil’s bare balls, squashing them into his body.

Phil let out a miserable groan but before Leo could follow up with another hit to Phil’s crotch, Phil gave Leo a head-butt that made him stumble backwards and reach for his head.

Phil brought his leg back and kicked Leo’s balls once again. His soccer cleats connected with Leo’s already aching nuts, lifting him off the ground and making his eyes bulge as his mouth opened in a silent scream.

A look of utter shock on his face, Leo looked down at his crotch where his rapidly swelling balls were swinging back and forth in their sack.

“My balls”, Leo whispered breathlessly.

Phil ignored him and hit Leo’s juicy plums once more with another deadly kick.

A gagging sound escaped Leo’s lips.

“My balls”, he croaked, staring at his nuts that were starting to turn bright red.

Phil snapped Leo’s balls as hard as he could. His instep smashed into the two meatballs, driving them up in their sack and away from each other, causing them to collide with each other on their way down.

“My baaaaaalls!” Leo groaned miserably. His eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed on the ground.

Phil looked down at him, a weak grin on his pain-contorted face. “Looks like my penalty kicks are alright”, he said with a shrug.

Leo let out a miserable moan and curled up in a little ball, his hands clutching his swollen and bruised nuts.

Phil looked up and raised his eyebrows. “I think we’re done here.”

“Cut!” I said, chuckling. “That was quick.” I walked up to the boys and looked down at Leo who was writhing on the ground, moaning and groaning in pain.

Phil shrugged. “What can I say, I’m a winner, right?”

I laughed and playfully slapped Phil’s nuts.

He let out a scream as if I had set them on fire before collapsing on the ground next to Leo.

A few minutes later, the two boys were sitting in their chairs again.

I handed each of them a bag of ice.

“Thanks”, Phil mumbled, exhaling slowly as he put the bag on his red, swollen balls.

Leo croaked something unintelligible. His balls were considerably more swollen than Phil’s, and they had the color of ripe tomatoes.

“Remember what I told you?” Leo groaned. “We’ll both be walking funny for a while…”

Phil let out a moan. “Frankly, I don’t think I’ll walk ever again.”

Leo’s chuckle turned into a cough.

When they left the studio a little while later I couldn’t help but laugh.

Both of them were walking gingerly, very slowly, gritting their teeth and pressing their lips together.

“This is not funny”, Phil mumbled.

“It kinda is”, Leo sighed. “Man, you really kicked my nuts in.”

Phil chuckled. “I did, didn’t I?”

“You certainly did”, Leo grinned.

“It was a pleasure”, Phil smiled.

Leo chuckled. “Yeah.”

“We should do this again sometime”, Phil added.

Leo rolled his eyes. “You know, let’s talk about that when my nuts are back to normal size…”

Feel free to add your own suggestions for the "One on one" series to the wish list.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Video links: Nadverts (9)

In today's edition of nut-crunching commercials we bring you a tennis ball machine, three knees to the testicles, and a voodoo doll. And if that isn't enough for you there are four animal-related nutshots that were sent to me by a reader! Yay!

Let's cut right to the chase.

When you see an overly self-assured tennis player and a ball machine in a commercial you know it's going to be a soda commercial a painful thing to watch. Sometimes I can't help but wonder how anybody can assume that the following clip will make me want to buy a bottle of soda... Well, watch the clip, I'm gonna go open a bottle of Schweppes...

Monday, April 25, 2016

Family affairs: Crazy cousins

This little story is dedicated to the anonymous reader who has sent me all those great video links for the Bollywood balls series (part 1, part 2, part 3). Thank you so much for your support!

This is the first part of a loose series of stories featuring our regular characters and their extended families. In today’s chapter we meet Logan and his “crazy cousins” Caleb and Jayden.

Logan was lying on his bed, his eyes half-closed. The 18 year old stud had just spent a little quality time with a raunchy picture his girlfriend Ashley had sent him. She sure knew how to push his buttons, and he had jerked off to an awesome orgasm within less than a minute. The results were sticking to the handsome blond’s right hand, a cum-soaked Kleenex from the box he kept in his nightstand.

Now his breathing had returned to normal and he was enjoying the calm after the storm, the blissful fatigue that came right after the climax. Half asleep and half awake, he ran his left hand over his muscular chest. He was shirtless, wearing a pair of cut off cargo pants. After wiping his dick dry he had managed to stuff the softening piece of meat back into his pants but the fly was still open, putting the base of his cock and his trimmed pubic hair on display.


“Where’s Logan?” Jayden asked. The 10 year old was beaming with excitement. He adored his older cousin, and it had been almost two weeks since he had seen him.

“Yeah, where is he?” his brother Caleb chimed in. Caleb was two years older than Jayden, and the family resemblance was striking.

They were both blond, with bright blue eyes, and like most boys their age they were regular fireballs, constantly running around, shouting and laughing and horsing around.

Logan’s father sat down on the couch and opened his magazine. “He’s upstairs”, he said absent-mindedly, his eyes fixed on the motorcycle on the cover.

“Thanks, Uncle Bradley”, Jayden and Caleb yelled unison while racing up the stairs, heading for Logan’s door.

“Have fun, boys”, Bradley mumbled, browsing through the magazine.


The door to Logan’s room slammed open, and before Logan knew it, Jayden and Caleb stormed in, yelling “Logaaaan!”

Logan was rudely awakened from his post-orgasmic nap when Jayden and Caleb jumped onto the bed. Jayden landed on his chest, knocking the wind out of him and making him gasp for breath. Far worse, though, was the place that his brother had chosen as his landing spot. Caleb’s bony knee slammed into Logan’s crotch, driving his tender, recently emptied balls into his body.

Logan’s eyes opened wide and crossed instantly as a wave of excruciating pain washed through his body. His anguished wails mixed with his little cousins’ screams of excitement, as the two rascals jumped up and down, hooting and laughing and cheering enthusiastically, completely oblivious to Logan’s pain.

Caleb’s knee crunched Logan’s gonads with every jump, grinding the delicate orbs into Logan’s body again and again and again.

Finally, Logan managed to shove his cousins away before curling up in a ball.

Caleb and Jayden watched him curl up on his bed, clutching his aching genitals. They looked at each other. Then they burst out laughing.

“Logan hurt his boy bits! Logan hurt his boy bits!” Jayden started chanting and his brother chimed in. “Logan hurt his boy bits! Logan hurt his boy bits!”

“No”, Logan groaned, grimacing in pain. “YOU hurt my boy bits!”

Caleb and Jayden laughed.

Logan was squirming on the bed, rubbing his aching genitals.

“Oh, do they hurt?” Jayden chuckled, doubling over in mock-sympathy.

“Fuck yeah, they hurt!” Logan blurted out.

Jayden and Caleb stared at him for a brief moment, then they burst out laughing again.

“You said ‘fuck’!” Jayden was laughing hysterically.

Logan rolled his eyes. He groaned and sat up straight. After closing the fly of his pants, he adjusted his crotch, grinning weakly. “You got me good, boys.”

“Yes, we did!” Jayden cheered, balling his fists and jumping at Logan.

Logan covered his nuts with both of his hands as Jayden attempted to punch them. “Easy, easy”, he laughed. He managed to grab Jayden and threw him on the bed, making the 10 year old laugh hysterically. “Maybe I should talk to your parents!” Logan threatened in jest, leaning over his cousin and playfully shaking Jayden. “You don’t hit other people in the boy bi---“

Caleb interrupted Logan with a hard, well-placed kick from behind that connected perfectly with Logan’s nuts, driving them into his body.

Logan froze. “Oh god”, he groaned in a strained voice. “Oh god.”

“Did I get you good again?” Caleb grinned.

“You did”, Logan whispered tonelessly, sinking to the ground, and burying his face in his bed. “Oh yes, you did.” He let out a comically high-pitched whimper, clutching his aching manhood.

Caleb and Jayden burst out laughing.

It took Logan a little longer to recover, and his cousins mocked him cheerfully, mimicking his facial expression and covering their own crotches as they made exaggerated grimaced, crossing their eyes and imitating Logan’s toneless, strained voice right after he the impact.

Once the pain had faded to a bearable level, Logan couldn’t help but laugh along with his cousins, adding a couple of self-deprecating comments that elicited fits of laughter from the boys.

Logan loved clowning around with the boys, and his cousins were a very susceptive audience. To the delight of the Caleb and Jayden, Logan was very good at doing goofy faces and funny voices, and the boys’ attacks on his manhood were a great springboard for both.

Logan rubbed his crotch, grimacing comically. “Peanut butter time”, he mused in a soprano voice, causing Caleb and Jayden to burst out laughing.

Logan got up and reached into his pants, pretending to count his testicles. “One, two, three”, he said slowly. “Yup. All there.”

The boys were laughing their asses off.

“Hey, I know an awesome joke”, Caleb giggled.

Logan smiled. “Yeah?”

Caleb had a huge grin on his face. “Ask me what my favorite ballet is.”

Logan chuckled. He knew where this was going, and he decided to play along. He put his hands in front of his crotch, covering his gonads as he was standing in front of his cousin. “What’s your favorite ballet?”

Caleb stared at Logan’s crotch. “No”, he said quickly. “Put your hands behind your back and ask me again.”

Logan laughed. “Why would I do that?”

“Because the joke won’t work if you don’t do it”, Caleb said.

Logan nodded slowly. “Okay”, he said, sitting down on the bed, leaning forward and crossing his legs before putting his hands behind his back. Again, his testicles were not accessible to his mischievous cousin.

“Noooo”, Caleb protested. “You have to stand up.”

Logan did as he was told, folding his hands in front of his groin again.

“And you have to put your hands behind your back”, Caleb insisted.

Logan sighed and complied, looking at his cousin.

“Now say it”, Caleb said, giggling as he balled his fist.

The big bulge in Logan’s pants was right in front of him.

Logan grimaced. “What’s your favorite ballet?” he said, pretending to be oblivious about what was about to happen while bracing himself for the impact.

“The Nutcracker!” Caleb yelled from the top of his lungs, his eyes fixed on Logan’s crotch as he brought back his fist.

“Yup, I thought so”, Logan mumbled, grimacing in anticipation.

With a jubilant laugh at a joke well told, Caleb smashed his fist into Logan’s crotch, nailing his nuts dead-on.

Even though he knew it was coming, nothing could have prepared Logan for the pain. For a split-second, before the pain set in, a thought flashed through Logan’s mind: Little Caleb has an admirably strong punch, maybe he’ll grow up to be a boxer.

Then the pain set in.

Caleb and Jayden were laughing their asses off as Logan doubled over, groaning in pain and clutching his manhood.

“The Nutcracker!” Caleb repeated, beaming with joy as his older cousin sank to the floor.

“Great joke!” Jayden grinned.

“Yeah, one of my favorites”, Logan moaned, rubbing his sore testicles.

“I know another one!” Caleb yelled enthusiastically.

Logan let out a strained laugh. “Do you?”

“Yes!” Caleb shouted, jumping up and down.

Logan nodded slowly. “I guess I’ll have to stand up for it?” His face was a mask of pain. “You know, standing up is a little hard for me right now because you, like, crushed my nuts.”

“It can’t be that bad”, Jayden said, chuckling. “He’s just a boy and you’re a man.”

Logan groaned. “Yeah, maybe that’s the problem…”

“I wanna tell another joke”, Caleb giggled. “You can stay on your knees if you want.”

“Very generous, thank you”, Logan mumbled.

“But you’ll have to put your hands behind your back again”, Caleb said.

“Yeah, I thought so”, Logan sighed and did as he was told.

“And you have to spread your legs a little wider”, Caleb added with a giggle.

Logan let out a weak laugh and complied.

“Ask me what my favorite ballet is”, Caleb said.

Logan raised his eyebrows. “But you’ve told that one before”, he said slowly.

“No, it’s different”, Caleb said.

Logan sighed. “What’s your favorite ballet?”

“The Nutkicker!” Caleb yelled, bringing his leg back before kicking Logan’s nuts with a hard, precise kick. His foot collided with the bulge in Logan’s pants with a dull thud, and Logan let out an anguished grunt.

“That’s not a real ballet”, Logan protested weakly, his face contorted in pain, before doubling over and clutching his newly battered ballsack.

“But it’s funny!” Caleb shrugged.

“Yes, it is”, Jayden chimed in, grinning from ear to ear as he high-fived his big brother.

Logan couldn’t help but laugh along with his cousins even though the pain in his tender testicles was almost unbearable.

“My turn”, Jayden said eagerly. “Ask me now.”

Logan groaned. “I think we’ve told enough jokes for today, boys. You don’t want your big cousin to throw up, do you?”

Jayden’s face darkened. “But Caleb got to tell two jokes! Now it’s my turn!”

Logan looked at Jayden. “But my balls---“

“I don’t care about your balls, I wanna tell a joke!” Jayden insisted.

Logan looked at him.

Jayden stared back at him, a determined expression on his face.

“One joke”, Logan said, sighing deeply. “Okay?”

Jayden’s face lit up. “Okay”, he said eagerly.

Logan got up with a long groan. He spread his legs and put his hands behind his back. “What’s your favorite ballet?” he said.

Jayden rubbed his hands. “The… the…” He inhaled deeply. “The…” He blinked, a helpless expression on his face.

Caleb whispered something into his ear.

Jayden laughed. “The Dick Destroyer!” he yelled, joining his hands together and delivering a two-fisted punch to Logan’s defenseless groin, ramming both of his testicles into his body and flattening them like pancakes.

Logan let out a cough. “Good punchline”, he whispered in a strained voice, causing his cousins to laugh out loud as he collapsed on the ground, writhing in agony.

Over the course of the day, Caleb and Jayden found many opportunities for targeting Logan’s gonads. Logan couldn’t help but admire his little cousins’ creativity every time they brought him to his knees with a well-executed nutshot.


After his cousins were gone, Logan grabbed a bag of ice from the freezer and limped into the living room, sitting down next to his father, his legs spread wide apart.

Bradley was reading the magazine. “They gone?” he mumbled.

“Yeah”, Logan groaned, putting the bag of ice on his crotch. He leaned back and closed his eyes, enjoying the cool sensation on his swollen balls.

They sat in silence for a while, Bradley reading the magazine, Logan trying to ignore the pain radiating from his aching nuggets.

After a few minutes, Logan glanced at his father, and a thought popped into his head. He chuckled and placed the ice bag on the couch table. “Did you know Caleb has a favorite ballet?”

Bradley’s eyes were fixed on his magazine. “Yeah?”

Logan grinned and balled his fist. “Wanna know what it is?”

Without looking up, Bradley said, “I have a pretty good idea.” A second later, Bradley’s fist smashed into Logan’s nuts, slamming the two tender orbs into his body.

Logan’s eyes opened wide and he let out a choked cough before screaming from the top of his lungs.

“It’s The Nutcracker, right?” Bradley said casually, his eyes fixed on the magazine, as his son curled up on the couch, retching and coughing and groaning in pain.

“Yup, right”, Logan whispered, his eyes clenched shut, his face contorted in pain.

Bradley let out a laugh. “You know, it’s my favorite ballet as well. Looks like it runs in the family…”


Friday, April 22, 2016

Gym buddies (Jesse meets Kev and the twins)

Special thanks to our reader Jesse for the plot idea! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who enjoys working out while horny!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Featured in this story: Kev and the twins (click for pictures)

“Come on, Mikey!” Will said, clapping his hands. “Just one more!”

The handsome 22 year old watched his twin brother do another pull-up, a huge smile on his face. Both of them were shirtless, wearing loose sweat pants. Their blond hair was wet with sweat.

They were professional gymnasts, and they regularly worked out at the gym to stay in shape.

As usual, they were teasing each other and egging each other on. While Michael relied on positive reinforcement, his brother Will usually went the opposite way, mocking Michael if he didn’t succeed.

There was nothing Michael hated more than being mocked by his twin brother.

“See? Wasn’t so bad”, Will grinned, patting Michael’s shoulder.

“Your turn”, Michael said, panting. He smacked the big bulge in his brother’s pants with the back of his hand. “And don’t call me Mikey.”

Will let out a yelp and doubled over, rubbing his crotch. He let out a laugh and took Michael’s place at the bar.

Thirty pull-ups later, it was Michael’s turn again.

“Hey, Will”, a voice behind the blond gymnast made Will turn his head.

“Jesse”, Will grinned, giving the handsome young man a bro-hug.

Jesse was a handsome guy with brown hair. He was quite buff and a bit taller than the twins.

“You think he’s gonna make it?” Jesse said with a derisive grin, pointing at Michael who was doing his 12th pull-up.

“Nah, he’s too weak”, Will grinned. Jesse was pretty arrogant, and Will loved to team up with him to knock his brother.

“Thirteen”, Michael grunted, counting his pull-ups. “Fourteen.”

“How many does he have to do?” Jesse asked.

“Thirty”, Will said.

“Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen”, Michael grunted.

“He won’t make it”, Jesse grinned. “Just look at him. He’s letting himself go.”

“Eighteen, nineteen, twenty.”

“You think so?” Will chuckled. “But look at those muscles.”

“Muscles?” Jesse sneered. “You can barely call them that, can you?”

“Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three.”

“I mean”, Jesse continued, “he’s a weakling, plain and simple. I’m amazed he is even trying to compete with you.”

“Twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six.”

“He’s a weakling”, Jesse repeated with a mean grin. “Pathetic.”

“Yeah”, Will chuckled, jumping at the chance to ridicule his brother. “Maybe you’re right.”

“Twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine.”

“Of course I’m right”, Jesse said with a grin.

They watched Michael made his final pull-up, grinning while the handsome gymnast was huffing and puffing, his body glistening with sweat. “Thirty”, Michael grunted.

“Hey, Mikey”, Jesse said with a condescending smile.

Michael glared at him.

“Don’t call him that or he’ll smack you in the nuts”, Will grinned.

“Really, Mikey?” Jesse grinned, putting his hands on his hips.

Michael stared at him, weighing his options. After a moment he decided that there was no use in antagonizing Jesse further. He turned to his brother, ignoring Jesse. “Your turn again.”

“Hey, Mikey”, Jesse chuckled, shifting his weight and making his bulge bounce invitingly inside his pants. “I’m waiting.”

Michael looked at Will.

Will shrugged his shoulders.

“Could you leave us alone, please?” Michael said, obviously annoyed.

Jesse raised his eyebrows. “What, no nutshot for me? Mikey, that’s not nice!”

Michael turned to him, rolling his eyes. “I don’t have time for your childish---“

Jesse’s hand shot forward and he wrapped his fingers around Michael’s junk, squeezing hard and pulling Michael up so he was forced to stand on his tip-toes.

Will burst out laughing.

Michael’s mouth opened and his eyes widened as Jesse’s fingers dug into the tender flesh of his testicles. “Let go”, he whispered in a soprano whisper. “Please.”

Jesse grinned and twisted Michael’s nuts before letting go. “Sure, Mikey, whatever you want.”

Michael let out a groan and doubled over, clutching his crotch.

Jesse turned to Will and high-fived him.

“That was mean”, Will chuckled.

Jesse shrugged.

They watched Michael squirm and moan, rubbing his groin.

“How about a little challenge?” Jesse grinned.

“Sure, we’re up for that, right Mikey?” Will chuckled.

His brother let out a groan.

“What do you have in mind?” Will asked.

Jesse looked around. “We’ll need someone to help us.”

As if on cue, muscular jock Kev entered the gym.

The 20 year old stud waved at Will who turned to Jesse and grinned. “I think I have just the man for the job.”

Jesse chuckled.

Will waved Kev over.

“Hi there”, Kev grinned. He pointed at Michael and chuckled. “What happened to him?”

Jesse shrugged his shoulders. “He’s a weakling.”

Kev and Will laughed.

“We need a little help”, Will said.

Kev smiled. “Sure, what do you want me to do?”

“You’ll be our enforcer”, Jesse grinned.

Kev chuckled. “Okay.”

“We’re gonna do a couple of exercises”, Jesse explained. “The first one to give up will be the loser and he’ll get his nuts crushed by the two winners.”

Michael got up, grimacing in pain, and looked at his brother. “Really?”

Will grinned. “It’ll be fun, Mikey.”

Michael rolled his eyes.

“To make it more interesting”, Jesse continued, smiling at Kev. “You’ll attack our balls while we’re exercising. Got it?”

“Sure as hell”, Kev grinned, cracking his knuckles. “I’m pretty good at attacking balls…”

Jesse nodded and turned to the twins. “You ready?”

The smile on Will’s face and the grudging expression on Michael’s face told volumes.

“Let’s start with the pull-ups”, Jesse grinned.

Kev rubbed his hands as Jesse, Michael and Will grabbed the bar and pulled themselves up. A moment later, his fist connected with the big bulge in Will’s pants.

Will let out an anguished yelp as the pain radiated through his body.

Then Kev  turned to Michael and punched his nuts, eliciting a miserable groan, before turning to Jesse and crushing his nuts with a hard uppercut.

“Fuck!” Jesse grunted. “You’re good at this!”

“You bet!” Kev laughed before turning his attention to Will again.

Jesse and the twins continued with the exercise, doing pull-up after pull-up as Kev punched their precious balls again and again and again.

The poor guys’ grunts and groans of effort mixed with grunts and groans of pain.

Finally, after a particularly nasty blow to his tender nuggets, Michael collapsed on the ground, screaming in pain.

“Fuck yeah!” Jesse yelled, nursing his own battered manhood.

Will looked down at his brother, a weak grin on his face.

“Looks like you’re a weakling after all”, Jesse chuckled. He glanced Kev and grinned. “Good job.”

Kev chuckled. “Now it’s your turn. Want me to hold him so you can deal out the punishment?”

“That’d be nice”, Jesse grinned.

Michael let out a miserable moan.

Kev pulled Michael up and held his arms behind his back, leaving his crotch open and unprotected.

“Let’s see how much you can take, weakling”, Jesse sneered, bringing his leg back and sending it crashing into Michael’s bulge. His instep connected with Michael’s nuts, crunching them hard and making him wail in pain.

A couple of people working out in the gym reared their heads and snickered as Michael doubled over in pain.

Before Michael had a chance to recover, Will stepped in front of him and planted a vicious kick between his legs, flattening the big bulge in Michael’s pants and eliciting a high-pitched squeal.

Will and Jesse burst out laughing.

It was Jesse’s turn again, and he delivered a hard snap-kick to Michael’s gonads, causing him to roar in agony.

Michael was struggling so hard that Kev couldn’t hold him any longer. His face contorted in pain, Michael slumped to the ground.

“His balls are as weak as his muscles”, Jesse said with a mean grin.

Will chuckled.

“Let’s do push-ups next”, Jesse suggested.

It took a little while until Michael was able to continue.

The three guys started doing push-ups, side by side, their legs slightly spread apart.

Kev felt like a kid in a candy store. Dealing out nutshots without having to fear retribution was a lot more fun than his usual workout. And it was great for his legs…

He went from one guy to the next, stepping between their legs and kicking their balls as they pushed themselves up.

Jesse, Will and Michael were grunting and groaning as their testicles were kicked again and again.

A small group of spectators had gathered to watch the spectacle. They were surrounding the group, laughing at the guys’ pain and egging Kev on to go harder and harder.

Again, it was Michael who gave up after a well-placed kick that made him collapse on the ground, clutching his gonads.

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause.

Jesse and Will looked at each other and grinned. They were in pain, sure, but it was nothing compared to the agony Michael was feeling.

Jesse grabbed a dumbbell and looked at Kev. “Turn him on his back”, he said.

“I might need some help for that”, Kev grinned. He didn’t have any trouble finding volunteers, and a moment later, Michael was on his back in a spread-eagle position, two guys holding his arms, two guys holding his legs.

Jesse looked down at Michael, holding the dumbbell right above his crotch.

Michael looked up at him, his face contorted in pain.

Jesse winked at Michael and dropped the dumbbell on Michael’s crotch, knocking the wind out of his lungs.

Some guys in the crowd cringed in sympathy as Michael roared in pain, the rest laughed and cheered and clapped their hands.

Will and Jesse took turns dropping the dumbbell on poor Michael’s nuts, flattening his bulge again and again, making him scream from the top of his lungs.

Finally, Jesse got bored. “Let’s move on to the next round.”

Michael was allowed to curl up in a ball, clutching his aching balls.

In the meantime, Will and Jesse looked around the gym to find another exercise to do.

“What about the bench press?” Will suggested. “It’s one of Mikey’s favorites…”

Jesse chuckled. “Good idea.”

They moved over to the bench presses, the crowd following them, hooting and cheering as the three muscular guys took their places next to each other.

As soon as they had started their workout, Kev started pelting them with gym balls, aiming straight for the nuts.

The sound of Jesse, Will and Michael groaning in pain mixed with the laughter and cheers of the crowd as they tried their best to lift the weights while their nuggets took a vicious beating.

“Oooof!” Michael grunted as the gym ball connected with his tenderized balls.

With his balls already sore and swollen, Michael was at a considerable disadvantage compared to Will and Jesse, and Kev seemed to go for his weakened testicles harder than he went for Will’s and Jesse’s nuts.

It came as no surprise that Michael was the first one to fold under the pressure of the weight. Adding insult to injury, Michael was immobilized on the bench press. The bar bell was resting on his chest.

Will and Jesse were laughing their asses off as Michael was groaning and moaning, kicking his legs, trying to get the weight off his chest.

Instead of helping his brother, Will was making fun of him. “Oh, poor Mikey”, he mocked him between fits of laughter. “Can’t get up! Can’t protect himself! Awwww…”

The crowd roared with laughter.

“Let’s finish him off”, Jesse grinned.

Michael protested to no avail as Will and Kev grabbed his feet and lifted them up, spreading his legs in a wide V while his upper body was pressed to the bench by the bar bell.

“Fuck, no!” Michael croaked, gasping for breath.

Jesse smiled at him before channeling his inner championship wrestler and performing an elbow drop to Michael’s testicles.

His elbow collided with Michael’s unprotected nuts, flattening them like pancakes.

He let out a high-pitched scream that echoed through the room.

The crowd went wild with cheers and laughter.

Egged on by the spectators’ reaction, Jesse repeated the move once more, ramming Michael’s balls into his body and causing him to wail in agony.

He looked around, searching for ways to torture poor Michael’s balls, and his eyes fell on a chest expander. A mean grin on his face, Jesse held one handle right below Michael’s balls, pulled on the other handle as far as he could before letting go.

The handle snapped into Michael’s nuts with a dull thud.

Michael’s eyes opened wide and there was a brief moment of silence. Then he screamed from the top of his lungs, his voice cracking as his eyes filled with tears.

Pleased by the reaction, Jesse did it again and again and again, sending the handle of the expander crashing into Michael’s precious jewels, eliciting all kinds of funny noises as Michael’s voice went higher and higher in pitch and volume until he sounded like a hysteric opera singer on acid.

Will and Kev were laughing along with crowd.

Jesse grabbed Michael’s sweat pants and ripped them off his body, exposing his bare genitalia.

Michael’s balls were beet red and considerably swollen, filling his scrotum to capacity.

“Poor Mikey”, Will laughed at the sight of his twin brother’s tortured testicles.

Jesse chuckled and smacked Michael’s naked nuts with the palm of his hand, making them bounce wildly in their sack.

Then he wrapped the elastic cords of the chest expander around the neck of Michael’s sack before tying the other end to the barbell.

Michael was screaming and writhing as his nuts were pulled up and away from his body, the skin of his ballsack stretched to the max, his twin orbs bulging obscenely.

Jesse balled his fists and grinned. “How about a little speed bag workout?”

“Sounds like a great idea”, Will chuckled.

A second later, Jesse’s fist smashed into Michael’s trapped balls, eliciting a soprano wail from the blond gymnast.

Again and again, Jesse punched Michael’s bare balls, alternating between his left and his right, throwing hooks, jabs and uppercuts at Michael’s manhood.

Michael was screaming and squealing and shrieking in pain as Jesse worked over his balls.

“You think I can make him pass out from the pain?” Jesse looked at Will with a cruel grin on his face.

Will looked down at his brother. “It’s worth a try”, he grinned.

Jesse chuckled and grabbed Michael’s balls with both of his hands. His fingers wrapped around each ball and he started squeezing hard.

Michael let out a dry cough.

Jesse bit his lower lip, concentrating on the task at hand, digging his thumbs deep into the core of Michael’s meaty, swollen orbs.

Michael gasped for air.

Jesse twisted his thumbs, driving them deeper and deeper in to the tender flesh of Michael’s nuts.

Michael’s face was a mask of pain.

His voice was coarse and raspy.

His high-pitched screams had turned into hoarse grunts.

His eyes were filled with tears.

Jesse twisted his thumbs again, squashing Michael’s balls between his fingers, driving his thumbnails deep into Michael’s juicy plums.

Suddenly, with a soft moan, Michael’s facial features relaxed. His eyes crossed before rolling back into his head. His body went limp.

There was a brief moment of silence before the room erupted in cheers and applause.

Jesse turned around, smirking, raising his fists into the air like a boxer who had just won a championship fight.

Will and Kev looked at each other and laughed.

“That was fun”, Jesse chuckled, high-fiving Kev and Will.

“Looks like you are right”, Will grinned. “Mikey is a weakling.”

Jesse laughed. “You doubted that?”

“Nah, not really”, Will chuckled, glancing at his brother’s lifeless body on the bench press.

“Okay, I gotta go”, Jesse said, smacking Michael’s nuts with the palm of his hand.

Michael’s body twitched.

“See you around”, Jesse grinned and walked away as the crowd dissolved, everybody going back to their exercises.

Kev looked at Will. “What are we going to do with him?” He pointed at Michael.

“Let’s wake him up”, Will grinned.

They freed Michael’s nuts and lifted the barbell off his chest.

Will leaned over and slapped Michael in the face.

“Mikey”, he said. “Hey, Mikey!”

“He’s out cold”, Kev said, lifting his arm by the wrist before letting it drop down.

Will sighed and raised his knee before ramming it into his brother’s bare balls, squishing them against his pelvis.

Michael’s eyes opened wide and inhaled sharply before letting out a long, wheezing groan.

“Fuck”, Michael whimpered. “My nuts.”

Kev and Will laughed.

Michael looked down at his nuts.

They were almost ridiculously swollen and beet red.

“Fuuuck”, Michael groaned, grabbing his balls with both of his hands. “What the fuck happened?”

Will shrugged his shoulders. “Nothing much.”

Michael let out a miserable moan.

Will grinned. “You know, just your usual day at the gym.”

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (19)

Assuming you're male (I guess more than 99% of my readers are) you probably know what it feels like to get hit in the nuts: First, there's the impact. For a split-second you think you're alright - but deep inside you know that it's just a delusion, the short-lived calm before the terrible, terrible storm. Then there's the first wave of pain that feels like you are getting turned inside out. If you're lucky, this is it, and it has just been a very light hit. Chances are you are not lucky, and the pain goes on and on, wave after awful wave, making you curl up on the floor, clutching your dangly bits, tears streaming down your face.

Testicular pain is probably the most embarrassing and humiliating kind of pain, which makes it all the more interesting that there are tons of youtube clips of guys hitting each other in the goolies and laughing their asses off.

Here are some of my favorites.

First up, we have a wonderful little clip featuring guys horsing around at an indoor swimming pool. The poor protagonist (wearing nothing but swimming trunks) gets on all fours and spreads his legs, only to be kicked in the nuts by the cameraman. He's in pain, and his friends are having the time of their lives, mocking him and dry-humping him and laughing as he's writhing in pain. Hilarious!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

New poll: Special Guest Star 5 (updated)

Original date: 04/16/2016

Update 04/17/2016: I have changed two pictures in the post. An anonymous reader sent me a better picture for Jared Padalecki, and fooplaya caught an embarrassing mistake I made: The picture I chose for Jack Falahee wasn't a picture of him but a picture of his co-star Conrad Ricamora...

Two weeks ago, I asked you to come up with suggestions for a new Special Guest Star story, and the feedback has absolutely overwhelming. I've received a whopping 32 suggestions here on the blog, by mail and on facebook.

And now we'll have to chose a winner. It won't be easy, there are a lot of hot candidates to chose from. Who will succeed Ryan PhillippeZac EfronTaylor Lautner and Cody Christian as a Celebrity Ballbusting Boy and have a nice, hot encounter with one (or more) of our regular characters?

Here are the nominees, in alphabetical order, with two special options at the bottom:
Jensen Ackles
Justin Bieber
Dominic Cooper
Tom Daley
Taron Egerton
Chris Evans
Jack Falahee
Andrew Garfield
Jonathan Groff
Jake Gyllenhaal
Kit Harington
Chris Hemsworth
Tom Hiddleston
Nick Jonas
Henry Judd
Ashton Kutcher
Ross Lynch
Zayn Malik
Conor Maynard
Steven R. McQueen
Shawn Mendes
Lionel Messi
Ezra Miller
Fabrizio Moretti
Brock O'Hurn
Jared Padalecki
Cody Saintgnue
Justin Timberlake
Russell Tovey
Michael Willett
DC vs. Marvel Edition:
Henry Cavill and Chris Evans 
Flash vs. Arrow Edition:
Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell

In the first step I've created a new poll to narrow the field. If you are reading this post on your computer you find the poll in the right column of this blog. If you are reading this post on your mobile device you find the poll at the bottom of this page.

You can vote for as many people as you like. The poll will be open until May 15th.

Those who make it to the top will be included in a final poll next month, and - voilá! - we'll have a new pair of star balls to bust... :-))

Thank you for voting!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Poll results: Story themes

Last month I asked you to tell me your opinion about additional themes in ballbusting stories. More than 400 votes were counted. Thanks to everyone who voted!

Here are the results:

Castration   32%
Gay sex   32%
Milking   30%
Bondage/BDSM   22%
Cumshots   22%
Clothed Male/Naked Male   22%
Just ballbusting, nothing else   21%
Big dick/balls worship   20%
Footplay   16%
Chastity   14%
Small dick/balls humiliation   14%
Muscle Worship   14%
Cum eating   12%
Straight sex   8%
Something else 3%

You'll be happy to know that I'm working on a couple of stories that feature some or all of your most favorite themes (yes, there'll even be a partial castration in one of the upcoming stories, even though permanent damage won't become a major theme of this blog). :-))

Thank you very much for telling me your opinion! It means a lot to me! 

Friday, April 15, 2016

The pain of being popular

Special thanks to our reader Corbin for coming up with the idea for this story.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: BenCal, DannyDavid, KevLeoLoganSimonthe twins and Zach (click for pictures)

“Congratulations”, I said, smiling as I shook Logan’s hand. “That’s a really impressive result.”

The 18 year old high school wrestler smiled back at me. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He ran his hand through his short blond hair and shrugged. “It looks like people really like me.”

I chuckled. “It looks like they do.”

A couple of weeks ago, we had asked the members of our site to vote for their favorite model, and Logan turned out to be the undisputed champion, taking a whopping 51% of the vote.

We were surrounded by the rest of the guys, each of them holding a glass of champagne.

The runner-up, horse-hung stud Zach, looked a bit disappointed. He had been at the top of our previous poll. Now, the 20 year old frat guy had been dethroned by a guy who looked like his younger brother. Like Logan, Zach had short blond hair and a handsome face. His body was more muscular than Logan’s, and his dick and balls were bigger than Logan’s – but even his enormous genitalia hadn’t prevented him from landing 10 percentage points behind Logan in the poll.

20 year old Kev had taken a close third place, with 37% of the vote. The brown haired jock looked happy with his result, grinning from ear to ear.

Right behind him, hot blond twins Michael and Will had received 36% of the vote. The handsome brothers were wearing sleeveless shirts that showed off their muscular arms. They were gymnasts, with fantastic bodies and muscles in all the right places.

Leo, our resident skater boy, a lanky 19 year old with curly black hair, had received 16%, followed by Kev’s buddy Ben, a hot 20 year old jock with black hair and an oversized ego. I wondered what Ben thought about not placing in the top 3 and receiving only 15% of the vote…

The bottom of the pack was led by professional dancer David, an arrogant 19 year old with black hair and a bored expression on his handsome face, and his brother Danny, two years older than David, with short strawberry-blond hair. David and Danny had reiceived 10% and 9% of the vote respectively. Tied at 7% and sharing the last place were Cal and Simon. Cal was 22 years old, a handsome African-American with short hair and a swimmer’s body. Simon was a 23 year old geek with horn-rimmed glasses and dark-blond hair.

“Raise your glasses”, I said. “To Logan!”

“To Logan”, the guys said, more or less enthusiastically.

Everyone drank from their glasses.

“Now, I’ve thought long and hard about what to give you as a gift”, I said. “Of course, you’ll get a bonus payment. After all, you are a big reason for the success of” I gave Logan an envelope and patted his shoulder.

Logan smiled. “Thank you!”

I couldn’t help but notice the envious glances of some of other guys – they’d get a chance to show their frustration, soon…

“And I have this for you”, I smiled, holding out a little gift-wrapped package.

Logan unwrapped it quickly, revealing a pair of brand-new BBBoys underwear, a skimpy pair of briefs with our logo on it and a strategically placed hole at the front.

Logan let out a laugh and held them up for all to see.

“It feels like you’re freeballing, yet it gives support to your cock”, I explained, pointing at the hole. “There’s a little elastic ring at the front that makes sure your jewels stay in place.” I smiled at him. “Wanna try them on?”

Logan chuckled. He looked at the other guys. “Want me to try them on?”

The guys clapped and cheered, and Logan quickly took off his clothes, showing off his muscular body and his impressive genitalia. His meaty dick was chubby and fat, and his low-hanging balls looked heavy and full.

He put on the skimpy briefs and pulled his nuts through the hole. He tugged on his sack, making sure that his balls were dangling nice and free outside his briefs.

He looked absolutely gorgeous.

The other guys went wild with cheers and laughter.

Logan seemed to enjoy the attention, wiggling his hips and making his balls swing from side to side.

“Now, who’s up for a little celebration?” I asked, eliciting hoots and cheers from the crowd.

I put my hands on Logan’s shoulder and smiled. “Logan”, I said. “I think we all know that you deserve the recognition.”

Logan chuckled.

“But I’m pretty sure that the other guys are a little frustrated with your success”, I continued. “After all, they tried just as hard as you, and their cock and balls are just as good as yours.”

“Better!” Ben shouted, and the guys burst out laughing.

Logan stared at me.

“What do you say, boys? Do you want to show Logan just how frustrated you are?” I shouted.

“Hell yeah!” Zach roared.

“You bet!” Kev chimed in.

The rest of the guys hollered and laughed.

Logan turned white as a sheet.

I stepped back and leaned against the wall, taking a sip of champagne.

Logan cleared his throat. He looked down at his exposed nuts. Then he looked at his buddies.“Guys”, he said slowly. “Don’t do anything you’ll regret…“

Cal grinned. “Oh, we won’t regret anything…“

“But you”, Danny chimed in with a wide grin, “I bet you’ll regret being so goddamn popular.”

Logan swallowed hard.

“So how are we gonna do this?” Simon asked, rubbing his hands.

Kev shrugged. “Let’s go up the ladded.” He smiled at Simon. “Least popular goes first.”

Simon adjusted his glasses and laughed.

Logan opened his mouth to say something but Cal’s foot came up between his thighs from behind, catching him by surprise and crunching his nuts into his body. Logan’s eyes widened and he let out a miserable groan, doubling over and clutching his bare balls with both of his hands.

Simon raised his eyebrows.

“We’re tied for last place”, Cal grinned. “Let’s tag-team his nuts.”

Simon let out a laugh as Cal grabbed Logan’s arms, pulling them away from his nuts and leaving the two exposed orbs unprotected.

Simon put his hands on Logan’s shoulder, looked him in the eyes and winked before ramming his knee into Logan’s precious babymakers.

The rest of the guys cringed in sympathy as Logan let out a deep, guttural grunt.

Simon followed up with another knee, then another, bashing poor Logan’s balls again and again. His bony kneecap flattened Logan’s gonads like pancakes, making him grunt and moan and groan in agony.

“My turn”, Cal announced and switched places with Simon.

Logan grimaced in pain as Cal stood in front of him, unceremoniously snap-kicking his hefty plums and slamming them into his body.

“Nice one!” Simon chuckled, struggling to hold Logan’s arms behind his back.

Cal grinned and kicked Logan’s nuts once again. His instep smashed into Logan’s valuables with a dull thud, flattening them pancakes and eliciting a long, wheezing moan.

The third kick was a bit off target, missing Logan’s left nut but hitting his right testicle dead-on.

Logan’s right eye twitched and he screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Even it out for him”, one of the guys yelled to the roaring laughter of the rest of the group.

Cal chuckled and aimed for Logan’s lucky left nut, turning it into a decidedly unlucky fellow with a swift, precise kick that brought tears to both of Logan’s eyes. The tip of Cal’s sneaker crunched Logan’s left nugget hard, eliciting an anguished wail from him and hearty laughs from the rest of the guys.

Seeing that both of Logan’s eyes were twitching uncontrollably, Cal smiled, a satisfied expression on his face.

“Make room for the more popular guys”, Danny said cheerfully. He looked at David. “Wanna join me, brother?”

David rolled his eyes.

“You’re just as popular as me”, Danny grinned, taking Simon’s place behind Logan, keeping his arms behind his body.

David raised his eyebrows. “I’m more popular than you”, he corrected his brother.

“Yeah, by one percentage point”, Danny chuckled.

David smiled coldly. “Which means”, he said, stepping closer to Logan, “that I am more popular than you.”

Danny chuckled. “Whatever. Come on, kick him in the nuts!”

David brought his leg back and sent it up between Logan’s legs in a swift, hard motion. A professional dancer, David had very strong legs, and he certainly knew how to use him.

That’s why I was sure that it wasn’t unintentional that David crunched four testicles at the same time. His shin connected with Logan’s bare nuggets, ramming them into his pelvis, and the tip of his foot caught his brother right in the crotch.

In a comical duet performance, both Logan’s and Danny’s jaws dropped, their eyes crossed slightly and they let out what sounded like a slightly off-key version of song for two countertenors.

The rest of the guys roared with laughter as David turned on his heels. “Losers”, he muttered without specifying whether he referred to Logan, to his brother, to the people who hadn’t voted for him, or to everyone in the world.

He marched off, leaving Danny and Logan doubled over, with Danny hugging Logan from behind, groaning in pain.

“Come on, we don’t have all day”, Ben said impatiently. He looked at Danny. “Do you wanna have a go at his balls?”

Danny nodded in silence, his lips pressed together.

Ben took his position behind Logan as Danny limped around him, groaning and rubbing his crotch.

He got down on his knees so he was on eye-level with Logan’s bare balls. Then he balled his fist and smashed Logan’s nuts with a mean, hard uppercut.

I couldn’t help but thing that he was imagining trashing his brother’s balls as he started using Logan’s nuts as a speedbag, landing punch after nut-crunching punch, making Logan scream and squeal and shriek in agony.

The rest of the guys laughed and cheered, and Kev started humming the theme song of “Rocky”, eliciting riotous laughter that almost drowned out Logan’s screams.

When Logan was done with Logan’s sack it looked a lot like a speedbag: The skin was fiery red, the contents were considerably swollen.

“Who knew Danny was such a great boxer?” Kev chuckled. “Now show us what you can do to that bag of spuds, Ben!”

Ben didn’t have to be told twice, and Danny switched positions with him.

Logan’s face was a mask of pain, his eyes red and glassy, his short blond hair wet with sweat.

Ben stood in front of Logan, took of his shirt and started flexing his muscles, sneering at the high school wrestler. “Look at those guns”, he grinned, displaying his impressive biceps.

Logan let out a groan.

“Do you want me to punch your nuts or squeeze them?” Ben chuckled. “Your choice.”

“I dunno”, Logan croaked.

“Okay”, Ben shrugged, grabbing Logan’s nuts and squeezing them hard in his hand.

Logan’s jaw dropped and his eyes widened as his battered balls were squished by Ben’s strong fingers.

Ben wrapped the fingers of his right hand around the neck of Logan’s sack, pushing the two big, swollen orbs to the bottom, before he started playing with them, poking his finger into the soft flesh, smacking them with the palm of his hand, tweaking them between his thumb and forefinger, and flicking each nut.

But Ben didn’t seem to focus on Logan’s poor testicles, instead he watched his own body, mesmerized by the beauty of his strong muscles as they moved differently with every move. “God, I’m so fucking hot!” Ben chuckled as balled his left hand to a fist and smashed Logan’s trapped nuggets as hard as he could. “This is fucking awesome.” He looked at Logan’s pain-contorted face. “Have you ever seen a guy as hot as me?”

Logan opened his mouth to say something. To make sure that he didn’t say anything Ben didn’t want to hear, Ben twisted Logan’s nuts viciously, wringing them with both of his hands.

“No! No!” Logan yelled from the top of his lungs, his voice cracking as the pain radiated through his body.

“Oh yeah”, Ben chuckled and let go of Logan’s balls. He kissed his left biceps and his right biceps before adjusting his crotch and sneering at Logan. “You may be more popular than me. But I’m hotter.” With that, Ben brought his leg back and kicked Logan in the nuts as hard as he could.

Logan let out an ear-piercing squeal.

“And stronger”, Ben added with a mean grin as Logan broke free from Danny’s hold and collapsed on the floor, rolling back and forth and clutching his battered balls.

Ben looked at the other guys who had followed the scene with amused expressions on their faces. “Next?” Ben grinned.

“Stay where you are”, Leo smiled, looking down at Logan who was squirming on the ground. He slipped out of his sneakers, revealing a pair of socks that looked like they might have been white a long, long time ago. They had several holes where Leo’s toes were peeking through the material.

“God, do they smell as bad as they look?” Zach chuckled.

A moment later, we had the answer.

“Holy fuck, they do!” Kev groaned, holding his nose.

“Don’t you ever wash them?” Michael mumbled, his face contorted in disgust.

Leo grinned and shrugged his shoulders. “They’re just socks”, he said casually before putting one foot on Logan’s face, rubbing his face with his stinky, grubby sock.

Logan coughed and groaned.

Leo grinned and seized his chance to shove his foot into Logan’s open mouth, making him gag and retch. After wiggling his toes for a little while, making sure that Logan’s tongue was getting a good taste, he withdrew his foot again, letting out a laugh as he saw that they were soaked in Logan’s spit.

He turned Logan onto his back by shoving his shoulder with his foot. Then he placed his foot over Logan’s bare balls, manipulating his tender globes with his toes. Suddenly, he raised his foot and stomped down hard, making Logan’s upper body snap up as he screamed in pain.

Chuckling, Leo threw a light kick at Logan’s chest, making him lean back again.

He slipped his foot under the waistband of Logan’s briefs, grabbed the head of Logan’s dick with his toes and maneuvered it out into the open.

The other guys wolf-whistled and laughed as Leo started giving Logan a footjob, rubbing his stinky foot tenderly up and down Logan’s shaft.

Logan let out a soft moan.

“Shit”, Kev laughed. “Your cock is gonna smell like feet for a while! I hope your girlfriend the smell”

“I bet that’s the least of his worries”, Will chimed in. “He won’t be able to have sex for a long time once we’re done with him…”

The rest of the guys laughed.

Logan’s dick was getting fatter and fatter, chubbing up under the gentle treatment of Leo’s foot until it was hard as a rock.

Leo smiled down at him.

Logan had his eyes closed. The pain seemed to be far, far away as Leo jerked his cock with his stinky foot.

Leo’s smile widened and he moved his foot further south, playing with Logan’s big, swollen balls for a brief moment before raising his leg up and stomping down as hard as he could.

Logan’s eyes opened wide and crossed instantly, and he let out an ear-piercing scream.

“Sorry”, Leo grinned, not looking apologetic at all.

Logan let out a whimper as Leo walked away, nodding at the twins to take over.

“What do you say”, Will grinned at his brother. “Wanna crush the cum out of his nuts?”

Michael chuckled. “That’d be mean…”

“Yeah”, Will grinned.

“Cracking a guy’s nuts and milking him dry without a reason?” Michael grimaced. “I don’t know.”

Will shrugged his shoulders. “He’s more popular than us, can you believe it?”

Michael pretended to think about that for a moment. “That’s a pretty good reason…”

They both laughed and high-fived.

Logan let out a miserable moan.

The muscular gymnasts grabbed Logan and turned him onto his head, making him get into a handstand. With Michael standing in front of him and Will standing behind him, Logan was the meat in a delicious twin sandwich, and the two handsome hunks treated him accordingly…

Will was holding Logan’s left ankle with his right hand and wrapped the fingers of his left hand around Logan’s right nut. Michael mirrored his position so that each twin brother had one of Logan’s testicles at his mercy while making sure that he was staying in the handstand.

It looked almost like a circus act, and the rest of the guys clapped and cheered wildly.

The twins looked at each other and started squeezing.

Logan’s dick was hard as a rock and throbbing excitedly as he screamed from the top of his lungs while the twins were squishing and squashing his testicles between their fingers.

They brutally squeezed and twisted Logan’s poor nuggets, pulling the tender plums in opposite directions, digging their fingertips into the tender flesh, occasionally smacking them and punching them with their fists.

It was a brutal sight. It almost looked as if they were trying to rip them off, as if it was only a matter of time before poor Logan’s nut cords snapped.

The twins were laughing and joking, making fun of Logan’s manhood while doing their best to make sure that Logan would never be a father.

Logan’s face was deep red as his blood rushed down, almost as red as his battered testicles.

He was yodeling in pain, sounding like an overenthusiastic school girl at a Swiss folk song festival as the twins were manhandling his manhood.

Logan’s cock was throbbing and twitching.

“Take it in your mouth”, Will grinned at his brother, viciously twisting Logan’s right testicle.

Michael laughed, slamming his fist down onto Logan’s left nut. “I have a boyfriend, you know…”

Will shrugged his shoulders and squashed Logan’s right ball between his thumb and his forefinger, flattening the juicy orb by pressing his fingertips into the tender core. “Think of it as a protein shake.”

Michael chuckled, grabbing Logan’s meaty left nut and yanking it up. “You gotta stay healthy, right?”

“Right”, Will laughed as his brother lowered his head, opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the throbbing head of Logan’s cock.

“How does it taste?” Will grinned, karate-chopping Logan’s right testicle as if he was trying to split it in two.

Michael’s answer was unintelligible due to the massive piece of meat filling his mouth, but it was quite obvious that he was enjoying himself.

I was starting to worry about Logan’s well-being. His head had turned a deep shade of red, and he looked like he was going to pass out any moment.

Suddenly, his body convulsed and his balls contracted as he filled Michael’s mouth with his fresh spunk. Michael tried to gulp it all down but Logan’s creamy juicy spilled out at the corner of his mouth, dripping down onto the ground.

Judging by the movement of his Adam’s apple, Michael was treated to a very generous portion of Logan’s salty spunk, and Will made sure to keep squeezing Logan’s nuts, trying to squish out every last drop.

Finally, Michael let Logan’s dick slip out of his mouth, gasping for breath.

The twins looked at each other and laughed.

They let go of Logan’s ankles and he collapsed on the ground, his face contorted in agony, his hands clutching his softening cock and his battered balls.

Michael licked his lips and scooped up the spillage before licking his fingers clean.

“Was it good?” Will grinned.

“The best”, Michael smiled. “Now I know why he’s so popular…”

The rest of the boys burst out laughing.

Kev rubbed his hands. “My turn”, he grinned. He walked up to Logan and patted his shoulder. “Hey there, are you ready for another round?”

Logan let out a miserable groan.

“Ready or not, here you cum”, Kev mused, grabbing Logan’s feet and turning him onto his back before spreading his legs in a wide V.

Logan looked up at him, his handsome face twisted and sweaty.

Kev brought his foot down hard on Logan’s nuts. He was wearing heavy boots and I cringed in sympathy as he stomped poor Logan’s sore and swollen balls that had just been relieved of a massive load.

Logan screamed from the top of his lungs as Kev twisted his foot, grinding Logan’s emptied nuts under his sole.

Kev brought his leg back, spread Logan’s legs even wider and delivered a hard, precise kick to Logan’s swollen nuggets, smashing them hard and eliciting a high-pitched squeal.

Again and again, Kev kicked and stomped Logan’s babymakers, crushing them with all the force he could muster, even going to far as to step on them with his right foot while keeping his left foot a foot above the ground.

Logan’s dick had never gone completely soft, and the rough treatment of his testicles seemed to re-energize the meaty dong so that it stood at full attention again. It was as if the sperm cells inside his testicles were desperately trying to leave their hosts, fearing their home might collapse any moment, activating the only evacuation route available and causing Logan’s fat cock to turn into a rock-hard erection.

I watched, sipping on my champagne, my eyes fixed on Logan’s dick. It was fascinating, absolutely fascinating.

Kev pressed Logan’s nuts down in their sack with his boots, stretching its skin and causing the two bloated babymakers to get crushed flat between the hard, cold floor and the rough tread of his boots.

Logan was screaming from the top of his lungs as Kev ground his nuts as if he was trying to turn them into meat paste.

Kev twisted his foot, squashing poor Logan’s nuts, until a huge spurt of cum shot out of Logan’s dick like a fountain. His dick catapulted jet after jet of creamy cum into the air and it rained down onto Logan’s naked body, showering him with his own jizz as he was screaming and squealing in utter agony.

The rest of the boys hooted and cheered, laughing as poor Logan’s nuts released whatever was left inside them in a spectacularly messy orgasm.

Kev kept twisting his foot, grinding Logan’s busy balls against the hard floor, meticulously squeezing out every bit of cum as the spurts turned into a dribble and the dribble slowly subsided.

After one final twist of his foot, Kev released Logan’s balls, and the poor high school wrestler curled up in a ball, whining and sobbing, cradling his ridiculously swollen and severely bruised testicles.

“I hope you’ve left another load in them for me”, Zach grinned, stepping forward, cracking his knuckles.

“I think I have an idea”, Simon spoke up. I noticed that he had been silent for quite some time, but he seemed to have had a very good time so far. His glasses were foggy and there was a large wet patch in his trousers right below the impressive erection that was tenting his crotch.

Simon turned to me and blushed as he saw me staring at his crotch.

“You’re enjoying yourself?” I grinned.

Simon smiled sheepishly. “I’m the least popular boy on the site – at least I should get a couple of orgasms out of this, right?”

I chuckled. “Did you?”

Simon scratched his head. “Two so far, and I’m heading towards another one…”

I laughed.

“Alex”, Simon said, “you remember that powder?”

I chuckled and nodded in the direction of my desk. “Top drawer. Be careful with the dosage.”

“Awesome”, Simon said cheerfully.

Two minutes later he had prepared a glass of water for poor Logan.

I couldn’t remember whether Logan had ever experienced the power of the drug that Simon had mixed into his drink. But even if he had, he was far too preoccupied with nursing his battered testicles to grow suspicious when Simon leaned over and handed him his glass, smiling gently.

“You might want to replenish your fluids before the big finale”, Simon said softly.

Logan emptied the glass in one gulp.

I looked at my watch. In a couple of minutes, Logan was going to experience an orgasm like no other. It was going to milk his balls completely dry. And after that, there would be another, and another, and another.

Poor Logan.

Knowing Simon I was pretty sure that hadn’t been stingy with the dose, and I felt a bit guilty for giving him the powerful powder.

The feeling of guilt was quickly replaced by a feeling of surprise as Zach opened the fly of his jeans and whipped out his enormous erection.

Zach had one of the biggest dicks I had ever seen. It was truly astounding, a massive monster of a cock, an awe-inspiring piece of meat, a mighty scepter worthy of a true king.

And it looked like he was going to rule Logan right now. Zach wasn’t gay. In fact he had been strongly opposed against the idea of fucking another guy in the past. But today, there were no such qualms.

Maybe it was the fact that Logan had replaced him as the most popular guy on the site. Maybe it was just plain horniness.

Whatever it was, it had crushed all of Zach’s qualms.

Smiling brightly, with his hard dick sticking out of his jeans, Zach grabbed Logan’s head and plugged his dick into Logan’s mouth, shoving it as far as it would go down Logan’s throat.

Logan’s eyes opened wide as Zach choked him with his monster cock. His gagging and retching noises were drowned out by the cheers and laughter of the boys.

I chuckled when I saw Simon with his hands down his pants, discreetly manipulating his own cock, hoping nobody would notice...

Zach brought his foot down hard onto Logan’s bruised and beaten balls, causing him to let out a muffled yelp and allowing him to shove that last inch inside, burying his mammoth cock to the hilt inside Logan’s mouth.

With a grin that was equal part horniness and malice, Zach took Logan’s nose between his thumb and forefinger, effectively shutting off any air supply and making Logan’s eyes open even wider as his hands were slamming against Zach’s thighs.

Zach fucked Logan’s face for just a couple of seconds before letting go of his nose and withdrawing his cock.

Logan gasped for air, looking like a freediver after three minutes under water. Spit was hanging from his mouth as he tried to catch his breath.

“I just thought you’d like it lubed up before I stick it up your butt”, Zach explained with a grin, his oversized cock glistening with Logan’s spit.

I expected Logan to burst out crying – but he hadn’t lost his sense of humor.

“Thank you so much”, he dead-panned, his voice raspy and hoarse from Zach’s reaming.

The guys burst out laughing and cheering for Logan, and I felt all warm and tingly inside myself as I realized that Logan wasn’t only popular with our viewers but with the team as well. I was deeply touched.

Maybe Zach felt the same. If he did, he didn’t let on.

He grabbed Logan and pushed him onto his back, grabbing one of his feet to spread his legs apart before lining up his dick with Logan’s tight hole. Apparently he thought that his mighty fuckstick was lubed sufficiently to ram it in right away.

The look on Logan’s face said that he didn’t necessarily agree.

A second later, Zach’s dick entered Logan’s ass like a battering ram bursting through the gate of a well-guarded fortress.

The meaty schlong disappeared all the way inside Logan, making him scream from the top of his lungs.

“Fuck, yeah!” Zach roared, looking down at Logan as he started shoving his cock in and out of Logan’s hole, his large, heavy balls smacking against Logan’s ass checks with every thrust.

Zach grabbed Logan’s bruised, bloated balls and wrapped his fingers around them, squeezing hard and making Logan’s voice jump up an octave.

The guys cheered and clapped their hands as Logan was fucked like a sex doll while his nuts were squashed in the vise-like grip of Zach’s strong hands.

I looked at my watch.

Then I looked at Simon.

I knew we were both thinking the same thing: It was time for the vicious white powder to do its magic.

A second later, Logan’s body was starting to shake and his eyes opened wide. They were filled with confusion and pain and fear and lust.

I looked at Simon and grinned when I saw that he was experiencing the third orgasm of the day, panting heavily as he creamed his pants, his hands down his pockets, trying to pretend that nothing was happening.

“Holy shit!” Zach gasped as he felt Logan’s ass tighten on his massive monster of a cock. He fucked Logan harder and harder, feeling his own orgasm rising.

Logan’s eyes rolled back into his head and he started cumming uncontrollably.

Zach was pounding his ass and squeezing his balls, getting closer and closer to the edge while Logan’s body was rocked by a seemingly endless orgasm.

With a guttural groan, Zach pulled his dick out of Logan’s ass just as the first spurt of cum sputtered out of it, painting Logan’s gaping, red hole with jet after jet of creamy, chunky jizz while Logan’s balls were contracting violently, pumping every drop of their cargo out into the open.

Logan was panting and moaning, caught in the throes of his inadvertent orgasm.

Zach looked down at him, a proud expression on his face as he watched load after load of cum sputter out of Logan’s cock.

Apparently he thought that it was his work. I chuckled.

Logan was completely drenched in cum. The 18 year old high school wrestler looked like the cookie in a “soggy biscuit” contest.

Zach smacked Logan’s busy balls hard with his hand, causing Logan to scream in pain as his orgasm went on and on and on.

“I think I’ll have another go”, Zach mumbled.

“Sure”, Kev chuckled. “His hole is nice and wide now.”

Zach looked at Logan who’s orgasm was finally over.

“Sure, why not, it’s all lubed up”, Logan croaked, a tired expression on his pain-contorted face, eliciting a round of riotous laughter from his friends.

Zach chuckled and fingered Logan’s cum-soaked asshole before shoving his dick back in.

Suddenly I heard a phone ring. I looked around, trying to localize it. It seemed to come from Logan’s jeans that were lying on the floor. I reached inside the pockets and found Logan’s iPhone.

Incoming call: Ashley.

Logan’s girlfriend.

I touched the screen to end the call but somehow I must have slipped.

“Hey, sexy!” I heard Ashley’s voice.

“Hey Ashley, it’s Alex”, I said, feeling very awkward.

“Alex”, Ashley said. “Is Logan available?”

I looked at Logan and grimaced.

Zach was fucking his hole hard and fast while Logan was in the middle of his next violent orgasm.

“He’s busy right now”, I said slowly.

“Oh”, I heard Ashley say. “It’s just that--- He’s late for our date, and I thought, you know…” Her voice trailed off.

Judging by the urgency in her voice, she and Logan had planned a raunchy night.

In the background, Logan was screaming from the top of his lungs after someone had punched his nuts while he was getting fucked by Zach and his dick was belching out what should probably have been Ashley’s midnight snack for tonight.

“I don’t think---“ I cleared my throat. “You might want to change your plans.”

Logan let out an ear-piercing scream.

“Is that him?” Ashley said slowly.

I grimaced. “I’m sorry.”

There was long moment of silence.

The room was filled with Logan’s screams as the boys took turns kicking and stomping on his balls while Zach was getting closer and closer to orgasm, pounding his poor hole.

“Ashley?” I said.

“Tell him to call me tomorrow”, she said, sounding upset.

I couldn’t blame her.

“I guess he’ll be out of commission for a while”, I said slowly, watching Logan squirm and writhe as his body was rocked by the next orgasm. “I’m sorry.”

“Yeah”, she said before hanging up.

I could have been mistaken but I thought I heard the unmistakable whirring of a vibrator on the other end of the line before it went dead…

It turned out that Simon, like I had suspected, had given Logan a very healthy dose of the powder. Logan experienced orgasm after orgasm after painful orgasm. After about a dozen cumshots, his balls were drained completely dry and there was nothing of hot air coming out any more.

The rest of the guys had a lot of fun with him, taking turns fucking his face and his ass, filling every available orifice with their cum as if to make up for the lack of sperm in his testicles.

But they didn’t neglect his balls, of course. After many rounds of abusing poor Logan’s nuts, the two organs looked as if someone had placed them inside a pressure cooker. They were bloated and red, swollen and sore, and his dick didn’t look any better.

One by one, the other guys left.

A couple of hours later, I was alone with Logan.

The drug had stopped working.

He was lying on the ground, covered in a thick layer of dried and fresh cum.

I fetched him a glass of water.

He eyed it suspiciously.

“Don’t worry”, I chuckled.

Logan grinned weakly. “You never know…”

I laughed and handed him a bag of ice that he placed on his crotch, exhaling deeply as he felt the coolness on his genitals.

“Are you alright?” I smiled sympathetically.

He looked at me, sweaty and exhausted, his eyes red and glassy.

“Sure”, he chuckled. “Of course I’m alright. I’m the most popular guy of the site, right?”

I laughed. “Yeah, congratulations again!”