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New Ballbusting Tales are coming!

It may be Frustration February here at but that doesn't mean there's no good news elsewhere on the world wide web: After Ballbusting Playground has opened again a few weeks ago (check it out if you haven't yet) my friend bbmal has announced that he's got bitten by the writing bug again. Yes, you heard that right: New Ballbusting Tales are coming!

The last original story (Men of the House - Part V) was published almost exactly two years ago, but now bbmal is back again! I know you enjoy his awesome stories as much as I do, so check out his blog and don't miss his next story!

There already is a little preview of things to come and a call for ideas so head over to bbmal's story blog Ballbusting Tales and let him know how much you missed him! :-))

Friday, February 12, 2016

The burglar and the baseball bat (Barry meets Logan and Ashley)

Special thanks to our reader Barry for the plot idea! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves baseball bats as much as Barry but uses them differently!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Contains mixed ballbusting (m/m and f/m), graphic homosexuality and heterosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Logan started up from his sleep.

He rubbed his eyes and looked at his watch.

A couple of minutes past midnight.

The 18 year old stud yawned and lay down again. He ran his hand through his short blond hair and stared at the ceiling.

Ashley wouldn’t be here for at least another hour. She was out with a couple of friends but she had promised to swing by on her way home. After all, they hadn’t seen each other for a week, and Logan had threatened to take care of things alone if she didn’t make time for him. It had only been half a joke.

Logan looked at his crotch. His dick was rock hard and had turned the thin white blanket into a tent.

His parents were away for the night, and Logan had the house to himself. He couldn’t wait for Ashley to arrive.

His hand reached under the blanket, his fingers wrapping around his fat, meaty dick. After stroking it a couple of times, he felt the heat rising. Close to the edge, he stopped and closed his eyes, breathing heavily. That load was for Ashley.

Suddenly, there was another noise.

Maybe Ashley was early? He couldn’t wait for her two wrap her lips around his cock and suck that load of pent-up cum out of his balls!

Logan got out of his bed and walked to the door, bare naked, his hard dick leading the way.

He opened the door and tiptoed down the stairs without turning the lights on. She hated being spooked – and he loved her reaction, that confused expression in her eyes.

There was that noise again.

Maybe she was a little tipsy and had trouble putting the key in the lock? Logan chuckled. The last time Ashley had been drunk they had fucked all night until his dick had waved the white flag after a couple of mind-blowing orgasms.

Logan’s dick twitched at the memory and and he stroked it a couple of times, stopping just when he felt like he was about to shoot his load. A drop of precum landed on the ground. Logan almost slipped on it when he tiptoed on.

There was nobody at the door, and Logan turned around. Maybe his mind had played a trick on him. He turned around to head back upstairs when he heard another noise.

It came from the basement.

Logan walked to the top of the stairs and looked down. There was a light coming from his workout room. The door was ajar.

Logan smiled.

Sometimes Ashley made him wear his wrestling singlet or his baseball uniform before they made out. Maybe she had brought her cheerleader outfit?

Logan’s dick twitched.

He tiptoed down the stairs and heard her rummaging around in the room.

He inhaled deeply. Then he pushed the door open, jumped into the room and yelled, “Got ya, babe!”

There was a surprised yelp.

The person rummaging through Logan’s stuff spun around.

There it was, that confused expression that Logan loved so much – but it wasn’t Ashley’s eyes that stared back at Logan.

The eyes belonged to a young man with ginger hair and a wiry and fit body, dressed in black chinos and a black long sleeve t-shirt.

The two guys stared at each other.

Slowly, the burglar’s eyes wandered down to Logan’s rock-hard dick that was dripping wet with precum. He was holding one of Logan’s worn jockstraps in one hand, and an old wrestling singlet in the other.

“You’re not Ashley”, Logan said slowly. He realized the absurdity of that statement right after he had spoken. “Who are you?!” he added quickly.

The burglar’s eyes darted to the small window that he had broken to get into the house.

“Who the fuck are you?!” Logan repeated, louder this time. He balled his fists. Adrenaline was pumping through his body.

The burglar made a run for the window but Logan tackled him to the ground.

“Tell me your name!” Logan yelled, punching the burglar in the face.

They struggled, each of them trying to get the upper hand.

The room was filled with grunts and groans.

“Tell me your fucking name!” Logan yelled again and again.

The rolled around on the floor, punching and hitting each other.

Suddenly, the burglar’s knee crashed into Logan’s crotch, nailing his bare balls dead-on and squishing them flat.

Logan’s eyes widened and lost focus. He let out a strangled groan and rolled to the side.

The burglar got up. His eyes fell on a baseball bat that was leaning against the wall. He grabbed it and weighed it in his hand.

“I’m Barry”, the burglar said slowly, raising the bat. “And you are fucked!”

Logan’s eyes widened and he raised his arms to protect his face.

Barry wasn’t aiming for his face, though.

The bat smashed into Logan’s fat nuggets and slammed them into his body.

Logan let out an anguished howl as shock-waves of pain radiated through his body. His face contorted into a mask of pain as his cum-filled babymakers were squashed flat against his body.

Logan’s scream echoed through the room as he curled up in a ball.

Barry looked around and found a piece of rope.

A moment later, Logan was tied up in a very inconvenient position. His head was on the ground, his arms spread apart and tied to the legs of a big, heavy cabinet. His legs were lifted up above his head, his legs spread wide, his feet tied to the cast-iron fittings at the top of the cabinet. His mouth was stuffed with an old jockstrap, muffling his screams of pain and protest.

Barry looked down at Logan, a wide grin on his face. Logan’s legs formed a wide V, with his ample genitalia conveniently placed right in front of Barry.

“Look at that fucking boner”, Barry sneer, tapping Logan’s hard dick with the business end of the baseball bat.

Logan let out a muffled groan.

Barry chuckled and assumed a baseball batter’s stance, aiming for Logan’s precious jewels. He brought the bat back and winked at Logan. “Let’s hit them out of the park”, he grinned before bringing the bat up to Logan’s ballbag at rapid speed, stopping just before the impact, making Logan flinch and struggle against his restraints, groaning and moaning.

Barry laughed and repeated the move, making Logan wince and writhe even though Barry didn’t make contact with his nuts.

“You’re afraid, huh?” Barry chuckled. “Afraid I’ll destroy those fucking nuts and crush them to paste?”

Logan’s dick twitched violently.

“Look at your cock”, Barry chuckled. “It wants to shoot one last load before your balls are history.”

Logan let out an angry grunt.

The third time, Barry went through with it. The baseball bat smashed into Logan’s tender testicles with a resounding splat. The two big balls bounced up in their sack and Logan let out a long, muffled scream.

Barry laughed and struck Logan’s nuts again, delivering a hard blow from above, ramming Logan’s testicles into his body.

Again and again, Barry hit Logan’s gonads with the baseball bat, smashing the delicate orbs as hard as he could, eliciting all kinds of funny noises from Logan as his dick twitched and bounced against his abs.

Soon, Logan’s nuts were swollen and bruised, and his muscular abs and chest were covered in precum.

After more than a dozen hard hits, Logan’s balls released their precious pent-up cargo. A huge jet of spunk hit Logan in the left eye, followed by a second and a third spurt that splattered against his nose and mouth. Within seconds, Logan’s face completely covered in sticky cum, and his orgasm was far from over.

His aching balls pumped out everything they had in an incredible eruption that would have been awesome if it weren’t so painful.

Barry was laughing his ass off, smashing Logan’s busy balls with the baseball bat as his salty semen splattered against his muscular body.

Logan was screaming and moaning in agony.

Finally, his orgasm was over.

“Wow”, Barry chuckled, poking at Logan’s spent balls with the baseball bat. “That was a huge load. I bet you could have had a lot of fun with it…” He ran the business end of the bet over Logan’s abs, coating it in Logan’s semen.

“You know”, Barry continued with a mean grin. “I wonder if there’s another load in those big, fat balls of yours.”

Logan’s eyes widened in fear. His left eye was starting to turn red, burning intensely from the salty cum that had hit it.

Barry looked at Logan with mock-sympathy. “Aww. You don’t want me to smash another load out of your balls, huh?”

Logan shook his head violently.

Barry smiled and ran the cum-covered baseball bat over Logan’s nuts and his crack until he poked it against Logan’s tight asshole. He looked at Logan expectantly.

Logan let out a muffled scream of protest, shaking his head wildly.

His smile widening, Barry nodded slowly. “Oh, yes.” He chuckled and pressed the sticky business end of the baseball bat against Logan’s puckered hole. “Knock, knock!”

Logan screamed into his jockstrap, clenching his hole tight.

“Oh, come on”, Barry grinned. “A little ass fuck never hurt anybody, right?” He added more force but Logan’s asshole didn’t allow the bat in.

Barry clicked his tongue. “You know, I’ve heard about a little trick.” He balled his fist and winked at Logan. “You just have to push the button, and---“ He sent his fist smashing down onto Logan’s sore, spent balls, crushing them flat as pancakes.

Logan let out a strangled wail as the bat penetrated his tight asshole.

“There you go!” Barry laughed, shoving the bat into Logan’s ass as far as it would go.

Logan’s muffled scream filled through the room.

“Let’s see how far it will go in”, Barry chuckled and punched Logan’s nuts again, simultaneously shoving the bat further up Logan’s ass.

Logan’s burning eyes went wide with pain and he screamed from the top of his lungs.

One more time Barry punched Logan’s nuts and pressed against the baseball bat, shoving it in until he felt a resistance.

Logan’s dick twitched.

“And there’s the prostate”, Barry laughed as Logan screamed and wailed in pain.

Barry started fucking Logan’s ass with the baseball bat, mercilessly pounding his asshole while punching his balls at the same time.

Logan’s face was contorted in pain as he watched the baseball bat go in and out of his poor hole while his nuts were crushed again and again by Barry’s powerful fist.

The stimulation of Logan’s prostate soon caused his dick to get rock hard again, and Logan squinted at the fat tip of his cock that pointed at his face like a guided missile. The mushroom shaped head was pumping and pulsing, and Logan spotted a harbinger of his load oozing out of the slit and dripping onto his stomach.

Barry pounded Logan’s ass with the baseball bat as hard as he could while punching his rapidly swelling balls with his closed fist.

Logan groaned and moaned, his eyes fixed on his cock that was twitching and throbbing, ready to shoot him in the face any second.

And yet, when it happened, Logan was taken by surprise. The first spurt missed the target, splattering against the cabinet right above Logan’s head. The second spurt hit him right in the face with a wet splat, instantly coating his face in creamy cum. The first batch of cum had barely dried when his face was generously covered in a second layer of sticky jizz.

Barry laughed and grabbed Logan’s swollen balls with both hands, wrapping his fingers around the two bloated orbs. The baseball bat was stuck deep inside Logan’s ass.

When the spurts coming from Logan’s dick turned into a dribble, Barry squeezed his nuts hard, digging his fingers into the soft flesh of Logan’s balls to force out every last drop of cum.

Suddenly, there was a loud thud and Barry’s eyes widened as he froze in surprise and pain.

Behind him, Ashley withdrew her cheerleading baton from between his Barry’s thighs. She knew how to handle the baton, and she had whacked him right in his balls.

Logan’s girlfriend was wearing her cheerleader’s uniform, her long blond hair in big tails on either side of her head.

Barry let out a breathless whimper. His eyes crossed and his knees met as he sank to the ground.

“Logan!” Ashley shrieked when she saw her boyfriend, tied up, a jockstrap stuffed in his mouth, a baseball bat sticking from his ass.

Logan let out a muffled whimper.

“Oh my god”, Ashley covered her mouth with her hand. “What has he done to you?”

“Mfgrmph”, Logan replied.

Barry was rolling on the ground, clutching his groin and groaning in pain.

Ashley’s eyes widened when she noticed the cum dripping from Logan’s face. She dipped her fingertip into the sticky sauce and tasted it with her tongue. “Is that yours?” she asked.

Logan nodded his head sadly.

“That fucking brute!” Ashley hissed, turning around and staring down at Barry. “You fucking brute! That load was for me!” She twirled her baton and smashed it into Barry’s groin, hitting the big bulge in his chinos dead-on and making him scream in pain.

“You stole that load from him!” Ashley yelled. “From me!”

Once more, she smashed the baton into Barry’s balls, eliciting an anguished wail as his balls were smashed against his body.

“What would you say if someone took your little dick and stole your load?!” Kneeling down next to Barry, Ashley roughly opened his belt and unzipped his trousers, reaching into his underwear and pulling out his naked genitals. “Your little---“

She stopped midsentence.

Barry stared at her, his eyes wide with horror.

His dick was rock-hard, and it was thing of pure beauty. A big, majestic cock with two large, plump balls to match.

Logan saw the look in Ashley’s eyes.

“Mfgrmph”, Logan grunted.

Ashley bit her lower lip. Barry’s dick looked awesome. And since Logan’s powerful tool was probably out of commission for a couple of---

“Mfgrmph!” Logan protested.

Ashley swallowed hard. “Makes no difference”, she said quickly. “You stole my boyfriend’s load.” She got up and kicked Barry’s legs apart. “I’ll make sure you won’t get any pleasure from your beautiful dick neither!” With that, she swung her baton between Barry’s thighs as if she was Tiger Wood’s long-lost twin sister. She hit Barry’s big balls hard, smashing them into his body and making him scream from the top of his lungs.

“Mfgrmph!” Logan sneered.

Again and again, she slammed her baton into Barry’s gonads, making him scream and squeal from the top of his lungs. She made sure to give equal attention to both of Barry’s big balls, smashing them hard and squishing them with her baton.

“Mfgrmph!” Logan egged her on.

Suddenly, Barry’s dick erupted in a huge fountain of cum that almost hit the ceiling before raining down on him with wet splats.

Jet after jet of sticky jizz sputtered out of his dick as Ashley proceeded to smash his nuts to peanut butter.

She continued to squash his balls for another couple of minutes after his orgasm had subsided, letting out all of her sexual frustration and making sure that Barry would be sexually frustrated for a long time as well.

Finally, she looked down at him.

Barry curled up in a ball, his face a mask of pain. Clutching his battered testicles, covered from head to toe in his own cum, he let out a miserable whimper and started rocking back and forth in agony.

Ashley turned to Logan. She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. “Phew”, she mumbled. “Okay, that’s that.”

Logan looked up at her, smiling weakly. “Mfgrmph!”

“I love you, too”, Ashley said softly.

She looked at him and smiled.

He looked kinda cute with the jockstrap stuffed in his face and the baseball bat sticking from his ass.

Ashley felt a tingle between her thighs. She leaned over and pulled the jockstrap out of Logan’s mouth.

“Thank you, babe”, Logan croaked.

Ashley leaned over and kissed him on the lips, tasting his sweet cum.

“Now untie me”, Logan said hoarsely. “I’ll call the police.”

Ashley nodded slowly. She licked her lips. “Or”, she said with a teasing smile, “we have a little fun before we call the police.” She reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties.

“Babe?” Logan croaked. “I don’t think I’ll--- May balls are--- And my dick is---“

Ashley smiled and stuffed her panties into Logan’s mouth.

“Mfgrmph”, Logan groaned.

“It’s a shame”, Ashley sighed and listlessly tugged at Logan’s spent, limp dick. “I really wanted to ride that tonight.” She sighed again and squeezed Logan’s swollen, bruised balls.

Logan let out a muffled yelp. “Mfgrmph!”

“I know”, Ashley smiled. She giggled and ran her finger over the baseball bat that was sticking out of her boyfriend’s ass. “I always wanted to try a double-headed dildo with you”, she whispered, lowering herself onto the baseball bat.

“Mfgrmph”, Logan moaned.

Ashley winked at him. “This is going to be one hell of a ride!”

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I hold the key to Kinky Kage's cock (updated)

Original date: 02/09/2016

Oh, poor Kinky Kage!

I bet he didn't know what he was getting into when he vowed "to remain locked up for as long as Zach is locked and to lock back up whenever he gets locked in future stories." (see the first comment on High stakes - part 1)

Well, now there's no turning back. He has locked up his cock and I hold the key.

(In case you are wondering how it works: He has locked up his dick and sent me a picture of the lock's combination before deleting it from his computer. He won't get out of it until I send it back to him. Ahh, I love the internet...)

In the picture above he's holding a note: "My dick belongs to"

Oh yes, it does! Kinky Kage sent me a pic of his dick in all its shining glory before it got locked up. It's pretty impressive, a nice, fat, meaty cock - I can only imagine how difficult it was to squeeze that massive dong into that tiny little cage...

Anyway, he is locked up until Zach gets out of his own chastity device in the story "The key to happiness" (first part here).

Zach's choice
I can't deny feeling a certain power rush. Kinky Kage has tied his fate to Zach's. And we all know how bad Zach's luck is when it comes to his genitalia...

But, just between us, I also feel a little hurt. Kinky Kage has told me that normally he'd prefer a "femdom relationship". I can't help but feel offended by that statement. What is that supposed to mean? Yes, I know, the email was confidential and I wasn't supposed to share it - but this is just outrageous! Apparently, I'm just his second choice.

Oh, Kinky Kage, I'm going to make you suffer for that! Frankly, I'm not so sure Zach will ever get out of his cage...

Well, the next part of "The key to happiness" is coming on February 19th. It's called "Gleam of hope" - but if I were you, Kinky Kage, I wouldn't get my hopes up too high...

Gleam of hope
Coming on February 19th
Kinky Kage
Probably not cumming on February 19th

Follow us on twitter for news, pictures and naughty thoughts:

And if you have a naughty idea on how to make Kinky Kage suffer I'd love to hear from you! Just leave a comment or send me an email (

Update 02/10/2016:

Our reader Kevin asked to see the picture I mentioned above of Kinky Kage's cock in its unlocked state. Here they are, Kinky Kage's beautiful 7 inches of manmeat that are now squashed inside that little cock cage...

Poor guy.

I bet he'd love to jerk off now.

Video links: Bollywood balls (2)

Do you love Bollywood ballbusts as much as I do? If you do you are in for a wild ride. We'll see crazy faces, wobbly knees, pain dancing (!), crossed eyes, the full monty.

From an actor's perspective, getting hit in the beanbag in a Bollywood movie might not get you an Oscar nomination - but it sure is just as demanding as a quality performance in an indie tearjerker. Clearly, the following actors know exactly what we want to see, and they give everything, absolutely everything, delivering bravura performances of testicular pain each and every time...

Very special thanks to the anonymous reader who sent me all those links! I really appreciate it, and I am very grateful! :-))

Okay, before we get to the truly outrageous performances let's have a look at a relatively subdued example. In the following clip, a guy gets his junk trapped in a zipper, and I love the delayed reaction and the look on his face. And the funny sound effect is the icing on the cake...

Monday, February 8, 2016

The key to happiness: Zach’s choice

Special announcement for our reader Kinky Kage who has vowed “to remain locked up for as long as Zach is locked and to lock back up whenever he gets locked in future stories.” (see the first comment on High stakes – part 1.):
This series is especially for you, and it might be good idea to get the cage ready… :-))

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: KevLeoSimon and Zach (click for pictures)

“Um, I don’t understand”, Zach said, shifting uncomfortably. “What’s the point?”

The 20 year old stud was wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs that bulged with his enormous equipment. It looked as if he had stuffed various vegetables into his underwear – but it was all real. Zach was blessed with a fat, meaty dick and a massive pair of low-hanging balls that were filled with incredible amounts of spunk.

Just looking at the muscular blond hunk could probably make a girl pregnant – and a guy turn green with envy.

Standing next to him, 19 year old Leo scratched his pubes. The lanky skater was wearing a loose pair of boxer shorts. He was playing with his curly black hair. “There is no point”, he shrugged, squinting at a strand of hair that he pulled down in front of his eyes.

“Other than making us crush each other’s nuts”, Kev chimed in. Like Zach, he was 20 years old. Kev had a muscular body, with strong arms and legs. The brown-haired jock adjusted his crotch. The outline of his big dick and his plump, juicy balls was visible through the thin fabric of his old-fashioned tighty-whities. “It’s all about incentives.”

In front of the three half-naked guys, 23 year old Simon was holding up a little black plastic device. He was fully dressed, wearing dark blue trousers, a white shirt and a blue tie. His dark blond hair was neatly parted and his horn-rimmed glasses made him look like a nice, innocent, boring geek.

I knew that Simon was all but boring and innocent, having seen him in various raunchy porn movies, one of them featuring him getting brutally gang-banged by a group of big-dicked studs, another one showing him at the center of a nasty bukakke party where he was bound and gagged, two funnels strapped to his mouth and ass.

Simon loved cum – but today was not about cumming, it was about not-cumming, at least for the loser of today’s little game. And Simon was the guy in charge.

He pointed at the device, a cute smile on his face. “This is the Holy Trainer.”

Kev, Leo and Zach looked at it and gulped.

“It’s a wonderful little chastity cage”, Simon continued with a smile. “And by the end of the day we’ll know who’ll get locked up in it for the next eleven days.”

Kev rubbed his hands. “Alright, let’s make sure Zach’s huge dong gets locked up.” He turned to Simon. “What do we have to do?”

“Hey”, Zach protested. “Why do you think I’m going to lose?”

Kev and Leo looked at each other and laughed.

“Oh come on, you never win at these things”, Kev chuckled. “Your big dumb dick always gets locked up.”

I grinned. There was some truth to that. Somehow, poor Zach with his incredibly awesome equipment, his kingsize cock and his extralarge testicles, seemed to be prone to losing.

Zach scratched his head. “Not this time”, he said feebly.

“Oh, why not?” Leo grinned.

“Because this time”, Zach said with confidence, “I really need my junk in flawless condition.” His face broke into a big smile. “I have a date tonight, and nothing will ruin my day!” He shrugged. “It’s all about incentives…”

Kev and Leo chuckled.

“We’ll see”, Kev grinned.

“Okay, so here are the rules”, Simon said, putting the chastity device on a square table in the middle of the room. On three sides of the table there were metal clamps attached to the tabletop very close to the edge. “This is our nutcracker table”, Simon smiled and ran his finger over one of the clamps. “We’ll fix your balls to the table, and every one of you gets a mallet.” Simon reached into a box and produced three wooden meat tenderizers.

Kev, Zach and Leo shifted nervously.

Leo gulped. “Okay”, he said slowly. “That’s nasty.”

Simon grinned proudly. “You’re gonna love it.”

Kev grimaced. “Yeah, great work”, he dead-panned.

Zach sighed. “Alright, let’s get this over with.” He pulled his underwear down, revealing his amazing cock and his huge, cum-filled balls. He grabbed his nutsack and put it on the table. Then he turned to Kev and Leo. “What are you waiting for? We haven’t got all day…”

Simon shrugged and walked up to Zach. He pushed his huge balls through the clamp and fastened it around the neck of his sack so that the two bulging orbs were trapped on the tabletop, looking like two meaty mountains in the desert.

In the meantime, Zach was inspecting the meat mallet. Letting it whoosh through the air, he chuckled. “Damn, this thing is gonna do some major damage.”

“Yeah”, Simon grinned, turning to Kev and fastening his balls to the table like he had done with Zach’s. “It’s perfect for cracking nuts.”

“Cracking?” Zach chuckled. “More like crushing.”

Simon grinned. “Yeah, probably.” When he had fastened Leo’s balls to the table, he smiled. “You ready?”

“I’m gonna turn your nuts into peanut butter!” Zach grinned at Kev and Leo.

Simon chuckled. “I haven’t told you the best thing.”

Zach, Kev and Leo looked at him.

“Your task”, Simon continued with a smile, “is to pound a load out of your own balls without touching your dick. The last one to accomplish that will get his dick locked up.”

Zach’s jaw dropped.

Leo gulped.

Kev looked down at his trapped balls and let out a deep sigh.

“Alright”, Simon grinned. “Go!”

None of them moved.

Simon smiled. “Yeah, I thought you’d react that way.” He produced a little hour glass and put it on the table. “You’ve got five minutes. Everybody who hasn’t shot his load by then will get locked up.”

Kev and Leo looked at each other.

Simultaneously, they both brought the mallet down on their bulging nuts.

The mallets connected with the two pairs of testicles with a resounding double splat, followed by two anguished groans.

Again and again they pounded their own balls with the mallet, crushing their nuts and flattening them like pancakes.

While Leo was bringing the mallet down square in the middle, squishing both of his precious orbs, Kev was trying a more sophisticated technique.

Apparently Kev thought it wasn’t necessary to ruin both balls. Squishing a load out of one testicle was enough to win. So he concentrated on his left ball, squashing it flat with the mallet, grunting and groaning with every hit.

Zach watched Leo and Kev, his mouth hanging open.

“Zach?” Simon said slowly.

“That’s not fair!” Zach mumbled. “Whatever I do my date is ruined. Either my dick will be locked up in that cage or my balls will be drained and swollen and completely useless.”

Simon smiled sympathetically. “Those are the rules.”

Zach nodded slowly, trying to figure out what to do.

In the meantime, Kev and Leo were bashing their balls with the wooden mallets, their faces contorted in agony.

Again and again Leo slammed his nuts with the hammer, squishing them flat against the wooden tabletop. First signs of success were visible: Leo’s dick was fattening and rising steadily.

Leo gritted his teeth, his face a mask of pain, as he smashed his balls as hard as he could.

Kev was concentrating all his efforts on lambasting his left nut. “Come on!” he grunted as he mercilessly brought the mallet down on his rapidly swelling left testicle. “Come on, motherfucker!”

Angry bruises started to appear on Kev’s poor nut but that didn’t stop him from bashing his ball with remarkable rigor. On the contrary: The sight of Kev’s rock-hard and throbbing dick made him smash his nut even harder.

Zach was staring at his trapped balls. He let out a miserable sigh and gently ran his finger over their smooth skin. He looked like he was saying goodbye to a beloved, age-worn hamster before handing him over to the doctor who would put him to sleep.

Zach’s eyes fell on the hourglass. Half of the sand had run through.

Simon chuckled. “You know, I admire you.” He leaned against the table, a glass of iced tea in his hand.

Zach raised his eyebrows. “You do?”

“You’re just standing there, waiting for the inevitable”, Simon continued with a smile before taking a sip from his glass. “You just wait for it to happen.” He waved his hand at Leo and Kev who were relentlessly bashing their own balls, fighting their hearts out, screaming and groaning with every hit, their faces filled with agony.

“Those two”, Simon smiled. “They want to win. They’re winners. They’re never going to just give up without a fight.” Simon turned to Zach again. “You, on the other hand”, Simon chuckled. “You just stand here and take your defeat with dignity.”

Zach stared at him.

The room was filled with Kev’s and Leo’s screams and the sound of their mallets pounding their meaty balls.

“Eleven days in chastity isn’t so bad”, Simon said casually and took another sip from his glass. “I mean, what’s the big deal, right? I totally agree with you. Sex is overrated. I bet you can go without sex for eleven days without even thinking about it, right?”

Zach blinked.

Suddenly, he brought the mallet down on his big, juicy nuts as hard as he could.

The sound of the impact echoed through the room, causing Kev and Leo to stop what they were doing for a moment before turning their attention to bashing their balls again.

“Fuuuck!” Zach screamed, his face scrunching up in a grimace of agony as the pain radiated through his body. His eyes filled with tears as he looked down at his beautiful balls before smashing them with another hard blow with the mallet.

Zach’s voice cracked and he let out a high-pitched wail as his huge meatballs were flattened by his own hands. His big, beefy dick stirred, and Zach brought the mallet down hard on his nuts again.

In the meantime, both Kev and Leo had brought themselves close to the point of no return. Their hard cocks were twitching and throbbing, the tips glistening with precum that ran down their shafts like overflowing candles.

Zach was racing to catch up, slamming his nuts again and again and again. “Get up!” he yelled at his dick while he was bashing his balls. “Get the fuck up!” Slowly, Zach’s mighty tool awakened, rearing its mushroom head as the shaft fattened and grew harder and harder.

Kev was the first to make it over the finishing line. With an anguished roar, his dick sputtered out a massive rope of cum, followed by another and another jet of creamy jizz. The mallet dropped to the ground as Kev brought his head back, screaming in pain. His bloated and bruised left nut was pumping like crazy while its unscathed brother-in-arms just throbbed a little, leaving all the work to its tormented companion.

Dancing like a fire hose, Kev’s jizz landed everywhere, covering the table, himself and his competitors Leo and Zach in sticky spunk.

Zach and Leo were pounding their balls with renewed energy while Kev’s cum dripped from their faces.

The room was filled with screams, groans and moans.

Zach’s extralarge tool was rock-hard and throbbing as he smashed his huge nuts with all the force he could muster. The mallet flattened his balls time and time again, making the two gigantic orbs swell to an even greater size.

Leo’s dick was hard as a rock as well. The handsome skater was gritting his teeth, smashing his balls as hard as he could.

Finally, his efforts paid off.

In an enormous explosion of cum, Leo’s dick unloaded the contents of his balls all over the table.

The first spurt hit Zach right in the face but the horse-hung stud barely noticed it because he was too busy bashing his balls in.

“Yes!” Zach yelled with every hit to his swollen testicles. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Kev and Leo were panting heavily, cum dripping from their faces and their hair.

The game was over.

Zach had lost.

But he didn’t know it yet.

He continued smashing his testicles with the mallet, grunting and groaning with every hit. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Simon sighed.

Zach’s dick was throbbing and twitching, red and hot and ready to cum any second.

With an apologetic smile, Simon emptied the glass of iced tea over Zach’s raging rod.

I half-expected the liquid to evaporate instantly after coming in contact with Zach’s red hot cock. Zach’s dick jerked wildly as it was unexpectedly rinsed with the cold drink. The ice cubes dropped onto Zach’s squishy, swollen balls before falling to the ground.

Zach’s pain contorted face turned into a surprised grimace as his orgasm was stopped before it had even begun.

“No!” Zach croaked, staring down at his dick that instantly lost its stability and hardness, slumping down like a knocked-out boxer. “Noooo!”

Kev and Leo looked at each other, grinning weakly. Their faces were covered in jizz.

The two guys high-fived over the table, chuckling as Simon opened the clamps and freed their trapped nuts. They instantly grabbed their junk and sank to the ground, groaning and moaning in pain.

Zach was staring at his crotch, an incredulous look on his face. His mouth was hanging open, drool running out the corners. His face was covered in Leo’s and Kev’s balls. His balls looked like a battlefield. The two big, cum-filled globes were swollen and covered in bruises. His dick had surrendered to the ice-cold shock, a fat tube of limp meat lying on top of the table.

Before opening the clamps that fastened Zach’s nuts to the table, Simon took the chastity device and prepared it for the imminent imprisonment of Zach’s cock.

Zach was too focused on giving his meaty dick one final look before it was locked up, but Kev and Leo watched Simon prepare the Holy Trainer with huge grins on their faces.

“Do you think it’ll be big enough for that fat old cock?” Leo chuckled, absentmindedly rubbing his bruised balls.

Kev laughed. “I’m sure Simon will cram it in…”

In the meantime, Simon had freed Zach’s balls. He gave them a playful smack with the palm of his hand, making Zach groan in pain.

Zach watched, his eyes filled with desperation, as Simon stuffed his fat, limp dick into the plastic cage.

Simon turned the key and locked the device, yanking on the cage to make sure that everything was safely locked away, eliciting an anguished grunt from Zach.

“Okay”, Simon said with a happy smile, putting the key into his pocket. “I guess that’s it for now.” He looked at his watch. “Ooh, I gotta run. I have a fuck date tonight…”

Zach was staring at his locked cock, silent and frustrated.

“See you in a couple of days”, Simon smiled, patting Zach’s shoulder.

Zach looked at him with a blank expression on his face.

“We’ll play a little game to see if you get unlocked or not”, Simon grinned.

Zach blinked.

Simon left the studio, whistling happily.

After Kev and Leo had taken a shower, they left as well.

Zach was standing in the middle of the room, frozen in place, staring at his crotch and his locked-up dick. His balls were bruised and swollen, and the cum on his face had dried.

Zach mumbled something unintelligible.

I asked him to repeat it.

“My date”, Zach whispered softly, his eyes fixed on his unusable equipment.

I couldn’t help but feel pity for him. “Who knows, maybe you’ll be out of that cage in eleven days?”

Zach let out a groan.

“Look at the bright side”, I said with a weak smile. “You wouldn’t have been able to use those broken balls anyway…

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ballbusting Playground re-opened

After taking a hiatus the creator of the wonderful blog Ballbusting Playground is back in action again. There have been quite a lot of updates this week so pay him a visit and check out his awesome artwork

Leave a comment if you see something you like and let him know that you appreciate his work. :-))

Friday, February 5, 2016

High stakes – part 3 (Sean meets Zach)

Special thanks to our reader Sean for the plot idea! 

Extra special thanks to our reader Drew. I had only planned to write two parts of this story but Drew convinced me to write another chapter. :-))

If you (yes, I mean you, the one who doesn't quite get the whole chastity thing but feels a tingling in his dick when thinking about it!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Zach (click for pictures)

This is part 3 of 3. Click here for part 1. Click here for part 2.

Sean’s luck had changed.

Up until Friday, everything had looked just perfect for him. A week of great sex, a promotion and a pay raise, and an unexpected agreement with his landlord about a lower rent for his apartment, had culminated in a rough and hard fuck of a tight asshole.

Up until Friday, Sean had owned the key to Zach’s massive, meaty cock that had been looked up in a chastity cage.

Unfortunately, after Sean had fucked Zach’s asshole, leaving it wrecked and gaping and dripping with cum, Zach had turned the tables.

It was funny how ten days of chastity brought out the beast in some people…

The second that Zach’s huge, powerful tool was let out of its cage, the muscular stud had taken charge of the situation. He had fucked Sean’s face hard, making him choke on his cock, and dumped three loads in Sean’s gullet. Sean had tried to fight him, but Zach had broken his resistance, taking Sean’s power and reigning over him with his mighty scepter.

When Zach had left, Sean’s dick was locked up in the chastity cage. Zach had walked away with the key, and he had left no doubt that he was going to come back and fuck Sean’s ass before the week was out.

Since then, Sean’s life had taken a turn for the worse.

Sean’s buddies soon found out that Sean’s dick was locked up, and they were shocked by Sean’s lack of assertiveness. Some of his friends had just turned away and treated him with contempt. Others had laughed and mocked him, humiliating him by taking pictures and sharing them on the internet. And some seized the chance and used him as a sex doll, fucking his holes and filling him up with their jizz while his own cock was straining against the spiked chastity cage.

When his landlord presented him with the new contract, Sean found out that his rent had in fact been raised, not lowered.

To make matters worse, there was an incident at the airport that turned his career prospects upside down. Heading for a business meeting with his boss, Sean was stopped at the security check because of the metal cage around his cock. The security people wanted to escort him to a secluded area but they were already late for the flight, and Sean’s boss insisted that they did the check right then and there. Sean was stripped naked in front of the waiting crowd that laughed and jeered and yelled at him. When Sean admitted that he didn’t have the key to his cock, his boss went to the meeting without him – but not without voicing his utter indignation and announcing that Sean would be demoted on his return.

Now, Sean was at his apartment, staring at his caged cock.

The spikes inside the cage were digging into the tender flesh of his meaty dick and his balls were squished against his thighs. They were swollen considerably, and Sean was sure they were turning a nasty shade of blue.

Sean closed his eyes and groaned. He knew what Zach was going to do to him. His massive cock was going to pound his tight hole and flood it with his semen. This was worse than everything that had happened in the past seven days. Zach’s cock was bigger than any dick Sean had ever seen, a big, relentless battering ram that was going to wreak havoc on Sean’s poor little hole.

Sean stared at his caged cock.

He was dreading the meeting with Zach.

Zach, on the other hand, was very much looking forward to it.

Last Friday, after he had rid himself of his pent-up sperm and locked up Sean’s cock, he had walked home and gone to bed. He had slept like a baby. The rest of the week had been awesome.

In a very ironic twist, Zach didn’t have any sex since he fucked Sean’s throat. It was not for a lack of opportunities. He could have banged a dozen chicks – but he chose not to. He had decided to save his cum for today.

Not that he was looking forward to the sex. He was a ladies’ man, and he didn’t look forward to having sex with a man. It was all about revenge.

Sean had humiliated him, and Zach was going to pay him back for it.

His oversized cock was just a means to an end. A tool. A gadget. A big fucking instrument to show Sean who was boss.

To Zach, there was nothing sexual about it.

Well, almost nothing.

Maybe he’d enjoy it a bit to see Sean bend over and spread his cheeks for him, to see his monster cock disappear inside Sean’s tight little hole, to see his jizz run down Sean’s thighs after he had wrecked his hole. Maybe he’d enjoy it just a little bit.

Zach got out of the car, a huge smile on his face, the key to Sean’s dick in his pocket.

When the doorbell rang, Sean jumped up from the couch. He raced for the door and opened it. No reason to get Zach mad… He had thought long and hard about it, and he had decided not to put up a fight. He’d just let it happen. That way it’d all be over soon…

“Hi there”, Zach grinned and walked into the room. He was wearing blue jeans, sneakers and a white t-shirt with four big black letters on it. STUD.

Sean closed the door behind him. “Hi, Zach”, he said weakly.

Zach gave Sean the once-over and smiled. “You’re naked.”

Sean smiled sheepishly. “I figured you’d want to go down to business right away…”

Zach chuckled. “Yeah.” He put his hands on his hips. “Spread your legs.”

Sean did as he was told.

Zach brought his leg back and kicked Sean’s nuts with a hard, precise snap-kick that smashed his nuts into his body and rammed the spikes even deeper into the tender flesh of Sean’s caged cock.

Sean let out an anguished wail and doubled over, clutching his crotch. He looked up at Zach with a pained expression on his face.

Zach said nothing. He just stared at him until Sean had spread his legs once more.

Another well-placed kick found Sean’s trapped nuts and his locked-up dick. Zach’s sneaker-clad foot connected with Sean’s poor genitals, smashing them flat and eliciting an almost comically high-pitched wail.

Sean collapsed on the ground and curled up in a ball.

Zach opened the fly of his jeans and pulled out his huge cock. It was hard as a rock, an awe-inspiring monster of a dick. Zach grabbed Sean’s hips and pulled his ass up so that Sean was on all fours.

He forced two fingers deep inside Sean’s tight hole. “You didn’t prepare”, he said casually.

Sean let out a groan. “What do you mean? I---“

“If I were you I would have prepared”, Zach said. “You know, stretch the hole with a dildo. That kinda thing.” He twisted his fingers inside Sean’s ass. “Some girls do that before they see me. Makes it less painful.”

Sean groaned.

“Well, now it’s gonna hurt”, Zach said with a mean grin. “But that’s how it’s supposed to be, right?”

Zach pulled out his fingers and spat on Sean’s hole. He smacked the puckered orifice with his huge cock, making Sean moan softly.

Then Zach lined up his dick with Sean’s asshole. “Back up”, he said matter-of-factly.

Sean grunted. The big mushroom head of Zach’s dick was pressing against his tiny hole. “It’s too big!” Sean groaned.

“Back up!” Zach barked.

Sean tried to take Zach’s dick in but his little hole was just too small for the big tip of Zach’s gigantic fuck tool.

Sean clenched his eyes shut. “I can’t, it’s---“

“Back the fuck up!” Zach interrupted him. He grabbed Sean’s hips and yanked him back, impaling him on his enormous cock.

Sean’s eyes popped open as he was filled with Zach’s dick. He gasped for breath.

Zach’s dick was buried to the hilt in Sean’s tight ass.

“That’s it”, Zach moaned. “Fuck, that ass is so fucking tight. It’s just amazing.” Slowly, he pulled his dick out of Sean before ramming it all the way in again.

Sean let out a scream.

Then Zach started fucking him. Hard and fast, Zach pounded poor Sean’s hole, his thighs smacking against Sean’s.

Zach was fully dressed, he didn’t even bother to pull his huge balls out of his jeans.

There was nothing remotely sensual about the way Zach fucked Sean’s ass. He pounded it like a rabbit, making Sean scream and groan and writhe as his hole was stretched by Zach’s big, fat dick.

Less than two minutes later, Zach came inside Sean’s ass. His fingers dug deep into Sean’s ass cheeks as his dick unloaded one week’s worth of spunk inside him, filling him to overflowing.

“Fuck yeah”, Zach groaned, his thighs pressing against Sean’s.

When Zach pulled his cock out, a huge batch of sperm oozed out of Sean’s hole.

Zach grabbed Sean’s neck and turned him around.

“Clean it up”, Zach grunted, sticking his dripping dick into Sean’s mouth and making him gag on his slimy cock.

Sean was retching and choking, his eyes filling with tears as he tasted Zach’s cum and his own ass in his mouth.

“Alright”, Zach mumbled, pulling his dick out of Sean’s mouth

Sean looked up at him, spit and cum running out of his mouth.

Zach smacked Sean’s face with his hard dick and grinned. “Ready for round two?”

“What?” Sean croaked. “We’re done. You already fucked my hompfghr---“

Zach shoved his cock into Sean’s mouth, shutting him up instantly. “I told you I’d fuck your ass. I didn’t tell you how often.” He pulled his dick out and smacked Sean’s cheek with it.

Sean gasped for breath. “But you---“

Zach slapped in the face with his hand. “Shut up, fuck toy.” He pushed Sean to the ground and made him lie on his side. Straddling Sean’s left leg, Zach lifted Sean’s right leg as far as it would go before shoving his dick into Sean’s asshole.

This time, with Sean’s hole properly stretched and generously lubed, Zach’s cock went in without any resistance.

Sean groaned and grunted in protest as Zach started fucking him, but Zach just balled his fist and sent it smashing down on Sean’s junk, flattening his cum-filled plums like pancakes and rattling the cock cage, driving the spikes into his dick.

Sean screamed from the top of his lungs.

Zach let out a moan of pleasure as Sean’s ass tightened around his dick. “God, you were right!” he groaned and punched Sean’s balls again. “This feels incredible!”

Again and again, Zach punched Sean’s nuts while driving his huge cock in and out of Sean’s ass, making him scream and squeal in agony.

After a while, Zach changed the position, turning Sean on his back while he was still impaled on his cock. Punching Sean’s nuts was a lot easier that way, and Zach exploited that advantage the best he could, smashing his fist into Sean’s balls without mercy while fucking his ass with hard, deep thrusts.

Sean’s face was a mask of pain. His eyes were filled with tears and his mouth was wide open as he grunted and groaned hoarsely with every thrust and every punch to his rapidly swelling balls.

When he felt his second orgasm rising, Zach pulled his dick out and toppled Sean over. Twisted like a rag doll, Sean was on his back, with his ass sticking up in the air, his knees close to his ears. His hole was twitching as he stared up at Zach, grimacing in pain.

Zach was straddled him, stepping on his face with one foot as he jerked his throbbing cock, aiming it at Sean’s twitching hole.

The first spurt landed right on target, sputtering deep into Sean’s asshole. The second one missed its target and hit his ass cheek.

Zach regained his marksmanship and fired the third, fourth and fifth rope of cum right into Sean’s hole again.

His dick still shooting, he pushed Sean’s ass away and grabbed his head, pulling him up close to his dick.

Groaning in pleasure, Zach aimed the rest of his load right at Sean’s face, making sure to hit both of his open eyes.

Sean’s face was contorted in pain. Blinded by Zach’s potent juice, he started to blink nervously, inadvertently spreading the stinging juice over his eyeballs and enhancing the painful effect.

His dick dripping with cum, Zach stomped down on Sean’s nuts, squashing them under his foot and making Sean howl in pain.

Zach took a step back, allowing Sean to curl up and nurse his battered balls.

Zach towered over him, a satisfied smile on his face. His dick was dripping with cum. “That was fun”, he chuckled and stuffed his monster cock into his jeans before zipping up. “You know, I could probably fuck you again - but I think you learned your lesson. And, frankly, I don't want to waste all my cum on you...”

Sean let out a miserable groan. His body was covered in Zach's jizz. His eyes were burning, his face was coated in a thick layer of sticky cream, and a river of spunk was running out his wrecked asshole.

To make matters worse, Sean's balls were aching and swollen, and his caged dick was covered in bruises from the nasty spikes.

Zach adjusted his crotch, smirking down at Sean. Everything had worked out exactly how he had planned it. He had even enjoyed it a little bit...

He chuckled and turned to go. “Bye.”

Before he had reached the door he heard Sean mutter something.

Zach turned around and raised his eyebrows.

“The key”, Sean repeated, his voice hoarse and barely audible.

Zach let out a laugh. “Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me. I almost forgot.” He reached into his pocket and threw the key to the ground. It landed right in front of Sean's face. “It's a little bent. I hope it still works.”

Sean stared at the almost unrecognizable piece of metal. “Oh god”, he groaned. “What did you do with it?”

Zach shrugged. “I dunno. I guess it got caught in a vise or something. Maybe someone hit it with a hammer. Who cares?”

Sean grabbed the key and stared at it. There was no way it was going to unlock his cock.

Zach smiled. “I guess you'll have to call a locksmith.” He grimaced in mock-sympathy. “That's going to be embarrassing... Make sure to shower before he arrives. You look like a slut.”

Sean opened his mouth.

Before he had a chance to say something, Zach turned on his heels and walked out, a huge grin on his face.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Best of the busts: January 2016

A couple of weeks ago, I installed a new feature so that you can leave feedback quickly and easily. At the bottom of each post you can rate it on a scale from awful (1 star) to excellent (5 stars).

Many of you have left their votes and I encourage you to use the feature because it helps me to understand which posts you like and which posts you don't like. Of course I'm always trying to make my readers happy, and you can count on my desire to give you more of the stuff you like and less of the stuff you don't like... :-)

I thought it would be fun to have a look at last month's top rated posts. If you haven't read every single one of the posts I published last month you might want to check out one of the top picks...

The three top rated stories of January 2016:

Oiled and spoiled
average rating: 4.82 (22 votes)

High stakes - part 1
average rating: 4.64 (14 votes)

High stakes - part 2
average rating: 4.6 (10 votes)

The three top rated "Video links" posts of January 2016:
Nikolai's treasure trove: 4.9 (10 votes)
Kiss or kick: 4.4 (10 votes)
Bollywood balls (1): 4.29 (7 votes)

Honorable mention (for posts that don't fall into either category):
Jonny Firestorm - Power Ball Bash: 4.0 (7 votes)

My personal pick:
It's a close call. I had a blast writing the epic Naked Nutball Tournament (average rating: 4.09 (22 votes) - the lowest rated story of the month. Apparently you didn't enjoy it as much as I did...). But my favorite January story is High stakes - part 1. I've never really been into edging and I honestly didn't know if I could pull it off and write a hot story about it. But it was a lot of fun and I think it turned out really nice. Fun fact: I wrote that story "secretly" while I was surrounded by people who didn't have a clue about what I was doing. It was pretty close to an edging experience because I had to stop writing several times in order not to cream my pants... :-D
An additional reason for High stakes - part 1 as my favorite January story is that the readers' reaction led to Frustration February with a whole bunch of stories featuring chastity and edging.

And what's your personal pick?
As I said, I always try to make my readers happy. Let me know what you liked about last month's stories, and I'll try and give you more of the same! What's your favorite story of January 2016? And what did you like about it?

Just leave a comment or send me an email (

And don't forget to rate the posts. It's just one click. :-)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Yay! It's Frustration February! (ctd.)

Yesterday I told you how our reader Drew convinced me to write another chapter following High stakes - part 1 and High stakes - part 2. (Part 3 is coming on Friday.)

Here is the picture he sent me with his dick locked up in a chastity device.

Very convincing, isn't it?

Thanks, Drew, for your devotion!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Yay! It's Frustration February!

I am simply amazed at all the positive feedback I received after publishing two stories that feature chastity play!

After I published High stakes - part 1, our reader Kinky Kage vowed "to remain locked up for as long as Zach is locked and to lock back up whenever he gets locked in future stories." (see the first comment)

Well, who could refuse an offer like that? That's why I am working on a series of stories that will put Kinky Kage's cock to the test. The first chapter will be online on Monday: The key to happiness: Zach's choice.

Will Zach's dick get locked up yet again? And will Kinky Kage have to follow through on his vow? You'll find out on Monday...

When I published High stakes - part 2 it was supposed to be the final part of a two-part-story. But then our reader Drew made me an offer I couldn't refuse: He said he'd lock up his cock if I wrote a third part to the story. I took him up on it, and you'll be able to read the story on Friday. (Here's the picture Drew sent me.)

So I guess it's official: This month is Frustration February... Yay!

Don't worry, though - there'll be plenty of ballbusting in those stories as well...

For those of you who are not into chastity  play: You won't have to wait till March - there will be a few stories not dealing with chastity this month. :-))

And for those of you who can't get enough chastity stories: Here are some more stories that you might enjoy...
Zach's education:
The "blue balls" phenomenon
Zach's education:
The ejaculation
Thanks for all the feedback you sent me, guys! I really appreciate your opinion!

And, of course, special thanks to Kinky Kage and Drew... :-))

Monday, February 1, 2016

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (18)

What is it that makes guys hit each other in the nuts for no other reason that to videotape it and put it on youtube for all the world to see? Is it the feeling of power when you hit your best buddy in the goolies and ruin his night? Is it some kind of masochistic enjoyment when your best buddy hits you in the nads? Is it the reassurance that your testicles are fully functional and reacting very naturally to a collision with a blunt object?

I have no idea. And, to be honest, I couldn't care less. Everything happens for a reason, right? And I'm very sure that in this case the reason is that we can enjoy other guys' tremendous pain when their nuts take a crushing blow...

Here are a couple of my favorite video clips of guys just being guys...

Let's start with a clip that has the very appropriate title "BallBusters!" Apparently we're at a party or something (there's no music but there are people with drinks) - and a young man (the description says his name is Travis) has nothing better to do than to let his buddies kick him in the nuts. After the first kick, he needs a few seconds to recover. Then he lets the cameraman kick him from behind. "Aim first! Aim!" Travis tells him. He really wants the cameraman to strike his testicles - and the cameraman does. Travis collapses and the rest of the guys laugh their asses off before discussing Travis' pain. Near the end, Travis compares the kicks. Apparently the cameraman was the best...

The desciption says it's "Episode 1". Unfortunately, it's the only video on the channel. Maybe Travis' balls retired after this video?

Friday, January 29, 2016

High stakes - part 2 (Sean meets Zach)

Special thanks to our reader Sean for the plot idea! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who plays with his balls while reading this story!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Zach (click for pictures)

This is part 2 of 3. Click here for part 1.

The past nine days had been pure hell for Zach. The days had seemed endless and his locked-up dick controlled his every thought.

On Thursday, with his balls still sore and swollen from the Roshambo match with Sean, Zach was walking bow-legged all day. Unfortunately, his frat brothers had planned a tour on their mountain bikes. If Zach had cancelled, his far brothers would have asked why. He felt too embarrassed to tell them. So he went through with it despite his balls being trapped in a very awkward position by the dick cage. He spent the day crushing his aching nuggets on the bike seat with his own weight, trying to hide his pain.

On Friday, he had to cancel a date with a hot girl. After sending her a text message, she showed up at Zach’s frat house and kicked him in the nuts before vowing to spread word about his unreliable dick.

Saturday night, Zach’s frat had organized a party that turned into a wild orgy with naked girls running around and pleasuring every one of his frat brother’s any way they wanted – except for Zach who stood on the sidelines, watching and drooling, unable to participate.

On Sunday, Zach stayed in bed. He tried to sleep – but all he could think of was sex. The spikes made his dick hurt, and his balls were throbbing and pulsing, aching for release – to no avail.

By Monday, Zach’s overfilled balls started to mess with his mind. Standing at a corner in the middle of traffic, he yelled “Sperm!” out of nowhere, causing an old lady to whack him in the crotch with her walking stick.

On Tuesday, Zach’s frat brothers had a sit down with him. Concerned about his unusual behavior, they made him tell them about his predicament. Unsurprisingly, they thought it was hilarious. They stripped him naked and took pictures of his locked-up dick which went viral after they published them on the internet.

On Wednesday, Zach’s balls were literally starting to turn blue. Afraid to go to the doctor’s, Zach asked one of his frat brothers, a med student, for help. He offered to take a look and applied an ointment which turned out to be Bengay Ultra Strength, changing the color of Zach’s balls to deep red and causing him to run around the house, naked and screaming, much to the amusement of his frat brothers.

Thursday night, before going out to a party, Zach’s frat brothers tied him to the bed and switched on Zach’s favorite porn movie. Unable to fall asleep, Zach watched “Naughty MILFs need cock! Cock! COCK!” over and over and over again until his friends returned early in the morning, bragging about their conquests and telling him every detail of their adventures.

Finally, it was Friday, and Zach couldn’t wait to get his dick out of the cage. He wanted to see his beautiful cock again without its restrains. He wanted to feel that wonderful feeling of having an erection. He wanted to finally empty his balls. He wanted to CUM!

In sharp contrast, Sean’s week had been awesome. He had been on a winning streak for most of the week, and he credited it to his heightened self-confidence – and the key to Zach’s cock that he carried in his pocket. He had gotten a promotion and a pay raise, his landlord had agreed to lower the rent, and a boring meeting with some friends had turned into a heated, sweaty threesome that was quite possibly the most satisfying sex Sean had ever had in his life.

When Zach knocked on his door, Sean made a point of letting him wait.

Zach shifted uncomfortably. Every second that his dick was locked inside the cock cage felt like an eternity. His balls felt as if they had swollen to the size of melons, bursting with his pent-up cum. An unfortunate side effect of the swelling was that Zach’s nuts were painfully squished against his body by the chastity device, causing extreme discomfort with every step.

Zach knocked again, more urgently.

After a seemingly endless couple of seconds, the door opened and Sean smiled at Zach. The tall, muscular stud was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers that were tented by a very conspicuous erection.

Zach mumbled. “Hi.”

Sean chuckled. “Hi there.”

There was a moment of silence.

Sean’s eyes wandered down to the big bulge in Zach’s crotch.

Zach shifted awkwardly.

Sean brought his leg back and sent it smashing into Zach’s groin, squashing his caged cock and his trapped balls into his body with a dull thud.

Zach let out an anguished wail and doubled over in pain, clutching his crotch with both of his hands.

“Come in”, Sean grinned.

Zach groaned and stumbled into the apartment.

Sean closed the door and took off his boxers. His boner snapped up and slapped against his muscular abs with a wet smack.

Zach winced.

“Are you ready to get your butt fucked?” Sean smiled, leisurely stroking his rock-hard dick.

Zach mumbled something unintelligible and started taking off his clothes.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear you”, Sean said, sitting down on his couch and spreading his legs. His meaty dick pointed at the ceiling.

“Let’s get it over with”, Zach repeated. He was stark naked now. His dick, cramped into the chastity device, looked pitiful, and his balls were swollen and bloated and squished against his thighs.

“Sit down”, Sean smiled.

Zach sighed and sat down on the couch next to Sean.

“On my cock”, Sean continued with a wide smile.

Zach stared at him. “But--- What about this?” He pointed at his incarcerated dick.

Sean raised his eyebrows. “What about it?”

“Don’t you want to give me the key first?” Zach said with a hopeful expression on his face.

Sean reached under the couch and held up a little key. “You mean this one?”

Zach stared at the shiny little thing. There was nothing in the world that he wanted more than that key. He swallowed hard and reached for it.

Sean pulled his hand away. “Actually”, he smiled, “I think I want to fuck you first.”

Zach’s eyes darted back and forth between Sean’s face and the little key in his hand.

Sean knew what Zach was thinking, and he waited patiently.

Zach bit his lower lip. Suddenly, he pushed Sean to the side and tried to wrestle the key from his hand.

Sean’s free hand slipped between Zach’s thighs and he wrapped his fingers around Zach’s huge, cum-filled babymakers. Just when Zach had managed to pry open Sean’s hand and get hold of the key, Sean squeezed Zach’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Zach’s eyes widened and he let out an ear-piercing squeal as his nuts were crushed in Sean’s powerful grip.

Sean yanked on Zach’s sack, eliciting an anguished cry and making Zach drop the key to the ground.

“Okay, I think both of us know where this is going”, Sean said, twisting Zach’s nuts and causing him to scream from the top of his lungs. “First of all, do I have to use force to take the key?”

Zach let out a whimper and gave the key back to Sean.

“Good”, Sean said and put the key on the ground. “Now bend over and spread your cheeks so I can fuck your brains out.”

Zach started to protest but Sean twisted his nuts again, making him shut up instantly.

Groaning and moaning, Zach got up, turned around and bent over, put his hands on the back rest of the couch.

Sean stood behind him, slowly jerking his hard cock.

Zach’s legs were spread apart. His caged dick and his big, juicy balls were squished against the insides of his thighs.

Sean grabbed Zach’s ass cheeks and spread them apart, revealing his puckered little hole. “Nice and tight”, Sean mumbled and spat on it before slowly easing the tip of his index finger into Zach’s asshole.

Zach let out a soft moan.

Sean took a step back and smiled. “This is gonna hurt a little.”

Zach clenched his eyes shut, expecting Sean’s dick to enter his body.

Instead, Sean brought his leg back and kicked Zach in the nuts from behind with all the force he could muster.

Zach’s eyes opened wide and he screamed in agony, his knees crossing as he fell forward onto the couch.

Sean grabbed his neck and pushed him down before spitting on his dick and shoving it into Zach’s tight hole, burying it balls-deep inside Zach.

Sean’s hips slammed against Zach’s ass cheeks, and Zach’s trapped balls were squished flat between their bodies.

“Fuuuuuck!” Zach squealed.

Sean started fucking him hard and fast, driving his dick in and out of Zach’s hole while crunching his nuts with every thrust of his hips.

“You’ve got a hot hole”, Sean muttered, thrusting his dick deep inside Zach and squashing his poor nuts in the process. “This is fucking awesome!”

After a little while, Sean pulled his dick out and turned Zach around so he was lying on his back on the couch. Treating him like a rag doll, Sean grabbed Zach’s feet and spread his legs. He fucked him hard, ramming his dick inside Zach’s asshole. Sean grinned and threw a hard punch at Zach’s balls, making him squeal in agony and causing his sphincter to tighten around Sean’s dick.

“Holy shit!” Sean groaned. “This is incredible!” Again and again, Sean punched Zach’s nuts, slamming them into his body while he fucked his ass, making Zach scream from the top of his lungs.

Finally, Sean pushed Zach to the ground, making him lie on his back with his ass up in the air. Straddling his body, Sean started to piledrive Zach’s butt, squishing his nuts between their muscular thighs with every thrust.

Sean looked down at Zach’s pain-contorted face. “Too bad your dick’s locked up”, Sean grinned, breathing heavily. “I bet I could fuck a load or two out of you!”

Zach grunted in pain.

“But first it’s my time to cum”, Sean mumbled. With a long, guttural groan, Sean drove his dick deep inside Zach and flooded his guts with a huge load of sperm. Throwing his head back, Sean moaned in pleasure, his dick buried deep inside Zach’s body.

After his orgasm had subsided, Sean pulled his dick out and looked at Zach’s gaping hole. “Wow”, he chuckled, shoving two of his finger inside. When he pulled them out, they were covered in cum. He brought his fingers up to Zach’s mouth and made him clean them. He repeated the procedure a couple of times, feeding Zach his cum and making him taste his own ass.

“That was fucking hot”, Sean sighed and sank back onto the couch.

Zach groaned and got up. Sean’s cum was running down his leg, leaking from his wrecked hole.

Sean picked up the key and smiled at Zach.

Zach looked down at him, his face filled with pain and lust.

“Look at that dick”, Sean said, grimacing in sympathy at the sight of Zach’s huge cock pressing against the insides of the chastity device. “I bet you’re dying to get out of it, right?” Sean ran his fingers gently over Zach’s big, sore, cum-filled balls.

“Please”, Zach said hoarsely.

Sean chuckled. Agonizingly slowly, he unlocked Zach’s cock and pulled it out of the chastity cage.

Zach let out a deep sigh of relief. His dick instantly sprang to attention.

Sean chuckled and gently ran his finger over Zach’s hard shaft. He stuck out his tongue and licked the tip of Zach’s cock.

Zach let out a moan.

Sean smiled and looked up at Zach. “Want me to suck you off?”

Without a word, Zach grabbed Sean’s head and pushed his rock-hard dick inside Sean’s mouth, burying it to the hilt and making Sean choke on his cock.

Sean let out a muffled grunt but Zach didn’t care. He started fucking Sean’s mouth with all the rage and the energy of a 20 year old jock who hadn’t shot his load in ten days.

Holding Sean’s head with both of his hands, Zach kept thrusting his dick in and out of Sean’s mouth, throatfucking him without mercy. His balls were aching, swollen and sore, and he felt his load rising rapidly.

Sean was retching and gagging, his eyes watering as Zach used his mouth to get himself off, driving his dick down his throat, making his balls smack against Sean’s chin.

“Oh yeah, choke on that cock”, Zach grunted. “Fuck yeah!”

A moment later, he came inside Sean’s mouth, flooding it with his hot, salty semen.

Sean gulped it down frantically as Zach refused to withdraw his dick from his mouth.

After what seemed like an eternity, Zach pulled Sean’s head off his dick and threw him back.

Sean gasped for air.

Zach’s cock was glistening with his cum and Sean’s spit. His muscular body was wet with sweat.

“Holy shit”, Sean mumbled breathlessly.

Zach was panting heavily. He stroked his dick and looked at Sean. “Ready for round two?”

Sean’s eyes widened. “What?!”

Zach shrugged. “Well, you locked my cock up for more than a week.”

Sean wiped his mouth. “But you can’t expect me to---“

Zach interrupted him by bringing his foot down on Sean’s crotch, smashing his balls hard and making him scream in pain.

“Yes, I can”, Zach mumbled, twisting his foot as if he was putting out a cigarette.

Sean let out a scream.

Zach withdrew his foot, allowing Sean to double over on the couch. “I’m gonna fuck your throat a couple more times today until my balls are empty”, Zach announced. He reached down and grabbed the chastity device that had been holding his cock hostage for the past ten days. “Then I’m going to lock up your dick.”

Sean blinked.

Zach smiled. “And when we meet again next week…” His big, meaty dick twitched. “…I’ll fuck your ass.”

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What's the story? (4)

I don't know what these two guys are up to - but it looks pretty fun...

Have they just finished a match and the winner is claiming his prize? What is he going to do with his buddy's balls? Or maybe they are just beginning and this is going to be a ballbashing boxing match? Who are these two guys and what are they up to? What's the story behind this picture?

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