Monday, September 22, 2014

Who is Zach? (updated)

Original Date: 09/14/2014

A couple of weeks ago a reader suggested that I post pictures for the characters in the stories. That made me think: I'm pretty sure that all of us have a picture in our head about what the guys look like - but at the same time they probably look a little bit different in each of our heads...

As an experiment I'd like to ask you to post links to images of guys that come close to how you imagine the guys to be.

We'll start with the most popular one: Zach. He's blond and muscular and has a spectacular set of genitals. What do you think he looks like? Feel free to post links to celebrities or porn stars or whatever you like in the comments sections. Headshots or nude pictures or fully clothed ones - everything is welcome. Alternatively you can send me pictures or drawings or whatever you like via e-mail ( - if you provide me with the source I'll post them here on the blog.

If you like the idea and there's enough feedback we'll continue with the other guys. I'm really curious if this will work...

Update 09/17/2014:

Here are two suggestions by an anonymous reader:
Model and fitness trainer Joe Brownell

Actor Justin Hartley
Update 09/22/2014:

Here are two more reader suggestions:

Belami model Mick Lovell

The guy with the orange baseball cap whose dick is hanging out of his jeans from raunchy porn site FraternityX

What do you think?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Art by Corsair: Cheap shot

The awesome artist Corsair has created a great new piece of art and he kindly allowed me to publish it here on the blog. I love his work, and this particular image is no exception.

The following little story is inspired by Corsair's image.

Chip adjusted the prominent bulge in his red wrestling singlet. The handsome stud with the brown hair was pretty confident that his opponent would be no match for him. It was going to be the last match for today, and in Chip’s mind he was already at his girlfriend’s place, fondling her big tits before gently  pushing her head down until his big, hard cock was filling her sweet mouth.

The image of the cute blond girl gagging on his fat, meaty dick brought a smile to Chip’s face.  She was great, capable of taking the whole length of his oversized schlong, and Chip loved fucking her face hard and deep. The sound of his meaty, low-hanging nutsack smacking against her chin echoed in Chip’s head.

Chip’s big dick was hard as a rock inside his wrestling singlet, and precum leaked out its tip, creating a big, damp spot where the head of his dick stretched the fabric. Below, his huge, cum-filled balls were outlined like a pair of oversized, ripe plums.

A dreamy sigh escaped Chip’s lips and he closed his eyes, thinking about the heavenly things that awaited him. The world around him stopped. Serenity and silence filled his head. The only sound Chip imagined was the sweet rhythm of his balls slapping against his girlfriend’s chin.
Suddenly, the silence was interrupted by a dull thud. The serenity instantly vanished and was replaced with a deep, throbbing pain that emanated from his balls. Chip was lifted off his feet as his big, juicy nuts felt like had exploded. The pain spread through his body, crawling through his stomach into his lungs and making him feel like he was suffocating.

Chip’s eyes opened for a moment. His vision blurred, Chip looked at his opponent with a pitiful expression on his face.

“My nuts”, Chip whispered in a toneless voice.

His blond adversary laughed.

The laughter grew louder and louder, and Chip realized that everyone was watching him. Men, women and children, the refs and the other wrestlers – everybody was staring at him, laughing their asses off.

A teen boy was pointing his mobile phone at him, a mean grin on his face.
Chip’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he sank to the ground, a long, wheezing moan escaping his lips.

The sexual imagery in his mind had been replaced by a bleak, grey nothing. Chip curled up in a ball, sobbing in pain, clutching his nuts below his rapidly shrinking erection. His girlfriend would not be happy…

Friday, September 19, 2014

Be our guest: Kevin and Ryan meet Zach (4)

Special thanks to our reader Kevin! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who is absolutely turned off by stories containing permanent damage but who’ll read the story anyway despite the warning!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details..

Warning: Can contain traces of cum. In addition to that there’s the violent, graphic and entirely gratuitous destruction of a couple of testicles. If that's not your Cup of tea you might want to skip this one. Seriously. You have been warned... 

Kevin smiled at his lover. “I want him to kick the cum out of me.” He pointed at Zach whose spent dick immediately grew hard again.

Ryan chuckled. “Wow, you’re enjoying this, huh?”

Kevin grinned. “I sure am.”

Ryan squeezed Kevin’s balls with his hands and whispered into his ear, “They are really squishy, you know. I’m not sure if they can take any more of this.”

Kevin let out a pained groan. “You think they’ll pop?”

Ryan’s dick twitched with excitement as he kneaded Kevin’s balls with his strong hands. “I don’t know, maybe they will.”

Kevin looked Ryan in the eyes. “That’d be so hot.”

Ryan chuckled. “Yeah.” He kissed Kevin tenderly. “It’s your call, muffin.”

Kevin turned to Zach, smiling brightly. “Come on, let’s do it. Kick the cum out of my nuts.”

Zach licked his lips. “Spread your legs, ‘muffin’”, he said with a smirk, leisurely stroking his dick.

Kevin did as he was told, spreading his legs wide. His sore cock was hard as a rock and pointing to the ceiling, and his big, battered balls were dangling vulnerably below.

Ryan stood in front of him, a couple of feet away, smiling at his lover and jerking his dick.

Zach walked behind Kevin. He brought his leg back and sent his bare foot crashing into Kevin’s unprotected, bruised nuts, brutally ramming them into his body.

Kevin let out a blood-curdling scream, but he remained standing. “Harder!” he croaked, his dick twitching.

Zach complied, throwing a vicious kick at Kevin’s soft, bloated ballsack. His instep collided with his balls, flattening them like pancakes and making Kevin squeal in agony.

“Harder!” Kevin shouted feverishly, grimacing in excruciating pain. “Squash my cum out of them!”

The third kick was slightly off target, barely grazing the right nut but smashing the left one flat into his pelvis.

Kevin screamed from the top of his lungs, his eyes losing focus, his face contorting into a mask of pain.

Zach followed up with another hard, mean kick, once again with a slight left twist, crunching the tender left nut hard and making Kevin retch and gag.

Ryan was jerking his cock, his eyes fixed on Kevin’s face.

Zach took a couple of steps back. Then, with a running start, he delivered an incredibly hard, forceful kick that found Kevin’s tortured left ball and rammed it into his body.

We all heard the CRUNCH.

A huge jet of jizz spurted out of Kevin’s dick and he was dead silent, gasping for air, his face contorted in pain.

“What the fuck?!” Ryan whispered. “Did you hear that? Did you--- I mean--- Did you just pop his nuts?”

Zach stared at him, a shocked expression on his face. “I didn’t mean--- Holy shit--- I--- I’m sorry…”

Kevin was retching, his face pale, his eyes wide open. Cum was shooting out of his cock.

Ryan walked up to his boyfriend and grabbed Kevin’s nutsack, a spurt of cum sputtering into his face. He wiped it away and examined Kevin’s sack for a couple of seconds, then he looked up. “His right nut is--- You popped his right nut.”

Zach’s eyes widened. “No”, he whispered.

“Yes, you did it!” Ryan exclaimed. “You split his right nut into three pieces!” A huge grin appeared on his face. “Three pieces!”

Zach was speechless.

“Did you hear that, muffin”, Ryan laughed, getting up and kissing Kevin’s lips. “Lefty’s gone…”

Kevin seemed to be in a state of trance, his eyes wide open, his lips trembling. His knees were shaking and he was gasping for air. His dick had stopped shooting.

“I really hope you were able to enjoy that”, Ryan chuckled, squatting down and grabbing Kevin’s sack, squishing the three chunks of nut around. “It’s pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime experience…”

He looked up at Zach and grinned. “Three pieces? How did you do that, you showoff!” He  winked at Zach who stared back at him, not knowing what to say. Ryan played around with the three chunks of testicular tissue in Kevin’s scrotum before squishing one of it between his fingers.


Ryan let out a laugh. “Well, make that two”, he mused. “Wow, apparently, once a nut is split it’s pretty easy to turn it into paste…” He turned to Zach. “Wanna try?”

Zach blinked. “What?!” he said in a toneless voice.

“Come on, don’t be shy”, Ryan grinned. “You split his balls in the first place.”

“But I didn’t mean to”, Zach whispered.

Ryan laughed. “I’m pretty sure that doesn’t matter to Kevin…” He looked up at Kevin whose pale white face was glistening with sweat. “Does it matter to you, muffin?” He paused a second. “Didn’t think so.” He turned to Zach again. “Come on, I’ll let you have a piece.”

Zach knelt down next to Ryan, tentatively touching Kevin’s bloated ballsack and feeling around for the two chunks of split nut.

“Choose a piece you like”, Ryan grinned, “then turn it into mush.”

Zach bit his lower lip, holding a part of Kevin’s destroyed left nut between his thumb and forefinger. He rolled it between his fingers, applying more and more pressure until---


A shiver ran through Kevin’s body and he let out a gasp.

“Attaboy”, Ryan grinned and patted Zach’s back.

Zach sat back, looking rattled.

“Now the third piece is for me again”, Ryan smiled, rubbing his hands. He grabbed the left side of Kevin’s ballsack, isolating the last remaining piece of his left nut. Then he balled his fist and started pounding away at it, driving his knuckles into the meaty, swollen chunk as hard as he could. The fourteenth punch did the trick.


Kevin’s left nut was history.

Kevin let out a guttural, retching groan. His body went limp and he collapsed into Ryan’s arms. He turned to his boyfriend. Slowly, a grin spread on his face. “Lefty’s gone?”

Ryan chuckled. “Lefty’s gone.”

They kissed.

“Now”, Ryan said with a grin, “what should we do with righty?”

“What do you want to do with it?” Kevin whispered with a weak grin that seemed slightly out of place on his pain-contorted face.

Ryan gently ran his hand through his boyfriend’s short brown hair. “I’d think that it might feel a bit alone”, he grinned cheekily. “You know, without its companion.”

Kevin let out a laugh. “You think?”

Ryan nodded, chuckling. “Don’t you agree?”

Kevin grinned. “Of course. So…” He bit his lower lip. “Do you think it might feel better if you crushed it into paste like the other one?”

Ryan chuckled. “I don’t know, what do you think?”

“I think you should stomp it until it’s nothing but mush”, Kevin whispered, looking his fiancé deep in the eyes.

Ryan’s rock hard cock pressed against Kevin’s thigh.

“And I’m pretty sure you’d love doing it”, Kevin chuckled.

Ryan laughed. “Stomp your last nut into paste? There’s nothing I’d rather do.”

“Let’s do it”, Kevin smiled. He groaned as he sat up, leaning back and spreading his legs. His lopsided ballsack was resting on the hard floor, looking pretty funny.

Ryan got up and stepped between Kevin’s spread legs, his hard cock pointing at Kevin’s face. He wiggled his toes and winked at his boyfriend.

Kevin let out a laugh. “Let’s do it”, he repeated. “Crush my nut.”

Ryan grinned and lowered the ball of his foot on Kevin’s last remaining testicle, causing Kevin to inhale sharply.

Zach moved his position to get a better view of the action. He stared at Kevin’s crotch, biting his lower lip, his cock slowly rising to attention.

Ryan shifted his weight, and Kevin’s final ball slowly flattened.

Kevin pressed his lips tightly together, letting out a whimper.

Ryan shifted his weight further, crushing Kevin’s testicle into the hard floor.

Kevin’s whimper turned into a wail and he threw his head back in pain.

“Stomp on it”, Zach whispered suddenly, slowly jerking his cock. “Crush it under your heel.”

Ryan chuckled. His dick was rock hard and dripping with precum. He lifted his foot and immediately brought it down hard on Kevin’s testicle, making him squeal in agony.

Ryan twisted his heel, causing the tenderized meat of Kevin’s tortured testicle to bulge to the sides, trying to escape Ryan’s deadly foot.

Kevin screamed from the top of his lungs.

Ryan’s massive dick twitched.

Zach jerked his own huge piece of meat faster and faster.

“Stomp on it!” Zach shouted. “Turn it into paste!”

Ryan lifted his foot again and stomped down hard, flattening Kevin’s last ball under his heel.

 “Do it!” Zach panted. “Crush his nut!”

Ryan stepped onto Kevin’s big, bloated ball, shifting all his body weight onto his foot, lifting his other leg off the ground.

Kevin threw his head back, letting out a high-pitched wail.


It looked as if Ryan was in an elevator that suddenly jumped down an inch. Ryan managed to keep his balance, moaning deeply.

At the same time that Kevin’s last testicle exploded inside his sack, both Kevin’s and Ryan’s cocks erupted with huge loads of cum.

Kevin’s sperm splattered against Ryan’s thigh while Ryan’s dick was unloading his stud sauce right into Kevin’s handsome, pain-contorted face, coating it in a thick layer of creamy spunk.

“Oh fuck!” Zach screamed, jerking his dick. Jet after jet of creamy spunk shot out, splattering against Kevin’s face and mixing with Ryan’s load.

Kevin’s eyes rolled back into his head and his body went limp while his dick was shooting spurt after creamy spurt of his last batch of semen ever.

Ryan’s hands-free orgasm rocked his body and he moaned in pleasure as his spunk rained down on his emasculated boyfriend, showering him with his jizz while Zach contributed his own load of cum to completely drench Kevin’s unconscious body.

Ironically, Kevin’s orgasm lasted the longest. After the huge streams of cum from Ryan’s and Zach’s massive cocks had turned into a little rivulets, the flood that spurted out of Kevin’s dick kept flowing.

“Wow”, Zach mumbled, his spent dick dripping with cum, “where is all that jizz coming from? I mean, there’s no storage space left…”

Ryan chuckled. “He always was a big shooter…” He let out a laugh. “Well, until now I guess…”

Finally, the flood subsided.

Ryan knelt next to his boyfriend and gently caressed his face. “Muffin”, Ryan whispered into his ear. “Wake up, muffin.”

Kevin’s eyes fluttered. Slowly, his eyes opened and focused on his boyfriend. “I’ve lost some weight, huh?” he quipped with a throaty voice.

Ryan let out a laugh. “Yeah, you did…” He reached for Kevin’s empty bag and fondled it. “Suits you”, he grinned.

“You think so?” Kevin raised his upper body, groaning. He looked at the deflated sac of skin. “I don’t know, I kinda think they looked good on me…”

Ryan laughed. “Well, it sure is too late for that, now.”

Kevin chuckled. “I guess it is.”

Ryan helped his boyfriend get up and the two put on their clothes.

“You know, it’s funny – the only sperm left in your body is the loads that we dumped in your ass”, Ryan mused.

Kevin laughed. “That was so hot!” He turned to Zach, Erik and Vince who smiled at him. “Thank you, guys”, Kevin said.

Zach grinned. “Our pleasure.”

“If you ever need someone to drop a load in your ass let me know”, Erik said cheerfully, grabbing the lone nut in his scrotum. “This little sucker is always full…”

Kevin and Ryan laughed.

“Yeah, we’ll keep that in mind”, Ryan chuckled.

The couple walked out the door, holding hands. Kevin was limping – but other than that and the considerably smaller bulge in his jeans he didn’t look like he had changed a lot.

Before the door closed behind them, we heard Kevin say, “By the way, that settles it – we won’t have to argue about who gets to be the top and who the bottom.”

“Never again”, Ryan replied with a chuckle. “And I’ll never have a sore ass again…”

Then the door closed.


A couple of days later I ran into Zach in a mall.

“How are you?” I asked.

“I don’t know”, the handsome stud mumbled. “I feel kinda bad.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I guess it can be a burden. I mean, you virtually destroyed that guy’s sex life. I’m not an urologist but I guess it’s pretty hard to get an erection without nuts. Maybe I’ll send him an e-mail and ask him about it. On the other hand he seemed pretty happy getting his ass fucked. And I’m sure he’ll be able to keep his fiancé happy that way… I guess you should look at it this way: He seemed to enjoy it, strange as it may sound. You didn’t do anything he didn’t want. I mean – if it hadn’t been you---“

“That’s not what I was talking about”, Zach interrupted me harshly. “I’m talking about---“ He looked around, checking out if anybody was within earshot. Then he continued in a low voice. “I fucked a guy’s ass! I--- I don’t know what to say, it’s just so--- I didn’t mean for it to happen… I go carried away, and--- It was one time thing! I don’t know--- It’s disgusting!”

I sighed. “Zach, we all know you’re as straight as they come.”

Zach grimaced. “But you and those two boys that hang around the studio all the time – you saw it, and---“

“Don’t worry”, I said gently. “I’ll talk to Erik and Vince. We’ll never ever utter a word about it.”

Zach stared at me.

“That’s a promise”, I added. “You never fucked a guy in the ass.”

Zach thought for a moment. “But I did pop that guy’s nut”, he said proudly.

I chuckled. “Yeah, you sure did…”

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Be our guest: Kevin and Ryan meet Zach (3)

Special thanks to our reader Kevin! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who is annoyed that the story is split up in four parts when there’s absolutely no reason why it couldn’t be published as a whole!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details..

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality. Very graphic. You've been warned...

Ryan grinned, kneeling down next to his boyfriend. “Now you’ll get your ass fucked.”

Kevin looked up, looking strangely excited and horny even though his fat cock remained locked in the chastity cage, unable to get hard. “Oh yeah”, he moaned, rolling onto his back. “Fuck me.”

Ryan chuckled. He straddled Kevin’s neck, resting his big, juicy balls on his throat and looked down at him with a gentle smile. He tapped the fat head of his enormous cock on Kevin’s lips, leaving little drops of precum on Kevin’s lips. “Come on”, he whispered softly, open up. “I know you want to suck on it.”

“Yeah”, Kevin moaned and opened his mouth. Gently, Ryan shoved the head of his dick between Kevin’s lips, closing his eyes and moaning in pleasure as they closed around his shaft.

“What about me?” Zach said impatiently, his huge, dripping dick throbbing and twitching.

Ryan opened his eyes and looked back over his shoulder. “What are you waiting for? Start fucking his ass!” He grinned. “Kevin likes it hard by the way…”

Zach cracked his knuckles, got down on his knees, swiftly lifted Kevin’t legs so that his ankles rested on his shoulders. He spat on his glistening dick and lined it up with Kevin’s hole. “Fuck yeah”, he whispered, slowly inserting his big, fat dick into Kevin.

I noticed some commotion next to me and glanced at Erik and Vince. I could hardly believe my eyes. They had both pulled their cocks out of their flies and were jerking their cocks, watching the big-dicked threesome.

“Hey”, I whispered sharply.

“What?” Erik raised his eyebrows.

“That’s not very professional”, I hissed.

Erik shrugged, continuing to stroke his dick. “I don’t care. It’s hot.”

I sighed and returned my attention to Kevin, Ryan and Zach.

Kevin was sucking Ryan’s gargantuan dick with the experience of a veteran whore, sloppily taking it into his mouth and moaning in pleasure. His own dick remained locked in chastity, pressing against the stainless steel, dying to get out. Zach was slowly sliding his monster cock in and out of Kevin’s ass.

“Fuck, that’s a tight hole”, Zach moaned.

“Hey”, Ryan turned his head. “What did I tell you? He likes it hard! Fuck him like you mean it!”

Zach beamed with excitement. “Aye, sir!” he grinned. With that, he started thrusting his thick, fat cock into Kevin like an animal in heat, fucking Kevin hard and fast, making his body quiver and shake with every thrust. Zach’s huge, swollen nuts slapped against Kevin’s body at a rapid pace. Zach was caught in a strange mixture of pleasure and pain, grimacing when his bloated ballsack banged against Kevin’s ass cheeks.

“Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!” Ryan chuckled.

Kevin’s own swollen arbs were trapped by the chastity cage in a way that made them collateral damage to Zach’s thrusting. Every time Zach’s cock sank balls-deep into Kevin’s hole, Kevin’s oversized, aching testicles were crunched between Zach’s body and the chastity cage, making Kevin yelp and moan in both pleasure and pain.

Kevin’s moans were considerably muffled by his boyfriend’s huge, meaty dick, though. Ryan had picked up the pace, holding Kevin’s head in his hands and fucking his mouth in rapid strokes.

The sheer size of Ryan’s meat made it virtually impossible for Kevin to take all of it in his mouth without using his throat for additional stowage. Ryan looked his boyfriend deep in the eyes as he slipped the fat head of his cock past Kevin’s tonsils.

Kevin’s throat bulged with Ryan’s fat member, and Kevin’s gagging noises filled the room.

“Fuck yeah!” Ryan moaned before pulling out and shoving his cock right back into Kevin’s throat.

“Holy fuck”, Vince whispered as he watched Kevin get stuffed from both ends. He was frantically jerking his dick, obviously enjoying the sight of Zach and Ryan banging Kevin hard and raw.

“My turn”, Ryan groaned and pulled his dick out of Kevin’s mouth.

Kevin was breathing heavily, his face hot and wet and beaming with sexual excitement. “Yeah, fuck me, babe!” he moaned, tweaking his nipples.

Zach didn’t seem very eager to leave his position at Kevin’s rear end. Ryan virtually had to pull him out of his fiancé’s asshole. Zach’s massive dick slipped out of Kevin’s hole, slapping moistly against Zach’s abs.

“Awww”, Zach groaned with a disappointing expression on his face.

“Take his mouth”, Ryan suggested.

Zach nodded and quickly crawled towards Kevin’s head.

“Wait”, Ryan said. He grinned at his boyfriend and playfully slapped his trapped, aching nuts, causing Kevin to yelp in pain. “Turn around, muffin.”

Kevin rubbed his nuts and grimaced. “Ouch”, he chuckled. “No need to make me, I’ll do it on my own…”

“I know”, Ryan grinned. “I just love hitting your nuts…” He balled his fist and punched Kevin’s trapped balls once again.

Kevin let out a wail and covered his balls with his hands. His cock was pressing painfully against the steel braces of the chastity cage.

“Stop fooling around”, Zach growled. “Get your mouth on my cock…”

Kevin chuckled and got on all fours. He grabbed Zach’s big, glistening cock by the base and ran his tongue along the shaft, making Zach moan in pleasure. “You’re pretty eager for a straight guy”, he mused before taking Zach’s whole length into his mouth and down his throat until Zach’s nutsack slapped against his chin.

Zach threw his head back, groaning softly.

Ryan grinned and grabbed Kevin’s hips. With one hard, swift motion, he sank his enormous, fat dick balls-deep into Kevin’s hole, making his boyfriend let out a muffled yelp. Then he started deep-dicking him with all the force he could muster. Ryan’s huge bull-balls slapped against Kevin’s trapped nuts, making him yelp and moan while Zach was fucking his face. Ryan’s dick slammed into Kevin’s hole at a rapid pace, going in and out of his tight hole with the force of a battering ram.

All three of them were groaning and moaning while Vince and Erik watched them excitedly, jerking their dicks.

Zach and Ryan kept pounding Kevin hard at both ends, mercilessly shoving their cocks into his mouth and asshole, making his body shake violently.

The sounds of the three studs moaning in pleasure and the slapping noise of Ryan’s ballsack banging into Kevin’s nuts filled the room. Kevin seemed to be having the time of his life, his lips stretched around Zach’s monstercock, his asshole widened by Ryan’s huge piece of meat.

After what seemed like an eternity, Zach and Ryan were out of breath, panting and breathing heavily. Ryan pulled out of Kevin’s hole, leaving it gaping open, and positioned himself next to Zach.

Kevin let Zach’s dick out of his mouth and inhaled deeply. “Fuck, that’s so hot”, he whispered before grabbing Ryan’s dick and licking it with a huge grin on his face. He looked up at his boyfriend. “What do you say – want me to try and take them both?”

Zach’s eyes widened and his dick twitched excitedly.

“Whoa, muffin”, Ryan chuckled. “You sure?”

“Oh yeah”, Kevin grinned, reaching between his legs and fingering his asshole. His wrists pressed against the chastity cage and he grimaced when he grazed his swollen, trapped balls.

“Want me to take it off?” Ryan asked.

Kevin shook his head. “Not yet”, he whispered.

Ryan chuckled. He lay down on his back, his huge dick pointing to the ceiling. Kevin straddled him and slowly sat on it, taking the whole length into his hole with a deep, soft moan. Then he leaned forward and kissed his boyfriend.

Zach watched them, staring at Kevin’s stuffed hole, apparently pondering whether there was enough room for him left.

Kevin broke the kiss and turned his head. “What are you waiting for?” he grinned. “Come on in.”

Zach didn’t have to be told twice. He squatted behind Kevin, grabbed his shoulders and slowly inserted his dick until it was buried to the hilt.

The three studs moaned in unison.

“Now fuck me”, Kevin groaned.

Zach and Ryan complied. It took a bit of time before they had found their rhythm, but soon they were happily ramming their huge cocks in and out of Kevin’s eager hole, stretching it to its absolute limit and making Kevin moan and scream in ecstasy.

“Harder!” Kevin yelled. “Fuck me harder!”

Kevin’s encouragement made Zach and Ryan go even harder and faster, slamming their fat dicks into Kevin, conjuring a huge smile on his face as his body was rocked by the two horse hung studs.

Zach and Ryan fucked Kevin hard for a while, until Zach screamed, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

Quickly, Kevin descended from the two dicks and lay on his back, throwing his legs up in the air and down on the ground so that his knees were next to his ears, exposing his gaping hole, his hands spreading his cheeks apart.

Ryan got up and knelt down over Kevin’s face, holding Kevin’s ankles. “Want to chew on my nuts while your ass is filled with Zach’s spunk?” Ryan grinned.

Kevin chuckled. “Fuck yeah, give me those huge ba--- mpfgh.”

Ryan sat down on his boyfriend’s face, dropping his sack on Kevin’s mouth. Kevin slurped one of Ryan’s extralarge nuts into his mouth, moaning in pleasure.

Ryan closed his eyes, groaning in pleasure as Kevin munched on his testicle.

At the same time, Zach prepared to flood Kevin’s hole. “Oh my fucking god”, he exclaimed, aiming his dick at Kevin’s opening.

A second later, his cock erupted with a big, creamy spurt of cum that splattered all over Kevin’s ass, slowly running into his gaping hole. Jet after jet of Zach’s jizz found its way into Kevin’s asshole while Zach was panting and moaning.

“Yeah, fill him up”, Ryan moaned. He let go off Kevin’s left ankle for a moment to punch him hard in his exposed testicles, rattling the chastity cage and making Kevin let out a muffled scream and causing him to sink his teeth deep into Ryan’s balls which caused Ryan to grunt in pain and punch Kevin’s nuts again.

It was like a ballbusting circle chain reaction: A punch by Ryan caused a bite from Kevin. The bit from Kevin caused another punch from Ryan.

Meanwhile, Zach unloaded what seemed like a gallon of cum all over Kevin’s hole, making his ass look like a huge donut with a very special frosting.

When the spurts grew less fertile, Zach slipped his fat dick into Kevin’s hole and started fucking him hard for a minute, shoving his seed deep into Kevin’s body before pulling his cock out and looking at the sticky, gaping hole with a satisfied grin.

“What a mess”, Ryan chuckled, sticking his finger into Kevin’s used hole.

“Holy fuck”, Vince whispered.

Ryan turned his head, noticing Vince and Erik who were frantically jerking their dicks. He grinned. “Boys, wanna dump your loads, too?”

Vince’s eyes widened. “Really?”

Erik didn’t hesitate for a second, almost stumbling when he hurried to stand in front of Kevin’s ass.

“Do you want those loads in your ass, muffin?” Ryan asked, playfully squeezing Kevin’s trapped nuts with his cum-covered fingers.

Kevin let Ryan’s nut out of his mouth for a second to moan, “Knock me up, boys!” Then he sucked Ryan’s other testicle into his mouth, groaning in pleasure and sinking his teeth into its tender flesh.

Ryan yelped in pain before chuckling, “Easy, easy, don’t split it in half, muffin…” Then he turned to Vince and Erik. “You heard him. Knock him up…”

Vince and Erik stood in front of Kevin, their eyes fixed on his pulsing, spermy hole while they were jerking their rock-hard dicks.

Within seconds, their cocks started spurting simultaneously, coating Kevin’s ass in creamy cum. Their aim was pretty good and they managed to hit a bull’s eye and shoot a jet of cum directly into Kevin’s hole a couple of times. There were quite a few misses, though, and when Vince and Erik were done, Kevin’s ass was dripping with spunk.

All the while, Kevin was moaning in pleasure, happily chewing on Ryan’s large testicle.

Ryan’s dick was twitching and quivering as he watched his boyfriend’s hole get filled to the brim with cum.

“Holy fuck”, seemed to be the only thing Vince was capable of saying. He repeated it over and over again as his dick shot load after load of sperm onto Kevin’s ass.

Erik was less vocal, quietly dumping his load into Kevin with a huge smile on his face.

Erik’s orgasm outlasted Vince’s, which was quite surprising since Erik was a nut short of a full set, having lost one of his testicle in what could be called an unfortunate accident at work.

Finally, the spurts coming out of Erik’s cock grew smaller and smaller. He made sure to dump every last drop of it into Kevin’s ass, shaking his hard cock violently and slapping it on Kevin’s ass cheeks, making little drops of cum fly through the air.

“My turn, muffin”, Ryan grinned and pulled his nutsack out of Kevin’s mouth.

Kevin looked almost disappointed at the sudden emptiness in his mouth.

Ryan got up and lined his dick up with Kevin’s hole. He looked down at his lover with a gentle smile.

Kevin smiled back at him.

Ryan’s eyes wandered to the chastity cage. Kevin’s dick was pressing against its constraints, dying to get out. His balls were squashed to the sides, swollen and bruised.

“What me to take the cage off?” Ryan asked.

“Not yet”, Kevin moaned.

Ryan chuckled and slammed the palm of his hand onto Kevin’s trapped nuts while sinking his huge cock into his cum-filled hole balls-deep at the same time, making Kevin scream from the top of his lungs.

Ryan started fucking his boyfriend mercilessly. His massive, oversized dick filled his hole to capacity, causing the three loads of cum in Kevin’s ass to ooze out again.

With a deep, guttural moan, Ryan thrust his dick deep into his boyfriend and filled his guts with the contents of his balls.

Kevin threw his head back, groaning and panting.

Ryan’s balls visibly contracted as he pumped his load into Kevin, watching his face with a loving smile and breathing heavily.

Finally, he pulled out of Kevin’s hole. His dick was dripping wet, and Kevin immediately got on his knees, wrapping his lips around Ryan’s thick, cum-covered cock.

“I love you”, Ryan whispered, panting.

Kevin looked up. “Wove hou, hoo”, he  replied, his mouth filled with his lover’s cock.

Ryan burst out laughing. He pulled Kevin up and the two shared a sloppy, wet kiss.

“Now it’s your turn”, Ryan smiled and reached for the key to the chastity device. He unlocked Kevin’s cock cage and freed his big dick. It took a bit of effort to get his immensely swollen testicles through the ring, and Kevin squealed and groaned with every push and squeeze.

“They’re pretty squishy”, Ryan chuckled.

Kevin looked down at his crotch. His cock looked raw and sore, and his balls were severely bruised.

“Want me to suck you off?” Ryan suggested, licking his lips.

Kevin smiled at his lover. “I want him to kick the cum out of me.” He pointed at Zach whose spent dick immediately grew hard again.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Be our guest: Kevin and Ryan meet Zach (2)

Special thanks to our reader Kevin! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who is waiting for the extraordinary finale that I talked about yesterday!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details..

Ryan looked at Kevin and grinned. “I think we’re ready for round two.”

Kevin chuckled.

I gave Vince and Erik a sign to prepare the stage for the next game.

A few minutes later, they had built a platform that was high enough for a man to stand under it. There were two holes in it.

Ryan, Kevin and Zach watched them with growing interest, every one of them sporting massive erections.

Kevin’s and Zach’s faces showed signs of continuing pain and they kept fondling and massaging their bruised, swollen balls.
“The next game is called ‘Piñata’”, I explained with a grin, holding up a massive wooden baseball bat. “I guess that gives you a pretty good idea…” I handed Ryan the baseball bat.

Ryan grinned and weighed the heavy bat in his hand. “Nice. I bet it’s pretty easy to split a sac with that thing…”

Zach gulped.

Kevin’s dick twitched excitedly.

I smiled at them. “The two of you are going to get up onto the platform and lie down on it. I guess you know what’s going through the hole…”

“Our nutsacks”, Zach mumbled, grimacing.

“Bingo”, I grinned.

“We’re fucked”, Zach groaned.

“I guess that’s a pretty accurate observation”, I winked at him. “Ryan will take a couple of swings at your beanbags. The loser is the one to either pass out or pull his nuts out of the hole.”

“What if I manage to split a sack open?” Ryan asked cheekily, watching Zach and Kevin as he played with the baseball bat.

Kevin grinned. “I guess it’s pretty obvious that the poor guy is the loser…”

I chuckled and turned to Ryan. “What’s the punishment for the loser?

Ryan grinned. “The loser gets locked into a chastity device.”

Both Zach and Kevin looked down at their rock hard cocks, grimacing at the prospect of having their dicks locked away.

Ryan smiled. “Come on, get up on the platform and show me your seed bags...”

There was a ladder at one side of the platform, and Kevin eagerly climbed up, followed by a reluctant Zach.

Ryan practiced his swing, sending the baseball through the air with an audible whoosh.

“We’re ready”, Kevin announced cheerfully.

Ryan looked up and looked at the two huge, swollen ballsacks that were swinging happily through the hole. Ryan didn’t see the rest of the guys’ bodies, just their bulging, bloated fruit baskets.

“I can’t even tell which sack belongs to whom”, Ryan chuckled.

I grinned. “Great. That way we’re sure you don’t go easy on your boyfriend.”

Ryan laughed. “I never go easy on Kevin”, he chuckled. He looked up at the two swinging ballsacks and lined up the bat with the sack on the left. “Alright, here we go. Brace yourself.”

I could only imagine what it had to be like lying on that platform, unable to see whose poor, hapless jingle bells would be the first to receive a hit. From my position, it was a pretty funny sight, two big, bruised scrotums dangling from the ceiling, swinging freely, seemingly unattached to a human body.

Ryan looked at his target, concentrating hard. He grabbed the baseball bat with both of his hands. Then, with enormous force, he swung the bat, hitting the left nutsack dead on. It slammed against the underside of the platform, bouncing back and slamming against the hard surface on the other side, swinging wildly from side to side, accompanied by a truly horrifying, animalistic scream.

Ryan didn’t lose any time. He focused on the right ballsack and slammed it just as hard as he had the first. Another, similarly bloodcurdling scream filled the studio, sending shivers down my spine.

Ryan didn’t wait until the two sack stopped swinging. He turned to scrotum number one again, bashing it with the bat as if he wanted to hit those balls out of the park.

The room was filled with ear-curdling screams as Ryan went back and forth between the two ballbags, making sure to hit them with as much force as possible, whacking those two spunk spermbags mercilessly and causing their invisible owners to scream and wail from the top of their lungs.

After half a dozen hits on both ballbags, Ryan looked at me and quipped, “I’ve never hit a piñata before. This is fun!”

Then he returned to the task at hand, slamming the heavy wooden bat into the two dangling ballsacks as hard as he could.

Finally, with a gruesome, ear-piercing shriek, the right ballsack was pulled up.

“We have a winner”, I announced.

Ryan looked almost disappointed.

Before the left sack of spuds had a chance to disappear, Ryan slammed the baseball bat into it one final time, eliciting a high-pitched wail that sent a shiver down my spine and put a satisfied smile on Ryan’s face.

“That was awesome”, Ryan grinned while we were waiting for the two contestants to climb down from the platform.

We heard them moan and groan for a couple of minutes, until the first pair of legs appeared.

Gingerly, Zach climbed down the steps, barely able to keep his balance. He looked horrible, his large nuts had swollen considerably, and there were bruises all over the skin of his scrotum. His face was a mask of pain and his eyes were reddened and glassy. His muscular body was covered in sweat and his blond hair was soaking wet.

“That last hit was totally unnecessary”, Zach grunted hoarsely, doubling over and clutching his gonads.

Ryan chuckled. “Does that mean that Kevin lost?”

Zach nodded, nursing his battered balls.

“Hey, muffin”, Ryan shouted. “Get your ass down here! We’re going to lock up your cock!”

We heard an anguished groan that from above that made the rest of us laugh out loud.

A moment later, Kevin came down from the platform, looking just as terrible as Zach. His handsome face was beet red and contorted in agony, and his nuts were horribly swollen and bloated.

Unbelievably both Zach’s and Kevin’s dicks had stayed rock-hard the entire time.

Ryan smiled at Kevin. “You lost.”

“I know”, Kevin grinned weakly. He looked at his boyfriend and chuckled. “You were having the time of your life, huh?”

“Oh yeah”, Ryan smiled. “It was great! I really tried to split your sacks… I kept imagining those two fat ballbags splitting open and your nuts dropping into the ground.”

Kevin laughed. “You’d loved that!”

“Oh yeah”, Ryan chuckled. “I would have stomped on your balls until they were nothing but two puddles of goo sticking to the soles of my feet…”

Kevin let out a soft moan. His dick twitched and a thin thread of precum oozed out of its tip and made its way to the ground.

Ryan grinned. “You’re enjoying yourself, huh?”

“You bet”, Kevin replied with a grin.

“Well, I’m afraid you’ll have to lose your boner”, Ryan smiled and held up a stainless steel chastity device. It was a simple mechanism, consisting of a large ring, a banana shaped cage for the dick made of several braces, a couple of bolts and a little padlock.

Kevin grimaced. “Fuck.”

Ryan laughed. “Come on, lose that boner or I’ll have to make you look at some pretty disgusting pictures on the internet...”

Apparently Kevin knew what his fiancé was talking about, because his huge erection rapidly deflated. It was like watching a beautiful flower fade in quick motion, making Ryan quip, “Yeah, that’s the pictures I’m talking about…”

Ryan obviously knew how to handle the device and he managed to lock his boyfriend’s cock in it with astonishing ease. The trickiest part seemed to be getting Kevin’s swollen and bruised testicles through the ring, which took a lot of squeezing, pushing and pulling on Ryan’s part, and a lot of anguished screaming on Kevin’s. Then Ryan brutally bent Kevin’s semi-hard cock, attached the banana piece, and applied the bolt and the padlock.

“Alright, locked and loaded”, Ryan said cheerfully, rubbing his hands. “It’s time for round three.”

Kevin looked down at his trapped dick with a curious mix of fascination, lust and frustration.

“The next game”, I said, “is called ‘Peanut butter’.”

Zach groaned at the name.

I noticed that Kevin’s bent dick twitched excitedly, pressing against the chastity device, trying in vain to get hard. He let out a soft moan.

“We decided to keep it simple”, I explained. “It’s basically a nut squeezing contest. You grab each others’ jewels and squeeze until someone gives up.”

Kevin looked very excited at the prospect of getting to lay hands on Zach’s goods while Zach was rubbing his face with a glum sigh.

I turned to Ryan. “So what’s in it for the loser?”

Ryan had huge smile on his face. “The loser”, he said gravely, “will get fucked by the winner and me.”

Zach looked at him, a horrified expression on his face. “You mean…”

“Yeah, exactly”, Ryan chuckled, jerking his hard cock. “It’s gonna be one hell of a spitroasting spectacle…”

“No”, Zach said firmly.

Ryan looked at Zach’s crotch and pointed at his rock hard dick that was dripping with precum. “I think you cock says yes…”

Zach stared at him. “I’m not gay.”

Ryan chuckled. “I know. And you don’t have to be.”

“I’m not going to get fucked in the ass! And I’m not going to suck cock!” Zach insisted.

“If you lose you will get the fuck of your lifetime”, Ryan grinned. “I guess you’ll have to make sure that you win, then…”

Zach opened his mouth to say something. Then he closed it again.

Kevin cleared his throat, pointing at his trapped penis. “If I win – how am I gonna be able to fuck him?”

Ryan smiled. “Well, in that case we’ll slap the device on Zach.”

Zach’s eyes widened. “No fucking way!”

Ryan raised his eyebrows. “As I said, you better make sure that you win…”

Zach and Kevin looked at each other.

Zach bit his lower lip. His hard dick was swaying from side to side with his abused, fat gonads dangling vulnerably below.

Kevin’s swollen nuts weren’t dangling. They were held in place by the chastity device, and the way they were squeezed against the steel cage certainly didn’t look very comfortable…

“Ready”, Ryan said with a grin.

Zach gritted his teeth. He looked like he was absolutely determined not to lose this round.

Kevin winked at his opponent.

“Set”, Ryan said.

Kevin wrapped his hands around the two big, bulging orbs that were swinging between Zach’s thighs.

Due to the chastity cage Kevin’s balls were separated from each other, so Zach grabbed one of Kevin’s huge, swollen plums in each of his hands.

“Go!” Ryan shouted.

Immediately, the two studs started squeezing.

Kevin sank his thumbs into the soft flesh of Zach’s tenderized testicles, making him scream in pain.

Zach squished the two separate testicles as hard as he could, eliciting a high-pitched wail from Kevin’s lips.

The two guys kneaded and squeezed each others’ juicy, swollen gonads as if they were trying to pop the pits out of a pair of stubborn peaches. Their fingers dug into the tender flesh of their testicles, eliciting shrieks and screams, groans and wails.

“Squeeze those suckers, muffin!” Ryan cheered his boyfriend on, making Zach let out a frustrated, anguished grunt.

Kevin interlaced his fingers behind Zach’s nuts and flattened his fat nuggets between the palms of his hands, causing Zach to yodel in agony.

“Use the cage, Zach!” Ryan shouted. “Squash his nuts into the cage!”

Zach’s eyes lit up. He yanked at Kevin’s battered balls and pressed them against the stainless steel braces of the dick cage.

“That’s it!” Ryan shouted. “Now crush them flat!”

Kevin let out a shrill, tortured squeal as the relentless steel braces dug into his meaty nuts. Zach clenched his teeth, grunting and groaning as he squeezed Kevin’s tortured testicles while his own nuts were being mercilessly squashed.

Desperately, Kevin twisted Zach’s nutsack 360 degress, making Zach’s eyes bulge as he screamed in agony.

“Yeah! Nice!” Ryan shouted. “Twist them again! Rip them right off his body!”

My assistant Erik quipped, “He’s rooting for both of them. That’s what I call fairness!”

“May the best man win”, Ryan laughed.

Kevin continued twisting Zach’s nuts, eliciting shrill squeaks from his mouth that reminded me of two cats fighting.

I was sure that Zach would give up of pass out any second – but apparently the prospect of getting fucked by two muscular studs brought out the beast in him. Summoning all his strength and roaring like a wounded buffalo, Zach managed to concentrate on Kevin’s nuts, brutally pressing them against the chastity cage so that the steel braces dug deep into the tender nut meat.

Kevin’s eyes started fluttering and he loosened the grip on Zach’s nuts.

Zach roared again, compressing Kevin’s poor bloated balls with all the force he could muster.

Kevin’s eyes were open wide and he let out a miserable, wheezing groan. His hands went limp and let go of Zach’s balls.

Zach’s humungous sack pivoted around its axis, looking quite funny and causing great amusement. Ryan, Vince, Erik and me burst out laughing.

Kevin’s eyes had turned and lost focus, and he looked like he was about to faint.

Apparently, Zach wasn’t sure whether Kevin had officially given up, barking “Give up! Give up!” while continuing to knead and squeeze Kevin’s poor, mangled nuts.

Finally, Kevin sank to the ground, screaming in pain. At first, Zach didn’t let go, causing him to hang by his own aching testicles for a brief moment. Then Zach understood and raised his hands, screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

His dick was rock hard, leaking precum like a broken faucet. Below it, his nuts were black and blue, covered in bruises and incredibly swollen.

“Fuck yeah!” Zach screamed, shaking his fists. “Now you’ll get your ass fucked!”

Kevin was lying on the ground, curled up in a ball, clutching his crotch and grimacing in pain.

“He’s right, muffin”, Ryan grinned, kneeling down next to his boyfriend. “Now you’ll get your ass fucked.”

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be our guest: Kevin and Ryan meet Zach (1)

Special thanks to our reader Kevin! We exchanged a lot of e-mails and came up with a pretty extraordinary plot together (especially the finale is a bit different from my usual stories…) The story turned out to be quite long so I’ve decided to split it up into four parts that will be published one day at a time. If you (yes, I mean you, the one who hasn’t read this paragraph because he always skips the fine print!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details..

“You don’t really look like fags”, Zach said slowly. The handsome 20 year old hunk scratched his blond head of hair.

Kevin chuckled. The muscular stud had been Zach’s fans for years, and he had jumped at the chance to meet him. Behind Kevin, his fiancé Ryan was leaning against the wall.

Kevin was 22 years old, a handsome guy with buzzed-short brown hair and a killer smile. Ryan was two years older than Kevin. He was very masculine, with an impressive body and short blond hair. Just like Zach, they were shirtless, wearing blue jeans.

Kevin smiled at Zach. “And you don’t look like a guy who’s about to get kicked in the nuts.”

Zach raised his eyebrows and opened his mouth to say something – but before he could, Ryan kicked his nuts hard from behind with a loud, dull thud. Ryan’s boot slammed into the soft mound between Zach’s thighs and visibly flattened it.

Zach let out a cough and doubled over, clutching his nuts.

Ryan and Kevin laughed.

“Fuck, my nuts”, Zach moaned, rubbing his crotch with both of his hands.

“Well done, man”, Kevin laughed and out his hands on Ryan’s shoulder and planted a sloppy kiss on Ryan’s lips.

Ryan’s hand ran down Kevin’s muscular abs until it found the big, soft bulge in his crotch.

Kevin moaned into Ryan’s mouth.

Suddenly, Ryan squeezed his boyfriend’s balls hard, making Kevin’s eyes widen as he let out an anguished yelp.

Without breaking the kiss, Kevin reached for Ryan’s groin and retaliated with a hard squeeze of his own, making Ryan chuckle.

“God, I love your balls of steel”, Kevin moaned.

“And I love your weak, soft plums”, Ryan replied, twisting his hand and making Kevin whimper in pain.

“Sorry to interrupt you lovebirds”, Zach said.

Ryan and Kevin broke the kiss and turned towards Zach.

Without hesitation, Zach dropped to his knees and punched both of them in the nuts with his fist, eliciting an anguished yelp from Kevin and a deep, guttural grunt from Ryan.

Both of them doubled over, clutching their crotches.

“Try making out with that”, Zach mumbled, rubbing his hands.

Despite their pain, Kevin and Ryan chuckled.

I cleared my throat. “We have prepared a little competition for you”, I said, smiling. I looked at my 19 year old assistant Erik and our 20 year old prep guy Vince who smiled politely.

“Kevin and Zach”, I smiled, “you’ll be competing against each other.”

Kevin grinned at Zach. “Awesome.”

“It’s going to be three rounds”, I continued, “and for each round you, Ryan, will determine the punishment for the loser.”

Ryan chuckled. “Nice.”

I nodded at Vince and Erik who carried a table into the room. It was veiled by a black sheet of cloth.

Ryan, Kevin and Zach looked at it expectantly.

Vince and Erik grabbed the corners of the cloth and pulled it away, revealing two jaw vises that were placed on the opposing sides of the table.

“Uh-oh”, Ryan chuckled. “I think I know where this is going.” He playfully slapped his boyfriend’s balls, making him gasp before laughing out loud.

Both Ryan and Kevin had huge erections that were plainly visible in their tight jeans. In fact, their boners were so hard that I could make out the shape of their mushroom heads.

Kevin licked his lips and ran his finger along the shaft of his hard dick. “This is going to be fun”, he grinned and eagerly started unbuttoning his jeans.

“You’re looking forward to getting your nuts crushed, huh?” Ryan grinned.

“I always like a nice, hot competition”, Kevin replied with a wink and took off his jeans.

Zach sighed and followed his example, albeit with considerably less enthusiasm.

A couple of moments later, the two studs were stark naked.

Even in its limp state, Zach’s equipment was more than impressive. His huge dong was the stuff of legend, a mighty tool with a pair of massive, low-hanging nuts to match.

Whereas had seen Zach’s extraordinary plumbing many times before, the size of Kevin’s equipment took me by surprise. I had expected a big piece of meat – but I hadn’t been prepared for what Kevin showed us now. Kevin’s rock-hard cock was almost exactly the same size as Zach’s when he was fully hard. Kevin smiled proudly, looking down at his huge dick and the hefty pair of low-hangers that dangled below.

Ryan seemed to have noticed me staring at Kevin’s dick. “You like my boyfriend’s dick?” he grinned cockily.

I blushed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, I---“

“Don’t worry, it’s a beautiful sight, isn’t it?” Ryan interrupted me, grinning. “But wait till you see this…” He casually dropped his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and his dick bounced up and slapped against his abs.

I gasped.

Ryan’s rock hard cock was swinging majestically from side to side. And what a cock it was: A big, fat, beautiful dong, bigger, fatter and more beautiful than I had ever seen. Below it dangled a huge pair of balls that would have made a breeding stallion proud.

The expression on my face must have been quite funny because Ryan and Kevin burst out laughing.

I felt my face turn red.

“Okay”, I mumbled quickly, turning to our prep guy Vince. “Round one, let’s go.”

Vince smiled. “Put your balls in here, please.” He pointed at the two vises.

Zach and Kevin stood in front of their respective vise, slipping their balls in between the jaws.

“Here we go”, Vince said cheerfully, closing the jaws by turning the handle until they touched the hapless guys’ fat testicles.

“The game is called ‘Pancakes’. It’s pretty simple. Ryan will turn the handles, and the loser is the first one to give up.” I turned to Ryan, trying hard not to stare at his monster cock. “Have you thought of a punishment for round 1?”

“I have”, Ryan grinned. “The loser will get kicked in the nuts hard three times in a row. I’m going to put on my steel-toed boots for that…”

Zach and Kevin looked at each other.

Zach gulped.

Kevin chuckled.

Ryan stood between them, his hard dick hovering above the table. He looked at Kevin. “Good luck, muffin”, he grinned. “I sure hope your nuts are tough enough…”

Kevin winked at him. “Well, why don’t you try and turn them into mush?”

Ryan let out a laugh. “I’ll do my very best…” He turned to Zach. “Good luck to you, too.”

Zach swallowed. “Thanks”, he mumbled.

Ryan smiled. “Let’s flatten those suckers”, he said cheerfully and turned the two handles simultaneously, causing the relentless metal jaws to come closer together, slowly squishing Zach’s and Kevin’s huge nuts.

Zach bit his lower lip and inhaled sharply.

Kevin let out a groan.

Ryan made sure to tighten the jaws slowly but continuously, causing the two massive pairs of testicles to gradually transform from fat, round orbs into oval lumps of meat.

Zach’s and Kevin’s moans and groans grew louder and louder as their nuts were viciously squashed by the unrelenting jaws of the vises.

Ryan seemed to have a great time abusing those two pairs of monster nuts, grinning like a Cheshire Cat while his cock was rock hard and leaking precum that dropped onto the table.

Kevin let out a scream, clenching his eyes shut as his nuts were brutally compressed by the vise. His knuckles whitened as he clawed his fingers into the table.

Zach was screaming, too, throwing his head back, the veins on his neck standing out.

 “Wow”, Ryan chuckled. He nodded at Zach’s dick that had grown harder and harder, gradually rising until its head bumped into the tip of Kevin’s raging erection from underneath. “I guess you like this, too, huh?”

Zach and Kevin were too occupied with the pain emanating from their testicles. They were screaming and squealing in pain.

Ryan laughed at the sight of the two huge, fat dicks touching each other. It looked as if they had a life of their own, fighting against each other and smearing each other with precum.

At the same time, their balls were in a fight of their own, an unwinnable battle between soft, tender flesh and hard, unyielding metal.

Zach and Kevin were groaning and panting, letting out screams of anguish and gritting their teeth, trying to endure the vicious torture of their most prized possessions.

If nobody gave up, it was only a matter of time before the jaws closed completely, cracking the shell of those tasty nuts and reducing those big, beautiful meatballs to nothing more than goo and grease.

“Ooooh”, Ryan grinned, “I feel it, at least one pair of nuts is about to pop…” He looked at his boyfriend and chuckled, “You know, if your balls go, there won’t be any more discussion about who’s top and who’s bottom.” He continued slowly turning the handles, watching the four testicles go flatter and flatter with every second.

Both Zach and Kevin seemed to sense that their nuts couldn’t take much more of this. Yet neither of them seemed to be willing to give up.

Suddenly, when the diameter of their nuts had been reduced to about a third of their original size, Zach shrieked in a girlish voice. “Fuuuck! I give!”

Ryan looked almost disappointed. He stopped turning the handles and took his time loosening the vise on Zach’s nuts while keeping his boyfriend locked in the vise for the time being.

Screaming and wailing, Zach tugged at his scrotum as the jaws withdrew and slowly allowed his testicles to assume their natural shape. Finally, he managed to yank his nutsack loose, stumbling backwards and landing on his ass, screaming from the top of his lungs.

It was a pretty hilarious sight. Ryan burst out laughing, along with Vince, Erik and me.

Apparently the constant pressure on Kevin’s nuts had a certain negative impact on his sense of humor. He was the only one not laughing, apart from Zach of course. Instead he was screaming and wailing, desperately begging his boyfriend to free his trapped, compressed nuts.

Ryan didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He grinned at his boyfriend and grabbed the handle. “Want me to loosen the vise?”

“Yes, please!” Kevin squealed, his face contorted in pain.

Ryan looked at him for a moment. “You look so hot when your balls are in pain”, he said, slowly jerking his rock hard dick.

“Please, babe!” Kevin wailed.

Ryan sighed and quickly turned the handle.

Kevin let out an ear-piercing shriek.

“Oops, wrong direction”, Ryan grinned, letting go of the handle. “Sorry, muffin.”

“Ryan!” Kevin shrieked.

Ryan chuckled and slowly turned the handle in the right direction, releasing the pressure on Kevin’s nuts.

Kevin looked down at his throbbing testicles, his face glistening with sweat, tears streaming down his face. His huge cock had stayed rock hard the whole time.

Finally, when his nuts were free, Kevin gently lifted them out of the vise, cupping them with both of his hands and sinking to his knees, sobbing and moaning.

Ryan spat in his hand and jerked his enormous cock. He bent over and kissed Kevin on his muscular shoulder. “Fuck, that was so hot”, he whispered into Kevin’s ear. “I thought your balls were gone for good.”

Despite the pain in his nuts, Kevin managed to let out a laugh. “You would have loved that, huh?”

“Oh yeah”, Ryan grinned and playfully bit Kevin’s earlobe.

Kevin chuckled. “Well, tell you what, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have taken much more for them to pop...” He turned to his boyfriend and showed him his big testicles. They had swollen quite a bit, and they looked slightly red and bruised.

Ryan extended one of his hands to help Kevin up while jerking his fat dick with the other. “Come on, get up and let me have a look at them.”

Kevin grimaced and pulled himself up with Ryan’s help.

He grabbed the neck of his sack, pushing his huge, swollen nuts to the bottom and held them out for his boyfriend to see. “I bet they both have a couple of cracks in the shell”, Kevin mused.

Ryan looked at Kevin’s balls and grinned. “Well, here’s another one”, he announced before pounding Kevin’s exposed balls with his huge, heavy cock. A loud splat echoed through the studio as the meaty head of Ryan’s dick made contact with Kevin’s bruised gonads, sending tiny drips of precum flying through the air.

Kevin let out a blood-curdling scream and collapsed on the ground, instantly curling up in a little ball.

Ryan watched him, grinning and stroking his fat dick. Then he turned to Zach who had managed to get back on his feet, clutching his hefty plums and grimacing in pain.

“Ready for your punishment, loser?” Ryan asked with a gentle smile.

Zach let out a bitter laugh.

Ryan chuckled. “Do your balls look as bad as Kevin’s?”

Zach pulled his hands away from his nuts, exposing his big, throbbing erection and his swollen, bruised testicles.

Ryan grimaced. “Oooh, they do…” He took a step towards Zach, causing him to cup his balls, a frightened expression on his face.

“Spread your legs, man”, Ryan said. “You’re going to get the best kicks of your life!” He slipped into his boots and tightened his laces.

Ryan looked like a character from a porn comic book, a muscular, handsome blond stud, bare-naked, wearing nothing but a pair of heavy, steel-toed boots, standing tall, his huge erection dripping with precum.

Zach stared at Ryan’s shoes, grimacing in anticipation.

“Hands behind your back”, Ryan said. “On the count of three.”

Zach closed his eyes, bracing himself for the impact.

“Three”, Ryan grinned and powered a nut-crunching kick between Zach’s thighs. The tip of his boot connected with the two fat danglers, brutally flattening them and ramming them into Zach’s body.

Zach let out a high-pitched wail and doubled over in pain.

Ryan leisurely jerked his massive dick, watching Zach clutch his huge, aching nuts.

“Come on, don’t be a pussy”, he grinned. “There are two more kicks coming. Do you want me to go for a rupture?”

Zach’s eyes opened wide. “Umm, no, please don’t”, he said quickly. “I’m quite fond of my balls and I’d like to keep them…” He was standing with his legs spread wide apart, his bruised testicles dangling invitingly between his thighs. But it was obvious that he was having trouble staying in position. His abs were contracting and his knees were shaking as waves of testicle pain radiated from his nuts.

Ryan grinned. He turned to his fiancé. “What do you think, muffin, should I go for a rupture?”

Kevin looked up, grimacing in pain, clutching his battered balls. He managed a weak grin. “Not yet”, he said in a strained voice. “I’d like to finish the competition…”

Ryan let out a laugh. “Oh, right. You need your nuts for the next round…”

Zach grimaced.

With a wink, Ryan brought his leg back and sent it crashing into Zach’s ample genitalia, crunching his nuts hard with the instep of his foot and making Zach scream from the top of his lungs.

“God, you’re an awesome kicker”, Kevin chuckled, rubbing his own nuts. “His grandkids are going to feel that…”

Ryan smiled at his boyfriend and shrugged. “I’ve had a lot of practice, right?”

Kevin laughed and blew him a kiss.

Ryan tapped his foot, watching Zach who struggled to remain standing, his hands on his knees, grimacing in pain.

Apparently Zach was too slow for Ryan’s liking, so he casually walked behind Zach, focused on his targets that were dangling below Zach’s butt, drew his leg back, and delivered a nut-crunching kick to Zach’s unprepared testicles.

The muscular blond frat guy was lifted off his feet, stumbling forward, screaming from the top of his lungs as the pain exploded in his crown jewels. He crashed to the ground, clutching his smashed nuts and wiling in pain.

Ryan looked at Kevin and grinned. “I think we’re ready for round two.”

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Poll results: Favorite character(s)

Two months ago we asked you to vote for your favorite character(s). The polls are closed and the results are in. More than 300 people voted in the poll - thank you very much for telling us your opinion!

And here are the results:

Zach, "Big Balls" - 43%
Logan, "the high school wrestler" - 31%
David, "the dancer" - 30%
Michael & Will, the twins - 22%
Kev, "the jock" - 18%
Ben, Kev's dorm buddy - 18%
Danny, "the actor" - 9%
Leo, "the skater" - 6%
Simon, "the geek"  - 6%
Cal, "the swimmer" - 5%
celebrity guests - 12%
other - 7%

I guess the top three positions are no surprise - Zach has been a favorite from the moment he appeared on the blog in the Ballbusting Olympics stories. And Logan has made his way through the Auditions, defeating lots of other contenders to become a regular on the site... David is pretty unique with his mean, aggressive attitude.

I'm a bit surprised that Leo, the skater, has been ranking so low. A couple of years ago, when I first asked you the same question he got 22% - now he has dropped to 6%. Is there any reason why you've fallen out of love with him?

Anyway - thank you very much for voting!

Oh, by the way: I've submitted my blog to If you have a minute to spare it would be great if you followed this link and gave me your vote. Thank you!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Diagnosis Softballs: The path to recovery

Thanks to an anonymous reader who came up with the idea for this story!
“It’s so embarrassing”, Erik chuckled as I walked into the studio. My 19 year old assistant was surrounded by some of our models, and he seemed to be enjoying the attention.

He had been modestly famous in Europe, and he had lost the opportunity to become a European TV star by a hair’s breadth. That wasn’t the only thing he had lost: His ambition had cost him a testicle, too. He took his shortcomings with pride, though, and jokingly referred to himself as the “The one and only”.

His job at our studio was far less glamorous and prestigious than what he had done in Europe, and he seemed to crave the recognition of the guys who stood in front of the camera.

“I mean, Chad of all people”, Erik grinned.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, smiling.

Six heads turned in my direction: our technician and prep guy Vince, lanky skater boy Sammy, the twins Michael and Will, geeky Simon and jock Kev. All of them had amused expressions on their faces.

Erik grinned at met. “Good morning, Alex”, he said.

“Good morning”, I said.

“Guess who has acute symptoms of floppy dick syndrome?” Erik grinned.

I raised my eyebrows. “Chad?” I said.

“That’s the one”, Erik chuckled. “He told me last night. We went out and he got a bit drunk.” Erik laughed. “Little Chad has been on strike for months. Our handsome gigolo hasn’t danced the horizontal tango for a long time.”

The group burst out laughing.

“No hiding the pipe of peace inside the saloon for our lonesome cowboy”, Eric continued, drawing another round of laughter. “The best thing is that he’s worried about shrinkage!”

“What?!” Kev laughed.

“Yeah”, Erik grinned. “He thinks that Little Chad has shrunken.”

“Erik”, I said sternly. “Can I speak to you for a minute?”

Erik grinned. “Sure.”

We walked into the kitchen while the rest of the guys continued making jokes about Chad.

“Do you think it’s appropriate to discuss this with the rest of the guys?” I said after I had closed the door.

Erik shrugged. “We didn’t discuss it. I told them and we had a laugh.”

I looked at him. “Chad told you about this in confidence. I don’t think he wanted you to tell other people.”

Erik grinned. “Of course he didn’t. So what?”

I opened my mouth to say something but I was interrupted by riotous laughter from the studio.

Erik rubbed his hands. “I think he’s here”, he chuckled and walked out of the kitchen.

I sighed. Poor Chad. Sure, my cameraman tended to be grumpy. But he didn’t deserve this. Sure, he was moody. And he rubbed my face in his amorous adventures. And he took his job a little too lightly. And he had crunched my nuts a couple of times.

Come to think of it, maybe he did deserve a bit of mockery…

I walked into the studio. Chad had taken off his jacket. The handsome 30 year old was wearing grubby jeans and a flannel shirt. With his tousled brown hair and his three day stubble he looked pretty hot, and I couldn’t help but stare at his crotch in search of a sign for his sexual dysfunction. His jeans were bulging with his manhood.

“How are you?” Erik grinned as the rest of the guys watched Chad with amusement.

“Fine”, Chad grumbled.

“Not hung over?” Erik said. “I mean, it was late last night. Everything’s hanging alright?”

Some of the guys chuckled.

Chad shrugged and turned to his camera, fumbling with the lens.

“Let me rephrase that”, Erik said cheerfully. “You’re not feeling limp today?”

Kev burst out laughing. The 20 year old jock ran his hand through his brown hair.

Chad froze. “What the fuck?!”

“You’re not feeling a bit, well, small?” Erik continued, beaming with joy. “Small and limp, maybe?”

The group laughed.

Chad turned to Erik. His face was beet red with anger and embarrassment. “You told them, you little fucking shit”, he said in a toneless voice.

“Sure”, Erik grinned. “Little Chad’s problem is our problem, right, guys?”

“Sure”, Kev chuckled. “I’m sure we can help you.”

“Yeah”, Sammy chimed in. “I’m a nurse, remember.” The lanky 18 year old redhead smiled.

Chad stared at Erik. “You fucking one-nutted bastard”, he grunted. “I’m going to rip off your nut and stuff it down your throat!”

He lunged at Erik who let out a frightened yell and hid behind Kev who was taller and significantly more muscular than him.

“Come on”, Kev smiled as he grabbed Chad by the shoulders, preventing him from doing any damage to Erik’s remaining testicle. “We can help you.”

“The fuck you can”, Chad barked. “All the nutkicking is what has ruined my dick in the first place!” He turned and pointed his finger at me. “This is all your fault! Before I started this job I worked on legitimate movies!”

I raised my eyebrows. “You filmed porn, Chad.”

“Hell yeah! With beautiful girls. And sometimes I got to take someone home after work!”

Simon licked his lips. The 23 year old geek adjusted his glasses and grinned. “You could do that here, too…”

Chad frowned at him. “Fuck you! My nuts have been kicked and punched and bitten and squeezed for years! No wonder that Little Chad stopped working!”

The guys burst out laughing.

“You really call him Little Chad?!” Simon giggled.

“Oh, fuck you!” Chad grumbled.

“Come on, let’s have a look”, Sammy suggested. “I’m sure I can help you.”

“Fuck you!” Chad repeated.

Kev grinned and clicked his tongue. “Don’t be rude, Chad. We just want to help you.” He wrapped his arms around Chad’s upper body from behind.

Chad struggled. “Fuck---“

He was interrupted by a mean kick to his nuts courtesy of Sammy. Sammy’s foot slammed into Chad’s crotch, flattening the big, soft bulge in his jeans and making Chad let out an anguished groan.

Kev grimaced and made sure that Chad didn’t double over. “That wasn’t nice”, he chuckled. “You hurt Little Chad.”

“I’m gonna help Little Chad”, Sammy said cheerfully and started unbuttoning Chad’s jeans.

22 year old Michael looked at his twin brother Will. It was obvious that he was uncomfortable with the situation.

“This is going too far”, Michael said in a low voice.

His brother turned to him and grinned. “You don’t wanna see Little Chad, Mikey?”

Michael blushed. “Don’t call me Mikey”, he mumbled.

Sammy pulled down Chad’s jeans and his boxers in one swift motion, exposing Chad’s genitalia.

“Ewwww”, Sammy grimaced when he saw Chad’s dick and balls.

I cleared my throat. “Little Chad does look smaller than I remember”, I said.

Sammy nodded. “Yeah, I think so, too.”

Chad looked down at his genitals and whimpered miserably.

Sammy grabbed Chad’s limp cock by the head and yanked it around, examining it closely. “Yup, I think a couple of inches are missing”, he said gravely. “This is, well, it’s laughable, really.” Sammy sighed and let go of Chad’s dick. “A pathetic flaccid stump.”

“What about his balls?” Simon said slowly. “They don’t look good…”

We shifted our attention from Chad’s pathetic dick to his nuts. The two tender nuggets were visibly swollen, filling out the entire sac. In fact it looked like the room inside Chad’s scrotum was too small for his bloated testicles.

“Hmm”, Sammy said and wrapped his fingers around Chad’s nuts. He gave them a little squeeze, causing Chad to whimper in pain. “When’s the last time you shot your load?”

Chad mumbled something unintelligible.

“What was that?” Sammy asked.

“A couple of months ago ”, Chad muttered.

“A couple of months ago?!” Sammy gasped. “You mean you haven’t cum in a couple of months?!”

Chad glared at him. “How am I supposed to fucking cum if my fucking cock doesn’t work?!” he barked.

Sammy nodded. “Well, you got a point there…” He squeezed Chad’s nuts, making him moan softly. “They feel squishy”, Sammy said slowly. He squeezed harder.

Chad yelped in pain.

“Squishy and soft”, Sammy continued. “Sure, all the sperm is backed up. It has nowhere to go.”

“Let go of my fucking nuts, genius”, Chad grunted.

Sammy looked him in the eye, his hand clasping Chad’s swollen balls. “Listen, Mister”, he said in a low voice, increasing the pressure.

Pearls of sweat appeared on Chad’s forehead as he gritted his teeth, groaning in pain.

“Don’t use that tone on me, okay?” Sammy said grimly, twisting Chad’s nuts and pulling them away from his body.

Chad let out an anguished roar.

“Now shut up and we’ll think about how we can help you”, Sammy said with a final twist of his hand before letting go of Chad’s tormented nuts.

Kev let go of Chad’s body, allowing him to double over, covering his crotch.

“You need help, right?” Sammy said.

Chad nodded, whimpering in pain, clutching his crotch. “I need to go to the fucking bathroom”, he mumbled, sounding like a little child with Tourette Syndrome.

“Well, off you go”, Sammy said, rolling his eyes.

Chad wobbled away, covering his crotch.

Sammy turned to the rest of the guys. “What are we going to do?”

Michael looked at him, raising his eyebrows. “Well, there’s not much that we can do, right? I mean, he needs professional help.”

Sammy scoffed. “Professional help? What good will that do him? I’m pretty sure it’s nothing physical. It’s psychosomatic.”

Michael shrugged. “So he needs to see a shrink.”

Sammy smiled weakly. “He’ll pay thousands of dollars for weeks of questionable treatment. I don’t think he’ll ever be the same anyway. Have you looked at his pathetic stump of a cock?” Sammy chuckled.

“So what do you suggest?” Michael asked.

“Well”, Sammy smiled. “why don’t we treat him?”

I cleared my throat. “I don’t know, Sammy, this is going a bit far, don’t you think?”

Sammy looked at me. “Chad’s an asshole, right?”

I shifted uncomfortably. “He’s alright. He’s just---”

“He’s an asshole”, Erik interrupted me.

“I think we can all agree on that”, Sammy said with a grin.

I opened my mouth to say something when Chad came back from the bathroom, cupping his naked manhood with both of his hands.

“We’ve come up with a way to help you”, Sammy smiled. “You have a serious case of Softballs.”

Chad eyed him with a suspicious expression on his face. “What the fuck?!”

“Textbook case”, Sammy said, nodding gravely. “At this stage it’s treatable. But wait another week or two…” Sammy made a gesture that invoked the explosion of Chad’s junk. “Poof. Goodbye, Little Chad and the fat twins.”

Chad winced.

“And you can change your name to Charlene”, Sammy mused.

The rest of the guys laughed.

Chad’s face was pale. “No”, he whispered.

“We can help you”, Sammy said. “I’ve treated a lot of Softball patients.”

“Okay”, Chad said in a toneless voice.

“It’s not going to be easy”, Sammy said, putting his hand on Chad’s shoulder, “But I’m pretty sure that we can cure you.” He glanced down at Chad’s crotch, slapped Chad’s hands so that he let go of his genitalia, and grabbed Chad’s junk in a firm grip. “You’ll be fucking again soon, buddy.”

Chad groaned.

“If”, Sammy added, twisting his hand and making Chad’s eyes widen, “you do exactly as we say.”

Chad let out a whimper. “But---“

“You have to trust us”, Sammy said slowly. “Charlene.”

Chad shuddered. “Okay.”

 “Good”, Sammy smiled. He playfully patted Chad’s nuts, causing him to yelp in pain.

“Fuck!” Chad yelled.

Sammy scoffed. “Be a man, goddamnit! Show some balls while you still have them!”

Chad gritted his teeth. “Fuck, it hurts!” he hissed.

“You won’t get anywhere with that attitude”, Sammy scolded him. “And all that swearing doesn’t help, either.” He smiled. “Let’s catch two birds with one stone”, he said. “This is the first step in your therapy: Every time you swear you punch yourself in the testies.”

 Chad stared at him. “Are you fucking insane?”

Sammy smiled and wiggled his finger in the air. “A-a-ah, there’s the first punch.”

Chad’s jaw dropped.

“Punch your nuts, man”, Sammy encouraged him.

Chad looked down at his exposed, swollen balls. “You mean…”

“Punch them”, Sammy said cheerfully. “You want them to get better, right?”

Chad blinked. He tentatively cupped his plump nuggets with his left hand, lifted them up a bit, balled his right fist and lightly bumped it against his waiting gonads, grimacing in pain.

Sammy chuckled. “Chad, if you want this to work you’ll have to punch a lot harder.”

Chad stared at him.

“Or do you want us to do it?” Sammy suggested, stepping closer and cheerfully balling both of his fists.

“Nononono”, Chad said quickly and punched his balls again. This time, he grund his knuckles into the soft, meaty orbs hard, resulting in a resounding SPLAT and a high-pitched wail.

Sammy grinned. “That’s it.”

“You’re fucking insane”, Chad groaned, doubled over.

Sammy smiled and lifted his finger.

Chad groaned. “Oh, fuck.”

Sammy lifted second finger, causing Chad to grimace miserably.

Chad sighed, and hit his exposed balls twice in a row. He gulped comically, then he coughed and doubled over with a throaty groan.

“You crazy bastard”, Chad whimpered.

“That’s another one”, Sammy grinned.

“Bastard?!” Chad protested. “Bastard’s not a fucking swear word.”

The boys burst out laughing.

“It is”, Sammy grinned, “man, you really get into this therapy, huh?”

Chad stared at him. Then he sighed and looked down at his bruised balls with a pitiful expression on his face. He held his breath, closed his eyes, and slammed his fist into his balls twice in rapid succession.

The boys watching cringed in sympathy as Chad’s face turned into a mask of pain. His mouth opened in a silent scream, his eyes watered and he collapsed on the floor, curling up in a ball and clutching his throbbing testicles.

“You’re making progress”, Sammy chuckled.

“Am I?” Chad whined.

Sammy nodded with an amused expression on his face. “Just make sure you hit those Softballs as hard as you can. That’s the only way you’ll overcome the blockage. You have to slam those suckers as if you wanted to turn them into mush. That boosts your blood circulation and your nads will be as good as new. And then Little Chad will return from the dead, too.”

The boys stared at him. Sammy had a way of making this ridiculous explanation sound somehow convincing.

Anyway, Chad seemed to buy it.

“Alright”, he muttered. “Alright.”

“Let me show you”, Sammy smiled, turned Chad onto his back and knelt between his spread legs. He grabbed Chad’s swollen nutsack and rolled his sore nuggets in his hand. Then he balled his other hand into a fist and lifted it high above his head.

Chad’s face was a white as a sheet. “Fuck”, he whispered in a toneless voice.

Sammy’s fist came down hard on his exposed balls.

“Fuuuuuuuck!” Chad wailed, clenching his eyes shut.

Sammy punched his nuts again.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Chad screamed from the top of his lungs as Sammy pounded his tender nuts again and again with all the force he could muster..

The boys covered their crotches, moaning in sympathy as Chad’s babymakers were turned into meat paste.

Chad screamed hysterically.

Finally, Sammy released his nuts and got up, allowing Chad to assume the fetal position and cry like a little girl.
Sammy was panting heavily. “Okay”, he said, trying to catch his breath. “Everytime you swear you punch yourself in the nuts, got it?”

Chad nodded, whimpering in pain.

Sammy nodded. “That’s your assignment for the duration of our treatment.”

“Fucking hell”, Chad cried out. Then he realized his mistake and started sobbing. “Oh, no”, he sniveled before grabbed his nuts, balling his fist and powering a hard punch into his own gonads.

“Attaboy”, Sammy grinned. “You’re on the path to recovery…”

Friday, September 5, 2014

Zach’s education – lesson 5: Phase of practical involvement

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.
“Welcome to the fifth lesson of our sex ed class”, Logan said. The 18 year old blond was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. He smiled at the thirty students who filled the classroom. “In the past few weeks we have learned a lot about the male body. We studied erections and ejaculations, we learned about the ‘blue balls’ phenomenon---“

“Yeah, that was fun!” someone shouted to cheers and laughter from the rest of the class.

Logan chuckled. “And we thoroughly examined the prostate.” He glanced at 20 year old Zach who was standing next to him, stark naked, his hands covering his crotch. “Zach here couldn’t sit down for a couple of days, right buddy?”

Zach blushed. “It wasn’t that bad”, he said sounding not very convincing. Apparently he was trying to maintain a tough guy façade even though last Friday his tough guy hole had seen more business than IKEA on a Saturday.

Happily undermining Zach’s self-perception, Logan leaned back and looked at his ass, pretending to be shocked. “Oh my god, it’s still gaping open!”

“Stop it”, Zach muttered, his face beet red.

Logan grinned and patted Zach’s shoulder. “Now, knowing about all those things is good and all – but you don’t want to forget all the things that you have learned in this class, right?”

The students nodded.

“So today we’re going to repeat what we’ve learned”, Logan smiled.

Zach’s eyes widened.

“Don’t worry”, Logan laughed. “We’re not going to repeat everything on you…”

Zach sighed with relief.

“I’m going to demonstrate it on Zach here”, Logan explained, “and then you’ll split up in groups and practice with each other.”

Zach groaned along with the thirty students.

“It’ll be fun”, Logan grinned. “Trust me.” He placed a large leather bag on top of the desk and opened it. “Here is everything that we need.” He held up a couple of dildos in various sizes and a few chastity devices. “I didn’t bring any lube.” He winked at the students. “You know how to make your own lube now, right?”

A couple of guys laughed.

“We better start milking Leroy right now”, someone shouted. “He’s got the biggest balls, I’m sure we’ll get a lot of lube out of those…”

The students laughed as Leroy, a handsome black guy with curly hair, grabbed his crotch and grinned. “This lube is for girls only.”

“We’ll see about that”, CJ, a cute redhead with a nose piercing, grinned.

“If you run out of lube”, Logan said, reaching between Zach’s legs and weighing his nuts in his hand, “I’m sure we can get Zach to pitch in.”

Logan divided the class into six groups and told them to strip naked.

A minute later, the room was filled with naked boys, joking and chatting, commenting on the sizes of each others’ genitalia and playfully slapping each others’ butts and balls.

Logan was the only one who remained clothed. He cracked his knuckles and turned to Zach. “First let’s make sure that we get a nice erection”, he said, gently grabbing Zach’s huge flaccid cock.

Zach bit his lower lip.

“Remember, you get the best results when you stimulate the cock and the balls at the same time”, Logan explained patiently and wrapped his fingers around the two meaty gonads that were hanging low in Zach’s roomy sac. “In five minutes I want to see more wood in this room than in a lumber mill! Chop chop!”

Zach inhaled sharply as Logan started squeezing his nuts while jerking his cock.

All over the room, the boys started working.

Limp cocks were thoroughly jerked and tender nuts were playfully teased and violently manhandled in a bizarre sexual frenzy.

The group that included black stud Leroy chose the conservative approach. All of the students jerked their own cocks, occasionally giving their own nuts a loving squeeze or a playful slap.

Red-haired CJ had volunteered to help the guys in his group, selflessly sucking their dicks and caressing their balls as they surrounded him. CJ’s own dick was rock-hard and dripping with precum as he went to town on his classmates’ dongs.

The third group included Speedy, a lanky kid with spiky blond hair. The guys had decided that nut-tapping was the way to go. They were involved in a fierce ballbusting fight, shrieking and screaming as they tried to punch and slap each other in their dangling ballsacks. They dicks were swelling rapidly and swinging wildly as they jumped back and forth, trying to crunch each other’s nuts.

Asian-American Kim was a kneeling in the middle of the forth group. Unlike CJ who was sucking his buddies’ cocks, Kim was dealing out uppercuts, smashing his friends’ balls as hard as he could, occasionally knocking their hardening cocks around, too.

In the fifth group, bespectacled Seth had bent over and spread his cheeks, allowing his friends a nice look at his asshole. The guys were jerking their cocks, looking at Seth’s ass, sticking their fingers into his tight pink hole and licking their lips.

In the last group, Gary, a cutie with dark blond hair and brown eyes, had managed to wrestle Dash, the class bully, to the ground. He held his legs apart and encouraged the rest of the guys to kick his nuts into orbit. The chance to make mincemeat out of the bully’s fragile meatballs was enough to make them all spring an instant boner as they cheerfully bashed Dash’s balls as hard as they could.

“Great”, Logan shouted, trying to drown out the moans and groans from the students. “Now let’s get the precum production going. Make sure those cocks are dripping wet! Squeeze those nuts, punch them, do whatever you like to them!”

With a cheerful smile, Logan grabbed Zach’s huge nuts and twisted them hard, making Zach scream in anguish. Then he smashed his balls with his fist a couple of times, eliciting high-pitched shrieks from Zach.

There was laughter and screams of pain as the boys moved it up a notch.

The first group started punching their own nuts, grabbing their sacks by the neck and pushing their balls to the bottom of their scrotums where they bulged obscenely.

Leroy was by far the best equipped guy in the group, his huge boner was leaking precum as he balled his fist and punched his balls, grimacing in pain.

“I should have skipped this class”, he said in a strained voice before powering another hard punch into his own gonads.

On all fours, CJ continued sucking off the guys in his group, his own dick throbbing as he moved from boy to boy, taking their hard, dripping dicks deep down his throat. He slammed his fist into his lucky friends’ nuts as he sucked their dicks, pummeling their nutsacks with his mouth full of cock.

Naturally, CJ couldn’t service all the guys at once, and the guys who were waiting for their turn in CJ’s warm mouth were stroking their dicks and watching CJ smash their buddies’ balls as he sucked them off.

One of them stepped behind CJ and kicked his legs apart. The young redhead’s nuts dangled between his thighs as his rock-hard cock slapped against his abs.

“Mmmmph”, CJ grunted, his mouth filled with cock as his nuts were brutally kicked from behind. His buddy’s bare foot slammed into his nuts again and again as he continued sucking off his friends.

The third group had exchanged from their playful nut-tapping to a mean game of Roshambo, dealing out full-blown kicks to each others’ nuts as they stroked their cocks.

“Ooooh, that’s gotta hurt”, Speedy chuckled after he slammed his foot into his classmates’ balls as hard as he could. “Now do me!” The lanky boy spread his legs and pressed his hard dick against his abs with both of his hands, allowing his low-hanging balls to swing freely between his thighs.

“Oooof!” Speedy groaned, his eyes crossing, as his classmate kicked his balls with all the force he could muster. “Good one! You really nailed them both!”

In the fourth group, Kim was hellbent on coaxing as much precum out of his mates’ dicks as he could. Kneeling on the ground, he turned from cock to cock at a rapid pace, grabbing his buddies’ balls with one hand and smashing them with his fist a couple of times before moving on to the next one and repeating his nut-crunching maneuver.

“We need a couple of dildos”, Seth said breathlessly, walking up to Logan.

“Sure”, Logan said and handed Seth some of the sex toys he had brought with him.

Seth looked at one slender vibrator with a skeptical expression on his face. “Do you have something bigger?”

Logan chuckled and held up a huge black dildo.

Seth’s eyes lit up. “Yeah! That’s more like it!”

He brought the sex toys to his buddies who cheered and clapped their hands.

“Now stuff your holes!” Seth grinned, choosing the biggest toy for himself. He bent over and slowly inserted it into his tight hole. “Oooooooh”, he moaned.

One of his buddies decided to help him, taking a step back and throwing a mean, hard kick into his balls from behind.

Seth’s eyes crossed behind his glasses as the wind was knocked out of his lungs. His knees met and he sank to the ground, the dildo sinking deep into his hole.

“You’re welcome”, Seth’s buddy grinned as he slipped a butt blug up his own hole, jerking his cock leisurely.

“Thanks”, Seth whispered, “that really wasn’t necessary…”

The rest of the guys laughed as they fucked their own holes with the sex toys.

The last group had shifted their attention from Dash, the bully, to Gary. Poor Dash was lying in a pool of his own jizz after a ridiculously premature ejaculation. His classmates had kicked the cum out of his nuts within minutes, and now he was sobbing pain and clutching his spent, sore nuts.

With Dash out of the picture, Gary was standing in the middle of the group, his legs spread wide apart. “Kick them as hard as you can!” he encouraged his friends who took turns kicking his nuts from every angle as they frantically jerked their cocks.

“Okay, guys”, Logan shouted. “Now I want to see you cum!” He stepped behind Zach and made him bend over and touch his knuckles.

Zach closed his eyes in anticipation.

With a running start, Logan smashed his foot into Zach’s crotch, nailing both of Zach’s big, meaty balls dead-on and smashing them into his pelvis.

Zach let out a pathetic shriek as his nuts were flattened against his body. His huge, throbbing dick was dripping with precum as Logan powered another nut-crunching kick into his tender testicles.

Zach howled in pain, his body trembling, his eyes clenched shut.

Again and again, Logan kicked Zach’s meaty babymakers until Zach’s huge schlong started shooting the first creamy jet of spunk right into Zach’s face.

Zach’s eyes opened wide in shock as the creamy load splattered into his open mouth and against his nose.

Spurt after spurt of sticky semen found its way into Zach’s face, painting it in a gooey layer of jizz.

“Flood this room with juice!” Logan shouted, laughing.

The students cheered and clapped as they started knocking the jizz out of each others babymakers.

All over the room, guys were moaning and screaming, their cocks twitching and throbbing, as dick after dick released huge loads of cream.

Leroy’s big black cock was sputtering semen as he pounded his own nuts with his own fist as hard as he could.

“Aaaargh!” he screamed as his precious load splattered all over the floor, mixing with the creamy contents of his buddies’ nuts whose dicks started spurting at the same time.

CJ managed a hands-free cumshot as his balls were kicked in from behind. His classmates jerked their own dicks as they punted CJ’s nuts, pointing their shooting cocks in his direction and covering CJ’s athletic body in their jizz.

Speedy’s group was not far behind as they kicked each others’ nuts like professional soccer players. One by one, the boys emptied their young balls all over the floor.

Kim had managed to drain all but one of his classmates’ ballsacks, and the last one proved to be a tough nut to crack. Gritting his teeth, Kim pounded away at the poor sap’s nuts. His own cock had already released its load and was dripping with cum.

The pair of testicles in Kim’s hand turned black and blue as he threw punch after nut-crunching punch into the hapless plums.

“Come on”, Kim hissed. “Come on!”

Finally, the big, young cock started spurting, making Kim cry out in joy as he continued smashing his nuts as hard as he could. Jet after jet of creamy jizz sputtered out of the throbbing dick while Kim was slamming the nuts as if he wanted to turn them into peanut butter.

Seth and his group had abandoned their holes and used the dildos and vibrators like meat tenderizers, slamming them into each others’ nuts as hard as they could.

“I’m cumming!” Seth screamed as his cock spat out a huge jet of jizz.

One of his buddies slammed the big black dildo into Seth’s nuts from behind, smashing his busy balls like a battering ram and making Seth yodel from the top of his lungs.

Soon after, the rest of the boys shot their loads, coating each other in jizz, moaning and screaming in pain and pleasure.

In the last group, cute Gary was the target in a frenzied circle jerk. His buddies kicked his nuts with all the force they could muster as their cocks released load after load of cum that splattered against Gary’s body, covering him in jizz from head to toe.

The room was filled with groans and moans and the air was ripe with the smell of sex after thirty-one loads had been spilled. 

The students were covering their crotches, nursing their battered balls. Some of them were lying on the ground, some of them rolling around on the sticky floor, whimpering in pain and clutching their sore and spent nuts.

Logan looked at them with a satisfied grin on his face. “Very good”, he smiled. “It seems that all of you pass this class with flying colors!”

The students were too busy nursing their wounds to break out in applause.

Suddenly, Zach raised his voice. “What about you?”

The students raised their heads and looked at Logan.

Logan blinked. “What do you mean?”

“Well, we can’t let you get away with your balls all full and healthy”, CJ chimed in with a cheerful smile.

Logan shifted uncomfortably. “Guys, I’m fine”, he said, lifting his hands as the guys came closer, surrounding him with mean grins on their faces.

Logan cleared his throat, nervously scanning the room for possible escape routes. “I--- There’s no need to--- I’m going to see my girl tonight and---“

“Let’s drain his balls!” someone shouted, and all hell broke loose. The thirty naked students jumped Logan, ripping his clothes off his body as he screamed his lungs out.

Within seconds, Logan was stark naked, his shirt ripped to shreds, his jeans pulled off his legs.

Zach was standing at the side, grinning happily, as he watched the young guys spread Logan’s legs wide. “Yeah, kick ‘em hard”, Zach shouted. “As hard as you can.”

Accompanied by cheers and laughter, Leroy, Speedy, Kim, Gary and Seth took turns kicking Logan’s nuts. Their bare feet slammed into Logan’s exposed plums again and again, making him scream from the top of his lungs.

At the same time, CJ was jerking Logan’s hard cock, grinning like a Cheshire cat as Logan groaned and moaned in pain.

“Here it cums”, CJ shouted cheerfully as Logan’s dick erupted with a massive load of cum that rained down on his naked body.

Every jet was greeted with cheers, and the guys timed their kicks so that Logan’s busy, contracting balls were slammed at the same moment when another spurt of cum came flying out of the tip of his dick.

“Get another load out of him”, Zach grinned when Logan’s orgasm had subsided. “I’m sure there’s plenty of cream left in those nuts.”

CJ chuckled and continued stroking Logan’s dripping cock. He took his dick into his mouth and sucked on the tender tip like he was devouring a lollipop while his classmates took turns punching Logan’s spent balls with their fists.

Soon, CJ’s cheeks puffed as a second load of cream was pumped into his mouth. After swallowing every drop like a thirsty castaway he continued sucking on Logan’s cock, wrapping his tongue around its head and working hard to coax a third load out of Logan.

Logan was sweating profusely, his naked body glistening, as the boys continued to wreak havoc on his spent babymakers. He moaned and groaned while CJ was bobbing his head up and down.

The guys were squeezing Logan’s balls now, squishing and squashing them with their bare hands, wringing his nutsack as if they were trying to get the very last bit of toothpaste out of the tube.

“No”, Logan groaned, grimacing in pain as his third load ran into CJ’s mouth.

CJ gulped and gulped, swallowing every drop. Finally, he lifted his head and grinned. He looked a bit cum-drunk, his eyes glassy, an absent smile on his face. “Yummy”, he snickered.

The guys looked up at Zach.

“Wanna have a go at his nuts?” Leroy asked.

Zach chuckled.

The students held Logan’s legs apart as Zach stepped between them, a huge grin on his face.

He lifted his big bare foot and brought it crashing down on Logan’s balls, stomping his nuts into the ground as if he was grinding out a cigarette.

Logan wailed in pain as the class erupted in cheers and laughter.

Some of the guys cringed and covered their crotches in sympathy as Zach twisted his foot, flattening Logan’s nuts like pancakes. Zach’s majestic erection swung back and forth as he stomped Logan’s sore babymakers into the ground.

Suddenly, Logan’s cock twitched a couple of times and a pathetic streamlet of cum trickled onto Zach’s toes.

Zach looked at the result of Logan’s fourth orgasm and raised his eyebrows. “I’m pretty sure those nuts are empty now”, he declared to roaring laughter from the class. He lifted his foot, allowing Logan to curl up in a little ball and nurse his beaten, drained nuggets.

A couple of minutes later, everyone was dressed. Most of the guys clothes were covered in cum stains and they stank of sex.

Logan was shirtless and grimacing in pain, his hands covering his crotch. “Alright”, he said in a strained voice. “That’s it. I hope this class has been fun and instructive for you.”

The guys left the room, most of them limping or walking bow-legged.

Logan looked at Zach, a weak smile on his face. “What do you think – should we offer this class to other high schools?”

Zach grimaced. “I’m not sure my nuts could handle that…”

Logan’s chuckle turned into a cough as he doubled over, massaging his balls. “Man, I think I have to come up with an excuse for my girl…”