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Something to look at (12)

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Friday, April 24, 2015

#nokidsforhendo (Martin meets Phil and Jordan Henderson)

Special thanks to our reader Martin! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who watches sports matches only for the nutshots!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

This story takes place in England, so the word “football” doesn’t refer to American football but to Association football (= soccer).

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Phil and Jordan Henderson (click for pictures)

Jordan Henderson scratched his head and grimaced. “Here we go again”, he sighed.

A couple of years ago, when Jordan had stepped down as Captain of the England national U21 football team, he had come up with a new and original way to determine the new captain. And somehow – Jordan himself couldn’t quite explain it – it had become a tradition.

So here he was, the successful 24 year old football player, the handsome and attractive blond stud, standing in the middle of the locker room, stark naked, his impressive goods on full display. He sported a big, meaty dick and a pair of plump, low-hanging balls.

Today, his balls hung even lower than usual because they were full to the brim. When the date for today’s competition had been set, Jordan had been asked to stay celibate. It had been hard (quite literally…) but he had made it through the past two weeks without sex and without wanking. He had acquired a serious case of blue balls, and he had been looking forward to today. Finally, he’d release all the pent-up sperm in his balls. It was going to be quite a spectacle…

Jordan smiled and took a selfie before uploading it and posting it on his twitter account. A grimace, accompanied by the caption “Time for a new captain. #nokidsforhendo”.

“Who wants to go first?” he asked, putting the phone away and smiling at the two 18 year old guys who were standing in front of him.

Phil and Martin looked at each other.

Both of them were attractive young men. Jordan had met them on a couple of occasions, had played against them on the field in the Premier League. He liked them both. They were friendly and had a great sense of humor. Physically, they resembled each other, too. Both of them had strawberry blond hair and light skin, both of them were muscular and trained, their torsos defined but not bulky. Both of them had big, strong legs, with Martin’s legs looking almost huge. Martin was a little taller than Phil and sported an abstract tattoo just above his groin.

It was hard to say who was better on the field. They were both fantastic, and they both deserved to be captain of the U21s.

If it had been up to Jordan, he’d have picked Martin. But it was a close call. And it wasn’t up to him. It was up to his balls.

“I’ll go first”, Phil said with a smile.

Jordan nodded. “Remember, the one who kicks them cum out of my bollocks is the new captain. It should be quite easy…” He grimaced comically as he weighed his full, fat balls in his hand.

Phil and Martin chuckled.

Martin grinned. “You’re a great sport!”

Phil nodded. “Yeah, thanks for doing this, mate!”

Jordan smiled. “My pleasure.” He thought for a moment. “Well, maybe not.”

Martin and Phil burst out laughing.

Jordan chuckled. “So, good luck to both of you. May the best man win.” He glanced down at his big low-hangers and smiled at Phil. “Go for it, mate!”

Phil didn’t have to be told twice. He stood in front of Jordan, focusing on his target.

He brought his leg back and kicked the famous footballer’s balls with all the force he could muster. His foot connected with Jordan’s juicy plums, ramming them into his body with a dull smack, knocking the wind out of Jordan’s lungs.

The handsome football player’s eyes widened and he coughed before doubling over.

Phil smiled proudly. “How was that?”

“Not bad”, Jordan said in a strained voice, fondling his balls and grimacing in pain. “Not bad.” He coughed. “But I think you’ll have to do better if you want to become captain of the team.”

Phil chuckled.

Jordan looked at Martin. “Your turn.” Groaning, he straightened and spread his legs again.

Martin rubbed his hands.

Jordan stared at Martin’s huge, muscular legs. “Shit”, he mumbled almost inaudibly.

Martin grinned and fondled his own big, fuzzy balls. He stood in front of Jordan, smiling confidently. He knew how good he was. He was famous for his hard, powerful kicks and his long, precise passes on the field. Once, during practice, he had kicked a football so hard that it deflated – and he was aiming for exactly the same result with Jordan’s big, full balls.

“Brace yourself”, Martin said cheerfully before powering a hard, precise kick between Jordan’s legs.

Jordan’s balls were flattened like pancakes between Martin’s instep and his own body, and a high-pitched squeal escaped his lips.

Martin and Phil burst out laughing.

“Maybe there’s a career in women’s football for you when we’re done here”, Martin suggested to the great amusement of Phil.

Jordan wasn’t able to appreciate the joke as he was busy cupping his crotch, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth wide open, screaming in pain.

Jordan opened his eyes and looked at Martin. “Don’t worry about my career, mate”, he grunted through his clenched teeth. “Worry about yours. If that’s all you got you’ll never be captain!”

Martins smiled sweetly. “I’m going to kick your balls so hard you’ll be coughing up sperm”, he said.

Jordan rolled his eyes. “Well, don’t just talk about it, do it! That’s what we’re here for, right?”

Martin chuckled.

Phil took a couple of steps back and, with a running start, he kicked Jordan’s nuts as if he was trying to score a penalty.

Jordan’s eyes bulged and he screamed from the top of his lungs. “Better”, he whispered after the first wave of pain had subsided.

Phil grinned at Martin. “See? That’s how it’s done.”

Jordan grimaced and assumed his position, putting his hands behind his back.

Martin followed Phil’s example and kicked Jordan’s nuts with a running start, smashing his bare foot in between Jordan’s thighs and compressing his balls to a fraction of their original size.

Jordan squealed in agony.

Martin smiled with a satisfied expression on his face. “Looks like that hurt”, he grinned.

“Come on, let’s take a picture”, Phil suggested. He grabbed his phone and the two young guys bent over, their faces framing Jordan’s genitals and made a cheerful thumbs-up gesture for the camera.

Phil uploaded the picture to twitter along with the caption “Having fun kicking balls #nokidsforhendo”

“This is awesome!” Martin grinned, looking at the tweet. “Hey, do you think we can capture the cumshot on camera?”

The two guys burst out laughing.

“Listen, mates, I don’t think you’re taking this seriously”, Jordan groaned, rubbing his balls. “I know this is a lot of fun – but if do you really want to be captain of the U21 team?” He looked at Phil and Martin expectantly.

The two naked guys nodded sheepishly.

“Then act like it!” Jordan said. “Kick my bloody bollocks as hard as you can! This is not a joke! You have to give everything!” He grabbed his nutsack by the neck and shook his big, plump balls. “Think of these bloody things as a football, and kick them as hard as you can! This is your moment! This is your chance! Seize it, for god’s sake!”

Phil and Martin looked at him.

“Kick the cum out of my bollocks!” Jordan said. He put his hands behind his head. “Phil, your turn.”

Phil kicked Jordan’s balls as hard as he could, eliciting a guttural groan.

“Harder!” Jordan groaned through his gritted teeth.

Martin’s foot collided with the two hefty plums inside Jordan’s nutsack with a dull thud.

Jordan screamed in pain. “Harder!”

Kick after nut-crunching kick found its way between Jordan’s thighs, crunching his nuts with increasing force. Jordan egged the two guys on, yelling at them to go harder and harder after every kick. His voice grew more and more croaky with every shot, and his screams grew louder and louder. Soon, his chubby cock had turned into a full erection, a massive, rock-hard boner that pointed at the ceiling.

The playful banter and the jokes had given way to a fierce competition. Both Phil and Martin gave everything, crunching Jordan’s balls with as much energy and force as they could.

Jordan’s balls had swollen considerably, and the skin of his sack had assumed an angry red color.

“Come on!” Jordan croaked after Martin had landed a particularly hard blow to his tender testicles. “Come on, go harder!”

Phil’s foot smashed into Jordan’s dangling balls with a dull thud.

Jordan gagged. “Oh god”, he whispered as he doubled over, his eyes slowly losing focus.

Both Phil and Martin noticed a slight twitching in Jordan’s dick.

Martin had a determined expression on his face. “This is it”, he announced. “This kick will make you cum.”

Jordan closed his eyes, struggling to keep his hands behind his back.

Martin’s foot slammed into Jordan’s balls.

A dull thud echoed through the room.

A long, wheezing moan escaped Jordan’s lips.

Martin grinned at Phil. “This is it.”

Phil looked at Jordan’s crotch.

Jordan’s dick twitched and his balls pulled up in their sack.

“Let it out!” Martin shouted. “Come on, let it out!”

Jordan’s face was a mask of pain.

“Come on!” Martin yelled, staring at Jordan’s throbbing dick.

But Jordan’s balls retained their precious load, causing Martin to let out a frustrated grunt.

“Sorry”, Jordan whispered in a toneless voice, opening his eyes.

“Damn”, Martin sighed. “So close.”

Phil chuckled and looked at Jordan. “Spread your legs, mate. My turn.”

Jordan grimaced and did as he was told.

“This is the one, I can feel it”, Phil grinned. “My balls are all tingly.” He winked at Jordan. “I bet yours are, too…”

Jordan grimaced.

Martin rolled his eyes.

Phil took a couple of steps back and delivered a picture-perfect nutkick that smashed Jordan’s balls into his body, flattening them like pancakes and eliciting a deep, guttural groan from Jordan’s lips.

The handsome football player’s body froze. His eyelids fluttered, his lips trembled, his nose twitched. Jordan’s eyes rolled back into his head as his dick exploded with a massive jet of spunk that splattered against the ceiling before dripping back down in big, sticky drops.

“Yes!” Phil laughed, balling his fist and jumping up and down with joy.

A second, even bigger spurt of cum erupted from Jordan’s dick, followed by almost a dozen more huge jets of creamy spunk that painted the ceiling with his salty jizz.

Jordan fell to his knees, throwing his head back, his mouth wide open in a silent scream.

Thick drops of cum dripped down on Jordan’s naked body and into his wide open mouth.

Phil was jumping up and down in an almost ridiculous victory dance, his big feet stepping into the puddles of Jordan’s jizz that were quickly forming on the floor. “I’m captain!” Phil shouted. “I’m captain!”

Martin watched Jordan whose dick continued shooting jet after jet of creamy cum.

“I’m captain!” Phil cheered. He reached into his sports bag and produced his phone, posing for a selfie with Jordan behind him, caught in a bizarre mix of pleasure and pain. He uploaded it to twitter with the caption “Whooohooo! New captain! #nokidsforhendo”

Martin bit his lower lip. He liked Phil, he truly did. But it should have been him. It should have been him.

Jordan’s orgasm subsided, and the huge spurts of semen turned into a trickle.

Martin inhaled deeply. It should have been him.

Jordan opened his eyes and stared at Martin. He seemed to read his mind. “I rooted for you, you know?” he whispered in a toneless voice, his face contorted in pain.

Martin’s foot connected with Jordan’s spent, sore nuts and rammed them into his body, making Jordan yodel in pain as a new wave of pain washed through his body.

Phil looked up from his phone and chuckled. “Hey, Martin, it’s over.”

Another kick found its target, and Martin’s instep crunched Jordan’s traumatized testicles with a sick, wet thud. Jordan’s spent dick slapped against his stomach.

Jordan screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Martin”, Phil grinned. “I won. It’s over.”

Martin kicked Jordan’s poor balls once more, making Jordan shriek like a school girl at her first One Direction concert.

Phil chuckled, slowly shaking his head, and concentrated on his phone, scrolling through the tweets on his twitter account. A couple of Hendo’s, Phil’s and Martin’s team mates had sent their congratulations or posted their own pictures. #nokidsforhendo had become quite a popular hashtag. Football players from all around the world retweeted Jordan’s pictures or poked fun at him.

Meanwhile, Martin was wreaking havoc on Jordan’s nuts, kicking them again and again in frustration while Jordan was screaming like banshee. His balls were red, bruised and swollen, and his dick was rock-hard, smacking against his body with every kick.

Phil grinned and took a picture before uploading it and posting it on twitter with the caption “Who’s the sorer loser? #nokidsforhendo”

Finally, Jordan’s dick erupted with a series of spurts that weren’t nearly as big as the ones he shot a couple of minutes ago, but they was impressive nevertheless.

Martin took a step back. He was breathing heavily.

Jordan let out a pitiful whimper and curled up in a ball as his dick continued to shoot what was left in his sore, traumatized testicles.

Half an hour later, the three guys were sitting on the benches. Jordan had a large back of ice on his crotch.

Phil was in the middle, scrolling through the #nokidsforhendo-tweets and reading some of them aloud.

“That bastard!” Jordan chuckled after hearing a particularly mean comment tweeted by his Liverpool team mate Mario Balotelli. “I’m gonna kick him in the balls for that! No kids for Balotelli!”

Phil laughed.

Martin looked at Jordan and grimaced. “Sorry about that”, he said sheepishly, glancing at Jordan’s crotch. “I guess I got a bit carried away…”

“You know, not many people can kick a load of cum out of my balls after I’ve just had an orgasm”, Jordan grinned.

Martin shrugged. “I guess I’m talented.”

Jordan laughed. “Oh yes, you are.”

Martin scratched his head, smiling sheepishly. “You know, maybe I’ll be up for captain again – you never know.”

Jordan grinned. “You’d love that, huh?”

Martin chuckled. “Oh yeah!”

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Who is Brandon? (updated)

Original date: 04/20/2015

In our quest to find pictures for all the Ballbusting Boys we turn our attention to Brandon. The 21 year old Asian-American is a hot guy with a swimmer's body. He had black hair, a nice, big pair of balls and an impressive dick. He is an enthusiastic ballbuster and loves working over a pair of nuts. His favorite pair hangs between his best friend Cal's legs - but he'll happily nutsmack anyone who isn't careful enough to guard his testicles when Brandon is in the room... (If you want to revisit Brandon's adventures you find all the stories labelled "Brandon" here.)

Now, what do you think he looks like? Feel free to post links to celebrities or porn stars or whatever you like in the comments section. Headshots or nude pictures or fully clothed ones - everything is welcome. Alternatively you can send me pictures or drawings or whatever you like via e-mail ( - if you provide me with the source I'll post them here on the blog.

Picture collections of the other Ballbusting Boys: ZachDavidLoganBenthe twinsChadKevLeoCalSimonDannySammyParker, Phil.

Update 04/21/2015:

An anonymous reader's suggestions:

What do you think?

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World of Payne: Thwarted plans

Thanks to anikin for the plot idea. This little two part story features the twins Michael and Will in their teenage years, growing up with their older brother Jimmy.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: the twins (click for pictures)

Jimmy sat at the kitchen table, munching on a bagel. The 23 year old soccer player was shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of loose fitting sweat pants. He was home for a couple of weeks, taking a vacation from his job at an English soccer club.

His parents were at work, and he was alone with his brothers, 14 year old twins Will and Michael.

The two blond boys were sitting at the opposite side of the kitchen table.

“How do you like your eggs, Jimmy?” Will asked innocently.

Michael snickered.

Jimmy’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the twins. “What are you up to, you two little rascals?”

Will tried to maintain a straight face. “Nothing.” He smiled sweetly. “So how do you like them?”

Jimmy put the bagel on his plate and looked at Will, then at Michael, then at Will again. “You know how I like them”, he said slowly.

The twins raised their eyebrows.

“You’re up to something, I know it”, Jimmy said, leaning forward on the glass table.

From where the twins were sitting, they had a good view of his crotch. Jimmy sat on the edge of his chair, his legs spread, his knees bent. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and his genitalia was quite obvious in his sweat pants. The twins could easily identify a large bulge that was his dick, and the two smaller oval bulges underneath where his big, juicy balls were hanging low in their sack.

“We just want to know how you like your eggs”, Will said, an innocent smile on his face. “Do you like them hard-boiled or soft-boiled?”

Jimmy shifted on his seat and his bulge moved.

The twins snickered.

“You’re funny guys, you know that?” Jimmy said, shaking his head. “I like my eggs scrambled, I always---“

Two feet slammed into Jimmy’s crotch simultaneously, each nailing one of his tender testicles dead-on.

“Here you are!” the twins yelled in unison before bursting out laughing.

Jimmy yelped in pain as his nuts were smashed by his little brothers. “You bastards”, he groaned hoarsely.

“You said you liked your eggs scrambled”, Michael said cheerfully.

“We’re happy to help”, Will chimed in.

The twins laughed as Jimmy’s hands slipped into his sweat pants and cupped his aching nuts, his head sinking down on the glass table with an audible bump.

“Yeah, thanks”, Jimmy moaned. “Nice work. You really scrambled them…”

Jimmy spent the rest of the day carefully guarding his equipment. After all, he was going to see a fan tonight, a hot twenty year old girl who had sent him dirty messages via e-mail. Tonight, he was going to put her naughty words into practice, and the last thing he needed was a pair of swollen, aching balls. After all, those two were quite important for the success of most of the girl’s plans…

The twins, on the other hand, had another plan for Jimmy’s juicy plums. And it wasn’t nearly as pleasurable as the girl’s…

Half an hour before he was supposed to leave for his date, Jimmy walked into his room to get ready. He took off his clothes and put on a fresh pair of tight white boxer briefs that he knew made his bulge look great. The thin fabric left very little to the imagination and the girls loved it.

Jimmy looked into the mirror and reached inside his underwear. Carefully, he positioned his dick and his balls so that they were presented the best possible way.

“Yeah”, he chuckled, looking at himself in the mirror. He ran his hand through his hair and put on a facial expression that he thought looked very sexy. “Superstud”, he smiled, repeating the gesture. “Super---“

He was viciously interrupted by a hard, precise blow between his legs.

“---stud!” Jimmy squealed in a high-pitched voice as the pain exploded in his nuts. He doubled over, his hands on his knees, moaning in pain. He turned his head, expecting to see one of the twins behind him, but nobody was there. “What the hell?” he whispered.

Suddenly, there was a second blast to his tender testicles. His bulge flattened as both of nuts balls were rammed into his body.

Jimmy yowled in agony.

When he looked down he saw a hard plastic ball roll away on the floor. His eyes frantically searched the room until he spotted what looked like a barrel peeking out from the closet at waist height.

There was some telltale giggling, followed by hushed whisper.

Jimmy groaned and limped towards the closet, covering his aching nuts with his hands. He reached for the closet doors with both hands, leaving his groin unprotected for a second.

Before he was able to open the doors, another hard, plastic ball shot out from the barrel, slamming into Jimmy’s groin and flattening both of his precious balls like pancakes.

Jimmy howled in pain, his hands holding onto the doorknobs, his forehead bumping against the door. “Oh fuck! You lousy little shits!” he yelled as the pain radiated through his body.

There was some rumbling inside the closet.

Jimmy groaned and closed his eyes.

The barrel moved, closing in on the prominent bulge in Jimmy’s boxer briefs. With less than an inch of air between the barrel and Jimmy’s tender testicles, the next shot was right on target.

There was a little PFFFT sound as the next plastic ball made its way into the open, followed by an impressive THUD as it collided with Jimmy’s poor balls.

Jimmy’s eyes shot open and his jaw dropped. He let out what sounded like “Eeeek.” as his knees met and he slowly doubled over.

Suddenly, the doors opened, knocking Jimmy back and throwing him onto his ass, and the twins jumped out of the closet.

Will and Michael wore red headbands and both of them were armed: Will carried what looked like a toy cannon. It was obvious that this was what had trashed his brother’s nuts. Michael held a wooden axe in his hand.

Jimmy was lying on his back, his face a mask of pain, his knees spread apart, and Will immediately took advantage of Jimmy’s hapless position. He aimed the cannon at his crotch and pulled the trigger.

Another hard plastic ball found its target and slammed into Jimmy’s crotch, crunching his nuts hard and making the handsome guy yodel from the top of his lungs.

“Yesss!” Will cheered. “Right in the nuts!”

Michael lifted the wooden axe over his head and slammed it down between Jimmy’s thighs. Jimmy’s rapidly swelling balls were clearly outlined in his flimsy boxer briefs, and the business end of the wooden axe caught his right nut dead on.

Jimmy screamed in pain.

Will cringed, laughing. “Oooooh, you got the right one. Now go for the left!”

Michael did as he was told, slamming the axe down on Jimmy’s left nugget, squashing it flat.

Jimmy’s eyes lost focus and he let out a retching noise.

“Stop it”, he whimpered.

Michael bit his lower lip. “Maybe we should---“

“Don’t listen to him, Mikey”, Will interrupted his brother. He put the barrel of the cannon right on Jimmy’s ballsack.

Jimmy’s eyes widened.

“Say bye bye to your balls”, Will said in his best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.

Then he pulled the trigger.

There was a dull THUD as the plastic ball crashed into Jimmy’s nuts, ramming the two juicy plums into his body.

Jimmy’s mouth opened in a silent scream and suddenly his body twitched and jerked.

Will and Michael were shocked.

“Oh my god”, Michael whispered. “What’s happening to him?”

“I--- I have no idea”, Will stammered.

The two teenagers looked down at Jimmy’s boxer briefs. A large dark stain appeared on the white fabric, growing bigger and bigger. Within seconds, the fabric was soaked and clinging to Jimmy’s dick and balls.

“We broke his balls”, Michael said in a toneless voice. “They are broken!”

Will gulped. “What are we going to do?”

Jimmy’s body was wet with sweat. “You little shits!” he croaked. He grimaced in pain and had trouble sitting up straight. His hands found his crotch and he cradled his balls in his hands. “You little shits”, he repeated, moaning and lifting the waistband of his boxer briefs. He peeked inside and groaned.

“Did we break your balls?” Michael said in a frightened voice.

Jimmy sighed, staring at his nuts. “No, you didn’t.” He looked up at his brothers. “But you---“ He paused. Then he grinned weakly. “Let’s just say you made sure that I’ll have to cancel my date tonight.” He sighed.

Michael and Will looked at each other and high-fived.

Jimmy chuckled. “You little shits!”

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World of Payne: Welcome home

Thanks to anikin for the plot idea. This little two part story features the twins Michael and Will in their teenage years, growing up with their older brother Jimmy.

Featured in this story: the twins (click for pictures)

“Welcome home”, Lester Payne smiled and hugged his son. “Long time no see.”

Jimmy smiled back at his father. He was 21 years old. The handsome blond soccer player had signed a contract with an English club a year ago. The training schedule was hard, and the weekends were filled with Premiere League matches. He hadn’t been home for a couple of months, and he was looking forward to spending four weeks of vacation at home with his friends and family.

Most of his buddies were living in the area, and they had a lot of catching up to do. In addition to that there were a couple of girls who couldn’t wait to get their hands on his soccer star dick. He had worked through his fan mail to come up with an elaborate schedule that included sex on six days per week.

“How are you?” Lester asked. He was a handsome man with short blond hair and a three day stubble.

“Great, dad”, Jimmy smiled.

“The twins are so excited”, Lester chuckled. “They have been talking about you all week…” He lifted his hands to his mouth and shouted, “Will! Mikey! Look who’s here!”

From somewhere inside the house came joyful cheers that made Jimmy and his father laugh out loud.

“See?” Lester grinned. “They’re excited.”

At the same moment, the 14 year old twins came rushing down the stairs.

“Careful, boys!” Lester chuckled as the two blond brats stormed past him and ran rowards their older brother.

“Jimmy!” the two boys screamed from the top of their lungs.

Jimmy’s eyes widened and his smile vanished as the two wild-eyed youngsters approached him.

Before they bumped into him, though, they stopped. With a mischievous grin, the two teenagers brought their legs back and kicked Jimmy’s groin as hard as they could.

The tip of Will’s foot connected with Jimmy’s left nut, the tip of Michael’s foot crashed into Jimmy’s right nut.

Jimmy’s eyes lost focus and he let out a throaty groan.

“Ooooh”, his father cringed in sympathy as the twins burst out laughing.

Jimmy moaned in pain and fell to his knees, clutching his crotch.

The twins cheered and jumped on top of him, throwing him onto his back.

“I guess they wanted to let you that they know how to play soccer, too”, Lester chuckled.

“Yup”, Jimmy coughed, “I got the message…” He groaned and grabbed both of his struggling brothers in a headlock, making them scream and laugh wildly.

A couple of minutes later, Jimmy and the twins were sitting on the couch, chatting and laughing.

All three of them were sweaty and out of breath from the rough-housing. The two teenagers’ blond hair was wet with sweat and sticking to their reddened faces.

“You really nailed my nuts, guys”, Jimmy chuckled, rubbing his crotch.

Michael had a guilty expression on his face. “Does it hurt?”

“Of course it does, Mikey”, Jimmy said, giving Michael a playful rap on the head.

Will grinned proudly. “Yeah, that’s our new way of saying hello to you!”

Jimmy laughed. “Oh, no, it isn’t!”

Will raised his eyebrows. “But it’s a Payne family tradition!”

Jimmy scoffed. “Since when?”

“Since now!” Will yelled. He sprang up from the couch and jumped onto Jimmy’s lap. His feet slammed into the prominent bulge in Jimmy’s jeans, flattening it and eliciting a hoarse groan from Jimmy’s mouth.

“Hello! Hello! Hello!” Will screamed frantically as he jumped up and down on Jimmy’s lap, stomping his nuts again and again with the full weight of his body.

“Stop it!” Jimmy groaned and threw his brother off of his lap before rolling to the side and curling up. “You might want to take it down a notch, buddy”, he moaned. “Or our family tradition will be very short lived, at least in my part of the family…”

The twins stared at him.

Jimmy chuckled. “Because I won’t have any kids if you carry on like this.”

The twins burst out laughing.

“Seriously, though”, Jimmy groaned, straightening and rubbing his crotch. “Stop it. It really hurts.”

Will looked at him, a huge grin on his face. Out of nowhere, he balled his fist and sent it smashing into Jimmy’s lap. It came down on Jimmy’s balls like a sledgehammer, flattening his bulge once again and making Jimmy scream in pain.

“Will!” Michael said anxiously. “Stop it!”

Will snickered.

Lester’s head appeared in the doorway. “Everything alright in there?”

Jimmy was doubled over, clutching his crotch. “Everything’s okay. The boys are just very excited to see me”, he said in a toneless voice.

Will looked at his father and grinned. “I hit him in the nuts!”

Lester’s eyebrows rose. “William!”

Will stared at him. “What?!”

His father was silent for a moment. Then he broke out laughing. “Leave a nut for Mikey!” he said in mocking tone before disappearing.

“Daaaad!” Jimmy groaned.

He heard his father laugh as he walked up the stairs.

Will grinned. “You heard him, let Mikey have a go.”

Jimmy chuckled. “Dad was only joking, Will.”

Will rolled his eyes. “Duh.”

“You behave like a baby”, Michael said to his brother. “We’re not kids anymore.”

“Oh come on”, Will grinned. “I know you love hitting guys in the nuts!”

Michael blushed. “I don’t.”

“You think it’s funny”, Will continued. “That’s why you watch America’s Funniest Home Videos all the time!” Will changed his voice. “Oh, what a joy it is to watch dads play baseball with their sons.” He pretended be hit in the groin and clutched his crotch, his eyes crossing. “Ooof. My nuts! My nuts!” he shrieked in a high-pitched voice.

Michael and Jimmy laughed.

“See?” Will said in a triumphant voice, putting his hands on his hips. “It is funny!”

Michael shrugged and brought his leg back before smashing it into Will’s crotch with a resounding thud, knocking the wind out of his lungs.

Will’s eyes bulged and he doubled over, his knees folding inward and his hands covering his balls. “Ow”, he whispered.

Jimmy burst out laughing. “That was mean, Mikey!”

Michael grinned. “Well, maybe it is funny after all…”

The rest of the day passed uneventfully and without further damage to Jimmy’s reproductive organs.

At night, the twins were lying in their beds.

“Mikey”, Will said, “are you sleeping?”

“Nah”, Michael said sleepily.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun with Jimmy, right?” Will said.

“Uhuh.” Michael made an affirmative noise.

“We’ll have to make sure that he won’t spend all the time with his girls”, Will continued.


“I’ll think of something”, Will said with a smile.

A few minutes later, the two blond boys were sleeping soundly, each of them dreaming of ways to thwart their brother’s plans.

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Something to look at (11)

A few months ago I started using my tumblr account to reblog, share and post ballbusting pictures and other content of interest. Here are a few examples of original stuff I posted:

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Broken rules, broken balls (Sid meets Ben and Logan)

Special thanks to our reader Sid! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who has fantasized about busting his best friend’s balls for years!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan and Ben (click for pictures)

“Those are two nice, big man-eggs you got hanging between your legs”, Ben said with a hint of jealousy.

“Thanks”, Sid replied with a grin and looked down at his testicles. They were big and meaty, hanging low in their sack and stretching the skin with their weight.

“Grade AA”, Logan chuckled. “They are definitely bigger than yours, Ben.”

Ben frowned at Logan. “And bigger than yours, too.”

The three guys were stark naked.

Logan was 18 years older, a handsome high school wrestler with a trained body and short blond hair. Ben was two years older, a bit taller and more muscular than Logan, with black hair and an attractive face.

Sid’s body was lean and fit, but on the skinny side, which made his oversized set of testicles look even more impressive. The hot 20 year old Indian had a cheeky grin on his face as he weighed his testicles in his hands.

“Biggest balls in the room, I guess”, Sid mused, glancing at Ben.

Logan burst out laughing. “Listen to that, Ben. I think he’s right…”

Ben rolled his eyes, mumbling something unintelligible.

“What was that?” Logan chuckled.

“But his dick is smaller”, Ben repeated, grumbling.

Sid shrugged and looked down. Maybe his dick was smaller than Ben’s or Logan’s big tools, but it was still a nice, meaty specimen.

Logan leaned forward and took a closer look at Sid’s junk, pretending to be squinting. “You’re right, Ben. What a cute little thing.” He extended his hand and playfully tickled the head of Sid’s dick. He changed his voice into an exaggerated sing-song as if he was talking to a toddler. “Hellooooo, you little cutie! What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Sid chuckled before bringing his leg back and sending it smashing in between Logan’s legs, crunching his bare balls with his instep and making Logan yelp in pain.

“No touching, please”, Sid grinned as Logan doubled over and cupped his crotch, groaning in pain. “I don’t want your dirty hands anywhere near my junk, got it?”

“Got it”, Logan said in a strained voice. “Your argument was very convincing…”

Ben and Sid laughed.

Ben’s laughter was rudely interrupted, though, when Sid’s foot found his dangling babymakers, crunching them hard and eliciting a guttural groan from Ben’s lips.

“That’s for saying my dick is small”, Sid grinned. “That’s not a nice thing to say, you know?”

Ben looked at him, grimacing in pain. He lifted his hands and shrugged his shoulders. “But it is sm---“

Once again, Sid’s bare foot sailed into Ben’s crotch, hitting both of his tender testicles dead-on and making Ben groan in pain and double over.

Sid laughed. “I told you, it’s not a nice thing to say.”

Ben and Logan recovered quickly, and the banter between the three guys continued. It was quite obvious that all of them enjoyed making fun of each other’s equipment, and neither of them was shy about aiming a friendly kick at an unsuspecting ballsack.

A while later, it was well-established that Logan’s testicular defense was seriously lacking efficacy (after Sid had landed three vicious nut kicks in a row), that Ben’s larger-than-life ego was counterproductive for his sex life (after Sid and Logan had tricked him repeatedly into posing and showing off his muscles only to snap-kick his balls whenever he struck a pose), that Sid’s big, juicy balls were more resilient than they looked (especially the left one that hung a bit lower than the right one and suffered the most from the other guy’s blows), that both Sid and Ben had given their testicles names (with Ben’s “Righty” and “Lefty” being far less imaginative than Sid’s “Funky” and “Spunky”), that Logan was able to recite the Pledge of Allegiance while getting kicked in the balls from behind (whereas Ben had trouble reciting it even without any scrotal interference), that Sid’s feet were larger than Logan’s or Ben’s (which explained why his kicks were so effective), that Ben hadn’t shot his load in a week (which led to a heated discussion about the current color of his balls), that Sid’s dick was smaller than Logan’s and Ben’s even when they all sported erections (which was followed by a very enthusiastic sword fight at the end of which Sid clubbed Ben’s big, full balls with the head of his erect cock), and that they all loved playing games.

“I always win”, Ben stated with a huge grin. He shrugged. “Can’t help it. I’m a winner.”

Logan and Sid laughed.

All three of them had suffered their fair share of nut kicks, and it showed: Their balls were slightly swollen, and there were a couple of light bruises visible on each of their nut sacks.

Logan brought his leg back and kicked Ben’s nuts hard. Logan’s instep collided with the two tender nuggets and drove them into his body, flattening them like pancakes.

Ben let out a gurgling groan and doubled over.

“Looks more like you’re a loser to me”, Logan smirked. He bent forward and put his hands on his knees, his legs spread slightly apart, letting his nuts dangle vulnerably between his thighs.

Sid seized his chance and kicked Logan’s nuts from behind, making him gasp in surprise and pain as his knees met and his eyes bulged.

“Sorry, man”, Sid chuckled, patting Logan’s ass. “I just saw them dangling, and you know how it is when you get an invitation like that…”

Logan groaned. “Yeah, I know how it is”, he said hoarsely before sending a mule kick into Sid’s groin, catching both of his fat balls dead on and ramming them into his body.

Sid yelped in pain and doubled over, laughing uncontrollably. “Shit, I can’t believe I didn’t see that one coming!”

All three were doubled over, nursing their battered balls and groaning in pain.

“You know”, Logan said after a while, rubbing his sore testicles. “Why don’t we start the game, huh?”

Sid chuckled. “Sure.”

“What are the rules?” Ben asked.

Logan thought for a moment. Then his face lit up. “What about a little game of Roshambo?”

Ben shrugged. “It’s a bit boring, isn’t it?”

Logan chuckled. “Then let’s make it interesting. We take turns kicking Sid in the balls. Whoever knocks him off his feet gets to make him cum.”

Ben grinned. “Sounds fun.” He turned to Sid. “Right?”

Sid looked at Ben, then at Logan, a huge grin on his face. “Well, what can I say”, he said. “I like it.”

Logan and Ben laughed.

“Awesome”, Logan said, rubbing his hands. “Let’s---“

“But I have another idea for the rules”, Sid interrupted him, grinning. “Whoever I knock down gets their equipment milked.”

Ben raised his eyebrows.

“But that’s not the same game”, Logan said slowly. “It’s---“

He was interrupted by a fierce kick in the groin that flattened his balls between  his pelvis and Sid’s instep.

Logan’s eyes bulged and his mouth formed a cute little ‘O’. A long, wheezing, almost inaudible groan escaped his lips.

Ben scratched his head, looking confused. “I don’t get it. Are we playing or are we---“

Sid brought his leg back and kicked Ben’s nuts as hard as he could. A dull, meaty smack echoed through the room as Ben’s nutsack was smashed into his body.

Ben’s eyes lost focus and he let out a girlish shriek.

 “We’re playing”, Sid laughed. “Of course we’re playing.” He feigned surprise. “Or do you want to chicken out?”

Ben coughed.

Logan groaned.

Sid started making chicken noises.

“Stop it!” Ben grunted, clasping his balls.

Sid laughed. “So you’re playing?”

Ben grimaced. Then he gave a quick nod.

“What about you?” Sid turned to Logan.

Logan shifted uncomfortable. His hands were cupping his aching balls. “I don’t know”, he mumbled.

Sid shrugged. “Your balls are too weak, huh? Pity.”

Logan looked at him, an amused expression on his face. “Nonsense.”

Sid shrugged again. “It’s okay. Just admit that Ben’s balls are tougher than yours.”

Logan blinked.

Ben grinned at him. “They are, just admit it.”

There was a moment of silence.

“Okay, let’s play”, Logan said finally, rolling his eyes.

“Nice”, Sid said, rubbing his hands. “Spread your legs.”

Logan did as he was told, grimacing in anticipation. His eyes were closed and he inhaled deeply. His hard dick was pointing at the ceiling, and his big, swollen balls dangled vulnerably between his thighs.

Sid’s foot connected with Logan’s big, juicy balls, slamming them into his body and flattening them like pancakes. Logan’s face went blank. His eyes opened slowly before crossing in an almost comical grimace, his mouth formed an ‘O’ and he let out a long, soft moan.

Ben and Sid burst out laughing, slapping their knees as Logan’s knees met and he folded at the waist, doubling over and clutching his balls.

“That look on his face!” Sid laughed.

“Priceless”, Ben chuckled.

Logan was busy cradling his aching testicles while Sid turned to Ben and grinned, “Your turn.”

Ben grinned and spread his legs, his hands on his hips. Like Logan, he sported a nice, hard boner that swayed from side to side. “Give it your best shot.”

Sid chuckled. “Trust me, I will…” He brought his leg back and kicked Ben’s balls hard.

Ben’s eyes bulged and he let out a dry cough. “Fuck”, he mumbled, doubling over, one hand covering his eyes while the other cradled his abused testicles.

Sid laughed. “That was pretty good, wasn’t it?”

“Yup”, Ben whispered, his face a mask of pain. “Pretty good.”

Sid nodded proudly. “I think I heard your nuts cracking”, he chuckled.

Ben shook his head emphatically, his face contorted in agony. “Nope.”

Sid looked almost disappointed. “Damn, I guess I have to go harder next time…”

Ben groaned.

Sid turned to Logan who had slightly recovered. “Let’s see if I can crack yours.”

Logan smiled weakly while he was fondling his ballsack. “I’m sure there already are some cracks in the shells…”

Sid chuckled and motioned for Logan to assume his position.

Logan complied, a miserable expression on his face.

Sid focused on his target, the two large, swollen orbs in Logan’s ballsack. Then, with a little running start, he brought his foot up between Logan’s legs, driving his balls into his body and eliciting a long, wheezing moan.

Logan stumbled backwards, and it almost looked as if he wasn’t able to stay on his feet, but he managed to keep standing, cupping his balls and whimpering in pain.

“So”, Sid grinned. “I bet your sack is filled with nut butter now, huh?”

Logan shook his head, groaning and moaning. “I’m fine”, he whispered throatily.

Sid went back and forth between Logan and Ben, kicking their balls harder and harder every time. With every kick, Logan’s and Ben’s screams got louder and shriller. But, miraculously, neither Logan nor Ben went down.

Sid was having the time of his life, leisurely stroking his own hard cock while he wreaked havoc on Ben’s and Logan’s babymakers.

Almost two dozen devastating, nut-shattering kicks later, Logan’s and Ben’s muscular bodies were covered in sweat. Their dicks were hard and dripping with precum.

Sid’s foot connected with Logan’s nuts, eliciting a shrill, agonized squeal. Logan’s legs were shaking and he staggered to the side, barely being able to stay on his feet.

Sid turned to Ben whose face was contorted in agony.

“Spread ‘em”, Sid said with a cheerful smile.

Ben let out a whimper and spread his legs. His bruised and swollen ballsack was dangling vulnerably between his legs.

Sid took a step back and sent his foot flying up between Ben’s thighs. A dull thud echoed through the room.

Ben froze, his face turning white, his mouth forming a little ‘O’. Slowly, his eyes crossed and an almost inaudible, high-pitched, wheezing sound escaped his lips. With a pitiful whimper, Ben fell to his knees and dropped to the side, curling up in a little ball.

Sid chuckled. “No kids for you, I’m afraid.”

Logan was doubled over, catching his breath. “That means you get milked, buddy”, he said to Ben with a weak grin.

Ben let out a whimper.

Sid rubbed his hands and got down on his knees, turned Ben onto his back, spread his legs and gently pried Ben’s hands away from his junk.

Ben stared at Sid with fear in his eyes.

Sid winked at him and started jerking his big, dripping dick with both of his hands.

Ben moaned.

Without a word, Sid bent over and took Ben’s rock-hard cock into his mouth.

Ben closed his eyes.

Gently, almost lovingly, Sid sucked on Ben’s dick, his head bobbing up and down.

Ben sighed. His body relaxed, and moans of pleasure started to fill the room.

Logan watched them, his eyebrows raised.

Ben’s moans grew louder and louder until his body tensed and he flooded Sid’s mouth with a huge load of creamy cum from his traumatized testicles.

Sid gulped Ben’s load down eagerly, slurping and smacking noisily as Ben’s salty cream ran down his throat and filled his belly.

Ben’s eyes opened and he looked at Sid. “Oh fuck, that was awesome”, he whispered.

Sid chuckled.

Logan cleared his throat.

Sid turned his head and looked up at him.

“You know, suddenly I wish I had lost”, Logan said sarcastically. He glanced at his rock-hard erection that was pointing at the ceiling.

Sid smiled. “You do?” He slowly got up.

Logan grinned. “If that’s what the loser gets.”

Sid walked towards Logan. “You liked that, huh?”

Logan’s dick twitched. “It looked pretty good”, he said throatily.

Seductively, Sid walked up to Logan and reached for his cock.

A grin spread on Logan’s handsome face, and his dick jumped with excitement. “Oh yeah”, he moaned, closing his eyes.

Instead of wrapping his lips around Logan’s meaty dick, though, Sid jerked his knee up between Logan’s thighs, ramming it into his swollen, sore testicles and eliciting a surprised, strangled scream.

Logan collapsed on the ground, and before he had a chance to curl up in a ball, Sid grabbed his feet, spread his legs wide and stomped down hard. His bare foot drove Logan’s tender testicles into his body, eliciting an anguished wail.

Again and again, Sid stomped down on Logan’s balls, mercilessly squashing Logan’s nuts under his heel.

Logan was screaming from the top of his lungs and his dick started twitching violently before a huge, thick blast of creamy cum up erupted from his cock and sailed through the air, landing with a wet splat on the ground.

Logan wailed in agony, his eyes clenched shut and his mouth wide open, as his poor, plump babymakers pumped jet after jet of slimy jizz into the air.

Sid brought his foot down between Logan’s thighs, squishing and squashing his balls, stomping the cream out of them.

After what seemed like an eternity, Logan’s orgasm ended, and Sid landed one final, brutal stomp on his testicles, twisting his heel to make sure every last drop of spunk was squished out of Logan’s tender gonads.

A final spur of cum squirted out of Logan’s dick before Sid let go of his feet and allowed him to curl up on the floor, cupping his drained balls and his spent dick.

The room was filled with moans, moans of pleasure and satisfaction from Ben, moans of pain and agony from Logan.

“You know, this was really fun”, Sid said with a huge grin on his face. “I really like this game.” He laughed and started jerking his hard, dripping dick.

After just a couple of strokes, his body was rocked by a huge orgasm. His dick started shooting, and he swung it like a fire hose, showering Logan and Ben with his spunk and making sure that each of them received their fair share of cum. Sid’s thick, creamy spunk splattered onto their naked bodies with wet splats, and within seconds, Logan and Ben were covered in a thick, slimy layer of spunk.

After he had emptied his balls, Sid put on his clothes, taking his time while watching Ben and Logan, covered in his cum, lie on the floor, moaning for entirely different reasons.

“See you, guys”, Sid said casually. “Thanks.”

He closed the door behind him, leaving Ben and Logan on the floor.

“Fuck”, Ben whispered. “That was awesome.”

Logan groaned. “Not really.”

Ben lifted his head and looked at Logan who was curled up in a ball, clutching his battered balls, his body glistening with sweat and sperm. “But you won”, he grinned.

Logan let out a laugh. “I did?”

Ben’s head sank to the floor again. “Doesn’t matter”, he mumbled. “It was awesome.”

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Winning isn't everything (written by Yannis)

This story was written by Yannis, one of our readers from Belgium. It's an awesome story about four hot wrestlers and the aftermath of a wrestling match. The character of Dustin was inspired by Dustin McNeer. I hope you like this story as much as I do! As always, your feedback is highly appreciated! :-))

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

It was over. He had won his last match and frankly he was pumped up about it. And maybe a tad horny as well. He was a healthy college student after all and all that full body contact during wrestling is just asking for a semi hard-on, if not an erection in its full glory on some days.

Dustin made his way to the bathrooms. He needed to take a victory selfie - his semi bulging his singlet and all - to send to his girl, as she hadn't been able to come along. In his euphoria he didn't notice the two rivals stalking him, nor the sadistic grin each of them had on their faces.

He quickly took a piss before standing in front of the mirror to take his selfies. It was after sending those that he finally noticed the other two wrestlers. He turned to them with a smile on his face that would send girls into a squealing mess.

'Sorry, guys!'

'Sorry my ass,' came the reply from another blonde.

'You ain't sorry at all, Dustin,' the second managed to pronounce his name with hate dripping from the two syllables.

'No, really guys, I am! No hard feelings?'

'No hard feelings he says,' the blonde rival muttered, stalking forward invading Dustin's personal space, 'he's got a freaking hard on, the fucking fag,'

He felt a hand squeeze his semi hard on, which he had gotten from taking those selfies for his Instagram and girlfriend. He let out an involuntary moan.

'Keep going, Filip,' the second guy, a brunet who resembled Dustin in a way with his twinkish look, said, 'make that cocksucker beg for our cocks!'

'Sure I could use a good blowjob after losing,' Filip grinned as he applied more pressure on Dustin's manhood, making his squeezing turn a mix of pain and pleasure for the wrestler. Heavy on the pain. Luckily for Dustin, the pain made his semi hard on disappear.

Dustin grunted in response. It seemed like Filip wasn't going to stop busting his manhood any time soon. He mentally cursed. He tried to focus but each squeeze of Filip's hand was more painful than the last. It took a minute of therapeutic kneading on Filip's part to get Dustin on his knees, clutching his abused balls. He wasn't whimpering yet, but the brunet would get him to.

'My turn,' he said.

'His balls are all yours, Grant,'

Grant smirked as he forced Dustin to look at him. The smirk on Grant's handsome face promised pain and humiliation.

'Say, Filip? Did you bring the camera?'

'Of course, Grant. Right here,'

'Good. Now listen up, twink! We are going to film this and if you don't want us to upload this to pornhub, you'll keep your cock sucking mouth shut, comprendé?'

Dustin just glared at his opponent.

'I said comprendé?' Grant stomped Dustin in the balls, flattening the testicles against the tile flooring.

'Yes,' Dustin blurted out, his eyes closed and his hands on his balls.

'Look at me, bitch!' The brunet grabbed Dustin by his blonde locks and forced him to look him once again in the eye. 'Say it again and add master to it,'

Dustin resolved to spit in the eye of his tormentor. He wasn't about to be bullied and sexually humiliated without a fight.

'That's it! This video will go online no matter what! Filip film me first and then get a close up from dear Dustin's bulge before I crush his balls!'

'Aye aye sir!' Filip grinned as he came closer the cam trained on Grant's face.

'I am Grant and this is Dustin. He has been a bad boy and needs to be punished,' Grant spoke to the camera, 'Let's see how long it takes for him to jizz his singlet from ball torture,'

Filip waited 10 seconds before filming a close up of Dustin's scowling face for 10 seconds before the cam slowly went down to the crotch area, where Grant was rubbing Dustin to a semi already while saying: 'Would you look at that bulge. So big and soft. Not to mention so easy to crush!'

Dustin let out a cry of pain when Grant’s grip became incredibly tight, he thought his balls were going to explode from the pressure on them. The brunet didn’t loosen his grip at the cry, if anything he simply added more pressure causing Dustin to squirm trying to get out of the hand.

‘S-stop! Please!’ he begged, ‘my balls…please,’

‘Oh I don’t think so, Dustin,’ Grant smirked as released his grip on the winner’s balls, ‘you’ll be sorry for stealing our glory once again, blondie! And this is only an incentive for our next competition. If you don’t lose on purpose, I’ll let the rest of my club have a go at your twink body,’

Dustin gasped as his balls were released. He looked up into Grant’s blue eyes, hatred showing in them. ‘Like I’ll ever lose on purpose! Maybe you should practice more. Then you wouldn’t loo-’

His rant was cut off as both Filip and Grant kicked him in the nuts, as if trying to kick a football into the goal, in quick succession. He doubled over on the ground with a howl of pain, softly cradling his balls in his hands.

Filip was still filming. ‘Boss-man! What should we do now?’

‘Well, I still want to see him jizz his singlet,’ Grant said, pushing against Dustin’s shoulder, forcing him to lay out flat on his back, ‘Call Nick! He’ll hold him so we can have our fun before we need to go home. Meanwhile I’ll try to get his dick to be completely hard and leaking,’

‘On it, sir!’ Filip went to his camera bag and pulled out a tripod and mounted the camera on it, ‘Have fun, Grant!’

‘Hurry your ass, Fil! We wouldn’t want our guest to get too anxious now, would we?’

Filip didn’t dignify that with an answer and left the bathroom.

Grant turned his attention back to Dustin before grabbing Dustin’s iPhone and unlocking it with a simple swipe. He pressed a foot into Dustin’s chiseled chest.

‘Aww look at you now, at the mercy of my foot,’ Grant smirked before opening Instagram and taking a picture of him and typing the caption Where I belong before uploading it, ‘Exactly where you belong, my dear friend. And the whole world will know!’

Grant dropped to his knees, straddling Dustin’s hips and placed his hands besides the handsome blonde’s face. He leaned in and whispered something in Dustin’s ear. The blonde’s eyes went wide when he heard what Grant was saying. It was clear that he was going to get raped and he was defenseless.

‘Please just let me go,’ Dustin begged, ‘I’ll do anything thing,’

‘Too late, twink-face,’ Grant said before he pulled Dustin’s arms out the arm holes of his singlet, rolling the singlet down until the entire chest was bared. ‘Such a strong chest...’

The brunet drew random patterns all over the pectorals, occasionally brushing over the nipples. Those nipple brushes elicited moans from Dustin and those moans were music to Grant’s sadistic ears. In the end he got bored and he wanted to hear more of those delicious moans, he grabbed the nipples and flicked his forefingers back and forth over them, making them hard. Dustin was squirming underneath in pleasure and humiliation. To up his game, Grant leaned in and sensually licked a nipple. Dustin actually arched his back, needing more of that sinful tongue.

‘More! Please more!’ he moaned while mentally cursing his weak mind as he felt his penis harden.

‘That’s more like it, slut! Beg!’ Grant said with a nipple between in teeth and teasing the other with his thumb.

‘Looks like someone is in need,’ a soft baritone spoke.

‘Ah, Nicky! Welcome! Can you hold him for me and Filip?’ Grant said, righting himself before moving a bit down, ‘Oh! It looks like Dusty is getting excited,’

Dustin blushed and cursed the betrayal of his body. His cock was half way once again and Grant was not helping in getting it back to a limp stage since he started grinding his own bulge against his, making him even harder. He tried moving about but that created just more friction.

‘Grant, you man-whore,’ Nick said rolling his eyes, ‘and you’re even taping it? Kinky,’

‘What can I say! Dusty here is my childhood friend, isn’t that right?’ Grant asked with a sickeningly smile on his face, ‘Not to mention my high school crush but he had to go and fuck the captain of cheerleader squad. What’s that bitch’s name again? Harley? More like harlot if you ask me. Her nickname was the school’s bicycle. After all, everyone had laid with her at least once. But here I am on top of you, Dustin, and where’s your harlot now?’

‘So that’s what this is about?! Revenge because I didn’t return your feelings,’ Dustin asked, getting angry, ‘You’re sick Grant! What happened to the carefree boy with the devil-may-care attitude?’

‘Wouldn’t you like to know, mister captain of the Gymnastics team and the wrestling team,’ Grant said.

‘Stuff is getting interesting,’ Filip commented, ‘Hurry up though. We only have two hours left before we need to report at the bus,’

‘Alright guys,’ Nick said taking matter in his own hands by pulling Grant of Dustin and pulling the latter up by pulling on his hair. ‘Let’s see if you can get out of my grip, Dusty,’

Dustin noticed that Nick was a lanky but well muscled brunet with quicksilver colored eyes. He was wearing a sideless t-shirt and lose fitting gym shorts and a pair of sneakers. The winning wrestler was turned around and forced to look at the camera, while Nick had hooked his arms underneath his armpits and placed his hands at the back of the blonde’s head. His legs had be forced apart and kept that way as Nick leisurely interlocked one leg around one of Dustin’s. The blonde tried to move but he couldn’t as he found Nick’s grip a lot stronger than Grant’s.

‘Fuck…’ Dustin cursed.

‘Don’t swear, Dusty,’ Grant said, ‘That isn’t very polite,’

‘Neither is raping someone who won fair and square,’ the captured young man spat.

‘Alright I was planning on going easy on you Dusty but your foul mouth doesn’t give me much of a choice,’ That said Grant grabbed Dustin by his middle and drove his knee in between his muscled thighs.

The bony knee collided with the nuts held by the singlet, crunching them against his pelvis, eliciting a cry of pain from Dustin. Encouraged by the sound, Grant repeated the action, this time with more force behind it. The trapped blonde felt his nuts climb in his sac before they starter their painful descend. He felt nauseous.

‘Stop,’ he groaned, ‘Please Grant. Have mercy,’

Grant didn’t reply, he simply moved his hands over Dustin’s sculpted torso, finding his nipples before harshly tugging on them. Dustin closed his eyes as pained pleasure course through his body. He gasped. Grant was really enjoying himself, the bulge in his tight, spandex gym shorts was prove of it.

‘You gonna tease his nipples Grant?’ Filip asked, ‘Can I have a go with his nuts again?’

‘Sure Fil, make sure those nuts are crushed,’ Grant said before tugging harshly on the nipples again, causing Dustin to squirm in Nick’s hold, trying to get loose.

Filip made his way and knelt down in front of the bulge in Dustin’s singlet. He took a sniff, enjoying the smell of Dustin’s musk and sweat before licking it, making Dustin moan in pleasure. Grant smirked as he leaned down to lick the winner’s nipples while his arms reached around and began groping the firm butt cheeks. Nick smirked as he felt Grant groping the blonde’s ass, the knuckles of the brunet rubbing against his junk, stimulating it.

Dustin felt humiliated as he looked at the camera, narrowing his eyes hoping it would run out of battery before things got too adult rated, as he knew for sure he was going to get ball tortured and maybe raped afterwards. He felt Filip withdraw his tongue and he dared to look down. Filip looked up and grinned a simply evil grin. Without a warning the blonde placed a well aimed upper cut into Dustin’s junk. The trapped wrestler felt his nut shoot up in is sac, but before they could come down again, they collided heads on with Filip’s fist over and over again. Dust couldn’t help but scream in pain, tears prickling in the corner of his eyes.

‘Please…ugh…stop,’ he managed to moan in between heavy pants when Filip took a break.

‘Oh no,’ the other blonde said, ‘I’m just getting started,’

With that he lightly tapped the swollen genitals but even the light tap hurt like a well placed knee to the groin. Dustin wailed. Grant had meanwhile pushed his hands underneath the singlet, pleased when found his crush wearing a jockstrap underneath. He wasted no time in getting his fingers in between those firm globes and commenced teasing the trapped male’s sweaty ass crack and hairless pucker. Dustin moaned, feeling very violated.

‘That’s a good boy,’ Grant stage whispered in the captive’s ears, ‘moan like the manwhore you are,’

Dustin tried to keep his moans down but Grant simply teased the ring of muscle that was his asshole, eliciting humiliated sounding moans. The brunet pushed two whole finger in at once. They went knuckle deep. The blonde cried out as Grant had found his prostate.

‘What is that?’ Dustin asked in high pitched moan.

‘That’s your prostate, sweetie,’ Grant replied as he began hammering his fingers against aforementioned spot, ‘It’s what the gays call the G-spot,’

Dustin was reduced to moaning and gasping in pleasure as his so called g-spot was worked over. The stimulating of his ass had an effect on his cock. It became fully erect, standing tall at 10 inches long and 1¼ inches thick. Filip whistled at the sheer length of the member before pulling down the singlet and the jockstrap, releasing that monstrosity of a cock.

‘Wow, dude you’re hung as a horse,’ Filip said, letting his finger trail over the erection before grabbing Dustin’s walnut sized balls, squishing them in his hand before tugging on them harshly.

Dustin cried out in pain, his eyes crossed. Filip kept repeating that action while Grant simply kept hammering his prostate and adding more finger until four digits were inside his ass, stretching him painfully. Tears were running down his handsome face.

After what seemed ages Filip ceased his ball tugging but he went back to using his scrotum as a boxing bag. Dustin’s nuts were already turning an angry dark purple from the bruising. The handsome blonde’s face was a mask of intense pain, his mouth open in a silent scream.

Nick had let go of Dustin’s arms. He pushed his gym shorts down and revealed his 9¾ inch boner. His dick was incredibly thick with a width of 2 inches. He didn’t bother lubing himself up, He pulled Grant’s hand out of Dustin’s hole and replaced the four finger with his mushroom shaped dickhead. The blonde captive screamed bloody murder as Nick slammed in his thick cock balls deep.

Nick began thrusting into Dustin’s ass without any sign of mercy. Grant simply joined Filip in busting his balls. Both boys had grabbed one ball and where squeezing the life out of it. Dustin saw stars. He moaned and begged the boys to stop the torture.

‘Let’s make him cum,’ Nick grunted as he picked up the pace to a frantic thrusting.

‘Good plan,’ The other two tormentors agreed and Grant grabbed the erection and started sucking on it.

Filip began sucking on the abused balls, using his tongue to push them between his teeth and he bit down. Hard. Dustin cried out, he felt light in the head from the pain and his legs were trembling. He was on the verge of passing out from the pain brought to his balls and ass.

Grant stopped sucking, not wanting to swallow Dustin’s cum, and harshly jerked the captured wrestler off. Filip had stopped sucking on the balls as well and simply held them so that each time Grant’s hand came down, it crashed on the testicles, pureeing them.

Dustin felt his battered balls tighten painfully. He knew his orgasm was near and so did Nick, for the lanky young man took hold of the base of his cock and squeezed it shut. The brunet thrusted balls deep one last time before he erupted, coating Dustin’s insides with his thick man juice.

Once he was done, he released his grip on the blonde’s cock and Dustin came. The thick ropes of pearly white cum mixed with some blood shot out of Dustin’s huge cock and landed on the tile floor. It was a painful process since his balls were positively battered and crushed.

Nick pulled out of Dustin’s ass once stopped spraying his cum after two minutes. The blonde sagged down, clutching at his abused balls. He groaned in pain. Grant however wasn’t done yet and neither was Filip. They were rock hard and aching for relieve. They pushed Dustin face forward into his pool of cum

‘Nick operate the camera,’ Grant barked as he started jerking himself off.

Nick quickly got behind the camera and moved it so the humiliated Dustin was in plain view. ‘Turn Dustin around,’ He said.

They did, kicking the boy in the ribs, making him lay on his back. Filip grabbed Dustin’s legs and began stomping on his nuts again before gas pedaling them. Dustin screamed and begged for mercy. Letting go of Dustin’s legs, he pushed down his track pants and started jerking himself off. Filip like Grant had a big cock, standing tall at 9.4 inches. Though they were not as thick as Dustin or Nick, having a width of approximately ¾ inches.

Grant went to stand on Dustin’s left while jerking off. Both Filip and Grant leisurely pumped their cocks as they watched Dustin squirm in pain from getting his balls crushed underneath Filip’s sneakers. Grant wanting to hurt the boy he still had a crush on, started stomping on Dustin’s six pack abs. Dustin grunted and tried to shield his abs but to no avail.

It all ended 10 minutes later when Filip came, spraying his cum all over Dustin’s torso. Some of it landing on the chin of the wrestler. Grant seeing Dustin covered in cum like a bukkake porn model, lost it and came as well, aiming for the blonde’s handsome face. His cum landed on the hairline, the bridge of the nose and his mouth.

Once they had come down from their post orgasm high, Grant signaled Nick to film him.

‘My name’s Grant and this dude on the ground who’s covered in not only his own cum but that of Filip over there and myself, is Dustin, winner of the state wrestling championship,’Grant said in the camera.

Nick took one last shot of Dustin laying in a pool of semen, clutching his nuts, thoroughly fucked, humiliated and ball busted. He smirked before he stopped recording.

‘Well Dustin,’ Grant said as he knelt beside the cum covered boy, ‘did you learn your lesson?’

Dustin didn’t answer as he was preoccupied by the pain and humiliation he was feeling. Grant simply pried away his hands from the abused balls before grabbing the balls in a vice like grip, making Dustin squeal like a slaughtered animal.

‘Filip hand me his phone,’

Filip did so and Grant quickly took a Snapchat picture of his grip on Dustin’s balls, before publishing it for all of Dustin’s viewers to see in his Snapchat stories. He took a step back and took a picture of Dustin covered in cum and clutching his balls. He added the caption of State Wrestling Champion Covered in Cum and added it to the Snapchat stories.

‘Dustin. The tape will be uploaded to Tumblr and YouPorn. It’ll be sent to your coach and every member of your wrestling club. So you better lose on purpose next time or there will be a sequel of this video. Have a nice day,’ Grant kissed Dustin’s cheek before he got up, ‘And when you come home, you’d better place some ice on your junk,’

The three boys left. Dustin broke down in tears as soon as he heard the door slam close. It didn’t take long before he succumbed to the pain and passed out.

He was found later by his gym coach who called an 911 and the police at the sight of his star wrestler all battered up, clearly raped and ball busted.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Who is Zach? (updated)

Original Date: 09/14/2014

A couple of weeks ago a reader suggested that I post pictures for the characters in the stories. That made me think: I'm pretty sure that all of us have a picture in our head about what the guys look like - but at the same time they probably look a little bit different in each of our heads...

As an experiment I'd like to ask you to post links to images of guys that come close to how you imagine the guys to be.

We'll start with the most popular one: Zach. He's blond and muscular and has a spectacular set of genitals. What do you think he looks like? Feel free to post links to celebrities or porn stars or whatever you like in the comments sections. Headshots or nude pictures or fully clothed ones - everything is welcome. Alternatively you can send me pictures or drawings or whatever you like via e-mail ( - if you provide me with the source I'll post them here on the blog.

If you like the idea and there's enough feedback we'll continue with the other guys. I'm really curious if this will work...

Update 09/17/2014:

Here are two suggestions by an anonymous reader:
Model and fitness trainer Joe Brownell

Actor Justin Hartley
Update 09/22/2014:

Here are two more reader suggestions:

Belami model Mick Lovell

The guy with the orange baseball cap whose dick is hanging out of his jeans from raunchy porn site FraternityX

Update 09/29/2014:

Another reader's suggestion:

Actor Thad Luckinbill

Thad Luckinbill from a different perspective
Update 10/09/2014:

This is BB_Daddy's suggestion:

Lipstick Jungle actor Robert Buckley
Update 10/22/2014:

Ibi's suggestion:

Actor Alan Ritchson

Alan Ritchson again (this time in a quite interesting
scene from TV series "Blue Mountain State")

Actor and MMA fighter Sage Northcutt
Update 10/23/2014:

Another reader's suggestion:

Actor Justin Deeley
Justin Deeley again (in TV show "Drop Dead Diva")
Update 10/29/2014:

Another anonymous reader suggests:

Corbin Fisher's Truman
(I guess the lighting makes the dick seem smaller than it actually is... ;-))
Update 11/05/2014:

Another reader's suggestions via email:

Update 15/11/2014:

Another reader suggests:

Update 02/20/2015:

Scotlad's suggestion:

Update 04/05/2015:

Yannis' suggestion: US actor Mason Dye.

What do you think?