Friday, January 27, 2023

Before They Were Ballbusting Boys: Kev and Colin...Boredom written by Jimmy



Before They Were Ballbusting Boys: Kev and Colin Boredom

By Jimmy



Warning: Ballbusting and traces of cum.

“Hey man!” Colin smiles at Kevin from the couch, giving him his award winning smile.

Colin Decker is 20, with dirty dark blonde hair that he wears swept up away from his forehead showing over warm brown eyes. He is muscular and roommates with Kevin J. Stone, but everyone just calls him Kev.

“What up!”

“Just bored. It’s Friday and there’s nothing to do.”

Colin is in his boxers grinning and agrees “Damn, yeah. You right about that.”

“Zach is having that party hangout in his dorm but everyone there is so annoying.” Kev says and collapses on his bottom bunk. His gym shorts flap as he flops down.

“His parties are always lame! He will have weak beer too…speaking of beer we could play a game.” He grins over at Kev.

Kev’s head pops up but the rest of him stays flat on the bed. “A game?”


Gingerly Colin grabs his balls. “We could…you know.”

“We could what?” Kev laughs awkwardly.

“Want to play Roshambo?”

Monday, January 23, 2023

Nightwing's Plan written by Jimmy


Nightwing’s Plan


By Jimmy



Warning: I do not own any DC characters or properties, this is pure fiction. Contains ballbusting and underage characters.

Nightwing was hobbling around for a while, trying to get over that last kick from Tim Drake, Robin. Dick Grayson used to be Robin years ago and as he plots how best to get Tim Drake back he starts to think of his first successful kick against a criminal not too long ago in the past.

Dick brushes his hair out of his eyes and finishes suiting up, one hand protectively cupping his overly large and frequently targeted vulnerables wishing that he was not as big as he is. His big cojones always seem to get him into trouble… although this time Dick Grayson can clearly remember when he used a testicle shot to his advantage.

Friday, January 20, 2023

The Thief in Hell House written by Jimmy


The Thief in Hell House


By Jimmy

 Warning: Includes ballbusting. one underage character, and extreme violence. This story is darker than my usual ones  You have been warned.

Getting ready for bed, Sam Hell yawns lousy scratching his bare chest, his nubby fingers tracing the plump muscular shapes of his pecs distractedly. He has finished brushing his teeth and is still tasting the faint hint of mint as he runs his tongue over his clean teeth. Flicking the lights off in his bedroom, Sam Hell aka the Devilboy closes his bedroom door with a feint click heading to bed, moving first to stand by the window. His roommate, and foster brother Jake is out for the evening and he looks over at the other bed wistfully almost wishing that he were here.

Jumping onto his mattress, Sam pulls the covers up on his bare chest and moves a bit until he is comfortable before closing his bright red eyes. One hand moves underneath his thick frame feeling his half-cocked devils cane and murmurs into his pillow thinking of banging one out. But sleep comes rather quickly and he is already asleep with cock still in hand as his mind churns into pleasant dreams.


Monday, January 16, 2023

Snapshot: The Key to Being a Great's a Cup written by Jimmy


The Key to Being a Great Superhero…is a cup!

By Jimmy

Warning: I do not own any Batman or Batman related properties, this is an act of fiction. Also, this is not my artist work in the comic. It was sent by a good friend that wants MORE ballbusting and Robin stories. Here you go!

“Wait…what?” Tim Drake, aka Robin asks as he clips on his cape silky black and gold looking over Dick Grayson. “Joker kicked you in the nuts.”

“He… well… wasn’t the only one. I could not for the life of me get a cup to fit in those green pixie shorts. I’ve always been big, and well…my nads were an inviting target.” Dick finishes, looking red in the face as Tim Drake bursts out laughing staring at Dick as he rubs his groin through his black spandex tights.

“Damn… so what’s your excuse now?” Tim asks.

Monday, January 2, 2023



Hey everyone,

I'm goig to take a break for a few weeks, write some more stories and come back strong in the third week of January. I just published a story today, and I hope that you all enjoy it!

The Mission: Get Jayden Back written by Jimmy


The Mission: Get Jayden Back

By Jimmy


After losing the wrestling championship with Jayden Gomez, Zagan Keller is beside himself with misery.

Zagan Keller is not used to losing and decides, after some careful thought to contact an old acquaints of his. He’s lost and licking his wounds when Zagan remembers a guy with a terrifying reputation and asks him for a favor.

The guy’s name is Silas Dark, and his nickname is… the Silencer.

Monday, December 26, 2022

Adventures of the Eggs of the Heroes of Olympus: Part 5 written by Дарксторм Десептикон (blogsport name: Russian Guy)

Adventures of the eggs of the heroes of Olympus: Part 5.

By that Russian Guy

 Ballbusting Boys: Adventures of the Eggs of the Heroes of Olympus: Percy Jackson Part 4 written by by Дарксторм Десептикон (Russian Guy)

Ballbusting Boys: Beaten Eggs Blog created by Дарксторм Десептикон (blogsport name: Russian Guy)

Three new half-bloods appeared in the camp. Jake, Michael and John. The boys were 12 years old. Three small, hyperactive disasters. Jake was a blue-eyed blonde, Michael was a dark brown brunette with brown eyes, and John was a gray-eyed brunette. Percy was given the task of giving the brand new a tour. It was early morning. Percy slept in Poseidon's house. He was lying on a bunk in just dark green boxers and a T-shirt with the inscription "kick me in eggs."

Friday, December 23, 2022

All Tied Up written by Jimmy


All Tied Up

By Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting, traces of cum. underage characters.  You have been warned.

Note: I don't picture Bill looking like that, but the image does represent how I see Bill tied up in this story.

Bill slowly wakes up, he didn’t even realize that he had fallen asleep.

What seems like not too long ago, Bill had closed his eyes as his history teacher, his double class had put on a movie about the civil war and turned out the lights. Only planning on resting his eyes for a moment he had closed them as the screen turned on and the battles had begun.

A slight giggle catches Bill’s attention, and the fourteen year old stretches his neck to catch his partners attention but Rex is smiling broadly and not looking at him. However, Bill finds that he can’t move his arms, they seem to be stuck to the chair and as he tries to move his hands again he feels a tug. That’s when Bill’s reality feels daunting, he is stuck tied up to the chair. A ziptie is around each wrist and his shirt is hallway ridden up as Rex on one side of his lazily flicks his nipple, rubbing the pink nub between forefinger and thumb.

Bill gulps and asks “What…what are you doing?”

“Shush,” Max whispers on his other side. The twins have pulled their desks so that they are on either side of him. Max’s breathe tickles Bill’s ear as he to grabs his other nipple playing with his right peck.