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Logan’s high school diary 5: Wednesdays suck

I’m sorry for the lack of updates recently. I have been extremely busy, and there is no end in sight – but I managed to spare a couple of hours today and wrote this little story. I hope you like it.

Previous chapters: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

It’s been a little while since I had received a video from Logan. A while ago, the 18 year old high school wrestler had started a video diary, chronicling the adventures of him and his friends at Josiah E. Bartlett High. Logan was a very attractive, charming guy, and I was very happy when I received an e-mail from him. When I clicked on the link that he had sent me, the screen filled with what I immediately recognized as the school’s locker room.

Logan looked into the camera and smiled. “It’s Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen, and we have a wonderful little tradition here on the wrestling team… See for yourself…”

Logan stepped back and grinned at his buddies. I recognized the three guys he was with from previous videos.

Cody-Jeremy, nicknamed CJ, was a cute guy with red hair and a nose piercing. He was shirtless, with a smooth, hairless chest, wearing only a pair of shorts.

On his left, muscular Asian hunk Kim was smiling at the camera. Next to Kim was Gary, a handsome guy with dark blond hair and brown eyes.

Kim, Gary, and Logan were fully dressed but their hair was wet. Apparently they had just showered after finishing their training.

“Every Wednesday after practice”, Logan explained, grinning, “our buddy CJ here---“

CJ waved at the camera.

 “---likes to practice his oral skills”, Logan continued.

Gary chuckled and adjusted the visible boner in his crotch.

“Every week”, Logan continued, smiling, “CJ chooses one of us to be the lucky winner.” He adjusted his crotch. “Last week it was me. Now, who will it be this week?” He pointed at CJ with the exaggerated smile and posture of a game show host. “Over to you, CJ!”

The guys chuckled.

Kim and Gary were smiling like kids in a candy store, both of them hoping that CJ would pick them and anticipating his hot lips around their throbbing cock.

CJ rubbed his hands and grinned. “Alright, let’s get to work!” He fell down on his knees and licked his lips. He looked up at his three buddies, his lips slightly parted, his eyes twinkling.

Kim bit his lower lip, his pants tenting with an obvious erection. Absentmindedly, he ran his finger over the damp spot on his crotch where his dick was leaking precum.

Gary ran his hand through his dark blond hair and adjusted his boner again, winking at CJ.

Logan watched his two buddies and grinned.

“And this week”, CJ said slowly, “the lucky winner is going to be…”

Logan chuckled as Kim and Gary were holding their breath.

“Logan!” CJ exclaimed.

Logan blinked.

“What?!” Kim gasped.

“But you did him last week!” Gary objected.

CJ shrugged. “Sorry, guys”, he said. “I need something big today”, he smiled seductively at Logan. “I need a big fat piece of meat in my mouth. And frankly, your weenies can’t compete with Logan’s fucking monster.”

Kim’s jaw dropped. “What?!”

“Logan’s cock isn’t that much bigger than mine”, Gary mumbled.

Logan cleared his throat. “Listen, CJ, you sucked me off last week. Don’t you think---“

CJ shook his head and started unbuttoning Logan’s jeans. “It’s your cock that I want, big boy!” He winked at Kim and Gary. “You can watch if you want, losers.”

CJ pulled Logan’s jeans down to his knees, exposing his blue boxer briefs.

Logan smiled nervously. “Really, CJ, it’s only fair to let Gary and Kim get a shot…”

“Yeah!” Kim and Gary said in unison.

“Even if their cocks are too small”, Logan added.

“What?!” Kim glared at Logan.

“Your cock isn’t that much bigger than mine”, Gary mumbled.

“Why don’t you try taking both of them in your mouth, huh?” Logan suggested. “Maybe that’s enough to fill your mouth…”

Kim and Gary stared at Logan.

“Just an idea”, Logan shrugged.

CJ yanked down Logan’s boxer briefs. Logan’s pubic hair was neatly trimmed and his meaty cock was flaccid, hanging down in front of his big pair of testicles.

CJ licked his lips and weighed the heavy pair of nuts in his hand.

“Mmmm”, he cooed. “That’s---“ He stopped, looking confused. “What the fuck?” he whispered slowly.

Logan blushed.

“You can’t be serious”, CJ mumbled. He weighed Logan’s balls in his hand again, a concentrated expression on his face. “Empty”, he said in a toneless voice. “They are empty!”

Logan gulped.

CJ let go of Logan’s nuts, gingerly grabbed the base of his cock, leaned forward and sniffed at the tip of the meaty dick.

Logan’s face was beet red.

Kim and Gary looked confused.

CJ leaned back and let go of Logan’s dick. “You stupid fuck!” He slapped Logan’s nuts with the palm of his hand.

Logan groaned.

“You jerked off?!” CJ grunted. “On a Wednesday?!”

Logan cleared his throat.

CJ drew his hand back, balled his fist and sent it smashing into Logan’s unprotected junk. His knuckles dug deep into the soft tissue of Logan’s mighty balls, flattening them like pancakes and sending a meaty slap echoing through the room.

Kim and Gary cringed in sympathy as Logan doubled over, clutching his crotch.

“I’m sorry”, Logan groaned.

“Why the fuck would you do that?” CJ asked.

Logan moaned. “You know, it’s almost two weeks since I’ve seen Ashley. This morning she sent me a picture of herself. A naughty picture, you know. I was so horny that I ran into the men’s room and rubbed one out.”

CJ stared at him, an incredulous expression on his face.

“Two, actually”, Logan added meekly.

“You just dropped them onto the floor”, CJ whispered.

“Into the toilet, actually”, Logan mumbled.

“Those loads were mine”, CJ said in a toneless voice.

“I’m sorry”, Logan grimaced, rubbing his sore, empty testicles. “I know I owe you a load and I promise it’ll be a big one…”

CJ didn’t respond.

Logan sighed. “But not today.” He looked up and pointed at Kim and Gary. “I know their dicks are not as big as you like them but I’m sure they’ll be happy to let you suck them.”

CJ looked at Gary and Kim.

Gary scoffed. “No way!”

“Fuck you!” Kim chimed in.

“You wanted Logan and nobody else”, Gary added. “Now this is what you get: a pair of dried tomatoes.”

Kim laughed.

“I bet there’s not a drop of cum left in them”, Gary grinned.

“Serves you right, talking about our dicks like that!” Kim said.

CJ turned to Logan, a determined look on his face.

Logan smiled weakly. “I’m sorry, buddy.”

CJ looked back at Kim and Gary. “I’m going to get my batch of jizz today.”

“Not from us”, Kim said, shrugging.

CJ sighed. He looked at Logan’s genitalia. His limp, meaty cock was dangling in front of his balls.

“Alright”, CJ said, rubbing his hands. “I’m sure I can squeeze another load out of those nuggets.”

Logan’s eyes widened. “What?”

Kim and Gary chuckled. “Sure! It’s worth a try!”

“Nonono”, Logan said quickly. “They are completely dry, believe me, there’s not a drop left in those suckers.”

CJ grabbed Logan’s big nuts with both of his hands.

“When did you shoot your load?” Kim asked.

“Um, two hours ago”, Logan said in a strained voice as CJ started squeezing his tender testicles.

“Two hours, wow”, Kim grinned. “Well, superstud, I’m sure that your little sperm factory has started producing again…”

CJ closed his fingers around Logan’s nuts, digging his fingertips into the tender flesh and making the meaty gonads bulge between his fingers.

Logan groaned in pain. “Ow, fuck, CJ, please…”

“Go on, CJ”, Gary clapped his hands. “Milk him! Squeeze that jizz out of those suckers!”

CJ started twisting Logan’s nuts and pulling them away from each other, making Logan scream in agony.

Kim and Gary laughed.

“Yeah, that’s it!” Gary shouted.

CJ bit his lower lip, concentrating hard on compressing Logan’s poor plums as tightly as possible.

“You’ve got to tenderize them before you get the juice out of them”, Gary said, grinning.

Kim looked at him questioningly.

Gary shrugged. “My father was a grapefruit farmer…”

Kim laughed.

CJ grabbed Logan’s balls with his left hand, closing his thumb and his index finger around the neck of the sack, pulling them down until Logan’s plump meatballs were bulging at the bottom. Then he balled his right fist and smashed it into the trapped testicles.

Logan’s mouth opened wide in a silent scream and his eyes crossed as the pain washed through his body.

“Yeah!” Gary laughed.

Kim covered his groin in sympathy.

CJ punched Logan’s nuts again as hard as he could, smashing the delicate orbs into his palm. Logan’s nuts flattened like a pair of water balloons hitting the ground.

“Ouch”, Kim dead-panned, “that looked painful.”

Logan was gasping for air, his handsome face contorted in pain.

CJ ground his knuckles into the tender flesh of Logan’s most prized possessions, twisting his hand and making Logan shriek like a pig in a slaughterhouse.

“Look!” Gary shouted and pointed at Logan’s cock.

A small droplet of clear precum was visible at the very tip of Logan’s limp dick.

CJ eagerly lapped it up and grinned. “It’s working”, he said joyfully.

Logan didn’t seem to be able to appreciate the success of CJ’s actions. He was howling in pain as CJ flattened his poor balls between his palm and his knuckles with renewed passion.

Even through Logan’s cock remained soft, another drop of precum appeared and was quickly licked up by CJ.

CJ threw another hard, cheerful punch into Logan’s rapidly swelling balls that brought tears to the young stud’s eyes.

“I guess they’re tenderized enough now”, CJ mumbled and grabbed Logan’s bright red plums with both of his hands.

Logan gasped for air as CJ’s fingers closed around his bruised and battered balls, squishing them like a pair of stress balls.

CJ’s eyes were fixed on the tip of Logan’s dick as he kneaded Logan’s fat nuggets, squishing and squashing his tender orbs so hard that his knuckles turned white.

Another drop of sticky fluid ran out the head of Logan’s cock, and CJ quickly lapped it up like an eager puppy. Then another drop of fluid appeared. CJ hummed happily and continued squeezing Logan’s testicles.

Suddenly, a deep, gurgling groan escaped Logan’s lips. Even though his cock remained flaccid and soft, his body buckled as a painful, forced orgasm washed through his body.

CJ engulfed Logan’s dick with his mouth, closing his lips around the limp dick while continuing to squeeze Logan’s poor nuts.

It wasn’t more than one gulp, but apparently the taste was alright. CJ beamed with joy as he swallowed the juice that he had worked so hard to get.

Logan was whimpering, his eyes scrunched shut, his face glistening with sweat.

The orgasm lasted more than a minute, with CJ sucking hard on Logan’s cock and driving his thumbs into Logan’s empty, sore balls to get every last drop of cum out of them.

Finally, CJ let Logan’s cock slip out of his mouth, exhaling slowly with a satisfied smile on his face. He licked his lips and grinned. “Thanks”, he winked at Logan. “I really needed that. It wasn’t as much as I usually get – but thanks anyway.”

Logan stared at his throbbing red balls and his limp dick, a look of horror on his face.

Kim and Gary chuckled.

CJ looked up at Logan and laughed. “Oh come on”, he said and playfully slapped Logan’s bruised and spent nuts.

Logan shrieked like a little girl, causing the rest of the guys to break out laughing.

“You know what?” Gary said, reaching into his pocket. He produced an iPhone and held it in front of Logan’s crotch. “What do you say we send Ashley a naughty picture?”

“Oh, no”, Logan groaned.

Kim clapped his hands and laughed as Gary took a picture of Logan’s bruised genitalia with CJ smiling and giving two thumbs up.

Ten seconds after he had sent the picture, Logan’s phone rang.

Kim, Gary and Logan laughed hysterically as Logan looked mortified at the prospect of explaining his girlfriend what had happened to his balls.

Logan glared at his buddies who ran out of the room.

“Fuck you!” Logan shouted. “I’m going to get back at you!” Tentatively, he adjusted his naked genitalia, wincing at the touch of his hand. Then he picked up the phone. “Baby?” he said weakly.

Then the screen went black.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sexy Santa and his nut-crunching elves: Revenge of the elves

This is a sequel to last year's Christmas story How the elves saved Christmas. I wrote it in hurry to finish it in time for Christmas Day and I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out. I hope you like it anywyay... Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone who reads my blog and comments on the stories!

Warning: Can contain traces of egg nog.

 „I bet it’s Rudolph, that senile old hack“, Benjamin mumbled. The slender, petite elf tapped his foot and looked out the window. “I bet he has taken a wrong turn…”

He had convened in the common room along with the other senior elves. This season had been particularly exhausting. The number of gifts that had to be processed was up 10% compared to last year’s final tally. And North Pole Management Inc. hadn’t even considered upping the number of contract elves. Naturally, the twelve senior elves were tired.

But now it was almost dawn on Christmas Morning, and the season was finally over. Nico would be coming home from his last tour any minute now, and the elves were looking forward to their ritual.

Nico was a young, fit, great-looking stud who looked like a prince from a fairy tale. Brown hair, a friendly smile, a handsome face, and a fantastic body with muscles in all the right placed – the little blond elves just loved him. The previous Santa, a chain-smoking ugly old slob with a fuzzy white beard, greasy hair and a pot belly had retired after his second heart-attack, much to the delight of his little helpers. When Nico had first arrived at the North Pole, the elves had trouble hiding their rock-hard excitement in their tight-fitting felt pants…

Over the years, they had found ways to enjoy his presence even more. Every night, they brought him a big cup of their own special egg nog that included the best that the twelve delicate blonds had to give…

Last Christmas, they had started working over his nuts in order to stop his unnatural urges that were directed at mortal girls. They had developed a weekly routine that left Nico’s testicles neatly beaten and bruised, and thoroughly drained and empty to the last drop. At first, sexy young Nico didn’t understand that they were doing it for his own good. But after a couple of weeks he had stopped fighting and let the elves do their work every Saturday.

The elves had worked out an elaborate exercise regime that included lots of useful little toys like wooden hammers, seasonally appropriate nutcrackers, and a surprisingly effective fruit press.

Now the elves were waiting for Nico to have a little private party in his bedroom. Beautiful young Timothy, who had recently been promoted to head elf, had even snatched a leather sling that had been intended for an undeserving suburban housewife.

Timothy looked at his watch. “I hope he didn’t have an accident.” He absentmindedly rubbed the little bulge in his crotch.

“Oh no!” Theodore’s eyes widened. “An accident?” His eyes filled with tears. “But he’s so young and beautiful and sexy!”

Timothy rolled his eyes. “Don’t worry, Theodore”, he said, smiling gently. “I’m sure he is alright.”

“Look!” Jonathan exclaimed, pointing out the window.

In the far distance, there was a little red light that came closer and closer.

“Rudolph”, Benjamin snorted.

The elves rushed out and waited in the snow until the sleigh had stopped in front of the main building.

Rudolph looked guilty and avoided eye-contact.

“Santa!” Timothy gasped.

Nico looked miserable. He was barely conscious. His red robe was torn and dirty, and his face was contorted in pain. “Hey guys”, he whispered in a toneless voice before his eyes rolled back into his head and he slid down the sleigh, landing in the cold white snow.

Theodore burst out in tears while the rest of the elves lifted the unconscious stud up and carried him into the house.

“Get a glass of water”, Timothy yelled at Theodore who whimpered and rushed into the kitchen.

The rest of the elves huffed and puffed as they carried Nico up the stairs into the bedroom. They took off his clothes and stripped him naked. When they saw his groin, the elves let out a collective gasp.

Nico big, beautiful balls looked like they had been run over by the sleigh several times. They were bruised and swollen and ruby red, looking bizarrely like two precise replicas of Rudolph’s nose. Timothy jumped between Nico’s thighs and tentatively grabbed the huge, abused orbs with his hands, making Nico groan in pain.

Suddenly, there was a noise at the door. The elves turned their heads and saw Theodore standing in the door, the glass of water shattered on the floor.

“You started without me?!” Theodore cried. “You perfidious a---“

“Stop it”, Timothy said sharply. “We didn’t do anything.” He turned his attention to Nico’s shattered glitter balls. “Who did this to you?” he whispered.

Nico opened his eyes, whimpering in pain. “It was a trap”, he whispered. “There was an iron bar in the chimney…”

Timothy gulped. “You landed on your…”

Nico closed his eyes and nodded.

Timothy bit his lips. “Those bastards.”

Theodore was sobbing.

“They tied me up”, Nico continued. “And then they unwrapped their gifts. They had baseball bats and ropes, and a stun gun…”

“Oh my god”, Timothy said in a toneless voice. He looked down at the tortured testicles in his hands.

Groaning and moaning, Nico told the elves everything he knew while Timothy was gently cupping his beaten and battered testicles in his little hands.

When Nico was finished, Timothy said in a low voice, “They ruined our Christmas.” He looked at his fellow elves and shouted, “They ruined our Christmas!” He thought for a moment. “We can’t let them get away with this!” Unwittingly, his hands tightened around Nico’s sore balls. “We’re going to destroy them!” He squeezed hard, making Nico let out a miserable groan. “We’re going to find them and we’re going to destroy them!”

The elves cheered and clapped as Timothy kneaded poor Nico’s nuts emphatically with each word.

“This will not go unpunished!” Timothy said melodramatically, digging his fingernails into Nico’s meaty, bruised gonads. “They. Will. Pay!”

Nico’s shrill shrieks were drowned out by the elves’ cheers and applause.

“Yes!” Timothy shouted, smashing Nico’s nuts between the palms of his hands, causing Nico’s eyes to cross before he mercifully passed out.

A couple of minutes later, the sleigh was packed with twelve angry elves on their way to avenge poor Sexy Santa. Reliable old Rudolph had promised to take them to the scene of the crime, an old mansion that had been turned into a fraternity house.

As they drove towards their destination, Timothy told the other elves about his plan.


The frat house lay quiet at the end of a snow covered road. Rudolph dropped the elves off on the rooftop and left to find an inconspicuous parking space for the sleigh.

The slender elves stood knee deep in the snow. There was no sound except for the chattering of Theodore’s teeth. Timothy whispered a few final instructions and the elves nodded grimly.

One by one, they hopped into the chimney. They had to be careful to avoid the sneaky trap the frat guys had installed at the bottom. 

Timothy stood in the fireplace and looked at the sturdy iron bar that was attached to the sides of the chimney at Timothy’s eye level. Slowly, he ran his hand over the cold steel.

He could only imagine how Santa’s balls must have felt when his groin met the bar and his journey down the chimney had come to an abrupt halt. He shuddered.

He looked at his fellow elves and raised his eyebrow. “Where’s Theodore?” he whispered.

Benjamin rolled his eyes and pointed upwards.

Theodore was standing at the edge of the chimney, looking down at his friends with tears in his eyes and a fearful expression on his face.

“Come down here! Now!” Timothy hissed.

Theodore whimpered. “But---“

“Now!” Timothy snapped.

Theodore took a deep breath, closed his eyes and jumped into the dark chimney.

“Theodore, mind the---“


“---bar”, Timothy said slowly.

Poor Theodore’s eyes widened and slowly crossed as he landed crotch first on the unyielding iron bar. His little nuggets were crunched flat and a shrill, high-pitched yelp escaped his lips.

The rest of the elves cringed in sympathy, their little hands covering their crotches, as they watched Theodore gasp for air, his face blushing, his legs kicking.

Timothy sighed and gestured for Benjamin and Jonathan to help their hapless buddy.

Once his feet touched the ground, Theodore curled up in a ball, clutching his tender testicles and sobbing in pain.

“I guess he won’t be able to deliver his share of Santa’s egg nog tonight”, Jonathan said, suppressing a grin.

Some of the elves giggled.

“This chimney is a ball-killer”, Benjamin said grimly.

Timothy rolled his eyes. “That’s what it’s designed to be. Now let’s go and find the people who are responsible for this!”

The elves walked through the living room. The results of the ball-slaying mayhem that had occurred here were obvious. The baseball bat, the rope, and the stun gun were lying on the ground, next to a large puddle of a creamy substance that Timothy recognized immediately.

To be sure, he dipped his finger into the slimy liquid and tasted it with the tip of his tongue.

“Santa sperm”, he nodded gravely. “This…” He lifted his finger for all to see. “…was supposed to be ours!”

The elves nodded.

“Let’s see”, Timothy said, his eyes falling on some discarded wrapping paper. He rifled through it until he found what he was looking for. Triumphantly, he held up three gift tags. “Boyd, Todd and Kris”, he read. “Those are the guys we are looking for.”

The elves rubbed their hands.

They found Boyd sleeping in his room which stank of booze and sweat.

Timothy scrunched up his nose. “He’s the one who got the stun gun”, he said with an evil smile.

Lying stark naked on the bed, Boyd was snoring loudly. He was lying on his back, giving the elves a perfect view of his body. The blond stud was very muscular with strong legs and arms, a perfect eight pack of abs, and a big, meaty schlong accompanied by two juicy testicles that hung low in their sac.

The elves let out a collective sigh.

Timothy rolled his eyes and handed Benjamin the stun gun. “Here”, he said in a low voice. “Roast his chestnuts.”

“My pleasure”, Benjamin sing-songed. Three other elves stayed with him, and the rest walked into Todd’s room.

Todd was snoring even louder than Boyd. Just like his frat buddy he seemed to prefer sleeping in the nude. He was lying on his belly, his legs spread slightly apart. Between his thighs, his meaty cock was wedged between his body and the mattress along with a beautiful pair of remarkably large testicles that looked like they took up all the room in his scrotum.

Timothy looked at the black-haired hunk and handed Jonathan the baseball bat.

“You know what to do”, he said. “Hit ‘em out of the park.”

Jonathan chuckled and nodded eagerly. Leaving another three little helpers behind, Timothy and the remaining trio of elves walked into the room of their final target.

Kris was a blond stud whose tan and sun-bleached hair indicated that he spent a lot of time at the beach, probably trying to impress the girls with the surf-board that was lying next to his bed.

Two used condoms that lay on the floor indicated that he was pretty successful with that strategy – and that he didn’t care too much about cleaning up.

Timothy held the rope in his hands and nodded slowly. “Let’s get to work, my friends”, he said.

Only moments later, the quiet mansion came alive with the surprised yelps and ear-piercing screams of three young studs getting their precious jewels viciously abused.

Benjamin rammed the stun gun into Boyd’s sac of spuds, making sure to sink the electrodes deep into each of Boyd’s big, meaty testicles. Then he pulled the trigger, sending bolts of electricity through Boyd’s tender orbs.

Boyd’s eyes opened wide and he screamed from the top of his lungs as he was rudely awakened from a naughty little fantasy that involved two hot cheerleaders that made his balls tingle. The tingling turned into red hot throbbing as his juicy nuts were electrocuted by his own Christmas present.

Benjamin and the three elves laughed viciously as Boyd’s body comvulsed and the hair on his sac started sizzling. To the elves’ surprise, the huge snake of his cock responded in a rather unexpected way: It grew and grew, slowly rising as if under the spell of a serpent charmer.

Benjamin withdrew the stun gun from Boyd’s balls and quickly jabbed it into the meaty shaft of Boyd’s rock hard cock.

Boyd squealed like a pig in a slaughterhouse as his beautiful, huge dong was fried like an oversized bratwurst.

The smell of a backyard barbecue filled the room as it was lit up by the electricity that ran through Boyd’s dick.

Taking pity on Boyd’s massive schlong, Benjamin returned his attention to Boyd’s massive eggs that looked swollen and bruised. He thrust the stun gun into his testicles with glee, causing Boyd to gurgle and screech.

At the same time, Jonathan was standing between Todd’s spread legs. He weighed the baseball bat in his hands. It looked huge in the hands of a slender little elf like Jonathan. He looked down at the target that presented itself between Todd’s thighs.

His big, bulging gonads did indeed resemble baseballs, and Jonathan bit his lower lip to make sure he hit a home run.

Jonathan’s little helpers held Todd’s arms above his head and his legs spread apart, and the blond elf swung his bat between Todd’s thighs. The heavy, wooden bat connected perfectly with Todd’s meatballs, hitting them hard and ramming them into his body.

Todd let out an anguished grunt that turned into a high-pitched wail as the pain exploded in his testicles. He kicked his legs, trying to throw the two elves off his body, but to no avail. Jonathan slammed the bat between Todd’s muscular thighs again and again, smashing his poor, juicy testicles and occasionally hitting his thick, veiny schlong as well.

Todd’s dick fattened and hardened as his nuts were pummeled with all the force Jonathan could muster. In fact, Jonathan had been on the elves’ prize-winning baseball team, and it showed. He swung the bat like a pro, hitting Todd’s balls again and again. Todd’s testicles grew bigger and more swollen with every hit. Soon, they were filling his entire sac, and it looked as if they were going to burst through the skin.

One of the elves was sitting on Todd’s head, making him scream into his pillow in absolutely agony with every well-placed hit that Jonathan landed on Todd’s juicy testicles.

By now, Todd’s cock was rock hard, and Jonathan gleefully stomped down on it with his little feet as he continued bashing his battered and bruised balls.

In the next room, Timothy had tied Kris to the bed with his rope. He fondled Kris’ nuts with a wicked grin. He held one of his nuts in each hand and stretched the sac to its limit. The blond surfer stud watched in horror as Timothy wrapped the rope around each of his balls, separating them from each other and tying a knot around them with individual pieces of rope.

He looked at the ceiling and smiled when he saw two hooks above the bed that were intended to hold lamps. He was going to put them to a different use…

Kris shrieked in pain as Timothy pulled at the ropes, yanking at his balls. Rather elegantly, Timothy tossed the ropes into the air so that they ran through the hooks.

The horrified expression on Kris’ face said that he knew exactly what the vicious little elves were up to.

Inspecting his primitive hoist, Timothy pulled at the left rope, yanking at Kris’ left nut. He smiled with satisfaction.

“Hey guys”, Timothy grinned, turning to his friends. “Who wants to swing on these ropes, huh?”

Two elves immediately cheered and gabbed the ropes.

Kris screamed in agony as the elves grabbed the ropes and climbed up, yanking hard at his separated nuts. His body bucked and his eyes turned inward as his nuts were pulled in opposite directions.

Timothy chuckled.

Theodore pointed at Kris’ huge cock that slowly rose as Kris’ nut cords were stretched to their absolute limits. “May I?”

“Sure”, Timothy nodded. “Help yourself…”

Theodore smiled and hopped onto Kris’ chest. He licked his lips and opened his mouth wide. Slowly, he warpped his lips around Kris’ fat, hard cock, slowly sliding it down his throat.

Kris was wailing in agony as the two elves were swinging happily on their ropes, yanking at his poor, stretched nuts that were bulging obscenely, their color changing into a peculiar, decidedly unhealthy shade of red.

At the same time, Theodore was deep-throating Kris’ mammoth cock, grunting with pleasure as the fat schlong penetrated his mouth.

In Boyd’s room, Benjamin was experimenting with Boyd’s hot, fried balls. He giggled as he pushed the button and then let go, making Boyd’s body convulse as the electricity ran through his testicles. His cock twitched and jerked and a steady river of precum ran down its shaft, soaking what was left of his sizzling pubic hair.

Jonathan was busy slamming Todd’s bruised and battered meatballs with the baseball bat, hitting both of the rapidly swelling gonads at a steady rhythm while stomping on his rock-hard cock.

The two elves were swinging back and forth on the ropes, laughing giddily as they were pulling on Kris’ poor, stretched nuggets, while Theodore was giving Kris the blowjob of his life.

Timothy listened to the screams and shrieks of agony that filled the mansion, smiling happily.

The dull thuds of the baseball bat meeting Todd’s meatballs and the sickening stomps on Todd’s dick mixed with the sound of the electricity from the tazer frying Boyd’s balls, creating a rhythmic background that accompanied the three voices in their slightly disharmonious melody.

It was almost magical.

Timothy’s eyes fell on fir branch that was lying on the ground. He lifted it up and an idea popped into his head. “It’s not the original thing but it’ll do”, he mumbled and stood between Kris’ legs, his eyes fixed on his separated nuts that were stretched obscenely far from his body.

Timothy reached back and whipped the branch onto Kris’ hapless right testicle with a resounding smack.

Kris wailed in agony at the additional pain in his throbbing testicles.

Timothy grinned and took a deep breath. Alternately smacking Kris’ left ball and his right ball, he sang in his angelic voice:

“Smack the balls with boughs of holly
Falalalaa lalalala
Turn them into guacamole
Falalalaa lalalala
Drain the seed from nad and naddie
Falala falala lalalaa
He will never be a daddy
Falalalaa lalalala“

Like they had done so many times, the other elves didn’t joined in on the falala bit. The rhythms and the voices mixed to create a musical masterpiece that culminated in a bombastic triple orgasm that rocked the three mortal guys’ worlds.

Boyd, Todd and Kris came at the same time. As the sperm shot out of Boyd’s cock like a fountain, Todd’s dick created a sticky, juicy puddle underneath Jonathan’s feet, and Kris injected what felt like a gallon of his salty semen deep into Theodore’s throat.

Their bodies shook violently as the three frat guys experienced the most painful orgasm they had ever felt before all three of them passed out simultaneously.

The elves didn’t bother to clean up after them. They hopped into the sleigh and drove off, singing Christmas songs and laughing happily.


When they arrived at the North Pole, they convened in the common room. All twelve of them dropped their pants and filled Nico’s bowl with the richest and most delicious egg nog they had ever produced.

An hour later, they were sitting on Nico’s bed. He had finished the bowl, smiling weakly, his lips smeared with elven cum, as his little helpers fondled his battered genitalia.

“This is the best egg nog I’ve ever tasted”, Nico sighed, causing the elves to giggle. “Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!”

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Busy busy busy

My day job has kept me very, very busy over the last couple of weeks and unfortunately there is no end in sight...

I'm working on a couple of stories (among them the final chapter of Taylor Lautner's guest appearance, a new story feat. young mischief Adam, a new series for Logan and Zach, and some more episodes for "Logan's high school diary") but I can't honestly say when I'm gonna be able to finish them...

I guess it will take a couple of weeks until I'll be able to update again... So please be patient and keep your fingers crossed that thing quiet down a bit at my job.., :-))

In the meantime check out Jayse's great new blog:

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Zach the cheater: A night to remember

Previous parts: PromotionIndecent proposalZach and Maggie and Zach and Stephanie.
Special thanks to my friend bbmal for all his ideas and support!
Warning: Contains graphic heterosexuality, graphic homosexuality and f/m ballbusting.

Special thanks to my friend bbmal for all his ideas and support!

Warning: Contains graphic heterosexuality, graphic homosexuality and f/m ballbusting.

I don’t remember how it all started. It seems like it was ages ago that an anonymous donor contacted me with a very special request. Apparently he was infatuated with our super-endowed model Zach, because the letter that the Mystery Man sent me was basically a love letter to 20 year old Zach and his enormous equipment.

Granted, Zach was a hot stud, horse-hung and very attractive with blond hair and blue eyes, and muscles in all the right places. The strange thing was that Mystery Man didn’t ask for a personal session with Zach. We had gotten a lot of those requests recently, and Zach had denied each and every one of them because he was concerned about having to bend over and get fucked in the butt by some ugly perv.

No, this letter was different. There was a photo of a beautiful girl attached to the letter, and Mystery Man asked Zach to find her, fuck her and tape it with a video camera.

That alone would have been very alluring to Zach whose cock was like a dowsing rod that reacted very strongly to any kind of hot pussy…

In this case, there was even a reward in it for Zach.

He didn’t have to think twice.

Unfortunately, the amorous adventure turned out to be quite painful. The hot girl turned out to be our resident skater boy Leo’s sister – who wasn’t exactly pleased when he found out about Zach’s conquest. Let’s just say that Zach’s nuts got thoroughly drained and he walked funny a couple of days…

But Mystery Man seemed quite pleased with the result. Likewise, Zach was very pleased with the money he received, so he agreed to go on a second mission for Mystery Man. This time, the target was a hot young woman trapped in an unfulfilling marriage with a rich but tiny-dicked man. Of course Zach knew just what that girl needed, and he gave it to her. Hard and in the ass.

Again, things didn’t go according to Zach’s plan. The husband surprised them and – in a very painful case of coitus interruptus – busted poor Zach’s balls until they were black and blue.

Mystery Man was pleased and doubled Zach’s reward.

Then things went quiet for some time, and I thought that maybe Mystery Man had lost interest.

But then, one morning, I found a new letter.  I called Zach, expecting him to be less than enthusiastic. But it turned out that Zach had his eyes on a new HD flat screen TV with some sort of bombastic sound system, so he actually jumped at the chance of earning some easy money.

The newest letter promised Zach two thousand dollars. It contained a photograph of a girl around twenty years old, a voluptuous broad dressed in some skimpy tank top, showing ample cleavage and a lascivious smile that spoke volumes. Zach recognized her instantly.

“That’s Brittany”, he said, and I noticed that his cock instantly grew inside his pants. “Her boyfriend lives at my frat house. She’s an easy girl”, he grinned, casually rubbing the meaty rattlesnake that expanded inside his pants until it almost looked as if it reached his knee. Suddenly his eyes lit up and he chuckled. “There’s a party tomorrow night at our frat house. That’s when I’m gonna fuck her…”

He borrowed the camera and took off on another great adventure…


A couple of days later, he returned it. I instantly noticed that he was walking a little bow-legged, and I knew that something must have gone terribly wrong.

I resisted the urge to ask him about the state of his nuts or condole him on the loss of his virility. Instead, I offered him a coke and we sat down in front of the computer.

Wordlessly, Zach handed me the camera. I connected it to the computer.

The screen showed what looked like a messy guy’s room with clothes lying on the ground, scattered around a king sized bed. There were various pieces of furniture, a wardrobe, a desk with a chair, and a couple of book shelves – but the most prominent thing was the bed. It consisted of a metal frame with a fashionable headboard and a footboard. The duvet and the pillows were dressed in plain white linen, and it looked as if the sheets hadn’t been changed for quite some time.

The young woman who I recognized from the photograph as Brittany, was lying on top of the duvet, wearing nothing but red lace panties. Her long black hair contrasted nicely with her perfect tan. Her big breasts were a tad bit too firm to be entirely natural, but her plastic surgeon had done a pretty good job of enhancing her sexual appeal without making her look freakish.

She was looking in the direction of the camera and smiled, licking her lips.

In the background, I heard thumping music. Apparently, Zach’s plan had worked and he had managed to convince Brittany to have fun with him while there was a party going on around them…

Zach’s face appeared onscreen as he adjusted the camera. When he was satisfied he slowly walked over to the bed. He was stark naked and I couldn’t help but admire his body. He had a great ass, a muscular back and strong legs.

The girl looked at him seductively and spread her legs, slowly running her hand between her thighs. “Ready to fuck, stud?”

Zach’s cock stood at full attention. “Sure”, he said casually and reached for her ankle. He kissed it, then he looked at her and smiled. “I’m gonna fuck your brains out.”

The girl giggled. She pointed at the camera and said, “Can I get a copy of that?”

Zach was busy kissing her shin and making his way up to her knee. He let out an affirmative grunt.

“I made a sex tape once with my boyfriend”, Brittany whispered.

Zach looked up. “Hunter?”

Brittany nodded. “We made it here in his room.”

Zach kissed the inside of her thigh. “Was he good?”

Brittany giggled. “What do you want to hear?”

Zach licked his way up, heading for her pussy. “That he’s a douche”, he said, interrupting his slurping for a brief moment.

“He’s a douche”, Brittany whispered.

Zach chuckled and switched sides, running his tongue up her other thigh.

Brittany moaned. “I told him I’d be back soon. He could walk in here any minute”, she whispered, but it didn’t look like she had any plans to stop what they were doing.

Zach had reached his destination, pulled her panties to the side and dove into her pussy, causing her to moan in pleasure and throw her head back.

After a couple of lip-smacking seconds, Zach lifted his head and planted a wet kiss on Brittany’s mouth. “Then we better hurry”, he said in a coarse voice. He reached between her thighs and inserted a finger, eliciting a pleasurable whimper.

Zach lifted his head, smiled at Brittany and let a big gob of saliva drop down onto his erect cock. He spread it generously on his huge schlong and got ready to insert it into Brittany’s pussy.

“Wait”, Brittany said.

Zach raised his eyebrows.

“I’m gonna be on top”, she winked at him.

Zach shrugged and they changed positions.

Brittany dropped her panties and reached under the bed, producing a couple of long ropes. She smiled at Zach and started to tie his hands to the headboard of the bed.

Zach licked his lips and grinned, “You like to be in control, huh?”

Brittany giggled and turned around, tying Zach’s feet to the footboard, making sure to give Zach a little show and let him get a good look at her asshole.

Zach’s cock twitched in anticipation.

When Brittany was finished, she faced Zach and slowly lowered her head, swallowing all of Zach’s massive tool, deep-throating him while glancing up at him seductively.

Zach moaned in pleasure as Brittany was taking every inch of his massive cock down her throat.

Finally, she came up for air, wiped her mouth and sighed. “Now you’re ready.”

“Oh yeah”, Zach said hoarsely. “Take a ride, baby!”

Brittany lined up Zach’s oversized cock with her pussy and inserted it slowly. When her ass touched his sperm-filled plums, she let out a long, deep moan.

Zach closed his eyes.

Brittany started riding Zach like a cowboy at a rodeo, impaling herself on his extraordinary joy stick, jumping up and down and screaming in pleasure. The sound of their bodies slapping against each other filled the room.

After more than ten minutes of non-stop action, I decided to make myself a coffee. I took my time, hearing the noise of heavy-duty sex in the kitchen.

When I returned, they were still at it.

“Good work”, I grinned at Zach who was watching himself onscreen. “Looks like you are having fun.”

Zach hesitated. “Yeah, well, maybe you should wait till you see the end…” He grimaced and unconsciously covered his crotch with his right hand.

I couldn’t help but grin.

On the screen, Brittany was apparently experiencing a massive orgasm, and Zach’s heavy breathing in combination with his intense facial expression told me that he was close, too.

“Yes, baby, yes!” Brittany moaned as Zach fucked her hard. His huge member thrust into her pussy again and again like a meaty, pulsing battering ram.

“I’m gonna flood you, babe!” Zach grunted, his muscular body glistening with sweat. “I’m gonna fill you up!”

“Yes!” Brittany shrieked.

Suddenly, the door opened. The beefy young stud with short, dark hair who stood in the doorway looked like he was struck by lightning.

Astonishment turned into anger very quickly, and he shouted, “Brittany! What the fuck?!”

Neither Zach nor Brittany seemed to hear him. They continued fucking, screaming with pleasure as Zach was approaching his point of no return.

Another young man appeared in the door, looking slightly drunk. He had a silly grin on his face and a bottle of beer in his hand. “Hey, Hunter, come back here, man, we---“ He fell silent when he followed Hunter’s gaze and spotted Zach pounding Brittany. His grin widened even though he shook his head slowly. “That’s not cool, man…”

“Shut up, Jordan!” Hunter said slowly, watching his girlfriend get fucked by Zach’s huge cock.

Jordan shrugged and took a sip from his bottle. He started walking out the door. Then he stopped, thought for a moment, and turned on his heels. He closed the door behind him and leaned against a wall, watching Zach and Brittany with great interest. He looked like a surfer, with sun-bleached blond hair and a tanned face. “Not cool, man”, he said, looking at Hunter sympathetically.

Suddenly, Hunter rushed towards the couple and brutally pulled Brittany off of Zach’s cock. He was strong and built, and even though the silicone in Brittany’s breast probably added a lot of weight to her body, he threw her through the air with astonishing ease.

The girl landed on the ground with a shocked scream, and Zach’s cock slapped against his abs with a wet splat, glistening with her juices.

“Hunter!” Brittany shrieked.

Her boyfriend didn’t even look at her. His eyes were fixed on Zach and his gigantic fuckstick.

It took a moment for Zach to realize that mating season had ended. His expression spoke volumes: Surprise and shock combined with lust and pre-orgasmic horniness made his face look incredibly inappropriate and almost funny.

Notably absent from the emotional cocktail that was visible in his facial features was fear.

“Hey, Hunter”, Zach said hoarsely.

Being tied to the bed, Zach was unable to cover his naked body and his raging erection. His body was tense and his cock looked like it was ready to explode any second.

“Hunter”, Brittany whispered. She got up and put her hand on her boyfriend’s shoulder but Jordan pulled her back, holding on to her arm with a strong grip.

Hunter stared at Zach, looking like a bull getting ready to attack the matador.

“Long time no see”, Zach added.

Maybe it was the adrenaline, maybe it was Zach’s blissful ignorance – whatever the reason, Hunter didn’t look like he was in the mood for idle banter.

“How are you, buddy?” Zach continued slowly. Apparently, it dawned on him that he was in a vulnerable position and that strong, buff Hunter might be contemplating taking advantage of that…

“Hunter!” Brittany shouted. She struggled against Jordan’s strong hold.

“Get out”, Hunter said in a low voice.

Jordan took that as an order, opened the door and threw the naked girl into the hallway where she was met with loud cheers from her friends at the party. Holding her breasts, Brittany stumbled out of the room, stark naked.

The door slammed shut behind her and the sound of a couple of wolf whistles, insinuating shouts and derisive laughter was audible. Apparently Zach’s and Brittany’s noisy performance had attracted quite an audience in the hallway.

Jordan grinned and took a sip from his bottle, leaning back to enjoy the show.

Hunter stared at Zach.

Zach’s huge sack of balls was hanging vulnerably between his thighs and his fat schlong was hard as a rock. His nuts looked like they were ready to give up their load any second, boiling with cum and twitching.

“Hunter?” Zach stammered. “Buddy? Could you, like, untie me?”

Without uttering a word, Hunter walked up to the bed, his eyes fixed on Zach’s huge danglers and his glistening boner.

Zach eyed him cautiously. There was not much he could do, though, since he was completely immobilized by the rope that tied his hands and feet to the metal bed frame.

Hunter reached into a drawer and rummaged around until he found a small pocket knife.

Zach cleared his throat. “Yeah, that’s nice, thanks, yeah. You know, buddy, I’m really---“

“Shut up”, Hunter said sharply.

Zach closed his mouth and gulped.

Hunter held the knife in his hands and watched Zach who uncomfortably shifted on the bed.

“You could, like, cut his nuts off”, Jordan suggested casually.

Zach’s eyes widened.

Wordlessly, Hunter grabbed the end of the rope that fixed Zach’s hands to the headboard. But instead of cutting the knot, he took the tail end of the rope and cut a piece off.

“Hunter?” Zach mumbled, straining and arching his back to see what his betrayed buddy was up to. “What are you---“

“Shut. The fuck. Up”, Hunter snapped.

Jordan chuckled.

Zach stared at Hunter as he put the knife in his pocket and examined the rope. It was about 1.5 feet long.

Zach’s eyes widened as Hunter wrapped it around Zach’s genitalia, tying it tightly around the base of his cock and the base of his sack a couple of times.

“Hunter!” Zach gasped. “What the fuck are you---“

“I said shut up!” Hunter barked.

“Buddy, I mean, I’m sorry and all, you know, there’s no need to---“

“What part of ‘shut up’ don’t you understand?!” Jordan said sternly.

Zach bit his lower lip.

Hunter reached under the bed and produced a grubby grey sock that looked like it hadn’t seen the light of day in a couple of months. On top of that, it seemed stained and kind of crusty, and I wondered whether it had served a different purpose than warming Hunter’s feet when he was lying awake at night…

Without further ado, Hunter stuffed the sock into Zach’s mouth who shouted in protest. Going by the look on his face, his tongue and nose were quite overwhelmed by the reek of Hunter’s bodily fluids on the filthy sock.

A sideways glance to Zach affirmed my suspicion that the sock had left lasting memories. Even now Zach looked like he was ready to puke.

“Is that your cum rag?” Jordan asked, laughing.

Hunter didn’t reply.

“Man, that looks like your cum rag”, Jordan grinned. “Eww, that’s gross.” He didn’t look particularly grossed out, though. He shook his head, chuckling, and raised his beer bottle. “Nice one, man.”

Hunter had finished tying up Zach’s balls, and Zach looked down at his genitalia with sheer horror in his eyes.

His humongous nuts and his raging hard-on were tied in a neat little package: The rope knot around the base of his cock was painfully tight, and his nuts were separated from each other, bulging obscenely. They were threatening to burst through the taut, shiny skin of his sac.

Hunter inspected his handiwork with a bleak expression on his face. “You won’t cum tonight”, he said in a low, menacing voice.

Zach gave a muffled scream, but Hunter silenced him quickly by grabbing his painfully hard cock and twisting his wrist.

Zach’s eyes instantly filled with tears as his cock was brutally bent.

“Ouch”, Jordan cringed in sympathy. “That has to hurt…” He let out a laugh and took another gulp of beer.

Hunter let go of Zach’s hard cock, allowing it to assume its natural shape again, and directed his attention to the two huge testicles.

“You think you can fuck my girlfriend?” he said calmly. He balled his fist and slammed down on Zach’s left nut.

Zach’s agonized scream was muffled by the cum rag gag in his mouth.

“Yeah, tell him!” Jordan chuckled.

“Nobody fucks my girlfriend without my permission”, Hunter continued and sent his fist smashing down on Zach’s right nut with all the force he could muster.

“Fuck yeah!” Jordan yelled.

Zach’s voice rose an octave as he screamed from the top of his lungs, his body convulsing and his muscles tense.

“You could have asked me”, Hunter said after he had waited for Zach’s body to come to rest. He grabbed each of Zach’s ridiculously oversized gonads and squeezed hard.

Zach gagged and retched.

“Maybe I would have given you permission”, Hunter added, twisting his hands in opposite directions, causing Zach to let out a muffled version of a soprano aria.

Jordan chuckled.

“Brittany is hot, I know that”, Hunter sighed, digging his fingernails into the soft flesh of Zach’s meaty gonads. “And we’re not exclusive, you know.” He accentuated his point by yanking at Zach’s trapped nuts, making the naked stud gurgle and retch. “But there’s one rule.” Hunter looked at Zach whose eyes were teary and glassy. “No…” Hunter yanked Zach’s nuts up as hard as he could. “…going…” Hunter yanked up again. “…behind…” He squeezed as hard as he could. “…my back!” Hunter twisted and yanked at the same time, making Zach yodel behind the sock that filled his mouth.

“Yeah, squish that motherfucker’s nuts!” Jordan encouraged his buddy.

Hunter ignored him. “We’ve never tried a threesome”, he said after Zach had stopped screaming. He let go of Zach’s nuts and thought for a moment.

Zach was panting heavily. By now, his blond hair was dripping with sweat.

“I’d be game”, Hunter shrugged. He slapped Zach’s cum-filled plums with his palm. “You could have fucked Brittany’s ass and mine.” He slapped Zach’s bulging balls again, eliciting a pathetic whimper. Hunter looked at Zach with a hint of sadness in his eyes. “I’ve never been fucked in the ass. I might have let you take my cherry.”

“Oooh”, Jordan chuckled.

Hunter turned to Jordan and shrugged. “But he didn’t ask me.”

Jordan nodded. “That’s right. Come on, make him pay!”

Hunter sighed and turned his eyes on Zach’s testicles again. After pausing for a brief moment, he extended his hands to his sides as if he was getting ready to clap his hands. And he did, with a devastating result: Zach’s hapless genitalia got caught in the middle between Hunter’s hands.

Zach gave a muffled howl as his cock and balls were brutally smashed between Hunter’s palms. Again and again, Hunter squished Zach’s poor testicles and his hard cock between his hands, filling the room with the sound of knuckles meeting flesh and Zach’s miserable, muffled screams.

Tears were running down his face and he sounded as if his voice was starting to get hoarse from all the screaming. The fact that his saliva was slowly soaking Hunter’s cum-soaked sock, effectively causing the dried-up spunk to come off the fabric and run down his throat, certainly didn’t lift Zach’s spirits.

“You brought this upon yourself”, Hunter said finally. He looked disappointed and sad. “I trusted you”, he mumbled. “I thought you were my friend.”

He looked Zach in the eyes. Zach was whimpering and mewling in agony.

Hunter cleared his throat and his gaze hardened. “Now I’m gonna fuck Brittany. I am gonna plant my seed deep inside her.”

Jordan chuckled. “That’s the spirit, man!”

Hunter punched Zach’s trapped nuts as hard as he could, causing Zach to let out a muffled shriek that made me cringe in sympathy. “And you?” Hunter turned around and walked towards the door. Before he opened it, he looked at Zach and whispered. “You won’t cum tonight.”

Jordan laughed and patted Hunter’s back. “Nice work, man. You really showed him who’s boss.”

Hunter opened the door and walked out.

We heard the sound of the party as Jordan followed Hunter and left the door open.

The door slammed shut and Zach was left alone, tied to the bed, his extralarge genitalia throbbing and swollen. His cock was rock hard and there was no hope of any relief soon. His bruised and battered nuts looked like they were ready to burst through the taut skin of the sac that was barely able to contain them.

The image on the screen was silent except for Zach’s muffled groaning.

We sat there in silence and watched as the camera continued documenting this humiliating moment in Zach’s life.

“Damn Zach”, I said, grimacing in sympathy. “That sure was---“

“It’s not over yet”, Zach mumbled.

I focused on the screen again.

Jordan entered the room with two guys.

“Go on, have fun”, Jordan grinned, walked out the room again and closed the door behind them.

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“More friends of Hunter’s”, Zach replied. “Tegen and Chase.”

Tegen was a tall and muscular, handsome African-American with jet black curls. Chase was almost as tall as him, with blond hair, wearing a baseball cap.

Both of them were wearing basketball shorts and shirts.

They were having a good laugh at Zach’s expense, cracking jokes about his painful plight and making fun of him.

“I told you, that fucking monster of yours will get you in trouble”, Chase grinned. “See where it got you?” He reached out and slapped Zach’s erect cock with his hand.

Zach whimpered.

“Ew”, Chase grimaced, rubbing his hand against his loose shorts. “It’s all sticky with his juice.”

“Hunter said he made sure he didn’t cum”, Tegen said, pulling at the ropes that painfully confined Zach’s genitalia.

Zach groaned as Tegen pushed and pulled at his trapped valuables.

“Pretty tight”, Tegan shrugged. “I doubt that he’ll be able to spill a load with his junk locked up like that. I guess that’s his prejizz on your hand. Look at how his cock is leaking.”

Zach’s boner was coated in a rich layer of sticky fluid, and precum was oozing out of the tip of his dick.

Chase grinned. “Think of all the sperm sitting in those huge suckers.”

“I bet this batch is already past its prime”, Tegen said with a mischievous grin. He playfully slapped Zach’s right nut that was bulging obscenely. “And this one, too.” With that, he punched Zach in his left nut, sinking his knuckled deep into the abused flesh.

Zach let out a shrill shriek.

Chase laughed. “You sure?”

Tegen shot him an evil grin. “I don’t know, better double-check, huh?”

He held Zach’s right nut steady with his left hand and hammered down on it with his right, flattening it like a pancake and making Zach howl in pain. Then he repeated the maneuver on Zach’s poor left plum, eliciting a muffled yelp, before he came to the conclusion, “Yup, I bet his sperm count is close to zero...”

Chase burst out laughing, and Tegen joined in. Personally, I didn’t find it that funny, but apparently the two basketball players thought it was hilarious.

When they had calmed down, Chase pointed at Zach and said, “Seriously, dude, I don’t know what the girls like about him.”

Tegen shrugged. “He’s got a big stick. Chicks dig a big stick.”

“The girls always tell me that mine is big enough”, Chase said, eyeing Zach’s massive manhood.

Tegen laughed. “Sure she told you that. What do you expect her to say?” He mimicked a girl’s voice, “Oh, Chase, you got a tiny dick but I like you anyways. Now would you please pleasure me with that dildo over there?”

Chase frowned at his buddy.

“Chicks dig a big stick”, Tegen repeated. “It’s that easy.” He shrugged. “That’s why Claudia fucked him. And Melissa. And Andrea. And Monica and Salome, too.” He glanced at his buddy. “How long have you dated Salome?”

“Four months”, Chase said dourly.

Tegen sighed in sympathy. “Damn, that stud has it in for your girlfriends, huh?”

Chase stared at Zach who started to nervously struggle against his restraints.

“I guess you could say that”, Chase said slowly.

Tegen spotted a pair of sneakers on the floor. He grabbed one of them and offered it to Chase. “Here”, he said. “Show him what you do to that big stick of his…”

Chase didn’t hesitate. He grabbed the sneaker at the tip and slammed it into his palm. The sound of the shoe’s sole smacking into his hand echoed through the room.

Zach’s eyes widened as Chase lifted the sneaker and brought it crashing down into his vulnerable nuts. He hit both of Zach’s precious orbs dead-on, making Zach let out a gurgling, muffled scream.

Tegen grimaced in sympathy as he watched Chase lay waste on Zach’s manhood, but he didn’t stop his friend.

Chase pounded Zach’s poor nuts again and again, making Zach struggle against his restraints, his body bucking, as he was groaning and moaning and gagging while his gonads were getting smashed like a piñata.

The notable difference from a piñata, though, was the fact that Zach’s spermtanks didn’t burst and give up their sweet load. Not that Zach wasn’t longing for relief – his cock was rock-hard, pulsing, glistening with precum and ready to fire a massive batch of pent-up sperm. But Hunter had done a very good job at tying Zach’s genitalia tight and firm.

Chase continued pummeling Zach’s bound balls with all the force he could muster, gritting his teeth and muttering insults at the huge endowed stud.

“Get it out of your system”, Tegen said.

“You filthy fuck”, Chase barked as the sneaker hit Zach’s nuts. “You fucking cheater!” He hit Zach’s extralarge gonads again. “You know what you are?!” The shoe crashed into Zach’s taut testicles with a sickening thud, leaving a surprisingly clear imprint of the sole’s profile on the inflamed skin of Zach’s sac. “You are a---“ Chase paused  for a moment. He looked at Tegen. “What do you call a male slut?”

Tegen scratched his head. Then his face lit up. “Zach”, he mused.

Chase looked at him.

The two friends burst out laughing.

Chase turned his attention to Zach’s genitals again and continued bashing his balls in with the sole of the sneaker. “Zach, you are a fucking Zach!” he shouted, laughing. “You fucking Zach, Zach!”

For understandable reasons, Zach didn’t see the humor in Chase’s insults, but that didn’t lessen his tormentors’ joy. The room was filled with their laughter, occasionally interrupted by the smack sound of the sneaker colliding with Zach’s balls, and Zach’s muffled screams of agony.

Finally, Chase threw the sneaker away and slapped Zach’s nuts with his bare hand. He looked at Tegen.

“How did that feel?” Tegen asked.

Chase grinned. “Fucking great.”

Tegen patted his buddy’s shoulder and the two of them left the room. “Good”, Tegen said before they closed the door behind them.

I turned to real-life Zach sitting next to me. “Damn. Those guys really did a number on your nuts. I bet you---“

Zach sighed. “It’s not over yet…”

A group of three girls entered the room. Two of them seemed unimpressed by Zach’s monster equipment, but the third one, an overweight brunette, froze and stammered, “It looks huge!”

Her two friends, one of them blond, the other one a redhead, looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

“Don’t worry, it’s no big deal”, her blond friend said.

“We’re going to talk you through it”, the redhead assisted.

The brunette bit her lower lip. “Okay, how do we start?”

Her friends handed her a sponge and what looked like a horse hair brush.

“First of all”, the blonde said. “You gotta scrub that thing down. You don’t want to catch anything. And then we’ll talk you through it. Oral and anal, right?”

The brunette blushed. “Maybe we could do vaginal, too? There are a couple of things that I don’t quite get.”

“Sure”, the blonde nodded. “Take all the time you need.”

The brunette giggled and jumped onto the bed between Zach’s spread legs.

Zach stared at her, a look of blatant horror on his face.

The brunette ruthlessly grabbed Zach’s nuts and beat them with the wooden end of the brush before avidly brushing them to make sure they were thoroughly clean.

Zach was struggling against his restraints, whimpering and groaning and protesting as loud as the sock in his mouth allowed him to.

When the brunette was satisfied with the state of Zach’s swollen, abused nuts, she grabbed the base of Zach’s thick, pulsing cock. She took a look at the sensitive head at the top of Zach’s dong, sighed and started brushing it with the force of a sailor swabbing the deck.

The next twenty minutes left me cringing in sympathy. The three girls abused Zach’s balls like a trio of professional dominas. While the blonde talked her brunette friend through her riding lessons, the redhead passed the time kicking Zach’s trapped nuts with her high heeled shoes.

Finally, after the brunette had had a couple of orgasms, the three girls left the room, leaving Zach sore and defeated, his rock-hard cock aching for release.

I cleared my throat and looked at Zach.

Zach shook his head.

I turned to the screen again and saw a young couple enter the room. I recognized the guy: It was Reese, a frat brother of Zach’s who had competed in out Ballbusting Olympics. He was a handsome guy with black hair. His girlfriend looked older than him, with blond curls and a cute face. She seemed hesitant, but Reese guided her towards the bed.

“Go on, babe”, he said. “He won’t mind.”

The blonde tentatively climbed onto the bed as Reese took a seat at the other end of the room.

The girl mounted Zach, facing away from him and at her boyfriend. Zach huge, engorged – and by now considerably bruised – cock slowly disappeared inside her, and she moaned in pleasure.

Reese unbuttoned his fly and pulled out his own dick. He stroked it slowly, watching his girlfriend fuck his pal. She started slow at first until she had gotten used to Zach’s enormous size. Then her pace quickened. Soon she was riding him like a pro, her breasts bobbing up and down as she pleasured herself with Zach’s schlong.

Even though Zach didn’t look like he enjoyed the ride as much as the rider did, his hips met her body with eager thrusts. His face was contorted in pain, but his body acted like a well-oiled sex machine.

“Yeah, that’s it”, Reese said softly, jerking his cock with one hand and caressing his chest under his shirt with the other. “Ride him like a stallion. Fuck, babe, that’s so fucking hot!”

After a couple of minutes, the girl’s moans got more ecstatic. Reese’s breathing quickened as he furiously stroked his hard cock.

Finally, the girl yelled, “I’m cumming!”

Reese groaned. “Me too, babe, me too!”

As the girl shrieked in pleasure, Reese shot his load across the room. It splattered onto the scattered clothes and the grubby floor, leaving wet stains and puddles.

Without a word, the girl climbed off of Zach and hurried out of the room.

Reese stuffed his cock back into his jeans and walked up to his buddy, a satisfied smile on his face. He winked at Zach and said, “Thanks, buddy, that was awesome…”

He glanced at Zach’s tied genitalia and grimaced. “That looks so wrong…”

Zach stared at him, trying to get Reese to free him with muffled groans.

Reese sighed. With a disgusted expression on his face, he pulled the filthy sock out of Zach’s mouth. It was drenched in Zach’s spit. Judging from the look on Reese’s face, the combination of Hunter’s dried cum and Zach’s spit created a very special aroma.

Zach coughed. “Thanks, buddy”, he whispered hoarsely. “Now please untie me.”

Reese bit his lower lip. “Sorry, buddy, no can do.”

Zach whimpered miserably. “What?!”

Reese shrugged. “There’s a line outside the door. I can’t just spoil it for everyone.” Despite Zach’s protests, Reese stuffed the grungy, soaked sock back into his mouth. “You understand that, right?”

Zach whimpered.

Reese grinned and waved at Zach. “See you later, buddy.”

He walked out the room and left the door open for a young guy who looked like he was barely 18 years old.

“Have fun, newbie”, Reese said as the young guy closed the door.

The boy leaned against the door and stared at Zach whose erection was protruding from his loins like a king’s scepter. The look on the boy’s face said that he was a willing and eager courtier…

He had a lanky frame and a pale complexion. His hair was ash-blond and cut short, and he was wearing glasses.

He came up to Zach with a cautious expression on his face, approaching him like a gazelle coming near a sleeping lion.

“Hi”, the boy said in a low voice.

Zach groaned a muffled response.

The boy stared at Zach a couple of seconds. Then he took off his pants and underwear but he kept his t-shirt and his glasses on. He shyly covered his genital area, trying to conceal his below-average sized cock.

Zach groaned miserably as he started to suspect what the young guy was up to.

In awe-stricken silence, the boy stroked Zach’s glistening cock a couple of times.

Zach let out an involuntary moan.

Intrigued by the rope tied around the base of Zach’s dong and his huge, separated gonads, the teen reached out and massaged Zach’s testicles while slowly jerking Zach’s monster cock.

The boy plucked up courage and lubed his asshole with Zach’s prejizz that was coating his hand. Then he straddled him and inserted Zach’s massive tool. Slowly, he slid down on Zach’s member until his thighs touched Zach’s pubes, gasping in pleasure. His cock was hard as a little rock.

The teen needed a couple of seconds to accommodate Zach’s fiery rod. He had his eyes closed and grimaced as he slowly started moving up and down, fucking himself with Zach’s monster cock as if it was a dildo. Soon, he was bouncing up and down, moaning with pleasure, impaling himself on Zach’s member and looking positively thrilled.

He was facing Zach but he avoided looking him in the eyes, instead effectively using the immobilized stud’s huge tool solely to satisfy his own needs.

Zach groaned and moaned, torn between involuntary pleasure, a certain reluctance to penetrate a man’s ass, and the not entirely far-fetched assumption that the teen was going to cum without him.

The boy continued bouncing happily on Zach’s dick, making sure to take Zach’s all the way on the downstroke. His bony ass connected with Zach’s trapped meatballs every time, crunching them hard and causing Zach to moan louder and louder.

Zach’s balls bounced against the newbie’s ass, bringing shrieks of pain from Zach’s lips.

Suddenly and without prior notice, the boy’s body convulsed and he shot a thick, heavy load of cum that sailed through the air and landed splattering on Zach’s pain-contorted face. Batch after batch of hot, spunky teen age cum erupted all across Zach’s upper body and his face, coating him in a sticky layer of salty cream.

The boy’s body convulsed with every spurt of jizz and the boy leaned back, trapping Zach’s poor balls underneath him, flattening them with the weight of his body and making Zach let out a gurgling, muffled scream.

When his orgasm had subsided, the boy’s glasses were misty, and he had a shocked expression on his face. Apparently, he had been looking forward to a much longer ride. He stared at his spilled load of cum that covered Zach’s chest and face.

Zach had his eyes closed.

Still impaled on Zach’s oversized cock, the boy reached behind him and fondled Zach’s throbbing testicles. He bounced up and down a couple of times, but apparently he wasn’t in the mood for a post-orgasmic ride. The young guy’s cock was deflating rapidly, and maybe the pleasure of feeling Zach’s huge schlong inside him was giving way to the pain such a big, fat dong could cause.

With a disappointed sigh, the boy descended, releasing Zach’s oversized rod that looked fiery red, swollen and sore. The boy bit his lower lip and looked at Zach. He seemed to think about something. After a quick glance towards the door, the teen grabbed Zach’s big, swollen jewels and squeezed them hard.

Zach groaned in pain.

The boy blinked and slapped Zach’s nuts with his open palm, bringing an anguished yelp from Zach’s lips. A slight smile appeared on the teen’s face and he balled his fist. Watching Zach closely, he punched Zach’s balls three times in rapid succession.

Zach struggled against his restraints, screaming into his gag.

The teen bit his lower lips. He looked like he was said that his little adventure had come to an end so prematurely. With a sigh, he put on his clothes and left the room.

Jordan, the blond surfer guy we had seen earlier, entered the room, followed by five or six hunky, drunk frat brothers. Jordan held a bottle of beer in one hand and a baseball in the other one.

“Alright, guys”, he said, a drunk grin on his face. “We all know that next week is the Annual Nutball Tournament against the guys from XXX. And now it’s time for target practice!”

The guys cheered and clapped as Zach stared at them with a look of horror on his face.

The screen went black.

We sat in silence for a moment.

I cleared my throat and looked at Zach.

“That looked like you had one hell of a night”, I said sympathetically.

Zach sighed. “I gotta say, these guys are pretty good at Nutball. Now I know why they always manage to take the trophy…”

I chuckled. “How long did they train on you?”

Zach shrugged. “No idea. Maybe an hour?”

I grimaced in sympathy. “And I guess that wasn’t the end of it?”

Zach shook his head, a miserable expression on his face.

I grimaced in sympathy. “When did they let you go?”

“In the morning”, Zach said slowly. “Two of the guys came into the room with a frying pan and told me they were going to scramble my eggs and eat them for breakfast.”

I must have looked pretty shocked, because Zach quickly added. “They didn’t, don’t worry. It was a joke. They just pounded my nuts with the pan a couple of times and brought me to my room.”

I gulped. “You must be pretty mad at your frat brothers…”

Zach shrugged. “They have done worse…”

I had trouble believing that. “They have?”

Zach thought for a moment. “Maybe not.” He sighed. “But I guess I would have done the same.” There was a pause before Zach quickly added, “Except of course for the stuff the newbie did.”

I chuckled. “Sure.” I glanced at Zach’s crotch. “You didn’t cum at all that night, huh?”

Zach shook his head, grimacing.

“You must have had a serious case of blue balls”, I said.

“More like black and blue”, Zach sighed. He casually opened the fly of his jeans and showed me his junk.

It looked ghastly, like a tasteless Halloween joke.

“Did you go see a doctor?” I asked, seriously concerned about the state of Zach’s manhood. I didn’t want him to suffer permanent damage, for his sake and for the sake of our website. He was one of our prime stallions, and I certainly didn’t want to lose him.

“One of my friends, AJ, he is going to be a doctor”, he said, wincing in pain as he stuffed his genitalia back into his pants. “He said I’ll be fine. He told me he knew some new kind of treatment and we’ll start tonight.”

I had to suppress a laugh. I knew AJ and I was quite certain that Zach was in for a paiful surprise…

I decided to change the topic. “You earned two thousand dollars that night”, I said.

Zach stood and hobbled towards the door. “That’s my new TV”, he said, smiling.

“Have fun with it”, I said and closed the door behind him.

I shook my head and sat down in the kitchen, lighting a cigarette and wondering whether we’d hear from Mystery Man again...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Busted at the gym

Kev looked at his watch. The 20 year old jock was wearing sweat pants and a black t-shirt. He ran his hand through his brown hair and sat down on a bench in the locker room.

Five minutes later, his buddy Ben entered the locker room and sat down next to him. Just like Kev, he was 20 years old, and just like Kev, he was wearing sweat pants and a black t-shirt.

Kev was a bit taller than Ben, but except for that and Ben’s black hair-color, the two guys looked almost identical. They both had muscular arms and legs, handsome faces and a fit, trained body.

“Tell me again”, Kev said. “Why are we doing this?”

Ben shrugged. “I got a call from Danny. Apparently he knows a couple of people in the movie business, and these people pay us a good amount of money to deliver a message…”

Kev grinned. “Okay. But why did Danny come to you?”

Ben shrugged again. “I did a job for him and he thought that I would be interested.”

Kev nodded. Then he turned to his buddy and asked, “So the job went smoothly?”

Ben shifted uncomfortably. “Yeah, it did.”

Kev raised his eyebrows.

“It did”, Ben insisted.

Kev chuckled. “I bet you botched it and ended up crying on the ground in a pool of your own cum…”

Ben blushed.

Kev laughed. “Wow, your poker face is fantastic…” He nudged Ben’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, today I’ve got your back, and we’ll make sure that Mr. Lautner gets what his friends in the movie biz are paying for…” With a wink, he threw a quick backhand slap at Ben’s bulging crotch. It was meant to be playful but it connected perfectly with the two tender orbs inside Ben’s pants.

The muscular jock gasped in surprise and doubled over with a long, miserable groan. “Fuck”, he whispered.

Kev roared with laughter.

“You really got me”, Ben said in a toneless voice, grimacing in pain.

Kev shrugged. “I’m a master at my craft…”

Ben shook his legs to get rid of the pain in his throbbing nuts.

“You ready?” Kev asked with an amused grin on his face.

Ben glared at him. “You really got me”, he insisted.

Kev rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I’m sorry.” He paused. “You ready?”

Ben grunted affirmatively and the two buff jocks walked into the empty gym. It was a large room with different training gear and various workout devices. Three of its four walls were glass fronts that allowed the attendants to watch the city while working out.

The gym was located on the top floor of a commercial building downtown, granting the sweaty sportsmen a very impressive view. Now, at nightfall, it was spectacularly beautiful and as romantic as one could possibly imagine.

At the far end of the large room, facing the window, someone was working out with two dumbbells, groaning with effort. He was listening to some music on his iPod and he didn’t seem to be particularly impressed by the view in front of him.

“He always comes here after hours”, Ben whispered as he sneaked up to him with Kev in tow. “He has an arrangement with the manager.” He made a lewd gesture which suggested that the things Taylor did in exchange for this privilege were probably not PG-rated…

Kev chuckled.

The hunky movie star was wearing a sleeveless black shirt and tight fitting white lycra pants that contrasted nicely with his tanned body and accentuated his sexy ass.

The closer Ben and Kev got, the more they realized that Taylor Lautner was in excellent shape. His calves and thighs were rock-hard, and his arms looked like he recently won an arm-wrestling tournament. There was not an ounce of fat on his body, and Ben’s and Kev’s muscular bodies paled in comparison to Taylor’s great physique.

Ben shot Kev a skeptical look, but Kev smiled reassuringly. He nodded at a silver barbell bar that was lying on the ground. Ben picked it up, wincing as the bar clanked against a dumb bell.

But apparently Taylor didn’t notice, probably due to the music that was blaring in his ears.

With a mean grin, Ben slowly placed the bar between Taylor’s slightly spread legs. He looked at Kev and winked.

Holding on to the bar with both hands, Ben prepared to smash Taylor’s nuts as hard as he could. He inhaled deeply.

Before he had a chance to make a move, Taylor whirled around and stepped on the bar with his sneaker-clad foot.

Ben wasn’t able to let go of the bar and grunted as he crashed to the floor. He quickly got up again and was met with a derisive grin and a dumbbell to his nuts. The heavy metal instrument crashed into his crotch, flattening his tender testicles with a dull thud.

Ben let out a wheezing groan as the air left his lungs.

“Stupid fuckers!” Taylor barked. “Did you really think I couldn’t see your reflections in the window?!”

Kev jumped over Ben who was kneeling on the floor, doubled over and clutching his crotch. He tackled Taylor, making him drop the two dumbbells with a loud clank.

The two muscular studs dropped to the ground, each of them trying to get the upper hand.

Taylor tried to grab hold of Kev’s short brown hair, but Kev managed to smash his fist into Taylor’s jaw.

Taylor wailed in pain. “Don’t you fucking touch my face!”

Kev didn’t seem to be impressed. He followed up with another punch that was aimed straight at Taylor’s nose.

Taylor managed to turn his head away, avoiding any broken bones, as Kev’s punch hit his jaw again.

The movie star screamed with pain and anger. He snuck his hand between Kev’s thighs and instantly found what he was looking for. His fingers closed around Kev’s hanging basket and he squeezed his nuts hard.

Kev’s eyes bulged and he let out an anguished shriek.

“Fuck you!” Taylor grunted, squishing and twisting Kev’s nuts and making him squeal in pain. He let go of Kev’s balls and managed to throw him off, pinning him to the ground with his body weight, his hands holding down Kev’s arms, his thighs at either side of Kev’s hips.

“Fuck you”, he repeated. “How did you know I was---“

He was rudely interrupted by vicious, precise kick to his movie star gonads courtesy of Ben who had recovered and stood behind the two fighting studs.

Unfortunately, the kick hadn’t been precise enough. Instead of just ruining Taylor Lautner’s chances of fathering children, Ben’s wide foot had cracked Kev’s nuts as well.

Taylor and Kev stared at each other, being able to witness the changing facial features of their opponent as if they were looking into a mirror.

At first, the eyebrows rose. Then the eyes crossed slightly. The nose twitched. The mouth opened to form a perfect little O. The eyes crossed even further. Then the sound started: Both of them started with an incredulous, pained whimper that quickly turned into a siren-like wail.

Ben watched them, fascinated and amused. “Four nuts with one kick”, he mumbled. “Not bad.” Then he shrugged, brought his leg back and kicked the double set of twin plums again as hard as he could.

This time, the reaction diverged widely. Taylor Lautner’s eyes closed, he threw back his head and let out an ear-piercing howl not unlike a werewolf in a cheap movie. Kev just let out a dry cough as the color left his face.

Screaming in pain, Taylor rolled to the side, curling up in a ball and clutching his sore nuts, allowing Kev to do the same.

Ben watched them for a couple of seconds, chuckling to himself. Then he dragged Taylor to a nearby bench and tied his hands and legs in a spread-eagle position. The pain in his nuts seemed to be acting as a tranquilizer as the muscled stud didn’t put up a lot of fight.

When Ben was finished, Kev had sufficiently recovered. He was grimacing in pain and occasionally rubbing the sore bulge in his loose fitting sweat pants, but other than that he seemed okay.

“Damn”, he muttered. “Did you have to do that twice in a row?”

Ben shrugged and pointed at the tied up movie star who stared at them with blatant hatred in his eyes. “We got him where we wanted”, Ben said, grinning.

Kev groaned and carefully adjusted his crotch. “And you got me a free vasectomy in the process…”

Ben chuckled.

Kev turned his attention from his own junk to Taylor’s.

The 21 year old stud’s legs were spread wide, making his ample package look even bigger. The sweat on his body had soaked his white lycra pants especially at his crotch. Through the thin, almost transparent fabric, Taylor’s most valuable possessions were clearly visible, his thick bush of dark pubes and the fat, limp cock that lay lazily next to his big, roomy sac. But his two big, juicy plums stole the show. They truly were an eye-catcher, looking like two delicious apples waiting to be picked.

Neither Ben nor Kev were shy about their own equipment, and they had nothing to be shy about – but Taylor outranked them in every department.

Taylor seemed to be able to read their thoughts. “Jealous, huh?” he sneered. “Yeah, have a good, close look at my junk, you fucking morons.”

The two jocks stared at him.

Taylor seemed to realize that bullying his assaulters didn’t get him out of his compromising position. He was an actor, after all, so he switched into another role. “You want my cock, huh?” Taylor said, smiling reassuringly. “You want that big juicy cock up your asses, huh?” He looked at Ben and Kev. “I wouldn’t have taken you for queers.” He quickly added, “Not that there’s anything wrong about being queer. I’ve got a lot of faggot fans.” He shrugged. “I hope you brought a condom because I won’t fuck you without one. You’ve got to play by my rules if you want that monster up your tight little cunts.”

Ben and Kev looked at each other.

Taylor glared at them. “Just to be clear, usually I don’t fuck guys.” He pulled at the ropes that tied around his wrists. “But I guess I’m not in a position to be choosy.” He grimaced. “Look, let’s get it over already. One of you will have to suck me off, then I’ll be ready to fuck you.” He shifted his weight, causing his junk to shift inside his pants.

“Wanna go first?” Kev asked Ben, grinning.

Taylor looked at Ben, eyeing him from head to toe. “I hope you’re not a virgin. Most virgins can’t cope with my dong .”

Ben took a step forward and stood between Taylor’s spread legs.

Taylor sighed. “Get down on your knees and suck my cock already…” He closed his eyes and brought his head back, waiting for Ben’s lips to wrap around his cock.

Instead, Ben brought his leg back and sent his foot crashing into Taylor’s junk. His sneaker-clad foot connected with the bulging package, hitting his big, juicy nuts dead-on.

Taylor let out a blood-curdling scream as his eyes opened wide and he struggled against his restraints.

“Ouch”, Kev laughed, cringing in mock sympathy. “My turn now.”

Ben grinned and made way for Kev.

The 20 year old jock didn’t pussyfoot around. He kicked the movie star’s family jewels as hard as he could, bringing an anguished scream and a series of profanities from his lips.

Kev followed up with another hard, nut-crunching kick that raised Taylor’s voice an octave and made him squeal like a new-born piglet.

Ben burst out laughing. “Sounds like a perfect hit…”

Kev grinned proudly. “Yeah, I got him good.” He brought his leg back once more and smashed the tip of his sneaker into Taylor’s defenseless groin, crunching his tender nuggets flat and making Taylor gurgle and cough, grimacing in excruciating pain.

Ben looked around and his eyes fell on the dumbbell that Taylor had dropped. He lifted it and shoved Kev away.

“Hey”, Kev protested. “What are you---“ He saw Ben standing between Taylor’s legs, the dumbbell raised above Taylor’s juicy plums. “Oh, nice idea”, he grinned.

Taylor’s eyes widened in terror as he saw what Ben was up to. “No!” he screamed. “No!”

Without further ado, Ben dropped the dumbbell. The heavy metal instrument landed right on target. With a dull thud, Taylor’s precious nuts were flattened like pancakes. Taylor’s eyes widened and he let out a silent scream, his mouth wide open, his eyes crossed.

The dumbbell rolled off of Taylor’s aching testicles and onto the floor as if nothing had happened.

“Fuck”, Kev laughed. “Fuck, that’s gotta hurt…”

Taylor still hadn’t found his voice. His mouth was wide open and he looked like he was screaming from the top of his lungs, but the only sound echoing through the gym was the dumbbell rolling away.

“Let me try that”, Kev said quickly and ran to fetch the dumbbell. On his way, he passed the shelf with the rest of the weights. He stopped and spotted some kettlebells. He grabbed one of the middle-sized ones, 20 lb, and winked at Ben gave a thumbs-up sign while grimacing in mock-sympathy.

Kev carried the kettlebell and held it about 3 feet above Taylor’s package.

Taylor hadn’t moved. His mouth was still open wide and his handsome superstar face was contorted into a painful grimace. Beads of sweat were dropping down his face.

Kev chuckled as he let go of the cannonball-like weight. It dropped down into Taylor’s exposed junk like a bomb from a bomber. Taylor’s nuts and his cock were tightly held in place by his see-through pants, and the kettlebell landed on them with a sickening crunch.

Taylor’s mouth closed and his cheeks puffed. A low, guttural moan turned into a full-blown scream as the kettlebell sat comfortably on his flattened genitalia, crushing his precious testicles with its weight.

“Wow”, Ben said, clearly impressed. He turned to the shelf and grabbed a 40 lb kettlebell.

Kev chuckled and lifted the 20 lb kettlebell from Taylor’s junk, making room for the much heavier one.

Taylor didn’t seem to be able to appreciate that, though, as he continued screaming and panting.

Ben followed Kev’s example and held the heavy, metal kettlebell 3 feet above Taylor’s nuts before letting it drop.

Taylor’s scream increased in volume and raised in pitch and his rapidly swelling genitalia absorbed the full weight of the heavy instrument.

Again, the kettlebell didn’t show any signs of rolling off of Taylor’s junk, sitting comfortable on top of Taylor’s cock and balls that bulged underneath it.

Kev knelt down to get a closer look at Taylor’s flattened genitalia. He grimaced in sympathy as he saw the mayhem. Taylor’s nuts looked like they were going to burst at the seams, and his limp cock was bent in a decidedly unnatural position.

“Ooohh”, Kev shuddered. He looked up at Taylor who had a vacant expression on his face. “I hope you didn’t plan on having sex tonight because I’m pretty sure you’ll need a bit of rest after this…” He grinned and patted Taylor’s sweaty face.

Taylor let out a wheezing groan. “My nuts”, he whispered in a toneless voice.

Kev nodded, grimacing in mock sympathy. “Yup. You’re going to leave with a sack full of peanut butter, I’m afraid.”

Ben laughed.

Without removing the heavy kettlebell that was crunching poor Taylor’s balls, Kev turned to Ben. “Got anything else?”

Ben looked around and his eyes fell onto the silver barbell bar that was lying on the ground. He grabbed it and weighed it in his hand.

“My nuts”, Taylor moaned.

“Yeah, wait a second”, Kev grinned. “We’re going to take care of your nuts in just a minute…”

“What do you think?” Ben asked Kev, showing him the bar.

Kev chuckled. “I think you can mash his grapes with that thing…” He lifted the kettlebell from Taylor’s nuts and stepped away to allow Ben to stand between the movie star’s spread thighs.

Ben held the bar like a drum major, the pointy end directed at Taylor’s bruised and swollen genitalia.

“This is gonna hurt, buddy”, he grinned as he stomped the pointy end of the bar into Taylor’s groin, catching his left nut dead on and flattening the poor nugget into the ground.

Taylor screamed from the top of his lungs.

Ben lifted the bar and smashed it down again, this time hitting the head of Taylor’s fat, limp cock.

Taylor’s scream turned into a shrill shriek.

The next strike crunched Taylor’s left nut again, making Taylor let out a soprano wail that would have made an opera singer proud.

Again and again, Ben rammed the bar into Taylor’s junk, alternately hitting his left nut, the head of his cock and the middle of his shaft – somehow, Taylor’s right nut seemed to escape the blows, much to Ben’s chagrin.

“That slippery fucker”, Ben mumbled, forcefully poking at Taylor’s genitalia as hard as he could.

Taylor was screaming like a banshee as his precious goods were squished and squashed with the heavy bar.

Finally, Ben managed to hit Taylor’s right nut, and he laughed in delight. “That’s it!” he shouted as Taylor squealed in pain. Now he was in the flow, and he swatted poor Taylor’s right testicle again and again with a mean grin on his face.

Kev watched his buddy, chuckling.

Finally, Ben took a step back and wiped his brow. “Phew”, he said. “Mashing grapes is hard work…”

Kev laughed. “Yeah, but I think you did a pretty good job…”

Taylor Lautner was barely conscious.

Kev knelt down between his spread legs and tentatively grabbed his junk. He felt his enormously swollen nuts and the bruised cock and grimaced. “Eww… You really turned them into mush…” He gave Taylor’s battered balls a hard squeeze for good measure.

Ben grinned proudly.

Kev slapped Taylor’s face, bringing him back into this world.

Taylor moaned in pain, looking defeated and exhausted.

“Hey”, Kev said, slapping him again. “Anybody home?”

Taylor’s eyes opened. He looked like he was in a trance.

“Hey!” Kev repeated. “We got a message for you.”

Taylor looked at him.

Kev stood and turned to Ben.

Ben had a blank expression on his face.

“Go on”, Kev said.

Ben raised his eyebrows.

“The message”, Kev said, rolling his eyes.

“Oh, the message”, Ben said and stepped between Taylor’s legs. “Listen, you jerk. I’ve got a little message from Patrick and Alexander: Quit being such a fucking jerk!” With that he drew his leg back and sent a powerful kick into Taylor’s bruised plums.

His sneaker crashed into the soft, swollen orbs with a wet splat, hitting both of Taylor’s nuts with the tip and crunching them hard.

Taylor’s eyes rolled back into his head and he let out a soft, almost peaceful moan before slumping into unconsciousness.

Ben rubbed his hands and looked at Kev. “Looks like we’re done here…”

Kev nodded.

The two buddies cut the ropes and positioned Taylor on his side. It looked like he was sleeping.

“I bet he won’t have sex for a week”, Ben chuckled.

“More like two weeks”, Kev grinned.

The two jocks walked back to the locker.

“You know, I could picture us doing this for a living”, Ben said. “You know, delivering messages and all that.” He looked at Kev.  “Like a ballbusting messenger service.”

“A nut-o-gram service”, Kev grinned.

“Yeah”, Ben chuckled.

The two boys laughed as they walked out of the gym.