Saturday, May 25, 2019 Original Videos: Last man standing (Extended trailer)

Poor Elis Ataxxx endures some awful kicks and knees, slaps and squeezes in our latest video Last man standing. Don't miss the exclusive behind the scenes video that we filmed right after the shooting and the interview that we conducted a few days later.

Most of all, though: Don't miss the awsome clip that caused poor Elis and his fellow frat brother Fluffy so much pain!

Last man standing
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
With Special Guest Star Elis Ataxxx
Length: 15 min
Price: $14.99
Quality Guarantee:
Get the clip now at!
MP4: 495 MB
Click here for a detailed desciption and more information

The clip received fantastic feedback and instantly climbed to the Number 2 spot of the Clips4Sale Ballbusting Top 10!

If you need any more convincing here is an extended trailer featuring more action scenes from the clip:

Friday, May 24, 2019

Stoners, boners, beats and balls (Pete and Mike meet Leo)

Special thanks to Pete for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who enjoys a smoke now and then!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Leo (click for pictures)

The room was filled with the sweet, unmistakable scent of pot, dubstep music was blaring from the speakers, and a video game was running on the large TV screen.

Two guys were playing on the couch, one was sitting in the chair, smoking a joint.

Mike was 20 years old, a thin, lanky, tall young man with dark blond hair and an impish smile on his face, was working the controller like a pro.

“Take that, you fucker!” he announced triumphantly as he delivered another critical hit to his opponent on the screen.

His best friend Pete was as old as him, 20, just as tall but not quite as skinny. His hair was black, and he looked like he hadn’t shaved in a couple of days.

Pete had been away for a year, attending college, and he enjoyed being back home, smoking pot, listening to music, playing video games, and goofing around with his buddies like in the good old days.

Leo was one year younger than them, with curly black hair and a lanky frame. His skateboard was leaning against the chair as he took a puff from the joint.

“Fuck yeah, take that, you fucker”, Pete chimed in cheerfully and punched Mike in the nuts with his fist.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Video links: Corn nuts

A few years ago we discovered a wonderful (and painful) variant of the popular lawn game of cornhole. Since then its popularity has grown significantly, and while it hasn't reached olympic level enthusiasm yet, there's an ever growing number of players (with ever shrinking chances of reproducing) that enjoy hurling bean bags at each others' bean bags.

Here are some more of my favorite clips featuring guys playing corn nuts.

Let's get right into the action and start with a short clip that perfectly captures the joy of corn nuts. It's a perfect hit, a bull's eye, and it's celebrated with unabashed glee. Well played!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Interview with ballbusting newbie Elis Ataxxx


Yesterday we released a short video introducing you to ballbusting newbie Elis Ataxxx who stars in our latest Original Video release:

Last man standing
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
With Special Guest Star Elis Ataxxx
Length: 15 min
Price: $14.99
Quality Guarantee:
Get the clip now at!
MP4: 495 MB
Click here for a detailed desciption and more information

A few days after the shoot we got the chance to ask a couple more questions. Here is our little conversation.

Q: First things first: How are your nuts? Anybody who has seen Last man standing knows that you took some pretty brutal hits...
Elis: Well my nuts hurt quite a bit after that shoot, I don't very much enjoy the feeling of being hit in the nuts.
Q: That's too bad. I have to admit that I enjoy seeing you get hit in the nuts very much...

Elis: Thanks (I guess).

Q: You are welcome! Okay, so you are one kinky kitten, Elis! I have seen you gagged and fucked, feminized and cucked, spanked, dominated and dildo-plugged - and you are only 19 years old and relatively new on the scene. If someone didn’t know you, how would you describe yourself and what you do?

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Elis Ataxxx - ballbusting virgin no more

Our latest video is very special, because it has a Special Guest Star: We witness hot young kinkster Elis Ataxxx' very first appearance in a ballbusting clip.

Last man standing
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
With Special Guest Star Elis Ataxxx
Length: 15 min
Price: $14.99
Quality Guarantee:
Get the clip now at!
MP4: 495 MB
Click here for a detailed desciption and more information

After filming the video we asked Elis about the experience and filmed his reaction. Here's what he said:

Friday, May 17, 2019 Original Videos: Last man standing

You asked for a “threesome” – and here it is! We managed to convince young kink adventurer  Elis Ataxxx to join Toby and Fluffy for our 7th Original Video. It’s a wild ride – and you will love it!

Last man standing
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
With Special Guest Star Elis Ataxxx
Length: 15 min
Price: $14.99
Quality Guarantee:
Get the clip now at!
MP4: 495 MB

The frat brothers at Alpha Beta Xi are excited: Toby, Elis and Fluffy are going to play “Last Man Standing”. The rules are simple: there are two contestants, and the loser gets locked in a chastity cage. As the result of a random draw (which sneaky Toby might or might not have rigged…) Elis and Fluffy are the contestants, and they face off in a brutal ball bashing competition. After a thorough inspection of their crown jewels, Toby does his very best to turn those jewels into diamond dust. He unleashes a ballbusting bonanza of brutal kicks and knees, slaps, punches and squeezes. At the end of their nut-crunching contest, Elis and Fluffy learn a painful lesson: There are no winners in “Last Man Standing”.

My opinion:
This clip is the very first one featuring a Special Guest Star (the sales of this clip will determine whether we’ll be able to afford another “threesome” in the future), and Elis Ataxxx is an awesome addition to the cast. This is his very first ballbusting clip – but Toby sure doesn’t go easy on him. This level of nut pain is clearly new to him, and Elis’ reaction is raw and real – which is very hot and very cute, and his determination to get through these 15 minutes of pain is very admirable. This clip is filled with an infectious frat bro atmosphere, and the guys are having a lot of fun with the premise of the clip. Fluffy and Elis are cocky, confident and rambunctious, putting their balls on the line with the adventurous attitude and the notorious pride of Alpha Beta Xi, and Toby is having the time of his life, busting his buddies’ balls with glee and determination.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (44)

Are you in the mood for some fun? We have a wonderful baseball skit, some stick to d*** action, playground games, an awesome game show, a science experiment, and a rugby team exercise for you!

Here are some more of my favorite clips featuring guys hitting each other in the nuts for fun.
Let's start with a short and sweet clip called Ground rule double. There's so much to love about this clip: the cheeky title, the helmet, the underwear, the perfect hit, the instinctive sympathy crotch-grabbing from the guy who drops the bat, the pain voice, the laughter - and of course the awesome "I forgot to hit record, dude."

Monday, May 13, 2019

New poll: What kind of ballbusting story do you like?

New poll - artwork created by Champ

Back in 2015, 2016 and 2017 I asked you what kind of ballbusting stories you like, and since our audience is growing every year I'd like to ask the question again because I'm really interested to see whether your opinions have changed.

Your choices:
- accidental mishaps
- aggressive, one-sided humiliation
- competitions and games
- fights and combats
- forced sex and torture
- foreplay between lovers
- playful fun, bets and pranks
- "scientific" experiments
- other

More than one answer is possible, and you can specify your choice if you pick "other".

The poll is open till mid-June. If you are reading this post on your computer you find the poll in the right column of this blog. If you are reading this post on your mobile device you find the poll at the bottom of this page.

Thank you!

Poll results: Sexual orientation

Poll results (version 3) - artwork created by Champ

Last month I asked you a very personal question: What is your sexual orientation?

More than 500 people took part in the poll, and here are the results:

Gay   66%
Bisexual   19%
Straight   12%
Other (for example: pansexual, asexual, not sure)   2%
Fluid   1%

Thanks to everybody who participated!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sammy the ball doctor: Treating Danny (revisited)

Since more than half of our readers discovered this blog less than five years ago I thought it would be nice to re-introduce some older stories for those who didn't catch them when they were first published. Enjoy!

Featured in this story: Danny and Sammy (click for pictures)

Chad and I arrived at the practice at quarter to ten p.m. A friend of mine had lent us his rooms as a location for our little series of “Sammy the ball doctor”. Chad had brought the gynaecological chair and we placed it in the middle of the room.

The walls and the furniture were white and there were framed art prints on the walls – everything looked perfect.

Our protagonist, cute redhead Sammy, arrived a few minutes later and we gave him the white lab coat. He put it on and while he didn’t look very doctor-like – at 18 years he was far too young for that – he looked positively hot in it with a stethoscope around his neck and a determined look on his face.

He watched himself in the mirror and was beaming with joy.

“This is gonna be fun”, Sammy grinned, posing in front of the mirror. He was the equivalent of the cliché nurse fantasy, caressing his body and looking lasciviously at his reflection. “Wanna see my license?” he aspirated at himself, unbuttoning his coat. “I do home visits…”

Chad and I chuckled.

“Hey”, Chad said suddenly. “Why don’t we shoot a short introduction? You know, close-ups, some cheesy one-liners, that sort of stuff?”

“Good idea”, I nodded.

Chad grabbed his camera and filmed Sammy smiling, Sammy frowning, Sammy grabbing and squeezing his bulge, Sammy turning around to face the camera and so on.

“Get your junk out”, Chad said after a few minutes.

Read more