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Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (10) - Scrambled Eggs Edition

In some languages, "eggs" is the most common slang expression for testicles: "Eier" in German, "huevos" in Spanish, "ovos" in Portuguese. (If you know any other languages where that's the case it'd be awesome if you dropped me a line.)

Eggs are so fragile and easy to break - the similarities are just striking. Naturally, you can have a lot of fun with that. Just put a pair of eggs into your underwear and let a buddy smash them to bits. There'll be eggwhite and yolk splattering everywhere, and the sound of impact is pretty awesome, too...

Here are a couple of my favorite videos showing guys scrambling their eggs.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

One on one: Ben vs. Logan – the rematch

Special thanks to Reg for coming up with some hot ideas for the plot! 
This is a sequel to One on one: Ben vs. Logan.

Featured in this story: Logan and Ben (click for pictures)

Ben smiled. The muscular 20 year old was shirtless and barefoot, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs. He ran his hand through his black and winked at the camera.“Welcome to another exciting episode of the Ben Show! I know you love to see me kick some ass – and you’ll get exactly what you wish for…”

“Here he goes again”, Logan grinned, shaking his head in disbelief. He turned to me and chuckled. “Feels like a déjà-vu, doesn’t it?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “You know Ben”, I said. “What did you expect?”

Logan let out a laugh. “Yeah, you might have a point…”

Logan was 18 year old, a talented young high school wrestler with blond hair, a handsome face and an irresistible smile. With muscles in all the right places and a considerable bulge in his compression shorts, Logan was one of our hottest models.

A little while ago, he had defeated Ben in a fierce, nut-crunching fight that had left Ben serious pain. Instead of admitting defeat however, Ben had told Logan that he had let him win on purpose.

I chuckled, thinking back to the fight. Logan had trashed poor Ben’s big balls, kicking, stomping and punching them until Ben had given up. It had been nothing less than a clear, unequivocal victory for Logan.

When Ben had insisted that he had let Logan win, Logan had challenged him to a rematch. And, of course, Ben had agreed. I was pretty sure that he would regret his decision…

I looked at Logan. He had a confident grin on his face, and I was pretty sure that his dick inside his compression shorts was at least semi-hard.

“Excited?” I said with a smile, nodding at his groin.

Logan laughed and adjusted his crotch. “It’s showing, huh?”

I chuckled.

Ben had finished his shtick in front of the camera, and it was Logan’s turn now.

Logan smiled into the camera. “Hi there”, Logan said with a cocky grin. “I hope you enjoyed the last match between me and Ben. It was so fucking easy to bust Ben’s ‘balls of steel’ that I wanted a second go at his manhood.” He laughed. “Balls of steel my ass! I can beat him anytime, anywhere, and today I’m gonna prove it to you. Believe me, when I’m done with him, he’ll be walking funny for weeks.” He turned to Ben who shrugged at Logan’s trash talk with an undeterred grin. “Kiss your sex life goodbye, handsome. You’ll be shooting blanks for a while!”

Ben grabbed the bulging package in his briefs. “I told you”, Ben grinned. “Many have tried to trash these fuckers – but I’m still undefeated.”

Logan let out a laugh.

“Undefeated”, Ben insisted. “Never lost, never will.”

Logan rolled his eyes. “Oh, come on. Get real, man!”

Ben chuckled. “You want me to get real?” He flexed the biceps of his right arm. “This, buddy, this is real.” He raised his left arm and did the same. “And this is real, too.” He looked at Logan. “Look at these guns and compare them to your puny muscles!”

Logan laughed.

“You lose, buddy. You lose!” Ben grinned, posing for the camera.

Logan rolled his eyes again and, with a sigh, he struck the same pose as Ben, flexing his biceps.

The two guys stood side by side, comparing their muscles.

“You don’t stand a chance, kid!” Ben laughed.

In fact, I couldn’t see much of a difference between Ben and Logan. They were both athletic and strong, with muscles in all the right places, and not an ounce of fat on their bodies.

“Well”, Logan grinned cheekily. “I'm still more of a man than you! Especially after I trashed your babymakers last time. How are your little balls doing, by the way? Still hurting, I suppose. I hope I didn’t do any permanent damage…”

Ben stared at him. He reached inside his briefs and pulled out his fat, flaccid dick and his plump, meaty balls, letting them dangle over the waistband. “Come here kid and I'll show you who’s more of a man!” He balled his fists and slammed them against his chest. “Whoohoo! Biggest balls in the room!”

Logan grinned, slowly shaking his head. He pulled down his compression shorts, exposing his junk. His dick was half-hard and his juicy, young balls were hanging low in their sack.

The two guys stood next to each other, comparing their equipment.

“Fuck yeah! Biggest balls in the room!” Ben yelled.

Logan shook his head. “Wait a minute, buddy, are you squinting or something? You’re smaller than me. No doubt about it.”

They went back and forth for a while, each one insisting that their manhood was bigger than their opponent’s.

Finally, Logan turned to me. “Come on”, he said. “We need an outside opinion.”

They looked at me expectantly.

I shrugged and got down on one knee, their bare bits and pieces dangling right in front of my face.

I grabbed both sacks and weighed them in my hands. Ben and Logan were smiling down at me, eager to hear my judgment, as I gave their most valuable possessions a playful squeeze.

“Well?” Ben grinned.

I looked at the two pairs of testicles. Both were big. Two fat, meaty nuggets. It was impossible to tell which ones were bigger.

I looked up again. Ben’s eyes were wide open and a hopeful, heart-wrenchingly innocent smile played around the corners of his mouth.

“We have a winner”, I declared in a festive voice. “Congratulations, Ben, you have the biggest balls in the room!”

Ben started jumping up and down, cheering wildly while his junk was happily bouncing and smacking against his thighs. “Yeah! Fuck yeah!” Ben yelled. “Biggest balls in the room! Fuck yeah!”

Logan looked at me, his eyebrows raised.

I shrugged. “Biggest balls in the room”, I smiled.

Logan rolled his eyes. “Alright, let’s fight.”

After Ben had calmed down and both of them had pulled up their pants again, the two boys locked their hands in a test of strength. Soon, they were both grunting with effort, trying to bring the other guy to his knees.

Logan jerked his foot forward, causing Ben to yelp and move his hips, trying to bring his precious genitalia to safety.

Logan laughed.

Ben let out a grunt.

Logan pretended to launch another kick at Ben’s groin. Ben winced again and lifted his knee protectively, prompting Logan to burst out laughing.

“Why are you so jumpy?” Logan chuckled. “Worried about your big balls?”

Another kick attempt elicited a similar reaction from Ben, and Logan laughed, “I thought your balls were made of steel – I’m sure they can take a kick or tw---“

Suddenly, Ben let out a sharp grunt, startling Logan. That was just what Ben needed to overpower his young opponent and bring him down to his knees.

Logan landed flat on his back, with Ben crashing down on him, ramming his knee into Logan’s groin.

Logan let out an anguished wail as his jewels were crushed to diamond dust.

Ben pinned Logan’s arms to the ground and brought his knee up between Logan’s thighs, flattening his fat nuts into his body. “Who’s laughing now?” Ben grinned, following up with another hard knee to the nuts that made Logan scream in agony.

“Who’s laughing now, huh?” Ben repeated, crushing Logan’s nuts once more with a devastating knee strike.

Ben got up and put his hands on his hips, smiling down Logan who curled up in a ball, groaning in pain. “Ooooh, are your puny little balls hurting, kid?” Ben grinned. “Has the big bad guy crushed your tiny little peanuts?” He roared with laughter. “I’ve taught you a valuable lesson, kid: Don’t mess with me or your balls will pay the price!” Ben put his hand behind his head and started thrusting his hips back and forth. “Never lost, never will! Biggest balls in the roo---“

Logan’s fist shot up between Ben’s spread legs, smashing into his poor nuts into his body.

“---ooom!” Ben squealed in a soprano voice before falling to his knees.

Logan looked at him, his face contorted in pain. “More like weakest balls in the room”, he grunted.

They were both on their knees, clutching their aching balls.

Ben was groaning in pain.

Logan crawled over and reached between Ben’s thighs, prying his hands away and closing his fingers around Ben’s meaty nuts through the thin fabric of his boxers.

Ben screamed from the top of his lungs as Logan started squeezing. His eyes bulged obscenely and he gasped for air, his nuts getting crushed in Logan’s vise-like grip.

With his hands wrapped around Ben’s babymakers, Logan left his own crotch unprotected, and Ben seized the chance, grabbing a good handful of Logan’s genitalia and squeezing hard.

Both of them were grunting and groaning, screaming and moaning as they attempted to crush the life out of each others’ balls, squishing and squashing their opponent’s tender orbs with their bare hands.

The two hot boys’ bodies were glistening with sweat as they squished and squashed each others’ nuts.

Finally, Ben managed to twist out of Logan’s grip and let go of Logan’s balls in the process.

Their faces were contorted in pain as they clutched their goods, eyeing their opponent suspiciously.

Logan got up, groaning and rubbing his crotch. He smiled weakly. “Wanna give up before I turn your nuts into peanut butter?”

Ben scoffed. “You’ll never break those balls of steel!” he grunted, lightly tapping the big package in his boxer briefs. Apparently, that was more painful than Ben had imagined, and his face went pale. He looked like he was going to puke any moment.

Logan burst out laughing. “Balls of steel?! Balls of glass more likely”, he chuckled before launching a well-aimed kick at Ben’s crotch. Logan’s bare foot connected with the Ben’s swollen nuts and rammed them into his body.

Ben’s eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head. He stared down at his crotch, a look of shocked disbelief on his face.

“Oh, have I shattered them?” Logan said innocently, raising his eyebrows and covering his mouth with his hands. “Ooops. I’m sorry!”

Ben let out a angry grunt and lunged at Logan, but Logan jumped out of the way, causing Ben to crash into the wall. Logan seized his chance and kicked Ben’s balls from behind.

Ben let out an anguished wail as his nuts were rammed into his body. He turned around, his face contorted in pain, his hands clutching his battered balls.

Like a wounded giant, Ben stumbled forward and lashed out, trying to land a punch at Logan’s face.

Logan ducked and punched Ben’s balls, making him squeal from the top of his lungs.

Ben doubled over and staggered forwards, whimpering in pain.

Logan laughed.

He continued playing with Ben, evading his punches and kicks, and landing a couple of hard shots to Ben’s balls himself instead.

Each blow made Ben weaker, and made it easier for Logan to hurt him.

Shot after painful shot smashed into Ben’s poor balls. Soon, even light taps were making Ben wail in pain.

Logan was making fun of him, mocking his grimaces and his grunts, and teasing him about his alleged ‘balls of steel’.

Watching them, I started to feel pity for Ben. It was like watching a bullfight with a decidedly superior matador and a rapidly weakening bull. And I was starting to root for the poor bull…

“You call these balls of steel?” Logan laughed, landing another light nut-tap that made Ben scream in pain. “Come on, big balls, is that all you got?”

Ben let out a grunt and lunged at Logan again.

Repeating his earlier trick, Logan fell to his knees again and delivered a hard, relentless uppercut to Ben’s balls.

Ben’s mouth opened and he let out a wheezing groan.

Logan laughed and got up, standing back to admire the result of his attack.

Ben gasped for breath, his eyes watering, his body shaking. “Oh my fucking balls”, he groaned hoarsely before slumping to his knees, coughing.

Logan watched him, laughing.

Grimacing in pain, Ben pulled down his shorts and examined his manhood. His nuts were severely swollen and red. He tentatively lifted them up, letting them rest in his palm. “My fucking balls”, he groaned.

“Come on, we’re not finished, yet!” Logan grinned. “You can’t let me win again!”

Ben looked up at him, his face a mask of pain. “Fuck you!”

“Get up”, Logan said with a grin, ruffling Ben’s hair. “Let’s finish this like real men.” He grabbed a handful of Ben’s hair, pulling him painfully to his feel.

Ben screamed. His hands shot up to his head, closing around Logan’s wrist. His boxer briefs fell to his ankles, leaving his impressive junk completely unprotected and vulnerable.

Logan chuckled and smacked Ben’s bare balls with the back of his hand, making the big, meaty orbs dance in their sack. He let go of Ben’s hair and stepped back, allowing the muscular stud to double over, clutching his crotch.

“How do those big balls of yours feel?” Logan grinned.

Ben didn’t answer.

Logan chuckled. “Wanna see a real man’s balls?” He took off his own shorts and grinned, flexing his muscles in victory. His nuts looked slightly battered but nowhere near as bad as Ben’s bruised organs. “Come on, look at them!”

Ben kept his head down, doubled over in agony.

“I said look at them!” Logan repeated, a huge smile on his lips. When Ben didn’t react, he stepped forward, grabbed Ben’s head with both of his hands and forced him to look up.

Ben’s eyes were filled with pain and humiliation.

Logan laughed. He playfully slapped his dangling junk against Ben’s face with a wet smack.

Ben gritted his teeth.

Logan chuckled and repeated his move, smacking his semi-hard dick and low-hanging balls into Ben’s face repeatedly.

Ben let out frustrated, angry grunts, but he was not able to defend himself against Logan’s humiliating antics.

“Okay”, Logan finally said, chuckling as he let go of Ben’s face. “Let’s bring this to an end.” He put his hands on his hips and spread his legs. “Now you give me your best shot, then I’ll give you mine. Let’s see who’s got balls of steel…”

Ben clenched his teeth. His eyes were fixed on Logan’s crotch. Like a dying bull staring at the red rag in the hands of the torero.

I grimaced in sympathy as I watched Ben prepare for his shot. It was obvious that he had no strength left. He’d probably miss his big targets completely.

My eyes fell on Logan’s cute bubble butt, and his big balls that were dangling between his thighs.

I bit my lower lip, stepped closer and brought my leg back.

Neither Logan nor Ben noticed me. Ben was focusing on Logan’s balls, and Logan was busy humiliating Ben.

“Come on, take your best shot”, Logan chuckled. “Let’s see whose nuts are tougher!”

I brought my foot up between Logan’s thighs from behind, catching both of Logan’s nuts dead-on. My sneaker-clad foot connected with Logan’s meaty nuggets, and a loud, wet smack echoed through the room. My kick was so hard that I thought I could feel Logan’s nuts flatten through my shoe.

Logan let out a shocked grunt.

A huge smile appeared on Ben’s face.

“Sorry”, I mumbled, quickly stepping back to my position behind the camera.

“My nuts”, Logan whispered breathlessly. Then he let out an ear-curdling scream and slumped to the floor.

Ben cleared his throat. He limped over to Logan and looked down at him. With a cocky grin, he dropped his knee between Logan’s thighs, landing square on Logan’s nuts.

Logan’s voice cracked and turned up an octave as his nuts were crunched flat between Ben’s knee and the cold, hard floor. “Fuuuuuck!” he wailed in a high-pitched voice.

Ben got up and looked down at Logan. “Give up?” he mumbled, fondling his own aching balls.

Logan nodded his head, whimpering in pain.

On Ben’s face, I could see what was going on in his head. At first, he looked like he didn’t know what to do. Should he cheer? Should he just walk away quietly?

Then, suddenly, his face lit up.

“Another win for the biggest balls in the room!” he yelled, raising his arms up into the air. “Yes! Fuck yes!” He leaned down and smacked Logan’s bare butt with the palm of his hand. “Eat that, kid! Still undefeated! Whoohoo!”

Logan was whimpering in pain.

Ben did a little victory dance, shaking his hips wildly and making his dick and balls swing about. Judging from the look on his face, he realized pretty quickly that it was a bad idea to let his battered balls smack against his thighs. He stopped instantly, swallowed hard, and whispered “Whoohoo!” without much conviction.

Funnily enough, Ben left the studio in a hurry, avoiding eye contact with me.

Logan stayed a little longer, curled up on the floor, whimpering in pain.

Feeling bad, I fetched him a beer and we sat down on the couch.

Logan threw his head back, sighing as he held the cold beer can against his aching nuts between his spread thighs.

I looked at him and opened my mouth.

“Okay, I probably deserved it”, Logan groaned.

I closed my mouth again.

“It felt awesome, you know”, Logan said, turning to me. “Before you kicked me, I mean.” He chuckled. “That didn’t feel awesome at all.”

We both laughed.

“Has anybody ever told you that you have a mean kick?” Logan grinned, rubbing his sore nuts before raising his beer can and holding it in my direction.

I shrugged. “I guess it’s in my genes. Germany is soccer world champion for a reason, you know?”

We clinked our beer cans and laughed.

Feel free to add your own suggestions for the "One on one" series to the wish list.

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Video links: Nadverts (2)

Crunched nuts in aisle 4
After Wednesday's post, our reader Toothpick has pointed us to two awesome nut-related commercials.

The first one features a boxing glove to the nuts - always a great idea! And I love the way it is presented... Everybody loves free gifts, right?

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Boys will be boys: Wet, hot and horny

Thanks to Alexander for his plot suggestion and a couple of fun emails!

Previous parts:
On the road

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: ZachLoganCal, Sammy and Brandon (click for pictures)

It had been a long drive, and the boys went to bed early. Sammy, Zach, Cal, Brandon and Logan were on vacation, living at Sammy’s uncles house for a couple of days. The drive had been exhausting, partly because of the summer heat, partly because of the broken air conditioning in Zach’s car, but mainly because the guys had spent much of their time hitting each other in the nuts…

The next morning, the boys woke early. They were horny and excited, even if their balls were still a little bit tender…

“Let’s go to the public pool today”, Sammy said cheerfully. “Maybe we’ll see the cheerleaders from next door!” He looked at Brandon and winked at him.

Brandon grinned.

Zach grabbed the big bulge in his shorts and grinned. “Fuck yeah, I can’t wait!”

An hour later, the five horny, handsome guys were at the public pool. It was a nice place, and they quickly found a spot on the lawn where they put their bags and towels.

They quickly changed into their swimwear.

The sun was blazing and the boys’ tanned bodies were glistening.

Zach was wearing a tight pair of blue speedos. Nature had blessed the blond 20 year old hunk with an almost unnaturally huge equipment, a meaty, awe-inspiring monster and two fat, low-hanging plums. Zach wasn’t shy about it, and his speedos were bulging obscenely with his extraordinary endowment. Every detail was outlined, you could see every vein in his thick, floppy shaft, and every hair on his gigantic man-eggs.

Logan looked like Zach’s younger brother. He was two years Zach’s junior, not quite as tall, and not quite as muscular as the big-dicked stud, but with the same perfect white teeth, blond hair and killer smile. Logan’s equipment wasn’t as phenomenally huge, and his black swimming trunks weren’t quite as revealing as Zach’s, but the big bulge he was sporting made it obvious that Logan was well-endowed with a big dick and a pair of plump, juicy nuts.

Next to Logan and Zach, Sammy looked skinny. The cute 18 year old redhead had a pale, freckled, hairless body. The loose boxers he was wearing made him look even more lanky. His had a nice-sized dick and a pair of respectable balls – but his bulge didn’t compare well with Zach’s or even Logan’s.

Brandon had put on a pair of colorful swimming trunks that gave his junk a nice, showy shape. The 21 year old swimmer was aware of the nasty prejudices that Asians faced in regard to their manhood, and Brandon was proud to show everybody that they weren’t true. He had no reason to be ashamed of his equipment, even if it wasn’t as oversized as Zach’s.

Cal took the longest to get dressed.

When the handsome 21 year old returned from the changing cubicle, his friends burst out laughing.

Cal looked mortified.

“I forgot my speedos”, he mumbled. “Do you think these will do?”

He looked down at his tighty whities that contrasted sharply with his ebony skin. They were hugging his manhood tightly, leaving no doubt that Cal was playing in the same league as Zach. His massive dick was outlined above his extralarge babymakers.

“Stop laughing”, Cal mumbled.

“But it’s fucking funny!” Brandon cried with laughter, pointing at his team mate from the college swim team.

Cal let out a deep sigh.

“Lighten up, man”, Zach grinned and playfully slapped Cal’s big bulge, making him let out a throaty groan and double over.

The other guys roared with laughter.

Suddenly, the guys craned their necks as a group of scantily clad girls made their way across the lawn.

“Holy fuck”, Sammy gasped at the sight of half a dozen pairs of spectacular boobs that bumped happily up and down as the girls came nearer.

“Thank you, Ashley”, Logan mumbled. At this moment he was very, very happy that his girlfriend had given him permission to have a little fun on the side during his vacation.

Brandon was speechless, staring at the hot girls, his mouth hanging open.

A sudden additional tightness in his skintight blue speedos made Zach adjust his package. His rapidly swelling dick threatened to push his huge, meaty testicles through the leg openings. Zach fumbled with his crotch without looking down, his eyes fixed on the approaching girls’ chests.

Cal was grimacing in pain, clutching his crotch. He momentarily forgot about his aching balls when one of the girls winked at him.

“Hey, handsome”, she giggled.

Cal’s mouth was dry. He mumbled something unintelligible.

“Do you mind if we set up camp next to you?” she batted her lashes.

The five boys stared at her.

Logan was the first to find his voice. “No, not at all”, he stammered.

“Great”, the girl giggled.

The rest of the girls waved and giggled and smiled.

“By the way, I’m Megan”, the girl smiled. Her skimpy pink bikini contrasted nicely with her tanned body and her long, blond hair. “Didn’t I see you arrive yesterday? I think we’re neighbors!”

“You’re the cheerleaders”, Sammy said hoarsely.

“Right!” Megan giggled. “Come on girls!”

The six girls stared jumping around in a carefully designed choreography, waving imaginary pompoms while their boobs threatened to jump out of their bikini tops.

“I think I’m gonna cream my pants”, Zach mumbled, covering his crotch with his hands.

“Me too”, Brandon whispered.

“Let me help you with that”, Logan grinned and threw a hard, mean punch into Brandon’s crotch, ramming his meaty testicles into his body.

Brandon let out a high-pitched shriek and collapsed on the loan as the other guys and the group of girls burst out laughing.

“Revenge is sweet”, Logan grinned. “That’s for yesterday.”

Brandon let out a soft groan as he curled up in a ball.

Sammy brought his leg back and swiftly kicked Logan in the nuts.

Now it was Logan’s turn to scream, clutch his groin and collapse on the ground.

“Careful, guys”, a big-boobed blond girl chirped. “Leave something for us!”

The rest of the girls giggled.

Sammy swallowed hard. “I think I have to cool off. Who’s coming into the water with me?”

Brandon and Zach nodded quickly, and the three guys ran towards the pool, followed a lot more slowly by Logan and Brandon who were limping and clutching their crotches.

They jumped into the pool, cheering and yelling as they dove into the water.

A while later, they returned to their spot on the lawn, their bodies wet and dripping with water.

Cal’s soaked underwear was clinging to his skin, revealing his mammoth cock and big, fat balls.

“Hey, big guy”, Megan said, her eyes focused on Cal’s crotch. “Wanna play?”

Cal blinked. He followed Megan's gaze and his eyes widened at the sight of his goods on full display.

The girls broke into laughter.

Cal opened his mouth. Before he was able to say something, though, his nuts were struck by a mean, hard kick from behind.

Zach’s bare foot slammed into his nuts with a wet “SPLAT!”, flattening Cal’s precious jewels and eliciting a throaty groan.

“Ooooooh”, Megan grimaced in sympathy, covering her crotch with her hands. “Looks like your friend likes to play. Football, I’d say.”

Zach, Logan, Sammy, Brandon and Megan's friends laughed.

“What about handball?” Cal groaned before grabbing Zach’s manhood with both of his hands and squeezing hard.

Zach’s eyes crossed and he let out a scream that made the girls laugh even harder.

“Volleyball!” Sammy shouted, put his fists together and slammed them into Logan’s crotch in a picture-perfect volleyball bump, hitting both of Logan’s meaty nuggets dead-on and lifting him off the ground while he was screaming in agony.

The next five minutes were filled with screams and yelps and groans as the five boys engaged in a fierce sack tap war. Everybody was fair game, and their swimwear offered little protection. They kicked, tapped, smacked, squeezed and punched each others’ nuts.

The girls were laughing their asses off as the boys went after each other’s babymakers.

Finally, all five of them were groaning and moaning, clutching their crotches and rolling around on the lawn.

It was time to cool off again.

This time, they all limped towards the water, embracing the cool sensation on their hot, sweaty bodies that made them forget about the pain in their balls.

Soon, the guys were fooling around in the water, dunking each other, giving each other wedgies, and playfully reaching into each others’ swimming trunks under water and squeezing each others’ nuts.

When they had relieved their pent-up energy, they leaned onto the edge of the pool and watched the sun-bathing cheerleaders.

“Oh fuck, those girls are awesome!” Logan grinned.

“And they’re right living right next door!” Cal said with barely subdued excitement.

“I get the one with the huge tits!” Zach mumbled as he rearranged his manhood inside his skimpy speedos.

“Her name’s Megan”, Logan said. “And why should you be the one to get her?”

“Cause I’m the one with the huge cock”, Zach grinned. “We’re a perfect match. Can you imagine the boob job she’ll give me?” He noticed his hard dick slipping out of his speedo under the water and quickly reined the pesky thing back in, stuffing it into his swimming trunk.

“Have you seen the way she looks at me?” Logan smiled. “Why don’t we let her choose?”

“My dick is as big as Zach’s”, Cal chimed in. “If she chooses between anyone it should be me and Zach.”

Logan scoffed. “What makes you think she wants to get fucked by a freak?! Maybe she doesn’t want to get impaled by your monsters. Maybe she prefers to ride a nice, big dick that isn’t an abomination.”

Cal and Zach protested loudly.

Sammy and Brandon looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

“What about us?” Sammy spoke up.

Cal, Zach and Logan looked at him, confused expression on their faces.

“What about you?” Zach said, raising his eyebrows.

“Well, maybe she wants to be with one of us?” Sammy said.

“Or both”, Brandon chimed in.

Sammy turned his head and looked at Brandon.

Brandon shrugged. “Just saying. I’m game.”

“Anyway”, Sammy continued, “maybe she wants to be with one – or both – of us!”

Zach, Cal and Logan looked at him.

Then they burst into roaring laughter.

Sammy looked at Brandon, a sour look on his face.

“Level the playing field”, Brandon whispered.

Sammy nodded.

Simultaneously, the two boys reached underwater.

Sammy slipped his left hand down the front of Zach’s speedos while his left hand found Logan’s balls inside his swimming trunks.

As the same time, Brandon reached inside Cal’s underwear with both of his hands, closing his fists around Cal’s fat nuggets.

Then they started squeezing.

Zach, Logan and Cal let out hoarse groans and shrill squeals as Brandon and Sammy wreaked havoc on their most valuable possessions.

Sammy’s skinny fingers were wrapped around Logan’s and Zach’s nutsacks, and he squished and kneaded their poor nuts, crushing the life out of them.

Cal got it even worse, though. With one of his nuts in each of Brandon’s hands, he was in a world of pain. Brandon used his thumbs to press into the soft flesh of Cal’s tender testicles as if he was trying to pluck a hole into them and make them look like donuts.

Gritting his teeth, Brandon mercilessly squashed Cal’s poor babymakers, making him scream and wail in pain.

Suddenly, Cal’s breathing quickened.

Brandon’s face broke into a mean grin as he sustained his efforts, driving his thumbs deep into the core of Cal’s meaty balls.

Cal’s eyelids started fluttering, then his eyes crossed. Suddenly, his body was shaken by a colossal orgasm as he shot a big load of cream underwater.

His rich, creamy spurts cooled immediately, turning into gooey white strings. Long, gooey protein submarines that drifted through the clear water.

“Ugh!” Brandon jumped away, disgusted by the sight of Cal’s spurt after spurt of spunk coming out of Cal’s dick.

Jet after jet of spunk shot out, creating an army of protein submarines.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing in there?!” a deep voice roared.

The boys looked up to see a beefy, sun-burnt lifeguard. He was around 30 years old, wearing a very tight pair of red speedos. Apparently, the sun hadn’t just burned his skin. The skimpy red fabric of his speedos did very little to hide a shriveled little worm that could barely pass as a dick, and a pair of wrinkled raisins.

The lifeguard gasped as he spotted Cal’s spitting monster underwater.

“Fucking pervert!” the lifeguard roared and grabbed Cal by the neck, pulling him out of the water.

His dick was twitching violently, shooting jet after jet of cum, looking like a fish that had been pulled out of the water, gasping for breath, except that this huge black monster of a fish was spitting cream everywhere.

The lifeguard raised his size 13 foot up into the air before bringing it down on Cal’s contracting balls, crushing them flat under his sole.

Cal’s eyes rolled back into his head and he let out a long, wheezing moan.

The lifeguard stomped Cal’s balls a couple more times for good measure before dragging the prostrate young man out of the pool area.

The other boys barely had a chance to say goodbye to the astonished cheerleaders before they were thrown out.

Back at their vacation home, Sammy, Zach, Logan and Brandon jumped into the hot tub.

“Have you seen his face?” Sammy laughed.

“You mean Cal’s or the lifeguard’s?” Logan chuckled.

The boys burst out laughing.

“The lifeguard looked as if he had never seen a big dick before!” Brandon cried with laughter.

“He probably hasn’t”, Zach chimed. “Not on himself, anyway… Have you seen his tiny noodle?”

The boys roared with laughter.

“And the look on Cal’s face as he shot his load!” Sammy chuckled.

Cal watched them, pouting. He was lying on one of the pool chairs, a huge ice pack on his crotch.

“Damn, I missed that!” Zach mumbled.

“Me, too – because we were busy getting our nuts crunched!” Logan said, glaring at Sammy.

Logan reached underwater and squeezed Sammy’s balls hard, making him yelp in pain and starting a new nut-bashing battle that continued in the pool and in the showers.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Video links: Nadverts (1)

That's why he can reach those high notes!

"Sex sells" is age-old wisdom in the marketing business: Hot scantily clad bodies will drive up your sales, no matter if your product is underwear, deodorant, cars or whatever. But apparently, "no sex sells" is equally true - especially if it's of the "You'll never have sex again because your nuts have been crunched so hard that you'll be walking funny for a week".

Let's have a look at some of my favorite commercials that feature testicular trauma, shall we?

First up is a 2015 spot for a sports betting company. They are playing with the theme of betting odds. If I understand correctly (the clip is in Spanish), they want to convey the idea that betting on an unusual outcome (in this case "huevos revueltos" or "scrambled eggs) can make you a shitload of money. And what better way to say it than with a soccer nutshot?

I love the sound design, by the way: The "ding ding ding" sound in combination with the "huevos revueltos" caption is just awesome!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Boys will be boys: On the road

Thanks to Alexander for his plot suggestion and a couple of fun emails!

Featured in this story: ZachLoganCal, Sammy and Brandon (click for pictures)

It was an extraordinarily hot summer day. Zach’s car was packed, and the air conditioning was not working. They had been driving for a couple of hours, and sweat was running down the five boys’ bodies. All of them were shirtless, wearing just their shorts that were clinging to their wet skin.

Zach was in the driver’s seat. The 20 year old stud’s muscular chest was wet with sweat, and his blond hair was sticking to his head.

In the passenger seat, 22 year old Cal was half-asleep. The handsome black swimmer’s eyes were closed and his mouth was hanging open. Occasionally, his muscular body twitched and he opened his eyes, only to fall asleep again a moment later, snoring loudly.

In the back of the car were Brandon, Logan and Sammy.

On the left was 18 year old Logan, a blond and blue-eyed highschool wrestler who was texting with his girlfriend.

On the right, Cal’s swim team mate Brandon, a 21 year old Asian-American with black hair and brown eyes, was staring out the open window.

Between them, 18 year old red-head Sammy was talking excitedly. His freckled face was beaming with heat and excitement. “This is going to be awesome! I can’t wait to be there! I’m going to jump into the pool right away!”

They were heading to Sammy’s uncle’s house. He was in Europe for a week and had invited his nephew to look after the house.

“We’re going to have a great time!” Sammy said excitedly. “And we have to go to the public pool! There’s a pool at the house but at the public pool there are going to be lots of hot girls in bikini’s. I swear, last time I was there I had a constant hardon.”

Logan looked up and put away his phone. He ran his hand over his sweaty, hairless chest and adjusted his crotch.

“And the cheerleader camp”, Sammy continued. “I told you about the cheerleader camp next door, right?”

“Yeah, you did!” Logan, Zach and Brandon answered in unison. Sammy had told them what felt like a million times. It was part of the reason why the boys had taken him up on his offer.

Sammy chuckled and winked at Logan. “Too bad you have a girlfriend. On the other hand, if you’re out of the running there’ll be more girls for me…”

Logan grinned. “Who says I’m out of the running?”

Sammy raised his eyebrows. “But Ashley…”

Logan smiled. “She gave me permission. Isn’t she awesome? I can do what I want while we're here.” He reached into his pocket and produced a pack of condoms. “As long as I use these.” He grabbed his crotch, giving his bulging package a playful squeeze. “Believe me, this fella is going to see some action.”

Sammy looked down at Logan’s bulge with a surly expression on his face. It was obvious that Logan was hiding a nice, big cock inside his shorts, and a pair of big balls that were likely very damp and sweaty right now. “We’ll see”, Sammy mumbled before smacking Logan’s junk with the palm of his hand.

He felt Logan’s bulge flatten under his palm as Logan let out a surprised yelp.

“Ow”, he grunted. “That was completely uncalled for!”

Sammy burst out laughing.

Brandon turned his head, raising his eyebrows. “What---“

He was interrupted by another hard nutsmack courtesy of Sammy who was laughing his ass off as Brandon doubled over, groaning and clutching his crotch.

Logan grimaced and reached between Sammy’s legs, grabbing a good handful of his manhood. Sammy’s flimsy white shorts offered absolutely no protection, and Logan could almost feel Sammy’s balls pulsing in his hand as he squeezed them hard, eliciting a scream from Sammy.

“Hey!” Zach shouted, his eyes fixed on the road. “What’s going on back there?”

Cal was snoring peacefully.

In the back of a car, an all out testicle battle had broken out. They guys were laughing and screaming as they smacked, squeezed, punched and pulled each other’s nuts.

“Hey!” Zach shouted again. “Stop it!”

Cal opened his eyes. “What’s going on?” he asked sleepily.

“Nut shot war!” Sammy yelled from the top of his lungs.

The three boys on the backseat were entangled in a sweaty, testosterone-filled pile, each of them trying to get the upper hand and land a nice, hard blow to another guys’ babymakers.

“Nut shot war”, Cal mumbled before casually reaching over and smashing his fist into Zach’s unsuspecting crotch.

Zach let out a yelp, and the car started swerving back and forth.

The cars around him started honking.

Zach’s car was filled with screams and laughter.

Grimacing in pain, Zach pulled onto a rest area and turned of the car.

Brandon and Logan had teamed up on Sammy, with Logan holding Sammy’s hands up while Brandon delivered punch after nut-crunching punch into Sammy’s groin.

“Stop it!” Sammy yelled in a high-pitched voice. “Stop it!”

Zach groaned and rubbed the big bulge in his shorts. “Fuck”, he mumbled, glancing at Cal. “You got me good!”

Cal grinned proudly. “Sorry”, he said with an unconvincing grin.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Zach slapped Cal’s nuts with the back of his hand, making the handsome swimmer’s eyes bulge as he let out a dry cough.

“Sorry”, Zach grinned.

After Cal and Zach had called it a truce while Zach was driving, they continued their journey.

In the back of the car, the alliances changed every couple of minutes. Brandon teamed up with Sammy to bust Logan’s balls, then it was Sammy and Logan against Brandon, and in the end every man fought for himself, resulting in three badly bruised pairs of balls when the boys pulled up at another rest area an hour later.

“I need a piss”, Zach announced and walked away.

Logan and Cal followed him, leaving Brandon and Sammy back at the car.

They were both rubbing their crotches and grimacing in pain.

Sammy gazed after the Logan, Cal and Zach. “Look at Logan”, he chuckled.

Brandon followed his gaze. “What do you mean?”

“He’s walking funny”, Sammy grinned.

“Of course he is!” Brandon chuckled.

The two boys shared a laugh and exchanged a high-five, careful not to leave their groins unprotected.

“You know”, Sammy said. “We should team up.”

Brandon looked at him.

“Work together, you know?” Sammy continued.

Brandon shrugged.

“We don’t stand a chance against those guys”, Sammy said. “I mean, give a girl a choice – who will she pick? One of them or one of us? Zach has a big fucking cock. Cal has a big fucking cock. And Logan… Well, he’s Logan. He gets any girl he wants.” Sammy paused.

Brandon looked at him.

“Now look at us”, Sammy said. “What do we have working for us?”

Brandon thought for a moment. “We’re cute?” he said weakly.

Sammy rolled his eyes. “Girls like cute guys. But they’ll fuck the big-dicked stud.”

Brandon nodded slowly. “You may have a point there…”

“That’s why we should team up”, Sammy said.

“I don’t understand”, Brandon said, scratching his head.

“Level the playing field”, Sammy explained. “Make sure our three studs don’t feel like fucking.” He looked at Brandon expectantly.

Brandon’s eyes lit up. “Ooooooh!”

“Yeah”, Sammy grinned. “We have to crunch their nuts as often and as hard as we can.” He noticed Logan, Cal and Zach come back. “Deal?” he whispered.

Brandon smiled. “Deal.”

“Okay, boys”, Zach said, stretching his limbs. “Another hour and we’re there. Let’s go.”

Sammy looked at Brandon and gave a small nod.

Then they dropped to their knees simultaneously.

Three fists connected with three sweaty, sagging nutsacks, eliciting a dissonant choir of soprano screams.

Brandon and Sammy looked at each other and grinned.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Tag team trauma (Reuben and Scott meet Logan)

Special thanks to Reuben for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the hot straight college guy who gets off on guys busting his balls!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

“Let’s take a picture together”, Reuben asked with a smile on his face. The tall, slim wrestler was wearing a tight pair of red speedos that left nothing to the imagination. His dick and balls were bulging obscenely, and it was obvious that he had a very large pair of nuts, accompanied by what looked like a medium-sized dick. Reuben was slim and muscular, with dark brown hair and a touch of stubble on his face. He had come from Scotland with his buddy Scott.

Scott was a bit shorter than Reuben. Like Reuben, he had brown hair. He was more muscular than his friend, and his strong, powerful legs had been trained by years of playing Rugby. What was most spectacular about him, though, was the huge package in his skimpy blue speedo. It looked like his junk was going to burst through the fabric any second.

Between them, 18 year old high school wrestler Logan stood out with his blond hair and his blue eyes. He was quite muscular as well, but his physique paled in comparison to Reuben and Scott. He was wearing his green wrestling singlet that held his big dick and his two fat, juicy testicles. Maybe he couldn’t compare in the muscle department, but there was no need for him to be shy when it came to his junk…

The three guys were in Logan’s high school gym. Reuben and Scott had seen Logan wrestle on the internet. They had talked about this and that, and when Reuben and Scott had mentioned their trip to America, Logan had suggested a meeting.

This meeting.

Reuben and Scott had been looking forward to this for weeks. They were going to enjoy teaching the young wrestler a lesson!

“Smile for the camera!” Reuben said.

The three guys smiled into the iPhone camera as Reuben took the picture before putting the phone away.

“Have you ever wrestled two guys before?” Scott adjusted his crotch and grinned at Logan.

“A couple of times”, Logan shrugged. “This is gonna be fun.”

Scott and Reuben looked at each other and laughed.

“If you say so”, Reuben grinned.

“We’ll see how much fun it’ll be for you”, Scott chimed in.

The two Scotsmen flexed their muscles.

“Look at these”, Scott grinned, glancing at his biceps. “You don’t stand a chance…”

Reuben chuckled. “Yeah, we’ll kick your ass.”

They high-fived, laughing.

Logan shrugged. “We’ll see”, he said cheerfully, prompting more laughter from the two muscular Scotsmen.

They had agreed on the rules: It was Reuben and Scott against Logan. Reuben and Scott were going to rotate. A palm-to-palm tag was necessary to make the switch. Other than that, everything was fair game.

“Let’s go”, Logan grinned and adopted a wide stance.

Scott was standing next to the mat, his hands on his hips, as he watched his friend Reuben circle his opponent.

Reuben lunged at Logan and the two started grappling.

Soon, Reuben was grunting and breathing heavily, trying to get the upper hand.

But even though Logan was far less muscular, he clearly was more athletic and more flexible, successfully escaping Reuben’s grip and pinning him down to the mat within seconds.

Scott let out an annoyed grunt. “Come on, Reuben, don’t tell me that boy’s better than you!”

Reuben was panting heavily. He managed to free himself, throwing Logan back. He got up and ran his hand through his dark hair. “Of course not”, he mumbled.

“Well, show him!” Scott yelled.

Logan grinned. “Yeah, show me. Show the boy!”

Reuben let out a growl and lunged at Logan again.

Their grunts echoed through the gym as they rolled back and forth on the mat. Again, Logan managed to pin Reuben down, but Reuben managed to throw him off once more.

“Oh, fuck it”, Scott grunted impatiently, holding out his hand. “Come on, let me in.”

Reuben looked up and shook his head. “I’m gonna teach him a lesson first.” With that, he grabbed Logan and pulled him to the ground.

They rolled around under the watchful eyes of Scott who was waiting impatiently by the side of the mat. “Reuben! Let me in!” he insisted.

Reuben was busy fighting off Logan’s attacks.

The handsome blond wrestler was getting the upper hand, pinning Reuben to the ground once more. Reuben was panting heavily.

“Looks like this is it, huh?” Logan grinned as Reuben was struggling against him. “You’re not much of a team, are you?”

Reuben grunted and groaned.

Logan raised his lower body, spreading his legs wide apart, resting his full body weight on Reuben.

Reuben let out a grunt.

Scott watched them. His eyes fell onto the huge package between Logan’s legs. His nuts were bulging inside his tight singlet, and his legs were spread wide apart. Scott was in the perfect position.

He looked at his friend who was pinned to the ground, panting and sweating and moaning.

“What the hell”, Scoot mumbled and ran onto the mat.

It was just a short running start but it was incredibly effective. If there was one thing that Scott was great at, it was kicking. After years and years of playing Rugby, he was a master at the art of kicking a ball across the field.

Only in this case, it wasn’t a leather-encased football that his foot made contact with.

Scott’s foot connected with Logan’s two big, meaty balls with a dull thud.

Logan’s eyes popped open.

His jaw dropped.

A pitiful croak escaped his lips. It sounded as if someone had stepped on a toad.

Logan’s lips started trembling, and his eyes crossed and filled with tears.

His arms and legs went limp, and Reuben managed to crawl out from underneath him.

Logan let out a soft moan. His fingers found his precious jewels and closed around them as he curled up in a little ball.

Reuben got up and stood next to Scott. “That was a good one”, he mumbled.

Scott grinned. “Yeah.”

“Oh, that was dirty”, Logan groaned. “You fucking killed my nuts!”

Reuben and Scott chuckled. They looked at each other and grinned.

“What do you say”, Scott grinned, “we turn this tag team match into a 2-on-1?”

Logan groaned.

“Fine with me”, Reuben chuckled. “But what about him?” He pointed at Logan who was writhing on the floor, cupping his aching nuts.

Scott bent over and patted Logan’s shoulder. “Are you in?”

Logan groaned. “You dirty bastards!”

Scott chuckled and winked at his buddy. “He’s in.”

Reuben laughed. “Okay.”

The two Scotsmen high-fived.

They watched Logan squirm on the floor for a moment.

“Alright, let’s go”, Scott said, rubbing his hands.

Reuben raised his eyebrows. “Shouldn’t we wait until he has recovered?”

Scott grinned. “Of course not!”

The two muscular shared a laugh.

“Fucking dirty bastards!” Logan moaned.

“Quit whining!” Scott grabbed Logan’s shoulder and turned him onto his back. He sat down next to him and grabbed Logan’s left arm and his left leg, ramming his feet into Logan’s side. He nodded at Reuben.

Reuben chuckled and did the same to Logan’s right arm and his right leg. Together, they pulled Logan’s limbs apart, making him scream in pain. They spread his legs until he was almost doing a full split.

Logan was screaming from the top of his lungs. “Fuck you!” he wailed. “Fucking cheaters!”

Reuben and Scott laughed.

They allowed Logan to curl up again before coming up with a new way to torture the handsome blond, Reuben pinning Logan’s hands behind his back and Scott bashing his abs with hard, relentless punches.

Logan was groaning and moaning in agony. “Fuck you!” he screamed as Scott’s knuckles met his abs again and again.

Suddenly, Logan’s foot snapped up between Scott’s legs.

Scott let out a surprised gasp as his huge balls were rammed into his body. It wasn’t a perfect hit, but it was enough to make Scott stumble backwards.

Before Reuben had a chance to react, Logan’s fingers closed around his vulnerable balls. Reuben’s skimpy speedo offered very little protection as Logan squeezed his nuts as hard as he could, eliciting an anguished moan.

“Fucking cheaters!” Logan grunted angrily. He let go of Reuben’s balls and turned around, quickly ramming his knee up between Reuben’s thighs, flattening his tender testicles into his body and making Reuben cough and gag.

Scott had found his footing and lunged at Logan, but the handsome blond dropped to his knees and smashed his elbow into Scott’s groin. It hit Scott’s large left ball dead-on, causing him to scream in agony.

With both Scotsmen doubled over and screaming, Logan smashed his hands up between their legs, grabbing one hefty ballsack in each hand and squeezing hard.

Two pairs of eyebrows rose, and two pairs of eyes crossed, as two pairs of testicles were squished and squashed in Logan’s vise-like grip.

“That’ll teach you how to cheat”, Logan grunted, his biceps flexing as he kneaded his opponents’ balls as if he was trying to squeeze them to a pulp.

Reuben and Scott were moaning and groaning in pain.

Logan was grinding his teeth, his face contorted by anger and rage, as he squeezed his two opponents’ testicles with all the force he could muster.

Finally, he let go, allowing Reuben and Scott to sink to their knees and double over, clutching their aching testicles. They were cowering side by side, grunting and groaning in agony.

Logan got up, rubbing his own aching nuts. He walked around Reuben and kicked his balls hard from behind. His instep smashed into Reuben’s hands that offered very little protection for his tender testicles.

Reuben wailed in pain.

Scott tried to crawl away, but Logan reached between his thighs and grabbed his huge balls in a tight grip.

“Not so fast, big guy”, Logan growled as he squeezed hard, digging his fingertips into the tender flesh of Scott’s testicles.

Scott’s eyes clenched shut and his mouth opened wide without a sound coming from his lips.

Logan twisted Scott’s nuts, finally turning the silent scream into a very un-silent one as Scott screamed from the top of his lungs.

Sneaking his free hand through the leg opening and into Scott’s speedo, Logan grabbed Scott’s succulent sack and yanked it out into the open.

“No!” Scott roared.

Logan put his foot down hard on Scott’s back, making the muscular Scottish stud lie flat on his belly. Shifting his weight and making Scott groan from the pressure resting on his back, Logan stomped Scott’s balls with his other foot.

Scott’s big, meaty balls were squashed flat, and he let out a yodeling scream. His voice cracked as his nuts were flattened viciously under the weight of Logan’s body.

Logan’s foot compressed Scott’s big, swollen testicles, squishing them against the hard floor.

Meanwhile, Reuben had slightly recovered. He saw his buddy under Logan’s feet.

“Oh, fuck”, Reuben muttered and tried to get up.

“I’m not done with you”, Logan whispered before abandoning Scott and turning his attention to Reuben.

Reuben’s eyes widened in terror as he saw Logan coming for him.

“Noooo!” Reuben yelled.

Logan dropped to one knee and delivered a picture-perfect uppercut to Reuben’s testicles.

Reuben was silenced immediately, and his scream turned into a hoarse, wheezing groan.

Again and again, Logan’s fist found Reuben’s balls, ramming them into his body, making Reuben retch and gag.

Finally, Reuben’s eyes rolled back into his head and he went limp. He collapsed on the ground, next to his whimpering buddy.

Logan looked down at them.

Two muscular studs. Two oversized egos. Two pairs of big, juicy balls.


Logan ran his hand through his blond hair and inhaled deeply. “Phew.”

He looked around, and his eyes fell on Reuben’s iPhone.

“You came all the way here”, Logan grinned. “Can’t let you walk away without a souvenir, right?” He walked over and grabbed the phone.

Reuben and Scott were in too much pain to pay attention to him.

Reuben was coughing and grunting, while Scott was whimpering like a baby.

Logan returned with the phone and casually rolled the two defeated Scotsmen onto their backs.

Reuben and Scott groaned.

Logan chuckled. “Look at you”, he chuckled. “All those muscles, useless.” He grabbed Scott’s exposed balls. They were severely swollen and red.

Logan let out a laugh and squeezed the two tender orbs, eliciting an anguished wail from Scott.

“And those big balls are pretty useless, too, huh?” Logan grinned, turning his attention to Reuben.

He grabbed the waistband of Reuben’s speedos and yanked them down, exposing his battered and bruised balls and the shriveled piece of meat that was his dick. It looked like a frightened worm.

Logan couldn’t suppress a laugh. He slapped Reuben’s nuts with the palm of his hand, making Reuben whimper in pain. “And let’s not even talk about that dick of yours”, Logan added with a chuckle.

Logan shoved Reuben closer to his buddy with his foot.

The two defeated friends were lying side by side, groaning and moaning in pain, their battered, swollen balls exposed, utterly humiliated and embarrassed.

Logan grinned and stepped on their crotches, squashing Scott’s aching balls under his left foot while flattening Reuben’s testicles under his right foot.

Reuben and Scott groaned and whimpered in pain.

Logan held the iPhone up with one hand and grinned. He flexed his muscles, trying out a couple of different poses while crunching Reuben’s and Scott’s balls under the sole of his foot.

Finally, he had found the right pose. The frame showed a huge smile on Logan’s face as he did the victory sign with his free hand. His body looked spectacular in his singlet. Reuben and Scott looked comparatively unphotogenic. They were sweaty and exhausted, their faces contorted in pain, their balls squashed underneath Logan’s feet.

Logan grinned. “Smile for the camera!”

Thursday, July 16, 2015

New link: Nuts to bust

My friend Yannis, author of the great story Winning isn't everything, has started a new blog: Nuts to bust. He posts pictures with short ballbusting fantasy stories.

Right now, he has started a series of stories called "Captured and tortured celebrities". He has chosen ten hot famous guys, and each one will get a story. The best part: You decide who gets it first!

Here are the choices:
Riker Lynch
Ross Lynch
Zac Efron
Alexander Ludwig
Josh Hutcherson
Tyler Hoechlin
Daniel Sharman
Ryan Kelley
Grant Gustin
Henry Cavil
Check out Yannis' blog and tell him which celebrity to capture first!

I've added the link to the links section in the left column of this blog. (If you are reading this post on your mobile device please click this link or go to the bottom of this page and choose "View web version" to see all the links.)

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Video links: Hypnosis makes your nuts hurt

Thanks to our reader Brady for his suggestion to devote a post to stage hypnotist Tony Lee!

Usually, when I share videos on this blog, the clips show guys getting their nuts crunched by other guys. This post is different - or is it?

Tony Lee is a Canadian stage hypnotist. He calls himself an "X-Rated Hypnotist", and he makes nice, innocent people do naughty things during his live shows.

I have mixed feelings about stage hypnosis - especially the kind that Tony Lee engages in. For one, I think setting people up and making them do things they'd never do voluntarily is a very cheap way to get laughs. But more importantly there's a certain undercurrent when Lee makes straight college guys touch each other or eat whipped cream off each others' bodies, and the audience roars with laughter.

On the other hand making straight college guys touch each other or eat whipped cream off each others' bodies can be pretty hot, so--- Yeah, I have mixed feelings about stage hypnosis...

But I digress.

In one of Lee's signature pieces, he asks for a male volunteer from the audience: "You have to be really tough, you have to have a high tolerance for pain, and - I'll be honest with you - you may break something."

What follows is a "self defense class" with Lee acting as an instructor, showing the hypnotised girls on stage how to properly kick a man's balls before making them take turns smashing his poor nuts, usually telling them some ridiculous story about why the guy can't feel pain ("He had a terrible accident as a child. He doesn't have balls - that's why he's the perfect target!") so they don't feel pity for him.

There's something very hot about a guy getting on stage to get his nuts crunched, even if he can protect them with his hands. In some of the clips Lee does a demonstration kick himself - and he doesn't hold back... Some of the guys featured in the following clips are pretty hot, and Lee's running commentary is just awesome.

So - is this f/m ballbusting? Technically, yes. But is it the girls who do the kicking? Or is it Evil Tony Lee controlling the girls' minds? Well, judge for yourselves...

Monday, July 13, 2015

Video links: Game show ballbusting - USA (2)

Remember when I shared with you my favorite nutshots from US game shows? At the end of the post I mentioned a clip that I had seen a while ago and that I couldn't find on the web.

This is what I wrote back in November:
There was another skit on the show  [MTV's I bet you will], called Balls to the Wall. If I remember it correctly they did it twice in different shows. In Balls to the Wall, a guy in a football uniform is blindfolded and his friends line up to hurl footballs at his crotch. Unfortunately I can't find the clips on the web. All I got is this screen shot from one of the skits:

Those two clips are absolutely amazing - especially the one pictured above. The competitive aspect of the game is crazy hot: Like in the Grape Nuts clip, the guys really, really want to hit him in the balls, and they get frustrated and almost angry when they miss.  
If anybody knows where to find these two clips please let me know and I'll add them to this post.
Well, here it is, in all it's nut-crunching glory!

Very special thanks to the reader who sent me the clip. You are amazing, thank you so much! :-))

Now, if anybody were able to find the second clip with the same setup that would be absolutely fantastic... If you have an information or if you know of any other ballbusting clips from game shows (from the US or anywhere else in the world) let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (

Thank you!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Oh my god! They killed my tumblr!

A couple of days ago, I noticed that my tumblr has been deleted. It was kinda strange - I wasn't notified, I just couldn't log in anymore. I have sent them an email asking for a reason, but I haven't heard back from them.

Frankly, I don't know whether I'll start another one. I guess it depends on why it was banned.

We'll see.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Horny virgin

It's been a while since we heard about naughty Adam and his sister Eve... 
Here are the previous parts of the series:
All about Adam
New Year's Eve
Special thanks to an anonymous reader who came up with the plot idea for this story!

Warning: Contains f/m ballbusting.

“Here he comes“, Eve smiled. The blond 19 year old was wearing tight jeans and a tank top that did very little to conceal her body. She was standing by the window in her younger brother’s room and watched as her brother’s friend Christopher crossed the street and made his way towards the door. “Have you fucked him, yet?”

Her brother smiled and grabbed his crotch. He was lying on his bed, wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy green briefs. His pale body was hairless and smooth. Adam ran his hand through his hair and winked at his sister. “Nope.”

Eve smiled. “But he wants you to, right?”

“Yup”, Adam grinned. “He has been begging me to pop his cherry for weeks.”

Eve laughed. “But?”

Adam shrugged. His hand played with his semi-hard dick inside his briefs. “I like to keep him waiting…”

Eve snickered. “But you’ve given him a blow job, right?”

Adam smiled. “Nope.”

Eve let out a laugh. “Oh, Adam, you’re evil. He’s just a little virgin!”

Adam grinned. “I know. I love the look in his eyes when he thinks today’s the day. And the way he squirms and moans when he thinks I’m going to put it in my mouth. And then – the look in his eyes when I punch him in the balls.”

Adam and Eve burst out laughing.

“You’re evil!” Eve giggled and threw a pillow at her brother.

It landed right between Adam’s spread thighs, connecting perfectly with the big bulge in his briefs. Adam let out a surprised gasp before doubling over and cupping his crotch, grimacing in pain. “Fuck you, sis!”

Eve laughed.

The doorbell rang and Adam got up, groaning in pain. “Damn, you really hurt my balls”, he grunted.

Eve rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on, it was just a pillow. What is it about boys and their little balls?”

Adam ignored her. She was right, the pain was almost gone. But, as much as he enjoyed playing with other guy’s balls, he didn’t like it when his sister played with his.

He reached inside his briefs and jerked his cock a couple of times to make sure his junk was properly displayed. He looked at himself in the mirror, satisfied with the result. His briefs looked like they were about to burst with his ample equipment. A cocky smile on his face, Adam left the room and walked down the stairs to open the door.

Eve raised her eyebrows. “Oh, looks like somebody is in love…”

She leaned against the wall and waited.

A couple of seconds later, Adam entered the room again, with Christopher in tow.

“…just an hour, then I’ll have to go home”, Christopher said. “My mom will freak if I miss church again and---“ He stopped when he spotted Eve smiling at him.

“Hi there, altar boy”, Eve said sweetly.

“Hey”, Christopher mumbled, blushing. He was 17 years old, just like Adam, with blond hair and blue eyes.

Christopher wasn’t sure what to make of Adam’s older sister. She was very attractive and hot, but there was something about her that made him feel insecure. Maybe it ran in the family. Adam made Christopher feel insecure, too – but Christopher was just too horny to let that stop him from seeing Adam.

He was aching for Adam to take his virginity. And he didn’t know why it was taking him so long! Christopher had heard rumors about Adam. Everybody at school had heard those rumors. They weren’t just rumors. It seemed like half the people in his class had slept with Adam. So why didn’t he do it with Christopher?

Christopher was too shy to ask him directly, let alone make the first step. There was nothing he could do! He had to wait and see when Adam was willing to take the next step.

When he was alone in bed at night, Christopher fantasized about it. Adam’s beautiful eyes. Adam’s cute face. Adam’s tongue running down his stomach. Adam’s lips wrapping around his dick. Adam’s finger entering his hole. That was usually the point when Christopher lost it and blew a huge load of spunk all over his bed, the tip of his own finger halfway in his tight asshole.

Recently, Christopher’s mother had started giving him disapproving glances when she changed the sheets. Since then, Christopher made sure to shoot his load into a towel. There were a lot of sticky, crusty towels under his bed, now…

“So, what are you guys up to?” Eve said with a smile, her eyes wandering down Christopher’s body until they stopped at the conspicuous boner that was straining against the thin fabric of his pants.

Christopher’s head turned crimson.

Eve giggled. She ran her fingertip down Christopher’s body until she reached the big bulge at his crotch. Her fingers wrapped around Christopher’s manhood and squeezed hard.

Christopher inhaled sharply.

“Good luck, altar boy”, Eve whispered before giving Christopher’s balls a sharp twist.

Christopher let out a groan and doubled over.

Eve laughed and left the room. “Have fun, boys!”

Adam chuckled. He adjusted his crotch and jumped onto the bed. He put his hands behind his head and casually spread his legs, making sure that Christopher got a good look at his crotch. His hard dick was clearly outlined in his pants, and he watched Christopher with a smile.

Christopher’s eyes were fixed on Adam’s crotch and he licked his lips unconsciously while rubbing his own balls.

“She hurt you?” Adam said.

Christopher was starting at Adam’s crotch.

“Did she hurt you?” Adam repeated.

Christophe looked up and blinked. “Huh?”

Adam smiled. “Did she---“

“Oh. No. Well, yes, of course”, Christopher stuttered.

Adam bit his lower lip and shot Christopher a sympathetic smile. “I’m sorry.”

Christopher swallowed. His dick inside his pants twitched.

Adam smiled at Christopher expectantly.

Christopher cleared his throat. This was his chance. “Actually, it hurt quite a bit”, he said hoarsely. “Maybe you could---“

“Let me have a look”, Adam said with a sweet smile.

Christopher’s heart jumped and his dick twitched with excitement. This was it! He quickly took off his clothes until he stood in front of the bed, bare naked, his hard dick pointing at the ceiling, his big, young balls dangling low in their smooth sack.

Adam sat up on the bed and looked at Christopher’s crotch. “Looks fine to me”, he said with a smile before leaning back again.

Christopher inhaled deeply. “Maybe you have to look closer”, he said, his voice trembling.

Adam raised his eyebrows. He removed his shoes and ran his sock-clad foot up Christopher’s thigh until his toes touched Christopher’s balls. “Looks fine to me”, he repeated with a shrug.

Christopher let out a moan. He didn’t want to beg. He didn’t want to plead. He cleared his throat. “I---“

“Okay”, Adam sighed and rolled over on his bed until he was lying on his stomach, facing Christopher’s raging erection.

Christopher licked his lips.

Adam looked up and smiled at him.

Christopher smiled back.

“Let’s see”, Adam said and ran his fingertip along the length of Christopher’s shaft.

The young blond shivered with lust. His dick twitched. A bit of precum oozed out and made its way down in a tiny transparent thread.

“Your dick seems fine”, Adam grinned. He caught Christopher’s precum on the tip of his finger and brought it to his mouth, looking up at Christopher seductively. “Mmmhmmm”, he moaned without breaking eye contact as he licked Christopher’s salty juice from his finger.

Christopher snickered.

“But what about your balls?” Adam said with a grin.

“I don’t know”, Christopher said hoarsely. “Why don’t you find out?”

Adam winked at Christopher and licked his lips.

Christopher smiled at him.

Adam wrapped his fingers around Christopher’s tender balls and closed his fist.

Christopher inhaled sharply. His dick twitched and a fresh drop of precum oozed out.

“They seem okay”, Adam said with a naughty smile.

Christopher chuckled.

“For now”, Adam added, winking at Christopher.

Christopher’s smile vanished and his face contorted in pain as Adam squeezed his nuts as hard as he could.

A guttural groan escaped Christopher’s lips.

Adam looked up, smiling brightly while he was crunching Christopher’s nuts in his hand, digging his fingertips into the soft flesh of Christopher’s tender virgin testicles.

“Ohhh”, Christopher moaned as his knees weakened and started trembling. His body was filled with red, hot pain that was radiating from his testicles.

Adam watched Christopher’s face with devilish glee, kneading and squeezing his balls with both of his balls.

Christopher’s dick got softer and softer as Adam squashed his meaty balls in a vise-like grip, a nut in each hand, digging his fingernails into the tender flesh.

“Oh my”, Adam cooed, letting go of Christopher’s balls. “Look at your dick! It’s going down!”

Christopher’s face was contorted in pain as he looked down at his crotch.

Adam grabbed Christopher’s fading boner and started jerking it slowly, eliciting moans of pleasure from Christopher’s lips.

It just took a couple of gentle tugs and Christopher’s virgin dick stood at full attention again.

“You like that, huh?” Adam whispered.

Christopher closed his eyes and nodded. The pain in his balls started fading, giving way to a soft tingling, an exciting vibration that made him swallow hard. His juices were rising again, he could feel his cum churning inside his balls.

Adam stuck out his tongue and ran it over the tip of Christopher’s dick. He teased him with the short, soft touch of his warm, wet tongue, licking up a drop of precum and swallowing it with a low moan.

Christopher shuddered and his eyelids fluttered.

This was better than jerking off, better than blowing your load into a crusty towel, better than everything he had ever experienced.

He opened his eyes and looked down at Adam who smiled up at him with a cheeky expression on his face. “Do it again”, Christopher whispered hoarsely.

Adam’s smile widened.

“Please”, Christopher added with a pleading expression on his face.

Adam batted his lashes, looking up at Christopher as he continued jerking the teen’s hard, dripping dick. A drop of precum landed on the back of his hand and he stopped jerking and watched it run down his skin. His fingers tightened around the base of Christopher’s cock.

“Please”, Christopher repeated urgently. “Do it again!”

Adam winked at Christopher before reaching back with his free hand and smacking Christopher’s dick with the palm of his hand.

Christopher let out a scream, clenching his eyes shut.

Adam chuckled and delivered another fierce slap to Christopher’s dripping dick, hitting the mushroom head hard and making Christopher scream once more.

With a mean smile, Adam pointed Christopher’s cock up and balled his free hand into a fist before sending it up into Christopher’s nuts, crunching them hard.

Christopher’s eyes bulged and he let out a dry cough.

Adam laughed. He smashed his fist into Christopher’s balls again, ramming them into his body and making him let out an ear-piercing squeal.

Adam licked his lips and continued jerking Christopher’s dick as if nothing had happened.

“Ow”, Christopher groaned. “That hurt.”

Adam shrugged, slowly stroking Christopher’s dripping boner. He looked up and smiled innocently. “Couldn’t let you cum, yet.”

Christopher’s face was a mask of pain. “Why?” he asked in a whiny tone of voice.

“Why? Why? Why?” Adam repeated, imitating Christopher and mocking him. “That’s why.” He smacked Christopher’s dangling balls with the palm of his hand a dozen times in rapid succession, making the two tender spuds dance around wildly.

Christopher shrieked in pain.

“Your little balls are boiling with cum”, Adam said casually after Christopher’s screams had died down. “You don’t want to empty their contents on my face, do you?”

Christopher bit his lower lip. Sweat was running down his cute face. His hair was dripping wet. He was dying to cum, and he sure wouldn’t mind blowing his load into Adam’s face. In fact, thinking about Adam’s face covered in his sperm made his dick twitch. He opened his mouth to deliver a half-hearted denial but was stopped by Adam clicking his tongue.

Adam looked at Christopher’s throbbing cock with a reprehensive expression on his face. “Oh no, you don’t”, Adam said cheerfully before letting go of Christopher’s cock and grabbing Christopher’s young, tender nuts with his hands. One ball in each hand, he started squeezing.

Christopher’s eyes widened. “Please”, he shrieked.

Adam squeezed his nuts as hard as he could, flattening Christopher’s cum-filled balls with all the force he could muster.

Christopher was screaming from the top of his lungs as his nuts were compressed brutally in Adam’s hands.

“You need to control yourself”, Adam smiled, squishing and squashing his balls and eliciting all kinds of strange noises from Christopher.

His dick had shriveled considerably but the tip was still leaking with precum.

Maintaining a tight grip of Christopher’s balls with one hand, Adam reached under the bed and produced a little contraption made of steel and plastic.

Christopher was in too much pain to notice. His eyes were closed, and he was screaming in pain.

“This will help”, Adam smiled and attached the chastity device to Christopher’s dick with a few skillful movements of his hands. It was a mean contraption, constricting his dick inside a bent tube so that it couldn’t get hard. In addition to that, there were little spikes and thorns on the inside that threatened to prick his cock as soon as it fattened. To top it all off, Christopher’s ballsack was divided, with a nut trapped on either side of the tube without much wiggle room. Presented like that, his nuts were extremely vulnerable to any outside interference – even walking and sitting was going to be a challenge...

Christopher looked down at his crotch in horror. “What’s that?” he whispered in a toneless voice, forgetting about the pain in his balls for a moment.

Adam smiled and turned the key in a small padlock. He got up, put the key into his pocket and put his hands on Christopher’s shoulders. “That will help you control yourself”, he smiled and kissed Christopher’s lips.

Christopher let out a moan. His dick hardened and immediately found its limits. Christopher’s blissful face turned into a pain-contorted grimace as the spikes on the inside of the tube dug into the tender flesh of his virgin dick.

Adam chuckled and brought his knee up between Christopher’s thighs, ramming it into Christopher’s trapped balls, flattening them painfully and ramming them against the cruel chastity device.

Christopher let out an ear-piercing scream and collapsed on the floor.

Adam turned around and jumped onto his bed. He watched Christopher for a couple of seconds, a mean smile on his face, before looking at his watch and remarking causally, “Don’t you have to be somewhere?”

Christopher looked up, his face contorted in agony. “What? I---“ Suddenly he remembered. “Church! Oh, no, Mom will freak out!” He hurriedly grabbed his clothes and tried put them on. Closing his fly was quite an ordeal, and Adam watched him with an amused grin.

Finally, Christopher was able to zip up, grimacing in pain. His crotch was bulging obscenely. “Oh, no”, he whimpered.

“Looks like to you’ll have to carry a prayer book in front of your naughty little dick or your mom will be very, very mad at you”, Adam chuckled.

Christopher’s eyes widened and he hurried out the room, passing Adam’s sister in the doorway before running down the stairs.

Adam looked at Eve with a proud smile.

Eve giggled and walked to the window, watching Christopher hurry down the street. “He’s walking funny.”

Adam laughed. “Yeah, he’ll walk like that for a while.”

“How long?” Eve said.

Adam smiled. “I don’t know yet. Maybe a week or two. Maybe a month.”

Eve gasped in mock-horror. “A month without release!? That boy’s a teenager!”

Adam nodded. “As am I, by the way.” He opened his fly and whipped out his big, hard dick. “Now leave, I have urgent business to take care off!”

Eve threw her head back and laughed. She started walking out but stopped midway to grab a pillow that she threw at her brother’s crotch.

Adam gasped, more out of surprise than pain, as the pillow connected with his groin. “Fuck you, sis!” he yelled and threw the pillow at his sister. “Fuck you!”

Eve laughed and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (9)

Today, we're having a look at a couple of original ways to hit each other in the nuts. Obviously, there's nothing funnier than hearing your buddy scream in pain from a well-executed nutshot.

Trivia quizzes are boring, huh? These young Dutchmen found a way to make them interesting and fun: Add two bags to cover the contestants' eyes, a night stick and a sadistic quizmaster, and you have a nut-crunching spectacle of epic proportions... Unfortunately, most of the nutshots are off-camera - but the sound of the nightstick smacking into the contestants' nuts is truly amazing. Make sure to watch this with sound. And don't miss the wonderful sound-enhanced nutcrunch at 5:05 that's replayed in close-up and slow-motion. Ouch.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

New poll: Video links

A little while ago I started posting video links on this blog. Here are some of them in case you missed them:

Around the world with the “chinko machine”
The “chinko machine” on Supernatural

Game show ballbusting - Brazil
Game show ballbusting - The Netherlands
Game show ballbusting - USA
Game show ballbusting - Germany

Boys just wanna have fun (1)
Boys just wanna have fun (2)
Boys just wanna have fun (3) – Nutball Edition
Boys just wanna have fun (4) – RPB Edition
Boys just wanna have fun (5)
Boys just wanna have fun (6) – Celebrity Edition
Boys just wanna have fun (7)
Boys just wanna have fun (8) – Pool Balls Edition

I have gotten very little feedback on those. There have been a couple of comments and and awesome response from Nik on his blog Adventures in ballbusting (if you haven't read his fantastic stories yet, check them out now! :-)), but most of you have stayed very silent. I don’t know if that’s because you’re not interested in them or because you are so busy enjoying the clips that you don’t have the energy to leave a comment… ;-)

That’s why I started a new poll in the right column of this blog. (If you are reading this post on your mobile device please click this link or go to the bottom of this page and choose "View web version" to vote in the poll.)

Let me know what you think about the video link posts by voting in the poll, leaving a comment right here or sending me an email ( The poll will be open until the 31st of July.

Thank you!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Two for one (Martin meets the twins)

Special thanks to our reader Martin for the plot idea! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who has can't decide whether he prefers sex or ballbusting!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: the twins (click for pictures)

“You’re hot”, Martin said with a smile. The handsome 22 year old ran his hand through his blond hair. “I bet you’re packing.”

Michael and Will looked at each other and laughed. They were identical twins, blond and blue-eyed, two hot, muscular gymnasts with perfect bodies. They were shirtless, wearing matching blue jeans that bulged obscenely at their crotches.

“You bet”, Will grinned. “We’re both hung like horses.” He ran his hand over his crotch and chuckled. “But I’m a little bit bigger than him…” Will winked at his brother and slapped him in the nuts with the back of his hand.

Michael gasped in surprise.

Martin chuckled. “Oh yeah?”

“Oh yeah”, Will grinned as his brother doubled over in pain. “Right, Mikey?”

His hands on his knees, Michael looked up at Martin, a weak grin on his face. “He’s kidding. We’re exactly the same size.” Without looking at his brother, Michael brought his elbow back and rammed it into the big bulge at Will’s crotch, flattening it and ramming his balls into his body. “And don’t call me Mikey…”

Will let out a grunt and doubled over, clutching his crotch. “Good one, Mikey”, he said in a strained voice. “You got both of them dead-on.”

Michael grinned. “That was the plan.”

Will groaned. “Good work.”

Martin laughed out loud.

The twins rubbed their crotches, grinning at Martin.

“So is it true?” Martin asked. “You’re the same size?”

Will grinned and opened the top button of his jeans, revealing his neatly trimmed pubic hair. “Why don’t you find out yourself?”

Michael looked at his brother. “I thought I was the gay one”, he mumbled.

Will grinned, taking off his jeans and exposing his impressive dick and big, low-hanging balls. “But I’m the hot one…” He winked at Martin and took off his t-shirt.

Michael shrugged and followed Will’s lead, taking off his jeans and t-shirt.

The two naked studs stood next to each other, their hips touching. Their big, meaty dicks were rock hard and pointing up at identical angles.

Will looked down. “Looks like we’re exactly the same, huh?” He looked up at Martin. “What do you think?”

Martin licked his lips and took a step foward. “Let’s see…” He grabbed the twins’ meaty fucksticks, one in each hand, and looked the twins in the eyes while slowly jerking their dicks.

Will looked at his brother, a huge grin on his face.

The twins’ dicks were rock hard, throbbing in Martin’s grip as he continued stroking them.

Michael looked back at him, chuckling. “You’re enjoying this, huh?”

Will smiled. “Gay or not gay - who wouldn’t?”

Michael laughed.

The two brothers smiled at each other while Martin was jerking their big, meaty dicks, one in each hand.

 “You know”, Will said hoarsely. “I wouldn’t mind---“

He stopped mid-sentence.

Suddenly, his left eyelid started twitching.

At the same time, Michael’s jaw dropped.

The twin’s eyes were locked as if they were looking into a mirror. Their facial expression changed. They watched each other, saw the pleasure on each others’ faces slowly, simultaneously turn into pain. Within seconds, their faces were identical masks of pain.

“Fun time’s over”, Martin said cheerfully as he clamped his fingers into the twins’ balls, squeezing the tender orbs with all the force he could muster.

A simultaneous, wheezing groan escaped the twins’ lips a their fat testicles were squashed in Martin’s vise-like grip.

Martin looked up, grinning at the sight of the two handsome blonds’ pain-contorted faces. He twisted his hand, making Will and Michael yelp in unison. Then he yanked down hard, making the twins fall to their knees.

Michael whimpered in pain.

“Fuck”, Will groaned.

Martin grinned and got up, opening his zipper and pulling out his own impressive piece of meat. His dick was hard as a rock and he smiled down at the twins. “Who wants to get fucked first?”

Will’s eyes widened. “I’m not sure I---“

Martin brought his leg back and sent it smashing between Will’s legs, catching both of his dangling nuggets dead on and ramming them into his body.

Will let out a hoarse cough and doubled over, clutching his balls.

Martin smiled at Michael. “What about you?” He grabbed his dick by the base and wiggled it.

Michael’s eyes were fixed on Martin’s cock. He licked his lips. “It’s pretty big”, he mumbled.

Martin grinned. “Yup. Do you think it’ll fit?”

Michael’s dick twitched. He looked up at Martin and smiled coyly. “We’ll make it fit…”

Michael winked at Martin and licked his lips. He got up and turned around, jerking his dick a couple of times before leaning against the wall, his legs spread apart. He pulled his cheeks apart with both of his hands, giving Martin a good look at his puckered hole.

Martin looked at Will who was massaging his aching gonads.

“Would you mind?” Martin smiled, glancing at his rock-hard dick.

Will blinked. “What do you mean?“

Martin smiled. “You wouldn’t want me to fuck your brother without lube, would you?”

Will’s eyes widened.

Martin winked at him. “Come on, suck it.”

Will stared at him. “No way, I’m not---“

Martin let his foot sail in between Will’s thighs, ramming it into his hands that were clutching his testicles, and crunching his nuts hard.

Will let out an anguished wail, opening his mouth long enough for Martin to shove his dick into it.

Will gagged and retched as Martin’s dick slid down his throat.

When Martin withdrew his cock. It was slick and wet with Will’s spit. He lined it up with Michael’s asshole, slapping Michael’s exposed hole a couple of times.

Michael moaned in pleasure. “Oh yeah, fuck me!”

His brother was groaning in pain, clutching his aching gonads, his eyes clenched shut, his face twisted in agony.

Martin slowly sank his dick into Michael’s waiting hole, eliciting a long, deep moan of pleasure.

“Oh yeah”, Michael whimpered when Martin’s rod was buried deep inside him, Martin’s balls touching Michael’s body.

Will watched his brother’s ass swallow Martin’s dick to the root while he was rubbing his balls, grimacing in pain.

Martin pulled his dick all the way out of Michael’s ass before shoving it back in in one deep, hard thrust.

Michael groaned in pleasure as Martin started fucking him in long, hard thrusts.

The sound of Martin’s balls smacking against Michael’s body echoed through the room.

Kneeling on the ground, Will watched Martin’s dick slide in and out of his brother’s hole, a fascinated expression on his face.

Suddenly, Martin pulled his dick out of Michael’s hole, leaving it gaping and twitching.

“You’re really enjoying it, huh?” Will mumbled, his eyes fixed on Michael’s ass hole.

“Open your mouth”, Martin smiled down at Will.

Will looked up at him, a confused expression on his face. “What---“

Martin brought his leg back and kicked Will’s nuts hard.

Will’s mouth opened in a shrill scream, and Martin shoved his glistening dick into Will’s mouth. He grabbed the blond gymnast’s head and sank his dick balls-deep into his mouth, making Will retch and gag.

Then he pulled his dick out and rammed it into Michael’s hole again.

“Fuck, yeah!” Michael moaned as his brother was grunting and groaning in pain.

Martin was having the time of his life, alternately fucking Michael’s ass and Will’s mouth, occasionally hitting Will’s balls with a well-placed kick.

The brother’s moans of pain and pleasure filled the room, mixing with the sound of Martin’s dick sliding into the twins’ orifices, and the smacks of Martin’s balls against Michael’s thighs and Will’s chin.

“Lie down next to each other”, Martin said suddenly, pulling his dick out of Michael’s hole. He pointed at a large table that seemed to be the perfect height.

Michael hurried to the table and lay down on it, lying on his back, his legs pulled up so that his knees were almost touching his shoulders. His hole was twitching and his dick was rock hard.

Will needed a little more convincing.

Martin sighed and pulled the handsome blond up by his hair. Then he smashed his foot in between Will’s thighs, ramming his juicy testicles into his body.

Will screamed in pain.

Before he had a chance to cover his battered balls, Martin grabbed them and squeezed hard, leading him to the table.

“Alright, alright”, Will whimpered before lying down next to his brother, assuming the same position.

Martin looked at the two brother’s and jerked his dick a couple of times.

Both brothers’ dick were rock-hard and pointing at the ceiling.

Martin smiled. He stood in front of them and started fingering their holes, shoving his index fingers into them, making them moan in pleasure.

Then he pulled his fingers out, balled his fists and sent them smashing down between the twins’ thighs, hitting the two bulging ball bags hard and eliciting two high-pitched, anguished screams.

Martin chuckled and started fucking Michael while easing two fingers into Will’s tight hole. His other had was busy squeezing Michael’s balls, making him squirm and moan on the table.

A few moments later, Martin switched positions, turning his full attention to Will’s hole and smacking his wet, glistening dick against it a couple of times.

“Careful”, Will whispered.

“The trick is”, Martin grinned, “you have to focus on something else.” He winked at Will and punched his nuts with all the force he could muster.

Will threw his head back, screaming in pain, and Martin shoved his cock into his hole all the way.

“See?” Martin chuckled. “That was easy, wasn’t it?”

He started fucking Will hard and deep. He grabbed Will’s ballsack by the neck, forming a ring with his thumb and index finger, leaving his red, swollen balls vulnerable and exposed. Then he smashed his free hand down hard, squishing his nuts and flattening them like pancakes.

Will screamed from the top of his lungs.

Martin continued fucking Will while punching his balls again and again before switching to Michael and applying the same technique. He went back and forth between Will and Michael, using their holes and abusing their balls, giving each brother their fair amount of attention and making both of them scream in pain and pleasure.

Martin’s face was wet with sweat, he was grunting and groaning.

The twins’ balls were red and swollen and they were moaning and groaning in pain.

Finally, Martin took a step back, his glistening dick twitching violently.

“Get down”, Martin grunted hoarsely, grabbing the twins’ balls and pulling them down to the ground. “Open your mouths. I’m gonna cum.”

The twins did as they were told, their faces contorted in pain, their eyes clenched shut, their mouths opened wide. They looked like two baby birds waiting to get fed by their mother, their cheeks touching, mouths wide open.

“Here it cums”, Martin grunted before firing a huge spurt of cum square over the two blond boys’ faces. Jet after jet of creamy cum landed on the twins’ faces. Martin made sure to spread his spunk equally between the two, filling both of their mouths with his creamy load.

The twins were jerking their cocks feverishly while swallowing Martin’s load.

When Martin had emptied his balls, he took a step back and looked at the two handsome blond hunks, kneeling on the ground, their faces covered in cum. His eyes wandered down to the twins’ crotches. Their balls were red and swollen, jumping up and down inside their sacks as they were jerking their dicks.

Martin grinned and brought his leg back before smashing it into Michael’s balls just as the cute gymnast approached orgasm.

Michael yodeled in pain as his contracting balls were smashed by Martin’s bare foot. Spurt after spurt came flying out of his dick as he collapsed on the ground and curled up in a little ball.

The timing was perfect. Martin switched his attention to Will’s balls just as the second twin’s balls were ready to unleash its pent-up load. Martin’s foot caught both of Will’s balls dead-on as they pulled up to his body, smashing them like pancakes and eliciting a huge, violent jet of cum that hit Martin square in the face.

Will was screaming in agony, releasing spurt after creamy spurt of semen.

Martin wiped his face and shrugged before sending another kick up between the twin’s thighs, flattening his busy balls with his instep and eliciting a gurgling squeal.

Will doubled over, clutching his balls and squealing in pain.

Martin watched the two boys, slowly jerking his softening dick.

“That was pretty awesome”, he said with a smile before putting his clothes on, leaving the two naked twins lying on the ground, curled up and whimpering in pain. “We should do that again sometime…”

“Not too soon, though”, Will croaked, clutching his battered balls.

Martin let out a laugh. “Yeah, maybe not.”

It took a while until the twins had recovered.

“Damn”, Will said, examining his aching balls. “You really did a number on them. Just look at them.” He gingerly squeezed his swollen, reddened balls, grimacing in pain.

“What about your hole?” Martin grinned.

Will groaned. “Don’t ask.” He turned to his brother, slowly shaking his head. “You know, I always wondered what it was like.” He grinned weakly. “Now I know. I’m definitely not gay.”

Michael was cupping his own balls, grimacing in pain. “Good.”

Martin chuckled. “Thanks, guys, that was pretty awesome.”

“You’re welcome”, Michael mumbled.

“I wanna say that the pleasure was all mine”, Will said with a weak grin. “But frankly it wasn’t…”

Martin laughed.