Monday, November 28, 2022

Snapshot "Who Hits Harder?": A Batman Story written by Jimmy


           Snapshot “Who hits harder?”

                                   By Jimmy


Wait a minute…she kneed you in the nuts?”

Dick Grayson, Nightwing pointedly stares off into the darkness of the night, the moon is hidden from view and the dark skies seem even blacker than usual on this night in Gotham City.

“Yeah, she was terrible and it sucked because it happened in front of Babs.”

Robin grimaces in sympathy and then smiles wide, “Maybe you need more training.”

Dick Grayson turns, his eyes narrowing behind his blue domino mask to tell Robin off but Tim already has him by the shoulders and powers a knee straight and true deep into his bulge.

Gasping, Dick staggers back and drops to one knee, his darm black bangs falling in front of his eyes.

Friday, November 25, 2022

The Devil You Know (Part 2 of 4) written by Reg and Jimmy


The Devil You Know: Part 2

By Reg and Jimmy


Hello Ball Busting Boys Community,


Here is the next amazing story written by Reg and I. Sit back and enjoy everyone!





 P.S. I just updated the final version of this chapter, hope that you all enjoy this crazy ride.


Warning: Contains ballbusting and underage characters. I do not know who drew this photo, but it is amazing. If you know the artist please message me so I can tag their work. 


Chase is still smirking and chuckling to himself as he follows Sam Hell down the corridor at a safe distance.


“Yeah Doug’s really in for it now!” the blond boy smirks, pumping his fist with glee. 


Chase really hates Doug!


Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Jimmy's Found Videos #32: pat.buford77 I will carry you...


         Jimmy's Found Videos #32: Buford Pat

                          I will carry you

                           Ball squeezing

#1 Wedgie lift

Buford Pat (@pat.buford77) • Instagram photos and videos

Monday, November 21, 2022

Snapshot: Batman's Red Hood's Revenge: A Batman Story written by Jimmy


Batman's Red Hood’s Revenge

By Jimmy


Warning: Contanins ballbusting, vigilianties, and artwork from other artists. None of the photos are mine. All found on the internet. They are pretty awesome.

“I hate you, Tim.”

Jason Todd, the second Robin watches Tim. Tim Drake, going by the new code name: Red Robin. It’s ridiculous.

Friday, November 18, 2022

The Devil You Know: Part 1 of 4 Chase Finds an Ally by Reg and Jimmy


            The Devil You Know: Part 1 of 4

                       Chase finds an ally

                                 by Reg and Jimmy

Hello Ball Busting Boys Community,

Please welcome back Reg as a writer. He has helped me on plenty of projects, but this set of four might be my favorite. I hope that you all enjoy!



Warning: Contians ballbusting and underage characters. 

I do not know who drew this photo, but it is amazing. If you know the artist please message me so I can tag their work.

Jayden is feeling elated after must be the greatest victory in his young fighting career. The fourteen year old wrestler can hardly keep the grin off his face after defeating the notorious Devil Boy, and he stands proudly in the doorway, taking one final glance back at the scene of his triumph.

Groaning off to his right lies Doug, a despicable and rather cocky fifteen year old wrestler from Jayden’s old school. The hunky teenager is now stark bollock naked, his back arching as he squirms in agony on the rubber tiled floor, his strong muscles clenching and twitching while both hands delve deep into the expansive bush of black pubes as he tends to his mangled spuds. Doug is more sexually mature than most of his peers as he loves to remind them at every opportunity but now the defeated bully can only groan in dismay, drooling from the side of his mouth as he nurses his plump throbbing testicles. Poor Dougie has had quite an eventful morning, successfully taking on the whole swim team before getting his balls mangled by Sam Hell and then suffering a final nut-cracking from Jayden.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Jimmy's Found Videos #31: Juan Lopez



                   Jimmy's Found Videos #31 

                            Juan Lopez

Hi BBoys,

I found this great instagramer and I hope that you like his posted content!



1). Leap of faith!

Juan Lopez (@pastoverdiazul) • Instagram photos and videos

Monday, November 14, 2022

Snapshot: Club Night Part 2 Conclusion writen by Jimmy


Snapshot: Club Night Part 2 Conclusion

By Jimmy

 Warning: Ballbusting. 18+

Through the strain in his back and arms, Gino looks ahead at the wrestler standing before him the chains in his wrist clinking as his head tilts upwards.

Briefly, Gino remembers how he got in this cage, in a night club and he has to wonder if Parker is okay. More to the point if Daniel is finally pleased after putting him here to be subjected to anyone’s whims.

The evening started out with the promise of fun with a new friend, an experience like none other. Gino had no idea that this would happen.

“This is going to be fun,” Zagan Zeller yells, the pulse pounding music drowning out everything else.

“I’m not scared of you,” spits out Gino bravely. He tries to puff out his chest, despite the shackles holding him still.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

You Have Balls of Gold - a Demon's Souls Ballbusting Story

For the 2nd anniversary of the PS5 and of the Demon's Souls Remake, a Demon's Souls Ballbusting story featuring Tristan and Leo, the skater boys. Written by Dominik.

All characters are 18+. Contains chastity.

It’s the 12th of November 2020. The brand-new PlayStation 5 had just been released, but since Sony decided to only produce fifty of them so far, the amount of people who had actually gotten their hands on one was very limited. Most people were still looking forward to getting their hands on that sweet new console like they were for an orgasm after not cumming for several weeks.

„It really feels like they just produced like fucking fifty of them“, Tristan mumbled as he stared at the pretty, futuristic device in front of him.

He was standing in his best friend Leo’s living room. Tristan and Leo were best buddies since years. They both loved skateboarding and were frequently going on skating adventures together, but they were also both fun-loving and loved to challenge, tease and peeve each other. Going for each other’s nuts when the other one wasn’t looking or convincing each other to increasingly painful ballsy experiments was one of their favorite freetime activities.

Since they were equally matched in a lot of areas, it had gotten much harder to come up with convincing arguments on why the other one should just put his balls on the line without a chance for vengeance. But just recently, Leo had found the perfect way to turn things around.

„I still don’t get how you managed to order one of them during the like one hour that it was available in the middle of the night“, Tristan shook his head.

Thursday, November 10, 2022