Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Deal with Phil

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Today Phil came over to the studio.

He was born in England and moved over here a few weeks ago, when an American soccer club offered him a very attractive contract. Since then the 18 year old soccer player has proven to be a first-class goal-scorer and the rising star of US soccer. Along with fame came an advertising contract, and now his cute face is on billboards all over the country, promoting some kind of aftershave or perfume.

When the Ballbusting Olympics Committee (BOC), i.e. Kev, Ben and Colin, had organized everything for the sports competition that was underway at the moment, they had forgotten to get someone as an impartial referee. When they asked me if I knew anyone for the job, I immediately thought of Phil, and subsequently he got the job.

Now he was standing by the pool table, rebounding cue balls against the bank. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, with brand new sneakers on his feet.

“I’ve gotten a lot of mails and comments about you”, I said.

He smiled. “Yeah? About my good looks?” He made a funny face.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Ballbusting Olympics: Danny's interviews 2

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On Thursday we had our second day of competition for the Ballbusting Olympics. The teams competed against each other in Roshambo, with Parker winning gold for the gymnasts, Ben winning silver for the jocks, and Leo winning bronze for the skaters. The frat guys continued their losing streak with Zach, whose oversized eggs were crunched viciously.

Danny, the commentator for all the games, did a few interviews right after the matches.


“Hi there”, Danny says, smiling into the camera, and holding a microphone. He is standing in front of a large wall with the Ballbusting Olympics logo on it. “This is Danny reporting from the Ballbusting Olympics. Today’s competition is over – and we have a loser.”

The camera zooms out to reveal Zach, the blond hunk from the frat guys’ team, who is standing naked next to Danny, his hands massaging his battered, swollen testicles and his large, limp dong. He grins nervously.

“Hi, Danny”, he says and bites his lip.

“You had a bad day”, Danny says and points at Zach’s mangled equipment.

“Yeah, you could say that”, Zach admits.

“Those big balls didn’t stand a chance against the other teams”, Danny continues.

“Yeah.” Zach is very uncomfortable. He lets go of his balls and scratches his head.

Danny takes the opportunity and grabs Zach’s large orbs in his hand. He squeezes them and grins at Zach, who winces in pain.

“With nuts this large”, Danny says, “I took you for a serious contender for the gold medal…” He gives a hard squeeze and Zach moans in pain. “I mean, they feel alright…” He squeezes hard again, making Zach grimace with pain.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Ballbusting Olympics: Roshambo

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

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Everything was ready for the second day of competition in the Ballbusting Olympics.

The three cameras were set and the cameramen from the local college TV station were waiting for the show to begin.

Strawberry blond actor-turned-sports-commentator Danny was going through his notes in the commentator’s box.

My cameraman Chad (serving as assistant director today) and I were sitting in the central control room next to the commentator’s box.

The gym was packed with people again. Nearly 150 guys – almost all of them young men in their 20s, apparently that was our demographic for this kind of sports event – were sitting in the bleachers on one side of the gym.

On the other side was the stage. The appropriately lewd event logo – based on the Olympic Rings, but looking decidedly original – was displayed on the large screen at the back wall, where instant replays and slow motion clips were going to be screened during the competition.

I nodded at Chad and he started the countdown.

When the music started and the credits – a fast paced compilation of various nutshots – rolled on the big screen, the audience began to frantically clap and cheer.

I looked at Chad and grinned.

Chad nodded and smiled at me. “It works.”

Over at the commentator’s box Danny was greeting the viewers. “Welcome to our second day of competition here at the Ballbusting Olympics. Last week we saw a fierce nutball tournament with Kev winning the first gold medal of his event for his team, the jocks. The gymnasts had to settle for silver, and the skaters won bronze. The frat guys had a bad start when their athlete, Reese, had his nuts trashed in two matches. They have yet to win their first medal”, Danny said. “Now today it’s Roshambo. For those of you not familiar with the sport: It’s good old nutkicking. As for all games here at the Ballbusting Olympics, Roshambo is played in the nude. The contestants will alternately kick each other’s balls. The game is over when one contestant falls or his hand touches the ground – or he gives up. There will be four games. The winners of the first two matches will battle it out for the gold medal, while the losers will have a match to decide who get’s bronze and who doesn’t get anything at all”, Danny chuckled, “well, except for a pair of aching berries…”

The team walked on stage and were greeted with cheers and applause by the audience.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Casting Nate

Note: Nate has already had his first appearance on this site in Easter egg hunt. A few weeks before that I had invited him for a casting session.

I was a bit late for the casting. Nate was already waiting for me at the top of the stairs. He is a very attractive guy, 26 years old, with auburn hair and green eyes. He was wearing boot-cut blue jeans and a tight, colourful, short-sleeve shirt.

Climbing up the stairs, I couldn’t help but notice the big bulge in his jeans that bordered on obscene.
He had sent me a short resumé and some photos in his application, but he hadn’t included nude pictures nor a pic of his clothed crotch. He had written in a short note that came with his application that he suffered from triorchidism – if you could call it ‘suffering’. It means that Nate has three nuts.

I raised my eyebrows when I saw the stuffed crotch of his tight blue jeans.

Nate grinned at me. “Hi, I’m Nate.”

“I’m Alex”, I replied. “Sorry I’m late.”

“No problem”, he said, while I opened the door.

“Want some coffee?” I asked him.

“Sure”, he said.

I went into the kitchen and prepared the coffee.

When I came back into the studio, Nate was sitting on the couch. He had taken off his shirt and jeans, and was wearing just his underwear. His body was muscular and lean, his chest smooth and hairless.

I gulped.

Nate smiled. “I’m here to audition…”

“Well, yeah, sure”, I said.

I gave him a cup of coffee and stared at his crotch. The tight white boxer briefs did nothing to conceal the big fruitbasket that Nate was sporting. And it really looked like a fruitbasket: A big banana with three juicy lemons beneath.

Nate saw me staring and grinned. He stood and unceremoniously took off his boxer briefs. His cock was half hard and popped into the open. The three large eggs hung low in their sac.

I cleared my throat.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“Unconventional”, I said.

Nate laughed. “Yeah, I hear that a lot…”

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Ballbusting Olympics: Danny's interviews 1

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A few days ago we had our first day of competition for the Ballbusting Olympics. The contestants were Tristan (for the skaters), Will (for the gymnasts), Kev (for the jocks), and Reese (for the frat guys) with Kev winning the gold medal. Will won silver and Tristan bronze. Reese was pretty unlucky and even got knocked out in his match against Will.

Danny, our strawberry-blond 21-year-old actor-turned-sports-commentator did a few interviews with the athletes and some members of the audience right after Kev had won.

I’ve just gotten around to editing the footage. Here it is.


Danny is standing in front of the camera, wearing his casual jacket and jeans. Behind him is a wall with the questionable logo of the Ballbusting Olympics. Danny is holding a microphone and speaking into the camera. 
“Hi there, this is Danny reporting from the first day of the Ballbusting Olympics. We’ve seen some great games today. Here with me is the winner of the Nutball tournament, Kev.”

The camera zooms out to reveal Kev grinning into the camera. He is seen from the waist up, with his chest naked and a towel around his neck. “Hi.”

“Congratulations, Kev, on a great tournament!” Danny smiles.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Ballbusting Olympics: Nutball

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After yesterday’s opening ceremony I was pretty sure that the first day of the competitions would be sold out. And I was right. There had been more than one hundred people here yesterday. Today there were 150. We had to bring chairs from the looker rooms in order to get everyone a seat. It was a small gym and the fixed seating only allowed 120 people. Word of mouth was pretty good, apparently.

I was sitting in the central control room next to the commentator’s box. My cameraman Chad – acting as assistant director – was with me and the three cameramen from the local college TV station were on their places.

Danny, our actor turned sports commentator, was testing the microphone.

I told Chad to tell the audience that we were about to start. He did, and the crowd went wild.

I smiled and ran the opening credits.

The four teams were already on the stage: the skaters, the gymnasts, the frat guys, and the jocks. All of them were wearing just underwear.

I heard Danny explaining the proceedings in the commentator’s box: “Now every team is going to send one athlete into the competition. The first game is Nutball. So the best bet is to choose the team mate with the best throwing accuracy. Pain resistance is a plus, too, but that is valid for every competition here at the first annual Ballbusting Olympics.”

I grinned. Danny did a good job.

“It’s Tristan for the skaters”, Danny announced. “Tristan is 19 years old, and 6’3” tall. He has never competed in a Nutball championship. Now he is showing his assets.”

The blond skater boy took off his boxers, revealing a well sized set of testicles below a half hard cock. His pubic hair was trimmed while his balls were cleanly shaven.

“Tristan brings everything you need for a good game of Nutball”, Danny commented. “Now it’s the gymnasts. Who are they gonna choose? It’s Will. Will is 22 years old, and 6’2” tall.”

Will turned his back to the audience and stripped down his boxer briefs, revealing his tanned ass cheeks and bringing wolf whistles from the crowd. He turned around and winked at the audience. His big, bouncy nuts were hanging low below his impressive dick. Will smiled, and the crowd cheered.

“Perhaps we have an early favourite here?” Danny continued. “Now it’s the frat guys. Yesterday they told me that Reese was the one to compete in Nutball. But perhaps they have changed their mind and… no, it’s Reese. Reese is 21 years old and 6’2” tall. It’s a good choice. According to my information Reese is the best baseball player at Beta Delta Pi.”

The black haired stud grinned and pulled down his boxer briefs. His hard cock snapped up and a few audience members gasped in admiration. It was a thing of beauty, and it rivalled Will’s proud member in length and girth.

“Wow”, Danny chuckled. “This is a surprise. Reese is a supersize contender. And look at those huge apples. Wow.”

The audience cheered for Reese’s revelation.

“And, last but not least, it’s the jocks”, Danny continued. “And this one is a no-brainer. But do they--- Of course, they go for Kev. He is the reigning champion of nutball in his dorm, and it would have been quite stupid not to choose him for this competition. Kev is 20 years old, and 6’1” tall. He is president of the BOC, and one of the founders of the Ballbusting Olympics.”

Kev threw his boxer briefs at the crowd and did a few crotch chops, causing the audience to go wild again.

“We are gonna see four games today”, Danny explained. “According to the drawing, first the skaters will play against the jocks. Then it’s the gymnasts against the frat guys. Then the winners play for the gold medal, and the losers play for bronze.”

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Ballbusting Olympics: Opening Ceremony

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The gym was packed. My cameraman and I had come a few hours before the show was set to start, because we had to set up the equipment with the crew of the local college TV station. Now it was ten minutes before the beginning of the show and the benches were filled with more than one hundred people, mostly jock type guys in their early twenties, presumably college students.

I was impressed. Apparently Kev, Ben and Colin, the members of the Ballbusting Olympics Committee (BOC), had done a good job with the publicity.

This was the first of the seven days of the Ballbusting Olympics. Today we’d see the Opening Ceremony, tomorrow was going to be the first of five days of competition, and an awards ceremony would end the spectacle.

The gym had been divided into three ares: auditorium, stage, and media. The media area consisted of a commentator’s box, a small central control room, three cameras, and a small interview stage with the official logo – a sophomoric and pretty graphic topical variation of the Olympic emblem with the five rings – on the back wall.

The TV station crew consisted of three cameramen. Chad and I were in charge of the editing and the organization. We had employed our model Danny, a modestly talented but very attractive actor with an up-for-anything attitude, as the commentator. The strawberry blond 21-year old was sitting in the commentator’s box and reading some notes.

There were four Olympic teams: the jocks (Kev, Ben and Colin), the gymnasts (blond twins Will and Michael and their red-haired friend Parker), the skaters (black-haired Leo and his friends Tristan and Sammy) and the frat guys.

The frat guys were three guys that had answered a call for participants. AJ, Reese and Zach, belonged to a local fraternity. AJ and Reese were 21 years old and Zach was one year younger. Zach had dirty blond hair that was cut very short, AJ’s hair was black and just as short as Zach’s, while Reese’s black hair was a bit longer. They were standing on the interview stage wearing just boxer briefs, displaying their muscular and lean bodies, and answering a few questions for Danny.

Danny was wearing a sport jacket and jeans, and he looked great in it. He had a microphone in his hand and two cameramen were standing behind him.

I walked a bit closer so that I could hear what they were talking about.

“… so we though: why not?” Zach was saying. “We have some experience in sports – soccer, baseball, basketball, you name it.”

Danny nodded and smiled. “So what do you think: Do you have a chance of winning a few competitions?”

AJ laughed. “A few? We have a chance of winning them all!”

“Have you practiced at all?”

“Of course”, AJ grinned. “We have been trading punches and kicks for the last weeks to toughen up our nuts.”

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lucky cock (The last committee meeting)

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With the beginning of the Ballbusting Olympics just a few days away I met with the Ballbusting Olympics Committee (BOC) for the last time today. Kev, the president, and his vice presidents Ben and Colin were waiting for me at their dorm. When I walked into the basement I expected to see them indulging in their usual behaviour, screaming and laughing, joking and trying to balltap each other.

But they were very calm today. They were standing in the middle of the room, dressed in sweat pants and t-shirts, looking at me, when I came through the door.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Bad news”, Kev replied. “We haven’t had too many reactions to our call for participants. So far, only one fraternity is interested. It’s the Beta Delta Pi. They’re a pretty wild bunch.”

“No one else?”

“No one else”, Kev nodded.

“Well”, I shrugged. “With the three of you, the Beta Delta Pi guys, the skaters and the gymnasts we have four groups. That’s enough, isn’t it?”

“The skaters and the gymnasts?” Colin stared at me.

“Yeah. I have told you, haven’t I? Leo, Tristan and Sammy are going to participate, as well as the twins and Parker. I’m sure I have told you!”

Kev’s face lightened up. “You haven’t. But that doesn’t matter. It means that the Ballbusting Olympics are go!”

“Yay!” Colin and Ben cheered.

I grinned.

“Fantastic!” Kev was beside himself with joy. “That’s… fantastic!” He raised his hands up into the air and stuck out his crotch. “Everyone touch the ‘lucky cock’!”

I didn’t understand.

Colin and Ben did, though.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sammy the ball doctor: Treating Chad

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I looked at my watch.

My cameraman Chad, cute skaterboy Sammy and I were waiting in the practice of a doctor friend of mine. We were about to film the next segment of our little series “Sammy the ball doctor” and everything was set: Chad had brought the gynaecological chair, Sammy had put on his white doctor’s coat, the camera was on the tripod and the light was good. But one thing was missing: our patient.

I had hired one of the actor friends I had met when our model Danny had brought some people to our studio for a workshop. We had talked on the phone a few times and set the date – but he wasn’t here now.

Chad was bored and annoyed and fumbled with the camera.

Sammy on the other hand was busy feeling powerful and hot in his doctor’s costume. He grinned at me and unbuttoned the coat one more time. Underneath he wore a t-shirt and baggy jeans with sneakers at his feet. A stethoscope was hanging around his neck and in the coat pockets Sammy had put a prescription pad and a pencil. When he had unbuttoned his coat he lifted his t-shirt up and put the end of the stethoscope on his smooth, lean chest. He looked at himself in a large mirror that was hanging in the hallway and grinned lasciviously at his reflection.

Chad looked up from the camera. “You have to put the earplugs into your ears, ‘doctor’”, he said grumpily.

Sammy smiled, put the eardrums into his ears, grabbed the other end of the stethoscope and licked it slowly. “Like this?” he aspirated and laughed about his own joke.

Chad looked at me and rolled his eyes.

I looked at my watch. We had waited for almost an hour now and I hadn’t reached George on his cell phone.

“Okay”, I said and Chad and Sammy looked at me. “I think we’re gonna start now.”

Chad and Sammy raised their eyebrows.

“We don’t have a patient…” Chad said slowly as if he was talking to a mentally challenged three year old.

“I know”, I said. “We are going to have to improvise.” I paused. “One of us is going to be the patient.”

Chad laughed. “Yeah, well, you can do it, Alex, but there’s no way you’ll get me to let that little devil manhandle my nuts!”

Sammy grinned.

Chad shook his head. “No way. I saw what you did to Danny, ‘doctor’! No. Way.”

“Listen, Chad, we’ll flip a coin, okay?” I said patiently.

“No way!”

“Come on”, I said impatiently. “Heads or tails?”

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Booking the show

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The Ballbusting Olympics are going to start next week with an opening ceremony and the first day of the competition. I am in charge of organizing the opening and I was pretty who I wanted for the show: Parker and the twins, who are professional gymnasts and – more or less acclaimed – circus performers. I knew that the three of them were training at a gym downtown so I decided to pay them a visit.

The place was a huge building with various training rooms and I had to ask a young, pimply janitor for directions. He gave a bored sigh and reluctantly showed me the room where Parker and the twins were training.

Parker was stretching while the twins were doing some kind of gymnastic partner figure. Michael was doing a one-handed handstand on top of Will’s lower back. All three of them were shirtless, wearing shiny tights that showed off their muscled legs and – I couldn’t help but notice – the prominent bulges in their crotches.

“Hi”, I said and the three guys looked at me.

Parker was wearing a hair-band in his medium-length flaming red hair. His muscled, naked chest was glistening with sweat and his nipples were hard. The twin’s looked stunning in their matching purple tights, their tanned bodies being in perfect shape, and their short blond hair wet with sweat.

Michael jumped down onto the ground, landing very elegantly on his feet.

Will walked over and shook my hand. “How are you doing?”

I smiled. “Fine, thanks, how are you?”

“Oh, great, thank you so much for that party on Friday and the great gifts! I can’t wait to go skiing!”

I grinned and looked at Parker who was continuing doing his stretches. He was in a full split with his ample junk touching the ground.

“How are your nuts?” I asked.

Parker grimaced and the twins laughed.

“Tender subject?” I smiled.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The morning after

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The twins' birthday bash

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The morning after the twins' brithday party, I woke up at noon, so technically it wasn’t quite morning any more. In my head it was morning, though, and far too early, too. I had a terrible headache.

I looked around and noticed that I had spent the night sleeping on the couch in the studio. I groaned and tried to orient myself. The room smelled of cigarettes and beer.

The last thing I remembered about yesterday’s party, the twins’ birthday bash, was loud music and dancing. I guessed I had fallen asleep at around seven a.m. I groaned again.

Shuffling to the kitchen to make some coffee I noticed that I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t made it home: the twins were lying on the stage that we had built for the entertainment part of the party. The two blond guys were sleeping peacefully in their underwear. A couple of birthday gifts, a pair of skis, a large leather bound book, and a nutcracker among others, were scattered around them.

Right in front of the stage there was another two bodies. The twins’ older brother Jimmy, a professional soccer player in England, and his 18 year old British protégé Phil had sprawled on the floor. Jimmy was fully clothed while Phil was naked except for his underwear which inexplicably he was wearing with the backside in front...

Friday, April 4, 2008

The twins' birthday bash

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I looked around. Everything was ready for the party. The studio was decorated with balloons and paper streamers (I love to go for the cheesy, tacky look when I organize parties…) and I had bought enough beer, shots and soft drinks for a long night of heavy celebrating, so I was confident that we would not run out of beverages. On the tables and the desk I had placed various bowls with cheese crackers, crisps etc. and in one corner of the studio, next to the kitchen, I had set up a small stage for the entertainment program.

This year I had been asked to organize the birthday party for Michael and Will, two adorable – and quite limber – young athletes who are models for our website. They are identical twin brothers, both of them quite tall, blond with blue eyes and a matching set of impressive genitalia that we had put to good use in some of our videos.

For some reason they hadn’t been in the spotlight at our website for quite some time and I had been very happy that Jimmy, the twins’ older brother and a professional soccer player in England, had asked me to organize the party. I liked Will and Michael, their cheerful comradeship (especially Will’s), their good looks, and not least their ever reliable willingness to put their nuts on the line for the sake of entertainment… Will was more outgoing and open-minded than his brother Michael, but when push came to shove Michael was up for anything, too.

On their birthday it wasn’t their balls that were going to take center stage. They were the birthday boys after all, and I had planned for some nice entertainment for them.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Meeting Jimmy again

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It’s the twins’ birthday party on Friday and I have the honor of organizing it. I have been talking to the twins’ friend Parker about last year’s party and he told me about it. Today I’m gonna meet their brother Jimmy, who is a professional soccer player in England. He has been here in January when he and a team mate of his participated in our “Soccer balls” nutkicking competition. He lost but he took it like a man…

Jimmy is a very handsome 29 year old guy. He is blond like his brothers Michael and Will and has beard stubbles on his face. He is at the end of his – very successful – career as a pro soccer player and since January I have noticed several billboards with his face on it, promoting some kind of sexy fragrance.

He came to the studio today and he brought someone with him who I recognized from the training videos that he had sent me before the competition: a young, attractive red-haired junior soccer player called Phil.

Jimmy and Phil were standing in the door frame and grinned at me. Both of them were dressed in jeans, sneakers and t-shirts, and they both looked dashing. I thought that Phil with his red hair and his cute face could be right on his way to succeed Jimmy in the “Sexiest Man Alive (Sports)” category, once Jimmy decided to retire for good.


“Hi there”, I smiled and shook their hands. “I’m Alex”, I said to Phil.

“I’m Phil.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen you in the videos”, I nodded. Then I turned to Jimmy: “I thought you’d come alone.”

Jimmy nodded. “That was the plan. But then something came up. An American soccer team wants Phil to play for them. It’s a bit of a secret and I offered Phil to take him with me. He is gonna be at the party tomorrow and on Sunday we’re gonna meet the top dogs of his new team.”

Phil punched Jimmy’s upper arm. “Potential new team. I haven’t decided, yet.”

“Ow”, Jimmy said and rubbed his arm. “I’m your mentor, not your bitch boy…”

“We’re not in England anymore, Jimmy”, Phil grinned and pretended to throw another punch at Jimmy’s arm, stopping right before impact.

Jimmy winced and Phil laughed.

The older guy raised his eyebrows. “Don’t do that!”

Phil laughed again. “Sorry.”

Jimmy looked at him suspiciously.

“I said I’m sorry. No more punches to your arm, I promise”, Phil grinned.

Jimmy’s expression didn’t change.

“Trust me”, Phil said and Jimmy shrugged.

“I don---“

Jimmy was interrupted by a quick, hard backhand slap to his nuts. He yelped and grabbed his groin.

Phil looked and me and laughed.

I grinned. “Nice to have you here!”

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Break diary 5

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Two weeks ago Kev and his dorm buddies Colin and Ben were having a five day Spring Break holiday at some hotel, and they kept video diary. Today Kev mailed me the last one.

One of the major activities the guys – along with other Spring Break guests – indulge in, is a game that casts a dark cloud over Ben’s ability to father children… In the four videos that I already received, Ben’s nuts were abused in various ways. They were slapped, punched, hit with a heavy object, and – in the last video – kicked twice while their owner was taking delight in having sexual intercourse with a voluptuous blonde acquaintance.

At the end of that video there was a preview foreshadowing that Ben – who has been pretty oblivious to the game, and especially to the large flip chart in his room that lists the player’s scores… - finally finds out what his buddies have been up to for the previous days…
As of the last video, Kev leads in the game with 9 points (2 of which were gained with collateral damage to Ben’s sex life), followed by Colin with 8 points, and the rest of the participants trailing behind.

On a black screen the headline SPRING BREAK 2008 – DAY 5 appears.

Then the screen shows a group of fifteen to twenty guys, all in their early twenties, sitting around in the hotel room. Most of them, including Kev, Ben and Colin, are shirtless (Mental note: Ask Kev if there is a “With shirt – no service” rule at their hotel), displaying their tanned, muscular chests and arms. Apparently they are having a party, some of the guys are holding beer bottles, while others have shot glasses in their hands.

Kev and Colin are in the middle of the group, talking an joking with the other guys, and Ben is standing next to the flip-chart. The camera is apparently placed on a tripod or a table or something.

Ben turns around and clears his throat. The guys stop talking and look at him.

“Erm”, Ben begins slowly. “I have been noticing that you have this flip chart with your names on it… And… well… My name is missing… And… well… I don’t know… Is this a kind of game or something?”

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New poll: Special Guest Star

A few weeks ago we asked you to tell us who you'd like too see as a Special Guest Star.

Johnny Knoxville, Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake, Jake Gyllenhall, Ryan Phillippe, Adam Brody and Zac Efron have been nominated.

[The Jonas Brothers and David Archuleta have been mentioned, too, but I want the first Guest Star to be a single person, not a group, and I'd like him to be of age, too, so I decided to drop them from the short list. But I'll keep them in mind if we're gonna search for more guest stars...]

So please make your choice in the poll on the right. You can vote for more than one person if you can't decide who wou like best...


Poll results: What's your favourite?

Last month I asked you to vote for your favourite type of bust in a poll.

244 people took part in the poll (Thanks!) and this is how they voted (more than one answer was possible):

Squeezing 47%
Kicking 46%
Punching 29%
Something completely different 26%
Kneeing 20%
Objects 18%
Slapping 9%
Biting 4%

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll! It's very interesting for me and I'll keep those figures in mind when I write new stories. For one, I'm going to try and put more squeezes in (which have been very rare before, I think).