Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Ballbusting Olympics: Danny's interviews 1

Featured in this story: CalDanny and Kev (click for pictures)

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A few days ago we had our first day of competition for the Ballbusting Olympics. The contestants were Tristan (for the skaters), Will (for the gymnasts), Kev (for the jocks), and Reese (for the frat guys) with Kev winning the gold medal. Will won silver and Tristan bronze. Reese was pretty unlucky and even got knocked out in his match against Will.

Danny, our strawberry-blond 21-year-old actor-turned-sports-commentator did a few interviews with the athletes and some members of the audience right after Kev had won.
I’ve just gotten around to editing the footage. Here it is.


Danny is standing in front of the camera, wearing his casual jacket and jeans. Behind him is a wall with the questionable logo of the Ballbusting Olympics. Danny is holding a microphone and speaking into the camera. 
“Hi there, this is Danny reporting from the first day of the Ballbusting Olympics. We’ve seen some great games today. Here with me is the winner of the Nutball tournament, Kev.”

The camera zooms out to reveal Kev grinning into the camera. He is seen from the waist up, with his chest naked and a towel around his neck. “Hi.”

“Congratulations, Kev, on a great tournament!” Danny smiles.

“Thank you, Danny. It was a great fight and there were some moments throughout the matches when I thought I might lose…”

“Yeah, the first match against Tristan was quite a nailbiter”, Danny says. He turns to the camera and continues: “At first it seemed like a done deal. But then this happened.”

A clip from the match is shown, first at regular speed, then in slow motion. We see Kev’s naked crotch in close-up, his hard dick and big, meaty balls touching the floor as he is sitting on the ground. Then a full can of soda hits his tender balls and flattens them against the hard wooden floor. Both of his nuts are crunched by the weight of the metal can.

When the clip ends, Kev grins sheepishly into the camera. “That was a bad one.”

“It sure was”, Danny says cheerfully. “But in the end you won the match and the tournament.”

Kev nods.

“So how are your balls?” Danny grins.

Kev shrugs. “They’re okay.”

The camera pans down Kev’s body and zooms in. The screen is filled with his big, limp cock and his slightly swollen nuts hanging below. Kev’s hand is seen lifting the dick to allow the camera a nice view of his reddened balls.

“They’re okay”, Kev repeats.

Danny’s hand comes into frame and carefully grabs Kev’s full ballsac.

Kev winces. “You--- ow!”

Danny squeezes Kev’s nuts, closing his fingers and trapping the big orbs inside his hand

Kev moans. “Okay, see--- well--- ow--- perhaps they’re not that okay…”

Danny chuckles and let’s go of Kev’s junk.

The camera zooms out.

Kev grabs his crotch and grimaces into the camera.

Danny smiles at him. “So, now you’re a gold medal winner. Is your life gonna change now?”

“Well”, Kev shrugs. “I guess the ladies are gonna pour in, now…” His dick twitched discreetly with that thought.

“Except that you won’t be able to do anything with them”, Danny grins at him and turns to the camera again. “So, that’s Kev, gold medallist for Nutball. Thanks, Kev, and good luck for the rest of the Games…”

“Thanks, Danny.”


Now Danny is standing in front of the audience benches while the audience is leaving the gym.

A young black man with short hair and a very handsome face is standing next to Danny. He is wearing a bright shirt and smiling into the camera.

“I have Cal here with me”, Danny says and turns to the young man. “You have watched the Nutball tournament today.”

“Yeah”, Cal nods.

“Have you been here yesterday for the opening ceremony?”

“No”, Cal shakes his head. “Some friends of mine were here yesterday and they told me about it. So I decided to come and see the competition with them today”

Danny smiles. “So – what do you think?”

“It was great. I was really impressed by the stamina of these guys”, Cal chuckles.

People are walking past Cal and Danny to get to the exit. A few of them stare, some make some goofy faces for the camera.

“Have you ever played nutball yourself?” Danny asks.

Cal laughs. “No, I haven’t. But one of my mates suggested doing it some time.”

Suddenly someone jumps into the frame in front of Cal and Danny, screaming and gesturing wildly. He is a blond jock type wearing a t-shirt with some baseball teams logo on it.

“Nutbaaaaalll!” he screams into the camera.

Cal and Danny stand behind him, chuckling.

Danny grins and addresses the camera, standing on his tip toes. “Apparently the sport of---“

He interrupts himself when Cal with a wide grin kicks the manic jock in his nuts from behind.

Cal’s sneaker crunches into the jock’s jeans clad bulge and visibly digs into the soft mound, causing the poor guy to stop screaming and moan miserably. His eyes cross as he slowly sinks to the ground.

Some guys behind Cal and Danny stop and laugh at the scene.

“Congratulations. Good shot”, Danny grins and shakes Cal’s hand.

“Thanks”, Cal smiles proudly.

“Maybe we’ll see you at next year’s Olympic Games?” Danny suggests.

Cal laughs. “I’d have to do a lot of training for that…”

“Apparently you have just begun training”, Danny grins.

Cal chuckles.

The camera pans to the ground to reveal the blond jock moaning and clutching his crotch.

“That’s it for today”, Danny says. “Be sure to check out next week’s full coverage of the Ballbusting Olympics.”


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if Phil is gonna be the Ump again, he shouls get busted at least once, but not as part of the game, some doing it just or fun, i mean

Alex said...

Hey guy787970, thanks for your suggestion. I will keep it in mind for the next parts of the story!