Saturday, May 19, 2012

The secret is in the sauce

Warning: Can contain traces of cum. 
And there's a female involved (no actual f/m busting, though) - for those of you who don't like that...

Featured in this story: Erik (click for pictures)

"Alex", Katerina greeted me. "How nice to see you!"

I smiled at her and shook her hand. "Katerina!"

She was looking beautiful, wearing a short red skirt, a black blouse, silk stockings, and red high heels. She ran her hand through her long dark hair and smiled back at me, showing me her perfect white teeth between her full red lips.

Katerina was the sister of my boss Nikolai, and she had taken their sibling rivalry to a new level when she had started her own TV station, making her a direct competitor for her brother.

I was here because Katerina (nicknamed Katya by her brother) had wanted to talk to me about a new show she had planned. Not only had she lured away Erik, who had been one of the most enthusiastic stagehands on my show "The Balls of Others", but she was obviously trying to start her own version of my show... Advertisements for "Bashing Balls" were all over town, and I had seen a couple of TV ads that made me fear we could lose the fight for the younger demographic. Her show looked nothing short of fantastic...

As always when I was at her studios, I felt a little bit guilty. I was pretty sure that her brother would rip my balls off if he ever knew that I was meeting with her. On the other hand, Katya would probably do the same if I didn't. I was pretty fond of my balls so I did what everyone in their right mind would do: Meet with her and lie to my boss...