Monday, June 27, 2022

King of the Ring Part 8 (of 12) written by Jimmy and X


King of the Ring Part 8: Gino VS Leroy

By Jimmy and X (A very special guest)

This story was edited by more good friend, and long time reader X. He shares his thoughts on the blog a lot and I am so thankful that he took the time to make this story better. 


Warning: Includes ballbusting, underaged characters and traces of cum.

Twelve boys have entered the ring.

Six are going to the next round.

Two of finalists stand in the ring now.

Leroy and Gino stand in the dead center of the ring, the match is about to begin and Gino looks as if he is a kid in the toy store where all the toys are free for the next five minutes. Grinning ear-to-ear Gino takes Leroy in, his eyes lingering below the belt on Leroy’s ample package that sticks out in his skintight singlet.

“I hit the lottery,” Gino says, licking his upper lip as a wolf aiming for his prey: especially his opponent testicles. He foretastes the moment in which his fingers will grip that booty and squeeze the shit out of his boyhood, enjoying all the squirms and shouts out of his young match.

Leroy laughs once, “Ha. Maybe you won’t be saying that in a minute after I drop you to the mat...gripping your balls in pain and hoping you were born a girl”.

Monday, June 20, 2022

FRATERNITY (Chapter One, Part Two) written by Fraternity (Kramtoad Story)


FRATERNITY (Chapter One, Part Two)


Warning: Gay characters, ballbusting, and bontage.

Derek heard the muffled sound of sobs behind him. He spun around at once, half-expecting another attacker. Instead, there was Jason, writhing, barely conscious against the tree trunk. His hands were cupping his groin.

“Jason!” Derek shrieked, as he rushed to his side.

“My balls, muttered Jason. My balls. My balls.”

Friday, June 10, 2022

King of the Ring Part 7 (of 12) written by Jimmy


King of the Ring Part 7: Chase VS Bill

By Jimmy


Chase seems excited to finally be getting into the ring, and it shows in how he parades around showing off his dazzling smile, flexing his growing muscles, and making jokes. It’s finally Chase’s turn and he cannot wait to join the small group of winners. So far that list has included Gino, Adam, Leroy, Max, and Junior. Chase already knows that he has won this match against Bill, all he really has to do is go through the motions. Peering over his shoulder at Bill, he spies his opponent. Not much has changed about Bill over the past year. Bill is still the mousy brown haired boy, skinny but with a tight swimmers body and bright light blue eyes, the color of the Caribbean Sea. Chase thought of Bill as the smallest on the team, turns out that was close to the truth but Rex owns that crown not by much. Bill’s twig and berries is pretty close to a real statement.

“Ready?” Bill asks.

Chase jerks his head side-to-side and answers with “I was born that way, Bill. Let’s wrestle.”

Monday, June 6, 2022

FRATERNITY (Chapter One, Part One) written by FRATERNITY (Kramtoad Story)


FRATERNITY (Chapter One, Part One)


Warning: Violence and hate speech.

For a moment, Jason thought the light reflected by the rain gauge belonged to a car on the nearby highway---A headlight peering through the trees as a car rounded the bend. The song of crickets and cicadas was uninterrupted, however, as he finished checking precipitation. As he stood from his crouching position, soft yellow light bounced off the weather gauge again. Jason turned to the
wooded area behind him.

'Not again, he thought. Not tonight.' The flashlight could have belonged to some fellow science students, making late-night observations on nocturnal weather patterns, or perhaps a couple frolicking in the woods. But somehow Jason knew better. Like a storm chaser following a funnel cloud, he knew that conditions were probable for trouble.

Friday, June 3, 2022

King of the Ring Interlude: Ben written by Jimmy


              King of the Ring Interlude: Ben

                     Are Ben's Nuts Tough Enough

                                           By Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, underaged characters.

Ben grins, cracking his knuckles as he views the line-up of Jayden’s friends eager to kick him in the nuts. Most of the young teenagers look rather weak and scrawny to Ben’s eyes, especially compared to the muscle-bound jocks from his frat house and he has no doubt his tough nuts can withstand anything these wimpy kids can dish out.

“You boys clearly have no idea what you’re up against!” Ben chuckles as he strips off his sleeveless shirt and skimpy running shorts to reveal his phenomenal body with only a rather aged, almost transparent jockstrap to hid his immodesty. With a cocky grin he casually bounces his heavy pecs, always happy to be the center of attention. Flashing his teeth in a dazzling smile he then nonchalantly rubs the back of his neck, the reason for this apparently casual gesture is quickly revealed as Ben takes the opportunity to flex his biceps behind his head.