Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sexy Santa and his nut-crunching elves: Revenge of the elves

This is a sequel to last year's Christmas story How the elves saved Christmas. I wrote it in hurry to finish it in time for Christmas Day and I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out. I hope you like it anywyay... Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone who reads my blog and comments on the stories!


Warning: Can contain traces of egg nog.

 „I bet it’s Rudolph, that senile old hack“, Benjamin mumbled. The slender, petite elf tapped his foot and looked out the window. “I bet he has taken a wrong turn…”

He had convened in the common room along with the other senior elves. This season had been particularly exhausting. The number of gifts that had to be processed was up 10% compared to last year’s final tally. And North Pole Management Inc. hadn’t even considered upping the number of contract elves. Naturally, the twelve senior elves were tired.

But now it was almost dawn on Christmas Morning, and the season was finally over. Nico would be coming home from his last tour any minute now, and the elves were looking forward to their ritual.

Nico was a young, fit, great-looking stud who looked like a prince from a fairy tale. Brown hair, a friendly smile, a handsome face, and a fantastic body with muscles in all the right placed – the little blond elves just loved him. The previous Santa, a chain-smoking ugly old slob with a fuzzy white beard, greasy hair and a pot belly had retired after his second heart-attack, much to the delight of his little helpers. When Nico had first arrived at the North Pole, the elves had trouble hiding their rock-hard excitement in their tight-fitting felt pants…