Friday, August 27, 2021

Pete's last year at adventure camp - part 1 (written by James @MosHadron)

This is the first part of a new series of stories written by James @ModHadron, author of Friday Night at the club and Pain train. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Part 1 - The Welcome party

Pete looked down at his phone and watched as the last bar of signal disappeared, just like it always did once they drove down into the valley.

As his mind slowly turned to what the next two weeks might hold for him it didn't take long for his cock to thicken, he turned the phone off and slipped it the rucksack between his feet which held everything he had brought with him, it wouldn't be any use for a while and it gave him an opportunity to rearrange his junk in a relatively discreet way, tucking his cock up into the waistband if his shorts.

Every year for as long as he can remember, Pete and his mates have come out here for two weeks over the summer, they get dropped off by their parents who then go off and do their own thing, leaving the boys in the care of the adventure centre for two weeks of outdoor activities.  What their parents don't know is that for the last 2-3 years it's turned into quite the sex fest, only the guys who like experimenting with each other still turn up, and the centre staff couldn't care less, so the guys spend two weeks fucking each others brains out.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Rex gets his revenge - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy and Y1ddo)

Here is another awesome adventure of our beloved brothers Gino and Jayden. Jimmy teamed up with Y1ddo for this one, and they wrote a fantastic story together! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

Click here to read all the previous parts of this amazing story.

Featured in this story: Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Now that Chase is finally starting to warm up to Logan, he tells Logan one night when the two are sharing supper, “It’s okay if you invite that doofus friend of yours over, or Ashley. That’s cool with me.” Chase says offhandedly, trying to be casual.

Logan taken a back, leans back in his wooden chair eyeing Chase suspiciously, “You want me to invite guests over? After the last time?”

Chase clears his throat putting his utensils down on his plate. “It was kinda cool, to see you and your friend together. He’s kind of like a big brother to you, right?”

Logan takes another bite of his steak, mulling over his answer to Chase and says finally, “Yeah, we go way back. But to answer your question, yeah, he’s like a brother to me.”

“And so is Jayden?” Chase asks.

“Yes,” Logan says easily, arms behind his head, stretching out his long legs under the table. “In a different way, because Jayden is younger. I treat him differently than I treat Zach.”

“That’s kinda nice.”

“Aren’t Adam, Rex and Max, like brothers to you?”

“I never thought about it that way,” Chase admits in contemplation, his blue eyes thoughtful considering Logan’s words.

“Why don’t I invite Zach, his name is Zach by the way; not doofus. I will invite him over this coming weekend, okay?”

Chase grins, and whenever Chase smiles in that way it instantly puts Logan on the defensive, he can already tell that Chase is up to something.


Logan thinks about trying to weasel the plan out of him, but thinks about his mountain of homework, the test that he has not studied for, and his nightly phone call to Ashley and he decides to let it go; at least for now.

“You staying the night?” Chase asks getting up from the table, and taking his and Logan’s empty plate to the kitchen sink. Strictly speaking, he was technically only on weekend duty, at least that’s what he agreed to in the beginning, however he finds himself slowly spending more nights with Chase, instead of at his house with his parents. The freedom is nice of course, but really, he worries about him being all alone here. He has not regretted saying yes to Jayden’s request to be at Chase’s. It gives Logan a purpose that he has not had before.

Chase is fifteen, and can take care of himself, but for all his money that he has the one thing Chase lacks is family. According to Jayden, Chase has not seen his parents in years, and although he has not broached the subject himself, he can plainly see that Chase is on his own…and that concerns Logan.

“Yeah, I think I will. You don’t mind?”

“No,” Chase answers quickly, and wishes that he could have said that more better. He finishes with, “You know, it’s cool. I have the space.”

“Well good, let me know if you need anything, I’m going to be doing my…”

Chase’s phone lit up and he puts a finger up to silence Logan, “Hey, Jayden?”

Logan hears Jayden’s crisp energized voice on the other line saying “Hi, I missed you today, wrestling practice was good but I wished we got to see each other.”

“Me too,” Chase says, grinning stupidly and grabbing the hem of his shirt to rub his abs.

A knocking can be heard from the front door, followed quickly by a clear musical chime from the door.

Jayden continues, “So I decided to stop by, my parents went away for the weekend starting tonight, come let me in.”

Chase’s grin only widens, seemingly encompassing his whole face, and is about to head to the door when Logan starts to pack up.

“Wait, are you leaving?” Chase asks.

The concern in Chase’s voice surprises him, Logan can tell that Chase does not want him to leave. “I figured that you would want some privacy with Jayden.”

“You won’t be sleeping in my bed, sit. Do your homework, you can’t back-out now. I told Jayden that you were here, you would disappoint him by leaving.”

Logan heard nothing of the sort, but he gets the clear message: stay.

“Good idea, I didn’t want to leave anyways. Go get the door,” Logan suggests.

Chase spins around and hurries from the room. A few moments later Jayden enters, wearing his red tank top, the word BARTLET is spelled vertically down one side in black lettering and he wears black gym shorts riding low on his hips with a red cap on his head that reads: Swimmer 4 Life.

Jayden’s grin is infectious and he comes over and gives Logan a hug, “Hey, long time no see Captain.”

“Hey Jayden,” Logan says returning the hug.

“Chase and I have some homework to do upstairs.”


“It might be loud homework,” Chase adds.


“So…if you hear a lot of banging around, don’t be too worried about it. You don’t have to check on us”

“Have fun,” Logan says with a knowing smile, as Chase grabs Jayden’s hand pulling him from the kitchen. The pair don’t even make it to the stairs before he hears a sharp intake of breath, with a groan following quickly after.

“Everything alright?” Logan calls out.

“Oh yeah,” answers Jayden. “Chase slipped on the stairs.”

A thump follows his statement, and a loud bang.

“How about now?” Logan calls out.

“That was Jayden, he slipped on the banister and crotched himself,” Chase says with glee.

“Want me to get some ice?”

“Maybe later,” Chase laughs, hurrying footsteps follow up the stairs, and the slamming of Chase’s bedroom door.

Logan thinks about going up there, but quickly decides that he does not want to know what they are doing, his imagination is vivid enough. Instead, he takes out his homework, sighing when he sees the following assignments.


The next morning, Logan is in one shower, with Chase in the other. This particular bathroom includes two stalls and somehow the two open the door at the same time. Logan pays Chase no attention as he starts to dry his hair, his nakedness not bothering him in the least.

For Chase, this is a very different matter. He does notice Logan, and who wouldn’t. At 18 years of age Logan is a formidable specimen. Logan’s body is rippled with muscles in his chest and back, his arms are roped and bulging beneath his lightly tanned skin, and a fine dust of blonde hairs lead down to a full bush of blonde pubes, wet and sticking to his pubis. Logan’s long hanging member sits low between his thighs, and the hot shower has loosened his balls so that they droop low in his sac.

Logan pulls the towel from his face and drops it over one shoulder, and says “What?” Noticing Chase’s jaw that hangs open, and blue eyes open wide gazing intently on his manhood.

“Wow,” is all Chase manages to say as Jayden pops into the bathroom wearing nothing but his black boxer shorts that have holes in them in several key places, including the front flap. Jayden’s cock head is just visible and he is smiling, humming a tune.

“School’s canceled for today! An emergency teachers meeting or something. Adam and the gang just texted, they are coming over for breakfast and to hang out at the pool. I said yes, that okay?” Jayden asks quickly, still looking down at his phone. When no one answers him he looks up curiously, noticing that the two blonde, blue eyed boys in front of him are naked and starring at each other.

“Am I interrupting something?” Jayden asks, his nervous awkward laughter filling the bathroom, which echoes around the room and back to him reminding him of his feelings.

No one answers him, and he slowly takes his boxers of, his own heavy penis slapping against his thigh as he stands back up and moves past Chase to jump in the shower, trying to ignore whatever is occurring.

When Jayden closes the door and turns on the water, it falls so gently against his skin painting him with tiny raindrops, that he is able to hear the entirety of the conversation, even if he tries not to. If Logan or Chase ever speak, that is.

“That’s impressive,” Chase finally says, his speech husky and unfamiliar in his own ears.


“Can I…?” Chase starts to ask, taking a step forward and points at Logan’s crotch, the large dongs swinging slightly, dripping with water droplets on the floor, and his low hanging testicles, plump and fat gently rocking side-to-side. “Can I touch it?”

Logan raises an eyebrow, “Why?”

“I just want to know, if I am…I mean if you are…sizes are kind of important to me,” Chase says trying to explain, but unable to formulate how best to ask his request.

Logan considers for a moment, and then nods his head, somehow understanding Chase’s garbled response. “You can come get a closer look, if you want to.”

Jayden’s mouth drops open and he stops washing his chest, the soap suds running down in between his pecs as he watches Chase take two more big steps, crossing the bathroom and standing directly in front of Logan, blocking his line of sight. Jayden moves to the side and through the cloudy mirrors in front of Chase he can see his boyfriend, his blue fire eyes blazing with interest as he reaches forward gleefully grabbing ahold of Logan’s balls.

Logan and Chase are silent for a moment, and Chase whispers. “When did they get to be this size?”

“Not sure,” Logan answers contemplatively, his own blue eyes thoughtful “I guess I never thought about it before.”

Chase rolls Logan’s nuts around in their ballsac, and Jayden hears nothing until Logan sucks in a breath. “Chase,” he warns.

“I’ve never squeezed them before,” Chase informs him. Chase’s teeth show as he smiles up at him. “I wanted to fix that.”

Logan groans, and Jayden starts to get hard in the shower seeing Chase’s forearms flex, and he can’t help but reach for the shower gel and take a big glob in hand and apply it to his own growing erection that bumps the glass, leaving behind a bit of clear goo. Jayden shudders when his hand makes contact with his head, which seems to pulse in his grasp. He holds back his own moan, biting his lip so he won’t be overheard.

Chase puts one hand on Logan’s chest pushing him flat against the walled shower, his fingers flexing and squeezing Logan’s big nuts. “I’m almost bigger than you,” Chase admits. “I’m still growing, you know.

“You have a great set of balls,” Logan agrees, reaching forward and taking Chase’s in hand. “Perfect for squeezing, if you don’t let mine go.” Logan informs him, the intent clear in Logan’s face, one eyebrow going up testing him.

Chase thinks for a moment, and Jayden knows that Chase is far from done with Logan, his cock briefly slips from his hand and hits the glass. The small thump, causes Logan and Chase to pause, potentially remembering that they aren’t alone.

Jayden backs up further in the shower, trying to hide in the steam but Chase abandons Logan and strides over opening the door. Cool air rushes in and Chase says, “Were you spying on us?”

“I…” Jayden starts turning halfway to him, while trying to cover his obvious erection, which in itself is an answer.

“Oh,” Chase says looking down. “I guess I didn’t finish you this morning, did I?” Chase moves into the shower closing the door behind him, his blue eyes full of desire and mischief twinkling as his telltale grin is backup. “I’ll finish with you later, Logan!” Chase calls out. “You, my little spy… you are first.” Chase moves into the stream turning Jayden to face him. Jayden’s penis slips from his grasp and swings outward and smacks Chase’s half-cocked dick to the side, making Chase’s grin only grow.

Logan quickly exits the bathroom, “I swear, I was never that horny.” Logan chuckles. His laughter follows him on the way out of the bathroom and ends abruptly when the bathroom door closes with a click.

Jayden briefly hears him say, “Zach, you free? Schools cancelled in Bartlet,” as Logan moves further down the hall, and the closed bathroom door prevents him from hearing anymore and Jayden finds himself all alone with Chase.

“We don’t have long…the others are coming,” Jayden reminds him.

“Then let’s go fast, my little spy. You’ve been caught, and I won’t go easy on you,” Chase grins, grabbing his own growing erection and Jayden’s in one hand and starts to jerk both of them off. The two penises touching causing a ripple of pleasure to coarse through both boys, and they moan at once. “You are so hot,” Chase says shoving Jayden against the wall, knocking over shampoo bottles and a lime green bar of soap skids across the shower floor.

Jayden grabs the back of Chase’s head pulling him towards him, but before he can lay his lips on Chase’s, his boyfriends other hand grabs his balls. Chase’s hands can’t quite fit both of Jayden’s balls in hand, but he has recently discovered a trick in which he can grab the backs of his testicles and squeeze them that way, the pain is not all encompassing but it works for a substitute to get both in for a squeeze. The move is partially effective but it’s always enough to be very painful, as the softer undersides of Jayden’s testicles are even more vulnerable than the front half. What frustrates Chase the most is that Jayden’s nuggets tend to slip out, as one does now. He tries to re-grab it and almost succeeds but the wily ball escapes him again.

“Fuck it,” Chase curses grabbing Jayden’s shoulder with his free hand and slams his knee in between Jayden’s thighs.

“Oh no!” Jayden moans, sliding down the shower wall.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“To my knees,” Jayden groans, trying to slide further down.

“Not yet, you aren’t,” Chase smiles pulling him back up, abandoning the double fisted handjob as he slams and pumps his knee in and out between Jayden’s thighs. Each slam, makes his younger boyfriend groan, but what Chase loves best in these moments: Jayden’s rigid pole never falters. Not once. He never loses his erection from ballbusting abuse. Some part of Jayden loves this, even if he has not admitted it yet. Chase is sure of it.

“Chase, my balls!” Jayden groans slipping down Chase unable to hold him up as he falls to his knees. Jayden grabs his tender balls, they throb, pulsing in his grasp his eyes crossing. “Shit…the guys are coming. I thought…”

Chase shoves him to ground, and he lands with a small splash on the titled floor. Chase kicks his feet apart, knocking Jayden’s hands asides and placing one foot on top of his groin. Jayden feels the bottom of Chase’s foot covered in shower gel as it glides up his rigid cock, and back down again. Jayden looks up at Chase and gulps. Chase was waiting to make eye contact before he presses his heel straight down, nailing Jayden’s balls to the tiles below his aching nuts. With nowhere to go Jayden’s balls are forced to compress against the hard unyielding tiles, and Chase’s strong heel make quick work to his plump, fat balls condensing them in size so that the spill out, flattening underneath.

Jayden’s mouth drops open, no sound escapes as Chase’s big toes grab his extended erection by the head and squeeze. “Oh…shit!” Jayden stares at Chase as he works him over, crushing his balls, yanking on his ankles to increase the pressure while his toes lightly dance along the underside of his frenulum, toying with him. Jayden turning into putty in his hands.

“Jayden,” Chase says his name and Jayden’s vision tries to refocus on him. “You going to cum now? You know you want to my little spy. It’s time to give up the goods,” Chase taunts squeezing his head while his heel bounces his flattening nuts up and down.

“Ugh! Ugh, ugh, ugh!” Jayden groans, gritting his bared teeth, his lips pulling back in a grimace. But then his brown eyes glaze over and he looks up at Chase. “I’m gonna…” he tries to warn as his eyes roll back in his head, his whole body becoming taught and straight, his toes curling, brushing against Chase’s forearms as he let loose a wild cry as his penis flails to full blossoming exposure, the crown pulsing. Jayden is able to get in one last breath, as his whole body trembles and jerks, and becomes completely rigid like stone and he gasps releasing a stream of white cum which fires straight up.

Chase is rewarded with five more spectacular blasts which shoot up into the shower stream and fall back covering Jayden’s chest, neck and head as he covers himself in his own cum. Jayden is a mess beneath his heel, which he has not deemed to remove, leaving his boyfriend groaning and writhing. Jayden’s hips buck wildly as they attempt to hump Chase’s toes and finally after what seems like forever but couldn’t be longer than twenty to thirty seconds Jayden drops to the shower floor completely spent and empty, his balls no longer churning.

Jayden stares unseeingly up at the lights and Chase crouches down next to him, finally removing his heel from Jayden’s balls which reform instantly from their flattened state.

“You did great,” Chase says, rubbing his abdomen and feeling the sticky mixture between his fingers.

Jayden says nothing as Chase detaches one of the shower heads and slowly cleans him, washing away the cum from Jayden’s body which still sings with energy as he comes down from his euphoric high.

“I love you,” Chase says affectionately, “Can you stand up.”

“Not yet,” Jayden admits, the cool tile feels good on his back, and the warm water comforts his muscles.

Logan calls up the stairs, “They are here!”

“Sit tight then,” Chase says leaning down and kissing Jayden on the mouth. Jayden’s lips tingle, as Chase presses his mouth to his, and he slightly groans. “I’ll keep everyone busy, and when you are ready come downstairs, okay?” Chase smiles pulling off of him.

Jayden nods, rolling into a ball at Chase’s feet. “Man that’s hot,” he says examining Jayden’s groaning naked body on his titled shower floor before he steps out of the shower, still dripping, and grabs a towel and moves into his bedroom, closing the door quietly behind him.

Jayden has no idea how long he stays in the prone position, feeling his oats. Chase completely wrecked him. Jayden feels owned, and empty. For once he can’t feel his dick hardening in his grasp, so he lays still. The dull ache has replaced the pulsing, debilitating sensation that crippled him but it takes him a long time to finally sit-up. The water has finally run cold before Jayden turns it off.

Stepping out of the shower, Jayden’s bare feet sink into the plush mat, and he stares into the mirror. His reflection stares back. What he sees are his deep brown eyes, almost black reminding him of the rich dark soil of the Earth. His body shows a powerful male teenager, with taught muscles, deep brown nipples, and a few downy brown hairs just above his cock on his pubis, but nowhere else. His smooth light brown skins, is covered in water droplets and the intensity of his gaze reflects back his own feelings. He plans on making Chase cum just as hard later, as he did to him this morning. Chase never came, and he plans on fixing that.

When Jayden dries his body, he takes care when he gets to his still sore, sensitive groin. He combs back his brown curls so that they hang over one side, and he runs his hand through them adjusting them with some gel, and brushes his teeth. Chase long ago got him his own tooth brush to keep at his house, along with some hair products, although he never even heard of some of them before, but they are amazing in his hair. Unlike the cheap ones he used to use, these support his Latino heritage and seem to be made for him keeping the grip that he both enjoys and shows off his hair in the best way.

Jayden steps into Chase’s bedroom and he gently pulls on a loose pair of gym shorts, not wanting to cram his goods inside of a Speedo. Judging correctly, he does not put on a shirt, but borrows one of the many pairs of Ray ban sunglasses that Chase has collected over the years and heads down stairs.

When Jayden gets outside he can see that he is the last to join the small gathering.

Zach is holding court, Adam, Rex and Max are swimming around him while Chase and Logan are by the breakfast table. Jayden bee lines straight for that and takes a bagel with peanut butter, relishing in each creamy bite his appetite ferocious after his orgasm upstairs.

“That was a long shower,” Logan comments smiling.

“Hardy, har, har,” Jayden says in between mouthfuls. He’s already on his second bagel and eyeing some fruit with yogurt covered in granola next as he takes a cup of juice and down it in three large gulps.

“Your hair looks nice,” Chase complements, tucking in a curl that has bounced onto his forehead. As soon as he does two more replace it and Chase chuckles.

“You are fighting a losing battle there,” Logan says.

“I don’t lose battles, I win them,” Chase informs him with a wink.

Rex comes out of the water, his steps light and graceful. The twin comes bouncing up to the others taking a juice glass and says, “Can I talk to them, alone for a second.”

Logan glances up, recognizing that he means for him to amscray. “I’ll go check on the guys in the pool.”

When Logan is a good distance away, Rex expresses his anxieties. “You didn’t say Zach would be here.” Rex looks over at the Adonis college-age frat boy. He is playing with his twin, throwing Max into the deep end of the pool, and he quickly swims back for him to repeat the move, all smiles and loving the attention; while Adam is in deep conversation with him about what to expect at a frat.

“Is that a problem?” Chase asks in puzzlement.

“Well, since you brought it up, yes!”

Chase humors him, even though he did not bring it up. “Why?”

“The last time he was here he made fun of my…perfectly normal sized, well-proportioned nuts for my age,” Rex explains.

“Ah,” Chase says.

“You are still growing Rex,” Jayden says looking down at Rex’s black Speedo’. If anything the garment seems to make what little he has seem smaller. Maybe the water is cold… Jayden thinks and Rex has shrunk a bit.

“Thank you Jayden, I think so too!” Rex smiles appreciatively.

“I have an idea,” Chase says, and Jayden can already see the wheels spinning in his head.

“Yeah?” says Rex with excitement while Jayden says “Oh, no.” At the same time.

“Don’t worry, you won’t have to do much Jayden, your nuts are safe…mostly, well at least for the moment. Anyways, here is what we are going to do…”

The more Chase whispers, the more excited Rex becomes. Jayden has some reservations about this plan, but at least he will fortunately be on the sidelines most of the time, so he agrees to go along with it happy to not be at the center this time.

“This is going to be good,” Rex says, rubbing his hands together.

“Glad to be of service,” Chase grins.

Max is heading over to the table, and he has a little bit of a swagger to his walk. Jayden can’t help to think that it has something to do with his larger protuberance jutting out from between his legs, his own Speedo filling out the black fabric so much more so than his brother. If anything, Jayden thinks he might have grown again.

“Hey Max!” Jayden call warmly at the approaching boy.

Max returns the smile, but Rex glowers while he gets closer and heads to the pool, ‘accidently’ swinging his fist towards Max’s crotch.

Max manages to catch it at the last moment and shoves him into the pool.

“Not today bro,” Max says while Rex comes up coughing, and spluttering.

“You okay, little guy?” Zach comes over banging a hand against his back.

“I’m not…*cough* little,” Rex says.

“Sure you are, you are the littlest guy here,” Zach says with a wink.

Rex’s ears turn pink and he stops coughing. Max snorts, and Rex glares at him mutinously.

Logan comes up next to Rex, on his other side. “Don’t listen to Zach here, he did some kind of science experiment to his genitalia that’s why he is so freakishly big. You are only fourteen, you can and will get bigger. Just you wait and see.”

Rex crosses his thin arms, pouting.

“Not everyone can be as big as me,” Zach informs him. “I have trouble finding underwear big enough to fit, and condom sizes…let’s just say maximums don’t do the job.” Zach thinks for a second and comes up with, “See, your size will benefit you in a lot of ways!”

Rex mutter’s something unintelligible and Jayden says to Chase, “I’m so in on this plan now.”

“Good,” says Chase.

“What plan?” asks Max.

Jayden bends down and whispers in his ear, Max’s mischievous smile grows the more he talks.

“Yeah, Zach deserves to get knocked down a peg or two,” Max agrees. “I’ll tell Adam, we can soften him up first.”

“Thanks Max,” Chase smiles watching him head off.

“Chase, I notice that you aren’t in on the plan,” Jayden says.

“I’m taking a day off, after all I already got to bust my favorite balls today,” he grins, his blue eyes twinkling as he heads to the water putting his feet in.

When Max sits down at the pools edge, Zach grabs Rex and puts him next to his brother. “Now how does that happen?” Zach points first at Max, and then at Rex. “You two are supposed to be twins…nothing twin like down below,” the muscular fat guy amusingly jokes measuring up the twin packages with his eyesight.

Rex isn’t in on the joke though. Angered by the insult, the young swimmer lunges his foot into the considerable mound that's barely contained by Zach’s skinny swimming trunks.

Rex gets a tingling sensation, as his foot is completely engulfed by the stud’s squishy nutsac. He does not get in the best hit though, because Zach is in the water, but most of his bulge is spread out around his foot satisfyingly as he slams into Zach’s oversized min-basketballs. The stud’s grin evaporates, and he lets out a wheezing groan as the familiar aching sensation spreads to his stomach.

To defuse the situation Max quickly shouts “Nut war!” slamming his fist into Chase’s unsuspecting nutsac. Chase doubles over groaning, surprised by the sudden attack on his impressive young manhood.

“You got my big nuts!” Chase laughs, cupping himself.

“Nice one!” Jayden says reaching to high five Max, but Max has other ideas and slaps Jayden’s nuts with the back of his hand causing him to tumble into the pool. Jayden does not land in the pool before seeing Rex’s foot shoot in between Zach’s legs a second time, making his whole package bulge around the small foot.

When Jayden surfaces, spitting out some pool water he sees all of the boy’s rough housing, but Zach seems to be the primary target. Jayden sensing an opportunity, swims behind the muscular jock and grabs his shoulders. The young wrestler proceeds by kneeing Zach as hard as he can from behind, his bony kneecap piercing the already targeted man bag.

Zach freezes, and he screams out, “Shit, who hit the Zach monster!” before going under the water to recover.

Rex grins at Jayden, jumping into the pool next to him. “Nice, shot!”

“I taught him everything he knows,” Logan laughs coming up next to them.

Jayden grins back at him, “Not everything,” he clarifies. “You did teach me how to do it better, by being my target.”

Adam yelps, and Max grins behind him as he goes down yelling, “Mother fucker!”

“What language Adam,” Chase laughs grabbing a handful of Max’s speedo bulge. The boy freezes, putting his arms up in submission.

“I surrender!” Max pleads.

“I take no prisoners in a nut war!” Chase laughs squeezing his balls, and lifting him in the air, one hand supporting Max’s taut stomach as he tosses him overhead. The squealing boy crashes into the water with a splash.

“That was rough,” Rex grins. “I will have to try that move on him later.”

“I’m sure that he would love that,” Chase responds laughing. “Remember who the target is.”

“Target?” Logan’s eyes brows go up.

“It’s Zach,” Jayden explains conspiratorially.

“I’m so down for that,” Logan laughs, cracking his knuckles.

As the battle rages on from Max’s commencement, a major battle of the balls is fought in the pool. In accordance with Chase's scheme, the nut-war affects Zach the most, as the gang of young teenagers primarily seems to focus their attention on the easily traceable mini basketballs inside the stud’s swimming trunks.

No one gets away cheaply though, and soon enough every male has a pair of slightly swollen baby makers...

To ease all the aching and rapidly bruising nutsacs, Chase proposes a cease fire. “Let’s all take a break for a bit,” and he brings out strawberry lemonade as each boy chills out in a chair by the pool, discussing their favorite ballbusts of the morning. The boy’s relax poolside for a while, sunning themselves, and allowing their valuables some well-deserved rest while they sip on the refreshments.

Eventually the young teens grow bored of the lack of action though, and they decide to go ahead with the next step of Chase's vindictive plot…

As Chase and Jayden occupy Logan, the other boys approach Zach, who slipped back into the pool a few minutes earlier. The gang of boys are sporting mischievous grins on their faces.

"What's up, my little dudes?" Zach asks in a friendly manner, smiling at the twins in front of him.

"You never told us how big you are," Max smiles innocently, as the twins swim closer to the young man.

"So we thought we'd take matters into our own hands," Rex finishes, as both twins start pulling on the jock's tight-fitting swimming trunks.

Using his superior strength, Zach manages to push both twins away before they rid him of his skimpy fabric.

"Nice try dudes, but I really don't want to make you guys feel bad about yourselves," the jock snickers cockily, his long arms holding the twins away.

Amidst the action, Adam manages to sneak up on the muscular frat boy. Being a capable swimmer underwater, Zach has no idea about the young tormentor that is emerging behind him. Adam stands up straight behind the unexpecting stud, ready to interfere in the action.

While Zach has his hands full with Max and Rex, Adam fancies some hands-on action as well...
The young brat pushes his hands down the back of Zach's skimpy swimming trunks and reaches between the frat boy’s muscular thighs. He quickly locates his prey, as each young hand latches onto a meaty orb. The young Adonis freezes to the spot, taken aback by the sneak attack on his precious gonads.

"If I were in your situation, I'd do exactly as you're told, big boy," Adam whispers his taunt into the stud's ear as he comes up from the water. The young brat gives Zach’s babymakers a tentative squeeze, proving his point.

The 20-year-old jock desperately tries to close his thighs, but he’s too slow for his young tormentor. Adam manages to yank Zach's low hanging nutsac up between his ass crack and starts adding more pressure to the stud’s massive nuggets.

In a last-ditch effort Zach tries to force himself away, but Adam has a vice-like grip on his bloated family jewels. The young brat smiles wickedly as Zach let’s out a hoarse groan.

"Stop fighting, or I'll rip your pathetic balls off,” Adam warns him continuing to stretch the cords of Zach's ball bag to their absolute limit. Finally, the Adonis can’t take it anymore. He lets out a high-pitch squeal as Adam digs his thumbs deep inside his juicy meatballs.

Zach finally let go of the twins, allowing them to reapproach him. Rex can’t hold his smile back as he looks at the frat boys shocked and painful expression. Over the jocks shoulder, Rex eyes meet Adams self-satisfied grin. Rex quickly puts two and two together, and he dives underwater searching for the source of Zach’s sudden discomfort.
To the young swimmer’s great amusement, he sees both of Adams hands deep inside the back of Zach’s swimming trunks. The skimpy trunks leave little to the imagination, and Rex can clearly see the outline of Adams clenched fists. Adam’s flexing muscles suggest that he’s not holding back on poor Zach’s reproductive organs, and the obvious bulge in Adams shorts suggest that the young teenager clearly is enjoying the situation.

Rex acts quickly, exploiting the fascinating scene in front of him. The young swimmer grabs the waistband of Zach’s swimming trunks with both hands, and quickly pulls them down. The muscular jock tries to hold back, but it seems like Adam has squeezed most of the force out of his strapping muscles. Rex quickly swims away with his prize.

Adam on the other hand isn’t quite finished with the poor Adonis. His teenage cock has eventually grown to its fullest size, as he's got the muscular stud in front of him completely by his mercy. Adams virile member is poking against Zach’s rock-hard thighs, and the young brat is clearly enjoying his show of dominance.

As he sees Rex emerging from the water with Zach’s trunks in his hand, he knows that his work is done. The teenager’s clenched fingers have slowly drained Zach of all his mighty strength, and the college-aged jock has given up resisting long ago.

"That's a good boy," Adam whispers seductively into Zach’s ear, giving his fat nuggets a final squeeze before letting go.

Leaving the agonized stud in the pool, Adam joins his friends by the poolside.

"Looks like someone's enjoying themselves," Rex remarks, pointing at Adams' rigid member.

"Wouldn’t you be?” Adam questions before continuing on with, “His balls are fucking massive. I've never felt anything like that before. And so soft as well, it felt like they were made to be inside my hands. Once I got my fingers around them, there was nothing he could do. All those strapping muscles, and a couple of squeezes made him my bitch,” Adam explains slightly awe-struck by the experience.

"You should have seen the look in his eyes when you grabbed him," Max laughs, mimicking the jock's shocked expression, evoking laughter from the rest.

Eventually Zach recovers from the sneak attack. Luckily the cold pool water has a soothing effect on his tormented assets, and soon enough he’s ready to join up with the other boys.

The young, handsome college boy doesn't even try to cover himself as he climbs up the pool ladder, his heavy pendulum in full swing. His sun-bleached blond hair is still dripping with water, and drops are dripping from his nipples running down his washboard abs.

Standing at the edge of the pool in only his birthday suit, every part of Zach's muscular body is on full display. But everyone’s eyes are solely focusing in on one part of his impressive anatomy.

The college boy could have been a living example of the statue of an ancient Greek god, if it wasn’t for the assets hanging between his muscular thighs. Instead of the modest genitalia often displayed on the ancient statues, Zach sported an overly proportioned behemoth cock, and a heavy pair of bull balls hanging low underneath.

“What's happened to your trunks bro?” Logan chuckles from the pool, breaking the silence from the awestruck spectators. Even Chase has to admire the perfect specimen, and his eyes linger on Zach’s unhuman like assets. “He’s always been a show-off,” the high school wrestler continues, shaking his head.

“Ask those little brats,” Zach answers with a cheapish smile, pointing at Adam and the twins. “They're not as innocent as they seem. I think I've got young Adam’s fingerprints all over my big boys,” Zach jokingly adds, inspecting his heavy nutsac to the boys' giggling amusement.

“I’m sure I missed a spot or two… I can finish what I started on your big boys if you want me to, and fully cover them with my marks,” Adam responds playfully, the desire in his eyes plain to see.

Zach chuckles. “Sorry bud, I have a girl coming over tonight, I think I’ll spare my boys… I’ve been saving up for a week,” Zach explains coyly, giving Adam a playful wink.

“You haven’t touched your monster for a whole week?” Adam looked astonished; “Well, that explains a thing or TWO,” the young teenager remarks.

“You know, Zach here doesn’t like jerking off” Logan explains, amused by Adam’s expression of shock.

“It really isn’t same though, is it?” Zach shrugs his shoulders, seemly unaware of the lack of experience of some of the young teenagers.

“You’ve had your fun, now give me my trunks back,” the frat boy demands, as he turns his attention over to Rex.

The young teenager’s fun isn't over quite yet though, and Rex boldly states: “If you want these trunks back,” he holds up his prize insultingly, “You will have to fight me to get them.”

The challenge is clear, but Zach belly laughs at the challenge. “Are you for real?” Zach grins, slapping his thigh. The movement of his body makes his massive love spuds swing from one thigh to the other, but the muscular jock doesn’t seem to mind.

“Did I stutter?” Rex retorts.

Zach’s grin does not falter as he responds, “Your funeral, dude.” With a glint of mirth in his eyes, Zach continues: "You’re going down.”

The combatants agree on a three falls wrestling match, whoever wins three pins or three tap outs wins.

“That sounds fair to me,” Logan explains. “And for our referee I say we pick Jayden, he’s easily the nicest out of all of us, and will be the most impartial as well.”

Both Zach and Rex agree to this, and Logan says that he has some of his clothes here including some singlets.

“Sounds awesome, I always wanted to wear a red Bartlet singlet,” Zach says joyfully as he follows Logan, his ample genitalia still swinging in the breeze as they head upstairs.

“And Rex, I brought the extras with me to wash, and I think I have one that would fit you too,” Logan explains.

“Really?” Rex asks, following him with interest.

“Yeah. We always like to keep on hand some extras. It’s part of the routine that we wash them each week. I’ve been kind of spoiled because Chase’s housekeepers wash them freshly for me, so I don’t have to,” Logan explains heading back to Chase’s house.

The rest of the boys elect to stay by the pool, but Logan asks Jayden to come along because he has a referee shirt for him to wear.

“Do I gotta wear a shirt? It’s gorgeous out!” Jayden complains loudly, following him anyways.

Chase gets an idea and hurries to follow his boyfriend, “How about instead we paint your chest white and black stripes?”

“Won’t that get all over your pool?” Jayden warns.

“Hmm, a tank top?”

“Better idea, and we can make it ribbed so the side holes are cut all the way down!”

“Perfect!” Chase says.

Upstairs everyone heads to a bedroom to change, Logan follows Rex as he figures he might need the most help getting changed.

“These things are complicated,” Rex complains holding up the singlet upside down.

Trying not to laugh Logan says, “Not really bud, here step out of those Speedos, and I will help you to climb into this.”

Rex hesitates, thumbs tucked into the sides of his Speedos. “Promise not to laugh?”

“I’ve seen it all,” Logan explains. “I’ve even seen a guy with one nut, and a guy with three.”

“Weird!” Rex laughs nervously, as Logan successfully puts him at ease.

Rex steps forward, handing Logan the red Bartlet singlet. Grabbing his speedos he yanks them down without preamble, his tiny cock and balls now in full view. Logan takes a look, and sees that he is indeed on the small side. Rex looks to be about three inches, but Logan does not even bother trying to figure it out. Rex’s scrotum is so small that it appears to be the size of a walnut, with what must be two very tiny testicles housed within. Logan decides not to comment as he holds the singlet open so that Rex can step inside, not sure how best to not offend the lad.

Rex grabs onto Logan’s forearms and slowly lowers his feet into the holes, and after his legs are in the right place, he slowly pulls up the tight form fitting red materials over his groin. Rex enjoys the silky feeling of the material against his boyhood, and rubs it once liking how smooth it feels and how easily his small bulge rolls underneath. “It feels good,” Rex says.

“I agree with you,” Logan says grabbing the shoulder straps and helping to put those in place. “I enjoy free balling too in my singlet.”

“Hey Logan, can I ask you for one more favor,” Rex says smiling, a mischief look appearing in his eyes.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“I think I know what accessory would go perfect with this. I just wonder if you happen to have it in my size…”


Coming back outside, Jayden watches Rex with interest. Jayden stares appreciatively at Rex’s growing muscles and thin sinewy shoulders, his muscles just coming in there. Rex’s clear six pack curves down each abs in the center of his abdomen, but what surprises Jayden the most is the flat surface covering his groin. If Jayden did not know any better he thinks that Rex is wearing a…

“Hey Chase,” Jayden whispers. “I think Rex is wearing a cup.”

“Agreed, I hope that it helps against Zach. Zach already has the upper hand. Hopefully this gives Rex some leverage to not get massacred,” Chase says wishfully.

Zach comes out next and he finds Jayden. The big combatant stares at the white and black ribbed tank top ribbed across Jayden’s chest. “Looks messy, ref.”

“It tickled when Chase cut the holes in it.”

“I did that on purpose,” Chase explains. “It’s amazing how you can tease a nipple with a little bit of pressure,” Chase grins his hand sliding in between one of the openings along Jayden’s side and sliding his hand over Jayden’s pecs pawing at his nipples.

Jayden rolls his eyes, but his darkening cheeks give him away that maybe he was more than ‘teased.’

It took some real effort before Zach was able to force himself inside the largest singlet that Logan had, the thin fabric giving the expression “second skin” a whole new meaning …

The singlet is obviously several sizes too small, with every strapping muscle on full display. Additionally, it seems like the stud has placed a huge salami sausage down one leg and two overripe beef tomatoes down the other leg of the thin fabric, which is barely able to cover its contents.

Zach raises an eyebrow as he watches Rex, the young swimmer fiddling with the protective cup inside his singlet, making sure that it is still in the right position.

The college jock quickly finds his swagger back though. “Luckily don’t have to fear breaking his little peanuts,” he mutters to Logan. “That was nice of you to give him a cup.”

“It’s a few sizes too big. I don’t have one his size…it might slip off,” Logan says with worry. “That would be painful. And…slightly comical.” Logan chuckles, enjoying the images playing in his brain.

Rex overhears Zach calling his testicles peanuts again, but this time he manages to keep his cool.

He licks his lips as he looks straight at the two hefty tomatoes hanging down the leg of Zach’s skimpy singlet.

The young swimmer retorts quickly, facing the Adonis: “How are they hanging, big boy?”  

Zach is surprised by his small opponent’s confident demeanor, and before he gets a chance to reply, Rex answers himself: “Stupid question, I can see EXACTLY how they're hanging,”

“I bet Logan couldn’t find a cup that managed to fit your monstrous dinosaur balls” Rex jokes, “That seems a bit inconvenient, don’t you think?”
Looking straight into his older muscular opponents’ eyes with a mischievous grin, Rex reaches his hands out, palms open. The young swimmer proceeds to slowly close his fingers around two imaginary, significant oval-shaped objects. The skin around Rex’s knuckles turns completely white, as he squeezes the imaginary objects with all his might.

Rex's mind games obviously affect his older and considerably bigger opponent. Zach gulps as he unconsciously cups the mini basketballs inside his singlet protectively. A stroke of concern flashes through his handsome eyes, the sudden realization of his vulnerability taking its toll.

Acting as Zach’s counsellor, Logan sees the need for a pep-talk before the wrestling match is about to start.

Logan directs Zach’s pride, and asks him “Are you really afraid of losing to a little brat of a teenager?” He quickly reminds him: “You are twice as big and at least thrice as strong. This will be over in five minutes.”

This seem to be all Zach needed. The muscular jock quickly retrieves his swagger, and he walks confidently over to the wrestling mats Chase has placed out in the garden, as Jayden calls for the combatants to come forward.

Before the signal, Jayden looks suspiciously at Zach’s much too small singlet. Jayden reaches his hand out, and grabs onto the anaconda that’s hidden inside the one leg.

Zach raises an eyebrow; “Woah, why are you grabbing my dick dude?”

Jayden tries to keep a straight face as he answers: “I have to check, it looked like you were hiding some sort of weapon down there,”

“Security first!” Jayden continues, as he proceeds to grab the twin bulges down the other leg of the singlet. Jayden breaks a smile, as he rolls Zach’s family jewels between his fingers.

“Careful dude,” Zach warns “My boys have been through a lot already today.”

After a tentative squeeze, Jayden seems satisfied with his security measures. “That will do. Get ready to start wrestlers.”

Jayden blows his referee’s whistle, and the match commences.

Rex should obviously cause no problems for his muscular opponent on the wrestling mats, and this fully shows in the first round…

As soon as Jayden signals the start Zach charges forward, hitting Rex like a freight train and dropping him onto the mat in one hit. Zach completely dominates his smaller opponent once on the ground, and quickly pins him down after, by pressing the swimmer’s thin shoulders down.

Before Rex even knew what hit him, he is sprawled out on the ground starring up at the sun. Zach’s chest is pressing his own into the ground and he grins down at him.

In addition to his opponent’s muscular pectorals pressing down his chest, Rex can feel the frat boy’s heavy pouch resting comfortably on his thighs beside his cup, which covers his own unimpressive genitals.

“You should just give up now, you aren’t a match for me.” Zach whispers, enjoying the degrading position for a moment. Rex only manages a weak groan, before his opponents stands up feeling victorious.
During the break, Rex openly expresses his concern to his friends: “This plan isn't working, he's so fucking huge! How could I possibly hope to pin that massive mass of muscles down?"

Placing his hand on his brother’s shoulder, Max tries to encourage his twin: “What happened to the bad ass ballbusting-bully I used to know? Whose kick was it that sent big Zach crying to the ground the last time you two met? Those dinosaur balls of his are just as responsive to pain as our boy nuts are. And you couldn't possibly miss such a huge target... One little flick to those bruised baby makers and I promise you our big friend will go down hard!” Max says ending his empowering speech by pounding his fist in hand.

Zach on the other side, is beaming with self-confidence. “What the hell were you worried about?” Logan chuckles, as he playfully sends the back of his hand crashing into the prominent bulge inside Zach’s singlet.

“Oooow, what the fuck dude,” Zach cries out indignantly as he bends over, carefully caressing the core of his masculinity.

“You know how fucking bruised my boys are,” Zach continues, and he sends a powerful uppercut between Logan’s thighs, hitting Logan so hard that the blonde drops to his knees, his balls still swinging back and forth before he can get to them. Both studs now finding themselves groaning in pain.

“I guess I deserved that one,” Logan whispers, climbing back up to standing, but quickly bending over as Jayden signals for the next round to start.

Logan holding up his finger to indicate that they need two minutes.

“I’ll be fine,” Zach says as walks over to the mats confidently, though with a considerable limp.

As he hobbles back onto the mats, his big pendulum swings obscenely with each step.

To Zach’s surprise his smaller opponent is already standing at the ready, with new-found commitment in his amber eyes.

As round two commences, Zach is clearly slowed down by the fresh pain in his gonads. He struggles to get a good hold on his small opponent, and Rex’s quick movements makes the young swimmer able to slip free from Zach's offensive.

Lithe on his feet, Rex dashes left and right and swings a low kick aiming for Zach’s big double targets. Zach manages to evade by hitting the foot down, but Rex follows up with a fist that he swings into Zach’s stomach. Zach is not even winded though, and careens forward to grab ahold of Rex. Rex leaps aside and tries to take out Zach’s legs with a leg sweep. It almost works, but Zach keeps steady and stays upright.

Eventually the stud's overwhelming strength prevails, and when Rex comes in to attack again, he gets his smaller opponent into a headlock. Rex’s whole chest is surrounded by Zach’s arms as he pulls him up into the headlock forcing the young swimmer to leave the mat behind, yanking him into the air. Rex feels as if he is a little kid at the moment as Zach, so much more powerfully built swings him side to side, trying to steal all his air away with a vice like grip on his windpipe.

Growing more and more desperate to get out, Rex starts swinging his arms around wildly hoping to get in some sort of hit. The young swimmer hits the Adonis in his washboard abs and rock-hard thighs, frantically trying to get out of the hold.

Amused by Rex’s failing attempts, Zach starts mocking him: “How do you plan getting out of...”

Zach stops mid-sentence, as Rex's fist sinks into the soft mound between the stud’s legs.

The frat boy completely freezes, allowing his smaller opponent to slam his knuckles into his rapidly swelling testicles a couple times more, softening up his bulging big balls.

"You were saying?" Rex asks his opponent with a smirk, as the muscular jock let’s go unable to keep the chokehold up. Rex drops down on his feet, breathing in some long-awaited air.

Zach on the other hand buries his hands between his thighs, as he slowly sinks down to his knees. The multiple attacks on his crown jewels have already exposed him to a lot of nauseating pain, and the all-too-familiar agony again starts to spread out across his big body.

Eventually the agonizing pain overwhelms the young Adonis, and Zach drops to the mat curling into a ball. As Jayden starts counting him out, the muscular jock starts complaining: “That little dude destroyed my fucking nuts!”
“Sorry, I didn't see any irregularities. If you can't handle a little ‘accidental’ tap, you should have brought your cup with you!” Jayden answers, doing his best to hide his smile.

Zach can’t manage to get back up, as he’s too busy nursing his hurting danglers. The round ends; 1-1, the second round going to Rex.

After Jayden signals the result, Rex crouches down beside his big opponent. “What’s the problem, big boy? It was just a little slap... If this is all your mighty glass balls can take, I think I’ll enjoy the rest of this match!” the young swimmer sniggers down at his opponent, before he walks away leaving the hurting jock to himself.

Zach uses the break to painfully try to get back on his feet. It takes Zach a few tries but he stumbles upright, the pain shooting throughout his stomach, giving him a cramping feeling in his guts, while his sore testicles throb. He’s still bent over at the waist clutching himself and feeling stupid. ‘How could I have let this have happened?’ he thinks, cradling his tenderized testes.

Rex on the other hand can't wait to keep going.

As soon as Zach stumbles to his feet, Jayden signals for the start of round three.

Zach gives him a futile look, but Jayden only smiles. “We don’t have all day, unless you want to give up completely and let Rex keep those swim trunks of yours?”

“No,” Zach groans, his voice sounding more like a frog.

Rex tries to take advantage of the situation, as he rams into his opponent in a full body tackle. The young swimmer meets a brick wall of muscles though, and ricochets straight to the ground knocking his air out in one puff. Rex shakes his head, not sure what hit him.


This gives Zach some time to recover, and he takes full opportunity of it, rubbing his big sore balls that continue to pulsate and throb underneath as he gentle caresses his ample boys.

Zach has the deep ache feeling now instead of the intense sharpness it was moments before, and he knows from being hit enough times that this could last him awhile longer.

Rex does not give him that time to recover though, and soon enough the swimmer goes on the offensive again. Realizing how irrational his last attack was, the young swimmer this time goes lower, grabbing hold of one of Zach’s muscular legs. With a sharp pull the Adonis loses his balance, but as he falls backwards he brings his smaller opponent unwillingly with him.

To protect himself Zach instinctively raises his knee, stopping Rex' fall mid-air with a loud ‘thud!’ putting that cup to the ultimate test.  Zach’s knee is planted between the young teenagers legs, but luckily for Rex the protective cup absorbs most of the blow. Otherwise he is sure that the move would have crippled him instantly.

Rex’s own knee get a more comfortable impact though, as it lands onto a considerable squishy mound that softens the landing. Relieved that his “peanuts” remains fairly unhurt because of the protective cup, the young swimmer looks down to see what softened his own landing.

Beneath the young swimmer lays the muscular frat boy sprawled on his back. To Rex's utter delight he sees horror in his opponent’s eyes as he looks down at the face beneath him. Further down, the point of Rex’s knee is piercing the Adonis’ bulging nutsac, flattening it to the ground underneath. The thin fabric of the jock’s singlet had offered no protection, as Rex's bony kneecap came crashing down with gravity, conveniently on his side, straight into Zach's fruit basket.

Pain explodes inside Zach's family jewels, as Rex's knee pins them to the mats. The intensity of the pain is too much for the Adonis, his eyes cross and his mouth opens in a silent scream.

Once again it looks like big Zach is out for the count. Jayden takes the opportunity and counts the 20-year-old out quickly with glee, ecstatic that the match is going so well in Rex’s favor.

Rex withdraws his knee and stands up, placing his foot victoriously on his opponent’s chest as a signal of complete dominance. “Beat yeah! One more fall and I keep those Speedo’s as a souvenir of my victory forever!”

Jayden can't help feeling a bit sorry for the agonized jock on the mat though, and he announces a 15 minutes injury break.

Being no stranger to aching testicles, Logan asks Chase for a bag of ice to help relieve some of Zach’s intense ball-ache.

After receiving the ice bag, Logan walks over to check in on his friend. The young Adonis has shifted to his side with both hands buried deep inside his wrestling singlet, carefully nursing his battered twin orbs.

“How are you, big boy?” Logan asks in a friendly tone, rubbing his friend's stomach.

“That little fucker did a number on my nuts, bro. Look how fucking swollen they are!” Zach complains, while carefully leading his massive nutsac trough the leg opening of his singlet.

Zach's testicles are quickly reddening, and look like two overly ripe blood oranges. Logan can't help but wince at the sight, feeling his friends throbbing pain in his own gonads.

Logan gives Zach the bag of ice, allowing the frat boy to ease his agony. “Just let the ice do its magic, and in a number of minutes you'll be good to go. As long as you keep your ridiculously huge nuts out of that brat’s reach, there's absolutely no chance he takes you down. Don't be such a fucking pussy, and pull yourself together!” Logan chastises him.

Logan still can’t believe that Zach didn’t flatten Rex already, even though the young teen is wearing a cup. Zach is six years older than him, three times his weight class, and so much more seasoned in wrestling. This should have been an easy win. Not the struggle fest that this match turned out to be.

Logan's words seem to inspire Zach, and when the injury break is over the frat boy is seemingly ready for the next round.

The young teenagers are amazed when they see Zach returning to the mats, and Adam whispers in admiration: “How the fuck did he survive that knee?”

Max says, “No idea. But if Rex did not have that cup in place he would have lost for sure. He may have a slight advantage, and he used it to the fullest in the last round!”

Chase puts an arm on both of their shoulders, “Rex might just pulls this off. Unbelievable.”

Rex is surprised by the look of pure determination in his opponent’s eyes, as Zach glares at him across the mat. The young swimmer gulps realizing that this match is far from over, and that this may not be as easy as he thought just a couple of minutes before.

As Jayden signals for the start of the next round, Zach keeps his guard down from the beginning. Rex tries a surprise snap-kick to the stud’s groin, to quickly finish him off. Zach is cautious of the attack though, and he catches his foot mid-air and pushes his smaller opponent to the ground.

With one hand guarding his vulnerable assets, Zach one-handedly manages to pin his opponent to the ground quite easily. Rex tries desperately to free himself from the pin, but with the jocks only weakness out of harm's way, the brutal difference in strength between the combatants is simply too much for the young swimmer.

“Don’t get any funny ideas kid, playtime is over,” the muscular jock chuckles down at the small combatant underneath him.

The young swimmer is unable to get out of the pin, and with despair in his eyes he looks into Zach’s handsomely grinning expression. The muscular jock is still protecting his fragile gonads with his one free hand, and Rex hopelessly thinks to himself: “This guy will not give me another opening in this match…

The fourth round ends convincingly for the 20-year-old frat boy. The score is now 2-2, and the two wrestlers find themselves down to sudden death…

Knowing what's on the line, both wrestlers have a careful approach going into the final and deciding round. Rex knows that he can't make any rash mistakes like he did in the previous rounds; he'll have to wait for an opening.

Zach on the other hand knows that as long as he keeps his mini basketballs out of his opponents reach, the final round will be a ‘walk in the park’. The young Adonis flexes his impressive muscles cockily as he looks over to his smaller opponent, kissing his huge flexing biceps in the process.

Despite the impressive show of masculinity that is being displayed in front of him, Rex only has eyes for the even more impressive lump between Zach’s muscular thighs. The frat boy’s singlet has gotten soaked in the warm weather, and the thin material is clinging even more tightly to the considerable contents within.

Zach is clearly enjoying the attention his god-like body is receiving from the onlooking crowd, and it appears that the rest of his anatomy is in on the excitement as well. The jock’s behemoth cock seems to have grown even bigger, and every vein on the monster sausage is visible through the Lycra fabric.

Adam is astonished by the sight they’re beholding, and he lets out: “Imagine being fucked by that… Those girls must have trouble walking for days!”

Logan chuckles at the young teenager’s astonishment, while Chase on the other hand is visibly annoyed at his friend’s admiration: “He’s a fucking freak, no one would want to be that big!”

Back on the mats the two combatants carefully circle each other, eyeing the other suspiciously.

With no one taking the initiative, Rex tries to get into his rival's head: “How's the bruising, big boy? I thought those dinosaur balls of yours couldn't get any bigger, but it looks like they're about to burst through the fabric… Why don’t you give them some fresh air? They’re about to tumble out any second now anyways,” the young swimmer grins at his opponent.

Zach has obviously retained his confidence after last round's dominant display, and he answers confidently: “With those little peanuts between your legs, I understand why you envy my big balls! Don't get any ideas though, I have a date tonight, so I won't let you near my boys again...”

With a wink and a cocky grin Zach playfully grabs his package, highlighting the immense size of its contents.

It appears that the 20-year-old jock hit a sore point, and the rage in Rex’s eyes is plainly evident to see. “Stop calling them peanuts!” the young swimmer angrily shouts, as he throws himself at his opponent.

The combatants lock their arms together, legs spread wide for balance. Despite his superior strength Zach realizes the immediate danger he’s in, with his legs spread apart and no control over his opponent’s legs. The frat boy doubts that he can handle another full force hit to his bloated baby makers, and he knows that Rex won’t hesitate to capitalize on such a vulnerable position.

Zach reacts quickly, tripping the swimmer’s legs sending young Rex falling to the ground.

With Rex lying winded on his back, Zach quickly manages to get control of his opponent’s hands. In a rather unconventional hold, Zach pins the young swimmer’s hands to the ground by placing his knees on top of them. The Adonis ends up with his upper body facing his Rex’s face, leaving both Rex's hands and legs unable to intervene in the combat.

With both of his hands free, the muscular jock could easily pin his opponent’s shoulders to the ground for a final pin, but Zach seems to be in no rush in ending the match quite yet…

“I'll have to admit, you put up a good fight kid. But if it weren't for those cheap shots, I would have finished you a long time ago, and we both know it!” the muscular stud taunts, tapping Rex’s face with an open palm, the young swimmer unable to stop him.

With a defeated expression, Rex almost starts weeping “Please Zach, you're really hurting my hands. Please let me go!”

The 20-year-old jock is sporting a victorious grin, as he answers: “If you want the match to end, you're free to tap out! Otherwise, I’m happy to enjoy this moment a little while longer”

“How the fuck am I meant to tap out with your knees pinning my arms to the ground, doofus? Just please let my hands go, and I will end the match” Rex answers pleadingly.

“Not yet, I think I deserve to have some fun myself! You seemed to enjoy busting my boys, now let’s see how much you enjoy getting your own peanuts busted…” Zach says cheerfully.

“Huh?” Rex answer, his eyes widening as Zach places one hand on his quickly rising and falling chest, slowly inching his fingers downwards. The college boy glides his hand down towards Rex’s groin, the smooth material acting as a slide. The young swimmer sucks in his belly, but the move does not prevent Zach from reaching his cup …

“So, this is how you thought you’d win?” Zach shakes his head and gently lifts the cup up and away from Rex’s privates. A small, suctioned gasp is heard when the cup is pulled away from the swimmer’s skin, fully exposing him.

Rex finds himself fully vulnerable to a solid hit for the first time, as Zach slides the cup away and pushes it down the leg of his thigh. The cup pops out the leg of the singlet hole, falling to the mat and spinning on the ground, the stark whiteness of Rex’s protection shinning in the warm bright sunlight.

“You won’t be needing that anymore,” Zach smiles.

Rex gulps sensing the danger that he is now in, his whole body trembles in anticipation.

“Now the big question is, can I find some peanuts if I go hunting for them?” Zach says, enjoying the situation as he reaches towards Rex’s navel pushing in his belly button.

“I’ll use this as a guide and go slowly straight down so I won’t miss the important stuff.” Zach explains, sliding his invading fingers down using swooping widespread searching strokes.

Rex gulps when Zach comes into contact with something. “What’s this?” he asks grabbing onto the small pecker. “Hmm, not quite what I am looking for… It will get out of my way if I give it a few tugs, I think.” And he does, tugging Rex’s penis up and away, the small tube slowly extending as Zach toys with his dong.

“With that out of the way,” Zach explains dropping Rex’s penis, but it stands like a small tent poking out instead. One could hardly believe that was all the height a fourteen year old could make, but that is as far as it goes barely extending outwards.

“Now to finish this,” Zach reaches his fingers down and grabs ahold of the two smallest testes that he has ever held. He’s not even sure if his own were ever this small when he was born.

“You know, I know that I called them peanuts before. But I don’t think that was completely accurate. These are more like,” Zach stops to think rolling Rex’s tender small testicles in his surprisingly large empty ballsac much to the discomfort of the boy below him. “Jelly beans. Two tiny jelly beans.”

Rex’s humiliation could not get any worse, and he looks around at his friends as they try to hide their sorrowful pitiful glances from him. “Okay, you made your point.” Rex says. “Now end the match, please!”

“Not yet,” Zach says with a mischievous grin, his hand fondling Rex’s tiny bird eggs. “I have to do this, first!”

Zach separates each jelly bean, and with two fingers, he digs his thumbs into the center of Rex’s nuts. The young teenager’s amber eyes widen, and he lets of a small breath and whimpers “Oh, no!”

Zach slowly increases his finger grip using the rest of his fingers to hold the balls in place so that his thumbs flatten the two tiny orbs. Rex’s nuts squish down quickly because of their size and the raw power in Zach’s thumbs. Zach watches with amusement as what little nut meat that Rex has compresses around his invading thumbs, the testes giving way.

“My balls!” Rex cries out, his body arching up off the mat. The curve of his back is bowing at an uncomfortable angle and his hips are pressing into the air, which only highlights Rex’s unimpressive bulge.

Rex is in a world of excruciating pain. He’s received his own share of hits to his peanuts from before, but never has he experienced such an intense pain as he’s in right now. This is the first time someone has squeezed the contents of his underwhelming nutsac with such intensity, and Zach doesn’t seem to hold back on the poor boy’s jewels.

Jayden covers his eyes, not wanting to watch anymore and Max cringes behind him feeling a ghost pain in his own loins. Adam shakes his head, “Damn, he was so close to winning too”

Chase’s balls his fists in hands, wanting to jump in and teach Zach a lesson. He knows that would only make Rex’s loss worse, though.

Amused by the situation, Zach turns to the onlooking crowd of disappointed boys: “What do you boys say, should I let him go? Has he had enough of his own medicine?”

Max is the only one to answer: “You've proven your point! Let Rex go and end this match once and for all!”

Zach turns back to his opponents pleading eyes. “It seems like your friends have given up all hope... Go on then,” the jock cockily urges as he raises his knees, freeing Rex's hands from the ground.

The swimmer’s hands immediately move to his groin, but Zach squeezes his tiny testicles in warning.

“Consider this an insurance policy, in case you get any funny ideas… Now tap out!” Zach demands, crushing Rex’s balls so flat that his thumbs press all the way down to his forefingers below.

Rex’s eyes turn to saucers and he cries out gasping. Zach let’s up a bit watching Rex gasp great lungsful of air, holding his midsection whimpering “my balls”.

Tears are forming in the ember eyes of the young swimmer, and Zach suddenly feels a bit sorry for his small opponent. Even though Zach feels that Rex deserved what was coming for him, he was just trying to make a point. The young Adonis is unsure if he went a little too far, though.

Zach eases up his grip again, so that the youngster can tap out.

But to Zach's surprise his opponents pleading expression changes to a determined, agonized grin among all the pain. Rex is no longer overwhelmed by the excruciating pain inside his small nuts, and he realizes that this is his final opening.

"What's up with the sudden smile, pea...?” Zach stops mid-sentence, as he suddenly feels something reach inside the leg opening of his wrestling singlet.

"Luckily for me, it seems like your balls are bigger than your brain, big boy," Rex mocks his muscular opponent, as his fingers wrap around the core of Zach's masculinity.

Both balls are too large to fit in his small hand, so Rex grabs onto the jock’s gargantuan left ball and uses his other hand to grab its twin.

With Rex' hands trapped inside the leg opening of his singlet, there's no way for the young Adonis to defend his vulnerable nutsac. Zach still has a handhold on both of Rex’s balls though, and he lays into them.

The jock lets out a gulp, as the pressure on both his ample gonads increases in response. The well-known nauseating feeling is spreading to his stomach, and in disbelief of the sudden turn of events he turns to Jayden:

"He can't do this, he's squeezing my nuuuts!" Zach's complains ends in a feminine squeal, as Rex gives his nutsac a twist.

Jayden crouches down and looks at Rex' hands disappearing inside the jocks singlet.

"I'm sorry dude, but it looks like both of you are doing something inside of each other’s singlets. I just can’t tell what that is. It’s really impossible for me to see what's happening inside your clothing, so I am going to let the match continue!" Jayden says brightly, unable to suppress a giggle.

Rex’s hands are clearly firmly clenched and visible through the thin fabric around Zach’s balls, and Zach’s hand are easily identified crushing two tiny grapes. Jayden choose to ignore both.

The muscular frat boy is in a world of pain, and after another vicious twist of his ball bag he pleads the young swimmer to “Let go of my nuts”

“Let go of mine!” Rex fires back, agony still ripping through his small frame.

Neither boy seems to be giving the other any ground, but finally full of desperation Zach drops Rex’s nuts.

Rex grins, thinking that he must have won. That’s when he sees Zach hammer a blow straight into his groin, nailing both the two small targets unable to escape as Zach’s fist connect and flattens his peanuts to his pelvis.

Rex gasps and tightens his strangle hold hoping that it will be enough, but everything below his own waist feels like it might be paste.

Zach is groaning, his eyes swimming with pain as he rears back and slams a second fist into Rex’s balls. The young swimmer gasps, momentarily letting go of his opponent’s balls. The muscular jock disentangles himself pulling away from Rex, and the two curl into fetal positions nursing their aching privates.

Rex finally gets to grab his nuts as he gently probes them, making sure that they are still solid and not mush. The young teen breathes a sigh of relief, but his own probing fingers sends a few more volleys of shooting pain throughout his whole groin, and he can’t imagine trying to finish the match.

Meanwhile, Zach is in much the same debilitating position. Zach clutches his big bloated balls, rolling and easing his nuts. He can’t believe that he was stupid enough to give Rex an opportunity to tap out, and he still tried to fight him. The little runt must be finished…

Zach waits another few minutes, gathering his strength before he climbs back up. He’s sweating now and yanks the singlet down to his waist, needing some space as he shuffles carefully forward, his chest gleaming with sweat in the sunlight. Zach’s careful movements prevent his balls to hit his thighs or themselves, otherwise he is pretty sure that he would be back on the mat.

When Zach gets to Rex, he knows how he wants to end the match. The Adonis reaches down and grabs the young swimmers hair, and drags him to his feet.

Rex yelps, grabbing Zach’s arms and staggering upright.

“This ends now,” Zach growls, no more laughter within him.

Rex aims a weak kick, but Zach knocks it aside and rears back his own kick aiming for that still tented spot in the middle and slams his foot home.

Rex watches in fear as Zach’s powerful front kick hits him so hard he leaves the mat and is airborne, the jock still kicking up. The young teen cries out, “My nuuuuuuuuuuts!”

The powerful kick affects the muscular jock’s singlet as well. The thin material is already stretched to its absolute maximum, and the sudden forceful movement is too much as Zach’s mini bowling balls tumbles out through the leg opening, finally relieved from their tight captivity.

Zach’s naked bull balls swings invitingly between his thighs, hanging extra low in the warm summer air. The jock doesn’t seem to care though, as he watches the agony ripping his opponent apart.

Dropping to his knees, Rex grabs his stinging balls as they seem to explode again and again, like a fourth of July parade fireworks display. His jaw drops open while his eyes glaze over, as his bottom lip trembles. Nothing in his young life has ever prepared him for such a world ending kick.

“Give up now, you are done!” Zach grins true his own pain, starring down at Rex. The young lad holds his privates, rubbing the two tiny orbs through his singlet wishing that he had managed to keep that cup in place.

Rex closes his eyes grimacing, his nuts pulsating so violently in his ballsac that it causes his stomach to roll, and he thinks that he might be sick.

“Please submit,” Zach demands, “or I will bust you again.”

Zach makes good on his word, grabbing Rex’s wrists and pulling them up towards his waist, and kicks Rex’s thighs apart. Zach places his big toe on Rex’s walnut sac and rubs the orbs he finds within sending a shiver down the back of Rex’s spine. The young swimmer glares up at Zach from his prone position on his knees.

“I don’t want to neuter you kid,” some of the lost jovialness comes back in his voice as his big toes flicks Rex’s nuts. “But if you need me too, I can bust you a few more times.”

“No,” Rex shakes his head. “I can’t take another hit.” His head sags and he stares down at Zach’s big toe, which slides around his sac feeling the wrinkles there and then snakes up Rex’s thin schlong rubbing the small wet spot making him shudder.

“No, you can’t.” Zach agrees inching his big toe back down along Rex’s shaft until it rests on top of Rex’s scrotum, digging in slightly. “Now, please submit.”

Everything in Rex wants to do just that. Rex’s balls are in pain, his dick is leaking, and he is thoroughly beaten at his own game. But somehow, he is not done yet; he is not ready to give in.

Rex grits his teeth and tries to manage his pain, as he lifts his eyes from Zach’s teasing big toe. Looking straight ahead, the young swimmers realizes that his head is in height with his opponent’s groin. Between the muscular thighs of the Adonis, Rex’s eyes linger on the biggest set of testicles he is sure he’s ever going to see, hanging invitingly in the open air.

With his hands pinned over his head and his knees planted to the ground, Rex uses the only weapon he has left. The young swimmer arches his head back and slams his cranium in between Zach’s thighs, hitting his hard bony head into the muscular stud’s bulbous balls accurately managing to connect with both.

Zach freezes, the grin in place wavering as Rex’s forehead sinks in and he pulls up and back hitting him again. The muscular jock’s heavy pendulum swings between his muscular thighs, hitting his hard ass cheeks on the way up with a loud ‘smack’, before it comes falling back down between his legs.

On the second hit Zach drops Rex’s arms, and his fingers dance in the air not sure if he dares to touch himself. That moment of hesitation is all the young swimmer needs, and Rex grabs Zach’s big swinging balls, while his other hand protects his own just in case. The young teenager closes a fist around as much as he can, as he ends up crushing Zach’s huge left nut.

Rex gives a hard tug to his opponent’s massive nugget, dragging it down towards the ground.

“No,” Zach whimpers dropping to his knees. “Not lefty again!” he whines, the fight being zapped out in him with the increasing pressure on his gonad. With a sigh of relief, Rex can tell the match has made another shift, this time in his favor.

Zach grabs Rex’s shoulders giving them a shake, “My ball! Ohhh, he’s crushing my ball!’ the muscular stud calls out.

Zach feels some immediate relief as his opponent lets go. The relief is short-lived though, as Rex's fingers reapply a vice-like grip on his swollen let nut making sure that he has a proper hand hold before he uses his other hand, no longer feeling an immediate retribution, and grabs Zach’s other ball as well.

"Thanks for the reminder, can't let righty lose out on the action!" Rex answers as latches into the ample ball meat of his opponent’s right testicle, eliciting another high-pitched squeal from the stud.

“Oh god, let go of my boys” Zach pleads to his opponent, his handsome face turning into a mask of excruciating pain.

“I will never let go of your pathetic dinosaur balls,” Rex snickers at his opponent, clearly enjoying the unexpected turn of events.

The onlooking crowd of boys seem just as amazed by the unlikely development of the match.

The Cheshire grin is back on Chase’s face, and he turns to towards Logan: “Looks like Rex has your doofus friend ‘by the balls’, quite literally” he sniggers at the high school wrestler.

Logan shakes his head in disbelief; “He always leaves himself open, he never freaking learns…”

“He’s applying his ‘death claw’,” Max announces to the rest proudly, “No one has ever survived that move…” Max almost feel bad for the Adonis, being all-to-familiar with the effects of his twin brother’s hold.

In a final act of desperation, Zach reaches between the thighs of his smaller opponent. His hands grab onto the small bulge inside Rex’s singlet and squeezes the contents with all his might, eliciting a ‘yelp’ from his opponent.

Logan bumps Chase’s shoulder with his fists; “Well, it looks like my ‘doofus’ friend hasn’t given up just yet,” the 18-year-old high school wrestler smiles at the younger teenagers fading expression.

It’s a curious scene as the two combatants face each other on their knees, both trying to squeeze their opponent into submission. Rex has a solid hold on Zach’s naked man bag, while Zach’s tremendous muscles are flexing with all their might as the frat boy squeezes the young swimmer’s peanuts through his wrestling singlet.

“He’s so strong, there’s no way Rex can hold out for much longer…” Adam comments, his eyes fixating on the jock’s massive working biceps.

“I think you’re wrong,” Jayden answers his friend. The young referee has abandoned his duties, allowing the two combatants to finish the match on their own. “Look up, see their faces”

The former referee appears to have a point. While Rex is sporting an agonized, but determined grin, his bigger opponents’ tormented expression is turning increasingly bewildered.

“I suppose that freak has got a pair of weak balls” Chase chuckles, “not everyone can have tough big balls like me!”

His Cheshire grin is washed away though, as Logan sends the back of his hand crashing down directly hitting Chase’s ‘big balls’. “Tough balls, huh” the high school wrestler sniggers, taunting the cocky teenager.

Back on the mats, it becomes obvious that the scales are tipped in Rex’s favor. Despite of his tremendous strength, Zach doesn’t seem to get a good grip on the youngster’s nuts through the fabric of his wrestling singlet. Rex’s small nuts keeps slipping out of Zach’s hold, and he the jock doesn’t manage to apply solid pressure.

Rex on the other hand, has no problem keeping a tight lock on his opponents naked nutsac. Zach’s balls have gotten even bigger and more swollen from their latest attacks, and the ample ball meat fits perfectly inside Rex’s bony fingers.

“I suppose you were right, big boy; it appears that my size is benefitting me. In your case though…”

Zach’s face turns completely pale as his young opponent twists and pulls his bloated babymakers. The frat boy lets out a sickly moan as Rex further intensifies the pressure on his jewels, squeezing with all his strength. Zach’s ample ball meat is bulging out through the cracks between the youngster’s small fingers, desperately trying to escape its torment.

Suddenly, Zach’s agonized expression changes into a look of pure panic as Rex changes his tactics. The young brat’s skinny hands momentarily ease their pressure, before the young swimmer starts digging his fingernails into his opponent’s soft ball flesh.

“It’s been a while since I trimmed my fingernails. Who would’ve thought that might come in handy,” Rex giggles to himself, fully aware that he’s in control of the match now.

As Rex’s fingernails dig deeper into the source of Zach’s masculinity, the muscular jock’s eyes twitch and his mouth opens in a silent scream. Zach let go of his opponent’s small package, and his lower lip trembles with fear.

Desperately the Adonis tries to pry Rex’s bony fingers of his gargantuan nutsac, but his small tormentor has a vice-like grip on his assets. Zach grabs his big hands around his opponent’s wrists, trying to drag them of his genitals, but is only rewarded with another vicious twist.

The muscular jock gasps hoarsely, pleading to his opponent submittingly: “Please let go, I can’t take this anymore,” the Adonis’s eyes are watering.

Rex smiles cruelly and turns to the crowd, the group of boys clearly enjoying the amazing turn of events. "What do you guys think, should I let go of his pathetic dinosaur balls?"

His twin brother Max answers, excitedly: “Naaah, he can always tap out, and I don’t see his hand doing that.”

Rex turns back to the wounded jock at his mercy; “You heard my bro. Tap out, or these dinosaur balls will end up the same way as the prehistoric creatures of the past and become extinct.” Rex grins happily, enjoying his total control of the situation.

The young swimmer has squeezed all the strength out of his opponent’s incredibly built body, and Zach knows there’s no way back for him in this match. The 20-year-old stud slowly nods his head in submission; “Just please let go”.

Rex eases his grip mercifully, but still keeps a hold on his opponent’s jewels. “You think I envy your ridiculous glass balls?” the young brat taunts his opponent, rolling the heavy twin orbs between his slim fingers.

“All those stupid muscles, and you can’t take a little squeeze from a tiny little ‘kid’?” the young swimmer continues, mocking his opponent, tentatively reapplying pressure on the word ‘squeeze’.

“Now submit, big boy!” Rex ends demandingly, intensifying his pressure on Zach’s sorry man bag.

Moaning in desperation and with swimmers eyes on his handsome face, the jock sends his palm down onto the mat tapping feebly with sad determination. Rex lets out a childish cheer of jubilation, as the unthinkable victory is finally secured.

The young swimmer squeezes Zach’s balls hard one last time before letting them go, allowing the big frat boy to drop onto all fours on the mat, one hand reaching to fondle his tormented nuts.

“Hope you enjoy your date, big boy” Rex whispers as he crouches down next his beaten opponent. He playfully grabs the shaft of Zach’s behemoth dick through the Lycra fabric and gives it a couple of painful tugs and continues mockingly; “Though I bet this monster of yours will be shooting blanks for a while.”

Jayden’s smile is beaming as he strides over to the new-crowned champion. “Awesome job my friend, you’ll have to join Bartlet,” he says as he grabs onto Rex’s hand and lifts it up in victory.

Rex stares down at his beaten opponent, not hearing the others as they congratulate him on a spectacular finish. The young teen only has ears for the sounds of agony escaping from Zach’s throat, relishing his win. Rex is hoping that someday when he is older, he will be wearing Zach’s bathing suit trunks filling them out even better than Zach does…

Friday, August 13, 2021

You can't move (written by Dominik)

It's Friday the 13th - the perfect day for a little horror story. My friend Dominik wrote this wonderfully creepy tale. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Featured in this story: Kev (click for pictures)

An unnerving presence crept up Kev‘s neck and interrupted his peaceful sleep without him being able to tell what exactly had changed.

The young, handsome man was lying in bed in his small city apartment. He slept stark-naked, as he oftentimes did during the hot summer. He usually slept like a bear, with him generally falling asleep within minutes when he was watching TV in the evening and only waking up by the alarm sound of his phone. The only exceptions were when he either had a stressful day ahead of him because of an exam or the like, or when Logan, Zach or one of his other close friends had polished his balls the previous day, making him lie awake in testicular agony.

But this time, it was neither of those. It was Saturday night, so he didn’t have a reason to be stressed about the next day, and his big balls felt fine as ever. At most, his dick felt a little strange since he wanked off three times the previous day, but it wasn’t that.

He felt creeped out about something without knowing what it was.