Saturday, March 30, 2024

The Slammer: Food Fight written by Jimmy


The Slammer:

Food Fight


By Jimmy



By the time Jayden could get himself out of bed, dressed and ready for breakfast he feared that it might be over.


The noise that hit Jayden’s ears when he entered the large overwhelming. The hall was bigger than Jayden expected, and the sea of noise washed over him thick and steamy like pool on a hot day in late August. Jayden’s shirt issued jersey seemed to stick to his lower back immediately as the door closed behind him and his dark eyes searched the room as he took in the layout. It seemed like a standard cafeteria but much more chaotic and with more detention officers than lunch ladies.


Taking a big breath Jayden pushes his way forward, and going through the motion of getting the runny eggs, burnt toast, and juice before spotting his brother Gino and heading to his table. It’s just the two of them sitting at a four top and as soon as his ass hits the chair Gino is talking.


“Silas? You beat Silas? I heard the guys talking…is this for real?”


A small smile plays on Jayden’s lips, but he nods taking a bite of the crisp crunchy bread. “He never saw me coming, Gino.”


Gino pats his shoulder “I was supposed to be protecting you! Last time I let you shower alone here.”


Jayden snorts, and coughs up a bit of bread before he dry swallows. “My hero.”


“You can count on me!”

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Karate Class Workout written by Jimmy


Karate Class Workout


By Jimmy



Ballbusting Boys: Karate Class Self-Defense for Boys written by Jimmy

Chase is pulling into the parking lot grim faced, and dressed in his Gi, which he has not worn in months. Sam Hell convinced Chase to get some self-defense training which…did not go as expected. He stopped after one class, but Chase needs an avenue to let off some steam. Earlier he tried a workout, then a swim. Neither of those things brought him the relief that he needs. His lawyers are doing all that they can to get Gino and Jayden Gomez freedom as soon as possible, but Chase feels powerless and needs a space where he can get some control. Hence his visit to the dojo.

It’s late, and he drops in at a free sparing time.

The dojo is open for another hour and as he walks in he is handed a mask, “Tonight’s theme is anonymous sparing if you are interested.”

The female sensei bows to Chase, her gray hair pulled back in a tight bun, but Chase recognizes her all the same despite the mask that covers all of her face but her eyes and mouth.

“Thank you, Sensei” Chase says bowing back in return. He takes the blue one, his natural color which goes perfectly with his speedo underneath his Gi. His speedo is a little wet and clings to him like a glove over every lump and curve. The Gi jacket is tight in the shoulders already, and around his frame. Chase feels good in the uniform and he can tell all his time swimming and working out has made him a little bigger. The swagger extends to his walk as he looks around the room, the eyeholes in his mask making it harder to see as he looks for an open partner.

Friday, March 8, 2024

The Slammer: A Typical Day


The Slammer: A Typical Day


By Jimmy



Jayden woke up from sleeping to a smidgen of light creeping through the bared windows coating the floor in long rectangles the air soft with the tinged yellow glow. Still curled on his side, Jayden slowly rolls over but winces as his junk is rearranged underneath the bare sheet and blanket. The slightest movement makes him reach down to cup his genitals, wincing as he does so. He’s sore from last night and his sharp in take of air makes the mattress creak under him.  


Still inside, Jayden contemplates his captivity behind bars for a few more moments. The reality of the situation weighing heavy, but the clarity of the dawn brings him into focus and he realizes that he is not out of this nightmare, not yet. 


Across and above him everyone snores on, and Jayden slips out of bed noiseless and stands in his room bare chested and listening to the sounds around him. Jayden is control of nothing but himself and he drops to all fours and starts a steady and furious round of push-ups envisioning his day, and how to go about making it more manageable in the current circumstances as a cloud crosses the sky quickly stealing the light and casting him in semidarkness. 


Jayden continues to exercise, his sweat glistening to his skin and his breathing under steady control. This he can handle. 


It’s almost an hour later, the rain falls hard but the boys all sleep around him still and he leans against the window staring out into the steamy soup of a storm casting bucketful’s of rain pelting downward, the angry sky reflecting his current mood. 


One person is responsible for Jayden and his brother’s imprisonment in Bartlet Juvenile Hall and he plans on getting even with him, and soon. He knows that the plan was not just to put him here and out of the light, someone is here within these walls. He can almost smell him, Silas Dark is here and Jayden can feel it in his bones. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Jimmy’s Found Video’s #79


 Jimmy’s Found        

          Video’s #79


Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,


Another week, another group of BB videos!




1). Back at it again!

Monday, March 4, 2024

Chase's Bedroom Closet: The Aftermath written by Jimmy


Chase’s Bedroom Closet:

The Aftermath


By Jimmy



“Get me down!”

Caleb was shoved hard into the closet as everyone left to go look for Jayden exiting the room, but not the Kruger cousins. Both stayed, and one had to because he could not get off that wall.

Junior plans on going soon, but this opportunity with his brother in his baseball uniform. Its starch white against the blankness of the wall and highlights the curves of Caleb’s stomach as he struggles, and his small bulge seems a bit more filled out than before. Junior thinks that his older brother might in fact grew…still nowhere near his size of their cousin Logan…but still, not bad.

“I am not ready to do that just yet.” Junior explains, eyes bright as he feasts his eyes on the prize, but Caleb catches his attention.

Growling Caleb curses him “When I get down I am going to beat the living shit out of you!”

Ignoring, and talking over him at the end, Junior pokes him in the center of the chest, and lazily slides it down until it digs into his brother’s belly button and pokes at the small hole. Fingering it with his index finger Junior grins broadly “You can’t do anything until you get down. I have you brother.”

Caleb flexes his muscles, and Junior feels his brother’s tummy tightening but he still jabs his finger in a little deeper until he notices a shudder running through him and Caleb lets out a small gasp.

Friday, March 1, 2024

The Slammer written by Jimmy


The Slammer



Written by Jimmy






Jayden is fingering the bars on his window, but he looks up and over at Gino, his brother.


The bars feel cold and hard. The steel of them feels permanent like diamonds and is something that can’t ever be washed away. Jayden feels like a damsel in a castle, trapped in the tallest tower unable to escape. This is not his first time being taken forcibly from his home, and his mouth tastes like acid and he can’t help but look out at the rain as it falls to the ground.


“Jayden” Gino says again, putting one hand on his younger brother’s shoulder and gripping the muscle hard. “Did you hear me?”




Jayden closes his eyes, shutting himself off and leaning putting his forehead against the bars. They feel cool to the touch, and it helps the ache behind his eyes. Gino rubs his back, the scratchy, overly washed clothes that were given to them when they first entered Bartlet’s Juvenile Detection Center don’t fit right on his frame. The fabric is thin, awkward and far too big, he feels lost inside of it.


“We better go to bed. Get some rest, we won’t be here long.”


“You don’t know that!” Jayden feels a fire rage inside of him, and he turns and grabs Gino around the middle and hugs him fiercely.  “You don’t know.”


Gino sighs “Buddy, I do know that. Just like I know that you got me, I will protect you. I’ve got you bro, your safe with me.”


Jayden only nods smelling Gino’s familiar scent as he breathes him in.


“I love you.”


Gino chuckles above him and grabbing him back in a squeeze. “And I you, bro. Always my little man.”


“I’m not little.”


Gino laughs again, and this time Jayden joins him.