Friday, September 29, 2023

The Sad Boys Series: Leroy and Rex Date #2 Part Four Dating Disasters written by Jimmy


The Sad Boys Series:

Leroy and Rex Date #2 Part Four

Dating Disasters


By Jimmy




Rex is on his skateboard, he’s smiling as Leroy approaches having just left his ‘date’ with Jayden moments before. Leroy is still shirtless, a little bit of sweat gathers at the nape of his neck and his lower back but it feels so good in the sunlight that he does not care.


He twists the board at Leroy’s approach and kicks off, pumping his sneaker into the pavement. Rex spins around him and screeches to a full stop in front of him, kicking up bits of gravel that pelt off of Leroy’s legs.


“Finally, you came.”


“Yeah, it’s your turn. So you’re a skateboarder now?”




Rex kicks it up under his arm. “Want me to show you some tricks?” A sly foxlike smile glides across his face, his dazzling amber eyes alight with mischief as Max’s eyes meet Leroy’s. 


“Go on, show me what you got Rex.”


He does not need to be told twice. Rex’s smile hits his face as he throws the board to the ground.  Jumping on Rex spews pebbles behind him as he speeds towards the nearest ramp and slowly lowers himself as he rides up the inclined ramp. In a fantastic jump off, Rex manages to spin the board before at the last moment as he lands, coming back towards Leroy smiling all the way. The forever June sunlight casts him in the shadows of dusk as he ducks and swings around facing him slightly breathy, Rex’s smile this time gleams from his crooked grin. 


“Not too shabby, Rex. That’s—-” but another voice stops him as he shrieks past and jumps almost over their heads. 


“You think that’s cool, you should see me do this!” 


One of the classic Ballbusting Boys stars spins around, bare chested, jeans riding low showing off his bony hips, and pronounced V-shaped abdomen with more than a hint of underwear flashing. Leo jumps fully in the air, spinning and knocking board across the metal railing sparks shooting off and flaring off at the end and landing with a perfect smack of his board.


Rex’s smile does not drop, but it twitches. 


“Not bad,” he admits. 


Leroy looks impressed and says “That was sweet, man.”


“Yeah, I know. Name’s Leo, I’ve been showing him the ropes.”  


“For a fee,” Rex mumbles almost inaudibly. And idea strikes Rex and he scoops up his board moving between Leroy and Leo, and winking over his shoulder at Leroy. Rex’s mischievous grin is back. “You know, I got one more move to show you.”


While walking backwards the wheel of his board smacks Leo right in his bulge with a hard smack and Rex spins around full circle in surprise just as registration dawns on Leo’s face and the other side of his board hits him in the same exact spot.


“OOOoooomph!” Leo exhales, reaching down and grabbing his jean clad boys.


“Oh…my bad, Leo. Didn’t see you there…either time!”

Thursday, September 28, 2023

The Sad Boys: Leroy and Jayden Date #1 Part Three Dating Disasters written by Jimmy


The Sad Boys:

Leroy and Jayden 

Date #1 Part Three 

Dating Disasters


By Jimmy

 Ballbusting Boys: The Sad Boys Series: Broken Hearts written by Jimmy

Ballbusting Boys: The Sad Boys Series: Competition Part Two written by Jimmy

Jayden is perched on the end of the dock, his legs dangling off the side as the bright June sun alights the soft hues of his rich brown skin, the golden hairs slightly glimmer, but the richness of his skin seems have become even darker from his time outside. 


Leroy has his shirt off beside him, and is the recent winner of a special competition but for some reason things didn’t go the way that Jayden planned. Leroy picked him, and now he is afraid that things are about to get…messy. 


Leroy’s bright white teeth shine as he grins a Jayden finishing his hotdog. “That was delicious, man. So you trying to be Cupid again?”


Jayden blushes and nods “Kinda…but you picked me, and I’m kinda taken. Although sometimes Chase and I have been known to bring in a third.” A smirk crosses his face as his eyebrows bounce up and down with not so hidden meaning.


Laughter comes up deep from within Leroy’s chest and he punches Jayden on the arm. 


“Ow!” Jayden grabs it and laughs back giving him a shove in return.


“You did good, man.”


“No I didn’t.”


“Yeah you did, Rex finally stepped it up and after this…I’m gonna show him on what he has been missing out on.”


Jayden’s jaw drops open. 

Monday, September 25, 2023

That was the Worst 3


That was the Worst 




Here's week three of the confessions of the worst hit in the nuts these guys have ever experienced. Hope you enjoy their painful memories!




Friday, September 22, 2023

The Sad Boys Series: Competition Part Two written by Jimmy


The Sad Boys Series: Competition

Part Two


by Jimmy

Ballbusting Boys: The Sad Boys Series: Broken Hearts written by Jimmy 


Jayden had the bright idea of trying to help Max, Rex, and Leroy find love. 


Now all nine swimmers are set to compete against each other to win a date of their choice, the losers get ball busted. It’s Chase’s favorite event, and he stands arranged at the starting line ready to win for his team. 


Bill is going first against him, and he’s also going to face Rex. Chase is looking smug. The luck of the draw is in his favor. Rex looks nervous standing next to him, Bill does not. 


“On my whistle,” Chase says confidently. Not even bothering to hand someone else the starting whistle, knowing fully well that he is a far better swimmer and can outpace the both of them with his eyes closed. 


When the whistle blows, Bill takes off at the sound while Rex cocks his head softly to the side and throws a backwards punch as he jumps connecting with Chases protruding speedo bulge. Rex’s fist clips both dick and balls smartly as he flies through the air landing with a splash. Chase’s genitals smack hard against his muscled thigh and swing all the way back carried by the motion hitting his other thigh before swaying freely the vibrations of the hit causing the blue basket to shimmer with tiny movements.


Chase continues to blow into his whistle, but it’s a rather sad now, the blur of the metal whistle squeaks out as he spits it from his mouth and plummets into the water landing on his face. 


“Ooooh” choruses the boys behind Chase. 


“That’s gotta hurt!” Aldo laughs, running his hands together rather excitedly. 


Jayden rolls his eyes, “Oh, brother.” Shane next to him winces. 


“There goes our win.”

Monday, September 18, 2023

That was the Worst 2


That was the Worst 




Here's week two of the confessions of the worst hit in the nuts these guys have ever experienced. Hope you enjoy!




Friday, September 15, 2023

The Sad Boys Series: Broken Hearts written by Jimmy


The Sad Boys Series: Broken Hearts


by Jimmy



Coming up for air, Jayden breathes through his nose. The smell is of dampness, sweat, and the ruggedness of his boyfriend Chase. Chase is panting on his back, as aftershock course through him. His blue eyes are closed and a small smile plays on his slender pink lips. 


“That was…”


Jayden moves back down biting Chase’s skin next to his left hip bone and Chase arches his hips reflexively.


“God, you’re so good.”


Jayden kisses his way back up and starts to take him between his lips with feather lightness as they brush across Chases taut torso, and flexing abdomen. 










“To help.”




“The sad boys.”


Jayden lingers on Chases peck, suckling at the still hardened nub as his teeth gently graze the very sensitive pink tip. 


Chase murmurs “Sad boys? I’m not sad, Jayden.”

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Monday, September 11, 2023

That Was The Worst 1


That was the Worst 1



Starting today on Monday’s are a collection of guys talking about the worst hit to the balls that they have taken. Share your story if you wish, and I will post it!




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Flirting with Diaster Part 2: Battle of the Bulge written by Reg



Flirting with Disaster

PART 2: Battle of the Bulge


By Reg


Ballbusting Boys: Flirting with Diaster written by Reg

“Wow, you boys certainly pack some muscles!”

The blond girl paced around the three jocks who stood shirtless in the living room of her apartment.

Kev stood on the far left and Ben on the right. Colin had wisely chosen the middle ground to keep some distance between his competitive room-mates. The boys all had athletic bodies and the afternoon sun accentuating the curves of their powerful muscles. Colin was only an ich or two shorter than his hulking roommates but his broad frame was equally imposing.  

The girl’s apartment was in an old town house and the room was brightly lit thanks to a large bay window that overlooked the park.

They had all arrived minutes earlier from the park where the boys had been competing in an open-air arm-wrestling contest. Ben was still beaming with pride after winning the trophy under somewhat dubious circumstances. Kev, the beaten finalist, still looked furious that Ben had got away with booting him in the junk to steal his victory.

Colin, who had also lost to Ben in an earlier match, had a bemused grin and was clearly taking the defeat in his stride.

The busty chick licked her lips as she slowly walked around the three hunks, running her fingers over Ben’s muscular arms, feeling the ridges of Colin’s sculpted abs then cheekily groping the prominent bulge in Kev’s tight shorts. Lisa was a reporter for Kiss FM radio and had been hosting and judging the contest in the park. She clearly had more experience with flirting than with arm-wrestling and had invited the three horny jocks back to her apartment, offering herself as a prize to whoever impressed her most.