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A Safe Space for Balls Part 4: The Consequences Get Consequential wrriten by Harry


A Safe Space for Balls Part 4: 

The Consequences Get Consequential


written by Harry


A Safe Space for Balls

Part 4: The Consequences Get Consequential


Day 13: Aldo

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Bill cleared his throat softly as Aldo and Max high-fived. The Latino jock’s clapping echoed off the hard tiles and tall ceilings of the pool deck. His dark eyes were crying with laughter and he cupped his own speedo bulge in mock sympathy of how Max had just played Jayden. Neither of them paid much attention to Bill.  


“Pinche cabron!” Unlike Aldo, who regularly (and hopelessly) challenged guys who were stronger than him, Max had never shown such huevos before today. Max had just delivered the most ridiculous Consequences ever, and it came against one of the top jocks from their rival team.


Aldo watched Jayden re-tuck himself back inside his red Bartlett High team suit. His mirth dissipated a bit at the reminder. Whether in red speedo or red singlet, Jayden Gomez had always bested Aldo in competition. And no matter how hard Aldo trained—no matter how tight his abs popped or how much he practiced—he was perpetually a runner-up to Jayden. Or to his smug blonde boyfriend. 


“Grrrrr…” Aldo growled, dismissing thoughts of the team Captain and his ‘big balls’ from his mind. He might have been runner up again today, but at least he got to dish out The Consequences!


Aldo stalked forward, eyeing Jayden’s athletic form up and down. The mocha-skinned teen watched him warily. Jayden knew he was on the hook for more Consequences, and he did not expect his upstart rival to go easy on him. But he clenched his fists and stood his ground, prepared to take the worst Aldo could dish out.


“Ahem…ahem,” Bill cleared his throat again, and Aldo glanced over his shoulder.


“What, chico?”


“What are you going to do to him?” Bill asked. He was trying to sound bored, but his words rushed out quickly, betraying his excitement. 


Aldo shrugged. “Kick him in the balls, I guess?” He wasn’t the most creative guy; he was just happy to be on the winning side for once. He stepped back to get a running start.


“Because, I was thinking,” Bill continued in his bored tone, “Since Jayden is so proudly representing Bartlett High, maybe you would be our champion for Midtown.”


“Shut up, Bill,” Jayden objected, “YOU made me wear this suit.  I never would!”


Aldo and Max stared at Bill, confused by Jayden’s claim.


“Sure, sure,” Bill murmured condescendingly, “You always ask me to pick out your outfits, gorgeous.” Max and Aldo giggled, still trapped awkwardly in the middle of this rivalry between their current and former teammates. 


Noting how his sarcasm assuaged his teammates’ suspicion, Bill decided to wind them up even more. He pulled up his IG and showed a photo of the last championship Aldo had contested against Jayden. Despite his studly physique, Aldo was a clumsy wrestler. For several weeks after their match, the sophomore class Casanova had been unable to avoid the photo of himself being hoisted helplessly in a Gorilla Press. While for his part Jayden looked like a Greek warrior in his tight red singlet—the envy of guys and girls alike.


Aldo hung his head a bit. “I can’t do that move on him,” he confessed.


Bill rolled his eyes under his dishwater brown bangs. “You can do any move you want. Jayden has to pay the Consequences. Do it now!” Bill’s affected monotone cracked, his voice turning sharp and raw.


Aldo and Max took a step back and glanced at each other. Their scrawny teammate was more intense than usual today. Bill forced his shoulders to relax. He took a breath.


“Look. Just wrestle and see what happens. You never know when it’s the underdog’s day, right?”


Something in Bill’s wheedling words kindled a spark in Aldo. He stretched out his strong limbs so that the purple veins popped under his coppery skin. His dark eyes flashed with determination, and his abs rippled as he lunged forward to take Jayden down.


BAM! The move was lightening quick! Well, it was quick. But it was not Aldo’s move.


No amount of motivation could make up Aldo’s deficit in skill. Jayden’s counter was majestic. The Bartlett wrestler sprawled in the blink of an eye, pivoting around behind his lumbering opponent. If they’d been in a match, it would have been scored as a takedown. But here on the pool deck, Jayden was satisfied with just a friendly slap on Aldo’s ass as he released the hold and returned to a neutral position.


Aldo looked surprised and embarrassed. He’d expected Jayden to take it easy on him—maybe even take a fall—since Aldo was due a free hit, after all. But Jayden’s competitive pride reared its head at an inconvenient time. The wrestler beckoned Aldo forward again with a teasing hand gesture. Aldo snarled and lunged again. This time he switched his feet mid-strike to confuse Jayden’s defense and maneuver around behind him. But Jayden noticed the trick and pivoted the other way, picking up Aldo’s ankle in the process.


Now Aldo found himself hopping on one foot, balancing precariously while Jayden controlled his outstretched leg. The taut muscles of his quads and groin rippled under his smooth, brown skin. Aldo’s bulge bounced with each hop, jiggling inside his sky blue speedo.  Don’t think for a second that all that bulgy bouncing escaped Jayden’s notice. Looking momentarily remorseful—after all this was Aldo’s Consequences—Jayden smacked the bulbous blue package with an open palm.


It was not a hard hit. As such things go. But Aldo’s famously virile gonads had not been getting their customary rate of action lately. His cum repositories were itchy and so very tender. The slap made his dark eyes cross in a flash of hot pain, and he collapsed to the pool deck. Bill cursed under his breath, but Max’s hearty laughter showed that at least somebody had an appropriate sense of humor.


“Sorry about your huevitos, buddy,” Jayden said teasingly. “There’s just something about wrestling you Midtown guys that puts me into god mode,” he boasted. 


Knelt on the floor, Aldo appeared resigned that he would not be able to defeat the more skillful wrestler, but Bill hoisted him back to his feet by his armpits.


“One more fall!” the pipsqueak swimmer demanded. “Winner takes all. Pin-fall photo goes on the wall of the winning team’s lockers!”


Aldo rounded on Bill, his glossy purple lips parted in dismay. “Shut up, Bill,” he whispered.


“Fair enough,” Jayden agreed quickly. “Winner takes all…AND no more Consequences.” He was more than ready to put this bet behind him. Besides he needed to find out whether Chase had gotten him fired from his paper route.


“Bartlett’s already got lots of photos of Aldo getting pinned,” he observed with a cheeky smile. “But I’m sure there’s room for one more.”


Aldo’s ears turned pink at the jibe. Bill massaged his shoulders to prep him for the final fall. He called over to Max: “Max, make yourself useful and get a photo of the pin.”


The two wrestlers came together a third time. Did Aldo have a surprise in store? A deadly maneuver he’d secretly been perfecting for just such an occasion?


No. Aldo did not.


Jayden sprawled quicker than ever and wrenched Aldo’s arm up behind his back. Turning him over on his shoulders, Jayden wrapped his strong legs around Aldo’s neck in a scissors. Aldo made a decent effort to counter, squeezing Jayden’s chest with his own scissors so that they were intertwined. But their leverage was not equal. Each time Jayden ratcheted down his leg-hold, he tipped Aldo’s shoulders incrementally closer to the floor. The pin was inevitable. Max dropped close to the floor with his phone, ready to record his teammate getting pinned.


Jayden’s head was tilted back as he resisted Aldo’s legs, but he was well aware of their body position. In fact he could feel Aldo’s humid breath on the insides of his thighs. He called out to his one-time rival:


“Take a good look, Aldo! You might as well compare your huevitos to my boynuts while you’re down there. Just for old time’s sake!” Jayden giggled as Aldo tried to look anywhere except at the fat, speedo-clad basket that put his virile huevos to shame.


“Fucker…” Aldo mumbled. His shoulder was an inch from the floor, and his resistance was caving under Jayden’s power.


But the pin never came.


Unseen by the other jocks, Bill sneaked around behind Jayden’s back and locked on his sleeper chokehold. Jayden was unable to protest as his wind was cut off and the blood rushed to his brain. After a few more seconds trapped in the hold, Jayden’s temple throbbed like it would jump out of his skull. Aldo of course could see nothing from the leg scissors, and Max was too focused on the floor, trying to capture the photo finish.


“Nighty night, bitch,” Bill hissed in a low whisper with his lips against Jayden’s ear. The teen wrestler’s chocolate brown eyes blinked in confusion, then his head dropped back against Bill’s slim chest with a soft thud. Jayden’s soft lips parted with light breathing; he’d been knocked out cold by the sneak attack. Bill dropped his ex-boyfriend the rest of the way to the ground and skittered away.


“Aldo! You did it! You did it!” Bill cried joyously. The expressions of forced enthusiasm and genuine, malicious glee merged on Bill’s thin face. It was a hideous look. 


Aldo unwound himself from Jayden’s leg scissors, massaging his twisted neck. Max looked at the unconscious Jayden with bewilderment. Even if the goofy swimmer understood how wrestling worked, he wasn’t sure he would understand this.


“Your leg-lock was so strong, Aldo! I saw him struggling. You win by KO!” Bill’s fallacious commentary sounded more and more legit, since nobody else knew what had happened. (Except for Jayden, and he was in no position to object.) It gradually dawned on Aldo that he’d won the match. He’d defeated an opponent he’d never imagined beating before! A proud smile spread across his handsome face.


If you get a win, don’t ask too many questions, guapo, Aldo advised himself. Never having won before, Aldo was not completely sure what to do. But Max was still standing nearby with his phone camera ready, so Aldo took the opportunity to commemorate with a photo. He laid across Jayden’s chest and hooked the Bartlett wrestler’s leg while Bill counted:






Enjoying the feeling of Jayden’s shallow breathing and the soft skin of his pecs, Aldo laid there for more photos over his sprawled body. He even put his hand under Jayden’s head to make sure that the camera got a good look at his defeated opponent. Aldo couldn’t wait to see how his victory photo looked in the team locker room. Max got some nice angles for the victory photo as Bill cackled to himself in the background.


“Not so tough now, are you, Gomez?” Bill murmured rhetorically. He watched Aldo posing over Jayden, who lay on his back on the pool deck, slumbering peacefully. Alone among them Bill knew with certainty that this unlikely result had been lovingly planned in his own mind. Aldo’s picturesque pose was just the outward manifestation of Bill’s cunning.


For his part, the rush of power was unlike anything Aldo had felt before. He was a good swimmer and won his fair share of races. But defeating a strong teen in combat was a different kind of rush. The euphoria and testosterone combined to make Aldo nearly drunk. And it wasn’t just in his head. His blue speedo, too, was straining with the fullness of Aldo’s happiness.


Glancing down at Jayden, Aldo raised an eyebrow. “What were you saying about my huevitos, amigo?” he mimicked. Aldo grabbed his meaty nuts through his suit, enjoying the warm, sturdy weight of them. His dick throbbed hard enough that it seemed to jump under the spandex with each beat of his heart. It gave him an idea.


Aldo knelt down next to Jayden, eyeing the mound of the rival wrestler’s package under his red suit. Magnified by the blue fabric, Aldo’s own erection looked more glorious in his eyes. He took a decisive breath.


“Okay, maybe we should compare. Just for old time’s sake,” Aldo chuckled. Then without any hesitation, Aldo stuck his thumbs inside Jayden’s speedo and yanked it down to his knees, exposing him to the room. No sooner had Bill and Max gotten an eyeful of Jayden, then Aldo whipped out his own piece and tucked his speedo underneath his nuts. His cock was thick and veiny. Perfectly straight, the teen stud’s member tapered at the tip in a shiny, bluish-purple helmet. It was a weapon with which the famous lover had slayed an untold number of their classmates. Both guy’s mouths went dry.


Unlike Aldo’s, Jayden’s erection was not powered up. His penis slumbered limply like the rest of him, curling toward his right hip. The honey-colored piece with its deep rosy colored head was a source of pride on most days. But as Aldo’s dripping steel blade loomed over it, Jayden’s flaccid cock seemed almost boyish in comparison. To leave no doubt about the matter, Aldo gripped his own dick at the base and used it to slap Jayden’s. When he rapped Jayden’s exposed head, the wrestler grunted and a frown appeared on his smooth brow.


Watching the humiliating comparison, Max’s tongue was practically lolling out of his mouth onto the floor. He probably hadn’t taken a breath since Aldo stripped Jayden. Remembering his responsibility, Max raised his phone as Aldo held the pose. He flexed over his rival as Max snapped some final photos. By this point Max himself was achingly hard in his speedo. He knew that he would make very good use of these photos later.




Max and Aldo looked up at Bill. The skinny swimmer’s arms were crossed in front of his chest. Bill did not look amused. Assuming that Bill’s peevishness was a result of him crossing a line with the Consequences, Aldo hastily stuffed his boner back inside his speedo, looking sheepish. Maybe he’d taken the game too far.


Just then a honey-colored arm wrapped around Aldo from behind. Regaining his wits, Jayden roused himself bolt upright and crushed Aldo’s ribs in reverse bear hug. Wriggling out from under his rival, Jayden tried to regain the top position, but the red speedo was still twined around his knees and restricted his movements. Flush with adrenaline and testosterone, Aldo fought back with more determination than usual, so the pair tussled back and forth with neither gaining an obvious upper hand.


“Damn you, Gomez,” Bill muttered. “I almost had you.” The sullen teen had been itching to take another crack at the Jaws of Hell move, since he thought Jayden was defenseless. Judging by how he wrung his pale hands, Bill could almost feel the vengeance he planned on his popular ex-boyfriend.


But I’ll hold that dream for a different day. Today I can still beat you with these dumb tools, Jayden.


“Max, I left the stopwatches running by the scoring table. Will you go turn them off please?” Bill asked.


Max reluctantly pulled his eyes away from his nude teammates. Jayden had overpowered Aldo and was driving the Latino swimmer slowly down to his knees. Max’s amber eyes flitted back over to their battle, until a shove from Bill sent him scampering over to the other side of the pool.


Rolling his eyes and wondering why it was so hard to find decent help in his holy war against his ex, Bill took a step toward the melee. But he tripped over something on the pool deck. His stubbed toe made his thin face curdle like milk.


There on the ground was a diving brick. Squat and flat, the wet black rubber appeared like an ugly idol under the florescent lights. Bill forgot the pain in his toe. He bent over and picked up the brick. Since he’d only ever touched it under the water, he enjoyed testing the true weight of it.


Approaching behind Jayden, Bill moved like a ghost. The hard rubber brick was like a magnet, and True North lay between his ex’s spread legs. Jayden’s balls hung lower than Bill even remembered, drooping with a lazy swing in the middle of his fighting stance. The skin of his scrotum was a shade darker than his honeyed ass, as if his manhood was slightly shadowed.


With no hesitation or remorse, Bill brought the brick up between Jayden’s legs in an uppercut blow. The unyielding rubber did not give way to his precious family jewels. Those lazily hanging testicles were flattened in an instant—a million nerve endings screeched in otherworldly horror.


It was the kind of blow that a guy’s body cannot comprehend all at once. The impact registered first, feeling percussive and distant. Then the strange, squishing feeling as the round balls lost their shape, gross but piquing curiosity. Then the explosion hit. Starting in the twin cores of Jayden’s being and rippling out like a mushroom cloud until it blotted out the sun. Until all that remained was gray, wretched agony.


One hit like this was enough. Bill knew it. Jayden knew it. Bill dropped the brick to the floor and leaned his head over Jayden’s shoulder. He didn’t say anything, just kissed the teen’s smooth, flushed cheek. Then Jayden dropped like a stone.




“I still don’t get it. How could you be confused whether or not you were texting the Son of the Devil himself?”


Chase growled as he floored the accelerator. They’d already been over this.


“I don’t know. Maybe I misdialed and called the campy, egomaniacal dickhead from the next town over.”


Sam Hell’s red eyes narrowed. He was not used to abiding such insolence. But his own coal-black heart was uneasy about the situation, just as Chase was. “It would be a grave mistake to impersonate the Devilboy,” Sam warned nobody in particular.


“Next time I’ll make sure he talks in third person,” Chase noted sardonically. “That will be a dead give-away.”


“Regardless, when you get to the pool, just drop me off in the fire line. I can take it from there.”


“The fuck you can!” Chase scoffed. “Jayden is my boyfriend! And for all I know you’re just trying to get there to do something even worse.”


“Nonsense. I will only break the truce if Jay…if he breaks it first,” Sam vowed.


“Truce? You and Jayden?” Chase glanced at his pale passenger, waiting for the punchline. “You can’t even speak his name. I’d bet a nut against you two suddenly turning into allies.”


Sam leered ominously. “Care to make a wager with the Devil?” 




Jayden collapsed onto Aldo, cupping his crushed nuts in his hands. The devastating uppercut nearly caused him to black out a second time. None of Jayden’s limbs would obey, as if the shot from the brick had paralyzed him. Aldo struggled briefly under the wrestler’s weight before flipping Jayden onto his back. If he’d been a more skillful wrestler, Aldo would surely have been suspicious of how Jayden had again collapsed in the midst of pure domination. But Aldo’s own combat experience had generally taught him that losses come quickly and unexpectedly.




Having turned the tables, Bill was ready to move his pawns into position. He still planned to own Jayden today, even if not by his own hand.


“Must not be your day, chico,” Aldo consoled his rival, sitting on his chest smugly. “I’ve got the right moves today.”


“Ahem,” Bill cleared his throat again and spoke in a confidential manner. “About those moves of yours.” Aldo looked up at his teammate. He’d nearly forgotten about Bill. “They may not be fair in wrestling, but I’ve heard that you’re the master of certain ‘finishing moves’ of your own, Aldo.”


Catching Bill’s meaning, Aldo raised one sleek black eyebrow and pursed his full lips. “Let’s just say everybody submits willingly,” he replied. Aldo’s reputation as the sophomore class Casanova was well earned.


“Then don’t forget this match was ‘winner takes all’,” Bill reminded them.


Aldo looked from Bill’s sinister expression to Jayden’s cross eyed stare and slack lips. Even when he was beaten up the teen jock was hot.


Actually he’s even hotter that way.


Aldo looked from Jayden to Bill and back again. Winner takes all, he mused. Could he really “finish” Jayden in the way Bill was suggesting? Aldo cocked his head at his downed opponent as his imagination exploded in a hundred directions.


“Hey Bill!” Max reappeared, panting. He was wearing about a dozen stopwatches around his neck. “I checked, but none of them were still running.”


Bill blinked at him, forcing an apologetic look. “Oops. My bad! Thanks for checking though. Aldo won again, by the way.”


Max’s eyes widened when he saw the wrestlers. It seemed impossible, but Aldo was again standing tall. Jayden was barely moving, and his skin had a grayish cast to it.


“Why don’t you start the timer, Max?” Bill suggested sweetly. “Jayden’s about to blast off.”


Rising to his feet Aldo dragged the red Bartlett High speedo the rest of the way off of Jayden’s legs. He flipped it to Bill, who thrust it stealthily into his backpack. Grabbing Jayden by both ankles, Aldo raised the beaten wrestler’s legs up into a V shape.


“Uhh, Aldo, I think Jayden’s done, man,” Max said.


“Yeah bro, I see. I’m just gonna check one more thing.”


Naturally shy, Jayden cupped his junk in his hands to avoid the gaze of his former teammates. The cover was pure instinct. The look in Aldo’s dark eyes was inscrutable. But what he did next was even more surprising.


Craning his neck Aldo kissed the inside of Jayden’s left foot, just below the ankle. The skin there was surprisingly sensitive. Somewhere underneath Jayden’s pounding headache, the soft tickling sensation registered; the contact made him twitch the tiniest bit. Meanwhile Aldo dug his thumbs deep into the pads of Jayden’s feet, massaging the undersides as they pointed toward the ceiling. Patiently he turned to the other ankle, nibbling at the soft skin he found there. Jayden gave a quiet moan as Aldo dug into the massage; his expression showed pain and concern, but also curiosity. The novel sensations in his feet were a counterpoint to the cascade of nausea that still emanated from his shattered nads. Jayden focused on the first in order to block out the other.


Bending down further Aldo ran his fingers down the insides of Jayden’s legs. He lingered at the wrestler’s knees, tracing around the knobby bone and the leathery skin underneath. Callouses from so many practices on the wrestling mats. Jayden’s head tilted back and he stared at the distant white ceiling. But his consciousness followed the slow circles of Aldo’s fingertips. Without meaning to, Jayden’s hands relaxed their protective grip over his jewels.


While Jayden drifted in a haze of sensations, Aldo was perfectly focused. Here he was fully in his element. He might never become a champion wrestler, but in seduction—he was masterful. Dropping quietly to his knees, Aldo’s hands roamed lower between Jayden’s spread legs. His palms made small circles on the insides of Jayden’s thighs, caressing the supple skin with persistent firmness. The massage seeped through skin, through muscle, and through bone. Though Aldo had not even approached the spot, Jayden felt a warm hum in the base of his spine. He bit his rosy lip to keep from moaning out loud.


By the time Aldo’s hands roamed behind Jayden’s suspended legs to massage his hamstrings, the wrestler’s eyes were closed. His breathing was steady, timed with the swirl of Aldo’s fingers over his skin. The pressure Aldo applied to the rippling muscles in his inner legs was magic. Jayden well knew how his legs liked to cramp up when he took a hit to his boynuts, but this treatment was the perfect remedy. He didn’t notice—or at least he didn’t object—when Aldo removed his hands from his groin and dropped them to the side.


Aldo gave a low whistle. Jayden’s fat nuts were impressive as always, drooping low in their silky sac and stretching almost to the floor. But the round spunk factories also showed some signs of distress. Dark bruises from Bill’s pinching claw hold and a smarting red welt across the whole pouch, as he’d been hit with a hard object. Aldo wondered where that mark could have come from.


“Damn, chico,” Aldo murmured. “No wonder you’re out of it. I’d be dead by now if I got hit like that.” He ran a warm palm over Jayden’s abdomen, rubbing just below his navel. Moving ever so gently lower, Aldo’s fingertips explored the undersides of Jayden’s drooping nuts, evaluating their weight and density. They felt juicy and full. Aldo smirked.


“Captain must not be taking care of you right, letting these babies get all backed up,” Aldo mused. Jayden cleared his throat as if to disagree, but the vulnerability of his position made him think better of it.


All this tender touching had a predictable effect. In spite of his throbbing nuts, Jayden’s teenage cock plumped up bit by bit. His tube stretched out until it looked firm and meaty, fractions of an inch from Aldo’s hand on his abs. His rosy pink cockhead became shiny as it bounced slightly along with his heartbeat.


And his heartbeat was picking up speed.


Aldo noticed all the little telltale signs. Once Jayden’s steel-hard cock lifted off his abdomen, Aldo knew the time was ripe. Jayden cracked his eyes halfway open, gazing at his former teammate through a haze of testosterone. But he said nothing.


By an oversight that he would sorely regret later, Max had left his phone somewhere on the other side of the pool among the stopwatches. Since the scene he watched would never be snapped for posterity, his amber eyes remained glued to the scene in front of him. A seduction beyond his imagination was playing out between his two friends. It goes without saying that Max’s hand was busy inside his own speedo. He checked the stopwatch. Aldo had been at it for five minutes.


Aldo scooted forward, his lips round and jaw opened wide.




He paused mere inches from Jayden’s succulent sausage; his dark eyes peered at Bill, resenting the interruption.




Bill drew his fingers across his lips in a zipping motion. He wanted this to play out with maximum humiliation, but he had to play his cards right. Aldo wasn’t dumb, but he was gullible. Bill could work with that.


“That would be a winner’s reward,” Bill observed, as Aldo wetted his soft lips. “But you pinned Gomez. He belongs under your foot.” Bill leaned over and stared meaningfully at the ground in front of him. He wiggled his bony, translucent toes.


Aldo hesitated, then nodded his agreement. It’s true he had pinned Jayden. Retaking his standing position between the V of Jayden’s legs, Aldo lowered his foot so that it covered Jayden’s prodigious manhood. His shiny pink cockhead poked out between Aldo’s toes, while the pressure from Aldo’s heel dropped his balls even lower. When those hot, sore orbs brushed against the cool, wet tiles, Aldo heard a faint hiss. But perhaps the sound was his imagination.


Even the slightest pressure on his bruised plums made Jayden bolt his head up. His sac felt like it was filled with broken glass. The serene moment he’d enjoyed was apparently over, and he grasped Aldo’s ankle with his right hand. But from his position on his back, Jayden had no leverage at all.


“No, no, baby,” Aldo murmured, shaking his head. His dark eyes were heavily lidded, still absorbed in the moment. He leaned more weight on his foot, pressing Jayden’s balls down into the floor. He was careful not to squash them, but the fiery pain from Bill’s treacherous attack was rekindled. Simultaneously Aldo wiggled his toes, pressing the underside of Jayden’s cockhead. The scratching rub of his sensitive knob made Jayden gasp and drop his head back against the floor. His hand clung to Aldo’s ankle, but he was powerless to stop the degrading foot job.


With unbelievable dexterity Aldo scooped up Jayden’s erect member between his first two toes and pulled it up away from the wrestler’s body. He jacked it a couple times with a tight grip before releasing it, letting the hard, veiny cock slap back against Jayden’s abdomen. He repeated the move, as if testing the power and hardness of the tool. Each time it snapped back, Jayden gave a small pant.


“Not bad, amigo,” Aldo complimented. He respected his rival’s virility, which made the rush of controlling him under his foot that much greater. Part of him could still not believe how bad he was dominating the wrestler. How he was bending Jayden’s body to his will. Making him pant and twitch and react.


“I see you understand my secret move now. Ready to let the winner take it all?”


Jayden didn’t like the look in Aldo’s eyes, so he shook his head in wild dissent. “Get your dirty foot off my…aaaWWWWAAAAA!!!”


Aldo toe-kicked Jayden directly between his spread legs, skewering his nuts. The jock’s proud balls felt soft and almost squishy after the abuse they’d taken. Jayden’s sac flopped up so that his oval jewels lay bare and clearly defined on either side of his hard shaft. Vulnerable and ripe for busting. Eventually his shriek descended into a hollow groan.


Relentlessly determined to marry pleasure with the pain, Aldo lowered his foot and rubbed the silky skin of Jayden’s taint, massaging the tiny bundles of muscles and nerve endings that met in his very center. Pushing even lower, he traced his big toe around his tight, puckered hole, barely grazing the surface of the sensitive skin.


From his spot in the corner, Bill’s watery blue eyes fixed like lasers on Jayden’s clenched hole. Bill knew the torment administered by this minion was his own vengeance, and he could practically feel the intimate parts of his ex’s body giving way under his own foot. Alone and aloof, Bill ground his teeth in envy and enmity.  


Jayden’s eyes rolled to the back of his skull. His mouth opened and closed like a fish. The onslaught of sensations crystallized into the inescapable recognition that Aldo was going to make him cream himself, and Jayden could do nothing to stop it. The prospect of spewing in front of Bill and Max—underneath Aldo’s toes—made Jayden’s cheeks flame red.


“Aldo-oooo-oooo!” Jayden’s raw voice called his rival’s name.


The Latino swimmer smiled brightly. It was the cue he’d been waiting for. Stepping once more on Jayden’s entire junk, he gripped his rosy penis between his toes and bore down on his softened nuts. Jayden’s own precum made the action slick. Each time Aldo slid down his shaft, Jayden grayed out from the pressure tagging his balls. Each time Aldo pulled up, his toes dragged over his flared glans, driving the teen jock crazy.


“Dooo-ooo-on’t! Aldo-oooo!”


If ever a plea came too late, it was this one. A couple more cruel swipes of from the foot job pushed Jayden over the edge. His bright, humming cock spat out the first glob of cum in an arc that landed in Jayden’s eyelashes. He blinked in confusion as his eyes burned from the salty spray. His next shots arced lower, dripping down his collarbone and sliding down his smooth brown pecs in chunky, white rivulets. Each spasm of his jutting cock was met with teasing pressure from Aldo, heightening his ecstasy. But each roll of Aldo’s bare foot over his busy gonads crushed Jayden’s remaining strength, until he felt broken from the waist down.


His mushy nads coughed up their last contents in a pathetic convulsion. As the last glob of semen leaked from his purple cockhead, Jayden collapsed back to the ground, totally spent. Aldo felt Jayden’s nuts throb under his foot as if acknowledging his dominance. He raised his hand in victory.




“Brute! Don’t push your way in ahead of me!”


“Chase, you can’t outmuscle me.”


“Why do you even want to…mmmwwwmmww…”


“Shush. I need to see something.”


At the entrance to the pool deck, two jocks jockeyed for position. One was trying to break through the door, the other was content just to look for now.


“Fuck, gross! Get your devil paw out of my mouth…mmmwwwmmww…”


“Ssshhh. I can see them now.”


“Baahh!” Chase spat, wiping his lips from where Sam had covered them with his sweaty hand. “Who? Is Jayden there? I need to tell him I made mista-aaaaaaake!!!”


Weary of the insolent blonde’s interruptions, the Devilboy dropped his claw down between Chase’s legs. The teen’s sheer running shorts gave Sam a very clear idea indeed of what he was gripping. Chase stammered and squeaked until Sam had sufficiently rearranged his package to silence him.


Sam Hell peered through the glass observation window over the pool deck. His red eyes sparkled at the delicious sight before him. One of Bill’s swimming teammates was gas-pedaling Jayden, who lay on the pool floor. From the looks of things, the other guy was very much in control. The truce he’d made with the Gomez boy flickered across Sam’s mind, but he decided that a truce did not commit him to mutual defense.


Sam confirmed also that Bill was far off to the side, merely observing the combat between the other boys. He was relieved. Whatever circumstances had landed Gomez in this situation was none of Bill’s doing, and therefore none of Sam’s concern. He turned back to Chase.


“Yes, Chase, it appears likely that you did make a mistake,” he observed.


Releasing his grip on Chase’s nuts, the two frenemies tumbled through the door an on to the pool deck and landed in a tangle of muscular limbs. A cry caught their attention:


“Dooo-ooo-on’t! Aldo-oooo!”


Chase and Sam—the Angel and the Devil—looked up just as Aldo pushed Jayden over the edge. Their eyes caught every detail as if in slow motion as the teen wrestler splooged all over himself.


“Fuck me,” Chase and Sam echoed each other. Each guy was captivated by the raunchy display, but their emotions were quite different.


Jayden trembled against the tile floor, his slim hips bucking under their own volition as he painted his own abs with his seed. When his aching manhood was completely spent, the smooth, honey-colored athlete dropped back to the floor in exhaustion.


Day 13: Chase


“I’m sure it was him, though.”


“I believe you, babe. I told you.” Chase was not understanding why Jayden was still hung up on this, but he tried to be sympathetic. 


“Just because Bill wasn’t the one who…you know…put his feet on me…doesn’t mean he didn’t make it happen.”


Chase nuzzled Jayden’s neck. They’d already talked over Jayden’s blaming Bill for how he’d gotten nutted and milked in the pool earlier that morning. Chase knew how Jayden got when he thought something was unjust. But from what Chase had been able to see, it was just guys being guys. Nut taps, size comparisons, foot jobs—the classic stuff. How Aldo of all people had gotten one over on his studly boyfriend defied explanation; but Chase already planned to set that score right very, very soon. He was looking forward to it. 


“Even Sam believed Bill had nothing to do with it.” Jayden’s husky voice was deliberate, as if he was still sorting through the case.


“Sam believes he’s the firstborn son of the Devil,” Chase chuckled. “I wouldn’t take his proclamations too seriously.”


“What was Sam doing there with you, anyway?”


“With me?” Chase laughed overly loudly. “He’s not the kind of company I keep, boyfriend. He was probably just a stooge to keep me from getting in and rescuing you.”


“Hmmph,” Jayden sighed and turned over on his side. “Rescuing me. Yeah right. You’re the one who gambled my boynuts away in the first place! Plus, for a knight in shining armor, you weren’t exactly on time.”


“Only because…” Chase stalled for an excuse. “Because I had to defeat so many smelly Devilboys before getting to the Final Boss! Plus you better believe that Aldo is going to get it doubly bad from me this week.”


“Aldo wasn’t the Final Boss though. That’s what I’ve been saying. Somehow, some way, Bill was the one who…”


“Who…what?” Chase asked innocently, wrapping his arms around Jayden. A Cheshire cat grin played at the corners of his mouth. Something about their competitive natures made it so hot for Chase on the rare occasion that Jayden admitted defeat. 


Jayden gritted his teeth. “Who emptied my boynuts so bad that I won’t be horny for a month,” he stated petulantly.


“A…month?!? Babe, that’s an exaggeration. I mean, don’t forget about the handsome knight who rescued you…”


“My hero,” Jayden murmured, running his hand up the inside of Chase’s thigh. The blonde shifted to give him access with a satisfied grunt.


“I’ll dream about him,” Jayden sighed. “Until next month.”  With that drifted off to much-needed sleep.


Chase’s ocean blue eyes were fixed on his wall calendar. Only after many minutes of tossing and fidgeting did he finally settle into sleep.


Day 13: Rex








“Watcha looking at?”


The twins’ room was pitch dark, but Rex noticed the faint bluish light coming from the bottom bunk. Max was watching something on his phone. And although he was no detective, the rhythmic squeaking of the mattress below told Rex that his twin was enjoying whatever he was watching.


Rex growled. Max would only ignore him if he was watching something really good.


“Never mind. I’m coming down bro.”


Rex squinted in the darkness, disappointed that Max was looking at nothing more than photos from swim practice. But he watched with increasing interest as the scene progressed.


“Oh shit! Did he really slap him with his…?”




“Wait, bro, let me catch up!”








GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Harry,

The epic conclusion!

When I first read this I was thoroughly suprised by the ending, and the direction that Harry took. I don't want to spoil it if people have not read it yet and instead read my comment.

Giving that character the staring light as the ballbuster was genius. He's awesome.

Everyone shines in this one, and I appreciate the diaolgue between Sam Hell and Chase. Their evolution and relationship is so out there that it has been fun t develop myself and I see that Harry likes it just as mush.

This story is absolutely cannon and I plan on bringing Benji into the fold, along with the brick.

One of my favorite moments is when Adam lands on the brick, arms crossed underwater clearly stating his claim as "mine."

There is so much here that it realli ticks the boxes for all the readers that love these characters.

Fantastic job, Harry!


Anonymous said...

Sorry it took me so long to comment on this masterpiece.
I absolutely love everything about it so i really don’t know where tostart.
Bill’s scheming and the way he toys with jayden and Aldo is great fun. Bill is fast becoming the most evil character in the Jaydenverse.
The Chase / Sam Hell /Jayden alliance is really intriguing.
Aldo proving he really has grown a pair (in more ways than one), even daring to challenge Jayden…wow!
I really hope there’s more to come in this series and i hope Benji becomes a permanent fixture.
Great job.

Anonymous said...

It's another pedophile like that fuck Jimmy. Please kill yourself! No one cares just do it.