Monday, September 11, 2023

That Was The Worst 1


That was the Worst 1



Starting today on Monday’s are a collection of guys talking about the worst hit to the balls that they have taken. Share your story if you wish, and I will post it!









Anonymous said...

Wow! Best video set ever! Make one more with stories like this, pls!!!

Ginojaydenauthor said...

Hi Anonymous!

I am happy to hear that you enjoyed these. There are a lot more and I will posting them on here for the next few months!


The_Pandyman said...

I don't know why but i LOVE these, the fav thing I found in INSTAGRAM.. i thought it a set collection, there's new ones where added in the last 12 months..

Hey, there's an important lesson for writers, AND everyone thats grown up with the net, and feels you can socialize with other humans (that you don't know and have not met) via text only.

HAVE A CLOSE listen, for me, some of the hotest "WORST hits to the nuts I ever took" is when they tell us the story in the first person... some times you can see and hear they are so LOST in reliving the moment for us. They might headline IT WAS AT SCHOOL... or in4th Gtade.. PLAYIN SOCCer.. ETC.. then mumbles while busy scannin a replay looking for the bust.. then start tell you the exact detail "ok so im running down the flank, to intercept the full forward.... and.... more mumbles to self. groans.. man it was... I couldnt move

Writing in the first person like that.. there no limit to the amount of extra stuff you can put INTO a scene, walking to the shops to get milk, someone a t the bus stop, lying down on the seat, I wondered if they were dead... you could spend pages on internal thought

OR how much stuff you leave out like.. the guy who relives his worst ever hit in the nuts, and tells us almost nothing, we have no idea what exactly happened... but somehow its the most real translation, and im feeling it my own junk,

text is hopless at communicating anthing complex... unless you intimately know the person and you have developed a sort of codeing for the infinetly different emotional weighting that goes with every thing we say.