Friday, April 28, 2023

Chris and his very Personal Trainer Conclusion written by Reg

Chris and his very Personal Trainer

By Reg

The big trainer staggers heavily on his feet still doubled over in pain but suddenly makes a surprise attack…charging forward with arms spread wide seeking a waist-grab but Chris deftly spins away jabbing a cruel toe punt deep into Eric’s backside that makes the young hunk jolt upright with a yelp. Chris seizes the moment and rushes in to secure a headlock, bending Eric backwards with his hips thrust upwards. Grunting with the effort he muscles Eric down to the ground, extending one knee then dropping the bigger man into a painful back-breaker, his head pinned towards the ground. As Eric reaches for his neck Chris slams a heavy punch into his outstretched abs.

“Yeah Chris, you got him baby!” Carla shrieks with excitement as she leans over to pull Eric’s T-shirt up to his chest then traces her fingers down his sizzling six pack “Let’s see if his abs are as strong as yours!”

“No way!” Chris sneers drilling two more bony fists just below the navel eliciting another pained grunt from Eric who slides one hand down to shield his lower guts.

“Oh, are you too weak down there too, big guy?” Chris smirks with one fist raised “How about here?” Chris ignores the pathetic shield and aims much higher smashing an elbow deep into Eric’s solar plexus making the big stud heave and gasp. But Eric is not quite done yet and with a powerful tug he tears the restraining hand off his neck then crunches his strong abs hoisting his head upwards to grab a startled Chris around the lower chest before slugging a revenge punch deep into the blond boy’s clenched abs.

“Huuuugh!” Chris heaves deeply, grimacing in pain as he watches the fist withdraw backwards for another gut-breaking strike. “Fuuuuck!” Chris gasps in panic then he spies the growing cock-bulge in Eric’s shorts and remembers his fragile glass baubles beneath.

 SLAP! Chris whips his hand out quickly in a lightening backhand slap, the impact is weak but enough to break his rival’s focus as the big stud jerks up gaping back at him in shock as the sharp pain floods his senses. Slowly the muscular jock curls up on his side, holding his groin as he rolls off the supporting knee and curls up miserably on the floor.

“Ugh!…Sir! Ooooh, you hit me right-in-the-balls!” Eric protests the illegal moves.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Jimmy's Found Video's #43 Probelms with balls


Jimmy’s Found Videos #43

1). Pool Ball Blues

2). Balls can be a big problem

3). Come try this? What could go wrong?

4). Everyone loves a good trick!

5). This was an ooops!

Monday, April 24, 2023

Chris and his very Personal Trainer written by Reg


Chris and his very Personal Trainer

By Reg

Ballbusting Boys: Pride before the fall - part 1 (written by Reg)

Ballbusting Boys: Pride before the fall - part 2 (written by Reg)

Ballbusting Boys: Pride before the fall - part 3 (written by Reg)

Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,

Reg has brought us back into the world of Chris and Carla, and introduces us to a new character Eric. The previous stories are up above, but they are not needed to read before enjoying this tale. They will expland upon the experience. Reg reall hit's it out of the park with this one. I hope that all of you enjoyed it as much as I did!



It’s a fresh January morning as Chris strides into his local gym with a cocky grin on his attractive, youthful face. The New Year has gotten off to a great start so far and Chris feels on top of the world…right where he deserves to be.

For once, everything seems to be going well in his life. It’s not only his workout plan that has paid dividends in the last year… for just the day before, his dumb-ass boss awarded him the promotion he had been striving after! It was a sweet reward for all his shameless self-promoting, not to mention the scandalous rumors he had spread about to tarnish the competition. Of course, the announcement had been as welcome as a kick in the balls for his more deserving rivals in the office and Chris had thoroughly enjoyed bragging and watching them squirm!

Best of all though, Chris is now back together with his raunchy and insatiable girlfriend, Carla, and getting about as much wild sex as his horny young balls can handle!

At this early hour, the gym changing room is almost empty. There is only one other guy in the locker room that Chris doesn’t recognize…clearly a newbie. As the other man quietly folds his cheap looking office-pants he looks across and gives Chris a shy nod as he slips out of his buttoned shirt. Chris doesn’t bother returning the gesture but can’t resist scoffing loudly at the sight of the man’s pale, shapeless torso. Instantly he feels proud to possess the kind of manly physique that this puny runt could only ever dream of.

Friday, April 21, 2023

Cups: Fully Protected? 2 (of 2) The Creamy Finish by Jimmy and Y1ddo


Cups: Fully Protected?


By Jimmy and Y1ddo


Ballbusting Boys: The championship rematch: Bartlet vs. Midtown (part 2) - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

Ballbusting Boys: Rex gets his revenge - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy and Y1ddo) -previous encounter/history between Zach and Rex if you want to read up on their feud before starting this one. You do not need the history to enjoy this story, but it certainly adds to it.

 Warning: Includes ballbusting. Contains traces of forced semen. You have been warned.

Across the other side of the wrestling mats, Zach is still lying on top of poor Rex. Both combatants were unable to move for a long time, deeply affected by the numerous blows to their agonized ball bags. Zach completely embraces his smaller opponent, their faces facing each other. To Rex’s big annoyance, he can feel his opponent’s heavy nutsack on top of his own, completely engulfing his considerably smaller package.


“Zach… please, I can’t… breathe” Rex manages to wheeze out. “Get… off!”.


Zach snaps back to reality, and he can clearly see his opponent’s discomfort beneath him. Sympathetically he raises his upper body, giving Rex some badly needed breathing space. Zach still pins his opponent’s hands to the mats though, wary of any cheap tricks from the young brat. The frat boy’s muscular thigs are still planted to the ground on the outside of Rex’s legs, pinning them to the mats.


“Thanks” Rex lets out, sincerely. “I’m such a jerk, thinking that I could even compete with a huge guy like you… We should probably get this over with,” he admits, with a beaten expression across his young face.


Zach smiles smugly down at his opponent: “As I said, most grown men can’t handle my muscles… You put up a good fight kid, don’t feel bad about yourself!”

Sensing victory, the young Adonis gets up on his knees widening his legs, but still pinning Rex’s hands down.


Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Jimmy's Found Video's #42 Classics


Jimmy’s Found Videos #42

1). This guy was all over the place. He always had the best reactions.

2). See what I mean?

Monday, April 17, 2023

Cups: Fully Protected? Part 1 of 2 written by Jimmy and Y1ddo


Cups: Fully Protected?


By Jimmy and Y1ddo


Ballbusting Boys: The championship rematch: Bartlet vs. Midtown (part 2) - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

Ballbusting Boys: Rex gets his revenge - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy and Y1ddo) -previous encounter/history between Zach and Rex if you want to read up on their feud before starting this one. You do not need the history to enjoy this story, but it certainly adds to it.

 Warning: Includes ballbusting. Contains traces of forced semen. You have been warned.

On campus, Logan is sitting with Zach drinking a beer, reminiscing about how he put Chase into his place* (Man of the House: Chase or Logan).


“Chase really thought that he could beat me,” Logan shakes his head and takes another swig, sloshing back another full gulp from his beer bottle.


“Kids these days… That reminds me, you got schooled twice now by one of Chase’s friends…what’s his name…oh yeah, Rex!” Logan laughs merrily, thumping Zach on his back. “Man, imagine being beaten by the skinny fourteen-year-old time after time! Hahah!”


“Shut up,” Zach says, frustration coming to him. “I could have beaten him, but I felt bad. He caught me off guard…”


“You keep telling yourself that, you do lose most of the times you fight you know,” Logan points out rather smugly.


Grumbling, Zach quietly agrees. The 20-year-old jock delicately rearranges the huge bulge inside his jeans, remembering the torment his big boys went through last time he met the young swimmer.


“Hey… I got an idea buddy,” Logan puts an arm around Zach’s big shoulders, leaning in. “Why don’t you challenge little Rex again, but this time you’ll keep your big boys out of that brat’s reach. That way you will teach him a lesson!”


Perking up a bit, Zach frowns. “That’s not a half bad idea,” the frat boy agrees. The reminiscing about his loss makes Zach remember how much that sucked, and he crushes his beer can in his fist after he swallows the remainder “It’s about time I put ‘peanuts’ in his place.” 


Logan grins: “Okay,” and takes out his phone. The wrestler quickly starts texting, as Zach goes to get them both another round.


When Zach comes back, Logan is smiling. “I texted Chase. He was hanging out with the twins. Rex is totally game for it. Your challenge has been accepted.”


Zach gulps, remembering all the nut pain he experienced. He takes Logan’s phone and types in: “Rematch is with cups.”


Logan shrugs, laughs, and tells Zach: “Coward! You’ll probably destroy that young puny swimmer.”


A grin spreads across Zach’s face, as he answers: “That’s the plan, bro”.


Saturday, April 15, 2023

Men of the House IX written by Jimmy


Men of the House IX


by Jimmy

 Ballbusting Boys: Men of the House Part VIII written by Jimmy (previous)

Ball Busting Tales: Men of the House (Even before my stories is Alex's)



Warning: Includes ballbusting. Contains traces of forced semen. You have been warned.

Dylan picked off the sausage and ate some pizza. He went back up to his room and jerked off one more time before going to bed. He kept feeling a twinge of pain of balls all night that kept him up, but made him want to jerk off again. He felt confident he had reclaimed his place as top dog

Corey waits until late in the evening, before he comes to his brother’s bedroom door.

Listening carefully Corey waits until he hears the steady breathing from his brother for a good half hour before he stands up. Corey’s wearing a dark tank top and black trunks before for his stealth mission.

Slowly Corey opens the door and slips into Dylan’s bedroom, the room is dark with only moonlight flooding through the open window left ajar. The air from the night is cool, and his skin bristles goosebumps flaring on his arms.

Stealthfully Corey creeps into the room and towards his sleeping brother. A glint of metal cuffs reflecting flecks of moonlight in hand.

Dylan is sleeping on his back, his chest rising and falling slowly. He’s shirtless and Corey can’t help but to admire his older brother, Dylan’s chest is large and his pecs are so well developed, and the planes of his abdomen curve in a rigidly well-defined six pack.

Corey touches his own gently, feeling the beginnings of what he hopes will someday look like his big brother Dylan’s.

Corey snaps one cuff in place, locking Dylan’s right hand to the bed post and moves over to do the same with his left.

Corey’s heart hammers in his chest, as Dylan snores on, but this time it involves him actually moving an arm he clicks the lock on the bed post and slowly lifts the left arm across the mattress. To do this, Corey had to move to the other side of the bed and as he locks the other hand in place he grins down at his achievement. He has Dylan now.

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The Last Goodbye written by Jimmy


The Last Goodbye


                            by Jimmy



 Warning: Includes ballbusting. A little blood. You have been warned.

At the dinner table the Brady family sat having a pleasant meal. Will Brady, Bills father was the sole provider for the family and also an excellent cook. It was a day near the end of the school year, a random Thursday when a phone call changed everything. 




Will Brady loved his old fashioned, wall phone and he placed his napkin down on the table standing up and saying “I’ll get it.”


“Who could that be?” Bill asks. 


Sam Hell didn’t really care, his steak was raw and delicious. Jake was half-way through his own and a small smile played on his face as he chewed. Sam had to stop himself from kicking him from under the table. 


Shrugging Sam says, mouth still full “Who cares.”


Bill pushes him lightly, and giggles. “Dickhead.”




“Demon boy.”




Bill glares at him, Sam Hell does the same until they both laugh. 

Friday, April 7, 2023

Bartlet's Transfer Student written by Jimmy


Bartlet’s Transfer Student

By Jimmy


 Warning: Includes ballbusting. Contains traces of forced semen. You have been warned.

Gino’s truck broke down…again.

Jayden got a ride earlier with Chase, and he could have gotten a ride but he slept in counting on his truck turning on when he used the key. Apparently, that was too much to ask.

Gino’s bobbing his head to some music when out of nowhere a new guy enters the bus. Immediately he catches Gino’s eye.

The new kid is shorten than him, with beautiful brown wavy hair on top, buzzed sides and skinny. He’s dressed in a black t-shirt and blue jeans. He seems nervous as he enters the bus and Gino takes out his earbuds from his ear and placing them in his case as he looks for an open seat.

Gino stirs in his seat on the bus licking his lips, ‘Fresh meat.’

Gino waves his hand over to him.

“Come sit here,” Gino says a grin spreading his face.

Monday, April 3, 2023

The Bitter Family Rivalry: My Pokemon Cards! written by Jimmy


The Bitter Family Rivalry: My Pokémon Card!


by Jimmy



The doorbell overhead clings as Gino enters the shop. He plans on getting his brother Jayden a present, a thank you for helping him out with studying when he looks up and narrows his eyes at Shiv. Shiv is giving Gino Gomez a dirty look, as if he is the dirt on the bottom of his shoe.

Marco Gomez works at an automatic shop on one end of town, and Shiv’s father works at the other. The two main automatic shops have a deep grudge against the other for stealing customers. One time Marco Gomez and Shiv’s Dad Wu came to blows. Ever since neither family has been kind to the other.

Gino grates his teeth, but steels himself determined to still get that packet of Pokémon playing cards for his brother, Jayden but they are right next to where Shiv is standing.

Gino walks straight up to him, Shiv is blocking the shelf.

 “You’re in my way,” Gino points out. “Move.”

Just coming from wrestling practice, Gino is wearing his red singlet and sneakers. It’s almost summer, so he didn’t bother with a shirt. Gino knows that he looks good, so he does not usually bother anyways.

Shiv says “I was here first you idiot. You are in my way. Get lost”

“I need one of these.” Gino elbows past him, shoving him aside and knocks his nads accidentally with his fist in the process.