Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Jimmy's Found Video's #52

Jimmy's Found Video's #52

Enjoy this weeks videoes!




1). Wedgie (found on Facebook, this family has a lot of videos, I think this is the only busting one).


Monday, June 26, 2023

Crushing Hard 3 written by Jimmy


Crushing Hard 3

By Jimmy



Ballbusting Boys: Crushing Hard written by Jimmy

Ballbusting Boys: Crushing Hard 2 written by Jimmy

Still in the mud puddle Max sits, playing on his phone and waiting for his brother. Twice now Ashley has gotten the better of him, and Max contemplates how to get her back but in reality he is still on focusing on one thing: how to get with Logan.

Max is still deep in thought, his clothes wet and clinging to him dirt all over when a familiar bike pulls up next to him.


“Jayden?” Max looks up, and grinning down at him is his friend and fellow swimmer Jayden Gomez. The two used to be on the same swim team member, in what seems to be ages and ages ago.

“What are you doing out here, sitting in a puddle?” Jayden asks, a hand held out to help him up.

Max takes it feeling a little dumb. He’s on his feet and standing next to the side of the road.

“Long story.”

“Hop on, I’ll take you home and you can tell it to me while we ride.”

“Rex is on his way, but I bet he’s on foot. We had our bikes taken away from us earlier in the week.”

Jayden smirks “Sounds like you have more than one tale to tell. Jump on, send Rex a text and we can meet him on the way.”

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Crushing Hard 2 written by Jimmy

Crushing Hard 2

by Jimmy

 Ballbusting Boys: Crushing Hard written by Jimmy

Dear Ballbusting Boy Community,

I was planning on Max's tale being a one and done, but so many of you have spoke out and wanted some more from Max and his crush on Logan that I had to continue this tale. Miner spoiler...this ends in a To Be Contined. So its not done yet. But here is the second part. Hope that you all enjoy!


When Rex came home he found Max shooting baskets outside.

In the dark.

Also, to Max hates basketball.

“What are you doing?” Rex asks.

“Nuthin,” Max replies rather gloomily.

Rex sighs, Max is only like this when it concerns a boy. “So… what happened with Logan tonight?”

“Huh?” Max turns to looks at Rex, squinting in the darkness at his twin.

Max bounces the ball between his legs, feeling the right grip of the orange ball between his fingers as the bounce back comes into his hands. He tries to ignore Rex, as he shoots. The ball bounces off the backboard and lands in a bush. He almost missed the white backboard completely. 


Rex twists his face in a grimace, “That was pathetic, bro.”


“Yeah, you do it better!” Max fires back. He’s fuming as goes to look for the ball, it’s dark and he can barely see. 


“I would if you could find it. Come inside, it’s dark out.”




Max turns to stare at his brother on the front porch and folds his arms, his eyes narrowing. 


“Max…” Rex starts but sighs. “Listen, if you are ever going to get a guy you gotta make a move.”


“But he’s…” Max starts but Rex talks over him. He’s not finished yet. 


“Don’t matter. Make a move, you got a nice set on you now…right? Go use it. Sack up, bro!”

Monday, June 19, 2023

Crushing Hard written by Jimmy


Crushing Hard


by Jimmy


Max sits ideally staring out at the Bartlet wrestling match, he’s not taken his hazel eyes off of a certain wrestler and drools a bit when he bends down to tie his shoe.

Max told his brother that he was here to support Jayden.

He told Jayden that he was here to support him.

But in reality…

Max fingers his erection in his speedos, they are still wet from the pool. He had to rush to get here. Max’s hair is going every which way, and his shirt is on backwards but he is here, and so is Logan.

Logan stands up, putting his hands on hips as Jayden comes over as he nods at something his new coach has told him. Jayden smiles shyly, and when Logan puts a hand on Jayden’s shoulder and gives a reassuring squeeze Max grits his jaw as a flash of venom pours into him.

How he wishes that Logan was looking at him like that, touch his shoulder, and…

“Mind if I sit here?”

Friday, June 16, 2023

"I Want it Back!" Part 2 of (2) by Reg and Jimmy


“I Want It Back!”

Part 2 of (2)


By Reg and Jimmy

Ballbusting Boys: "I Want It Back!" written by Reg and Jimmy

(Part 1)

Dear Ballbusting Boy's Community,

And now the finale to this epic tale that Reg and I created. We both hope that you enjoy it!


A laugh comes out of Bill and he punches and kicks the air, not bothering to pull up his pants but letting it all hang out…every little bit of his immaturity flops around as he dances circles around Jayden’s fallen form.

The cackles of joy awake something dark in Jayden, and after being busted so badly by Bill he just can’t stand it for another moment.

“Put that dinglehopper away, idiot…this ain’t the Little Mermaid…no one thinks that it’s neat!” Jayden fires, as he points a little pinwheel flopping about.

“You are just jealous…” Bill starts to say.

“Of what? Of your tiny cock?”

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Jimmy's Found Video's #50

 Jimmy’s Found Video’s #50


Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,


I cannot believe that we got to 50 videos? So for the fiftieth I decided to put up 20 videos instead of the normal five. Some classics, and some I have never seen before. I hope that you all enjoy them!



1). Grab a good hand hold and hold on! Win's everytime.

Friday, June 9, 2023

"I Want It Back!" written by Reg and Jimmy


                         “I Want It Back!”


By Reg and Jimmy



Sam Hell, aka the Devil-boy comes into the living room where Bill Brady lies shirtless. The small teen is slumped in front of the television to shelter from the afternoon sun but he’s barely looking at the screen and perks up when Sam sits down. 


Bill looks him up and down and gulps, “Oh wow…No shirt today?” his left eyebrows rises slowly like the morning sun just peeking up from the Earth. Sam Hell casts a striking figure at the best of times, with his fiendish red eyes inset into his stony, chiseled face but now, with his muscular barrel-chest exposed his appearance is simply jaw-dropping. Bill feels a sudden hot flush, thrilled to have such a formidable power-house on his side. Sam Hell is the perfect step-brother…with benefits!


Sam Hell shrugs nonchalantly “You too I see…well it is hot today” Sam’s red eyes roam over towards Bill as he lays on the couch, arms spread as one shoulder lays across the top, rather sleepily and Sam’s eyes alight from within. 


But it is the cute bulge in Bill’s shorts that really gets Sam Hells attention as his big toe snakes and slithers down Bills ankle, and along the inner thigh. Bill’s breathing changes and he looks at Sam, and the desire there drives his big toe further along until he’s inside the slight hole in his shorts and pressing his toes against Bill’s groin. 


Sighing Bill smiles softly and lets out a quivering breath he didn’t realize that he was holding and his eyes glaze over as desire takes over. The erection in his shorts poking up like a fresh bean sprout shooting for the first time, and in fact it’s rather similar in size. Bill gasps as Sam’s toes wrap around his nail toying with the tip until he wet’s his underwear with his first drops of pre-cum. 


Bill is about to lay his head back, when a loud clatter by the porch makes him look out the window. It’s Jayden Gomez, on his paper route. Jayden’s got his satchel over one shoulder as he pumps his legs, arm arching as he tosses papers overhead. He’s shirtless and his glistening young wrestler-muscles look utterly sublime. Bill curses jealously under his breath and pushes Sam Hells foot away with a scowl on his young face.


“That bastard! Stealing my paper route and rubbing it in my face.”

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Monday, June 5, 2023

The Struggle of Getting Bigger, a Little Guy Problem written by Jimmy


The Struggle of Getting Bigger, a Little Guy Problem


by Jimmy


“Are you…sure this is going to ask?” Bill asks timidly.

Bill is in his underwear, looking apprehensive at the wide arrange of instruments laid out on the table. None of them look particularly soft to the touch. In addition those tools are about to be used on Bill’s genitals.

A few weeks back, Mr. Will Brady, Bill’s Dad reached out to Vince at Ballbusting Boy’s and asked for a special set of tools to be made to help his son grow…a little bit bigger where it really counts. The order had to be custom made after Mr. Brady gave him his son’s measurements.  Vince was so convinced that Mr. Brady had read the instruments wrong that he had him double check, much to the annoyance of his son.

Vince said that they would cost extra.

Mr. Brady did not hesitate to pay. If this worked…it would be worth it in his mind.

“I am not sure if it’s going to work son,” Mr. Brady sighs clapping Bill on the shoulder and getting down to his level. “And if you decide that you need a break, or are no longer interested in…getting bigger. I will understand.”

Bill gulps, still apprehensive. Bill made his Dad promise to pick a night that Sam Hell, his foster brother was working at the gas station down the street before scheduling this little session. No way did he want Sam Hell to see him like this.

“Okay Dad, let’s give it a try.”

“That’s the spirit!” Mr. Brady says enthusiastically, giving his sons shoulder a gentle squeeze. “Take off the shorts and hop up on the counter and we can get started.”

Friday, June 2, 2023

Know When to Fold 'Em written by Jimmy


Know When to Fold ‘Em


by Jimmy

“So you’re saying…that it’s Dad and Son gambling day?”


“That’s right,” Mr. Brady tells Sam Hell. “I have to be dealer. Bill is too young and…I don’t think you would be interested.”


Sam Hell raises his left eyebrow, knowing when someone is trying to bait him. “If you want me to go with you to this…poker night. You will have to ask.”


“You?” Mr. Brady appears appalled by the very idea, and grabs his shirt theatrically. “I couldn’t possibly ask you to put yourself on the line.”


“Mr. Brady…” Sam begins but Mr. Brady tuts and interrupts him patting his shoulder. 


“Besides Gino and Logan will be there, classmates of yours and I know that could get awkward for you. I don’t think those two chums are friends.”