Monday, June 19, 2023

Crushing Hard written by Jimmy


Crushing Hard


by Jimmy


Max sits ideally staring out at the Bartlet wrestling match, he’s not taken his hazel eyes off of a certain wrestler and drools a bit when he bends down to tie his shoe.

Max told his brother that he was here to support Jayden.

He told Jayden that he was here to support him.

But in reality…

Max fingers his erection in his speedos, they are still wet from the pool. He had to rush to get here. Max’s hair is going every which way, and his shirt is on backwards but he is here, and so is Logan.

Logan stands up, putting his hands on hips as Jayden comes over as he nods at something his new coach has told him. Jayden smiles shyly, and when Logan puts a hand on Jayden’s shoulder and gives a reassuring squeeze Max grits his jaw as a flash of venom pours into him.

How he wishes that Logan was looking at him like that, touch his shoulder, and…

“Mind if I sit here?”

A female voice cuts through his daydreams, and his imagination as he turns blinking up at the blonde bombshell standing before him. She’s wearing a tight red dress, her puckered lips have the faintest hint of crimson and the blinking of her blue eyes catches Max slightly off guard as he moves closer to the end of the bleachers, the metal frame into his right shoulder.

Still standing, Ashley waits for Max to answer her.

“Ummm….okay,” Max stammers and she shifts and sits right next to him and smiles at his messy hair and gently tucks a lock that had fallen into his eyes behind one ear.

“You got here before Chase did, Jayden’s your friend right?”

Max sighs in relief and absentmindedly runs a hair through his still damp head, feeling the chlorine that he missed in getting out.

“Yeah…I was…saving him a seat,” Max lies, as he bites his bottom lip.

“I’ll bet,” Ashley says knowingly, and leans slightly uneccessarily further into Max’s shoulder as she swings her hand bag into his chest saying “Hold this, please.”

Max’s breath is stolen as she fishes inside and pulls out a small bottle after scouring the contents from within, the clinking and the clacking of objects ruffling together.

“There it is!”

Ashley pulls off one heel saying “You wouldn’t mind would you?”

“Huh?” Max asks distractedly trying to look past her, Logan has just started fixing the straps on his singlet and his right nipple now pokes out as Logan did not quite put it back in.

“Didn’t think so,” Ashley finishes as she places her foot right on top of Max’s lap. The sculpted toenail polish seems perfect, and her warm foot rests right up against his painful erection and Max gulps blinking hard at Ashley.

“I need a little touch-up.”

Ashley takes out the brush and starts slowly painting her big nail, leaning over so that her head is right next to Max, their foreheads touch and her heel digs into Max’s bulge from this angle crushing his tight scrotum against the metal seat.

Max lets out a gasp, and Ashley’s lips smile a bit.

“I’ve had to give this warning before” Ashely states, her heel making her point clear as Max’s nuts flatten and her eyes lock onto Max’s. “Logan is mine, and you better stop this little game of following him around like a long lost puppy. You wouldn’t want to get fixed.”

Max tries to hold back a moan, and grips the edges of the bleachers hard, his knuckles turning white as ghosts and he nods at her point.

“Now…go home and take a nice cold shower. And if any of the swimmers on your little team think that their tiny little flag poles are coming anywhere close to putting their flag down I will put that fantasy firmly to rest. Got it, Max?”

She knows my name. How?

“I…was just….gonna…”

Ashley twists her heel and silences him as she stands up, her toes now curling around his nuts, and pinning them in place. She isn’t squeezing them as she puts her heel down and tucks her light, delicate foot back inside. Once her toes reach the bottom she slides it right up to kiss Max’s scrotum.

Cheerfully Ashley grins down at Max, “Nice seeing you…little boy.”

In a flash she’s gone, and Max cups his balls, his amber eyes blinking down at his crushed bulge before he looks back up.

Logan’s singlet strap has been fixed, and Ashley is at his side kissing him on the cheek. Her bright red lipstick leaves a smear on his stubbly cheek and he smiles at her and its then that Max’s dreams are as crushed as genitals. The look of love in Logan’s eyes as he stares into Ashely’s destroys his very soul.

He’s out of the gym, leaning heavily against the building and blinking back tears as the image of Ashley standing on tip toes to kiss Logan is seared into his memory.

He hits calls Rex on his phone, and starts walking home. The limp, and his sore nuts are nothing compared to what just happened to his heart.

“Max?” Rex is still in the locker room, he hears the showers. The guy’s laughter

in the background.

Max sucks in a breath and his voice shakes. “I’m…on my way.”

“You left? Max wait…are you crying.”


Rex sighs and Max thinks that he is covering the phone with his hand. “Come

back to the locker room. I’ll be here, bro.”

Max nods and disconnects.

            The sky opens up, and moonlight streams down onto Max and he freezes, staring straight up at the sky as the clouds pass overhead. He closes his eyes and takes a breath, the wind has picked up along with the shifting clouds of fluff above and Max puts out a silent prayer before he opens his hazel eyes again blinking his long lashes and rubbing his eyes as he heads back to the team. At least there, he has his brother. Max can tell Rex what happened, and he can help him deal with this new painful memory of yet another love that will never be.

            First Chase. Then Jayden. And now…Logan. Will anyone ever love me?

            Max’s teeth clatter and he stops against a tree, on his knees. He’s crying now, big ugly wet tears. Snot coming from his left nostril, as his shoulders quake and roll. His erection went down a long time ago and all that’s left is his fallen dreams and tear drops on the grass.

            “Goodbye Logan,” Max whimpers and buries his head in his hands.





Anonymous said...

Absence of balls doesn't mean an absence of consequence. Ashley getting clipped in the teeth one good time and told to stay out of the boys' business wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Max will find love soon especially now he has such a tasty bulge. Maybe he will fall for a single guy next time 😉 Reg

Anonymous said...

Telling Max to "grow a pair" doesn't work anymore since he already got that growth spurt, so he better USE those big boys of his to STAND HIS GROUND. C'mon Max, don't give up! (Really ho[e this really isn't the end of Max's crush on Logan, it's really cute)

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for writing in!

* First comment, he could have done so but he was in far too much pain. Maybe next time he will get even with Ashley

* Max has not given up yet!

* Maybe finding a single guy is the best option for him, Reg. But finding single guys does not seem to be Max's 'thing.'

*Max has not given up yet...and I have two more stories planned in this series of shorts. Max is going to try to actually capitalize on that crush. We will see how it turns out!