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Know When to Fold 'Em written by Jimmy


Know When to Fold ‘Em


by Jimmy

“So you’re saying…that it’s Dad and Son gambling day?”


“That’s right,” Mr. Brady tells Sam Hell. “I have to be dealer. Bill is too young and…I don’t think you would be interested.”


Sam Hell raises his left eyebrow, knowing when someone is trying to bait him. “If you want me to go with you to this…poker night. You will have to ask.”


“You?” Mr. Brady appears appalled by the very idea, and grabs his shirt theatrically. “I couldn’t possibly ask you to put yourself on the line.”


“Mr. Brady…” Sam begins but Mr. Brady tuts and interrupts him patting his shoulder. 


“Besides Gino and Logan will be there, classmates of yours and I know that could get awkward for you. I don’t think those two chums are friends.”


“No. They most certainly are not,” Sam Hell’s words are cold, along with his fiery intense eyes which smolder as he stares at Mr. Brady. 


“Like I said, it’s not for you. Even if I never lose, which means that you would be on top. Winning every match that I told you to bet on you. You would have a miserable time, especially when it came time to collect your winning and deal out…punishments to the losers.” Mr. Brady pushes back from the table starting to clear the plates. 


Bill who was quiet all night finally speaks up. “Wish I was older and could go.”


Mr. Brady gives Bill a shy, coy grin. “Someday slugger, you will be!” Mr. Brady messes with his hair until Bill laughs and pushes him away. 


“Quit it!” Bill laughs, smiling clearly enjoying the fatherly affection.


“What kind of punishment, Mr. Brady?” Sam Hell asks, and he realizes as he says it that he Mr. Brady played him perfectly. 


“Nothing too bad…just a few low blows among men. I won’t be long boys!” Mr. Brady says getting up from the table. 


Bill pouts as his Dad turns to go, but Sam Hell’s hand shoot out and he grabs his forearm tightly. 


Mr. Brady turns back to face Sam, not even bothering to hide the smug expression from his face as he smiles down at the still seated boy.


“You coming, squirt?”


Sam Hell narrows his eyes at him, “Only if I drive.”


Mr. Brady chuckles, “You need the hours for your permit…and I want you to be the designated driver. I was going to ask you anyways. If you wanted to come.” 


The keys dangle in front of Sam, and he swipes them before thinking about it and getting up from the table. 


“No fair!” pouts Bill, crossing his arms and huffing. 


“In a few years, you can give it a whirl!” Mr. Brady says leading the way.


Sam Hell turns to follow but he too, messes with Bills hair and steals a kiss from the lad. Bill is smiling when he pulls back and tells him “You better win.”


“I will.”


He’s out the door before he can second guess his decision. 




Arriving at Krueger House, Bradley Krueger, Logan’s father welcomes Sam Hell and Mr. Brady into the room. 


“Will, good to see you and…you brought Sam I see.” Bradley looks apprehensive and taps his shoulder passing by him and walking into the house, the poker chip box by his side. 


“I thought you would deal.”


“And miss out on this special night? Not I.” Mr. Brady says winking back at Sam. “But I will also deal.”


Sam Hell looks around, he’s never been in Logan’s proper home. It’s furnished nicely, but Sam pays not attention to the details. It reeks of money, and Sam feels even better that he and Will are about to be taking leave with some of it. 


Logan and Gino are already at the table, arm wrestling and laughing. Logan pins Gino but he is asking for a rematch as the three of them walk in. 


When Logan and Gino spot Sam Hell the temperature seems to drop several degrees and both of the young 18 year olds are standing the good natured battle between them into arm wrestling disappearing like smoke in the wind. 


Marco Gomez, Gino’s Dad heads to the table carrying sodas for the boys and pauses unsure why the fun has stopped. 


“Here’s your drinks boys,” Marco says passing them the opened bottles. 


“Better make it one more coke, Marco. Sam will want one,” Will Brady says putting the chips down on the table and greeting Gino and Logan with a quick “Hi boys, I think you met my son, Sam.”


“We’ve met,” Gino says.


While at the same time Logan says “I’ve had the pleasure.”


Sam Hell feels like the star of the show and his eyes dazzle at the gawking group. 


“I heard theirs a tournament to win, so I came by. Besides playing two player poker would be boring. I’m happy to slice things up tonight,” Sam says, not even trying to hide his smile as he sits down on Will Brady’s right putting his arms behind his back, and kicking back daring Gino or Logan to make the first move. 


Neither do. 


It’s Bradley Krueger, Logan’s Dad that clears the air first. 


“Four would really be best, but per usual I am assuming Max and Rex’s Dad Lex Arnold is away?”


“Always…he just doesn’t want to lose to you!” Marco says slapping Will Brady on the back and chuckling. 


“Fair enough.”


“So I invited someone a little older…” Bradley Krueger says, not sure if it’s a good idea or not. 


From the kitchen walks in Old Man Franklin. He is in his sixties…maybe seventies. No one has the guts to properly ask. He has just always lived in the neighborhood it seems. Most people presume that he is older. It might have something to do with the simple fact that he is placed and accepts the word ‘Old’ as part of his nickname. In he comes walking next to a younger guy. He looks to be about the same size as Old Man Franklin but a much younger version. 


The chap has the same small set eyes, and well pronounced chin, with close evenly cut black hair slicked to the sides perfectly down the middle fans his face in a classic bowl cut. He appears middle age if any 18 year old could be. Sam Hell does not recognize him, but he wonders briefly if this factored into Will Brady’s winning strategy or not. His chest is well defined in his crisp white buttoned up shirt, and the bow tie might be a bit overkill.


He’s not sure, but the Old Man Franklins…


“Meet my grandson, Frankie.”


Frankie holds out his hand and more introductions happen, Sam mostly ignores them. Instead he solely focuses on the looks of horror on Gino and Logan’s faces when he beats the pants off the pair of them. 


Frankie is rolling up his sleeves, showing off his hardened biceps that Marco asked to see. 


“I want to imagine what Franklin was like in his youth!”


“Who you called old?” Old Man Franklin said, good-naturedly and slaps Marco with his cane across his small bulge. 


Marco yelps and falls to the floor, as the group breaks out in riotous laughter but Old Man Franklin has his eyes cast to Gino now. “No longer playing loud music right boy?”


The business end Old Man Franklins wooden cane slaps down between Gino’s spread thighs barely an inch from his left nut. Gino remembers the night he played loud music…or what Old Man Franklin considered loud one night while sitting in his car. The end results are what he has tried to forget.


Gino gulps. “No…no sir.” He stares sadly at his Dad under the table gulping air like a fish out of water. 


“Good, I won’t have any shenanigans tonight and as for you, Hooligan!” Old Man Franklin says spinning his cane and pointing it directly into Sam Hells pouch and comes forward to poke the dead center of his bulge. 


Will Brady catches it at the last moment, and raises his eyebrows to Franklin. 


“He’s with me, Franklin and I promise…no funny business.”


Old Man Franklin shakes his head and pulls back his cane. 


“Better not be, Will! I have seen him around the neighborhood and he is gutter tra—-“


“Better sit down at the table, Franklin before you say something you can’t take back,” Will Brady says coldly, and while his voice is calm he commands the room as the two alpha males square off. They may be a few generations apart, but Old Man Franklin does not look at all scared of Will Brady. But he relents.


“It’s my bedtime soon, so let’s get this game going,” Old Man Franklin says sitting down at the far end of the table. 


Frankie sits next to his grandpa, and the tension finally seems to calm down as Will Brady explains the rules. 


“You get three chances in this game, and no more. Every lost hand is an arrival of clothing. You get to play naked in the last round…but if you lose again each member still playing gets to hit your buts. And it will be the dealer’s choice, and I my friends and lads am the dealer. And yes,” Will Brady says with a friendly smile. “And yes, we are playing with jokers, and jokers are always wild.”


The room grows quiet. 


No one speaks as Will Brady deals out the cards. Once dealt everyone talks quietly to their father, or in Frankie’s case grandfather. Frankie puts a smaller cane on the table and Sam He’ll assumes that Frankie is either a twat that likes dress up or has an animist limp like his grandfather. He intends to find out…later. 


Will Brady looks at Sam Hells cards, and nods mouthing ‘Fold ‘em.’


Sam Hell sighs, but does as he is told. 


Gino, Logan and Frankie stay in. 


Frankie wins the pot, and the first round. 


Gino and Logan are pulling off their shirts, Old Man Franklin smiles down the end of the table a twinkle growing in his eyes. 


Will Brady is unreadable, but collects the cards as Gino and Logan toss their clothes into the pile at the end. Four hundreds sit next to the pit and Sam Hell is already counting half as his if he is lucky. 


The second and third rounds go through. By the fourth both Gino and Logan are in their underwear while Sam Hell and Frankie are both fully clothed. 


Logan tells his Dad “You’re really bad at this, why do you play cards?”


Bradley Kruger shrugs. “Not my nuts on the line this time.”


Logan sighs and feels up his balls. “I’m meeting Ashley later.”


“You might want to postpone,” Bradley suggests. 


Gino is staring hard at his hand and sweating under the light, he bites his lip and nervously looks at his Dad. 


“I would stay in,” Marco says. 


“I know that you would, but I am not.” Gino folds. 


Logan delights at this. He’s against only Sam Hell and he calls. 


Logan drops three Aces. 


“Beat that!” Logan says, smiling. 


“Sure thing” a full house is placed in front of Logan and Sam Hell grins asking “Want help pulling off your panties?”


Logan balls his hands into fists but pulls his underwear down showing own his full bush of blonde pubes, and his big cock and balls flop out touching the losing hand. 


Mr. Brady tries not to laugh as he collects his cards. 


Logan chooses not to sit back down, if he has to be naked….he demands to be seen. 


Frankie whistles down at the far end of the table. 


“That there is a big penis,” Frankie points out. 


“Yes it is, and Bradley his Dad gots a big one too.”


Frankie looks down into his lap, and back at his granddad finally looking a bit nervous. 


Everyone spots his apprehension but it’s Gino who says, “Luckily you are winning Frankie, you won’t be in Logan…or soon me spot. You might win this.” Gino gives him a thumbs up and turns back to glare at Sam Hell. 


He just shrugs. 


Another round goes by. 


Logan goes all in. 


He loses. Again to Sam Hell.


“Well dealer…what’s it gonna be?” Logan asks coming out from behind the table. 


“That’s easy son. You lost to three opponents. You get three kicks. If you don’t stay standing…if you fall…you get one from each Dad or grandfather respectively.”


“I won’t fall.”


Will Brady shrugs. “That’s the spirit. The one who got you out always goes first.”


“That’s me,” Sam Hell says rather excitedly. He had to take off his shoes and socks at the entrance to Krueger home and he regrets that now, he wishes to bash Logan’s balls to smithereens with his workmen’s boot. But he will always take a free kick, he only wishes that Bill was here to enjoy it with him. 


“Spread ‘em, Kruger.”


It’s not a request, and Logan does spotting Frankie getting up and Gino getting ready for their turns. 


Sam Hell does not smile at Logan but instead fixed him with his dark, devil stare that he is known for as he reads back not even daring to look down. He knows that his kick will be good and boots Logan as hard and as fast as he can, punting Logan so hard between the legs that he leaves the ground. 


Logan lands on his feet, and stumbles but does fall as he moves to grab his balls Will Brady hits the hands away. 


“No reprieve for the losers, kick him Gino!”


Gino looks sadly at Logan mouthing sorry and kicks him medium speed in the nuts. 


Logan winces, but nods his head in thanks. Gino moves to the side as Frankie makes his way down from the far end of the table his own cane clicking on the wooden floor. 


Frankie smiles shyly but the kick that he launches up is anything but and his bare foot hits Logan just as hard as Sam’s from earlier and Logan’s eyes twist until he looks cross-eyes. His bottom lip trembles but he manages to stumble back to his seat and not fall to the floor. 


“Good job, Logan.” Bradley tells his son, gripping his shoulder roughly. 


“You…owe me for tonight.” Logan grimaces holding his privates and suppressing a groan, as he folds overhead hitting the table. 


Bradley and the other chuckle. 


“Next round,” Will Brady says, keeping everyone on track. 


Old Man Franklin nods, and pats his grandson’s knee. 


Gino is naked after that hand, and he shrugs looking at his Dad and gives his dong a playful tug. 


“Just like the old man, right?” Gino says. 


“Ri…r…right!” stumbles Marco Gomez, immediately sweating in his arm pits and brow. 


“Marco…don’t lie to your son like that.” Will Brady says, smiling.


“It’s good to be honest, best even,” Bradley jumps in. 


“Yeah tell your son.”


“Tell me what?” Gino Gomez says turning to his Dad, already knowing where this is going but if he is going to take some knocks to his nads because of his Dad he at least wants to make his old man pay in some form or fashion. 


“I umm…I. Well, you see son…we…um…”


“Just tell him you got a small dick,” Bradley says. “It happens.”


“That true, Dad?” Gino asks. “Do you got a little one?”


Marco Gomez goes bright red in the face. “It’s not…I’m….average!” Marco proclaims. 


“What’s all this fuss about? I said no shenanigans, Gomez! From you, or your boy! Someone pants him and be done with it!” Old Man Franklin proclaims drinking his whisky, as he still stares acidly at Will Brady. 


Gino grins at the very idea and reaches over and pulls his Dads shorts down, underwear and all. What everyone discovers is something…well. Rather unexpected. Marco is wearing a chastity cage over his cock his balls beneath are tightly snuggled in underneath but everyone goes speechless.


Not too long though. 


“What is that thing?” Old Man Franklin asks. “Is he wearing a cup? If so, the dummy forgot it’s supposed to protect the testicles!”


“Franklin…that’s not a cup. It’s a chastity cage, and he’s wearing it because he lost a little bet with me,” Will Brady says evenly and smiles around the table. “He was going to get the key back tonight if he won…but it does not look like that’s going to happen. Does it, Marco?”


Marco sighs, he’s so red that he can’t even speak. 


“Dad…that’s. Well…maybe you can get bigger as you age and get…umm older?” Gino suggests shrugging.


Logan snickers and Gino turns to stare at him, and the look shuts him up. 


“I think I’m bigger than you, Logan so I am not sure why you are laughing.”


This causes everyone to look down at both Logan and Gino. The two sit naked next to each other and it’s really no easy feat to decide. 


“I left my measurement stuff at Chases, he…umm likes to measure daily,” Logan says. 


“We don’t need to get fancy,” Gino spits in both hands and grabs his and Logan’s cock and starts to Jack the two of them off. 


This gets a hoot, and howls from around the table. Gino is hard first, and it does not take Logan too much longer. They cross swords, and the guys around the table watch as Gino pulls Logan closer and rubs the pair together until both cocks cooperate and stand at attention side by side. The winner is clear and smugly Gino says “I told you so.”


Everyone screams with laughter and Logan pushes him away “Not even a full inch!”


“It’s enough!” cackles Gino as everyone laughs. Gino is so hot and bothered that pre-cum drips down his erection and when he turns to pick up his, more than likely last hand his cock thumps the table loudly and Gino’s knees turn in. “Ooow…I hit my cock!” he laughs. 


Everyone else is laughing too, and everyone is surprised when all three go in. But everyone is surprised when Gino wins a round. 


Sam Hell and Frankie look over and the two part ways with their shirts, Sam has a few wispy nipple hairs and a treasure trail that leads down from his belly but Frankie unlike the other three boys is covered in hair. His chest is very manly and he flexed it and pops his arms. 


The guys laugh as they collect the cards and the following hand is dealt. 


Gino’s luck does not hold and he loses. 


Gino stands up, ready to admit defeat. 


“Okay, my turn to take the low blows. What’s next Mr. Brady?” Gino asks. 


Logan wishes him luck, but Mr. Brady informs everyone “The knee.”


Gino puts his hands behind his back. Frankie took him out in poker and the hairy guy, is first in line rubbing his hands together excitedly. 


He comes in real close, to Gino grabbing both shoulders and looking up at him. Frankie waits until he makes eye contact with Gino before he powers up his thigh, kneeing him in his naked nuts with such force that his balls are squished between his buttcheeks. From his seated position Sam Hell can perfectly see the set and he is reminded of a meatball sandwich and laughs at the very idea.


Gino moans unsteady on his feet, but luckily does not fall down.


Sam Hell wants to change that.


Pushing his wooden chair back from the table, he stands up as Frankie passing him and again Sam reaches up to feel the few hairs around one nipple as he looks enviously at Old Man Frankie’s grandkid. The chair scrapes the ground as he pushes it back in and Sam Hell appraises Gino, looking for weaknesses of how best to trip him when he takes his turn with a knee.


Just behind Gino, Will Brady slightly nods and points with his finger underneath the table. Behind Gino’s left ankle, Will Brady has positioned the bottom of his chair leg. The idea inspires Sam Hell, that if he can make Gino take a step back with his left foot, he might have a chance.


Taking a long pull at his coke, he feels the sugary fizz slide down his throat, and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand as he watches Gino eagerly and ready to nail him. Gino appears wounded, his hands are hips and he is seething. His mouth is slightly ajar and quiet moans come from him which are music to his ears. Maybe Frankie did just enough.


“Are you going to take your turn? Or are you just…enjoying looking at me naked?” Gino asks, fully challenging Sam. Gino Gomez even grabs his cock and points it at him like a gun, and goes “Pow!” and cocks his dick back as if there was a kick back to his loaded weapon.


Sam Hell smiles then, his sizzling blood red eyes glaring like laser beams at him, takes Gino aback for a moment as Sam fixes him with the look. The words that Gino tried to use on him, bounce off as he steps quickly forward and flares out his nostrils not blinking and says “It’s not your cock, I was looking at boy.” His finger reach for the delicate orbs in Gino’s pouch and they tickle the bottoms as Sam Hell cocks his head to the side while his claw plays with their new toys.

Gino takes an unsteady breath and hates it when he gulps. The noise is so loud in his own ears that he knows everyone at the table must have heard him.


“Just do it, already Hell.”


“The spider never eats their prey right away Gomez, but they take their time and enjoy the desperate struggle first,” Sam explains calmly and looks downward theatrical.


Gino and the others do as well and see that Gino has sprung a boner and it stands taut and rigid against his lower belly as it touches the ridge.


“See? I just wanted that out of the way.” Sam’s words are like ice as he stops tickling the short hairs on Gino’s balls and grabs them giving a small tug. “I got you exactly where I want you.”


Gino breathes harder now, he casts his eyes to look at Logan and that’s when Sam Hell strikes when he’s distracted, a bit horny, and unsure. Because he did not grab Gino’s shoulders his knee snaps up, quick and deadly accurate striking Gino at the precise point between both nuts nailing them underneath his body.


On instinct Gino backs up, and he steps first with his left. Will Brady’s grin widens and he is not looking at Gino, but at Sam Hell and he nods rather knowingly as Gino’s arms pinwheel trying to regain his footing but it’s too late and he drops all the way to the ground on his back landing hard on the wood floor slightly dazed and blinking rapidly.


“The bigger they are…” Sam says smoothly and retakes his seat, just as the excited Dads start getting up, followed by Old Man Franklin taking up the rear.


“Oh…no,” Gino mumbles as awareness gets back to him. He tries to protect his nuts but Will Brady still sitting knocks his hands away, just as he had with Logan. This this he places his foot on Gino’s chest and presses him to the floor.


“When you fall, you aren’t allowed to get back up until everyone has taken their turns,” explains Will Brady.


“But….but I have to take knees!” Gino says dumbfoundedly.


“You can take them where you are.”


“I…” *gulp* “can?”


“I will show you,” Bradley tells him, getting on all fours and grabbing Gino’s thighs as he comes up between them and rears back his leg.


“Oh…shit!” Gino says as Bradley’s knee hits his balls, and also presses them into the unforgiving wooden floor. Bradley takes an extra few seconds to stand back up and puts all his weight on the knee that has Gino’s balls beneath it.


Gino can’t hold back and tries to fight Bradley off but his Dad, Marco takes his arms and pins them to the floor.


“You have to take it son,” Marco tells him.


“Dad?” squeaks Gino, not noticing that Old Man Franklin has taken position on the floor until another thump echoes in the dining room. Gino’s eyes widen and he howls in agony.


Logan goes to take a turn, but Will Brady puts a hand on his shoulder. “Losers never take a turn, Logan.”


Will Brady puts him so easily in his place that he leaves Logan speechless as he gets down between Gino’s legs. “Your Dad should get to go last.” Will picks up Gino’s cock and gives it a few short pulls. “He’s still hard, if anyone was wondering.”


The group laughs, and Will pinches the sensitive tip causing Gino to groan. “Get off my…dick!”


Will Brady hits Gino’s bulging nutsack with a tremendous smack that Gino gapes and his eyes roll back. His cock twitches, and Will makes sure to grab the appendage as leverage as he slides across the floor to take Marco’s place. “Finish your son,” Will tells him and gives him a wink.


Marco winks back and comes around to Gino’s front, crawling over his body not bothering to walk around. Marco punches Gino’s abs with his fists and slides his thighs over Gino’s full length. At one point Marco pauses to examine his fingernail as his toes pick-up and squeeze his sons flared red cockhead, jacking it a bit until he hears a familiar groan.


“I know that sound,” Marco explains. “Between the ages of twelve to thirteen Gino used to choke the chicken twice a day in the shower. Man he ran the water bill up those years!”


The guys laugh as Gino whines “Daaad…stop!”


Marco picks up his sons dick and rubs him for almost a full minute. “What son? You like my hand better?”


“No…Dad…uuughh…ugh…uh, uh! If you keep that up…I…”


“Spit it out son, you will what?”


Gino blinks as his balls curl up at the base of his cock.


He shakes his head, Will Brady struggling to keep the wrestler’s hands down, pinned to the floor.


“Don’t…you…make me…”


“Make you what? You really need to work on full sentences!” Marco says as he jacks Gino’s cock, which has produced so much pre-cum that Gino’s cockhead slides in and out of Marco’s fist so easily. “By the way son, your nuts…they look so tight in their nutsack here. It’s almost if they expect something to happen…soon.” Marco chuckles as he continues to masturbate Gino. Gino starts to tense up, his cock growing a bit firmer, and the head plumping up and that’s when Marco pulls off just as Gino is about to erupt.


Marco takes his sons thighs in hand, and using them as a pulley swings his knee up and into Gino’s scrunched up nutbag flattening the orbs against his taint and Gino cries out as his flattened gonads churn and his cock spasms once, trembling in the air hovering above his navel before it lets loose. Cum sprays up, the first batch landing on his right nipple, while the second shoots so far that it hits his chin. Gino groans and Marco he grabs his son’s cock yanking on it and helping him out and emptying his nut juice onto his belly.


Gino spent rests his head on the floor breathing hard, little shivers rundown his flanks and Will Brady and Marco Gomez stand up looking smug.


Bradley hands Gino a towel saying “That’s only for clean-up. You still have to be naked until the end.”


At Bradley’s words, Sam Hell turns to face his last opponent. Frankie looks eager and the two players get ready to face off as Will retakes his place at the table and shuffles the deck and begins to pass out the cards.


The next hand is a Sam wins.


Frankie’s boxers are big, like an old mans. Sam briefly wonders if he borrowed them from his grandpa as he wins the very next round.


Frankie sighs and pulls down his almost short like underwear.


Sam Hell takes a good look at Frankie standing naked. He’s not…that impressive. Frankie’s is uncut, but he appears no bigger than Bill and Sam Hell starts to wonder if his grandson is that size than maybe he takes after the Old Man.


Franklin twists his head and openly gawks at his grandson saying “Are you more of a grower?”


“Huh?” Frankie asks, not quite understanding.


“What I mean is, does it get bigger when you get an erection?”


“Well…yeah? Don’t all erections make a guy’s thingie bigger?” Frankie points out.


Sam admits to himself that the forest of dark pubes really does well camouflaging the guys dick and balls. The nutsack is decidedly average, so his walnuts will at least feel good when he busts them.


Sam Hell smiles imagining it.


Then promptly loses both rounds and winding up naked himself. Sam Hell is not as big as Logan and Gino, but he is not chump between the legs and he boldly stays standing for everyone to get a good look at what he is packing between the legs. Sam plays with his devil’s fork absentmindedly as he looks at his last hand. One look from Will Brady tells him to not ask for more cards. Sam follows the direction and calls.


Frankie puts down his hand. It’s pretty good. But it does not beat Sam Hell’s four of a kind.


“Looks like I won,” Sam Hell says standing up.


Frankie does too, and holds out his hand. “Good game.”


Old Man Franklin looks like he swallowed a toad. He’s shaking with anger, but Will Brady does not rise to say anything but. “Winner’s choice for the last hit.”


Sam Hell smiles back at Will Brady, but he shrugs. “It’s how we end every time we do one of these…special games. You decide how you want to do the final blow.”


Licking his lips, Sam Hell comes up close to Frankie and asks him so quietly in his ear that no one else can hear “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” It’s a line from a Batman movie that has always stayed with the Devilboy, and his red hungry eyes feast on the look that Frankie gives him.


“What are you…talking about?”


Sighing Sam Hell grabs him by the ballsack and applies his version of a nutclaw. Sam Hell noticed a long time ago that most don’t squeeze balls quite like he does. He slips the ballsack between both the index and the middle finger leaving all four things and thumb available to truly emasculate the chosen targets.


Frankie’s eyes widen but Sam covers his mouth before he can scream whispering “Hush, Frankie.”


Sam tightens his grip, as Frankie trembles his legs turning rubbery and he clings to Sam’s forearm that squishes his testicles with no formality.


“How long is he going to do…that?” asks Old Man Franklin.


“Up to Sam Hell,” Bradley explains. “But he has to stop if Frankie cums.”


Frankie’s limp noodle does not seem to be doing anything but shaking as Sam Hell sends his thumb in and out of Frankie’s nutsack targeting the bigger of the two.


All eyes are on Frankie as he whimpers “Bullocks…he…so filthy!”


Sam Hell continues to squish Frankie’s nuts until Frankie gasps and shudders moaning “My bullocks…oh god…my bullocks….noo….ooo god!”


Sam tires of Frankie’s pair and he releases them. They look red and swollen and Frankie bends at the waist but does not fall.


Scooping the cash, Sam Hell turns to leave but Old Man Franklin grabs his shoulder spinning him around.


“You have been a menace in this town since you walked in, I’m watching you boy!” Old Man Franklin says, pointing his cane at Sam’s belly and giving it a slight poke in the abdomen.


“Noted,” says Sam.


“Time to hit the road!” declares Will Brady picking up the cards, and the chips. 


Sam Hell starts to get dressed but, Frankie comes over to him asking “How did you learn that Russian squeeze?” he asks.


Sam goes to grab his nipple hair when he spots Frankie is still shirtless but stops himself. “I know how to work a guy’s balls over. It’s part of my secret in building up my invincible devil coins.”


“Your…what?” Frankie asks, a bit perplexed.


“Hahaha, long story. But I have to go, I will tell the tale to you some other time.”


Frankie nods looking a bit disappointed. “I want to learn that move.”


Sam Hell smiles devilishly, “Some secrets I don’t share with others.”


Old Man Franklin approaches, Will his cane clacking as he comes over. “You win again, Will.”


“I always do.”


“Some men might call that impossible. The cards are yours. The chips are yours.”


“Are you implying that I am a cheaper, Franklin?” Will Brady asks and the good natured room grows quiet again.


Old Man Franklin does not take the bait, but instead tells him “When we play again, we will at my house. I am dealer there.”


“Challenge accepted, Franklin.”


The two leave shortly after, Old man Franklin’s eyes following them the whole way out. Sam Hell regrets confirming this as he glances over his shoulder. Old Man Franklin’s beady eyes are narrowed, and he holds his cane with both hands but he looks murderous.


Back in the car, Sam Hell is surprised when Will Brady lets him keep all four bills.


“You’re serious?”


“Yup,” Mr. Brady explains backing out of the driveway.


The money feels good in his pocket, and Sam relaxes back in his seat. It won’t take long to get home but the evening was more work than he was prepared for.


“You marked me pretty well,” Sam admits, casting a sidelong glance over at him.


“I usually do, but I don’t usually do it to my boys. I really thought that you would enjoy torturing Gino and Logan. Plus the money will be nice and helpful. I know that you are saving up for a car of your own.”


The work Devilmobile floats in Sam Hell’s mind and he cracks a grin “Something like that. I want to build one.”


“That would be impressive.” Silence over takes them, and Sam remembers that he was supposed to be driving. He thinks about mentioning it…but decides not to. He is about to close his eyes when Mr. Brady asks “I bet the color you have in your mind is the same as your eyes. Yes?”


A smile cracks onto his face “You got it.”


“Proud of you tonight, Sam. Not just for the hustle. You have come a long way,” Mr. Brady says patting his knee. “And I don’t think you are the…what did Franklin call you?” Mr. Brady asks thinking back before snapping his fingers. “Ah yes, the Hooligan of the neighborhood.” He rolls his eyes, pulling into the driveway. The headlights flicking off. “Little does he know, that you’re the hero of my other son. Bill sees you as the sun that rises and falls when he looks at you.”


Sam about to open the car door stops, and looks back at Mr. Brady. Nothing seems to escape his careful watch.


“He loves you very much.”


Unsure what to say, he says nothing.


Mr. Brady pats his shoulder, and squeezes it. “First love…”


“I’m not, his first.”


“Jayden was puppy love. You’re the real deal Sam. Be careful, it’s a fragile thing.”


The front door opens, Bill is in his pajama bottoms, and calling out to them “Did you win? I want to hear all about it!”


Mr. Brady winks at him, it seems to be his thing as he squeezes his shoulder once more and says “Come on, let’s get inside.”


Sam follows but now a lot more thoughts run through his brain as he considers just what it means for Mr. Will Brady to know that he and Bill are together. But then a thoughts crosses by him that he can’t get over.


“What was up with the chastity cage, Mr. Brady?”


“Chasity cage?” asks Bill hugging his Dad, and then Sam nuzzling his nose into his chest.


“Oh that…I think even you are too young to know the answer to that particular question. I am going to make myself a stiff drink and call it a night. Don’t you two stay up too late,” Mr. Brady warns them and steps inside.


“What happened tonight?” Bill asks curiously, as he takes Sam’s hand, locking their fingers together and pulls him inside.


“It’s a long story…you think you’re up for it?”


Bill kisses his neck, and pinches one of his nipples hard and smacks his ass. “Yes, you dick. Now tell me!”


Sam Hell growls at Bill and attacks him back, thinking he can tell the tale after he puts Bill back in his place.


Laughter rings out in the Brady home and Mr. Brady shouts up for the boys to “Quiet down!”


Both shout “Sorry!” before the play fighting continues, and Sam makes sure to come out on top.










Anonymous said...

More father-son stories, please. I masturbated watching this one.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for writing in, and I am glad that you enjoyed it! This story came to me one afternoon and I finished it in one go! I have an idea/concept for Old Man Franklin verse Will Brady and they drag their foster son and grandson into the mix but it's nothing concrete yet but it's going to be a battle of the running the neighborhood which could be a lot of fun for those two alpha males to fight out.