Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Sacktapping 101: Your opinion

You know how much I value your opinion. After the release of Sacktapping 101, the first in a series of BallbustingBoys.org Original Videos, I have received a lot of positive feedback - and I want more! :-))

No, seriously.

I am interested in your opinion.

If you have purchased the clip: What did you like about it? Is there something you didn't like? Were your expectations met? What can we do to make our clips even better? What do you want us to do in our clips?

If you haven't purchased the clip yet: Why? Is there something we should have done differently? What would it take for you to purchase a clip from us?

I can't promise you that we'll change everything you want us to change - but I promise you that we will listen to your feedback and consider it. We haven't finished shooting, so your opinion can make an impact.

I am interested in your thoughts!

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

My honest opinion.
What I liked.
1) There are no fake hits to the balls. Seriously, you can’t help but cringe and cup your own jewels when you see poor Fluffy being sacktapped. I don’t expect all blows in ballbusting videos to be real, but I hate it when the blows are CLEARLY fake. That surely doesn’t happen here!
2) The speech. I love when guys speak in ballbusting videos. I like to hear the buster mocking the busted and laughing at his pain. Toby surely knows how to do it.

What I didn’t like.
It’s basically consensual. I know, I’m a bad guy, but I like to see the busted really forced to endure his abuse. If Fluffy was tied, this video would’ve been perfect. Anyway, I’m sure many guys like to see a more friendly busting, so this is not a critic: it’s just my personal taste. ;-)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Alex! :-))

Anonymous said...

We all wanna see the muscular guy get ballbusted ������

Anonymous said...

I didn't buy the video. I'm really excited to buy one eventually: the dynamic between them seem so good and, like we've all said, there's not a lot of videos out there dealing with this sort of stuff.

I didn't buy this one because sack taping just isn't my thing. Squeezing or something creative is more my thing.

I'll echo something someone said earlier, which I felt a bit from just the trailers: it does, at times, seem too consensual. Now, I'm not a big fan of tie ups, but a little bit of resistance, even if just verbal, goes a long way.

But I agree too that there's a lot of folks here who like that sort of consensual stuff. But I I also think there's a middle ground somewhere.

Either way: look forward to the next one! I do want to buy one eventually—sacktapping was just not my thing.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!

Don‘t get your hopes up to high. Toby knows what he wants - and what he doesn‘t want. :-))

@anonymous (2):
I‘m sure there will be a clip for you in the future! :-))

Anonymous said...

Got the vid and downloaded all three recommended viewers. Not one played smoothly. My computer must suck worse than I thought.

Anyway, I too think the consensual nature of the video was kind of a buzz kill. I like scenarios where the only thing making the guy take the pain is his sense of fair play. Maybe he broke a trust between he and his friend or was promised if you do x you get y so he's going along semi-willingly but not really enjoying it.

Lenny Bennu said...

I echo the sentiments here. I love that it's real and quality in terms on contact. But, I'd love it even more if there was some struggle, a fight or something. Even if the acting isn't too believable, I've suspended my disbelief for some absolutely pathetic excuses of acting before.

Basically, pretending that fluffy doesn't want it, and there's a fight of some kind, would be absolutely perfect. There doesn't have to be any tie ups, but some struggle would improve the quality for me.

Ikeller said...

I loved it
I like it when the buster can relate to the pain and acknowledge just how painful and sensitive his own balls are
I'd love to see Tony busting him with his own balls out
And the talk in a way to expose male vulnerability is always hot

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! You are really helping us here!

@anonymous(3) and Lenny Bennu:
We are working on a couple of different scenarios for new clips right now, and I'll try to come up with a nice "semi-consensual" plot. :-))

@Blue Blind:
I'll see what I can do. :-))

volpesco said...

Dear Alex I make a more general statement. The video is good, but there's a discrepancy between the characters in all of the stories (muscular jocks, etc) and the guy busted, which can be attractive or not, but does not correspond to the muscle-type. This is why the fans of the site are not necessarily fans of the video. I think the buyers would be much more if the guy is recognizable as the jock-type

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, volpesco volpesco! You are probably right: The idealized, literally larger-than-life characters from my stories are hard to find in the real world. I do think that Toby and Fluffy come very close to my vision, though. -))

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,

I did not buy but only because it was only front kicks or sack taps. I personally enjoy stomps and gas-pedals (socked or barefoot) so if you could do one that's more around that - I would definitely buy!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I‘ll see what we can do. :-))

Kickran said...

I didn't buy the video because it was just sack taps, i prefer kicks and knees. I did buy a vid from them which was just kicks though, which was kinda hot.

I know a lot of peoole wanna see Toby get busted, but i actually love that its him doing the busting. Hes handsome and muscular, so he subverts the ballbusting tropes, which imo is hot. His cocky and sadistic personality makes him even hotter.

I just wanna see vid where he repeatedly knees Fluffy's nuts tbh. It would also be cool if Fluffy tried to fight back or restrain him, only to be subdued by a kick or knee from Toby.

In regards to what they wear im probably the only one who doesnt want to see either of them butt naked. Underwear is cool, would be nice to see Toby's legs when he's kicking.


Anonymous said...

I loved the kicks and knees in some of the older videos. Love the verbal stuff. Love the fact the bustee is naked and the buster is clothed. Would like to see a self defence type video with Fluffy as the dummy. Great opportunity for lots of detailed descriptions about how to best bust a pair, the more vivid the descriptions the better :-) followed by a soft demo and then a "full force" version. Something like fuffy grabs Toby's neck, toby brings his arms up releasing the grip, he steps back kicks him with his instep square the testicles. He can describe the technic e.g you kick with your instep and drive the balls up into the pelvis and smash them flat etc how to grab twist pull, how to knee, back kicks, etc.

Just my two cents, great work keep it up.

BBJake said...

Sacktaps aren't my favourite thing, but I still enjoyed it. I quite liked the mostly consensual 'bro' nature. A lot of your stories are on the more consensual, bros fooling around side, so it really felt like a video I could imagine the BallBusting Boys making.

The conversational bit was great, especially with Toby getting Fluffy to name the techniques. I'm also with kickran and anonymous above, I was happy with them not being naked, although maybe shorts or boxers rather than jeans.

Now, what's the chance of getting Toby a nice pair of timberland boots? ;)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments guys!

We'll be doing some kicks and knees soon, and I'm sure you'll love it! :-))

I love the self defense dummy idea! Maybe we'll use that for a future clip! :-))

I'm sure we could get Toby to wear a pair if we buy them for him. If you are interested let me know. :-))

Anonymous said...

Didnt buy because one sided beat action is super boring to me, especially without a story or reason for the bustee to just take the abuse. Hope you get better actors in the future that are willing to do some mutual action.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment. I hope you'll find what you are looking for somewhere else! :-))

Anonymous said...

Do we know when the next videos are due? You've got an audience who want more, and dont need to wait for fluffy's balls to be back to normal before resuming.


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment. I‘ll be away for a few days starting tomorrow so I need to ask for your patience. :-))