Monday, October 1, 2018

Video links: Self defense (2)

It seems that you really need a second lesson in nut crunching self defense, don't you? Back in August I shared a few of my favorite male-on-male self defense instrution videos.

Here are some more.

Technically, the first video is not male-on-male. It's male-on-mannequin. But the mannequin has been turned into a male (very realistically I might add) by strapping a plastic bag to its torso that contains two hard boiled eggs. Yup. That's what men are. Just dummies with eggs.

I really love the straightforward way the groin strike is presented in the next video. You'd think there's nothing funny about testicles at all...

Here is another very serious guy talking about how best to crush another guy's funny bits.

Too serious? Here's something to cheer you up and teach you about hitting guys in the nuts. These two young men showing us some kicking techniques. What I love most is the physical comedy bit in the beginning. There's no reason you can't have fun while hitting people in the groin, right?

You like those two? Here they are with some more groin focused self defense techniques.

Readers' picks:

I don't think I have ever received more links from readers after a single post than I did in August when when I published the first self defense video links post. Three videos - and they are all awesome!

A reader from Malaysia (Terima kasih, kawan saya! (Google Translator says that means Thank you, my friend! in Malay - I hope it does...) has sent uns this link to a pretty funny Russian language video. Is there anybody out there who can translate what the guy is saying?

Another reader has shared the following link. I don't know about you but in my opinion Bas Jones is a little too eanthusiastic about stabbing someone in the groin. Better learn some self defense moves in case you meet him in a dark alley...

And finally, here is a submission from another anonymous reader. Those two guys can teach me self defense anytime...

Very special thanks to our three readers that sent us their links! You are great!

What's your favorite self defense groin attack video? Le me know by sending me an email ( or by leaving leaving a comment!

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