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The fall of Gai Tendo - part 1: Cracked pride (written by Mickey)

This is an awesome story written by Mickey, with art by Ocigart/coloring by Mickey. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Warning: Contains f/m ballbusting.

Gai could feel the vibrant cheers from the audience as the confetti started pouring down, signaling his victory over his downed opponent.

He grinned widely, raising his hands to accept all the cheers. His tanned sculpted muscles glistening from the shining lights of the arena.

His final match against Silber was a piece of cake and the weakling immediately ran away with his tail between his legs after Gai was declared the winner.

Even though the Buriki One was a world renowned martial arts tournament, it clearly wasn’t worth his time if all his opponents were these weaklings.

He was going to collect the prize money, go relax and back to muscle training. Or so he thought until the bikini clad girl who’d been sweeping losers off the stage with her bright yellow-orange ‘game over sign said “hold up for a moment.”

She probably wanted a piece of the tanned muscled masculinity, and Gai couldn’t help but drool a little, he wouldn’t mind such a voluptuous beauty on his bed either.”

“Even though you beat the final opponent and is now the champion, you still have to beat me before you get the prize money. I’m Hinako Touno, I’ll be your next opponent – unless it’s too much for you.” She said smilingly, yet her words stunned Gai into speechless stupor, it was beyond anything he’d expected.

It clearly had to be a joke. Such a petite girl couldn’t be thinking about winning against him. Him, The Gai Tendo, possibly the strongest wrestler of all time(?). Then it downed on him that that was probably some sort of fighting foreplay.

She was probably into some sort of fighting fantasy fetish where she would be thoroughly dominated – and him, the epitome of masculinity was perfect for such a play.

Thinking that he was going to push her only the ground and ravish her for all to see and all the possible naughty scenarios, he let out a loud laugh.

“Gyahahahahahah. All Right!” He accepted her challenge. Assured of his victory on the stage and in bed, he couldn’t stop his bulge from puffing a little in excited anticipation.

“Bring it! This is nothing for me. I’ll even give you a free hit.” Gai said, bumping his fist together and flexing her muscles for all the see.

“Eh. Are you sure?” Hinako said with a surprised face. It was laughable that she thought any of her hits would have an effect on the Gai Tendo.

“Hit me anywhere you like. I can take anything.” Gai bragged, as he sent her his shining smile.

What went unsaid was she better be ready to take anything her was going to him her once she was under him, Gai thought lecherously. Kekeke.
Gai closed his eyes and he flexed his muscles in anticipation for any tickle Hinako could give him. When a swooshing sound followed by a loud thud sent him into a world of pain.

“Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” He screamed in agony as he looked down to find his manpouch still vibrating from impact of the metallic sign being slammed against his groin.

“Oh my.” He could hear the shocked cries from the audiences. The male audiences were covering up their manparts in empathy whilst the female audiences were looking at Gai’s pained form with great interest, though it clearly was not lust.

The pain was too much and Gai couldn’t help but collapse onto the ground. His hands immediately went to nurse his attacked manhood, his body wriggled around in hopes of easing the pain as uncontrolled drool dribbled from his mouth.

“So much for being able to take anything huh?” Hinako said, giggling as she looked on his sorry state.

Gai was nothing if not a large ball of ego. He refused to be look down to by such a fragile looking girl.

In a spurt of strength, her overcame the pain in his loins and hopped up into a battle ready position facing Hinako.

“No more Mr nice Gai.” He said staring viciously at Hinako, who seemed surprised he’d managed to overcome the pain of his balls being slammed on by the sign.

“Ooh, nice pun.” She chuckled, but Gai had no patience for girls who target his unborn children

When the gong rang to signal the start of the fight, Gai took a deep breath and began his assault.

Even though Gai was attacking in fervor, Hinako flawlessly evaded his left hook along with a few other kicks and punches.

It was then that Gai realized that Having her as an opponent wasn’t much of a joke anymore. Her parry and dodges signalized to him her mastery of judo along with other branches of martial arts.

But he was the Gai Tendo and such techniques was nothing to him. With an elbow slam, Hinako finally had to use her elbow to block his attack. And Gai couldn’t help but smirk as he noticed beads of sweat forming on her face. Just a little bit more and round one would be his.

Hoping to end the fight right there, Gai decided to forego defense and focus everything into his attack.

Lifting his leg, he sent a high kick towards her, intending to immediately knock her out.

In that sudden moment, Hinako smirked, and whilst Gai suddenly regretted his actions, it was already too late.

Rather than his leg crashing into her head as he’d imagined, it was swiftly caught by her hands.

With his legs caught in the air whilst hers was perfectly aligned with his buldge, it was a no brainer on what she was going to do.

Gai could only gulp in fear before Hinako left feet crashed into his low hangers with great impact, resulting in his mouth wide opened as a voiceless screech of pain try to escape their entrapment.

The instant Hinako let go of his legs, his body dropped to the floor like a boulder. Weakly, he started wriggling around like a worm on the arena, drooling in pain as he nursed his damaged spuds.

The judge started counting, but Gai was in too much suffering to continue and couldn’t do anything but wriggle helplessly as Hinako was declared the winner of the first round.

In his state of powerlessness, Gai had to be helped by the referee to his resting corner once the first match had ended.

He was still reeling from both the loss and pain.

He, the undefeated Gai Tendo, was so easily done by a stupid kick to the groin!

The Buriki One tournament had no rules about ballbusting, but it was common respect and courtesy not to target their opponents’ privates. Unfortunately, this standard did not seem to apply to Gianko, who seemed to be taking every chance possible to target his boys bump.

Her two groin attacks took a lot of energy out of him. He couldn’t fight like he did in the previous round. His only choice was therefore to quickly overpower her into submission.

Slowly, he reviewed his plan of action. He was going to leap off the turnbuckle with a spinning kick, a move that will no doubt prevent her short legs from reaching his man pouch. He will capture her in a headlock with his muscular legs, stuffing her face with his crotch as revenge until she finally surrenders. His shaft elongated a little from his vivid imagination.

With revenge plan in mind, round two started.

Gai quickly rushed up onto the turnbuckle, mastering his full strength into a flying spinning kick he sent towards her.

His plans immediately went awry when Hinako dodged his high velocity kick like a professional ballerina before she raised her fist towards his groin.

Gai had put too much power into the flying spin skin. He could not stop his attack and could only again gulp in fear before his body propelled itself crotch first into Hinako’s fist.

His world exploded in pain. His man eggs felt like were on the verge of cracking and before he knew it, he was wailing tears of pain as he curled around on the ground.

“Referee. You better start counting, surely you don't think someone looking that pathetic can continue fighting?” Gai heard Hinako said, probably pointing at his tear stained, balls fondling sad state. He admitted it was not the best look to have on a fighting ring, but she was the one who kept hitting him in the balls. Damnit!

“Three, two, on-“

“I can still fight!” Gai gasped out, even though he was still on his back, nursing his balls.

He could hear Hinako huffed in displeasure before she walked up to him. After everything she’d done to his balls, Gai wanted to quickly surrender and stay as far away as possible from her, yet his pride as an elite fighter prevented him from doing so.

Gai willed his body to stand as her steps neared, but after all the damages he received, all he could do was a few tumbles.

In his state of powerlessness, he could do nothing as she grabbed hold of his legs, split them apart and raised her feet between them to signify what she was going to do.

Gai couldn’t help but tear up in fear as he fervently shook his head left and right in hopes that it would dissuade her.

He realized how useless his actions were when her feet pancaked his balls against his body, sending him screeching like a tormented banshee.

He was still huffing and wailing in pain as his hands assessed the damage done on his babymakers when he felt them kicked away and realized what Hinako was going to do.

“D-don't. I- surahhhhhh!” He screamed a higher pitch than previously as her feet once more flattened his chances of breeding.

“D-don't-ahhhhhhhh” Again, as he tried to speak her feet crashed down on his nether region sending him into continuous episode of pained spasms.

Again, he tried to speak and again her feet crashed down. And like a nightmare, it happened again and again.

By the time Hinako sad stopped, his mouth was frothing will drool whilst his face was thoroughly drenched with tears. His bloated balls were obscenely outlined under his tight trunks.

The referee started counting, and this time Gai had no energy left for any objection.

He was still curled up in pain as Hinako was declared the victor and the trophy were given to her. The trophy that was supposed to be his and he couldn’t help but mouthed a quite “cheater.”

It was at that moment that Hinako’s abyssal eyes turned towards him and he could to nothing but shiver in fear when she walked to him.

“Looks like someone still have their fighting spirit left. Let me break it for you.” She smiled as she said such.

“My my, looks like someone’s into the kinky side of it.” She said, noticing his prominent bulge. Somehow after the worst of the pain subsided, his shaft elongated like never before.

He moved his hands to cover up his protusion but it was quickly kicked away and before he knew in, she’d took hold of his legs and flipped him onto his belly.

“No, please no, no- ahhhhhhh-” he’d known what she was going to do, yet again, his pleas went unanswered as she gas pedaled his manly bumps.

“AAAAH! Aaah, AAAAH, aah.” Gai was moaning a symphony of pleasure and pain, dependant on Hinako’s full thrust and soft touches.

The stimulations were too much for him to handle and before he knew it, he was thrusting his hips uncontrollably as his dick shot out it’s precious load, staining his pants with a dark wet patch.

Seeing his sad cumming form, Hinako let go of his legs. Yet he was not able to stop him from thrusting his crotch against the floor. He didn’t know how long he continued doing so but at the end of it, his pants was a sticky mess, the floor was a sticky mess, and he himself was a sticky, humiliated and gasping mess.

Hinako laughter towards his plight did not help his mood.

“You bitch.” He gasped out, in both embarassment and exhaustion.

“Someone’s still feisty.You’ll be sorry for calling me a bitch.” She said smiling, this time in her hand was the ‘game over’ sign.

With her feet, she pulled down his pants and a twang later, his erected member and bloated balls were for all to see.

He wanted to cover himself up, yet he was too powerless to struggle.

A snapkick on his bare balls later and Gai was a coiled up mess, with his butt pointing towards the sky as he nursed his balls.

It was the perfect postion for Hinako who took the opportunity to stuff the metallic sign into his inviting buttcrack.

The piercing pain awakened a desperate energy in him, and with it he began to struggle heavily hoping to get the protruding appendage out. But Hinako wouldn’t allow it.

“It’s game over you.” She whispered before she pancaked Gai’s naked balls with her feet. He gasped out as pained cry as the attacked milked his remaining seeds onto the cold floor.

Gai’s tearstained face slumped into a pile of drool as his last act of resistance was rendered futile.

“That was easy.” Gai heard Hinako say as the sound of footsteps moved away from his disgraced form. He wanted to refute but the continuous throbbing ache from his nuts combined with the sharp penetrating sensation of the ‘game over’ sign stuffed into his backside were too much for Gai to endure. His visions blurred and before he knew it, he fallen into Morpheus’ embrace.

Omake Extras

As disgraceful as he recent lost was, Gai was still a renowned wrestler, and therefore was still allowed in one of the most exclusive shop of wrestling goods in the country.

He was in his new wrestling trunks (his previous cum-stained one had been immediately thrown away) test boxing on an arena in the center of the shop when the door opened.

“Oh my my. Mr ex-champion. Didn’t expect to see you here.” Said the familiar voice that sent shivers down his spine.

At the entrance of the shop, Hinako Touno, the one who balls-smacked him into unconsciousness stood.

“H-How are you here.” Gai stumbled in his words, as the memory of her beating down on his balls replayed in his mind.

“That’s a funny question. Why shouldn’t I be here. Afterall, I did beat you.” She said smiling, her eyes moving to the prominent bulge in his trunks.

“I-I guess I’ll come back later then.” He mumbled, leaving the ring and headed towards the exit.

Or at least he tried to, before her dexterous hand seized hold of his privates, paralyzing him of his movements.

“Oh, don’t be like that.” She said, giving his bulge a soft squeeze before she continued “I’m surprised that these are back in order so quickly after all the beating it took.”

“I gotta go- ahhh” His words ended abruptly when her grip suddenly tightened.

“You’ll help me choose a good wrestling ring, won’t you?” She threatened with a tighter grip and Gai could only nod in fear.

Before he knew it, he was thrown back into the ring as Hinako looked at him from below. Raising her eyes to signal he help her choose the ring.

“Um. So, when choosing a wrestling ring, just walk around it first to check that all the wood boards are even. I did a test run earlier and there is nothing wrong with this one.” He said and Hinako nodded.

“What about the turnbuckle poles?” She asked, smiling as she walked near one.

“For the turnbuckle poles, you only have to check whether the ropes are tied tightly to it-”

“What about durability”

“What do you mea-ahhh.” Before he could complete his question, Hinako took grabbed and yanked his legs, sending him falling onto the floor. Then in a swift stroke she pulled his legs towards her, putting the metallic pole right in between his legs.

At that moment, he knew immediately what she was going to do.

“Durability against men’s balls of course.” She replied, winking at his panicked look.

“Of course they’re durable, they’re metal, please no no no-gyaaaaaaaah!” His pleas went unheard, and all Gai could do was let out a symphony of suffering when her pull pancaked his balls between his body and the metallic pole.

Ignoring his hurt, she did it a few more times, leaving him a wriggling pained mess before she was satisfied.

“And what about the ropes?” She asked, uncaring of Gai in his blubbering mess state.


“You better answer clearly unless you want your balls smashed into this strong pole again.” She threatened and he immediately snapped out of his blurred state in fear.

“F-for the ropes, you can check their springiness by bouncing off them for around 30 seconds.” Gai said, still clutching his groin as he got up and bounced from one side to another of the ring. Sadly, in his damaged state, rather than the expected run, all he could do were slow jogs from side to side.

“This kind of testing is so pathetic. I think I have a better way.” Hinako said as she jumped onto the ring, smirking as she talked towards Gai.

Her petite body concealed unexpected strength, and before Gai knew it, she had lifted him up and crotched him onto the rope.

“Gyaaaaaaaaah.” He let out a scream as he still damaged orbs were crashed between the rope and his body.

“You said 30 seconds right.” She said smirking.

He shook his head in reply, but she took no notice of it and began to strongly shake the rope he was on, giving Gai’s babymakers its most brutal massage.

Gai was a drooling crotched mess when Hinako decided that she was happy with the rope’s durability and elasticity.

He thought his pain would end there, but before he knew it, his body was lifted into the air before she sent it crashing down groin first on the opposite rope.

“1 is good, 3 more to go.” She said, uncaring of his hurt before she started shaking.

After what felt like an eternity of pain, Gai was a drooling, whimpering mess on the floor.

“I think I’ll be buying it, Thanks for your help.”

“ooo’re elcome.” He mumbled out, afraid that a non-answer would mean more hurt.

“As thanks, I think I’ll do a quality check for your trunks. Those are new, right?”

“Nooo, don’t,don’t-noo-” She walked towards him, again uncaring off his denials, grabbed the back of his trunks and yanked.

The pain from the wedgie immediately forced him to stand up, his already tenderized balls felt like squeezed water balloons inside his trunks whilst his ass was experiencing a pierce pain from all the flossing.

He wailed a loud scream but Hinako did not care. She continued pulling and pulling before a tearing noise resonated, and Gai was suddenly naked and in pain on the floor.

“Oops, these trunks are not durable enough after all.” She said, tossing the piece of torn trunks in her hand towards his tearstained face.

“I hope you got something to change into Mr. ex-champion. I’d hate to see you be labelled as a pervert by the news.” Hinako said, laughing as she walked out of the shop, uncaring of Gai’s naked balls-clutching form on the floor.

to be continued


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Not really in to the f/m part, but still 5 stars all the way!! Very well written, and love the artwork! :) Great job Mickey, and Ocigart. Thanks for posting

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Hi Jeffry, thank you for reading along with your kind comment. I love the artwork from ocigart too :))