Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Poll results: Relationships

Poll results (version 3) - artwork created by Champ

Last month I asked you: What are your favorite relationship pairings in ballbusting stories?

517 votes were counted. Thanks to everybody who took part in the poll! And here are the results*:

Enemies   47%
Friends   41%
Teammates   39%
Family members   34%
Strangers   32%
Lovers/partners/spouses   26%
Professional relations   15%
Other   3%

(Multiple mentions by those who chose "Other": Accident (4 times), self (2 times), frat brothers/roommates (2 times))

* More than one answer per person was possible. The percentage number is calculated by using the total of voters, not votes. That's why the shares add up to more than 100%.

Special thanks for our reader and frequent contributor Jimmy for the idea for this poll! If you have an idea for a poll please let me know by leaving a comment or by sending an email (alex@ballbustingboys.org).


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Alex,

This is actually super helpful as a writer. This tells me that enemies are what the readers want to read the most, followed closely by friends. Really goo information. I will use that in my stories.



Anonymous said...

Hi Alex! Just something I'd noticed: the characters on this blog are overwhelmingly white. Why is this so?

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys!

I‘ve thought about that a lot. I think there are two factors at play here: I am white, and many of my characters are based on parts of me. In addition to that I am not a native speaker of English, and it‘s quite hard for me to write about non-white characters in a way that‘s authentic and avoids stereotypes. I do try, though. :-))