Saturday, June 27, 2020

Daddy is home - a short story for Edwin Drake written by his slave and cum dump

This is a wonderful little story written by Edwin Drake's slave and cumdump for his master, daddy and king Edwin Drake. I really like his dedication, and I hope you enjoy this fun little tale as much as I did! 

It was just a few more minutes until he got home. I had already stripped down to my underwear and gotten down on my knees. The second daddy got home I had to be ready to please him. I’m not allowed to eat his cum, but my king is allowed to fuck my face all he wants. I'm his to enjoy after all. My dick is throbbing and making a nice tent; I can’t wait for him to get home. He lets me grab his thighs while I suck his dick. That's always the best part; I get to feel the muscles he works so hard to build and his soft tan skin is warm under my fingers. Well, that's the best part when my king comes home on a good day. The door opens and I’m ready.

“Hello sir, how was your day today?” I talk to the floor. I’m only allowed to look at his face when he lets me, his handsome features aren’t meant for his slave to enjoy unless he has earned it.

“It was bad, boy. Open your mouth” All he does is open his zipper and let his beautiful cock tumble out. It’s a thing of beauty, my king’s cock. It was long, it would threaten to choke me when I go all the way down, and it’s so thick it feels like my jaw will get dislocated. The tip of it is perfect for sucking on, licking, and kissing. I love to tease the fleshy parts, the ones hidden underneath his foreskin. They always have a nice salty taste and a fleshy texture. And he is always ruthless with me. Even now he grabs the back of my head and thrusts as far in as he can. The button on his pants isn’t even undone, he just pulled his cock out of his pants and shoved it down my throat.

‘Pull you balls out, I need to relieve some stress boy” He let me catch my breath for a second. I reply with a simple “yes sir” as I pull my sack out of my underwear, sit back, and spread my legs.

“You know that those are only meant for me, right?” He put the ball of his left foot on my balls, right in the middle of my sack. The leather of his dress shoes felt great; it reminds me of all the times he’s stomped my nut, and so far he hasn’t even pressed slightly. He’s only used his shoe to massage my nuts into the floor. “Those weak, fat, useless things are just for me to play with before they pop. I don’t know why I let you cum, your loads are always so big and sticky; you take forever to lap them up and there are always spots you miss.”

He had already started pressing on my nuts, trying to get them flat against the floor. I could feel my balls bulging out underneath his shoe. My nuts felt like they were being crushed; no matter how many times my king tries to bash my balls in it hurts worse and worse.

“They get flatter and flatter every time. I wonder how long it will take for them to be paper thin.” He lifts his toe, lifts his foot again, and slams the heel of his shoe into my balls. It's like they got split in two! The feeling of each half of my balls trying to get wedged apart by my king’s heel is so painful I wanted to scream and cry and fall over with my hands cradling my balls as I weep. But I can’t, the second I let out a sound daddy will start stomping on my nuts harder than before. He’s already started to slam the flat of his heel into my sack over and over. All I can do is take it as he trashes my fat balls. My back bends, my muscles clench, I bear my teeth as I swallow wails of agony.

Even through all the pain my dick stays rock hard. The pain just makes it throb each and every time daddy’s foot slams into my balls. I can’t feel anything but the pain in my sack and the rising heat in my cock. Before the 30th stomp from my king's foot, he gives me the pleasure I so often desire. The next stomp sends me over the edge and my dick explodes, drenching my briefs with all the cum my balls have made today. So full and completely useless, all my balls do is make a mess. At least daddy had fun squishing the cum out of them before he went back to fucking my face while I tried to console my balls. I choked on his cock instead of wailing in pain. My king pulls out for a second to cover my face in his cum. He unloads his balls, covering me in his warm cream.

He never cums in my mouth. I don't deserve to eat my king's cum yet. I should be thankful he lets me feel it on my face. He tells me to clean up after myself. I scrape my king's seed off my face, pull down my briefs, and begin to lube up my hole. Once is not enough for my king and he always wants to use my hole after my mouth. Now that I’ve prepared my hole for him whenever he wants it, I put my briefs to the side. My balls still hurt so I move slowly, cradling my fat balls as I shift my weight and move to lap up all the cum I put on the floor. I get on all fours and drag my tongue across the floor so there isn’t a trace of my mess left. Daddy really is right; my balls only make messes.

After I’ve finished cleaning I remain on all fours, my red balls on display between my thighs, and shove my soiled briefs in my mouth. I don’t get to change into clean undies if I come in them, daddy says I have to taste the shame of my pathetic balls until he tells me to spit out my briefs. Daddy says the only thing good about my balls is that they’re fat and hang low. That means daddy has a nice big target to hit and gets to watch them swing around afterwards. I bet while I wait for him to take my ass he is watching my balls swing back and forth between my thighs.

They still ache so much. It feels like my sack got split open and my balls were broken in two. The two of them look red and mis-shapen as I look at them swing between my thighs. It hurts to even look at them, I can’t imagine what it was like before they got hit, the pain just consumes everything. Even the gentle sway back and forth makes them knock into my thighs and sends waves of agony through my body. Despite all the pain, the soreness, the strange guttural fear of seeing my balls look flatter than normal, I'm still rock hard and all I wanna do is grab my cock and blow another load. Daddy doesn’t like when I make messes, but he has a very dirty boy.

Out of nowhere I feel him kick my balls in. The kick is so hard the back half of my body gets lifted off the floor. I fall back down and immediately curl up into a ball cradling my nuts.

“Get back in position, boy” I finally catch a glimpse of my king while I get back on all fours. He had stripped out of his suit and tie completely, except for his black socks and his black briefs. He added a leather harness to the look, its straps crossed across his chest. Daddy always looked good in fetish wear. But I didn’t see what was in his hand. He had some rope and some ball weights. He put the heavy weights on my sack, keeping my balls trapped against the stainless steel, and then tied my wrists to the weights. The strange binding forces me to sit on my heels. Then he pushes me over.

I land with my full body weight on my balls, pressed between the stone floor and the stainless steel ball weights. I can’t help but scream at the top of my lungs. I try to fall over to the side but my daddy doesn’t let me. He pushes me back, balancing me on my balls as they get crushed underneath me. After a few more seconds he finally lets me fall. All I can do is cry and wail, the pain from my balls being crushed flat. All daddy does is smile. He had a bad day today, and I’m supposed to make him happy. I'm his slave, and my balls are his. He gets to do whatever he wants to them.

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