Saturday, June 13, 2020

Glory hole adventure (written by Jonathan)

This is a wonderful little fantasy written by our longtime reader Jonathan who has been featured on this blog a few times before. His twitter account is private but I'm sure he'll accept your request... I hope you enjoy his little story as much as I did! 

Yes, that's a pic showing the writer himself. :-))

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

At the Lucas Harvey mall there was a massive bathroom, and in the back there were a ton of stalls, rumored to connect to another men’s bathroom behind. It would be perfect for glory holes.

It was of course a mall bathroom, so there was piss all over the floors and it was pretty gross, but Jonathan never really minded it. There had to be at least 40 stalls there, one was bound to be usable.

On Thursday morning, Jonathan had came to the mall by himself to investigate the stalls in the very back. He opened a few and there were no glory holes, what a shame. Then in the 7th stall there was a hole, and on the top there was a sign that said “nuts only”. Jonathan giggled and laughed “what the hell.” This must be a joke, he put his nuts through the hole and giggled again, then all of a sudden something on the other side clamped down on his nuts and he tried to pull away but his nuts were completely stuck in the hole, and moving back yanked his nuts away from his body. He moaned and muttered “what the-“ then on the other side of the wall he heard “GOT ONE! FINALLY!” His nuts were completely stuck and vulnerable to whoever was on the other side.

“Uh oh” thought Jonathan.

Jonathan felt his nuts being pulled further and further away from his body, almost as if a crank was pulling them until they would come off. Jonathan was only 19 and his nuts were plump and strong but they couldn’t take this much pain. He wanted this to end, but this was only the beginning.

He heard a voice on the other side, the voice was deep and raspy. It said “you have 3 options. Your nuts either get smashed under my feet, shocked for as long as I want, or we expose you for being a horny little boy. If you don’t comply we will post a video of this on the internet of me busting your nuts.

“Please just let my nuts go, I’m serious” Jonathan pleaded. The voice replied “Ah so you want all of the above then...”

A foot stomped down onto his nuts and Jonathan let out a muffled cry. The foot began to squish and twist Jonathan’s nuts all over the pissy floor. Jonathan didn’t want people to hear him, so he stuck his own sock into his mouth. The foot stomped onto his nuts again and this time Jonathan’s moan was even louder despite the sock in his mouth. The foot came off of his nuts and he felt relief. But what was the guy on the other side doing? Then from the other side he heard “Hey guys get in here, let’s see who can kick this dumb kids nuts the hardest, they’re stretched and trapped already”

Jonathan heard about 10 different pairs of feet and his eyes widened. He was scared of what was to come. Then one foot kicked his nuts right into the wall and squished his nuts into it and Jonathan cried out “yeEEOW,” the guy on the other side just laughed and moved away. Another guy stepped up and kicked them even harder and they smashed into the wall again. Jonathan felt his 6 inch cock hardening but if he stroked they might get it on camera. He was beginning to enjoy this, until his nuts were kicked again, this time it was so hard he spit the sock out and yelled. The kicks continued for 30 whole minutes. The guys on the other side saw his nuts become dark red, Jonathan’s cock dripped precum everywhere. His dick was soaked.

“It’s finally over” Jonathan thought... until there was a nice moisturizing feeling on his nuts. Then it began to burn and Jonathan began to squirm, then he felt pads being placed on his nuts. He was scared and moving all over while his nuts were on fire. A guy on the other side said “shock them now!”  Then a jolt hit Jonathan’s nuts and he jumped up, which pulled his balls away from him. He shouted again, and this time someone heard. A man came and knocked on the stall and asked “you okay in there” and jonathan whimpered softly “yes...” then the man laughed and said “last week they got my nuts in there, good luck, they left me there all night.” This comment made Jonathan shiver, until his nuts were zapped to life again and he jumped again. The guy on the other side of the stall left, and let his nuts continue to be zapped.

The zapping ended faster than jonathan expected. It was finally over. Then the voice said “while we’re publishing the video of us frying your nuts, we’d like to give you a present... this clamp on your nuts will not release for another 6 hours, we’re pretty sure it’s a factory issue hehe, but we decided to give you a gift for being a good sport, goodbye now.” The guy on the other side dropped a 15 pound weight onto Jonathan’s nuts and it completely flattened them. The impact made Jonathan’s cock spurt all over him with juicy cum but the weight stayed and Jonathan moaned loudly.

3 hours in, Jonathan couldn’t feel his nuts and he felt like he had to piss. He tried to aim for the toilet but missed it and the piss landed all over his shirt. It was ruined, just like his nuts. Jonathan wanted to go home so badly but the clamp remained and his nuts were stuck stretched and smashed.

When the clamp released Jonathan hopped up and the weight pinched his nut skin which made him let out a high pitched scream but he was able to get out. His nuts were so weak, he was covered in dried up cum and cold piss. The worst part was that he had to get to his car still. He ran out of the bathroom to his car hoping no one had seen him. Once he got to his car, he checked his phone and when he opened his Twitter account someone had tagged him in a video of his ball busting glory hole session from earlier. He was scared, horny, and in pain.


Anonymous said...

all I am imagining is a long wall with a line of holes "for nuts only" and a line of guys waiting to put their nuts thru the holes to see what happens. so are you the guy with his nuts trapped thru the hole or are you the guy going from hole to hole kicking everyones balls?

Anonymous said...

Great story! LOVE the mix of ballbusting & gloryhole!!!