Friday, March 6, 2020

Jonathan's ballbusting birthday bash

This is a little birthday present for my friend Jonathan. He has deactivated his twitter account for personal reasons but he allowed me to publish his videos on this page. You are awesome, Jonathan!

Featured in this story: Erik, Vince, Alex (click for pictures) and several models in cameo appearances

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

When Jonathan told me that he was coming for a visit, I had no idea that we would be celebrating his 19th birthday together. He was a handsome young man, a bit shy but nice and cute and absolutely loveable.

In the months and weeks that led up to his visit, Jonathan had sent me a few videos, and when I thought about what to give him for his birthday I decided to have another look.

I was in the middle of watching a short video of Jonathan’s busting his own balls when my assistant Erik, a handsome 19 year old with blond hair and blue eyes surprised me with a backhand sacktap.

“Watching porn again during work hours, boss?” he said with a cheeky smile as I doubled over, groaning. A little while ago, Erik had lost a nut in a work-related incident – but he certainly hadn’t lost his juvenile sense of humor.

“Hey”, I chuckled through the pain as I was rubbing my crotch. “This is totally work-related.” I pointed at my computer screen. “Here, this guy is coming over and I’m trying to find a birthday present for him.”

I started the video again and we watched it together.

"Nice. He looks hot", Erik said. "But the video is a too little short, isn't it?"

"Here's another one", I said. "This one is longer."

The camerawork wasn't perfect, and sometimes Jonathan's nuts were out of the frame - but if our erections were anything to go by Erik and I enjoyed the video tremendously...

"What a diligent young man", Erik mumbled in the middle of the vid. "He really knows how to bust his own balls!"

We had just finished the video when our prop guy Vince showed up in the studio. 20 years old, with brown hair and three-day stubble, Vince was a master nut crusher, a highly inventive creator of hilarious ballbusting machines. If you needed someone to invent a machine to crunch a pair of nuts, Vince was your man. He stood next to us, a broad grin on his face. “Watching porn again during wor---”

“Erik already made that joke”, I interrupted him.

“Oh”, Vince said. “Did he already make this one?” With that, he tapped me in the sack, playfully but forcefully, making my vision blur and my stomach churn as I heard Vince and Erik roar with laughter.

“It never gets old”, Erik laughed.

“Never”, Vince chimed in.

“My nutsack”, I whispered in a toneless voice.

"Yeah, your nutsack", Vince chuckled. He pointed at the screen. "It's that nutsack that I am interested in. Who is that?"

I told him all about Jonathan, his beautiful balls and his upcoming birthday.

"Here's another video", I said. "This one is shorter again."

I looked at Vince and Erik.

"Nice load", Erik chuckled. "Talented guy."

“I think”, Vince said slowly, his face lighting up, “I know the perfect birthday present for this naughty young man…”


When Jonathan arrived at the studio, he looked even better than on video. His beautiful face and his boyish smile, his soft voice that was equal parts innocence and horniness,

I hugged him and smiled. “Happy birthday, Jonathan”, I said. “Why don’t your strip down right away. We have a little birthday present for you.”

Jonathan took off his clothes inside the bathroom. When he stepped out of it, he was cupping his genitals with his hands, smiling shyly.

I led him to Vince’s latest invention.

It looked like a throne, wooden, painted golden, with a very impressive, tall and wide backrest and red velvet arm rests.

“King for a day”, I smiled as I motioned for Jonathan to sit down.

“Thank you”, he said with a smile.

Vince had done a great job modifying the throne into a ballbusting contraption: The armrests were equipped with handcuffs so Jonathan couldn’t escape. The legs of the throne were designed to hold Jonathan’s legs and keep them spread apart.

His dick and balls were resting between his thighs on a little wooden elevation.

“That’s the jewelry box”, Vince winked at Jonathan, playfully smacking Jonathan’s bare balls with the palm of his hand.

Jonathan inhaled sharply, biting his lower lip. His most prized possessions were exposed and he couldn’t move his arms and legs - a very dangerous combination that frightened and aroused Jonathan at the same time.

I smiled at the sight of Jonathan’s rapidly fattening and hardening dick. Within seconds it pointed at the ceiling, a beautiful boner with a glistening mushroom head. Below, his fat, hairless balls were sitting on the box.

“Looks like they are nice and full”, Vince smiled, grabbing Jonathan’s nuts and kneading them with his fingers.

Jonathan moaned and squirmed.

“When was the last time you shot your load?” Erik asked, an evil grin on his face as he watched Vince squeeze Jonathan’s nuts.

“A week”, Jonathan mumbled, biting his lower lip.

Erik let out a laugh.

“Filled to the brim, huh?” Vince grinned, pressing his thumbs deep into the meaty core of Jonathan’s juicy plums.

“Oh yeah”, Jonathan moaned, his dick twitching and throbbing.

For a moment, it looked like he was going to shoot his load right then and there – which wouldn’t have been entirely unexpected for a boy his age – but Vince made short work of Jonathan’s nearing orgasm by twisting his nutsack sharply.

“Not so soon”, Vince smiled gently as Jonathan’s eyes bulged and his jaw dropped with a hoarse, anguished groan.

Then Vince attached Jonathan’s jewels to the jewelry box with what looked like a plumber’s clamp, making it impossible for Jonathan to pull his balls back.

His dick was pointing at the ceiling, leaking precum, as I explained to him what we had in store for our birthday boy.

“You are a horny little bastard and you are a fan of our website”, I smiled, gently stroking Jonathan’s fat erection, making sure to bring him close to the edge but not sending him over it. “That’s why we thought you would like to suck a few dicks on your special day.” I felt Jonathan’s orgasm rise and quickly let go, waiting until his dick was out of the danger zone before I continued. “We invited a dozen of our models over to feed their dicks to you. You’ll get to suck them and eat their cum. It’s an all-you-can-eat dick buffet.” Jonathan’s dick started twitching violently and I feared that he might cum so I quickly punched him in the nuts a couple of times, making him moan and groan in pain, his dick still rock-hard.

The doors opened, and our models entered the room, bare naked and smiling brightly. Muscular studs Kev, Ben and Colin, horsehung Zach and high school wrestler Logan, skaters Leo and Sammy, the twins Michael and Will, geeky Simon and hot, horny swimmers Cal and Brandon. The room filled with laughter and cheers, and everybody seemed to have a great time.

I had asked them to save up their sperm for our birthday boy, and it looked like they had. They were all sporting healthy erections, and it looked like they couldn’t wait to feel Jonathan’s lips around their dicks.

“How does this work?” Kev asked, grinning, jerking his dick.

“You step up on the throne”, Vince smiled, pointing at Jonathan’s exposed, waiting testicles. “Right on the king’s jewelry. And then you penetrate his face as you trample his testicles.” Vince made it sound rather technical but the riotous laughter told me that the guys had gotten the gist of it.

“Okay, let’s sing a quick ‘Happy Birthday’ before we start”, I said with a smile.

It was an uneven choir of very horny but not very talented male voices, and I was kinda glad when it stopped.

But Jonathan seemed genuinely moved by our effort. “Thank yououououghghghmprfgh---”

His soft voice turned into an anguished yodel that quickly turned into a muffled gurgle as Kev stepped up to the throne, bringing his foot down hard on Jonathan’s nuts before gagging him with his fat, hard dick.

“Holy shit, this is good”, he grunted as he fucked Jonathan’s face while crushing his nuts under his foot. He made sure to shift his weight, flattening Jonathan’s nuts under his sole and eliciting all kinds of muffled noises from him.

The first load found its way down Jonathan’s throat very quickly – but he didn’t have a chance to catch his breath because Kev’s dick was immediately replaced by Zach’s huge throat choker. The size of his dick matched the size of his feet and he thoroughly crushed Jonathan’s nuts under them as he fucked his face.

One by one, the boys got up to step on Jonathan’s nuts and fuck his face, and there was nothing that Jonathan could do about it.

Load after load found its way into his stomach, and after six boys had shot their jizz Jonathan’s nuts were severely swollen and badly bruised.

Jonathan himself came when the seventh guy, Will, was standing on his nuts. Will was an expert face-fucker, holding Jonathan by the hair as he sank his dick balls-deep into his throat. At the same time, Will shifted his weight, trampling Jonathan’s nuts as if he was trying to pop a balloon.

Will noticed that Jonathan had come after his own orgasm, when he stepped down to let his brother Michael take his turn.

“Watch out, Mikey”, Will said casually. “Don’t fall. It’s a little slippery.”

Michael didn’t fall but he made sure to stomp down extra hard, eliciting high pitched squeals and anguished wails from Jonathan.

Erik, Vince and I watched, grinning, as each model patiently waited their turn to give Jonathan a juicy, salty, delightfully painful birthday present.

Cal was the last one, and I had expected Jonathan to be just a little tired by this time. Granted, he was in a lot of pain that was clearly visible on his cum-covered but still very cute face. And his nuts looked ghastly, swollen and bloated, black and blue. But it didn’t look like he wanted us to stop.

That’s why Vince and Erik joined in as well, delivering big loads right down Jonathan’s throat.

When Erik stepped down from Jonathan’s battered balls, adding a mean extra twist to his step that made Jonathan howl in pain, I looked at out birthday boy and smiled. “Did you like our present?”

Jonathan looked at me, his face covered in the sperm of fourteen young men, the rest of their loads in his stomach. “I love it”, he whispered.

“Are you full now?” I grinned.

Jonathan’s eyes wandered south. I followed his gaze to my crotch where my own erection was tenting my pants.

“There’s room for one more”, Jonathan whispered almost inaudibly. His dick was rock hard, ready to shoot another load.

I chuckled and unbuttoned my pants.

“No need to take your shoes off”, Jonathan said with a wicked smile.

I let out a laugh and placed my foot on Jonathan’s nuts, looking deep into his eyes.

“Happy birthday, Jonathan!”

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