Friday, March 13, 2020

Bittersweet dessert - a Chucky and Andy story (written by Jimmy)

Today is Friday the 13th, so it's only fitting that we have a little horror story for you today. Our reader Jimmy (author of the Gino and Jayden stories) has written this gruesome little tale of a boy and a toy. Enjoy!

Pairing: Chucky X Andy
Time: This story is set around 3 months after Child's Play 3.

Warning: Male on male, strong language, threats, bittersweet romance, slight violence, slight bondage… (Okay… maybe A LOT of bondage…) and stuff that may be sensitive towards people who are easily offended. (So if you get offended by two males doing naughty stuff together then I'm talking about YOU). Also this story involves someone under the age of eighteen; if that does not interest you read no further.

"Ugh…" Groaning, the young teenager opened his eyes slowly only to be met face to face with a chair. A confused look played across Andy's features as he shifted his gaze from the old mattress that he lay prone on, to his surroundings, taking in as many details as his foggy mind allowed. He was tied up in, what looked like, an abandoned warehouse… Yeah… Not exactly the 'perfect' situation to be in… Nope, not at all…

"Awake already, brat?" The silence was cut by a deep voice coming from his side. Andy's head snapped towards the source of the voice and all the blood drained from his face as he was met with the sight of his worst nightmare.

"Chucky…" Andy whispered in disbelief. Why- Why did this stupid doll have to come back to haunt him again? Why couldn't it just leave him alone? All Andy wanted was a nice, peaceful life like a normal teenager. No talking, murdering dolls, just nice things like flowers and butterflies *O.o…*.

"Heh, that's right, Andy. It's me alright. I bet you thought I'd actually leave you alone, after all the shit you fucking put me through!" The murderer growled, walking slowly towards the young boy, twirling a knife in his small, doll hand. "You think I'd let you off? You think I'd forgive you? After what a wonderful friend you've been to me?"

"You psycho…" Muttered Andy as he turned his head away from Chucky. That was obviously not the right thing to do because the next thing he knew, a large, strong hand was gripping his jaw and forcefully turned his head back. Instead he was forced to come face-to-face with the doll. Andy was met by the sight of a very threatening, very strong, very evil Charles Lee Ray ready to commit murder again.

The doll leaned in dangerously close, brushing his nose lightly against Andy's before snarling into his face, "Don't ignore me, you fucker." Andy's breathing quickened when he felt Chucky lean in even closer, this time brushing their lips together softly before doing it again, this time harder.

The young boy's eyes widen and his protests were muffled by the lips of the elder man trapped in a dolls body began to force his tongue into the other's cavern. Chucky’s tongue began exploring and teasing the younger's tongue until it shyly poked back and when it did, he took it into his own mouth and suckled softly on the sensitive muscle, drawing a small whimper from Andy.

Pulling his mouth away, Andy panted slightly before whimpering and squirming against the leather ropes that bound his wrists and ankles. Chucky pulled back from the teenager and ran his hands down Andy's sides, enjoying the feel of the smooth skin as his hands slid over it.

"Stop that!" Andy snapped, his face flushing from embarrassment. The elder turned his gaze back to Andy's eyes and as if to go against the boy, his hand trailed down to fondle with Andy's half-hard cock. Gasping, the younger squirmed again and glared at his tormentor, angry at the man's amused expression. "Not funny." Andy snapped again, wishing the other would just take his hand off his clothed manhood already. In response, Chucky merely squeezed again extracting another gasp and glare from Andy.

Chucky chuckled and leaned in forward, brushing his lips against Andy's cheek as he whispered, "Listen up, brat. You're in my hands now, so you better be a good little boy for me. Don't make me get violent, understand?" Andy whimpered and futilely tried to pull away. The last thing he wanted was to be tainted by this demon.

A small 'tch' was heard before the serial killer took a strong grip on Andy's face, turning his head towards him. He stared right into the younger's eyes as his tongue slithered out to lick at those adorably pink lips and pushing through it, mapping the warm cavern.

"This is gonna be a long night for us," he murmured.

“No,” Andy whimpered again shaking his head side-to-side. This annoyed Chucky. Andy’s continual refusal brought his anger to the surface, which resulted in the doll grasping the teen’s balls one in each hand, he gently tugged at the soft ovals through the teens pants. Andy groaned in fear as his most private parts were in the upmost danger.

“You sure that’s your answer? You are not in the most advantageous position,” Chucky yanked the sac up causing Andy to gasp and pull at his binds. Chucky held the balls upwards waiting until Andy finally looked at Chucky. With a wicked smile Andy’s balls were squeezed harder, and Chucky used his tiny plastic digits to dig deeper into the young nutmeat. Andy’s eyes widened in surprise, quickly followed by fear as he moaned in pain.

“You just wish that you had some,” Andy countered clenching his teeth as the devilish doll crushed his young nuts in his tight grip.

“I do have some balls kid, they may be smaller than these, but I’ve got em.”

“Oh yeah that’s right,” Andy smiled as Chucky continued to squeeze. “I remember them being stapled to a board at the doll making factory.  That must have sucked.” Andy laughed viciously remembering the dolls eyes swirling around his sockets as Chucky continued to squeeze his manhood. “Not sure why you have any, it’s not like you can use that 1 incher. When I get out of this, which I always do I’ll destroy them again.” Andy smirked through his pain.

Living through the orphanage system Andy was used to getting his balls knocked around. Chucky crushing his balls was not the first time he’s had his balls squeezed. Every foster family has been an “experience,” and at thirteen he’s had a lot of foster siblings that knew a quick kick between Andy’s legs could really get the kid to listen. And Andy, was not going to give in to Chucky. He could take this dolls abuse, which kept the murderous doll away from his half-hard cock which he did not want Chucky to touch.

“You little fuck,” Chucky growled.

“Bigger than you now,” Andy spat as both the dolls eyes and the boys looked downward at Andy’s growing cock.

“Let’s find out,” Chucky said as he released Andy’s nuts, Andy breathed in relief but not for long as Chucky stood up and kicked his good boy sneaker straight into Andy’s pouch between his legs. Andy gasped as he watched Chucky pull back the sneaker and kick out again smashing his foot into both of his balls again.

“Fuck!” Andy whimpered.

Chucky laughter echoed in his ears as the murderous doll kicked again, his foot hitting the bottom of Andy’s sack knocking the balls up, then stamping his foot down crushing the kids balls under his foot. “Maybe your nuts are not so impressive after all, I can barely feel anything under my foot.”

“Fuck you!” Andy groaned, his eyes crisscrossing as he watches the doll assaulting his boyhood. “My balls,” Andy cried out on a particularly hard twist of Chucky’s foot causing the balls to snap out from between the dolls sneaker to only have the doll readjust to get the balls back under foot. “You made your point,” Andy pleaded, “Stop, just stop.”

“I’ve barely started kid,” Chucky explained as he pulled his foot from Andy’s crotch then running his hands up and down Andy’s thighs, before reaching for Andy’s erect cock and rubbing the top. The semicircular rubbing makes Andy gasp in pleasure, as he observes his cock being rubbed. Chucky let go and grasped the boy’s balls hard, finding his targets squeezing them. Andy tugged at his bindings again, trying to escape this pain. “If you think this is bad watch this,” and Chucky grabs the kids cock in both hands and proceeds to knee Andy repeatedly his his hard plastic knee bouncing the balls against Andy’s body. Chucky lost count of the number of knees he planted into Andy’s boyhood but took great pleasure in Andy cries that he uttered out each time as Chucky yanked on his cock using the boys four and half incher as a joystick.

“God please, my nuts. I can’t take it anymore!” He screamed. Andy may have had his balls busted before, but nothing like this. Even ganged up before he was always able to fight back. But not this time. Andy could do nothing but lay on the bed and take it. At the fiftieth knee to his balls Chucky stopped. Andy was dazed by this point, his balls pumping like heart beats pulsing pure agony between his thighs. Andy’s fight was drained from his body, he lay defeated and he hardly noticed as his belt was removed from his waist of his jeans, or when the buttons were popped opened. Andy did notice when they were pulled down. The cool air on his crotch gave Andy a bit of relief, he looked down again seeing his still stiff boy cock pointing to the ceiling in his black boxer briefs.

“What are...” but his question was pointless as Chucky leaned forward and licked the head of his adversaries’ penis. “Oh,” Andy whimpered, as Chucky sucked down the boys cock. Chucky continued sucking the kid’s penis down to the hilt and dolls head pushed against the pubis of the boy as Chucky salvaged the penis up and down.

“Fuck,” Andy gasped in pleasure. “Don’t!” Andy lost the ability to speak in the throes of pleasure as Chucky constricted his throat completely around Andy’s cock. Andy’s eyes widened as the constrictiveness was so complete that his cock could barely even throb. Andy let out a growl of utter pleasure and surprise as Chucky pull off the kids cock letting the penis snap against his belly.

Andy tried to get control of his breathing, “You can’t. You, you can’t give me my first blow job. I won’t let you. You can’t make me cum. That’s private,” Andy threatened.

“You think you can stop me?” Chucky laughed and punched Andy twice in the kid’s ball sac. Andy’s balls were pulled tight against him and held his balls as an inviting and easy target. Chucky laughed as Andy cried out as he struck the groin again and again. “If you can stop me, then do it,” Chucky challenged as he grasped the boys balls in one hand and knuckling the boys nuts with his fist rubbing the knuckles all around the kids balls targeting the sides and undersides which are super sensitive and easily the worst parts to be attacked.

“My balls...Fucking Ken’s bigger than you!” Andy yelled.

“That may be so you little dick, but when I am done with you those balls and that cute little cock are going to be mine. Don’t forget how this is going to end you little shit,” and Chucky then closed both hands over the kids testicles and bared down on them trying to crush the balls together trying to compress them into one.

“Ugh!” Andy’s body began to shake in agony and Andy’s squeezed his eyes shut praying that it would end. “I’m going to get you if it’s the last thing that I do,” Andy promised as he laid back against his restraints. 

Chucky tired of the over the clothing action, and instead grasped onto both sides of Andy’s underwear and looked up at Andy who shook his head “No.”

“How about this?” Chucky pulled out a knife, the curved blade was placed against Andy’s throat causing Andy’s heart to beat faster as the blade slowly lowered down his body. Andy watched helplessly as the blade stopped at his belly button, Chucky smiled at the boy watching him squirm and then lowered the blade again until it rest at the top of Andy’s erect cock. Andy began to hyperventilate as the blade touched the tip and a small rip of the material placed the blade directly on top of the lips of the penis. Andy could not breathe, he refused to.

“I could remove your clothes this way,” and the murderous doll slashed directly upwards making Andy scream as his T-shirt was lashed in half exposing Andy’s lithe chest. Andy’s heart exploded again as Chucky slashed twice more and the t-shirt lay removed against the mattress. Andy saw his exposed chest, his dime sized pink nipples and swore that his heart might explode from his chest.

“I see that you are experiencing puberty,” and reached with his free hand and brush against Andy’s left armpit at the few very short hairs that he found there. “Let’s see if anything else has hair,” and Andy screamed as the blade slashed downwards towards his cock.

Andy felt the material fall away as his underwear fell open exposing his penis and tight beat red balls. “Wait a minute,” and Chucky pulled the penis back and rubbed the bare pubis. “You don’t shave,” and he reached up with both hands and pulled at the kids pits and both patches of armpit hair were pulled off leaving behind soft hairless pits. “You wear fake pit hair? How pathetic!”

“I hate you!”  Andy yelled at the doll. “Just stay dead!”

“Andy, Andy, the only one that is going to die tonight is you, after I take over your body. Maybe I can kick start this puberty process,” and Chucky dove on top of the kids dick with his mouth.

Andy gasped again, “No, don’t.”

Chucky used his free hands to grab onto the kids nuts, separating them and starts to squeeze the kid’s peanuts causing Andy to shudder groaning in pain.

Andy’s dick gets harder very quickly in Chucky’s warm mouth, as he sucks Andy’s boy cock down to the hilt. Chucky’s throat is so tight that Andy shaft feels the constant pressure all over his throbbing cock  Gasping in unwanted pleasure Andy tried his best to think of non-erotic things as he did not want to cum down this maniac dolls throat. But Andy’s body was betraying him, as all hormonal teen boys bodies do. Andy’s nuts began to retract, which Chucky could feel as his fingers tried to squeeze the life out of the boys nut sack.

Chucky came off the boys poll long enough to announce, “Your almost there I can feel it,” and dove back on top  concentrating on the head, sucking the bulbous flesh causing Andy to shudder and to cry out.

“Aw fuck, fuck no! I’m not going to! I’m not going to! I’m…” As the boy could no longer hold back and came, hard. Andy splurged once, twice, three powerful bursts of boy cream down the dolls throat, while the doll relentlessly crushed his nuts together. Andy groaned in pleasure and pain as his first, and potentially his last blow job seem to pull the cum from his cock. “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” Andy moaned. Andy thrust hard and deep into the murderous dolls head before finally his body covered in sweat fell back and lay still. Spent, and lazy eyed Andy watched as Chucky slowly came off of his dick nuts still in each hand and began the dreadful curse to take over his body.

“Ade due damballa. Give me the power I beg of you. Secouse entienne mais pois de morte. Morteisma Lieu de vocuier de mieu vochette. End online pour de boisette damballa! Secoise entienne mais pois de morte. Endelieu pour de boisette damballa!“ Chucky screamed while babbling out the evil curse. This was the first of four times required as Chucky continued to spout the phrase a second time giving Andy time to pounder what he was going to do, which was difficult as his recently drained gonads were still of high interest to the doll and throbbed terribly in his deathlike grip, making Andy barely able to think of a plan in any existed.

Andy thought back of how he became trapped here to begin with, he had run away from his last foster family and was on the run from police having to shoplift some much needed necessities from the local Walmart. Andy feel asleep in an abandon warehouse, which as far as he could tell was used by local homeless people as a shelter. As it was in the heats of summer, and most nights barely got below eighty, the sweltering abandoned factory was not as appealing as it once might have been given a different temperature which meant two things, Andy could not count on a local homeless individual stumbling upon them, or an authority figure prowling around hoping to catch any mischief. And because of Andy’s last foster family hated him, and that he abandoned his cell long ago, they would not be looking for him either. This meant only Andy could get himself out of this, and as he was heavily bound by leather ropes. The recent activities had caused Andy to sweat quite a bit, and the greasiness of that, mixed with the fact that he had not showered in a few days gave him an opportunity.

Chucky was in his third recitation of the curse as Andy worked on each of his bonds. Andy could feel that the leather around his wrists was extra tight and in the few movements that he had left on this Earth would not be enough to save himself. But his right ankle, that one he always moved around a lot whenever he was in the throes of a good organism had stretched the leather bindings. But would it be enough...Andy prayed that it would be.

Andy’s heart beat faster as Chucky went into the fourth and final reiteration of “ Ade due damballa.” With an all mighty tug Andy kneed the doll with all of his might. The loosened right knee impact was somewhat diluted because it was still attached by the stretched out leather cords. It was enough to cause Chucky who sat kneeling between the boys legs to fall over, and more importantly release his aching boynuts. Andy groaned in pain, which seemed to almost intensify from being released from the menacing dolls grip. Andy used the opportunity to knee the doll in the head again. He couldn’t black out, not now. It would be all over if he did.

“You bitch!” Chucky hollered rolling away.

Andy’s leg now able to free itself from the loosened cords reached down with his toes for the knife, the large knife that Chucky put down.

Andy sliced his toes badly and bright red blood poured down from his foot causing the boy to whimper, but toes still managed to readjust to blades handle and pull the blade up to waist level.

Chucky stopped rolling and grasped his head looking up at the teen who managed to get his blade, his knife onto his lithe chest the tip facing the boy’s face. Chucky watched the boy bucked and sent the knife upwards, surprised clouded the dolls face as the knife slit the boy’s wrist the butter, blood now pouring out of the boys arm and foot. The doll got up and ran towards the boy as Andy managed to grasp onto the bloody knife with his injured hand and began to slice at the leather cords.

Chucky jumped hands and legs outstretched ready to land on the teens chest and pummel him, but Andy lifted his leg up at the last moment and Chucky’s face connected with the bloodied foot.

Chucky fell dazed between the boys legs looking up at Andy’s foot as he sent it crashing down between his legs perfectly connecting with the two tiny marbles held in his little doll sac. “Ugh! Fuck!” Chucky sang out as his hands gripped Andy’s ankle as Andy pushed with all his might to smoosh the little Tic-Tacs.

“And you said I was small! Are those raisins I feel?” Andy grumbled as he hacked at the binding cutting leather, as much as his own skin. “I can’t feel anything. Does that even hurt?” Andy pondered as he felt the two tiny orbs below his toes flatten.

“....bitch, I am going nuts!” Chucky groaned in pain as Andy watched the dolls eyes swirl around in his eye sockets.

“Just like last time!” Andy yelled triumphantly as his hand came freed and the knife handle crashed down into the dolls head, knocking Chucky unconscious.

Chucky awoke sometime later and he saw that tables were turned. Chucky’s wrists and ankles were tightly bound as he hung by his wrists which were tied together, a bright was between his feet tied to his bound ankles and he hung naked. Andy’s wrist and ankle were heavily wrapped up, and Andy was dressed in new clothes, and he seemed to have had a shower since their last encounter. Andy watched a little amused as the doll came back to life, and new how fucked he was. Chucky was about to mouth off when he noticed that he was gagged. Andy noticing this came forward and made a flicking motion with his thumb and forefinger before he lowered them and flicked the dolls nuts, first lefty then righty causing Chucky to jump against his restraints pulling at the bindings.

“Your turn shit-face,” Andy grimaced as two of his fingers squeezed the dolls tiny grapes.  Andy’s free thumb rubbed the dolls tiny pecker up and down, sliding the foreskin back and forth over the head. “I’m going to give you your last orgasm, then I’m going to do what I do best: kill you. As soon as you cum, if you can do that then I’m going to take your nuts with me, so when you finally come back to life as you always do, you will be a nutless bastard.”

Chucky groaned as Andy bared down on the dolls nutbag and crushed the two orbs together while Andy’s slick thumb masturbated the murderous doll. “Revenge is sweet fucker,” smiled Andy slyly. “You are in for it now you ugly G.I Joe knockoff.”

Chucky groaned in pleasure by the boy’s rough grip, yanking at his bindings, eyes swirling around in their sockets comically while Andy got the better of him. Finally Chucky chewed through his gag and requested “At least give me a blow job,” Chucky begged.

“Not enough to bother with, besides you don’t deserve it,” Andy bent forward and bit the left nipple on Chucky’s chest causing the doll to gasp. Andy licked his way down to Chucky’s very erect penis that stretched barely to his inner belly button. Andy scraped his teeth along the ridge of Chucky’s belly and lowered himself over the dolls privates and blew air over them.

“That’s it kid, suck it,” Chucky goaded. As his rubbery hands got slicker and pulled feeling his thin wrists slipping between the leather cords, ‘next time handcuffs,’ Chucky thought. “You know you want to kid.”

Andy looked up at the murderous doll, eyes slant as he let go of Chucky’s testicles and slammed his first hard between his outstretched legs. Chucky gasped, his whole body jumping upwards as he watched Andy rear back and slam another uppercut between his thighs.

“You punch like a girl,” groaned Chucky falling back against the mattress. “That all you got?” He challenged.

Andy smiles, “You have no idea, but you are about to.” Andy stood up and with his white socked foot pelted his foot toes first directly in the little sac that hid Chucky’s nuts. Chucky hollered in agony and yanked his hands free grabbing onto Andy’s ankle and twisting it causing the boy to stumble to one knee leveling Andy’s package up right in front of him.

“Batter-up,” Chucky sneered using both hands to double punch Andy in his unprotected crotch.

“No! Not again,” Andy whimpered his aching balls still not recovered from his last encounter.

“Haha,” Chucky laughed grabbing a nut in each hand and squeezing them between his grubby little fingers and hanging on them causing Andy to fall on top of Chucky, which caused the doll to stop laughing. Andy accidentally kneed the dolls nutbag, and his bony knee now rested on-top of his small jewels. “Get off,” Chucky warned crushing Andy’s balls.

“You first,” Andy threatened back rubbing his bony knee into Chucky’s marbles, causing Chucky to squeeze harder. Both Andy and Chucky’s anguished screams overtook the room until Andy helplessly weak was forced to roll off, Chucky rolled with him winding up on top.

“Now you are in for it, it’s time for this game to end!” Chucky quarter turned Andy’s bloated balls, the cords screaming in pain.

“Fucker!” Andy moaned grabbing the dolls arms trying to pull him off of his aching nuts.

Chucky twisted them to the left, then the right and back around Andy flopped down on the bed grabbing his hair to keep from screaming. Writhing underneath him Andy’s body began to sweat again and while his mind and balls slowly turned to mush.

Chucky laughed with glee and got even more excited as Andy’s dick started to thicken. “Look who’s coming back out to play.” Andy, angry at his own body for getting turned on poked the doll in the eyes with his good hand.

Surprised, Chucky let go and Andy punched Chucky in the throat. Chucky fell off of Andy’s tight abs grasping his neck, coughing.

Andy instead of grabbed his gonads rolling over into a ball. “Ugh, my nuts.” Andy cradled them so gently fearing that he may never be able to use them again.

Chucky launched himself onto the kids back arms trying to reach between his legs to get to his privates. Andy elbowed Chucky in the head connects to his bony elbow to Chucky’s nose which gushed with blood. Chucky fell back on his but staggered but got up again rushing towards Andy. This elbow hit lower, much lower. Chucky staggered his whole body collapsing around Andy’s elbow while his Tic-Tac’s burst in renewed pain.

Andy, even in pain smirked and elbowed the doll two or three more times until Chucky fell to his side grabbing his balls. Andy got on all fours, his body aching. “I’m going to make you...” but he was cut off. A good guy sneaker twisted at the last second between his legs from behind. “Oh,” Andy whimpered as he felt the doll hold his thighs still and kick again and again tattooing his balls with the tips of his rubber insole. “Fuck,” Andy fell to his side his hands reaching between himself, but Chucky’s sneaker got their first pressing down hard against his nuts trapping them against his pubic bone where they had nowhere to escape.

“My god!” The boy hollered as he felt his balls being squished, while his cock throbbed fully erect again. Chucky used this moment for all it was worth, and twisted his red sneaker attempting to crush what was underneath. Andy grasped the sneaker in both hands, but Chucky head butted Andy causing him to fall back onto the old stained mattress. Dazed, Andy watched helplessly as Chucky kicked, stomped, and basically eradicated his boyhood. “Stop, please...” Andy crumpled and his eyes opened wide as Chucky switched tactics and put on foot on each ball, giving Chucky and opportunity to gasp Andy’s thunder-stick. “Not again,” shuddered the boy as the devious doll grasped onto the boys engorged penis and tickled the head encouraging them to throb.

“Since the last time didn’t end how I wanted to we will do a repeat performance. Except this time I get your soul when I am done,” Chucky bounced on the balls of his feet, squishy and squashing Andy’s tender balls beneath. Writhing on the bed the boy looked on as Chucky took the top part of his dick into the dolls vacuum throat and sucked so hard Andy almost passed out. Andy threw his head back accepting what was coming, and noticed the knife. Andy had buried the thing in the wall as he set up the elaborate trap, knowing that he would need it for the end. After all, the plan was to de-nut the doll. The tables have certainly turned on Andy and as his orgasm grew so did his resolve. Andy could still get the best of Chucky, he just had to get to the knife and end things quickly. Slowly Andy inched his body backward, balls screaming underneath the feet of the maniac being crushed the pancakes, his orgasm rising as the second best orgasm boiled in his flattening balls. Andy reached back and could not help himself, he screamed eyes twitching as he lost control of his cock exploding down the things miserable throat as his cum was literally and figuratively sucked out. Andy gritted his teeth in the throes of orgasm and just as it ended several moments later he grasped the handle and yanked.

Chucky heard the telltale blade swishing through the air before he felt it rip into his flesh. Chucky released the boys organ surprised yet, satisfied that he coached yet another batch of cum from his victim to only receive the blade straight into his chest buried deep into his heart, a killing blow. Chucky looked up the light fading from his dulling eyes as Andy shoved him off his gonads and curled into a ball by the dying doll. Chucky, losing yet again to the brat. “Kill you next time friendddd....” and losing all thought and control of his voice went completely still.

“My nuts,” Andy whined in pain cradling his bloated, black and blue testicles. Andy stayed in that fetal position for a very long time.


A few hours later Andy finally able to, emerged into the bright sunlight. Andy shaded his eyes holding a pair of cream colored marbles, his trophies. “I’ll bury these,” said Andy looking back at the warehouse rolling the tiny plastic organs between his fingers and expressed, “Then I’ll torch the place, make sure that Chucky can never get back this time.” Andy hobbled along, his gate widened from all the testicular abuse he went through. “Now I have to figure out where to go...” Andy’s voice trailed off as he headed down the dirt road knowing that he was still on the run from the latest foster family, and knowing that he had four long years ahead of him before he turned eighteen and could be freed from the foster system. Andy was jostled by a rock and the movement caused his balls to bounce and Andy could not help it but to fall to his knees in pain and bury his uninjured hand between his thighs holding onto his bruised nuts. “Fuck me,” Andy whispered as the two tiny plastic orbs rolled away from him as the injured hand grasped the ground. Andy watched them roll away down the dirt road until a truck could be seen coming up the drive and rolled over both orbs.

Andy could have sworn he heard small popping noises as the nuts deflated, but assured himself that he must be hallucinating. The truck stopped directly in front of him. Andy groaned and attempted to stand up, only to have to hunch over. The driver got out, “There you are. You little prick.”

Shocked Andy exclaimed “How did you find me.” Grabbing onto the truck front for support hoisted himself up. Andy has to look up to see his foster father’s eyes as the man was several inches taller than him.

“You smell awful, you have to ride in the truck bed,” and the father slammed the kids rut sack that he found at the gas station forward directly into Andy’s groin. Andy’s baseball bat which was lodged at the bottom hit his left nut perfectly and his eyes crossed comically. “Oops, my bad,” the man smirked and twisted the rut sack so it sank a bit to the right and pinned Andy’s right ball against the trucks fender crushing the ball completely.

Andy howled, mouth ajar as his foster father explained, “That’s better. If you got to do a low blow, do the thing justice and get both of them nasty little things. Andy fell towards the ground but was caught around the waist and carried back to the truck bed and thrown into the bed of the truck. All of the air in Andy’s lungs exploded out of him as he landed, but the rut sack followed and landed directly between his open legs baseball ball slammed into the boys tiny baseballs.

“Home run, I would say,” laughed Andy’s foster father as he headed back to the driver’s side of the car whistling to the tune of Andy’s painful screams.

“Chucky...” Andy whined. “I still have to burn him,” Andy watched as the warehouse disappeared from view holding onto his himself, hating his foster father. His foster brothers rolled down their windows and began to fire small marbles at him with their sling shots. Andy tried to avoid them, but it was useless, he was stuck with this group until nightfall at least, until he could try to make his escape. He still had to cremate the doll, and he had to hope that in the meantime that no one found him.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy, that was a very well written and totally bizarre story haha. It won't be to everyone's taste but i really love the variety you get on this blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write in! I realize that my taste in story writing does not always translate to all crowds, but I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone on this one and write horror story. Horror and ballbusting, to me are such a great pairing. Needless to say, more Gino and Jayden stories are coming (two are already done and scheduled for release). I’m currently working on another. I’m glad that you gave it a shot!


(Gino and Jayden writer)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmy,

When I came on this blog today, I had no idea the surprise that I was in for! ChuckY! The murder doll. Very cool. Maybe you could do the robotic Chucky next. I would like to see a Chucky face off personally.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

Thank you so much for your comment! A Chucky on Chucky battle would be fun. At this time I don’t have a story for that, but that could be fun. I will keep that in mind. I am currently throwing ideas around for another horror story, stay tuned!


(Gino and Jayden author)

Jeffry said...

Well done. That was cute and fun to read.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeffry,

I’m so glad that you liked it! I really appreciate that you posted your thoughts. It’s very different than what I usually write, but I wanted to try something new. I thought that horror and ballbusting could exist together. Here was my attempt to make that happen!


(Author of Gino and Jayden Series)

Anonymous said...

I know it's WAY too late to do a Halloween special this year, but I would seriously LOVE another Halloween special from Jimmy, either set in the Jayden-verse (Would love to see how Jayden and his friends would dress up for Halloween) or maybe an original story like this one

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

I have been kicking around in my head a Gino and Jayden Halloween special, it's June in Bartlet but when October hits I am going to do something special!

Hmmm, I do love Halloween maybe if I think of something before then I can use it. If you have any fun ideas, I would love to hear them!


Anonymous said...

I would've actually LOVE seeing a sequel to this story! There's still tons of potential there, maybe keep it around this time, I loved seeing Chucky take advantage of Andy's teenage hormones against him, and I'd love to read another story with that same premise, also, loved seeing them bust each other's balls, seriously, that moment when Andy is crushing chucky's balls with his knee while chucky is crushing his balls with his fingers in a stalemate was one of the hottest parts in the story, I'd love to see more of that on a sequel! I know chucky technically lost his balls on this story, but if he came back after blowing up and getting cut into pieces several times, I'm sure he can grow himself a new pair of balls with voodoo or something

As for story ideas, well, I do have a few, what if you involved Andy's foster siblings? They already seem like they constantly bully Andy and deserve to get their puberty put on hold, Maybe it could be a story set in Christmas, one of his siblings gets a good guy doll as a present, then that night, ballbusting shenanigans happen, or keep it as a Halloween story, have one of his siblings find chucky on the street and bring him home with him, or screw it, Halloween night or a couple of days after this encounter , chucky just finds Andy on his foster home, ballbusting shenanigans happens, I mean, I'm sure chucky is gonna wanna have some revenge after Andy cut his balls off and squished them with a truck, right? He's gonna wanna have some payback, and Andy of course, won't go down without a fight

Anonymous said...

Also, something I really appreciated was how you used the size difference, there were some pretty creative forms of ballbusting taking advantage of Chucky's size that I LOVED seeing him use, like he's so small that he can REALLY get up close and personal with Andy's nuts, like getting his hands on both of Andy's nuts and sinking his hard plastic fingers deep into their core or him literally imprinting his sneaker on his nuts, and I loved how much stamina he's got in this story, like usually your character only do single digit number of blows, but chucky went for the double digits! I love how agile yet deadly as hell (especially for Andy's sperm count) he is, I'd love to see more of that!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Anonymous,

What a great idea!

This sounds like a great start to a story. I did not plan on coming back to this story BUT you have laid it out so well. I feel compelled to do so now. I will let you know how it goes when I start it!


Thank you for putting so much thought into this!