Saturday, March 21, 2020

Video links: Field goal nutshots

Remember this wonderful video from our very first episode of Boys just wanna have fun back in 2015? It features two amazing field goal nutshots. (Make sure you keep watching until the guy in the singlet gets his nuts crushed. That kick is truly amazing!)

Sip to 4:52

Well, I think it's time to re-visit the field goal theme.

Here are some of my favorite videos of guys field goal kicking their buddies' nuts.

The first video is an old one, and it's not perfect. The original sound has been replaced by music (never a good sign) and the footage is grainy, but I included it nevertheless because the kick is just amazing! I love the intro ("Never trust your friends...") and the preparations of the kicker, the checking of the wind conditions, and the vigorous little extra step at the beginning of the running start. Awesome!

The next vid is mean, brutal and cruel - and absolutely hilarious!

Now, there is another variety of the field goal nutshot where the kicker doesn't kick the receiver's balls directly. Instead, he kicks a football at a buddy's groin. Here's an example that you've probably seen before because it went viral a couple of years ago.

What I love most about the next video as that the three guys don't know which one will be taking a football to the nuggets. They decide it with a little game at the beginning of the clip. How exciting!

You can't have a field goal nutshot post without the crazy guys of the NubTV crew, right?

Finally, here is a group of guys taking part in the Field Goal Nutshot Challenge. There is much to love about this clip, but my favorite part comes when one of them turns to the camera after a particularly good football to the nuts, and says: "My girlfriend is coming next week to visit me, and I have useless nuts now. Let's see how good that vacation is gonna be..." (at the 2:25 mark) Absolutely priceless!

What's your favorite field goal nutshot? Let me know by leaving a comment or by sending an email (!


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