Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Video links: Nutball mania (8)

Nutball is a fantastic game. The excitement! The pain! The fun!

Here are some more of my favorite video featuring guys playing nutball.

The first clip has just one great shot in it - but it's worth watching from the beginning. The growing tension and excitement, and the explosive cheers and laughter when finally, finally someone gets hit in the nuts is just hilarious!

The next clip is short and sweet. Wham! Right in the nuts!

Here is a historical document dating back to 2006. I don't think I have ever featured it on this blog. The description says: A group of sophisticated individuals take the night off to enjoy a game of the ever popular Ball Toss.  Throwing balls at your friend's balls has never been so much fun. The quality looks very much like 2006 - but I love the effort these guys put into editing the clip. I bet some of these guys are fathers now, thinking "Damn, they should have tossed harder..."

These young Swedes are playing a game of pungkross. The translation is simple: pung means "pouch", and kross means "crush". What a wonderful name for this game! It's a series of 5 parts, each of which contains one good hit in the goolies.

The final clip is from Spain (I think) where the game is called Pica huevos. Again, the translation is very simple: pica means "chop", and huevos means "eggs". These guys certainly enjoy some chopped eggs!

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Anonymous said...

Where's the "pica huevos"/last clip?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I've added the link to the post. :-))

Anonymous said...

You're welcome ��