Sunday, March 22, 2020

What would you do to @BullPrairie's balls?

Our reader shrews12001 had a wonderful idea for a new series of interactive posts for this blog: A reader provides some pics of their nuts, and the rest of us use the comments section to share their fantasies and describe what we would do to them.

(If you want to see your own balls up here please send your pics to or

So here is the first set of nuts, and it belongs to @BullPrairie (follow him on twitter!)

Oh, what a wonderful, juicy pair of balls! Here are some more pics:

God, don't they look delicious? And that dick...

Here's a pic of his nuts tied up. Nice and full.

Here they are tied up seperately. Two perfect eggs, ready to get scrambled.

Damn, that got my juices flowing! Here is one final pic where @BullPrairie gives us an idea what we could do to his balls... 

Now over to you: What would you do to @BullPrairie's balls? Share your ideas by leaving a comment, no matter how detailed or vague, how long or short. Let's make those balls hurt!


Anonymous said...

I would grab his nuts and squeeze the cum out of them, slowly, one nut at a time.

shrews12001 said...

Ill take a crack at them (hehe)

Strap him down in a stand X position. Suck him a bit until he's at full mast. Put a flesh jack on a stand and place it just barely out of reach of his throbbing purple helmet.

Now it's simple. I'll stand about 10 feet back with a paintball gun and take aim at those fat, juicy, boiling over baby makers.

Then just one at a time. First lefty gets it dead center. Then righty gets blasted and slaps upward into that iron hard cock.

Back and forth. You can struggle to get that throbbing head into the flesh jack. All this horrible teste trauma for a little pain slut like you must be making that cock scream for some attention. One good stroke. One small lick. One solid scrape up your shaft and around the crown with a long nail and you'd empty those boys all over the floor.
Desperate moans. Screams through clenched teeth as shot after shot slams into your fat dangling spuds.

Are they swelling yet? It makes them so much easier to hit. It must be absolute agony to have your nuts pelted into annihilation while your pulsing, scream cock just cant quite get the friction it needs to nut.
Well, you better work those hips and try.
My shooting doesnt stop until yours starts.

Anonymous said...

I want to crush them in a vice until he screams or they become mush.

Anonymous said...

Could you please do next?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!

@ Anonymous (2):
I think there‘s a typo in the twitter address. :-))

Anonymous said...
this is the right one my bad

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment!

If you are this user please DM me on twitter so we can work something out. :-))

Anonymous said...

No I'm not but he seems cool.

Alex said...

He does but he explicitly says not to DM him with non-straight stuff so I don‘t think he would be interested in collaborating. What about you, though? Would you be interested in sharing your nuts with us? Just send me a few pics per mail - I bet your balls are beautiful! :-))

Anonymous said...

Oh that's too bad. I'm sorry but I'm not confident enough. I know it sounds weird but in my culture dicks are supposed to be average and I've been teased for having a large penis. So even though I know it's irrational, and that in western culture big is beautiful, I'm still trying to get over it.

volpesco said...

Well I'm leaving the same comment on all the posts of this topic.
The boys have wonderful sets of balls, but I'd like to push them a little further with a challenge: will they have the balls to accept it? The challenge is to choose one of our fantasies every week or every two weeks, realize it and send a short video

Orchidometer said...

Really impressive set of nuts.