Monday, March 23, 2020

Chase’s revenge - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the eighth part of the Gino and Jayden series written by our reader Jimmy. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one. 

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Jayden nods his head as he listens to music on his air pods, walking down the sidewalk. He has just come from a double practice, first wrestling and then swim. Jayden still cannot drive at age 14 and Gino forgot to pick him up, which is typical of his big brother. Forced to walk home Jayden starts the long haul towards his house, a few houses down from his own the street lamps start to come on. Temporarily, the lights blind Jayden. The boy shields his eyes, his backpack falling from his shoulder as a shadow falls across his vision, and he sees Chase standing in front of him. After transferring to Barlett High School he was even able to transfer swim teams earning him a spot on their coveted team. Jayden has forgotten all about Chase, clearly the other boy has not. Chase swings a metal bat right between Jayden’s open legs so hard that Jayden sees stars, as Chase hollers “Batter up!”

Jayden falls to his knees grabbing what feels like his broken balls as Chase swings again nailing him in the abs. Jayden convulses in the grass coughing and wheezing. “Fuck Chase,” Jayden growls trying to get up, but only falling back to the ground and rolling into a ball.

“I’m going to fuck you up so bad,” Chase threatens slamming the bat into Jayden’s guts again.

Jayden groans and tries to roll away but is stopped by someone else. “Where are you going?” Bill asks grabbing his arms and yanking them behind his back, dragging Jayden to his feet.

“Bill...what are you doing here?” Jayden asks.

“You dumped me. By text, and you think that I wouldn’t get mad! Hit him again.” Bills smaller, and thinner than Jayden would usually be no match for the wrestler/swimmer athlete but Jayden is clearly caught off guard as he is yanked to his feet.

Chase answers Bill’s call and fires the bat again this time aiming lower as Jayden is unable to protect his family jewels. The bat swings hard into his bulging workout shorts. Jayden groans falling back against Bill his balls exploding in fresh, renewed sharp pain. “My god!” Jayden whimpers. “Stop.”

“We are just getting started,” and Chase slams the bat again into Jayden’s throbbing testicles. The metal thrums after the third hit to Jayden’s nuts, causing the metal to sing against his tailbone.

Jayden’s vision blurs as Chase comes up to his captive saying, “You’re not even my prime target, your brother is.”

“My brother....what are you going to do to Gino?” Jayden asks in terror.

Chase pulls out his phone snapping a few photos of Jayden, lack jaw, groaning against Bill as the younger boy holds him still. Chase replaces the phone back into his jeans pocket. “That will get his attention,” Chase smiles with a sneer adding, “Let’s finish this,” and like a golfer Chase swings the bat full force between his legs and mercifully Jayden blacks out as the metal bat once more plunges between his thighs crushing his balls. Jayden attempts to scream but the pain becomes too much for his young body and mercifully his head lulls back and he becomes limp in Bills grip.

Jayden’s not sure how much time passes between the assault on his boyhood but he wakes up, tied up at Chase’s house in Chase’s overlarge bedroom. Chase always had a lot of money, he is known bragging about it which is present by the decor. The lush bedroom features white end to end carpeting covering the room, the oversized California King Mattress that Jayden is currently tied down on is plush against his frame and would be comfortable except for the dull ache echoing in his balls, and the ropes ripping at the skin on his wrists and ankles. Jayden pulls at his bonds and feels how strong they are and he knows just how much trouble he is really in. He has been stripped down to his red speedo that he didn’t take off after swim practice and Bill and Chase are talking to each other sitting on the bed also in their speedos which are bright sky blue, his old swim teams colors. Not realizing yet that he is awake. Jayden thinks about screaming but the duct tape prevents even that. So he just lays their exposed, helpless, and vulnerable waiting for the other two to notice him.

“See,” Bill says passing Chase his phone. Both boys matching blue swim speedos are tight on them showcasing their assets. Bills tiny package is small, barely visible but Chase’s is much more impressive. Chase’s dick is turned to the left, his big bulging balls fill the bottom of the speedo nicely and Jayden can’t seem to figure out how much growth Chase has gone through in the few months since he saw him last but it looks significant.

Bill is clearly crying, and upset as he blubbers “He texted me early this morning. He said that he found someone else. Someone older. A guy named Logan. He sent me his photo, how can I compete with that?” Challenges Bill standing up pointing to his own flat chest, and his very small package. “He said that my dick didn’t cut it anymore, that I was too small.”

“Hey, I’m sure that it’s not that small. Let me see it.” Chase says putting a hand on the boys shoulder and rubbing it soothingly. “I’m sure that it’s big enough,” Chases says soothingly as he glides his hand down Bills flat chest, stopping at the boy’s right nipple and flicks it. “It just me,” Chase says looking over at Jayden, and he winks at his captive turning back to Bill, who notices nothing as he rubs his wet eyes.

“Okay, if you want to,” Bill nods his head as Chases hand glides over the boy’s flat tummy and rubbing below his belly button.

“I see that you’re starting to bone up Bill, and look, you are not that small. Take off your speedo. Let me see it. Stand up in front of me.” Chase encourages with a warm smile.

“Okay,” Bill says and he slowly drops his speedo the boy’s tiny dick no bigger than either of his tiny peenut’s stands in front of Chase. “I think that it’s a little bigger than the last time I measured it.” Bill say excitement starting to color his voice.

“I’m sure that it’s big enough for me to do this,” and Chase still staring at Jayden slams the bat upwards into Bills naked tiny pebbles.

“My balls!” Bill cries as Chase keeps the pressure of the bat against Bill’s nuts. Chase switches tactics so that Bills balls rest on the bat, as he stands up and takes the opportunity to repeatedly slam the metal bat into Bill’s balls. Chase’s smile grows as he bounces Bill’s small balls. Chase keeps bouncing the boy up and down, his chiseled arm muscles flexing. Bill is in the air his toes just scraping the white carpet as he holds on tight to the bat trying to raise himself off of the intrusive object that crushes his minuscule testicles. Chase works up a sweat ballbusting Bill, whose cock still somehow remains hard under the constant attention.

“Bill you should really be a faster swimmer, as your minuscule dick and balls can’t possibly slow you down in the water. Too bad you’re just a loser in the pool like you are in real life. Thanks for assist in capturing your boyfriend. I’m glad that your insecurities worked in my favor. He didn’t dump you, you dickless dope. I sent you the breakup message, it was me all along. I don’t see why, he’s with you? But I don’t really care either. He’s still dating you, and he and Logan Kruger are just teammates. By-the-way... are you going to cum yet? I’m not getting tired of this bouncing. I’m just bored.” Chase replies.

“Chase...please...” Bill begs.

Chase grunts with the effort and continues to bounce Bill up, and then down. Bill’s eyes begin to roll back as he groans. “Plus Gino’s on his way and he’s clearly the main event. You are like that boring side character in a movie no one cares about.” Bill moans in pain as he begins to lose control of his testicles. Bill looks up at Jayden and finds his boyfriends eyes as he sadly comes on a devastating bounce on the bat that wrecks the poor kid. Chase allows Bill to fall to the ground, mercifully. The beaten and humiliated boy is defenseless as Chase duct tapes the boy’s hands roughly together. Chase finishes Bill off by hanging the duct tape Bill by his wrists on the closet door hook. Bill ball agony continues as he weak balls throb and he stares down at his reddening balls and dripping cock.

Bill continues groaning ends when Chase seals his mouth with silver duct tape. Bill’s moans are muffled quieter now as Chase says “Glad that’s over with. Gino’s coming to your rescue now,” Chase informs Jayden turning back to him. Chase walks over to the bed and seductively, his broad shoulders, sculpted swimmers body and six pack glisten with exertion as the now fifteen year old climbs on top of Jayden. Chase’s legs spread wide pressing against Jayden’s outstretched legs pushing Jayden’s thighs further apart into a split on the bed. Jayden groans against the grey duct tape, eyes wide. “I sent those photos of me bashing your balls in. He’s so worried. I said to him, ‘It was some kind of lover’s spat.’ “

“He said to me, ‘I knew that it was a bad idea for Jayden to be dating Bill.’ I told him that I was taking care of you upstairs. The idiot actually thanked me. What a moron. When he actually sees your current state he will go ballistic. That’s when my bat will come into the situation and ruin his day, just like I am ruining yours, and your pathetic boyfriend.”

“After I was humiliated at your house I thought about how I would get revenge. I had a long list that I need to get revenge on. After all I need to not only fuck up Gino, but you, and Bill too. Bill certainly didn’t do me any favors in that garage of yours, and well you really laid me out with this bat here. I hope you don’t mind me explaining all of this to you. It’s not like you are going anywhere.” Chase laughs at his jokes as Chase presses the bat against Jayden’s throat restricting the boy’s airflow and stares into his eyes.

“The way I figure it this would be a fitting end to the evening, to bust up all three sets of balls tonight. First Bill’s as both you and Gino watch. Then yours. I’m saving Gino’s for last. I can’t wait to make you all wish you were not born a male,” Chase threatens as Jayden shakes against his bindings. Chase lowers himself so that boy boy’s speedos touch and Jayden feels how hard Chase is in his speedo. “When I am done with all three of you I am going to cum all over you as I play with your busted up balls in your empty sad sack.” Chase emphasizes as he back hands Jayden across the face.

“Sit tight Jayden, you are in for a scary ride.” Chase humps Jayden using his cock to knock against Jayden’s balls squishing them against his pubic bone. “If you’re lucky maybe you’ll get one last cum in before I break them. That’s not my goal, but you could hope for that. It will be your last after all.” Chase groans in pleasure, at the look on his face as his breathing begins to quicken. “I’ve been saving this load for three weeks. It’s going to be so worth it.”

A ringing sounds from downstairs. And Chase groans in annoyance, “Duty calls,” Chase rubs his dickhead all around Jayden one last time as he reluctantly gets up off the bed, “Sit tight.” And he swings the bat down straight into both nuts nailing them against the firm mattress.

Jayden groans screaming into his gag, as he tries to yell out and warn Gino as Chase closes the door behind him sealing his fate.

Gino takes the stairs three at a time bursting into the room, “Jayden, are you okay? Chase sent me the video and...what the?”

Gino sees his brother shaking his head, the fear in his eyes as Jayden tries to point his head towards Chase, but it was far too late.

Chase swings the bat between Gino’s legs, the tell-tale crunch echoes throughout the room as Jayden watches his brother’s nuts crunching against his tail bone. Gino grabs himself and falls onto the bed. “What the fuck, I’m going to get you. You little shit,” Gino spits out against the mattress.

“Not this time,” Chase emphasizes swinging the bat again. Gino reaches up and catches the bat mid swing with both hands. Chase roars with anger and struggles against Gino with the bat. Weakened from the hit Gino struggles, but Chase is quicker and uses the opening for a quick snap kick to Gino’s balls. Jayden cannot see Gino’s face, but he can hear his brother’s groan. He still does not release his hold on the bat, so Chase fires another snap kick punting Gino’s nuts behind him. Jayden can physically see the orbs getting squished between his brother’s butt cheeks.

Gino sinks down to the mattress, along with Jayden’s hopes of getting out of this. Chase laughs in Gino’s face as he places naked foot against Gino’s groin and slowly rubs his toes against Gino’s Levi’s. “Do you know how much I am looking forward to this? After everything you and brother did to me? I’m going to fuck you both up so bad. Gino, give me the bat and I promise to free your nuts. Or...” and Chase leans his toes into Gino’s pouch catching both balls and crushing them in a toe grip.

Gino groans again, and Jayden can hear it in his voice. He does not have much stamina for getting whacked in the nuts. A few more hits and he is going to be putty in Chase’s hands, literally.

“Leave my brother alone!” Jayden cries out finally spitting the duct tape off of his cracked sticky lips.

Chase looks up in surprise. “I’m also free,” Jayden lies pulling at his binds. “Gino and I are going to show you what can happen when we work together.”

Chase watches Jayden struggle against his ropes, he will have to get closer to see them, just in case Jayden is telling the truth. Gino sensing that Chase is distracted pushes the bat forward making Chase lose his balance and the two of them fall to the floor. Jayden can’t see them directly but watches as they bounce up from time to time as they roll around at the front of the bed. Then things go quiet as Jayden listens as hard as he can, and they he hears them both moaning.

“Your balls are weaker from the bat, give up,” Chase emphasizes and he must be hurting his brother’s nuts because he makes Gino cry out.

“Fuck you Chase, remember that lesson that I taught you, maybe I need to do it again...”

“The only one giving a lesson tonight is me,” Chase says. Jayden sees Chase’s torso rise above the mattress. He must be on top of Gino, his muscles are straining in his arms, his back is tight and I can see a determined look in Chase’s eyes as he grimaces.

“Hey Chase, I bet my brother makes you cum again,” Jayden says trying to distract Chase.

Chase looks at Jayden, his lips sneering, “You’re first Jayden. I’m changing the order. Your balls are going to be pulverized first. Like sad little, ugh, my nuts!” Chase looks down, a pitiful look appearing on his handsome face.

“Does my brother have your balls again? I bet mine are still bigger,” Jayden taunts, pulling around the ropes. “Gino can you confirm that? Are my boynuts still the biggest in my class?”

“I felt your balls you twat,” Chase groans, “My balls are bigger...oh fuck...”

“I’ve got them good now; and trust me Chase Jayden still has the bigger set. By-the-way thanks for wearing that speedo again Chase. It’s really easy for me to see where I am aiming for,” Gino teases.

“Fuck you both,” Chase twists his arms causing Gino to writhe beneath him as Gino pushes Chase up higher. Chase uses his advantage and climbs onto the bed pulling Gino with him. Gino’s jeans are around his thighs, both of Chase’s hands are in Gino’s underwear palpitating the large testicles. Gino’s cock is hard and straining against the tight fabric of his tighty whities, while his fully erect penis leaks pre-cum. Chase let’s go of Gino’s ball grab and before Gino could register the danger he is in Chase knees Gino hard. The wet splat of Gino’s gonads echoes around the room as Gino grabs himself and falls to the mattress between Jayden’s tied down legs. Gino glances up at his brother in agony. Jayden pulls at his bindings desperate to help.

And that’s when Chase picks up the bat from the floor. Gino shudders in fear between Jayden’s outstretched naked thighs as both brother’s watch Chase tap the bat against his open palm and the resounding thwack sound echoes around the bedroom.

“Chase, man,” Gino lifts up his arms in surrender and Chase uses the opening to slam the bat home between Gino’s thighs. Gino grunts, groans, and grabs the bat trying to lift it off of his junk as Chase uses all his weight to press the bat downwards. Jayden is left to watch helplessly as Chase tries his best to neuter his big brother.

“Stop!” Jayden yells. “Leave him alone,” Jayden pulls and tugs at his shackles, but the bindings hold strong. Jayden exhausts himself in his efforts to escape that he doesn't notice that Bill has lifted himself off the hook on the closet. Bill is getting to his feet and comes quietly over behind Chase, unfortunately for Bill Chase is also aware of his presence.

Chase dislodges the bat from Gino’s groin only to bring the bat straight up into Bills tiny balls. Jayden’s boyfriend eyes cross, he falls to his knees and Chase backhands him with his free hand across the face. Bill falls backwards hitting his head against the wall and lays motionless. Gino crawls onto his little brother during this time, Gino’s dick digs into Jayden’s groin as he reaches up and begins to loosen the ropes on Jayden’s dominate good left hand. Jayden can feel part of the twine starting to come undone. Gino’s efforts are in vain, and Jayden screams “Watch out!” to warn Gino as Chase rears back his swing like a golfer and launching the bat screaming through the air as the dull thwack hits both of brothers at the same time. Gino and Jayden groan together, their lips touch for the briefest moment as Chase pulls the bat free. Gino and Jayden stare into each other’s eyes as they breathe in together painfully, but Gino grunts and rolls off of his little brother as Jayden watches Chase swing gearing up to hit both brothers again to only power hit the bat straight into Jayden’s aching boynut’s instead.

Jayden’s body convulses against the bat and he screams, loses consciousness for a moment, maybe longer. When the black spots recede from his vision he see Gino’s arms tied together and Chase tossing the rope up above a wooden post in the ceiling and pulling his big brother up onto his tippy toes so he hangs dully. Gino is a mess. His underwear has been completely removed and his bare balls are red, with a mix of purple. Cum drips from his penis, and as realization sets in for him, that at some point Chase must have brought him to orgasm. Bill is also tied to the ceiling rafters. His little penis is erect again, and he stares at Jayden in fear.

Chase has not noticed Jayden is awake and he wants it to stay that way. Jayden looks up at left wrist. The ropes are loosened from Gino; he just don’t know if it will be enough. Jayden wiggles his wrist back and forth watching Chase whistle as he works tying Gino in place. Gino will have a great view of watching both Bill and Jayden getting busted up if Jayden can’t get himself out of these ropes. Jayden twists his wrist and slowly pulls. Jayden can feel the opening is still too small. He grits his teeth and pull anyways and he feel my thumb being slowly being dislocated, but he keep pulling. Jayden pulls until he hears a faint popping sound and agony washes over him as he snaps his thumb bone. Waves of nausea hit him, and Jayden almost pass out again but he manages to pull some more until his left hand is freed.

Jayden cradles his left wrist to his bare chest, taking some quiet deep breathes to regain some semblance of control in this crazy situation. Chase is almost finished securing Gino’s ankles. Jayden knows that he has to hurry, and he knows that he has very little time left. Jayden reaches for right hand with his fingers only, and without his thumb in place he knows that he won’t be able to free his right hand. Jayden brings his left hand back his body, and puts the dislocated thumb in his mouth. Jayden takes a deep breath and uses his teeth to yank the popped out thumb back into place. He feels the pop again and the bone readjusting it back into its original position. The snap of the bones reconnecting makes him nauseous again but Jayden shakes his head clearing away the feeling. Unfortunately the noise alerts Chase, and Jayden quickly re-grabs the left post ropes and twine them around his wrist.

“Awake I see...finally. You missed a lot of fun,” Chase points to Gino and flicks his dick with his index finger. “Your brother is not going to save you this time Jayden. He’s finished.”

Chase leans forward and spits in Gino’s face, and knees him in his bloated balls. Gino’s body bucks upon impact but he does not wake. Chase smiles viciously as he climbs the bed, turning away from Gino. Chase uses both hands to explore Jayden’s tied up form. Chase strokes him here and there and nibbles at Jayden’s exposed skin. Jayden feels his teeth graze his thigh, belly button, left nipple, and each time he jumps in fear.

Chase chuckles as he climbs his captive until his rigged cock once again presses against Jayden’s testicles. He rubs himself there against Jayden, loving how his cock presses against his ballsac held in place by red speedos. Victory is in his eyes as he whispers in Jayden’s ear, “This is the point where I fuck you Jayden, and Gino wakes up to your screams. Then I bust you up so much you’ll wonder if you still have balls left,” he threatens as he reaches down to grab Jayden’s boynut’s giving them a wicked squeeze. Jayden wheezes in pain as his chest rises and falls with quick painful breathes. “Ready to become erect?”Chase challenges as he releases Jayden’s balls and rolls down the speedos. Jayden watches Chase grab his limp penis and starts to jack him off.

“Now that you are so close to my nuts Chase, you can see mine are bigger.”

Chase looks up at Jayden, and says, “Let’s compare. I know that I am bigger, my balls are huge.” Chase reaches down and begins to unwrap the white cord when Jayden leans forward and head butt him against his nose. Chase cries out in pain and Jayden swings his left arm and punch him in the jaw. Chase stammers caught dumb, and Jayden punches him again, this time in his throat. Chase coughs and rolls off of his captive falling off of the bed and Jayden reaches up and pull on the ropes hoping to get untied before Chase can recover.

Jayden pulling fiercely at the bonds on his right hand and he can feel them loosening. Jayden can’t see Chase, but he can hear him groaning on the other side of the mattress starting to recover from his onslaught. Jayden prays that he can get freed before Chase can stop him. Both of Jayden’s hands after some quick untying and luck. With his hands free Jayden reaches down to untie his right foot as Chase’s fist sucker punches him in the mouth. Jayden falls back, dazed as Chase climbs back to his feet, “No,” Jayden growls stands up, ankles still tied down but ready to fight for his life his legs split apart in a very large V formation.

Chase laughs, and uppercuts Jayden. Jayden’s makes boynuts swing between his exposed legs, and Chase laughs at Jayden’s mouth falls open and he falls back onto the mattress. Jayden's arms pinwheel trying to find balance as he falls back. The mattress sinks in as Chase climbs up onto the bed. Jayden starts to rise again somehow as Chase kicks him in the teeth. Blood splashes from his open mouth over the pillows as the boy grabs onto his head moaning. Chase stomps down on Jayden’s stomach, air spits out of his mouth as he sits-ups and grabbing onto Chase’s ankle. Chase backhands him again with a laugh knocking him to the mattress. Jayden strives to get up, but Chase is there before he can do anything and he kneels on both of his shoulders. Jayden struggles to release his trapped arms to, to no avail. Chase shakes his head and punches Jayden in the jaw again. Stars blanket across Jayden’s vision, and the next thing he sees is his right hand being retied to the bed frame.

Jayden swishes the blood in his mouth into a big red glob and spits it at Chase right between his eyes. Chase grabs at his face trying to clear his eyes. Jayden shoves Chase in the chest as hard as he can over balancing him once move knocking him off balance as he tumbled off of the bed. Chase crashes against the knight stand falling to the floor bringing the knight stands items including the lamp, books and his water glass from the night before to pour all over him. Jayden spit blood again and yanks at his right hand. Chase didn’t manage to retire the knot tight enough and he managed to free it quite quickly.

Jayden reaches down to untie his ankle but he stops himself, Chase is on all fours and rising.

Jayden panics looking around him and slips the twine free for the bedpost, an idea formulating in his brain, and before Chase can see what Jayden has planned he leans over the bed and wraps it around Chase’s neck. Chase tries and fails to scream “No,” which gets caught in his throat. Jayden yanks Chase back onto the bed, as the boys roll around on the mattress, Chase’s back is pressed against Jayden’s chest as he pulls the rope tight.

“This is over, give up!” Jayden says warningly.

Chase slams his head up into Jayden’s already bleeding mouth and Jayden falls back taking Chase with him. The two swimmers struggle and Chase manages to flip over and get his knee in between Jayden’s legs. Jayden’s very vulnerable bare sack is touched by Chase’s knee and both Jayden and Chase look at each other understanding flooding their eyes as Chase’s knee bone digs into Jayden’s boynut’s.

“Fuck,” Jayden groans retightening the rope. Chase’s fingers are between the rope now, and he breathes in taking a shuttering deep breath. Chase uses his other hand to grab Jayden’s throat. Both swimmers squeeze each other’s windpipes trying to get the upper hand, while Chase uses his right knee to crush Jayden’s nuts keeping them firmly trapped against the mattress. Jayden’s boynuts are continuously being pounded in as Chase revs up his attack against his rival.

Jayden and Chase are both bleeding, bruised, and tired but still they fight trying to subdue the other. Jayden has more to lose, but his ankles are still tied to the bed posts, and he does not have full use of his body, and is losing stamina fast. In a last ditch effort Jayden sucks the blood in his mouth into a big glob and fires it straight into Chase’s unsuspecting eyes. Chase jerks back, releasing Jayden’s neck as he scrubs at his face blinded. Jayden uses the opportunity to knee Chase right in the nuts. Chase coughs and groans and Jayden grabs the teen’s waist in a bear hug and knees him again and again.

Chase tries to pull away, but Jayden holds strong as he barrels his knee bone into Chase’s speedo bulge. Jayden remembers from a few months ago that Chase’s undoing were knees to the crotch and he pounds away at Chase’s nuggets as hard as he possibly can hoping for a similar effect. Chase goes for a ride on Jayden’s knee that he wishes he could get off of. Every bounce and hip trust causes Chase’s balls to bounce and ache. “My, dammit.”

“You started this!” Jayden growls as he hammers another into Chase’s vulnerable sac.

Chase’s dick unwilling begins to rise, he looks down sadly at his cock betraying him. Jayden doesn't care, he just keeps kneeing his swimming rival’s rocks tattooing an indent in Chase’s speedo bulge. “I give up Jayden, please. Ugh, stop kneeing my nuts!” Chase pleads as he feels his balls being shoved out of his speedo covered crotch pocket.

“After a few more of these, I don’t think it will matter!” Jayden says kneeing Chase with all his might.

“I hate you just as much as...oh no! Please you’re going to make me...” Chase squeezes his eyes shut.

“Make. You. Do. What?” Jayden knees Chase’s balls after each word punctuating his points with his knee bone.

Chase shaking, bites his lip. “God...don’t. Not again!” Chase’s dick is riveting with pre-cum, drenching his navy blue speedo as he watches his cock throb. “I’m going to...” Chase bites his bottom lip and opens his eyes wide as his body rocks with tremors. “On no...!” Chase is being racked with unwanted feelings, his balls are slowly rising to the base of his cock and present far easier targets. Jayden simply cannot miss as he knees Chase again, punching it with a rub, rub of his knee bone into Chase’s nuts.

Chase’s balls throb against Jayden’s knee which grinds into him, his rock hard erection pokes against Jayden’s firm abs and the constant friction is overwhelming. “I won’t...ugh no!”

“You’re going to cum, you can’t hold it in any longer. I can feel it!” Jayden emphasizes rubbing his knee bone in between Chase’s legs.

Jayden feels Chase’s dick begin to tingle, as Chase says, “No...I’m....fuck,” as Chase can’t help but explode in his speedo, the thin material drenches quickly as Jayden rubs his knee bone hard against Chase’s taint after a particularly hard thrusted knee. Chase groans, and Jayden rides Chases on his knee as his orgasm laments. Chase’s body stops resisting Jayden’s attack and the boy lays his head on Jayden’s shoulder shuddering as he cums a few more watery flurries. Jayden forcefully releases Chase as the broken swimmer curls into a ball muttering “My balls, you broke them.”

Jayden uses his time wisely to quickly untie his ankles and finally get off of the bed. Jayden first goes over to his brother Gino, and then to Bill. Both of them have swollen testicles but they seem to be alright. Jayden stumbles to his clothes and pulls out his phone to call the police. He was kidnapped, held against his will, and beaten. Jayden wants to get his head, teeth and thumb looked at by a professional.

Chase looks up as Jayden is dialing, “What are you doing?”

“Thinking about calling the police. You deserve it,” admits Jayden.

“You can’t,” Chase says, “My parents will kill me.”

“I don’t care,” Jayden answers back. “But I think what Gino will want instead is to fuck you up some more.”

Chase’s eyes go wide, “You already made me cum. What more do you want?”

“You answered that question already. I want you to know what it’s like when Gino is really angry,” and Jayden ties down Chase’s right ankle. Chase attempts to stop Jayden but Jayden raises the bay high in the air. “Don’t make me have to use this,” and Chase backs down.

A few minutes later Chase is now tied down to the bed, completely replacing where Jayden once was. Jayden admires his handy work and snaps his fingers. “I forgot one thing,” Jayden says climbs onto the bed and picks up Chase’s nuts. Chase trembles in fear but he needn’t worry, and Jayden lifts his own so that both sets of boynuts touch.

“Look Chase, you can see for yourself. My boynuts are bigger than your nuts.”

“No...mine grew...”. Chase shakes his head in disbelief.

“So did mine,” Jayden says. “I’m a full year younger than you too. My boynuts will become mannuts and you will have to always live with the knowledge that mine dwarf yours.” Jayden drops the bigger set and holds Chase’s in his hands. “Live with it.”

Jayden helps his boyfriend down first as he weighs a lot less, it took some time to get Gino down, he was a bit shaky on his feet. “He’s over there on the bed.” Jayden informs his brother. “Consider it an early Christmas present from me.”

“You’re the best bro, I’m going to wreck him,” Gino says, as he takes my head gently in both hands examining the bruises. “Your poor face, you need to get that looked at.”

“I know, Bill will take me.” Jayden says.

“You know that this is half his fault right?” Gino explains. “You would not be in this situation if it weren’t for him.”

“He’s sorry.”

“Not as sorry as he should be.”

Gino,” Jayden says warningly.

“Fine. We will talk about it later. Bill I trust you to take my brother to the hospital. You better do a good job, or else.” Gino glares at him until Bill looks downwards and nods.

“Yes sir,” Bill says.

Gino hugs Jayden gently, as Bill and Jayden walk out. Gino slowly turns to Chase. “Now I think I was saying earlier if I am not mistaken that there is a lesson that I think you need to relearn...”

Chase gulps, struggling against his bindings, but Jayden was a Cub Scout. Chase isn’t going anywhere until Gino is through with him.


Jayden awakes sometime later in a hospital bed heavily bandaged. His left hand is in a cast to support his thumb bone, his head is heavily wrapped in bandages, but somehow he got through Chase’s attack. Jayden looks around the room and sees Gino watching him. Outside the hospital room Jayden hears his mother and father arguing with a doctor.

“We don’t have the money for this,” Jayden says.

“Don’t worry about that. I’m just so glad that you are okay.” Gino walks over and puts both hands on Jayden’s chest. “I thought, God. I thought that I was going to lose you at one point.”

“Chase just took things too far,” Jayden says. “Where’s Chase now?”

“I actually drove him here. He had a pretty nasty cut to the back of his head. He really took things too far, he’s regretting that now,” Gino grins.

“I’ll bet,” laughs Jayden, smiling right back at his brother.

“And don’t worry about the money, Mom and Dad have a plan to make all of your hospital bills free,” Gino says.

“They do?” Jayden’s left eyebrow raises up.

“Yeah, after all this is a medical school hospital. Apparently they were looking for young subjects for the doctors in trainings to practice on. I volunteered you, as long as your medical bills were waved. They said ‘No problem.’ Mom and Dad loves the plan.” Gino’s smile if anything grew wider, and a hint of mischief floods his deep brown eyes.

“Gino...what kind of trainings are they going to do on me...” Jayden gulps.

“Mostly physicals, so no big deal. Oh and there is one more examination that they will be doing. It’s no big deal Jayden, nothing to worry about. But they will be having the whole medical training doctors doing a thorough testicular exam on you. When I went through all of the different choices I said that is the one that you would be most interested in helping out with,” Gino smiles from ear to ear as he rubs his brother’s chest.

“You didn’t.”

“I did.”

“The whole medical team?”

“Uhuh. Touching, prodding, rubbing, and examining your nuts. You’ll be naked in front of all them as each person gets a chance to examine you. You’ll be the boy that they learn how to touch and manipulate. Those boynuts are sure going to get a workout. I’m sure that they will all be very gentle. Apparently this is a freshmen class, you will be their very first live human they get to work with. They will of course make mistakes but that’s how you learn after all.”

“I can’t believe that you did this to me,” Jayden shakes his head as Gino’s fingers tips glides down his torso and plunge underneath the sheet grasping his brothers young nuts.

“I think that we have a little time before Mom and Dad come in, let’s see if I can give you an idea of just what you will be in for. Hmm?” Gino goads.

“No bro, don’t!” Jayden let’s of a little squeal as Gino palpitates the nuts in his grasp.

“Come on Jayden, a little demonstration is just what you need. So you’ll be prepared for what’s to come tomorrow. Speaking of cumming, I’ll help clear you out. Think of it this way, better to get a stiffy with me then with thirty or so people watching right? I’ll clear you right out, after all I’m your big brother and that’s what big brothers are for!” And with that Gino gets down to business.


Anonymous said...

Wow i just loved that story. It's pretty brutal but no real harm done i guess. 4 boys, 8 testicles remaining haha. More fun to come! Chase is just awesome and I love that you made him into such a vicious badass. I hope he comes back for more. I'm sure his balls are still growing and he hasn't given up on outranking Jayden some day, or even Gino. I will now read this again, it's so hot. Great work Jimmy and i can't wait for the next installment.

Anonymous said...

I love how Chase gets "undone" once again by hard knees to the balls. It's like his kryptonite, draining him of all his strength, courage and cum haha

Anonymous said...

This story is amazingly hot!! 5 stars!
I don't know how you are planning to continue this saga, but I'd love to read something about the relationship between Jayden and his boyfriend, because, despite his reaction for the false betrayal (something that all of us would do, I think), they are really cute! Something more romantic, of course full of ballbusting, but intimate between them.

Anonymous said...

Chase is back! Fuck yeah!

Chase is the villain of this series, and I for one am so happy that he got a full story all about him and his evil doings. Chase the badass was not victorious this day (3 VS 1). He needs henchmen, too bad Adam and the twins abandoned him (honestly pretty smart if yo think about is). Chase needs alies, maybe he can team up with Logan? All I know is I can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I’m overwhelmed by the sheer amount of joy towards this story! I tried really hard to make Chase’s comeback extra special. Without further ado on to the individual comments:

Reg, my dear friend you are far too kind. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the story! Chase is indeed quite dubious. He has his own concepts of what’s right and wrong, he is in fact in the next two stories that I’m writing. Hopefully people will be excited with where I take his character. Thanks again for posting Reg, and for reading it again. I put a lot into this one, I wanted to really make it a turning point in the series.

Anonymous 1: Haha, yeah Chase and knees do not go together very well. I didn’t think about them as his kryptonite, but they really do seem to be! I might include that in my next story with him! Thank you for the idea!

Anonymous 2: I’m so glad that you like this story. Hmm, I have not considered a story of Jayden and Bill. I’ll see what I can do. Maybe The Boyfriend catastrophe? It could be a lot of fun! Thank you again for posting, I had no idea what I was going to do after Gino & Jayden story 12, but this could be it! (I’m trying to stay far in advance writing the saga).

Anonymous 3: Thank you for your feedback! Chase started the story with it being 2 versus 1...unfortunately for him that changed rather hindsight he should have thought out his strategy a bit more. Chase is such a loner, so it’s hard for him to get guys to follow his lead. Too bad there isn’t a henchmen/ball busting goon society for him to pick up a few guys to help him out! I sincerely doubt that Logan would help Chase, but after Logan’s last encounter with Gino he absolutely wants his own revenge against the brothers, especially Gino.

Thank you all for reading who liked the story above! If you have any thoughts/requests I really do try to listen to readers and add that to my stories. The readers wanted Chase back, and it was never my intention to use him again, but that has certainly changed! So you never know, I might just add it!


Gino & Jayden Writer

Anonymous said...

Awesome! The only thing missing from this story is knowing what Gino and Chase got up to after Jayden left. I do wonder if Gino managed to tease another load out of Chase' boynuts ;-)
I could definitely see Adam and the twins as henchmen to Chase. A lot of "weak" boys will choose to side with a bully. Can't wait to read more of these stories!

Felix said...

Hi Jimmy, hope you're writing the sequel as a medical story! Loved it.

Anonymous said...

More comments! I’m so excited!

Without further ado...

*Anonymous: This is true we do not “know” what happens after Jayden went to the hospital, most likely Gino went to the hospital (he really does care about his little brother), but I doubt that this is the last confrontation between Chase and Gino.

Chase will have to do some convincing to get Adam and the twins back on board, but he is devious enough to make it happen. Plus the boys loaded, and that always helps smooth things over like endangering ones balls.

I’m so glad that you are enjoying them! I just finished part ten and sent it into Alex this morning actually. I’m going to hopefully start part 11 today.

*Felix: How ever did you guess my wicked plans? This story absolutely reads right into a medical adventure. It’s fun and silly, but man good guess on where I was going next!



Gino and Jayden Author

Felix said...

Can't wait

Anonymous said...

Thanks Felix! I really appreciate your enthusiasm. I hope that you like what comes next!



Gino & Jayden Writer

Anonymous said...

This story is so good, thank you for writting them!
And I love the return of Bill
Are we gonna get a story where Bill and Jayden have some "Couple Fun"?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out!

Currently the next two stories are completed, but I have heard that Bill is wanted to return so he will come back in for Gino and Jayden part 11. I’m currently working on that one now! That story will heavily feature some couple fun, I think that it’s going to be an adorable little tale. I hope that you like it!



Gino & Jayden Author