Friday, January 3, 2020

Christmas break ends - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the fourth part of the Gino and Jayden series written by our reader Jimmy. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one. 

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Jayden tapped his pencil impatiently against his desk and kept glancing down at the wrestling tryouts form on his desk. Jayden did not go to school at Bartlet High but after some quick searches Jayden had managed to locate a wrestling captain that really seemed to use below the belt philosophies. At least that's if the rumors were true. Logan, blonde, blue eyed, gorgeous, and dating Ashley a cheer leader he seemed just like any other jock to Jayden; but he had made a promise to his older brother and he was dead set on trying to find Gino an outlet to let off his sexual frustration and to engage in his fetish of choice: ball busting.

Ever since Gino hand cuffed Jayden in the garage, Jayden and his older brother spent a lot of time in each other's bedrooms much to Jayden's dismay. His balls were constantly sore, and quite empty. Gino never seemed satisfied with just one or maybe two sessions a week with his younger brother, and the everyday busting on Jayden was taxing on his balls.

When the bell finally rang, Jayden gathered his book bag (with a singlet inside school colors of a different school). Jayden thought that if he showed initiative of being from a different school the team Captain might take him more seriously. Jayden needed to see Logan in action. Best way to do that was to get noticed. That's why Jayden made sure to wear no underwear and to have the singlet be a size too small so that everything from his nipples down would be on full display.

Jayden changed with the other newer tryouts and he was happy to see that his body type was the most athletic of all the boys. 'I hope this works,' thinks Jayden as he jogs up the stairs from the locker room to the gym. Jayden has been working out for almost two years now at his home gym in the garage and it's starting to really show. Jayden almost has a six pack, and is well endowed for a fourteen year-old. Emerging from the locker room with the other boys for tryouts Logan quickly and efficiently asked most of the boys to leave only leaving Jayden, and two other boys. As he paces up and down the row of boys making small marks on his clipboard.

Jayden soon realizes as he looked at the other two boys that the wrestling team was only going to filling one spot as he over hears some of the other boys Lionel and James talking. Jayden starts to sweat in the warm gym area, and lifts up his arms to stretch which catches Logan’s eye.

"No armpit hair?" questions Logan. "Looks like someone has not hit puberty yet."

The other boys laugh as Logan approaches Jayden, whose cheeks burn with embarrassment, "Just how old are you?"

"Old enough to pin you on the mat," Jayden says confidently having to look directly upwards at the much taller boy. Logan easily towering over the younger boy, looks downward as Jayden says, "Besides, the bigger they are the harder they fall." Jayden's heart was beating so fast he thinks that it might come right out of his chest.

Logan eyes the boy up and down, paying extra attention to Jayden's equipment, "Well he doesn't seem to be little everywhere," he chuckles and with the back of his open palm slaps Jayden in both of his low hanging nuts, the familiar thud in the gym registers to all boys and they grimace in pain at Jayden’s sack tap.

Jayden knew that he should have expected something like that but clearly he was not properly prepared. Jayden's eyes cross as he gasps but he makes no move to clutch or shield his nuts to protect them from further attacks, earning him some points with the older teen.

"Let's play a little game, how about the last man standing without tapping out gets the last coveted spot on the wrestling team. If you tap out, you are done. By-the-way, I don't know if you have heard but," Logan smiled rather devilishly at this point, "It can get a little rough on the mat. Can you handle that, kid?"

Jayden quick as lightening sack taps Logan between his thighs with the back of his hand before crouching down in the standard wrestling pose after, his palm also eliciting the telltale thwack from Logan’s fruit basket.  "Absolutely old man, I figured that would help you get into position. Ready when you are, Captain." Jayden smiles back at the older teen egging him on.

Logan took a deep breath in while grimacing, before moving into his wrestling stance, "I can see that you at least have some initiative kid. Okay, let's wrestle."

The three separate wrestling matches began at the same time but Jayden could hardly begin to ponder how the other two younger boys were fairing, when Logan was upon him. Jayden spent years wrestling with his older brother Gino, but he could tell that Logan was easily better than Gino, which made Jayden a laughing joke to be engaging him one-on-one on a mat. "I've got you little one," said Logan grabbing Jayden in a bear hug, giving him a tight squeeze, and tossing him to the floor of the mat.

Jayden got on all fours attempting to stand up but, Logan got behind him, pressing his much larger flaccid cock against Jayden's butt as both hands looped around Jayden's middle in some kind of a squeeze that Jayden didn't recognize. "This is a fun move called the ball and chain," whispered Logan in Jayden's ear. "It teaches little boys that this is a man’s arena, and no place for a child like you." One of Logan’s arms rested between Jayden's legs the elbow fitting in snug against his ball basket, while other wrested around the upper torso of Jayden's body when both of Logan’s hands met in the middle he began to lift Jayden off of the floor, all of the boys weight was being supported directly by his crotch.

"Oh," whimpered Jayden as Logan began to rock the younger boy back and forth. Logan knew what he was doing. The friction and pressure between the younger boy’s legs was crushing the boy’s balls, while at the same time causing the boy to get a bonner. Jayden could feel his dick beginning to harden by the pressure and the continuous rub, rub of Logan’s arm. Logan’s flexing elbow though crushed his balls. Jayden was not on the defensive but if Logan kept going with this ball and chain Jayden knew that he was going to cum. "Fuck," Jayden groans on a particularly hard squeeze.

"Little buddy," whispers Logan. "Are you hard? Is that your little dick pressing into my arm?" Logan pinches Jayden's dick with his hand causing Jayden to gasp. "Yup it must be because you whined like Ashley does when I touch her, she makes the same sound." Logan jostles Jayden's nuts against his elbow taking turns to pinch each nut; first lefty, than righty, and followed by both together. At the same time Logan rubs the top of Jayden's erect penis causing more pre-cum to stain the singlet.

Jayden's mind begins to fog over in pain and pleasure but a painful cry of "I give!" holler by the boy next to him causes Jayden's mind to clear in panic imagining himself declaring defeat and with sudden clarity knowing that he has to escape Logan’s hold or else he will lose the spot on the wrestling team. Jayden swings his elbow into Logan’s abs. Logan coughs and the hold on Jayden loosens, as Jayden follows through with another elbow to Logan’s abs but a bit higher which causes Logan to lose his breath, hitting him right under Logan’s rib cage.

Jayden is dropped to the mat as Logan clutches his abs in a coughing fit. Jayden grasps onto his balls, glad to discover that his boys are still intact. When Jayden looks up he sees Logan on his knees and rushes up to him to attack. Logan’s fist fly’s forward slamming into Jayden's ball sack instead. Jayden's breathe gusts out of him as he bends over, eyes bulging "My nuts..." he whispers, "My fucking nuts." And panics as Logan uppercuts him in between his thighs. Pain erupts from Jayden's groin, old and familiar as his balls leave his sack and move upwards into his body. This happened once before from his older brother Gino, and was just as devastating then, as it is now. "Logan! My balls...they are gone!"

Logan smirks as Jayden raises both hands up leaving his crotch open for another hit when all Logan sees is Jayden's erect cock...the boys young nuts seem to have disappeared.

"Shit," says Logan tearing open Jayden's singlet, ripping the material apart praying that he didn't just neuter a new wrestling recruit. "Shit, they really aren't there!" What Logan sees shocks him. Jayden must have been even younger than he originally let on. The boy is clearly just starting puberty, Jayden's ball sack is completely bare of hair, and above the 4 1/2 inch rigid boy cock is a tiny fluff of blonde hair. The few wisps are beginning to grow and lengthen but nowhere near where a sixteen year old junior is supposed to be. Logan grasps the boy’s younger sack and stretches the skin downward. Jayden whimpers as the older teen pinches the sack and looking up helpless at the kid.

"This happened once before," Jayden says. "You have to use your fingers to reach up inside to pull them out."' Jayden groans again in pain, his balls aching deep inside of his lower body.

"Okay kid, I'll give it a try! But first, let's see if this works," and Logan places both hands on the Jayden's shoulders and knees him hard in the empty sack. Jayden cries out in pain, his mouth dropping open in utter agony as his balls inside of him are pushed up deeper inside.

"You’re gonna break me that way..." Jayden whimpers as he drops to his knees no longer able to stand up and rolls onto his back in utter defeat. 'Gino be damned,' he thinks. “My nuts are broken.”

"Shit, that didn't work," says Logan as he follows Jayden to the mat and pushes his hand and away and begins to use his fingers to plunge inside the empty sack trying to find Jayden's nuts. Jayden continues to moan and groan as Logan searches and finally cries out once more as Logan loops his index finger around a nut and yanks it down. "Got one! Only one more to go!"

"Hooray," Jayden whimpers as he watches Logan dig back into the back of his ball-sack, "God, this sucks," Jayden curses shaking his head in pain.

"I think if I pull that one lefty or righty?" asks Logan as he tugs on the ball

"Lefty!" Jayden yodels as Logan crushes the nut and yanking it down hard as far to the bottom of the ball sack as Logan can.

"In all my wrestling career this has never happened to anyone that I know. Your ball sack must be extra-large for both of your nuts to fit up there...either that or you are extremely unlucky," mocks Logan shoving his figures deeper up into Jayden's sack again searching for righty.

"God Logan please..." begged Jayden sweating as he feels Logan’s finger tips digging inside him and then the telltale pain as Logan found and pinched his right ball. "Oh fuck," moaned Jayden as Logan yanked down on the ball and pulled it bag down into Jayden's dangling treasure bag.

"Got then now," Logan breathed as his hand wrapped around both of the younger wrestlers balls. "Let's finish this so we can send the freshman home, shall we?" And with that Logan barred down on Jayden's marbles.

Knowing that he was fading fast, his balls being crushed by the 18 year old wrestler Jayden swung up his knee between Logan’s legs. It was not a hard hit, but the knock jostled Logan enough to give Jayden a chance to rear back and knee Logan again setting up his target perfectly. Logan groaned in pain and let go of Jayden's nuts, the bony knee finding its mark and pulverizing Logan’s junk.

Jayden wanted to roll into a ball, but he took the chance to get the upper hand on Logan and pushed the stunned Logan down on the mat. Jayden grabbed each of Logan’s legs and lifted them up into the air, Logan realizing the danger he was in attempted to grab Jayden's foot but Jayden switched tactics at the last second and punted Logan hard at the bottom of his sack instead.

"Fuck!" Logan hollered

Jayden reared back to kick him again, but Logan bigger and stronger overpowered the lad and managed to grab Jayden's leg at the last moment causing Jayden to lose his balance and fall down to the mat. Logan following through with his attack grabs Jayden's other leg and slams his foot in between Jayden's legs hitting both of the young boys balls.

"Not again!" Jayden whined as Logan rubbed his foot up and down his groin, his toes playing with Jayden's erection, while his foot squished his nuts. "What..." Jayden moaned unwillingly as pleasure grew between his thighs. "You can't!" Jayden whispered looking around, noticing for the first time that he was the last of the three wrestlers and all of the rest of the guys surrounded the two and grinned down at the pair of wrestlers snickering as the watched the painful foot job ensue. "You’re trying to make me cum…in front of all these people?" Jayden questioned grimacing through his clenched teeth.

"What makes you think that?" Logan raised his eye brows as his big toe plays with the slit in Jayden's dick at the top making small continuous circles while the ball of his foot presses Jayden's balls hard against his body flattening the nuts.

Jayden went to reach down to try and free himself but a pair of hands reach down and grab him by the wrists; yanking his arms up and causing Jayden to be completely defenseless. "What? How's that fair?" Jayden asks hand in the air showing off his almost hairless armpits.

"It's not," said Logan, "but neither is lying to get on the team. How old are you really? Because there is no way you are in high school." With help from his team mates releases Jayden's legs and chooses to scoot forward and using both hands instead one to wrap around the boys balls, and the other to start jacking the boys dick. "You are pretty well developed for a...thirteen year old?"

"Fourteen!" Grunted Jayden as Logan’s fingers both squishing his balls and rubbing his penis loosen Jayden's lips. "I'll be in High School next year."

"You could have made it you know. If you were a year older. Maybe we can make an exception. You were easily the best of the tryouts, and really the most fun. You having fun Jayden?" Logan smirked as he bent over and spit a lob on top of Jayden's dick to help lubricate the boy.

"Oh man, don't make me cum in front of all of them!" Jayden hissed between his teeth, still trying to escape from the wrestler whose hands have trapped his own.

"What are you shy? Your squirming really kinda turns me on a bit, you remind me of a younger me. Nothing would stop me either, well maybe this," and Logan bent down and sucked down Jayden's dick to the root.

"Oh...fuck. No," Whimpered Jayden as stars played across his vision, his eyes becoming cross eyed. No one had been this good going down on him. Not his older brother or his new boyfriend Bill. Logan was a natural. Logan switched tactics and tickled Jayden's sack and taint as he devoured the younger boy’s pole. Jayden's breathing became jagged, and he unwillingly began to hump Logan’s mouth, ready for release. "If you don't stop that I'm going to cum." Jayden said plainly as he tried desperately to hold it back, hold it in.

 Logan would not be denied and sucked all the harder, yanked on the boys balls pressing his thumb deep into the center the nuts while his left hand reached up and pinched Jayden's nipples one after the other. Jayden still held captive by the track mates struggled in vain until he could not hold back the eruption that pulses, "I can't stop it! No!" Jayden groans still trying to stop the inevitable as his cock vibrates in Logan’s throat. Jayden opens his mouth to protest once more and came. Hard.

Jayden lost his sight for a few seconds, as he was unable to breathe as he orgasmed in Logan’s mouth. Logan vibrated his tongue and thought for the boy to receive even more pleasure, as his right dominate hand squeezed the balls for all they were worth.

Jayden finally took a breath, and groaned "No!" as more and more of his boy juices flooded the older teen’s mouth. The other wrestlers cheered, and the one holding Jayden's arms let go. Jayden's arms quivered in the air, unsure if their new freedom as Logan continued to suck, causing Jayden to have a double orgasm right after the first.  Jayden came moments after his first and the younger boys body dropped to the mat and writhed in pleasure and pain, spasming as came over and over until mercifully he stopped. Utterly drained Logan released the boys cock from his mouth, with a wet pop and dropped the two nuts to the mat. Jayden lay exhausted, wrestling singlet torn open with his cock just drained of all its cum.

Jayden's eyes began to focus once again as Logan stood up, his stiffy evident in his singlet and clearly wet at the tip looked down at the boy. "You’re in, I'll see if I can get past the red the tape. I'll even get you a new singlet to replace the one that I destroyed." He smiled down at the younger lad. "I've got to actually practice, but I'm sending you home.

Logan looked up into the bleachers and called over to Caleb and Jayden, Logan’s cousins.

“I had to babysit my older nephew, he can help you get downstairs and cleaned up,” Logan explains. A boy, two years younger than Jayden peered around Logan’s waist his arms wrapping around the older teen a little too tightly one hand squeezing the boys balls.

"I can help him," smiled the kid reaching down and pulling Jayden to his feet. Jayden adjusted his singlet to cover himself as best as he could. Logan’s cousin rested one of Jayden's sweaty arm across his shoulders: "Lean on me, I've got you."

"Thanks," said Jayden as they headed to the stairs to the Boys washroom.

"No problem," said Caleb and Jayden, Logan’s cousins.

"That's really nice of you but I can manage on my own," Jayden says.

"Nonsense! It will be my pleasure," said the boy as he opened the door to the Boys locker room and as they stepped through the whole wrestling group heard Jayden scream in pain, worse than when Logan knocked around his balls; and of course the telltale crunch from a pair of nuts being smashed.

"Oops! My bad! I didn't see that railing post until it was too late," Logan’s cousin Jayden says. "Here let me. I'll take a look at your nuts, just to see if they are okay. They do look a little red..."

As the door closed cutting off Logan’s cousins from the group of wrestlers, they looked over to Logan and he smiled, "I'm just glad that I found a new friend for my cousins. They will make sure Jayden is properly cared for and sent home safely. I mean as safe as one can be, especially with a pair of nuts near that close to my cousins."

Everyone laughed, as they started to pair up to wrestle. Logan just glad that this time he got out of his cousins clutches.


Mickey said...

Thank you for another wonderful story Jimmy! :))
And Logannnn! how could you do this to Jayden! ;)) I do hope Gino will appear to give Logan a taste of revenge for harming his brother - Pushing Logan's ball upwards in the same way should be suitable revenge ;))

Anonymous said...

Hi Mickey,

I’m having a lot of fun writing the Gino and Jayden stories, and I am so glad that you are enjoying them. I agree Logan was pretty mean in this story to our Jayden, I’m pretty sure that Gino will have something to say about that. I have another one coming out at the end of this month and after that you may get your wish!



Anonymous said...

This is amazing. I love it when guys get milked forcefully. I would love to see him get revenge on Logan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

I agree with you, a forced milking is extremely fun to read and I will admit this is not the last time we will see Logan. Logan may regret what he did to our dear Jayden. More to come soon as our story develops! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I really like to try and add readers input to the stories as much as possible!



Anonymous said...

I really hope to see Logan get milked in front of an audience, it would be so humiliating if a group of his young cousins friends were there to watch as he loses his creamy load in front of them! I can just imagine the shame in Logan's face as his big cock erupts!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

Seeing Logan milked is always a pleasure of mine as well, and I have to agree Logan would be quite humiliated if his cousins with all of their friends watched it happen. If you enjoy seeing Logan’s cousins, they may appear in a story that I am writing very soon!

As for Logan getting milked, that might also be coming up quite soon!

I don’t have a story just focused on Logan and his cousins as my focus is on telling the Gino and Jayden saga, but I can say for certain that the Kruger family will make appearances now that they are in the same universe!