Friday, December 27, 2019

Christmas week - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the third part of the Gino and Jayden series written by our reader Jimmy. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one. 

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

           Jayden spent a very agreeable Christmas Day with his family, while his brother Gino nursed both a hangover and having been bested by his younger sibling. Jayden was convinced that now he knew of his skills to bear his older brother Gino things would finally die down between the two brothers and peace would start out the New Year. Jayden was ready to erase the horrible past year where he was the target of Gino's lust and desire. Jayden's balls might finally be safe. Jayden held his junk in his palm cradling his balls softly, he had awoken the day after Christmas with morning wood. Jayden knew that he would have a much better workout if he did not succumb to masturbation but his hands were not obeying his brain. Jayden breathed in and out as he pumped his cock greedily up and down and gently fondled his balls, as he was getting close to the point of no return he stopped abruptly and took a big swag of water from his bedside table and with a sigh, got out of bed dressing in blue basketball shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt.

        Jayden tucked his still thick bonner underneath his waist band, his body shuddering from his touch. Jayden almost yanked down his shorts to finish the job but instead he left his bedroom. Jayden passed Gino in the hallway. Gino had clearly been up for a little while, he was walking down the hallway in a white towel leaving wet foot prints from the entrance to the bathroom. Jayden smiled at his brother and punched him good naturally on Gino's left shoulder, Gino winced and grabbed the arm his towel falling from his grasp. Jayden saw his brothers clearly defined abs from his belly button down and smiled at Gino's enormous equipment. His brother was very lucky below the belt and Jayden made to give Gino a good smack but resisted the urge just as his hand grabbed his brothers ding dong instead with a playful tug. "Off to workout, join me later?" and Jayden pinched the tip to Gino's pink dick head causing Gino to exhale loudly doubling over. "And remember I still have those hand cuffs if you try and do anything funny," teased Jayden smacking Gino on the ass as Gino choked out a "Fuck."

Jayden laughed and ate some left over eggs that his parents had cooked before they went out to start their work day. Jayden finished his breakfast with a glass of milk and a piece of toast. Jayden plugged his ear phones into his ears and headed out to the garage to begin his workout. Jayden lifted with drum bells for a bit and chained a large twenty pound weigh to his belt as he started to do some pulls ups, his arms burned with the effort and Jayden was breathing heavy as he pulled up and down, smiling as he felt his abs contract in and out. Jayden hoped that his abs would be in perfect six pact form in another week, he was so close. Jayden's penis loosened from his waistband and started to jumble around in the basketball shorts, he should have put on a pair on boxer shorts. 'Oh well, too late to stop now,' as he pulled himself upwards again. The sweat in his shorts was causing friction as he rose and fell and for the second time that day Jayden's cock became enflamed and threatened to burst.

 Jayden dug in deep into his last set, his breathing becoming ragged. As Jayden lowered himself downwards he felt cold metal around his wrists. Jayden thought he bumped the bar as he raised his glance upwards to see Gino using his own handcuffs to cuff each wrist to the top of the bar handle around his own wrists. Jayden's mouth dropped open in shock as his feet tried to touch the ground; Jayden was too short however and he hung their dumbly and clearly imprisoned in one quick moment by his older brother. Gino jumped down and reached down into his brother’s pocket and turn up his iPod from behind. Then Gino's hands slipped down Jayden's sweaty thighs to his ankles and he clinked both handcuffs from Jayden's helpless feet to the bottom half of the pull-up bar.

Gino came out from behind Jayden smirking with evident pleasure. Jayden's heart pounded in his chest as his brother released the weight and watch it tumble to the floor. Gino reached up and pulled out his brothers earphones and said into Jayden's ear, "Now it's my turn to give you a gift dear brother," and Gino grabbed Jayden's outstretched penis head and squeezed slightly using Jayden's mesh basketball shorts as a lubricant to rub his younger brothers dick head.

"What are you doing," Jayden asked sheepishly. Looking into his brothers eyes as a quiet moan escaped from his throat.

"Since you don't like it when I touch your balls, I thought that we would let your swim team have some fun with you," Gino said.

"Swim team?" asked Jayden nervously trying not to give into Gino's mesmerizing hand job.

"Apparently you have gotten so good, that the coach benched many of the other players off of the lineup for swim meets but playing you extra, and for a small fee I allowed each member to pay me $10 bucks to bust your nuts for a minute or so, depending if I like what they are doing. Ten of your buds are coming out. I asked them to be in their swim uniforms as I'm into that. They agreed. They are changing right now in the front hall. I told them that I wanted you to myself for a little bit, to get you warmed up." And with that said Gino pumped Jayden's dick faster causing Jayden to thrust with his brother, he was getting really close.

Gino took his left hand and went up and under Jayden's shirt and ran his fingers across Jayden's nipples. Jayden groaned as Gino pinched the left and then the right. Jayden stretched in his binds trying to escape his restraints as Gino leaned in and kneed him in his full balls. Jayden groaned and the all the air left his lungs. "My nuts Gino," he whinnied. Jayden could not help it, he had to cum. Jayden closed his eyes ready for release as Gino stopped and let go; Jayden's swim team has arrived leaving Jayden's dick twitching noticeably in the air.

"Wow," said Gino looking at each of the guys in swim trunks. Turns out only five were brave enough to show up. "If I had known that Jayden was on a team of such hot guys I would have easily have gone to more meets." Gino stopped in front of a blonde swimmer his muscles were lean and he too was like Jayden was just beginning to work out.

"Chase," said the boy reaching out his hand towards Gino, who instead reached forward and grabbed a handful of the swimmers crotch. It sounds as though Gino had managed to get both of Chase’s nuts in one closed fist judging from the yelp that came from Chase. "Shit fucking nuts!" Chase bent over slightly groaning. "I thought we were here to bust your bro. Not us! Fuck!" Chases quivered as Gino twisted his hand and yanked hard on Chase’s balls.

"I'm just seeing what you've got is all, and as you can see I have delivered on my end. Jayden won't be going anywhere thanks to me. By the way Jayden's balls are bigger than yours," Gino laughed looking at the other players. "Why don't you guys go first? Chase is a little busy at the moment. You," Gino pointed to a young black haired boy, he walked up to Gino his hands covering his crotch defensively. "My right hand is full, you’re safe for now" Gino explained with a sly smile. Gino ran his hand down the boy’s skinny chest and ran his hands over the boy’s ball sack. "Bill, right? Your nuts are far too small for me to even want to try. Gino slapped Bills nuts playfully then reached up and jerked on Jayden's visible hard on. Jayden tried not to moan but under Gino's tender touch he could not help himself as again Gino brought his brother close to climax, as the swim team readjusted their bathing suits many of the boys now sporting hard-on's, especially Chase who's dick popped up out of his bathing suit.

"As you can see boys, Jayden is in no position to retaliate and I made sure that his balls are so full of cum that you might if you are lucky bust the cream right out of him," Gino smiled as Jayden moaned loud and hard at the mention of cumming and Jayden's cock thrust forward in Gino's hand ready to do so as Gino quickly let go. Jayden did a fast intake and started to breathe deeply trying to get some semblance of control.

Chase meanwhile started to sink down to his knees, "My balls, you fucker," the boy whined pitifully his penis shaking violently as he could not help himself and came triumphantly all over himself in large splats of jizz all over his chest. Gino continued to kneed the poor boys balls as Chase screamed in a mixture of ecstasy and pain, Chases eyes crossed as he finished cumming and stared up at Gino who still squeezed his balls mercilessly. "Fuck you..." Chase said his voice musty and slightly higher in tone. Gino laughed and released the boy but quickly kicked Chase as hard as could in the boy’s nut bag. Gino's trainers kicked Chase so hard that his nuts popped out the sides of his speedo as he rolled away hollering in horror and agony. Chase clutched himself, his body forming into a ball on the floor, his hands putting his sad red stinging junk back into his Speedo.

"That was refreshing," said Gino as he watched little Bill with his tiny nuts walk up and aim his fist at Jayden's balls. The swim team laughed as his fist went through Jayden's mesh shorts hitting nothing at all. "Try finding your targets first," Gino corrected as he walked behind the boy. "See, your tiny marbles are here," Gino said fingering the boys M&M sized nuts a finger on each ball. "My brothers nuts hang down farther, as he's not wearing any underwear," as he spoke Gino took Bills hand and guided it up to Jayden's mesh shorts and Bill fished around for a second and shouted with glee as he came across something tangible.

"I found them, and your right Gino he does have big nuts! Wow," Bill rolled them around in one hand.

Gino continued to finger the boy’s nuts causing the boy to bone up slightly, his penis must have been as small as his nuts. "You can play with his balls and I will play with your tiny puny crayon," Gino whispered in Bills ear.

Bill's smile grew, as did his shaft while Jayden's balls became crushed in the Bills fist. Jayden tried not to moan out, to give Bill, his ex-teammates or Gino any pleasure but he could not hold back. Jayden bent his neck backwards and moaned pitifully as Bill twisted his nuts downward the hand cuffs that he bought denying him access to protect his aching balls.

The other teammates behind Bill and Gino were becoming restless. Adam was crouched down next to Chase massaging the boy’s shoulders asking him, "What should we do? It looks as if Gino might bust all of our nuts and make us all shoot out loads painfully. He's just one guy, but do you think that we can take him?"

Chase groaned out, "If you don't, ugh ugh, do something your balls will be empty, sore, and busted up like mine. Go get 'em Adam."

Adam nodded and moved over behind his swim team buddies that waited in line and motioned them over to talk with him. "Gino's gonna fuck up our balls and then make us cum horribly. Let's take him down and we can have Jayden to ourselves. We won't be limited to one hit each, plus we can save our money. Jayden's nuts will be utterly destroyed when we're done. All we gotta do is get through Gino and Jayden is ours."

Adam's fellow swimmers considered this and slowly nodded their heads. Turning back towards Gino as they heard Bill get a yodel of pain as he bucked in his speedo screaming, "I'm gonna cum!"

Jayden hollered too at the death grip that Bill had on his balls. Jayden was not sure if anything would be left of his nut meat as Bill seemed to be holding onto his nuts and squeezing them in a death grip.

Bill heaved air in and out of his chest, while Gino managed to fully erect his penis. Bill was in ecstasy, for the first hand job he ever received in his life while he got a chance to crush Jayden's junk. "Here I..." Bill was about to say cum as Gino kneed Bill so hard between his butt cheeks that Bills tiny balls exploded all of his cum out in one powerful blast from a well-placed kneecap. Bill had no time to ponder this as he instantly passed out crumpling to the floor, his orgasm barely lasting longer than a second. Bill lay on the floor, his skinny chest covered in mostly clear goo.

Jayden moaned in relief as Bill finally let go of his sore testicles. Jayden looked up at Gino and saw Adam and the last two swim teammates sneaking up behind his brother. Adam reared his right leg back ready to punt his sneaker as far as he could into Gino's nuts when Jayden warned him, "Move now!"

Gino startled jumped to his left when he felt a brush of air pass by him and see Adams foot miss him directly where Gino was standing beforehand. Unfortunately for Jayden Adams foot toe kicked him straight into his already busted manhood. Jayden screamed in agony his voice piercing the small space as a fresh new sharp pain enveloped his body as his balls throbbed inside his basketball shorts.

Gino, older and easily more muscled leaped at the last two swim teammates, while Adam was busy with Jayden. Gino landed two double fists slamming into their manhood’s. The boys cried out in alarm, the twin swim team brothers have never been hit below the belt before today and felt their first blow; and it was absolutely devastating. Once Gino's fists found their home, he followed through causing boy twins to lose their balance and fall backwards. Gino's fists slammed both boys into the unforgiving cement garage floor their balls trapped in between. The twins screamed in unison grabbing each other in a fearsome hug. Gino now kneeling onto the floor began to slam his fists over and over into the twin’s ball bags. On the forth punch Adam managed to remove his foot from Jayden's crotch, leaving the boy dangling in agony and get behind Gino grabbing him in a bear hug that lifted the older teen to his feet. Adam was dragging him towards where Jayden was tied up as he tried to subdue Gino in a choke hold.

Chase cheered Adam, as he gingerly got to his feet; swaying slightly. "Hold him there right by Jayden. I'll get him." Chase ran forward and kicked outwards towards Gino's defenseless plums. Again Jayden was in the right position and with all of his might swung both legs forward into Adams widely spaced legs as he choked Gino in a head lock. Adam screamed and released Gino who feel to the floor choking in air. Chases foot met both of Jayden's in Adams swim trunks. A small gasp came from Adams lips and he fell to his knees clutching at his bashed in balls from all sides. Adam clutched his dented junk dumbly as Chase frowned stupidly at what just occurred; while Gino's hand reached up and grabbed him by the balls. For good measure Gino used his other hand to snake up between Adams and grabbed his balls as well. Both swim team members groaned as Gino stood up a set of swimmers balls held on each hand and stretched the ball chords as high as they could go upwards. Chase and Adam stood on their tippy toes while Gino melodiously squeezed both sets.

"Fuck not again!" Chase whined as Adam, his last hope keened in defeat.

"Just let me go!" Adam screamed. "I'll take the boys, you can have your brother! It's not worth it."

Gino jiggled the orbs in his hands and twisted both sets hard to the right and then to the left. "Fine, but I'm going to send Chase out myself."

"Deal..." groaned Adam as Gino let the boy fall back to the floor. Somehow Adam stood up and ran to the twins pulling them to their feet, and the three boys left leaving Bill unconscious and Chase still in the wrath of Gino.

"Chase, Chase, Chase... what am I to do with you?" Gino asked as he grabbed the boys cock, pulling the member free from his swim trunks. "I thought that I taught you a lesson before, I guess that lesson should be repeated." Gino bared down on Chases balls; while he roughly started to jack of the boy again with the cream that he last shot only minutes before.

"No man...please... you already made me cum. I've got nothing left...." Chase pleaded as his balls throbbed inside of Gino's fist.

"You cock says otherwise," Gino smirked gazing downwards. Chase stared sadly downwards as he watched perplexed as his penis inflated against his will.

"Aw man," Chase groaned. Chase reached behind himself trying to find a weapon but instead found Jayden's ragging hardon and balls.  Chase smiled wickedly to himself and started to jack off Jayden's dick, while his left hand grasped Jayden's trapped sac.
"Looks like if I gotta cum...I'll make sure I get Jayden to give up his as well." Chase threatened.

Gino looked up at Jayden who's eyes stared pleadingly back as Jayden simply answered back in a groan, "I saved you." Gino's favorite plaything was dangling defeated, bound, and pleading to his older brother. Jayden's sweat soak shirt curved around his lightly muscled chest, his almost six pack gleamed against the fabric, his nipples as hard as his raging dick. Gino was not sure who was going to cum first but he knew one thing for sure, Gino wanted to make both orgasms happen, and he did not want Chase getting any credit for Gino's masterpiece.

"I think not," Gino stated simply and he released Chase's balls. Chase still jacking his little bro, and squeezes Jayden's gum drops looked up in thankful surprise as Gino slammed his kneecap into Chases pelvis causing Chases nuts to bulge out of his swim trunks once again.

"No..." whimpered Chase as he felt Gino's hand grasp each shoulder blade as he kneed Chase again and again. Chase hands released Jayden groin and hung limply and uselessly by his sides, as Gino pounded his balls ferociously until Chase gasped and looked directly upwards screaming "My balls!"

Chase came so hard that Gino's kneecap was almost repealed away from the boy’s body, almost. Gino's next knee lift Chase into the air as he orgasmed. "You fucker!" Chase cried as he collapsed to the ground rolling into Bills body and waking up the boy.

Jayden stared in absolute surprise and smirked at his older bro. "That was kinda cool."

"Yeah it was," Gino said as dropped to his knees between Jayden's legs.

"Oh no, please don't! Don't hurt my..." but Jayden was dumbstruck as Gino's head enveloped the top half of his dick. Jayden was awestruck as his older brother greedily sucked on his Popsicle. Up and down, up and down Gino bounced himself on Jayden's dick. Jayden would not last long from all the attention that he has received over the past hour and a half. He felt himself building towards the most explosive orgasm that he has ever had. Not only has he never received blow job before, Jayden has been blue balled several times just as he was about to cum.

Jayden whispered, "Gin..o... if you keep....doing that....ugh...I'm gonna...." Jayden closed his eyes ready to release his load. Jayden felt his balls rising up closer to his shaft in preparation and finally he felt the churning inside as he was about to blow Jayden's eyes opens and he groaned out loud. Gino saw all of this and felt Jayden's balls ready to release and he pulled his lips away from Jayden's cock.

Jayden intakes of air and he groaned in frustration as his penis throbbed stupidly waiting for release. "Gino, please. I gotta cum."

"Maybe this will help," Gino's fist upper-cutted the boy directly pinning his right ball underneath the base of his Jayden's cock.

"Oh fuck," spamed Jayden, his eyes bulging and crisscross crossing at the same time. Jayden's mouth dropped open as an unwelcome groan passed from between his lips.

Gino smirked up at his younger bro, hanging defenseless, and brought his fist up again; this time he nailed both of his brother’s nuggets beneath his knuckles. All the air left Jayden's body in a whoosh, Jayden bit his bottom lip, and closed his eyes hoping his pain would soon end.

Then Gino grabbed his brother’s hips, rearing back his knee gearing up to crash it into Jayden's fruit basket as a foot kicked between his own open legs, pain radiating at once between his thighs. Gino lost his balance and he dropped to his knees, his mouth opened to scream which was caught in his throats as Jayden's penis chocked the words out.

Jayden groaned in pleasure, as Gino's mouth began to gag on his cock and unwilling sucked his boy cock down to the hilt. Jayden face fucked his older bro pumping his hips back and forth as much as he could tied up.  Bill took the moment for all it was worth and kicked Gino again on his knees. Gino gagged again and began to reluctantly suck at Jayden's pole as Jayden in complete ecstasy finally came in Gino's mouth. Gino's eyes opened shocked as his mouth filled with his younger brother’s semen. Jayden hollered as wave after wave of his cum filled his brother’s mouth, coating the back of Gino's throat. Gino was forced to swallow as his brother just kept going, some of the cum overflowed and squirted out from between Gino's lips dropping to the cement floor.

Bill smiled, "Cool." Then he kicked Gino again. Gino gurgled in pain and sucked until Jayden was completely empty. Jayden's face reflected the pleasure of being drained of cum and with a mixture of utter exhaustion as he closed his eyes. Bill pulled Gino off of his younger brother, Gino's first intake of air was lost as Bill pushed his puny dick into Gino's open mouth. Bill began to thrust, and Gino couldn't help but smile at the tiny size of Bills penis. Bills small nuggets also were thruster by Bill as he humped Gino's face, he may have only came for the first time a few minutes ago but Bill was catching on fast on how to receive a blowjob. "Yeah, I'm gonna cum, take it bitch!" Bill sang out as his tiny penis began to throb.

Gino, utterly annoyed now bit down on both of Bills small Tic-Tacs in his mouth ending Bills euphoria. Bill screamed and stopped humping Gino's face as Gino's teeth gnawed at the boy’s tiny pebbles. Bill whimpered while Gino chewed and his tongue rubbed up and down the sides of his cock. Bill was in so much pain, but yet Gino's tongue bath caused Bills penis to retain its rigidity. "No, don't break my balls," Bill begged he shuttered and looked up in agony to Jayden mouthing the words 'Help me.'

Jayden watching Bill cry in a painful blowjob could only imagine what terrors that the boy must be feeling. Bill was rigged, frozen in agony his hands spread wide, fingers quivering outstretched as he groaned, drool dripping down from his bottom lip, and eyes placid. Taking pity on the boy Jayden reared back his black Nike and he kicked his older bro. Gino sputtered in his assault on Bills small package and Bills small balls are freed. Bill uses the moment and begins to face fuck Gino once mouth and cums.

"Fuck..." cries out Bill as two small splashes of cum barely fills Gino's mouth as he pulls out of Gino's mouth. Bill pulls ups his speedo and as he knees Gino in the nuts while Gino is on his knees. Gino hollers, Bills tiny knee catching him in both of his balls nailing them into the bone on his abdomen. Gino curls into a ball at Bills feet. Bill reaches into Gino's pocket and pulls out the key to the handcuffs and walks up to Jayden. "Only fair," says the small boy as he places the key in Jayden's right hand.

"Thanks," says Jayden as his right hand stretches to place the key in the lock.

Bill reaches up into Jayden's basketball shorts and clutches Jayden's balls dangerously and slowly rolling the young teens balls between his fingers. "I'll always remember your balls. They were my first." Bill squeezes slightly causing Jayden to stop breathing.

"Please don't," Jayden pleads as the key slides into the lock. Bills other hand reaches up and grabs Jayden's cock.

"I bet that I could make you cum again...interested?" Bill asks as he fingers pulsate squeezing Jayden's balls.

"No man...I'm me."

"I wonder why then is your cock rising?" Bill asks as he leans forward and licks the tip of Jayden's dick.

"Fuck," Jayden moans and fear fills his eyes.

"Let's get you somewhere more comfortable. I want to fuck the living shit out of you," Bill states and unlocks both sets of cuffs.

Bill catches Jayden, his body so weak from dangling in the air. Jayden's sweat soaked body leaned into Bills tiny frame. "You’re so solid man. I can't wait to put my dick in you’re..." Jayden grasps Bills balls tightly pinching each of them. Hard. "My nuts!"

"I don't like it when anyone hits my balls. I've taken enough. You want to experience sex? Well I'll show you, but I get to be on top. Get it?" Jayden said crushing Bills peas. Bill nods his head rapidly. "Good boy; now follow me," Jayden says dragging the boy by the balls out of the basement but not before kicking Gino hard in the face. Gino grabbed his head as Jayden stomped down pressing his foot deep into his brother’s balls.

"I have not forgotten about you, we will be having a long talk later, got it?" Jayden warned Gino's balls compressing under his foot.

"Sure..." Gino whined.

"We are going to settle this once and for all," Jayden said. "And you are not going to like it."

Jayden stomped Gino's nuts three more times each stomp eliciting another scream from his brother. Bill smiled as Jayden fondled his balls gently while he did so. "Let’s go," Jayden said slamming the basement door behind him.

Chase and Gino alone in the workout room each holding onto their balls begin to stir, staring at each other. "Want to play some more?" Gino asks.

"No!" Chase retorts cradling his nuts.

"I guess that I shouldn't be surprised."

"I'll get my revenge," Chase the blonde swimmer blurts. "That was the last time you make me cum."

Gino begins to crawl toward the swimmer. Chase attempts to stand up, but his legs wobble and he falls back to the ground. Gino climbs onto of Chase pinning his arms above his head and Gino leans forward and whispered into the swimmers ear, "I like hurting Jayden's balls more, but you are a lot of fun, and your nuts aren't as small as Bills so that's something you can be proud of."

Chase staring daggers into Gino's eyes and knees the older teen hard in his crotch. Gino pretending not to have noticed where he left himself open moaned in his pleasure pain, "My balls. You hit my balls."

Chase grins slyly at Gino "It's about time," he spats and knees him again and again making an tattoo of his knee cap in Gino's crotch. Gino's continues to grow harder after each knee with pre-cum leaking into his underwear. Gino's hands loosen and Chase feeling Gino losing the battle flips him over so he is on top. Chase seeing his prize a little to Gino's left reaches forward and grasps the handcuffs. Gino notices Chase’s distraction and with his left hand grabs Chase hard by the balls and squeezes them. Chase moans again "Dammit," he whines.

Chase ignores Gino's right hand which threatens to strangle his ball chords and hand cuffs Gino's left hand over his head to the base of the pull up bar. With quivering fingers he muscles his balls back from Gino's right hand screaming when Gino pinches the his left nut between thumb and index finger. "I'm going to fuck you up big time," Chase promises as he pins Gino's right arm above his head with both hands.

"Maybe...but not before this!" Gino's knee flies between Chases thighs. Just as Gino's knee was about connect Chase closes and traps the knee between his legs.

"I don't think so," Chase challenges and angling both of his own legs and pins each of Gino's thighs with a knee. Chase uses his hands to secure Gino's right hand in the hand cuffs as well and looks down upon his prey. "I'm so going to enjoy this." Chase tears open Gino's t-shirt at the collar down, seeing the few wisps of dark hairs emerging from below the belly button. Chase punches Gino in the balls when he begins to struggle. "Sit still or I'll hit them again," warns Chase. Chase unbuttons and unzips Gino's shorts and pulls them down along with his boxers to his thighs completely exposing Gino's erection and slightly red balls. "You’re hard?" Chase question as he lobs a glob of spit on top of Gino's dick and begins to rub the underside of Jayden's older brother’s dick. "Guess you like being tied up huh?" Chase pokes as he speeds up the hand job, with his free hand he picks up Gino's balls and begins to crush them.

"I..." Gino begins to retort as Chase violently twists his balls in a full rotation threatening to rip tear off his ball chords. "Ahh!" Gino screams banging his head against the floor in frustration.

"What's the matter Gino? Don't like it rough?" Chase gives another quarter turn to Gino's already twisted ball sac.

"Fuck! Don't break them!" Gino pleads as Chase instead hammers upon Gino's balls, one hit after another, with each hit Chase makes sure that the ball hits the cement floor. Gino's balls quickly begin to swell and bloat. Gino begins to cry at this point, blubbering out an apology as he sadly cums from Chase’s pain and pleasure. Chase stands up and picks up both of Gino's legs and solidly pressed his boot firmly on each of Gino's testicles.

"Now I'm going to break them," Chases says defiantly. "That was the last time that you will ever cum. Hope that you enjoyed being a boy, you'll never grow up to be a man!" Chase states as he spits in Gino's face and presses his boot down attempting to squish Gino's balls.

"No!" Gino screams in terror, but is forced to watch as his large balls begin to deflate underneath Chases boot. Gino is beginning to black out knowing that this could be the end of ball busting for him. Gino can't move his hands, the key to hand cuffs is somewhere far away, and Chase has a strong unbreakable grip on each of his outstretched legs. "Jayden," he cries desperately "Help me!" Gino's last hope lays with his younger brother. If he doesn't rescue him... nobody else will.

"He's too busy fucking Bill, you idiot! Nobody likes you, least of all Jayden! Even if he were he would not save you," Chase screams down at him as he begins to lift the boot up and down. "God why won't they fucking pop already?!" Annoyed Chase drops Gino's feet and runs over to the set of twenty-five pound hand weights and lifts one up into the air. "This should do it!" Chase says as walks back over to Gino.

Gino attempts to kick at Chase but Chase slams his foot down on Gino's ankle trapping the foot and hauls back the weight. "Say goodbye!" Chase screams. Cruelly with all of his might, Chase begins to bring down the hand weight.

"No!" Gino yells in horror as he watches it descent towards his bloated busted nuts. Gino closes his eyes unable to watch the utter destruction of his manhood. Gino hears a dull thud and feels...nothing.

When Gino opens his eyes he sees Chase laid out on the floor, Jayden naked standing over him with a baseball bat. Chase isn't moving, but groans in pain. "That was close," whispers Jayden looking from Chase to Gino. "See what happens when you mess with guys balls," Jayden drops next to Gino and hugs him fiercely. "You could have been..." whimpers Jayden squeezing his chest so hard Gino can barely breathe.

"I'm okay," Gino groans. "Thanks to you."

"This time!" Jayden spats. "What about next time! This is what happens when you attack people's balls."

"I know," Gino says tearing up. "But what am I supposed to do! It's the only thing I like! The only thing that makes me...makes me hard."

Jayden lets his brother go and sits up looking at Gino defenseless on the ground. "This is going to happen again Gino, and one of these times I won't be here to save you."

Gino nods and cries up at his younger brother. "I know..."

Jayden takes a deep breath and shakes his head. "I'll help you."

"You will?" You'll be my ball busting partner?" asks Gino.

"No way!" Jayden says grabbing his brother’s balls.

Gino grimaces and nods his head again, "Then help me how?"

"I will find someone," Jayden says rolling Gino's balls inside of his ball bag slowly around in a circle, which begins to make Gino's erection begin to return. "I'll find a boy that wants to do this with you. God knows that you can't be trusted! In the meantime I'll help you out, for a little while until we find you the right boy."

"You would do that for me?" Gino asks not caring about the pain as Jayden palpates Gino's nuts.

"Sure, that's what brothers are for," says Jayden. "Now let me take care of that," Jayden says picking up Gino's hard-on, "And give this some serious thought. Then we gotta bring Chase home, and drop off Bill. I really wore him out Gino. I think that I really like him."

"Really?" Gino groans.

"Yeah, we will see where things go. Now stop distracting me. I've got a job to finish," and with a flourish of the wrist Jayden begins to stroke his older brothers erect dick.


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Hey Alex,

You are timing my stories perfectly in coming out around the Christmas holiday. I’m glad that you are enjoying them Alex, and still there is more to come out! Happy reading everyone!



Mickey said...

Thank you for writing us the 3 wonderful stories Jimmy!
I have come to really like Gino and Jayden as a character. I really enjoyed the ballbusting scenes, but even more so the brotherly love that still exist despite all the painful teasings. awwww.
Can't wait for more of your work :))

Anonymous said...

Great story. I love the Chase character! He seems very self confident and a little cocky. I guess he hates being told his nuts are smaller than Jayden's and he clearly hates being humiliated in front of his friends! I hope you can bring him back in a future story (i hope boy nuts survived the baseball bat!).

Anonymous said...

Dear Mickey,

I’m so glad that you are liking them! Honestly I’ve been working on these stories for years, I’ve kinda been in a writing rut. Alex gave me some deadlines which really helped push these stories to the forefront. I’ve always been big on relationships and I agree with you despite all the pain the brotherly connection between Gino and Jayden is still very strong. I hope that you like part four when it comes out!



Dear Anonymous,

I’m so glad that you liked Chase! He was a lot of fun to write, and maybe I can bring him back in shape or form; if his poor boy nuts survived the baseball bat! I’ll keep him in mind and see where I can fit him in. Jayden still does regularly see him on the swim team after all.



Anonymous said...

Jimmy. You're a great writer and i cant wait to read part 4!
I'm pretty sure Chase will want to get revenge on Gino someyme (and probably Jayden too...he's probably figured out who knocked his balls out of the park with the baseball bat!).
So this is my fantasy scenario:
Chase teams up with Jayden against Gino in a sneaky attack. The youngsters have some initial success, despite a valiant and dirty fight-back from Gino. Then, When Gino is nursing his big busted balls, Chase suddenly turns against Jayden.
Chase wants to prove he is the top dog on the swim team. Also he is desperate to disprove Gino's claim that his nuts are smaller than Jayden's. After cracking Jayden's nuts, Chase strips off to show off his proud balls, only to be grabbed by Gino who has now recovered.
Chase gets his yoiund nuts emptied then crushed by Gino (once again). But Gino wants to humiliate him further, and so he pursuades (or forces) Jayden to prove that his balls really are the biggest on the swim team.

Your last story showed a nice touch of brotherly-love / loyalty betweem Jayden and Gino which, i think, my fantasy continues.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Wow! First, I want to say thank you so much for reading my stories, taking the time to post such a thoughtful comment. Alex and I, and more than likely most ball busting writers love feed back and to hear from readers. And I am no different. I went in a different direction in part four, and I’m just finishing up part five. I’ve started part six, but I love your idea so much it makes me want to make a detour to be honest and head down that path. In truth I never thought of using Chase again, but there is such a wealth of interest in his character that I feel compelled to write him again. Let me think on it, as I am loving this idea. I think that I could include Chase after the sixth and final chapter of Gino and Jayden’s epic journey.

I had a really fun idea for an interlude for part seven (that I think everyone will really dig), but I could add Chase into that one for sure in some capacity and then bring him in strong at the end of the story. Or maybe Chase just needs his own arc for part 8. Either way, I will use Chase again!

If you or anyone else wants to email me idea’s my email is

Thank you for you again for your thoughtful response!



Anonymous said...

Wow that's awesome that you would even consider using my idea in a future episode. Love your work and can't wait to read more of your stories.

Anonymous said...

Of course Anonymous!

It’s really a good idea, plus I can see a really great story come out of it.



Anonymous said...

Just read your story. Wow! That's your best yet!
Adding some new characters was a great idea. Too me the hottest part was Gino fighting / playing with Chase. I loved how Gino literally kicked the boy's nuts out of his speedos...twice ! And made him cum twice also! So humiliating for the proud kid haha!
Gino is a great character. He likes to bust young guys but lets them bust him back which seems fair somehow.
Keep up the great work. More busting in speedos would be great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous!

I’m so glad that you enjoyed that story! Chase has quite the following now, I am going to have to use him in a future story. I have a good plan for him that I think everyone will enjoy! Maybe there will even be some speedo action just for you! ; )

I hope that you enjoy the next part of the story that came out today!