Sunday, December 8, 2019

An ordinary day at school (3) (revisited)

Since more than half of our readers discovered this blog less than five years ago I thought it would be nice to re-introduce some older stories for those who didn't catch them when they were first published. Enjoy!

Featured in this story: DannySimon and the twins (click for pictures)

Simon adjusted his horn-rimmed glasses. The 23 year old boy was wearing dark blue trousers, a shirt, a tie and a slip-over, which somehow made him look younger. His dark blond hair was combed and neatly parted, and he looked at the crowd that had gathered on the school yard.

For the third instalment of our little school themed feature we had invited a couple of extras.

About thirty guys were watching us prepare for the shooting.

My cameraman Chad was setting up the camera.

Simon walked over to George, who played the second part of the geeky duo. George was as old as Simon, and was wearing similar clothes. We had organized a pair of glasses for him, too. He ran his hand through his big, curly hair and smiled weakly.

“We have an audience today”, Simon grinned.

George bit his lower lip. “I noticed”, he mumbled. “They are gonna watch us get out nuts cracked…”

Simon nodded.

“Hey, boys”, Danny said and put his arms around George’s and Simon’s shoulders.

Danny was 21 years old, with short reddish-blond hair and green eyes. Although he called himself a professional actor, he was struggling to find work. His most prolific roles to date had been “Accountant #2” in “Bankruptcy”, a boring drama set in the world of internet brokers, and “Willy the perv” in “Nudist Camp III – All for nothing”. He was a bit taller than both George and Simon, and he smiled at them. “Ready for your close-up, Simon?”

Simon shrugged. “Sure.”

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