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Game over (Jake meets two maniacs)

Special thanks to Jake for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves grisly fairy tales!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ
Warning: This story is extraordinarily brutal as requested by Jake. If you don't enjoy reading about permanent damage please skip this one.

The nasty sound of the explosions and the laughter rang in Jake’s ears for an eternity. Even after they had stopped the bleeding, after they had cauterized the wound.

Later, after his wound had healed, during their weekly get-together, when they unchained him and used him as a fuck toy, mocking his scarred, dickless, nutless crotch as they fucked him in the mouth and in the ass, Jake sometimes wondered whether some parts might have been saved if they had brought him to a hospital.

Probably not.

There had been a time, before his existence had been reduced to being a sexless sex slave, before the explosion, before that fateful jerkoff session on the woods, when Jake had lived a relatively normal life.

If you could call it normal to be a virgin at age thirty-three.

If you could call it normal to have a tiny dick and a pair of small, tight balls.

If you could call it normal to walk into the woods and jerkoff by yourself.

Frankly, even before the fateful jerkoff session in the woods, Jake had led a pathetic life. He was short and a bit stocky, an unremarkable young man, shy and submissive, with dark hair and a face that everybody instantly forgot after they had met him.

His favorite past time was jerking off, and he loved to head into the woods, strip naked and jerk off his miniscule dick until he emptied his tiny balls, shooting a pathetically small load of watery jizz onto the soil.

He was mid-orgasm when he was caught by two young men.

They ambushed him, knocking him unconscious from behind just as he shot his pathetic load.

When Jake woke up, he was tied to a tree, naked, his legs spread, his tiny dick exposed.

“The pervert is awake”, one of them laughed. It was a mean laugh, heartless and cruel. It sent shivers down Jake’s spine. “What do you want to do with him, Bo?”

“Maybe we should spare him”, Bo said softly. “I think we should let him go. He learned his lesson, right?” He took a step forward, taking Jake’s face into his hands. “You learned your lesson, right?”

Jake cleared his throat.

“I want to hear him say it”, the other guy said. “I want to hear him say he’s sorry.”

Jake blinked.

“Tell us that you are sorry”, Bo said with a smile, looking deep into Jake’s eyes.
Jake swallowed.

“Just tell us that you are sorry and we’re gonna let you go”, Bo repeated, smiling gently.

Jake wanted to open his mouth – but his lips didn’t part.

“Just tell us”, Bo smiled. “Tell Jo and me that you’re sorry.”

Jake’s eyes filled with panic as he tried to open his mouth to no avail.

“You are sorry, aren’t you?” Bo smiled.

“I don’t think he is”, Jo chuckled.

Jake let out a muffled moan.

“Aren’t you?” Bo smiled.

Jake let out a muffled grunt.

“Aren’t you sorry?” Bo smiled.

Jake let out a muffled scream.

With a sweet smile, Bo took a step back. “I think you are right”, he said, turning to Jo. He was holding the superglue that he had spread on Jake’s lips, sealing them shut. “I don’t think he is sorry.”

Jake was screaming and screaming, his lips glued together, his eyes wide open.

Bo and Jo burst out laughing.

“Pervert!” Jo sing-songed. “Pervert! Pervert! Pervert!”

Jake screamed hysterically.

“Pervert!” Bo joined in. “Pervert! Pervert!”

Jake screamed.

“Nobody can hear you”, Jo mocked him. “Nobody is here.” He brought his leg back and kicked Jake in the nuts as hard as he could.

Jake’s eyes bulged and he let out what would have been an ear-piercing scream if his lips hadn’t been glued shut.

“That’s why you came here, right?” Bo laughed, following Jo’s lead and kicking Jake’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Jake gurgled in agony.

“That’s why you CAME here, right?” Jo added, delivering another nut-crunching kick to Jake’s balls.

The two cheerful young men roared with laughter.

Then they reached into the tool box that was sitting on the ground between them.

Jake stopped screaming. He hadn’t noticed the tool box before.

Bo grabbed a hammer, and Jo grabbed a handful of nails.

“What do you think, pervert”, Jo grinned. “How many nails can we fit into those tiny little balls of yours?”

Jake paled.

“Let’s see”, Bo grinned, holding Jake’s tiny left nut between his thumb and his forefinger and giving it a squeeze. “I think I can fit four nails into this one.”

Jo chuckled and grabbed Jake’s right nut. “Five. I say five.”

Bo laughed. “Game on!”

Then they started ramming nails into Jake’s nuts, nailing his tiny testicles to the tree with one thick nail after another.

They both won their informal competition: Each of them managed to drive seven nails into Jake’s testicles.

Jake’s voice was hoarse from screaming and tears were running down his cheeks.

“Looks like a hedgehog race”, Bo quipped.

Jo let out a laugh. With a few quick, skillful strokes he drove a thick, long nail right through the head of Jake’s dick, pinning it to the tree and eliciting an throaty, gurgling grunt from Jake.

“The little worm won!” Jo declared, roaring with laughter.

They left Jake with his little dick and balls nailed to the tree as they ran through Jake’s belongings.

It was Bo who discovered the Viagra pills.

“What the fuck?!” Bo laughed. “With a tiny dick like that you’d think he’d have no problem getting it hard.”

“Fucking pervert needs drugs to get it on, huh?” Jo sneered.

“Let’s feed him the pills and have a look at his little boner”, Bo suggested.

“Well, his mouth is glued shut”, Jo objected.

They managed to feed him every single one of the pills by poking a tiny hole between his lips and slipping them through one by one.

Jake tried to spit them out but his lips were glued shut again before he had a chance to spit them out.

The pills took effect just a few minutes later.

“Will you look at that!” Bo jeered, pointing at Jake’s impaled dick. The little thing fattened and hardened, trying to rise to the occasion.

Obviously, it didn’t succeed because of the nail that was pinning it to the tree.

“That’s hilarious!” Jo blurted out, laughing hysterically, pointing at the little dick that was trying to get up, twitching and jerking and convulsing, brutally held back by the nail.

The two young men roared with laughter at Jake’s predicament.

Finally, Bo had mercy on him. He grabbed a pair of pliers and pulled the nail out.

Now that nothing was holding it back, Jake’s dick grew fully hard.

Bo and Jo didn’t hide their disappointment.

“Is it hard now?” Jo asked, scratching his head.

“I dunno”, Bo mumbled, slapping Jake’s dick. “It looks just as big as before.”

“Maybe even smaller if that’s possible”, Jo quipped, laughing out loud.

Jake was squirming and groaning, unintentionally aroused while his balls were nailed to the tree, making it impossible for him to move.

“Let’s have some fun”, Jo suggested. “Who can give him the most painful orgasm?”

Bo chuckled. “Game on!”

They took turns and they were cruel.

Jo went first, jerking Jake off using icyhot as lube. After he had coaxed out a pathetic load of cum from his moaning, groaning victim, Bo took over. He used sandpaper gloves.

“Fuck, that’s awesome! Why didn’t I think of that?!” Jo cheered as Bo rubbed Jake’s dick raw.

When Jake’s load dripped onto the ground, his dick was red and sore as hell.

Jo rummaged through the tool box until he found a double-cut file. “I’m going to win!” he cheered. “I’m going to fucking win.”

Jake let out anguished wails and muffled screams as Jo shoved the file into his urethra.

He didn’t make Jake orgasm but when he was done, Jake’s dick was ruined.

“I don’t think he’ll cum again”, Bo chuckled.

Jake’s dick was a total loss, shredded beyond recognition.

Jo shrugged. “We might as well trash the whole set.”

They pulled the nails from Jake’s nuts.

His balls looked almost as horrible as his dick.

“How many kicks does it take to destroy his nuts?” Jo asked.

Bo chuckled. “They are pretty destroyed already.”

Jo chuckled.

“Ten”, Bo said.

“Ten kicks each”, Jo grinned.

Bo laughed. “Game on!“

They kicked Jake’s nuts as hard as they could, again and again, and they didn’t stop when they hit twenty.

At least a hundred kicks found Jake’s manhood, but his nuts didn’t pop.

“Strong little fuckers”, Jo grinned as he switched from kicks to knees. “Just pop already!”

Again and again, Jo kneed Jake in the nuts.

“Let me try”, Bo offered, ramming his knee into Jake’s nuts several times at full force.

They grew tired after a while, sitting down on the ground.

“Look at the pervert now”, Bo chuckled.

Jake looked horrible. His little nuts were swollen and bleeding, his tiny dick was an unrecognizable mess. Tears were streaming down his face.

Bo turned to his buddy. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Jo’s face broke into a grin. “Firecrackers?”

“Firecrackers!” Bo yelled.

The two young men roared with laughter as they attached two powerful firecrackers to Jake’s crotch, one to each nut.

“Do we have another one for the dick?” Jo asked.

“His dick is gone”, Bo chuckled. “No need to waste a perfectly good firecracker.”

They laughed.

After they had lit the fuses, Jo turned to Bo. “Do you think the first one will do the trick or the second one?”

Bo chuckled. “I say the first one.”

Jo grinned. “I say the second one.”

Bo laughed. “Game on!”

Jake looked down at his crotch.

The fuse seemed to take like forever. Maybe he had a cha---


The boys roared with laughter. “Game over!”



Anonymous said...

That's a pretty extreme fetish but great job with writing the story. I admire you Alex for taking on the challenge. It may not get high approval ratings but i love how you cater for every taste!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it! :-))

Ballbuster said...

This story is amazing. You are a great writter, Alex.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Oscarmau! I‘m glad you enjoyed it! :-))