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Christmas Eve - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the second part of the Gino and Jayden series written by our reader Jimmy. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one. 

Previous part:
Christmas Day

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

A year has passed since the incident between the two brother’s Gino and Jayden. The relationship between the two had been somewhat strained. Gino now exhibited a bully role towards his little brother Jayden. Ever since Jayden had opened the door on ball busting, Gino has been quite turned on by the episode. Gino could hardly admit it, but he enjoyed having his brother hit him in the nuts. It was a hard thing for Gino to admit to himself. Not knowing how Gino should go about dealing with these feelings, he just busted his little brother whenever he got the chance. Jayden not knowing how to deal with this kind of change in their relationship took the punishment in stride. Jayden had always looked up to his big older brother, so what were a few low blows between brothers? Jayden however never wanted to push this issue with Gino. Jayden remembered visually having his balls beaten as he came in Gino’s fist for the first time. This was not an experience Jayden, wanted to repeat. Jayden’s balls which were smashed into his body had ached for days afterwards. Jayden’s friend’s made fun of his awkward walk in the halls, but Jayden did not tell anyone what had transpired, he was too ashamed of having his plan go sour.

For a whole year Jayden took Gino’s swift backhands, snap kicks, and stray punches almost every day. One time Gino got Jayden as he came out of the shower with a wicked uppercut to his nads, which caused Jayden to crumple to the floor. Meanwhile Gino took Jayden’s towel away with a heavy pull, leaving him naked and moaning in the hallway. “Got you good there bro,” Gino teased as Gino’s pants became uncomfortable with his throbbing erection once more.

On one unforgettable occasion Gino had even pelted his foot so hard into Jayden’s nuts that Jayden actually passed out, his eyes rolling back into his skull. Jayden had woken up back in bed, a bag of ice on his nut sack while, Gino paced up and down next to his bed, muttering out loud, “I hope I have not taken things too far, I hope that I have…” Gino stopped mid-sentence as Jayden moaned trying to lift the heavy back off of his crotch. “I’ll help,” Gino muttered his voice husky as again Gino was so hard he could almost burst. Gino pushed Jayden’s hands aside as he lifted the ice off of Jayden’s lap. Gino pulled down Jayden’s sweat pants and held both of Jayden’s icy naked balls, rolling each of them between his fingers. Gino almost could not control his moan, while his brother Jayden eyes rolled back again.

“Damn my balls,” Jayden whispered as he tried to focus on the danger that he was now in. “They okay?” Jayden questioned.

“Hmm, let’s find out,” and Gino squeezed lightly on the Jayden’s left ball. Jayden’s eyes opened wider, as Gino followed by squeezing Jayden’s right ball and releasing Jayden’s left ball. Gino went back and forth squeezing one of Jayden’s nuts and then the other. Jayden’s grief was clearly seen as he swayed backwards and forwards on his bed, the pain incredible in his ball sack. Gino was getting close to cumming in his pants just watching Jayden squirm. Gino started to pant as Jayden squeezed his wrists trying in vain to get Gino to release his aching nuts. “Tell me Jayden, how does this feel?” and Gino then used his thumbs to dig into each of Jayden’s testicles.

“Bro…” Jayden squirmed his hips bucking up and down trying to be released. “You’ve got them. My balls…aww….no.  My balls…ugh” Jayden had to stuff his right fist in his mouth to keep himself from screaming.

Gino could not control himself any longer and as he twisted Jayden’s nuts one last time as he came in his jeans. Gino moaned in complete ecstasy and release while Jayden could not help but holler out loud. Burst after burst came out of Gino’s giant penis, Jayden sweating in pain hands closing upon the curls on his head squeezing his hair in agony. With one last thrust of his hips, Gino came for the last time and finally released Jayden’s balls. Jayden curled into a ball turning away from his brother Gino. Jayden found his balls still intact just throbbing between his own fingers. “Don’t forget this,” Gino smirked as Jayden turned to look back at him unveiling his crotch openly for a fraction of a second, which was all Gino needed as he slammed the ice bag straight into Jayden’s crotch.

“Oh no,” whimpered Jayden as he curled up in a ball again. Gino laughed, slapped his brother gleefully on the back and messed up his hair as he left Jayden alone in his room. Gino washed in the shower and jacked off to the images of Jayden from his memory. Gino was so glad that he had a little brother to pick on.

Jayden was ready to fight back and he finally got up the courage to do so on Christmas Eve. Jayden had said he was tired early and sneaked up to Gino’s bedroom and hid under Gino’s bed and waited. Underneath Gino’s bed by the light of Jayden’s phone he saw most of Gino’s laundry. Jayden made a makeshift bed for himself to be comfortable in while he waited for his brother to leave the family party and come upstairs. As Gino was now eighteen, his parents thought that he was old enough to drink. Gino made quite a spectacle of himself as he danced to his family’s amusement, made terrible jokes, and sang Christmas carols with the rest of his family until late in the evening. Jayden almost fell asleep in his cozy cushion of Gino’s clothes when he found his brother’s mini laptop computer, which Gino swore he lost long ago, which was replaced for Gino’s eighteenth birthday.

Jayden’s heart thumped in his chest. Jayden started to sweat, it was really warm in Gino’s room and being surrounded by Gino’s clothes was not helping. Jayden pulled off his sweater and his t-shirt came with it. Jayden did not feel like replacing it so he just left his clothes bundled next to the mini-laptop. Jayden looked down at his body wondering if he was strong enough now. Jayden started working out and was getting a little definition, but because he always swam his body was really tight. Jayden knew that he was no match for his brother. Jayden had to get even with him; he was really tired of Gino always busting his balls. Annoyed, Jayden tried to turn on the mini laptop. Surprisingly the computer started to light-up. Jayden whooped silently as he watched the start-up mode. Maybe Jayden could even get some kind of blackmail that would keep Gino off his back. A login and password screen popped up. Jayden licked his lips and already knowing his brother’s sign-in codes from when they used to be really tightbefore last Christmas put in the information. Jayden crossed his fingers hoping that this worked.

Jayden whooped again as Gino’s computer unlocked and Jayden started going through his brother’s computer. Jayden found some interesting pictures of his brother shirtless and in his underwear posing for the camera. The naked pictures really shocked Jayden. Color rose to Jayden’s cheeks as he saw Gino completely naked and his erection hard as a rock. Jayden chose a few of Gino’s pictures and sent them to himself, proud of his detective skills. Next Jayden did a general history search of Gino’s favorite places and his internet searchers. Jayden stumbled upon some interesting website on ‘Ballbusting’ and suddenly everything had started to make since to Jayden. It was all Jayden’s fault.

Jayden thought back to a year previous when he thought it was a great idea to give Gino a hand job after he listened in to a phone conversation between Gino and Francisco, Gino’s best mate. Jayden had woken up early and started to give his brother a hand job, and when Gino started to wake, he…grabbed Gino’s balls. Jayden had opened up a whole new world for Gino. And now Jayden was the focal point of Gino’s attention. Gino associated Jayden to his first experience. Furious with himself Jayden started to move out from under Gino’s bed, determined to confront his brother to explain to him he must stop this. Jayden had made it to the outskirts of Gino’s bed when Gino’s door opened. The party music streamed in in full blast. Drunkenly Gino stumbled to his bed his right foot driving straight into Jayden’s treasure bag. Jayden whimpered as Gino’s toes squished deeply into the depths of Jayden’s royal jewels. Gino stretched upwards, extending his toes further, causing Jayden to groan. Gino flexed his toes before he collapsed onto his bed clothes being torn off his body and flew into every direction. Gino ran his fingers all over his skin, squeezing his own nipples, playing with his treasure trail that led down to his penis. Gino decided he was too tired to rub one out and closed his eyes, his imagination must have been running wild because as he fell asleep he could have sworn he heard his favorite groans coming from Jayden.

Gino’s breathing changed and he could hear the deep slow breathes coming in and out. Jayden smiled finally as he rolled out from under Gino’s bed. Jayden bent over holding his nuts. ‘Damn you,’ thought Jayden. ‘I was going to talk this out. I have to do this,’ Jayden thought once more. Jayden took a deep breath and pulled out four pairs of handcuffs. The metal clinked together threateningly. ‘Got to be careful now,’ Jayden thought as he inched towards the top of Gino’s bed. Gino looked so peaceful in sleep, not so threateningly. Jayden started sweating again his hands trembled as he took one of Gino’s arms and pinned it over Gino’s head and locked his left arm into place. ‘I will have to climb onto Gino’s bed to get the right arm,’ Jayden thought dully. Jayden’s heart thumped louder than ever as he put his left foot on the bed and rose upwards his body straddling his brother. A drop of sweat fell from Jayden’s brown onto Gino’s chest. Jayden closed his eyes, his fingers twisting again into a good luck sign as he placed his right foot down his body directly above Gino’s crotch. Gino crumbled a little in his sleep, but did not stir. Jayden’s heart threatened to burst from his chest as he lifted Gino’s right arm behind Gino, and began clicking the lock of the cuff into place; first on Gino’s wrist and then onto the right pole of Gino’s bed. Gino’s arms were now locked and pinned behind his head and Jayden smiled in relief, his plan was working. Jayden’s plan was working. Jayden was about to get his long sought after revenge against Gino, ‘I did it,’ Jayden cheered in his head as Gino’s eyes burst open and stared straight into Jayden’s.

In alarm Jayden dropped the last two hand cuffs which landed right next to Gino’s head. “Gino!” Jayden mouthed openly his voice oddly flat from lack of use over the hours he was stuck under Gino’s bed. “I was about to….I….” Jayden’s courage was leaving him as Gino’s anger surged to the surface. Jayden remembered that face once before, when he was caught with Gino’s cock in his fist. “Gino,” Jayden was trying to explain, but what he was not sure. Jayden tried to use his voice again but it was lost again as Gino’s right leg sprang upwards like a fly swapper kicking the back of Jayden’s balls dead on. “Oh no…not again,” Jayden groaned his hands landing on the wall trying to support his quivering legs.

“Caught again Jayden,” Gino giggled as he switched tactics and kicked directly upwards with both of his feet, Jayden’s body raising with his testicles into the air. “Huh, this must really suck,” as he bounced his brother up and down on top of his feet. Jayden’s mouth opened in a mimicked ‘O’ shit response. “Never done this one on you, I wonder how much this hurts…” Gino laughed rather sympathetically as Jayden went up higher and higher both of Jayden’s balls slamming crotch first over and over again on Gino’s feet.

“My balls!” gagged Jayden as he tried in vain to grasp the wall to propel himself off of Gino’s feet, which almost worked. Jayden’s chest slowly fell downwards towards Gino’s head. In a split second decision, Gino brought his feet downwards to his body letting Jayden’s body fall, and with a swift left knee Jayden’s crotched crumpled horribly against Gino’s knee cap. All of Jayden’s breath left his body, and he felt completely dazed, black spots hazing in front of his vision. Gino took every opportunity to nail Jayden’s balls repeatedly with his left knee twice more before Jayden was aware enough to roll off of Gino’s bed as he crumpled to the floor, his body cushioned from Gino’s clothes. Jayden continued to roll again away from Gino’s bed as Gino’s feet tried to catch Jayden in the balls again. “Damn you…Gino…aww no…” Jayden almost cried in utter agony as he curled up away from his brother Gino.

Gino stretched and pulled at the restraints as he tried to release his hands. Gino now began to understand the danger that he was in. Gino was trapped. Well almost. Gino smiled down his body as he laid in his boxer briefs, wiggling his toes. Very proudly he had dealt with Jayden. However Jayden had managed to get away from him and the next time he would not catch Jayden unaware. Gino knew he had some time to figure out a plan as he had dealt Jayden some of the worst low blows he had ever given him. Gino spied Jayden turned away from him moaning and Gino actually cringed. Gino then felt something with his head. Gino turned to the left and saw two more hand cuffs! If Jayden was able to put those on…Gino would be at his little brother’s mercy. Gino was so hard by what just took place, and what was going to happen, that Gino had to take a few breaths so he would not cum in his briefs. Gino was so very close.

Gino stared at the two hand cuffs then and thought he might as well toss them over the other side of the bed so they would be stuck between the wall and his bed. With his teeth Gino moved one and stretched as far as he could and tossed it with his head. Almost. Gino tossed the second pair of hand cuffs which landed almost on top of the first pair. Gino then pulled his knees as far as they would go against his chest and slowly with his bent left foot nudged both hand cuffs until they were hidden from view. Gino had done it he laid still until he saw next to his pillow a small silver hand-cuff key. “Yes!” Gino said out loud. Gino quickly turned to stare at Jayden, hoping Jayden had not noticed. Jayden rolled his head back towards Gino’s bed.

“What?” Jayden spat, his voice still shaking with pain.

“I got you good,” Gino invented wildly.

“Yeah well…in ugh,” Jayden inhaled deeply again. “In a few minutes, I’m going to get you back so badly. I’m going to finish what I started last Christmas Gino. It’s almost Christmas after all,” Jayden said looking at the clock as he rolled back into a ball.

“You mean…a hand job?” questioned Gino trying to buy more time as he picked up the key to the hand cuffs with his teeth.

“A painful one, just like you gave me. That was my first Gino last year. But I will make sure that I get even,” Jayden sat up. Ten minutes had gone by and Gino just placed the key into his right hand his head hitting the pillow as Jayden looked up. Jayden stretched upwards revealing more of his navel, no hairs had formed on Jayden’s abdomen as of yet. Jayden was sleek and smooth as he came closer to the bed. Gino swung out with his left foot which Jayden caught the foot with both hands. Gino then used his right as he had planned to toe kick Jayden, but Jayden spun at the last second and the kick only hit his side. Jayden shoved Gino’s left leg down against his right and trapped them both against the frame of the bed. “Here we go Bro,” Jayden smiled devilishly as his free hand sailed directly into Gino’s unprotected balls.

“Umph,” Gino groaned and his cock twitched. Gino felt relief and pleasure coarse through his entire body, what he had been dreading and begging for was finally happening. Then the pain that Gino had forgotten about hit him full force with Jayden’s second punch, which hit the left ball dead on. “Ugh,” Gino moaned as he watched Jayden’s curled punch flatten his boxer brief platted ball sack squish against his pubic bone.

Jayden took the opportunity to move of Gino’s closed eyes in pain to move his legs onto the bed and then sit down on them. Gino saw Jayden reaching up to grab his balls, but he was not going to make this too easy for his younger brother. Gino pulled both of his trapped legs out from under Jayden causing Jayden to stumble back a little against one of Gino’s bed posts,  which Jayden grasped with both hands over his head to steady himself. Gino then kicked forward sending both of his feet right into Jayden’s opened legs. Jayden felt Gino’s toes before he saw Gino’s out stretched legs and he cringed as another wave of pain over took him. Gino used his toes to pinch Jayden’s smaller balls as he tried to crush them flat. Jayden gasped as he reached downwards and freed his aching testicles from Gino’s big toed grip. “You suck,” whined Jayden as he, this time sat up and this time kneeled down, with one knee cap on each of Gino’s thighs, using his full body weight to hold Ginos legs still. Then with quivering hand Jayden reached forward and squashed Gino’s large nads underneath his tight bright blue boxer briefs. “Got Em' good now," Jayden smiled rather forcefully as the new waves of pain still came from his nuts.

Gino’s head rolled backwards in misery and a delighted frenzy as Jayden at first slowly kneaded his balls and then quickly amped it up to crushing both of them horribly. “Gino, I saw your mini laptop. I know your secret, you actually want this. That’s why you’re so hard,” Jayden teased as his other hand went down Gino’s shorts and released his pulsating cock. Gino looked up at Jayden and nodded.

“I’m so close,” Gino pleaded. “Make me cum.”

“Merry Fucking Christmas then,” and Jayden crushed both of Gino’s balls and twisted them as his right hand went up down on Gino’s penis, and with a few short strokes, Gino who could not hold it any longer released a massive amount of cum all over his stomach and up to his chest, spurt after spurt.

“Thank you Jayden,” smiled Gino. Gino’s eyes closed in the euphoria of the moment. Jayden released his hold on Gino’s nuts and stood up. “You can undo the handcuffs now. This was the perfect Christmas present.”

In answer Jayden picked up each of Gino’s ankles and toyed Gino’s balls with his toes. Gino ooh at the touch, and then Jayden used his big toe and made small circle around Gino’s cock, which tingled and amazingly started to swell again. “That’s amazing Jayden, keep that up!” Gino moaned in pleasure.

“Sure,” Jayden answered "But first, this" and Jayden stomped down as hard as he could on top of Gino’s balls. Gino’s eyes sprang open, the euphoria he felt a few minutes ago was gone, and his balls hurt more than they ever had in his life. “I told you Gino that you’re going to cum painfully. That first hand job was just the beginning. I am going to crush it out of you," and Jayden, stomped again to emphasize his statement.

"Aw fuck!" Gino groaned his balls being compressed between his legs. Gino's balls blazed in pain and this time Gino could not get away, he was truly trapped. Jayden stomped down again, this time missing his target. Gino's cock which had swelled to standing rigid as a sword once more prevented Jayden from getting a good solid hit with the bottom of his foot so Jayden reared back and punted Gino in the nuts instead. The air in Gino's lungs swooshed out like a popped balloon. Gino could barely take a breath in as he felt his balls punted for a second time.

"You deserve every last hit that I give you Gino, and you know it," Jayden emphasized by grinding Gino's balls with his right foot.

Jayden knelt down to his knees on Gino's bed spreading apart Gino's legs. His brother could not stop moaning in terrible pain, his balls pulsing. Jayden sat between his brother thighs and started to tease the head of his brother penis with his thump and forefinger. Jayden's fingers worked rhythmically until Gino's hips started unwillingly rising and falling at Jayden's touch and Gino let out an escape moan of pleasure.

Jayden smiled and scooped up Gino's balls and rolled them between his left hand, while his right started to pump Gino's cock again. Gino could start feeling the rush of pleasure coming from his throbbing penis and just as he started to precum, Jayden let go of Gino's cock; which smacked dully against his lower abs. "Don't stop...." Gino whinnied.

"This just isn't your nite Gino," Jayden said devilishly as he stretched Gino's balls to the end of his ball sack and placed his knuckles against the soft tender skin. Gino's fear flooded his face as he watch his little brother start rubbing his knuckles roughly against his compressed balls.  Gino's trapped balls had no escape as Jayden rolled the knuckles on his fist devastatingly back and forth. Gino's ball pain came back worse then ever as Jayden rolled his knuckles against the weaker sides of each nut, first the left then the right. Gino cried out in agony once more.

Jayden switch tactics and began punching Gino's nuts as if he was trying to tenderize a juicy piece of steak. Punch after punch. Jayden started to lose track as he punched, then knuckled Gino's trapped gonads once more. Gino writhed on his bed stretching the chains of his hand cuffs trying desperately to get to his ball sack. Gino knew that he had to escape this pain, his manhood could not take this kind of abuse forever. "Jayden...stop... You have got to...ugh...ugh..don't squeeze!"

Tired of torturing Gino's nuts and knowing that Gino was reaching the end of his pain threshold Jayden started to roll Gino's balls ever so slightly between his fingers the sore ball cords gently now back and forth. Gino's body stopped thrashing and had started to ease at Jayden's tender ball treatment. More precum issued out of the slit in Gino's cock. Again Gino felt himself go hard. "How am I doing now bro?" Jayden teased as he spit on top of Gino's dick head and began to stroke his rock hard penis. "Do you think that you have had enough of the pain?" Jayden squeezed Gino's nuts until Gino gasped.  "Ready for your release?" He questioned.

"It will be different from now on Jayden. Now that you know about what I like you can do this," and Gino shook his chains "all the time. I will never have to bust you again. Unless you want me too." Gino mumbled.

In answer Jayden bore down on both of Gino's nuts harder then ever before, like last years Christmas. "Okay,okay! I get it!" Gino hollered. Jayden eased up and went back to working on Gino's raging boner.

"That's not going to happen any more Gino... remember I can be nice or not so nice with your nuts. And I know what you want.  But Gino, I'm not going to do this again. One time only thing."

Gino looked hurt, but it only lasted for a second, as Jayden sped up with his hand job Gino could not hold it in any longer, Gino's hips bucked upwards and Gino's eyes opened in pleasure as he came over and over again. Jayden squeezed Gino's balls one last time before stroking the rest of Gino's cum out of his now empty sack.

"Come on Jayden, you know that you like it. We will do this again. After all I am your big brother," Gino smiled evilly. "And sooner or later I'll get you."

Jayden's anger returned and he punched Gino so hard that Gino's balls flattened against his pubic bone. Gino's eyes bulged in his skull and with a final gasp collapsed utterly defeated, Gino whined childishly and his legs involuntarily curved inwards. "My balls, aw bro my balls," and Gino's eyes closed as he shuddered on his bed.

"Don't forget what I am capable of,"  Jayden warned climbing on top of Gino and Jayden's hands positioned on Gino's shoulders, with his knee cap spreading Gino's thighs apart. Gino's body trembled in fear as Jayden's knee reared back.

"No!" screamed Gino as Jayden knee crushed both nuts so hard that they flattened. Jayden continued to ram his knee until Gino's breath became rapid and Gino's balls swelled so badly that Gino almost came one more time. That's when Jayden stood up leaving Gino's penis poking out of the top of his boxer briefs begging for release. Jayden began to undo the handcuffs, and Gino finally hands freed reached into his boxer briefs and held onto his baby makers. Gino watched Jayden pocket the handcuffs as he turned away towards the bedroom door.

"Just remember what I can do," and Jayden hopeful that this would be the end of Gino's triad against his testicles. Jayden walked briskly out Gino's bedroom door and left Gino alone on Christmas Eve night.


George said...

Very hot. Now it Jaydens turn to get his balls worked over again

Anonymous said...

Hey George!

Your wish may very well come true! My next story is coming out very, very soon!



Ballbuster said...

This is a fantastic Christmas story. I really want that Jayden break Gino's balls

Harry said...

Jimmy, both parts of this story are super. What a merry way for two bros to celebrate the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Best christmas story ever haha

Anonymous said...

Dear Oscarmau, the next part of the story maybe just up your alley!

Dear Harry, I’m so glad that you are liking it! The third part will come out soon!

Dear Anonymous thank you so much, I feel humbled.

I’m glad that so many of you are enjoying it!