Monday, December 23, 2019

The B Factor: Sweet revenge (Elimination #5)

In our fifth elimination round of The B Factor we asked you to answer the following question: Who has the hottest body? 275 votes have been counted, and here are the results.

(The full, unredacted results of the elimination rounds will be published before the final episode of The B Factor.)

SAFE FOR NOW (in alphabetical order):
Chris Evans
Shawn Mendes
Taylor Lautner
Timothee Chalamet
Tom Holland
Zac Efron

THE BOTTOM TWO (in alphabetical order):
Jack Falahee
Jake Gyllenhaal


Jack Falahee with 4% of the vote.

So it has been decided: After being in the bottom two fpr the first time last week, Jack Falahee is out for good this week. He is eliminated from The B Factor – and here’s his punishment. This story has been written by our reader Jason who created The B Factor with me and who came up with the idea for it in the first place. You are awesome, Jason, thank you so much!


Sweet revenge
written by Jason

Warning: Contains permanent damage.

Featured in this story: Charlie Weber and Jack Falahee
In early May, ABC renewed the new and closing season of How To Get Away With Murder. The actors were very pleased with the news as they had become a family in recent years.

Jack Falahee and Charlie Weber were especially close to each other from the cast - they've been partying every week since the show began and they've been working out together as well.

Charlie looked at Jack as if he were his younger brother. He gave him tips on how to flirt with women, helped him learn his lines for a scene, and sometimes Charlie even helped Jack financially. They had a very meaningful friendship.

One September night, Charlie offered some of his male co-stars (Jack Falahee, Matt McGorry and Rome Flynn) an invitation to an Italian restaurant. So the guys went to release steam after a tiring week of filming. And as is usual when four guys get together – they started to talk about women.

Jack recalled a chat conversation with a girl who was obsessed with nut sacks. She didn’t care for the penis, but the testicles, and she could only write about them in the conversation. The boys laughed a lot on this story.

"I mean I guess you’ve all heard the quote: 'Balls are to men, what purses are to women. It's just a little bag but one would feel naked in public without it.'”  added Matt.

"Exactly! Although I think my man Charlie is pretty big down there. I’ve seen his sack once, and man, it’s not some little bag...this guy have some serious low hangers..." smiled Jack.

"Fuck off, Jack! I’m still stronger, more fit, and healthy with saggy balls, than you are with your tight balls and girly body!" replied Charlie.

Jack blushed. He always envied Charlie's muscular body and masculine appearance.

The topic of the conversation moved on, but Charlie and Jack looked at each other several times during the evening, and they both thought of the same thing: they needed to continue this conversation.

Two weeks later, the two guys were working out in the gym when Jack made yet another funny remark regarding Charlie’s perfect body:

"Hey, Charlie. Is everything OK?" Jack asked with a fake concern on his face.

"Yes, why?" 

"You look very thin. Did you lose some weight?"

"I did not, Jack. Why do you keep busting my balls? You know I look good, much better than you!" said Charlie in a more serious tone, then left Jack in the scene.

Jack didn't understand what had just happened. He really just wanted to joke with Charlie, since he had been friends with him for a long time. He didn't mean what he said, knowing that Charlie had a much better body than he did.

For a couple of days the two actors didn't talk to each other. Then one day Charlie invited Jack to visit him during the evening on this ranch. When Jack arrived, Charlie greeted him with a smile, then they sat down at the table and Charlie offered Jack dinner. Jack was pleased that the tension between them had eased because he didn't want his childish behavior to have a negative impact on their friendship.

They drank red wine and talked, but at one point Jack felt dizzy, and soon afterwards he passed out on the couch. Charlie's plan came into effect: it was time for sweet revenge.

Charlie undressed his unconscious colleague, then folded Jack's clothes carefully and placed them on a chair.

Charlie was happy with what he saw. Jack had an average body, which was not as manly as his. It filled him with satisfaction. He also liked the fact that, instead of having tight testicles as Charlie had expected, the boy's eggs were really saggy, just like Charlie’s, who was a lot older, past forty.

Charlie tied Jack's arms and legs, then hit a powerful punch in his stomach to wake him up from the stunner. Jack didn't understand what was going on, at first he thought Charlie was only messing with him, but after looking into Charlie's warped eyes, he was immediately caught in terror.

"What are you doing, dude?" he asked.

"I don’t know. I’ll probably castrate you." Charlie said in a calm voice.

"This isn’t funny, let me go! HELP!" Jack screamed.

"Don’t be silly, Jack boy. You know where I live. No one will hear you pathetic screaming…"

"Charlie, we are friends, you don’t have to do this!"

"You don’t know how it feels like to be the fat kid around. I was bullied through high school. I promised myself that this would never happen to me again. I basically lived in the gym for years and trained myself until I became fit & strong." 

"I didn’t know man, I’m so sorry!" Jack said.

"It’s all in the past. But you understand that I have to defend myself over bullies."

"Please, don’t…"

Charlie grabbed Jack's balls and pulled them. Jack screamed, he had never felt such pain. Charlie then twisted Jack's scrotum, and he pressed his fingernails into Jack’s left nut, which he had grown for weeks, to cause this certain pain to Jack's testicles.

While torturing Jack's low hangers, he repeatedly punched him in the stomach and flicked his nipples. Jack was yelling, crying, but he wasn't touching Charlie. Charlie was no longer the shy little boy he used to be and the high school student that was bullied over his weight. He was a grown-ass man that could defend himself from bullies.

Not many people knew about Charlie, but he went to medical school before acting, so he knew a few things about medical procedures. He thought Jack deserved to lose his testicles. But because he liked his friend deep within his soul, he decided to cut only one of his balls. So he started the operation.

He made an incision on the scrotum and burst his 30-year-old friend’s left testicle. By now Jack had lost consciousness again, so Charlie could work calmly. After cutting out the left nut, he carefully disinfected the wound, then stitched the wound with medical precision. Charlie was satisfied. He made his friend a half sacked bully.

Jack woke up and reached immediately for his groin. He knew something was wrong, and after Charlie had told him he had lost one of his testicles, Jack began to cry. Charlie then kissed the man and assured him of his support. Jack took Charlie's approach in confusion, but said nothing.

Charlie put his hand on Jack's penis and looked deep into his beautiful brown eyes:

"If you tell anyone that I've cut off your left ball, I can assure you that I will catch the other one too!" and with his strongest blow, he struck Jack in the groin one more time, who was screaming in pain.

After that day, Jack appeared on Charlie's phone list as "Jackie".

Jack never made a bad comment on Charlie's body again. 


Five down, seven to go. The B Factor continues!


Anonymous said...

I liked the story, but maybe the writing style could have been a bit less abrupt. I do not mean to be overly critical and wish no offence.

Jason said...

Don't worry, I didn't take it as an insult. :) English isn't my first language, and I need to improve a lot! Thank you for your feedback! :)

Anonymous said...

I want to give my personal opinion: this is the first story on this blog that I don't like!! I'm sorry. I dislike this story because it has nothing to do with ballbusting, it only deals with surgical removal of a testicle. There are stories in which I like to read about men damaged or castrated, it is not the problem. The real problem is that I like reading about castration only after the real ballbusting, in which, as all of us know, there are kicks, punches, squeezing...Here there is only a surgical removal of a nut without what I love: the pain of the ballbustee, his tears, his supplications, the torture on his testicles...and I think these are the same things that all the ballbusting readers love. I'm sorry because I waited impatiently to read the story about Jake's tortures because he is really hot. But this isn't what I waited for to read...

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I hope you'll like some of the upcoming stoies better. :-))

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Jason. I didn't know that. Please don't take my earlier comment seriously at all.

Jason said...

It's fine. :)

Also, to that other poster - I do understand your words, but at the same time we all prefer different things. This story was more about the two actors hot chemistry with actual depth (in characterization) than your typical ballbusting fun. But I get what you're saying and I won't be writing more stories like this (or at all :) ). Thank you all for reading it!

Anonymous said...

Of course, I know that every single reader has what he loves more. Infact, I specified this is only my personal opinion. I mainly like reading about testicles torture, which is what I look for in blog like this, that I love exactly because there are stories in which are described every single hit and all the reactions. If there must be a castration, I prefer reading about it after a long ballbusting session and with the victim not sedated because I love to read about his fear and is pain. Also, I don't like the surgical procedure: if a testicle has to pop it has to be done whit kicks or with a long squeeze in which the torturer and the ballbustee have to feel what happens.