Friday, April 29, 2022

King of the Ring: Part 2 of 13 Gino VS Doug written by Jimmy


King of the Ring: Part 2 of 13 Gino VS Doug

By Jimmy

Ballbusting Boys: King of the Ring: Part 1 of 13 the Set-up written by Jimmy
(Previous story here).

Warning: Contains underage characters, homosexual behavior, ballbusting, humiliation, and wrestling.

Special Credit: To one of my dear friends who loves this series, and these characters. These Kind of the Ring stories were meant to be five-to-six-page stories. He had other ideas and made this one really spectacular. Great work as always, Reg. Thank you so much for working with me. I love writing with you.

Now onto the story.....

Gino strides towards Doug who is still scowling sullenly in his corner. The older wrestler glares purposefully, fists clenched by his sides, intent on intimidating the younger opponent. At almost sixteen Doug is well built for his age, more muscular even than Chase and the sparse black hairs on his upper chest indicate that he is more sexually developed too. Doug is clearly not lacking in self-confidence either as he steps forward, bumping chests against the seventeen-year-old rival. Doug has already developed a sturdy wrestler’s build, but his impressive physique is still no match for Gino’s hunky muscles.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Jimmy's Found Video's #19: Rightintheballs

 Jimmy's Found Video's #19: Rightintheballs

                   Adam and Omar Damytwins


Dear Ballbusting Boys Readers,

I know I have shown this Instragram before, but I purposely selecting these sexy twins five videos. None of the videos are all that rough to our liking but they are hot, and I certainly hope that they do more! You may think some are the same videos but check their clothing they are different! Twins after all and they enjoy each doing the same things to the other: true love. Enjoy!



1). Kiss, kiss?

Nut Shots (@rightintheballs) • Instagram photos and videos

Monday, April 25, 2022

E-X-P-L-O-R-A-T-I-O-N: A Shane Tale Part 5 written by Jimmy


E-x-p-l-o-r-a-t-i-o-n: A Shane Tale Part 5

By Jimmy


“So, are you going to sit there or are you going to do it already?” Jacoby prompts, announce creeping into his question.

Shane is still standing in front of his younger brother’s bed and is not sure about this at all.

Jacoby offered Shane an opportunity to practice on him so that he would be know how to give someone a proper hand job if the opportunity ever arose, since Shane has no experience at all with another guy.

Staring at Shane, Jacoby lays back on his bed, spreading his thighs wide open. Jacoby is wearing his usual attire for bed, a pair of boxers and a loose t-shirt. Today it’s Pok√©mon themed, with red boxers to match; Jacoby still thinks it’s cool to match clothing. Shane’s skinny legs stick out, straight and are waving back and forth while Jacoby ruffles his hair and does a tiny finger wave beckoning his brother to join him on the bed.

“Promise I won’t bite.” Jacoby is grinning, and the handsome boy puts his hands behind his head, content to wait.

Friday, April 22, 2022

King of the Ring: Part 1 of 13 the Set-up written by Jimmy


King of the Ring: Part 1 the Set-up

By Jimmy


Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,

I have been hinting at this little series for a while now, and I am finally ready to unveil it. This is the first of the thirteen part series featuring many of your favorite characters from the Gino and Jayden series. Currently I am on the final story, and will most likely be finishing it tomorrow. For the next several Fridays from April 22- July 17th you will have an opportunity so read about the exploits of the boys as they begin a King of the Ring style tournament. The event in their time will take place over three days. I hope that you all enjoy the start of the adventure!





Chase is very bored.

Sitting in his small personal movie theatre on the second floor of his house in his underwear and bathrobe Chase, scratches his bare chest absentmindedly thinking about what he is going to do this weekend. Chase is on a mission to watch all marvel movies from beginning to end and as the previews were rolling something occurs to him…an idea.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Best of the Busts (Since I took over)

     Best of the Busts Since I took Over

I have put off doing this for far too long. The 5 star ratings feature (at the bottom of each post you can rate it on a scale from awful (1 star) to excellent (5 stars)) back in 2016, and I am excited to be bringing back the top rated stories. I will try to do this each month. This was last done a long time ago…so I am going to do an overall of the top rated stories since I took over Alex’s website in October 2021. We all look forward to his return, and I am so thankful for all of you supporting me and Dominik these past six and half months. That’s a long time. Alex left huge shoes fill and we have tried our best to keep this little website going. And without further ado, here are the top rated stories since October!

Now let's have a look at six month's posts. Needless to say: If you don't want to check out every story please do read at least the ones with a perfect rating. :-)

The five(nine) top rated stories from November 2021-April 2022:

(written by Jimmy)

average rating: 5.00/5 (5 votes)

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Jimmy's Found Video's #18: Instagram Gaybbjohn1234

 Jimmy's Found Video's #18: Instagram Gaybbjohn1234

Dear Ballbusting Boys Readers,

I was feeling like some classics, and I found this great Instagram which instantly made me want to do this post! Hope you all enjoy!



1). A variety of quality hits

Johnny (@gaybbjohn1234) • Instagram photos and videos

Monday, April 18, 2022

B-E-A-T-E-N: A Shane Tale Part 4 written by Jimmy


B-E-A-T-E-N: A Shane Tale Part 4

By Jimmy


Shane watches his captain standing up for him, and he has never been prouder of him. Or felt as bad. Chase is about to get an ass whopping.

Shane warns Chase to run, but the fool stayed behind to try and help him and now Chase is on the floor, his towel barely managing to stay on as his brother wearing blue jeans, boots, and a black t-shirt marches over towards him.

Chase quickly, climbs back to his bare feet that leave wet footprints on the tiles below him, the other hand grabbing towel that threatens to fall off his waist and he just manages to tuck the knot back in as Roel, Shane’s older brother takes a swing at him.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Beach Games Conclusion written by Jimmy

                                                               Beach Games Conclusion


                                                                        By Jimmy

Jimmy had just asked a very important question of his friend, Alex. “What are you doing under there?” he had asked as he stands fully on Alex’s crotch, with Alex’s nuts firmly squishing down to the floor beneath his bare feet.

Alex's balls were buckling under the pressure of Jimmy's tiny. but strong feet his whole weight was now on Alex’s quickly flattening balls. Alex could not reach his balls to cover them and under the bed he could do nothing until Jimmy moves his feet. Alex's plan was quickly going straight to hell, and he was unsure of what to do or how to get out of this position.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Jimmy's Found Video's #17: Balltap Instagram

 Jimmy's Found Video's #17: Balltap Instagram


Hopefully none of you are getting too bored of different fun ballbusting Instagram accounts I have found. If so, ignore this post. Balltap is a great one, and there are many other videos to watch if you enjoyed this small portion. Hope that they make you cringe as much as I did! Enjoy!



1). First one is a Balltap montage how appropriate to their name!

Balltap (@ball.tap) • Instagram photos and videos

Monday, April 11, 2022

D-E-F-E-A-T-E-D: a Shane Tale Part 3 written by Jimmy


D-E-F-E-A-T-E-D: a Shane Tale Part 3

By Jimmy


Shane quietly watched the swimmers in the pool gliding back and forth, his eyes slightly reflecting the water in the pool, and the bright lights reflected above.

Chase paces his feet slapping the tiles with vigor as he marches along the pool offering instructions, but most gets lost in the delivery as the swimmers cut through the water, their focus on the task at hand.

Annoyance creeps in Chase’s gaze and he plops down next to Shane, his whistle bouncing on his bare chest as his feet dip into the water.

“This is not working,” he mutters as the swimmers begin to turn around and moving back towards the other end.

Shane stays quiet, one hand still laying in his lap rolling his bruised balls from his older brother, Roel the other day and wincing when he discovers another tender spot.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Beach Games Continued written by Jimmy


                                               Beach Games Continued

                                                                             by Jimmy

The next day after the horrible accident with Jimmy's penis he awoke pain free. Jimmy hardly even remembered it. A knocking was heard from Jimmy's bedroom window in the small beach cottage that his family rented each summer. Jimmy did not know what it was and could not be bothered. So, he pulled the covers over his head trying to go back to sleep. Alex slowly entered the room from the window after sliding the screen open. The house was empty all of Jimmy’s family was already on the beach, as it was another scorcher day, and everyone was out tanning.

Alex slowly walked up to Jimmy's bed and listened to his soft sleeping sounds and grabbed the bottom of the bed and slowly creeped underneath it. Alex pushed half of himself under Jimmy's bed so if Jimmy woke up, he could hide easily with both legs poking out, while his head and chest was underneath the bed. Alex had a clever plan that he wanted to try out on his unsuspecting sleeping friend.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Jimmy's Found Videos #16: Combat_Nuts


Jimmy's Found Videos #16: Combat_Nuts

Hey ballbusting boys fans,

Some of you love those real shots, and these are that! His Instagram is full of great ball shots. Here is a small sampling. Enjoy!


1). He was rolling around from that knee, and his knees pointed in. His future kids felt it.

Monday, April 4, 2022

C-A-U-G-H-T: a Shane Tale Part 2 written by Jimmy



By Jimmy


“I am in so much trouble,” Shane mutters to himself as he races to the other end of the house, trying to get to the back door before his brother Roel does.

Somehow, Shane grew a pair and decided to actually hit his brother.

It might be his final act of rebellion.

He might die.

Friday, April 1, 2022

Beach Games written by Jimmy


Beach Games


By Jimmy

*Here is another story that I pulled from the vault that I wrote on Kramtoad's Ballbusting website many moons ago. I hope that all of you enjoy it.



As the beach broke on the shore, Alex and Jimmy were sitting at the water’s edge letting the waves break on them.

 "Don't move or you'll lose," spoke Alex.

 "I know that," huffed Jimmy indignantly.