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Beach Games written by Jimmy


Beach Games


By Jimmy

*Here is another story that I pulled from the vault that I wrote on Kramtoad's Ballbusting website many moons ago. I hope that all of you enjoy it.



As the beach broke on the shore, Alex and Jimmy were sitting at the water’s edge letting the waves break on them.

 "Don't move or you'll lose," spoke Alex.

 "I know that," huffed Jimmy indignantly.

The water was going over there bodies back to the sea...but very soon it would hit them again. Alex and Jimmy were playing a game of who could take the most water hitting them, before one of them gave up. Their feet were hitting the water and each time the wave splashed the water went right into the bathing suits carrying sand with it into areas that sand was very uncomfortable.

The sand was starting to get to Jimmy. Some of it had started creeping into the shaft of his penis and as the last wave splashed him tiny grams of sand proceeded upwards. Jimmy stood up suddenly loosing the game. Jimmy ran up the beach holding his package. He sat against the flat cement sea wall and moved his shirt out of the way and opened up his pants to look down.

Alex sat across from Jimmy, staring at him. Alex was bigger than Jimmy. He was fatter, but he had the nicest tan from always going shirtless at the beach, Jimmy however liked to wear his white t-shirt to keep the sun off of him because his skin sun-burned easily. Jimmy moaned as his small fingers were taking particles of sand out of his penis. Alex who liked hearing this decided to help Jimmy…by making things worse.

"Jimmy you are never going to get the sand out that way. Take a piss." Alex suggested encouragingly.

Jimmy stared at Alex. His dick hole hurt him like hell. It was burning. As he was only 12 he had not yet felt anything besides piss come through his penis and he stood up and tried against the sea wall.

"Cover me," said Jimmy. Alex stood up against Jimmy's back and tried to look like he was talking to the back of Jimmy's head so that no one would notice, but there was no one around on the beach on a Wednesday afternoon but Alex did it just in case.

"I can't go!" It just hurts so much."

"I have an idea," said Alex. All of his ideas were bad ones and nothing good ever came out of them for Jimmy.

"No. It is just gonna fail like all of your stupid idea's," said Jimmy moaning a little on some of the words.

"Do you want that sand up your dick forever of do you want me to make it go away?" Alex said.

Jimmy closed his eyes his wet black hair falling onto his forehead as he nodded. A vicious smile creped up on Alex's face as he looked at the side of Jimmy's face, his friend’s eyes were squeezed shut. Alex's hands creped down onto Jimmy's swim trunks and started creeping around to the front of them. Jimmy's body began shaking a little from his nerves. Jimmy was uncomfortable and to make matters worse, he was against the sea wall and the shade from the overhang fell onto him making his teeth clatter from the cold. A gentle breeze hot Jimmy, and he got colder all the time thinking that Alex’s plan was going to hurt his penis worse.

Alex's hands found Jimmy's squished up penis and began to touch it. Jimmy giggled a little then moaned from the sand still inside.

“What a stupid game that we played,” Jimmy mumbled as Alex’s rough hand held his private member.

Ignoring this, Alex said. "I am going to try and get the sand out by rubbing your penis, hang on." Alex's daft hand moved up and down Jimmy's penis's head slowly. For the first time in Jim's life his penis started to become hard. Slowly it felt good but then his dick quivered with the pain of the bits of sand up it.

"Ouch!" cried Jimmy.

"Okay hang on I am going to force it out another way, you see your nuts contain a little something that will help clean out you dick. But it has to be squeezed out just in the right way." This is exactly what Alex wanted. His hands slid down the shaft of Jimmy's penis onto Jimmy's two small testicles. Jimmy had never really paid any attention to these. Not really knowing what they are. Alex began to squeeze each one in each of his hands.
Jimmy began to feel a new sensation that he had never felt in his crotch. Pain.

"Uugh" Jimmy moaned. Jimmy's hands hit the wall trying to support his legs which quivered. Jimmy's eyes shot open as Alex began to squeeze harder on each of his testicles.

"Ohh...ughh...ughh…that hurts Alex stop...that is not working...."

"Oh yes it is just give it some time..." Alex said.

Jimmy did not want to give it time, his balls ached and Alex’s manipulations of his most valuable treasures was both foreign and excruciating.

"I am gonna give your nuts the squeezing of a lifetime to make the sand come out," declared Alex with a satisfying grin on his face.

"OH God...this hurts..." Jimmy's eyes bugged out as the pressure on his nuts continued.
Jimmy began slumping forward towards the ground in terrible pain. His nuts...which Alex called them felt like they were going to break under the pressure that Alex was giving him.

"Shit," cried Jimmy as pre-cum dribbled out of his penis taking the sand with it. Jim felt no pleasure in this just the pain of his nuts being squeezed and pre-cum hitting the hole of his penis as the sharp grands of sand were expunged from his slit. Jimmy's knee's gave out and hit the beach. Jimmy started moaning constantly wanting nothing more than to curl up and hold his damaged nuts.

"Please...just ughhhhhhhlet go..."

"That's better isn’t it, really," said Alex as he let go of Jimmy's nuts. The blood in them ran through his hold body vibrating nothing but pain. “But just in case there is some sand still in there...Alex lifted up his leg and shot it in-between Jimmy's open legs at his twin nuts smashing them up against Jimmy's body. Jimmy felt a new nut pain and before he could finally cover up his swollen beaten testicles Alex kicked Jimmy's nuts twice more sending Jimmy into agonizing pain. Jimmy curled himself up into a little ball on the beach cradling his nuts as Alex laughed at him. Jimmy could do nothing but try and contain the pain that was in his hurt nutsack, but at least sandless dick. But what a price to pay.


The End


Anonymous said...

What a nice way to learn about his boyhood

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

That's one perspective of the event! Happy to hear that you enjoyed the story!