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King of the Ring: Part 1 of 13 the Set-up written by Jimmy


King of the Ring: Part 1 the Set-up

By Jimmy


Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,

I have been hinting at this little series for a while now, and I am finally ready to unveil it. This is the first of the thirteen part series featuring many of your favorite characters from the Gino and Jayden series. Currently I am on the final story, and will most likely be finishing it tomorrow. For the next several Fridays from April 22- July 17th you will have an opportunity so read about the exploits of the boys as they begin a King of the Ring style tournament. The event in their time will take place over three days. I hope that you all enjoy the start of the adventure!





Chase is very bored.

Sitting in his small personal movie theatre on the second floor of his house in his underwear and bathrobe Chase, scratches his bare chest absentmindedly thinking about what he is going to do this weekend. Chase is on a mission to watch all marvel movies from beginning to end and as the previews were rolling something occurs to him…an idea.

Chase hits pause on the showing of Iron Man, and calls Jayden.

Jayden: “Hello?” Jayden answers, slightly groggily a yawn escaping from him wide parted lips.

Chase: “Hey, I know what I want to do this weekend.”

Jayden: “…you have that tone that worries me. What are you planning?” Jayden asks, the apprehension in his voice brings a smile to Chase as he comes more to consciousness.

Chase: “You know me too well. This is going to be fun, and you won’t even be in the first round,” Chase says lazily his mind’s eye already enjoying the show of what is about to occur.

Jayden: “Round?” Jayden says worriedly. “Chase…”

Chase: “All I need you to do is show up,” Chase says offhandedly walking out of the movie theatre, his midnight blue robe flying behind him as he enters Logan’s bedroom.

Logan has been staying over most nights at Chase’s home when he can. Logan is filling in the parental role that has been absent from his life for a while, and at first Chase hated the idea, but he quickly changed his tune and now the two of them have grown quite fond of each other. Their relationship changing and evolving to that of an almost brotherly or parental/son dynamic.

Chase walks straight to the mantel by Logan’s bed, his bare feet light and quiet as he heads inside Logan’s bedroom and picks up a set of keys flipping through them until he finds what he is looking for: Alex’s Studio.

Chase: “Come to my place on Saturday morning, we are going to have a blast,” says Chase.

Chase pulls off the key from the chain and heads out of the bedroom, excitement flooding through him on who else he is going to invite.

Chase ends the call, and begins a text chain with his three best friends typing: Clear your weekend’s boys, things are about to get interesting.

Chase is full of excitement about his list. Including himself he has brought together Adam, Max, and Rex of course, which rounds out an even four. Chase’s plans almost exclusively always include that trio. To fill the other four spots he handpicks a few more choices: Leroy and Aldo. The last two were harder to decide upon. Chase went back and forth for a while but finally after talking with his boys he let Bill in. Things were better between the two of them, but they have not been in a place where their balls were on the line. This might make things difficult. That left one more spot…

“It should be Caleb,” Max says.

“Agreed,” Rex nods.

“You want me to invite Logan’s little cousin?” Chase’s eyebrows go up. “For a King of the Ring Tournament?” Chase adds, his eyebrows going up.

“He’s only a year younger than us,” explains Max.

“A year younger than you, two for me,” Chase clarifies.

“Plus, he’s kind of a cool guy,” adds Rex, hardly listening to Chase’s previous statement. “I mean, he reminds me of us a bit. He loves busting some nuts. We can all get behind that.”

Adam looks thoughtful, and ponders what the twins are saying before he carefully says, “What will Logan do if he finds out?”

“Let’s hope he does not,” Max says.

“So, no Junior?” Rex asks.

“We can only do 8 in King of the Ring. Two VS Two. We start with eight guys, go down to four. Then the last two square off, winner faces Jayden,” Chase explains.

“Still, I feel bad not inviting the squirt,” Rex says.

“Me too,” Max adds, putting his arm around Rex’s shoulders. The twins obviously have feelings when it comes to fairness between brothers.

Chase throws his hands up, “Nine guys won’t work. We would have to get three more.”

“Well,” Adam thinks out loud. “We could invite Shane.”

“I guess,” says Chase offhandedly, not quite keen on the idea.

“And…” Adam continues, saying this part rather quickly “maybe Doug.”

Everyone glares at Adam, but no one’s stare is as ferrous as Chase’s: “Doug?” Chase spits, the venom in his voice does not go unnoticed by any of the small group.

Adam gulps, “I mean…well we do need another guy, and Doug knows how to wrestle. At least he stands a chance of beating Jayden which is surely the whole point of this…” Adam trails off as Chase wraps his fingers around Adam’s plums, stepping in close as he tightens his grip in warning.

“Look Adam, I think it’s obvious that I’m going to win and face off against Jayden in the final. Not that doucebag,” Chase growls.

“What?  So the rest of us are just supposed to lose?” Max says stepping in and smacking Chase’s hand away from Adam’s junk, before he crosses his arms stepping bravely up to Chase. “How is that going to be fun for anyone?”

The dynamic between Chase and his friends has changed considerably over the past months, and Max stands up to him more frequently, his self-confidence boosted since his gonads began to blossom. He certainly won’t sit back and allow Chase to dictate all the time and Rex is usually there to back him up as well, their brotherly dynamic proving quite a barrier against Chase’s ego; usually leaving Adam to moderate in the middle.

Adam bends over slightly holding his nuts, quite happy that Max stepped in.

“That’s not what I meant, buddy,” Chase says back tracking, as he plasters on a placating smile.

“Yeah right! I know you well enough, Chase.” scoffs Max, then his lips curl into a cheeky grin as he grabs Chase by his bare upper arm, clearly enjoying the feel of the captain’s impressive biceps surging under his fingers, “Admit it, you don’t want to invite anyone who can stand up to these big muscles do you?”

“Nonsense, I’m not scared of Doug.” Chase scowls down at Max and can’t resist clenching his stunning biceps to let the smaller boy feel his strength “I’d like to see Doug try to face my muscles now… or my big balls for that matter! I’ve really grown since the last time he...”

Chase’s voice tapers off as his handsome face cringes in distaste and Max knows exactly why. The captain’s first confrontation with Doug in the changing room had been awkward to say the least but Max can’t resist grinning at the memory. It was fresh after appointing himself team Captain that Chase had been harangued by the resentful wrestler but was determined to reassert his authority. With all the swim-team minions watching, Chase saw a chance to publicly humiliate this inferior rival…so wearing his usual cocky grin Chase had flaunted his prized manhood, the biggest on the swim team! The mere sight of Chase’s big beautiful cock and heavy dangling balls was enough to make most boys turn green and cower in shame, but not Doug! With a dismissive scoff Doug had stood up to the challenge, stripping off to reveal his own thick veiny dong, clearly a match for the stunned Captain in size (though certainly not in  beauty) and hanging beneath, a big beefy set of testicles that would make any man proud. But even more shocking was the thick bushy pubes that framed Doug’s impressively manly genitalia, making Chase look like a pre-pubescent schoolboy in comparison.

The bad-tempered fight that followed did not start any better for Chase, but to Max it was one of the hottest scenes he had ever witnessed. The sight of Chases beautiful muscles flexing with all their teenage might yet still being gradually beaten back by the more powerful wrestler had almost made Max spooge his speedos. Then Doug had really gone to work on the helpless blond stud, punching his perfect abs into submission before laying into Chase most prized possession: his beloved balls; making the proud captain howl and writhe in agony. Finally, when all seemed lost for the swim-team hero, pinned to the floor, being shamefully mocked and milked by his bigger, manlier rival Chase had pulled a stunning move out of thin air, as only Chase can do! A tremendous blast of thick creamy cum shot out from Chase’s throbbing boner, hitting Doug right between the eyes. Blinded and outraged, Doug was too busy wiping the salty spunk from his eyes to notice Chase’s heel crashing into his big hairy gooseberries, again and again until the tough wrestler finally passed out from the blazing agony in his big manly balls.

“Well it’s obvious you’re not scared of Doug, you did beat him after all. In fact Jayden beat him too so he’s definitely in but then Junior... gets…to…come…too,” Max punctuates the last words by jabbing his index finger into Chase’s muscular pecs, making sure to get his point across.

“Alright, alright, but that still puts us at 11 guys,” Chase sighs throwing his hands in the air, and knocking Max’s hand away.

“Oh no, it doesn’t I know the perfect last guy to add to the King of the Ring event,” Max says with a smile.

“Oh yeah, who?” challenges Chase, frustration all over him.

“Jayden’s brother of course. Gino is going to be included.”

Chase’s mouth drops open and he shakes his head, “No fucking way.”

Rex comes over to Max and stands with him. “It’s either that, or none of us will join,” Rex says confidently knowing full well that Chase can’t do this without them.

Chase in complete utter frustration throws his hands in the air. “Fuck! OK whatever, that dickhead probably won’t even want to. Or Doug for that matter.”

“Only one way to find out,” Max says with a half-smile, his hazel eyes gleaming as he runs his fingers through his auburn locks. “You leave that to me.”

“Alright” Chase clears his throat. “You all showed up.” Chase glares at Max for a moment, but the younger, slimmer swimmer does not look aware but meets Chase’s stare with one of his own, meeting the challenger head on. Eventually, Chase turns his attention back to crowd of boys that showed up.

Chase looks over at the gathered crowd of boys, each of whom has already raided the singlets that Chase bought for the occasion, and he was close on most of the boy’s sizes.

Chase’s swim team including Adam, Rex, Max, Shane, Bill, Leroy and Aldo are all grouped together, chatting noisily, their fingers twitching with nervous excitement.

Doug stand off to one side, exchanging mean glances with the swimmers whenever they glance his way and makes no attempt to join the fray. It seems to have taken Aldo, who joined the wrestling team at Midtown recently a while to recognize this fact, and he finally moves over to high-five his fellow wrestler and stands next to him so that he is not alone.

That’s when Jayden and Gino shuffle in just as Chase is about to start, Logan’s cousins Junior and Caleb bringing up the rear.

“What’s all this about, Chase?” Gino asks interrupting, his interest peeking as he picks up a brand-new singlet and passes one to Jayden. Jayden takes his tentatively seeing that Gino tried to give him an extra small one and switched it for a more appropriate size giving Gino a smack on his arm for his effort. Gino grins down at him giving him the ‘What?’ look but smiling so hard that Jayden and he both know that he is fooling no one.

Caleb and Junior rush up to grab theirs spying all the older teens wearing singlets and sizing them up. Logan’s cousins are familiar with Jayden’s previous swim team and have had a few memorable run-ins with Adam, the twins Max and Rex, along with Bill. Some of the others are a bit unfamiliar to them.

“Glad that you asked Gino, this is the King of the Ring!” Chase exclaims and at his words the red velvet curtain is pulled back showing off Alex’s Ballbusting professional wrestling ring, complete with ropes and turnbuckles. The overhead lights swirl in and out and slowly all focus in on Chase, the swim team captain. “Each of us are going to compete, we will randomly draw names. There are twelve of us, and after the first round of matches there will be six left, and then three. The winner will face Jayden Gomez, who as we all know if the best wrestler here.”

Doug makes a loud scoffing sound, and his mean eyes narrow, focusing in on Jayden, and Gino laughs.

“Chase…you’re forgetting, I’m the best wrestler here!” Gino says, pulling off his shirt overhead and tossing it to the ground, then flexing his muscular arms to show off his intimidating biceps. At seventeen, Gino is easily the most muscular guy present, and while he is barely taller than Chase his manly muscles are in a different league altogether, but Chase stands his ground defiantly.

“Then prove it,” Chase says simply, arms crossing over his chest.

“Great, I’m starting off against him!” Gino points to Doug.

“That’s not…” Chase starts to say but Gino walks purposely up to him and boots him hard in between his legs. Chase goes flying backwards, crashing against the ropes of the ring, his right arms flopping over, propped up by his armpit as he doubles over in a silent scream.

“Wow! Look, his little pink balls have popped out!” Doug laughs hysterically pointing at Chase’s crotch where the Captain’s plump pink gonads are now naked and bulging on either side of his singlet.

“Chase!” Jayden exclaims, rushing up to comfort his boyfriend who slowly slumps to his knees then keels over onto his side clutching his injured jewels.

Gino lets Jayden pass by him and points to Adam next, “You are facing off against Shane.”

“Me?” Shane says.

Gino does not stop and points to the others shuffling everyone around until he has everyone grouped with how he desires and sees fit. When he is done Gino stares around the studio and smiles at his work. “Now this is going to be fun.”

By the time Gino is finished he has matched up all of the boys present for the first six matches which are:

                    Gino VS Doug

                    Shane VS Adam

                    Aldo VS Leroy

                    Max VS Caleb

                    Rex VS Junior

                    Chase VS Bill

End Part 1 of 13


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GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hello Pyccknn,

I will absolutely make sure that your website gets posted on the website. I send Alex monthly emails and I will include this!

I can't wait to check it out and I will try to feature your website on the blog soon!

If you want to email me about it to discuss this further my email is



Anonymous said...

Jimmy! I'm so very excited for this series, I'm so sorry for not commenting earlier! These battles sound so good, I'm especially excited to see the two pairs of twins facing each other! It's a really nice detail that they are going Biggest Twin vs. Smallest twin (in you know what size department) for each of their fights, it would be interesting to see Rex and Junior facing each other if they won, since they are usually the twin that's into ballbusting their brother a whole lot more!

Aldo vs Leroy certainly sounds interesting too, but the big show stopper, at least for me, it's gonna be Chase vs Bill, I've been waiting for a one on one between the two of them since Bill was dating Jayden! And now it's finally time! I'm so very hyped for it! I can't wait to see Chase busting Bill's little tic tacs again, and knowing Chase, I'm sure he's gonna try to end it with an explosive finale, hahaha! Of course, I know Bill too and he won't wanna go without a fight and getting his hands on his captain's big balls! so I'm excited to see them both bust each other until on of them busts! I wonder if their old rivalry may be revived for such event...? Can't wait to read it!

-anon 1

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anon 1,

Life happens, but I am glad to read about your thoughts now!

Yes, there were some that I was super hyped to write about, a few more than others. The twins were so much fun to write, as they have such fun personalities. If there was one downfall to this series is that elimination means I had to bench some of the characters early and that part kind of stinks as I wanted to write some of them a lot more than I did!

I hope that you enjoy them all! Every Friday until the middle of June I think or maybe July I will be posting a new story. If you have not seen it, I posted part 2 which came out last Friday, Anon!

Have a great day, friend!



Anonymous said...

Are we gonna see any of the ballbusting boys cast make an appearance in this arc? This looks like the perfect opportunity to have some of the boys to finally meet with the cast, I'm talking more about Chase finally meeting Chase and the two of them clashing together after one of them claims to have the biggest balls (To be honest, I think the two of them would claim it) and then the big fight would come, the two of them have so much in common that I can see Chase wanna dominate Ben more than he would Logan

Or maybe Zach can finally have that rematch with Rex?

So many possibilities! I can't wait to read more of the arc and see some good fights

-anon 1 (again)

Anonymous said...

Chase meeting Ben*

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anon 1,

While the stories to the arc are already written, I can absolutely guarantee you that I had this in mind as I wrote the series and one of the Ballbusting Boy's cast makes his first appearance in the Gino and Jayden series. I hope you like it when he crashes the party!



Anonymous said...

I absolutely have to agree with Anon 1! It would be soo nice to see Chase facing of with Ben, I really wonder who's got the biggest ego of the two... It might still be hard for Chase to match "biggest balls in the room" Ben, but Chase is still growing and I'm sure he won't shy away from the challenge:-D
The idea of a rematch between Zach and Rex is really exciting as well! Zach's surely got his eyes on revenge, and the big doofus should in fairness have few problems getting one back against his smaller nemesis. However, Rex knows just how to exploit the big stud's biggest weakness, and big Zach's got keep his big sack out of the little brat's reach hahah!
I also like that Rex has got the psychological advantage from their last meeting, and I have no doubt that he would love to remind the college stud about this the next time they meet... Since the boys are fighting inside Alex's studio, it would be a natural occasion for a random encounter between the two!

Great work as always, Jimmy!

- Anon 2

Anonymous said...

You took the words right out of my mouth, anon 2! (And I think you expressed them even better than I did too, haha) Chase Vs. Ben would be one of the best fights in the series, especially because of how big their ba- I mean, their egos are, it would make for a REALLY competitive battle, with the two of them trading nut crunching blow after nut crunching blow, enduring them with their sheer stubbornness, until eventually one of them gives (Which knowing THEM, they wouldn't and it would more likely end up with the two of the knocking each other out in a tie, which would be so hot)

And I'm so happy you share my interest of a rematch between Zach and Rex on the studio, it's the perfect setup! And especially what you said about Zach wanting revenge and Rex having the psychological advantage, which I mean, does he really? I'm sure Zach can still tease Rex about his little jelly beans and he'll still want some revenge for it, they both had only a couple of stories together, but I REALLY love the rivalry that has built between them (Even if it's just made up in the fanbase)

I can't wait for tomorrow's story!

-anon 1

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anon 1 and Anon 2,

There is a Suprise character coming in from Alex's BB studio, in fact in part 4 (published today) he makes his appearance!

On another note, I love the idea of a rematch between Zach and Rex. I enjoyed writing that rivalry and story with Y1ddo. I will message him to see if he is interested in writing a follow-up now that Chase has a key...

Chase VS Ben would be another great match. They both have such large egos it would be highly amusing to see the two of them go toe-to-toe. I am currently writing two Chase stories with him as the leading role, I can put that one on the docket for a future one though!

I will get right on this after I finish writing my two current Chase projects! One of which has been highly demanded for a long time.