Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Ballbusting Olmpics 2010: BOC Meeting


*Thanks to FireCrotchRox for suggesting this new method of Nutball.

Kev entered the studio with Ben and Collin following. We were having a BOC meeting, something that we're not having much of this time around. We were not having many meetings for the simple reason that I wanted things done faster, which is I was forced to dethrone Kev as chairman, but he is still a contributor. But tragedy struck. Normally each event is going to be given two days, the first four preliminary matches on day 1, and the four Medal Matched on day 2, but there was an event scheduled in the gym, and we would have to cut Nutball short one day, meaning we would have to squeeze 8 matches in one day, and there might not be enough time. I gathered the entire BOC for this crisis, me, Phil, Chad, Vince, Kev, Ben, and Collin. The last 3 were the last to arrive. We sat down.

"So what's this whole deal?" asked Phil.

"Well, basically," answered Chad, "their having a basketball game in the gym the day after Nutball."

"And we need time to empty out the equipment," added Vince. "Although we should be up in running in time for our second event, Roshambo."

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: Danny's interviews 1


I was a bit surprised when Danny told me he would still be doing interviews after the events. He said he might have to excuse himself days he competes. I uploaded the video he sent me. It was Danny standing outside the gym. He interviewed a few random people, all of them said they were looking forward to the ceremonies. One of the first noteworthy people e interviewed was Seth, Logan's High School pal.

"Seth," said Danny, "I understand you and all your pals are here to support Josiah E. Bartlet High in these games?"

"Ya, well, you know, School spirit," he replied.

"Yes, well anyway, the thing most people want to know about is that little incident with Phil. So you asked him to kick you in the nuts?"

"Well, I wanted something a little more than an autograph, though I got one of those too, and considering where we were and the fact that he kicked things for a living, it seemed appropriate. Besides, I'm such a huge fan of Phil, I felt like a fan girl meeting him, it's nothing short of an honor to be kicked in the nuts by him. Still a bt sore though," Seth replied as he rubbed his package.

"So why are you such a fan?" asked Danny?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: Opening Ceremony


There was an a feel of excitement in the air as we got ready for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Ballbusting Olympics. Me and most of the guys were outside the gym. There were lines of mostly guys waiting to get a ticket. There was so many people, we thought the gym was going to reach full capacity.

"Wow, this is a bigger outcome than last year," said Kev. "Good part is the camera's are already set up, and will be broadcasting on T.V's all over campus. And it's being streamed on the college site. Granted, Collin had to fuck the producer again."

I chuckled, when we ran into a few friends of Logan's. Gary, a dark blond boy, Leroy a black guy with curly short hair, Seth, a boy with black hair, Kim a handsome looking Asian, Hector a young Hispanic youth who was rather tall and skinny, and Dash, a dark haired boy with a scowl on his face. They all seemed to be on their way to find seats. When they saw Logan, CJ, and Speedy they all began to cheer and pat them on the back.

"Hey, you better make Bartlet High proud," Leroy said.

"Oh shut up," said Speedy. "Logan asked all of you to compete in this thing, and I was the only one with the balls enough to join."

"Oh, your only in one event anyway," remarked CJ.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Tube


“Local website seeking guys into creative ball busting…” I had stumbled across the internet ad back in November whilst aimlessly browsing the postings on the campus bulletin board’s ‘Everything Else’ section. As I expected I didn’t hear anything back for weeks… which turned to months. By the time the spring semester was underway I’d forgotten all about the ball busting ad. That’s why I was more than a little surprised when I got a call from a guy named Alex inviting me to join the team.

I was stunned, and a bit dubious. He apologized for the long delay (apparently my email had been lost in the ‘crush’ of responses, pun intended) and gave me the details for a meet and greet with his camera man Chad to get acquainted with the studio. Alex, unfortunately was off to bust nuts in Europe so I wouldn’t be getting chance to meet him face to face just yet.

However my upcoming visit to the studio left me with one problem, since so much time had passed since I first responded, I’d lost interest in my site hobby or building nut crushing machines (which, sadly, were never tested…) and my most promising design, The Tube, had gone unfinished. But, not wanting to disappoint the viewers, it took me less than a few hours to turn The Tube’s blue prints into a working model. Now all I needed was something to test it out on…

“So what, exactly is this thing?” Conrad, my roommate asked, complete bewilderment apparent in his deep voice.