Monday, April 20, 2020

Chase and Jayden team up - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the tenth part of the Gino and Jayden series written by our reader Jimmy. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Chase and Jayden are staring silently at each other, both swimmers have a lot of reasons to dislike the other but neither could get over the fact that they needed each other. Chase had actually invited Jayden here to a cafe. Each boy sips at their hot chocolate waiting for the other to start the conversation.

“So... are we just going to gaze at each other. I have a boyfriend for that and he’s a lot nicer than you.” Jayden frowns at Chase taking a long sip of hot liquid.

“I’m trying to figure out the best way to start. I don’t ask for help very easily,” Chase mutters, taking a deep breath before going on. “I want to fuck up your brother so bad. I don’ think I can do it alone. I guess I need your help.”

“How hard was that Chase? I’m in. He’s been busting me a lot lately, and I thought this whole wrestling thing would have given him new targets. Maybe it helps, but for some reason my balls are still his favorite.” Jayden sets his hot chocolate down. “We can do this Chase, but let’s get one thing straight...if you double cross me, it will go really bad for you…and your balls!”

“Look Jayden, I’m not scared of you. Obviously! But I’ve seen what you and Gino can do when you team up together. My big nuts are still pretty sore from the last time, and I don’t need that to be repeated.”

Chase’s lip curls into a sly grin as he reaches across the table taking Jayden’s hand in his own sealing their deal with a firm handshake. “I’m not gay Jayden, but let’s face it, we’re both fucking hot. All I want to ask is, why Bill?”

“Not that it’s any of your business Chase, but I happen to be falling for him,” Jayden blushes. “He’s nice, he’s different, and I know what you’re thinking,”

Chase chuckles and wiggles his little finger.

“Yeah well size isn’t everything” Jayden shrugs “I’m happy with his dick size.”

“Or lack thereof.” Chase scoffs “Anyway Jayden, if you find you’re not getting satisfied, it might be fun for us to play together a little.”

Chase pulls Jayden in so his lips brush Jayden’s ear. “Look, I’ve seen that look in your eye when you see me in my speedos, checking out my muscles and my bulge! You know I’ve got what it takes to make it a night to remember.”

Jayden gulps in shock, “I’ll keep that in mind. Now let’s go get my brother.” Jayden pulls away standing up, and adjust himself. Chase notices, and smirks.

“Now?” Chase gulps.

“Now will be the best time. He’s having a one on one match against Logan,” Jayden smiles. “I’m pretty sure that Logan is going to work Gino over pretty well; which means, he’s going to warm him up for us.”

“That sounds great. By the way, he as hot as I’ve heard?” Chase asks.

“Even hotter,” Jayden heads to the door. “Thanks for taking care of that bill. I’ll be in your car. You have the Porsche today right?”

“The Ferrari actually,” Chase answers dropping a hundred on the table, smiling at the waitress whose surprise is evident. “Keep the change”

Chase pulls up his car next to the High School gym, “You know, Jayden, we should have come here earlier to watch. We’ve probably missed the show now.” Chase frowns.

“Logan told me not to come. He wanted to make sure that I didn’t interfere, I’ve been known to do that. It was not a request,” Jayden replies.

Chase reaches a hand beneath Jayden’s shirt and smirks. “You’ve got your singlet on, I can see why Logan gave you the order.”

“I had to be ready, he’s my big brother. He may need me,” Jayden says.

“You really do love the big jerk don’t you?”

“You wouldn’t understand. You’re an only child. I’ve looked up to him my whole life, and this fetish of his has really taken over both of our lives. I just don’t want him to get permanently damaged.”

“You can’t save him, you can barely save yourself in these messes. You might want to adjust your role in Gino’s life.”

“Thanks for the pep talk Chase,” Jayden gets out of the fire engine red Ferrari heading to the building. “I don’t need your help in that area.”

“Clearly,” Chase follows in Jayden’s footsteps. “You’ve got it all figured out. It’s why your boy-nuts keep getting pounded into mush, right?”

Jayden shakes his head ignoring his last comment, and swipes his keycard heading into the locker room entrance. “This way.”

“Lead the way stud,” Chase smirks.

The boys enter the locker room and Chase watches Jayden undress down to his singlet. “That looks damn good on you.”

“Thanks Chase,” Jayden blushes again.

“You got an extra one?” Chase asks stripping off his shirt and flexing his hard muscles “Of course I’m way bigger than you so I might not fit into your spare.”

“Well I guess you are a bit bigger,” Jayden says walking over to Chase and feeling the muscles on his chest and arms. “I always carry a spare for Gino ‘cos he usually forgets. You’re not quite his size but you can try it on I guess,” Jayden reaches into his bag and hands the spar singlet to Chase, but when he looks up Chase is already stark naked and staring at him.

“Wow,” Jayden gasps, appreciating in close-up just how sexy Chase’s body has evolved in these last few months. His slim sculpted muscles quiver and twitch under his smooth skin and between his thighs his delicious smooth cock gently throbs above his plump dangling balls, finally released from their pre-pubescent shame. With an exaggerated gesture he shields his eyes as Chase begins to pull on the wrestling singlet show-casing the Bartlet High School colors.

“My modesty is covered, you can look up now Jayden.” Chase chuckles “I don’t want to make you too jealous”.

Jayden’s eyes slowly travel up Chase’s body, his blossoming package fills out the pouch quite convincingly although it doesn’t stretch the lycra to breaking point like Gino’s manhood. Jayden’s boner continue to grow at the thought and he readjusts himself again, “Wow you look pretty damn hot Chase.”

Chase steps closer and takes Jayden by the hand then surprises him by clasping it firmly it against his bulge.

“Touch them, Jayden” Chase whispers “I want you to feel my balls.”

“But Chase!” Jayden gasps “I didn’t think you…”

“Just do it, Jayden!” Chase shudders, his voice cracking in a way that Jayden had never heard before. Biting his lip, Chase presses Jayden’s hand closer and begins to slide the boy’s delicate fingers over his plump gonads.

“Damn, Chase!” Jayden sighs, feeling light headed as blood rushes to his head, “Your balls have really grown!”

“You reckon?” Chase handsome face grins as he raises his eyebrows. Slowly his cocky grin returns “Yeah in fact they’ve grown a lot. I bet you love the feel of these big balls, huh?”

Jayden gulps, his heart pounding in his chest as his fingers continues to fondle his rival’s blossoming boyhood. The two slippery orbs feel like two ripe grapes under his fingers and it feels amazing how they roll and glide under the tight lycra. The soft virile organs feel so potent and yet so fragile. Soon he feels something else begin to stir. Chase’s boyhood is starting to throb and harden under his touch. As they approach a climactic moment in their strange new relationship. Jayden bites his lip, knowing he must step carefully to keep Chase on his side.

“Oh yeah!” Jayden moans “Seriously, dude! Your balls are really quite big now”

 “You’re damn right, Jayden, I’ve got real man-balls now!” Chase sneers back at him aggressively “So let’s finally put an end to all the bullshit.”

“What do you mean?” Jayden raises his eyebrow.

“You know what I mean!” Chase scowls back angrily “The stupid insults from you and your brother! All those hurtful put downs about…the size of my balls!”

“But Chase, it doesn’t ma….”

Chase then steps forward and grabs Jayden’s bulge with an open palm, causing him to gasp.

“Fuck! Um Chase! What are you…!”

Jayden feels a chill running down his spine as the fingers clamp shut around his hefty balls. But Chase’s touch is surprisingly sensual as he explores and fondles Jayden’s overgrown tackle, rolling each fat nut between his strong fingers. Jayden watches Chase intently, trying not to smile as his rival’s cocky grin fades to a slightly irritated frown.

“I guess my boy-balls are pretty big too, right?” Jayden whispers in Chase’s ear, just to taunt him a little.

With a mischievous grin he takes a firmer grip of Chase’s plump eggs through Gino’s singlet making the older teen gasp in shock. Chase’s ripening gonads are now big enough to fit perfectly in his hand and it feels amazing knowing he could bring the tough bully to his knees with just one hard squeeze. Best of all though, Chase’s beloved jewels still feel a little smaller than his own!

“Look Jayden, I admit your boy-nuts are pretty big…for your age. They might even be bigger than mine were at fourteen.” Chase shrugs at the irrelevant detail then puffs up his chest as he smirks down at the younger boy. “But now you can feel just how hefty my fifteen year old plums have grown. Look I don't want to shame you by comparing our assets. Just accept mine are bigger and we’ll put an end to this nonsense!”

“Um yeah, OK, whatever dude.” Jayden shrugs, “Your nuts are really big, Chase, so don’t get hung up about Gino’s little mind games.”

Chase stares intently at Jayden to make sure he’s serious and Jayden just smiles innocently back, somehow resisting the urge to laugh at his rival’s paranoia not to mention the size of his wedding tackle. He gives the blond stud’s sensitive nuts one last playful squeeze then grins at Chase.

“I must admit, Chase, I really love the feel of your big man nuts” Jayden chuckles “It’s just not quite the same with Bill’s.”

Jayden’s joke lightens the mood and the two boys laugh off the tension.

Jayden winks back but can hardly restrain from laughing out loud at Chase’s insecurity. He gives the blond boy’s nuts one last playful squeeze then grins wickedly, secure in the knowledge that Chase’s balls really aren’t quite as big as his own.

“Anyway Chase, I reckon nut size isn’t everything. I mean you’ve seen my boyfriend, right?” Jayden continues to joke with Chase to divert his attention away from ball comparisons as Chase’s nuts are still not as big as his own.

“Hey, just one more thing, Jayden. I’ve always wondered how you guys can focus during a wrestling bout when you have your fingers around each other’s nads,” Chase laughs out loud, as he begins to stroke Jayden’s rigid cock through his singlet. Jayden’s mouth opens and he groans in surprise and pleasure.

“Now show me the way to the gym? Now is it this way or that way,” Chase grins as he wrenches Jayden’s fully erect cock first to the left, then to the right then lets it ping back to pointing north. “Dude, I’m so lost.”

“, it’s that way,” Jayden breathes out.

“Good enough,” and with a gently slap to the Jayden’s nads Chase finally releases Jayden’s bulge. “Come on Jayden, we can’t fool around all day.”

Chase leads the way up to the gym, leaving Jayden to readjust himself again. Chase’s handiwork has made him feel horny as hell , and he’s now suffering from a severe case of blue balls south of his navel.

Upon entering the gym, Jayden slowly grabs the back of Chase’s singlet. Putting a finger to his lips, “Listen, they are still wrestling.”

Chase stops to listen as Jayden crosses before him and opening the gym door a crack. Together Chase and Jayden look in and Jayden instantly feels a strong urge to go and rescue his brother.

Gino is on the floor. Logan is on top of him, and it is clear Jayden’s brother is in a bad predicament. Gino’s body is in some sort of pretzel with his legs being held straight in the air, Gino’s arms pinned underneath him, and Logan is punching Gino in the nuts repeatedly. After each punch Gino’s body spasms, and Gino swears “Fuck.”

Punch. “Fuck.” Punch. “Fuck.” Punch. “Fuck. Ooooh my fucking balls!”

“Let’s just go and join Logan. He seems to know what he’s doing,” Chase whispers excitedly into Jayden’s ear and can’t help noticing Jayden’s engorged cock head.

“Chase, we have to be quiet,” moans Jayden leaning back against Chase’s muscled chest.

“Don’t worry, they are far too busy with each other to hear us,” Chase chuckles. “Let’s have a little fun, until Logan is done with Gino.”

“But Chase I have, oh man. I have god!” Chase has his hand around Jayden’s boner and is pulling him into an embrace. Chase leans down and just as the boys are about to kiss two fists rise between their legs, crunching their jewels in a perfect uppercut. Chase and Jayden stare into each other’s eyes in horror as the hammer blows slams their ripe plums into their pelvis. They groan in despair as the same hands wrap around the teenager’s ball bags

“Seems it’s my lucky day,” Kim says gleefully crushing two prime sets of balls in his grasp.

“Bitch! My fucking balls! Who, aghhhh, are you?” Chase growls.

“I’m just settling an old score with Jayden here, and you just happened to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time Bill.”

“My name’s not Bill! It’s Chase, and you better let go of my big balls right now!” Chase threatens him.

“You call these big?” Kim laughs as he bears down on Chase’s nuts making him howl in pain. Kim then pulls the two struggling teens back towards the locker room by their throbbing balls.

“Kim, ugh please, what the fuck are you doing here anyway?” Jayden asks.

“Logan’s orders, he knew that you couldn’t resist interfering. And now I get to mess you up and your pretty boyfriend.”

“He’s boyfriend!” Jayden yells, elbowing Kim in the face, his elbow connecting perfectly with his nose.

Kim immediately let’s go of the boys’ nuts grabbing his nose, “Fucker!”

Chase staggers back, clutching his throbbing jewels but instead of collapsing he spins around and with a determined roar torpedoes his foot into Kim’s inviting groin. Kim groans, leaning forward as Chase follows up with a second even more devastating front kick that lifts Ken into the air. Ken drops to his knees clasping onto his injured gonads. “Fuck, my nuts!”
Jayden still bent over can only watch in admiration as Chase make quick work of his wrestling teammate. “Nice moves,” Jayden acknowledges. “I’ll hold his arms, let’s finish him.” Jayden comes up behind Kim as he is nursing his injured balls and yanks his arms behind his back.

Kim pleads, “Wait...don’t!” Which falls on deaf ears as Chase kicks Kim again, his foot crushing Kim’s modest nutbag. The Asian wrestler groans, trying to close his thighs but Jayden drags him across the floor backwards opening up his legs for Chase who immediately capitalizes and stomps straight down on Kim’s balls crushing them under his foot.

Kens whines as pain explodes from his two orbs, the Asian wrestler has been completely decimated by these two teens in under a minute. He’s a mess as he watches Chase dig his heel into his family jewels. “God, stop! Please! My nuts!”

Chase leans forward, Ken’s balls still underfoot. His strength is fast draining from his body as Jayden holds him immobile. Chase is grinning sadistically “That’s what you get for punching my big balls! Now I’m going to spare these pathetic little marbles, but only if you crawl out of here as fast as possible. If you stop for any reason I will drag you back here, by your puny balls for a bit more fun. Now get the fuck out of my sight.”

Kim does as he is told after Chase pushes his body to the floor. The boys can’t help but snicker at Kim as he crawls away; with his tail between his legs.

“After what he did to me, I’m happy to bust his nuts a few times,” Jayden high fives Chase.

Chase smiles at Jayden, and comes closer to him. “We make a pretty good team Jayden.”

“Yeah, but Gino may be a tougher nut to crack. I hope your big nuts can handle some more punishment today” Jayden’s voice is growing a bit husky from the closeness of Chase’s body but his concern is real. He knows Chase can be undone by a few hard blows to his beloved orbs which are now precariously displayed through his tight singlet.

“Don’t worry about me, these balls are tough as hell” Chase grabs his crotch then winces “Kim got me pretty good but now for your brother, this should be a breeze after what Logan’s done with him,” Chase grasps Jayden’s shoulder giving it a firm squeeze his fingertips dragging down his torso, gently over Jayden’s right nipple. “This way, stud”

Jayden nods, his heart beating in his chest furiously as his cock begins to chub up again, which does not go unnoticed by Chase. The swimmers walk back to the gym and go to peak into the locker room but are forced back as the swing doors fly open. Logan strides out with a huge grin plastered across his face. Surprise colors his expression upon seeing Jayden and Chase.

“Well, well, well. Hmm, funny, I don’t see Kim anywhere. Still you and your friend here...”

“Chase, my name is Chase. And yeah, I beat up your puny friend Kim. You’ll find him nursing his tiny busted balls outside”

“Alright Chase” Logan corrected himself, “Anyway Jayden. if you came here to save Gino, well...” Logan trailed off running a hand casually through his blonde locks. “You are far too late.”

“We didn’t come to save Gino, we came for revenge,” Jayden states.

Logan laughs, “Go for it. He’s a bit of mess, he won’t stand a chance against both of you in his current state. I really demolished him in his one on one match against me.”

“In my eyes, you just warmed him up for us,” Jayden says.

“If you want to use that analogy sure, he’s pretty cooked then.”

“Well see you Logan. You know you’re not half as hot as I’d heard.” Chase smirks “It’s kind of disappointing”.

“Excuse me?” Logan says, raising his eyebrows “Are you saying I’m not hot?”

“You’re average, I guess, but not really that special. Come on, Jayden, let’s go work over your brother a bit, I’m getting of bored with this guy”

Logan heads towards the door, but Logan puts a hand on Chase’s solid shoulder. “Your kind of a dick huh?”

Chase just smiles as he informs Logan, “Does this answer your question?” With that he smashes his closed fist straight into Logan’s very full singlet pouch. Logan’s eyes nearly pop out of his head in shock as his mouth drops open.

“Now get your hands off of me, loser,” Chase shoves Logan against the wall. Logan crashes against the wall and grasp onto it for balance, legs spread wide and Chase rushes in to finish off the super star wrestler.

“Say goodbye to your balls!” Chase extends his leg out and punts it towards Logan, who’s dazed expression changes to one of determination as his fighting instincts come into play. With lightening reflexes he grabs Chase’s incoming foot.

“What the…” Chase yells as Logan’s heavy wrestling boot sails upwards towards the delicate outline of Chase’s vulnerable nutsack.


“Fuuuuck!” Chase groans as he staggers back “Oh God, not my balls again!” His arms are outstretched trying not to fall over Chase stumbles back from the superstar wrestling Captain Logan.

“Logan, leave my friend alone,” Jayden says running up to try to stop the carnage. He tries to throw himself between them but is not quite fast enough as Logan gets one more front kick, toes first catching both of Chase’s balls cracking them against the bottom of his rippling abs.

Chase roars in pain, glaring up at Logan with a look of pure hatred then his face creases up as he slowly collapses to his knees holding his mangled teenage balls.

“Is that all you can take, kid?”, Logan smirks down at the cocky teenager who is slumped on his butt writhing in agony as he nurses the mangled contents of his proud bulge.

“Fuck you!” Chase sobs “Ooh my big nuts! I’ll fucking kill you!”

Jayden’s fists are by his side as he bravely stands in front of Logan, “Our beef is with my brother, not you. Just let us through to the gym, Logan.”

Logan considers Jayden’s request, but then slowly shakes his head.

“How about a little sparring match first before I head home to bang Ashley. You know I kind of like the idea of taking on you and your brother in one day. Let’s see if you’re tougher than your dickhead friend here”

Logan cracks his knuckles, leaning towards Jayden with danger in his eyes as he reaches forward to grab Jayden’s nuts. But Jayden sees it coming, he grabs Logan’s arm and twists it behind the wrestling stars back planting his feet shoulder width apart and forcing Logan’s arm up behind his back. Logan’s shoulder muscles scream as Jayden pulls the arm upwards and back forcing Logan to retreat towards his opponent. Jayden holds firm, and says, “Logan, I don’t want to do this. Gino’s my target. I don’t want to hurt you, but I will.”

Logan laughs through his screaming shoulder as he swings his free arm backwards trying to clobber Jayden in the temple. Jayden watches Logan as he telegraphs his move and then pins both of Logan’s arms behind his back pulling them taught. Then knees Logan’s lower back forcing Logan to fall to his knees.

“Good form,” Logan compliments him as he yanks Jayden off of his feet tossing him overhead. Jayden is far lighter and Logan takes advantage of this. Jayden is ripped off of his feet but manages to tuck his feet in and spin in the air landing precariously in front of Logan holding both of his wrists. He anchors the landing on his feet.

“Nice,” Logan grasps on Jayden’s forearms and pulls him forcibly forward and head butts Jayden in the lower stomach.

The air whooshes out of Jayden as he bends forward and Logan slams an open palm into Jayden’s chin sending him careening towards the tile floor, his head cracking against the floor. Jayden is unable to catch his breath, seeing stars as his vision blurs. Gazing up groggily he sees Logan in double standing back up and now moves toward him.

Logan reaches down grabbing Jayden by his singlet in both hands hauling him upwards so Jayden dangles in the air, holding Logan’s arms as he rises higher closer to the ceiling. “I think a power drop on my knee should finish you,” Logan grins as he positions himself to drop Jayden’s crotch onto his raised knee.

Jayden swings his legs up and back into Logan’s midsection, causing Logan to lose his balance sending both boys to the ground with Jayden landing on-top of his chest. Logan groans as he hits the floor hard. Jayden accidentally head butts him upon landing causing both of them to groan in pain.

Jayden manages to roll off Logan holding his head, which aches and throbs beneath his slender fingertips. “Fuck,” Jayden moans. “You can be such a dick sometimes.”

“Me?” Logan protests. “You snuck on my team, and then forced your sadistic brother on me.”

“You’re the captain, Logan! You could have said, ‘No!’ But you didn’t! You lost some of your best wrestlers who went early to college. You need us on that team. We’re supposed to be teammates. You should start acting like it.”

Jayden gets up onto his elbows. “You act like I’m the enemy.” He turns away from Logan, fighting back tears as his head pounds.

“Jayden...” Logan starts.

“Don’t! I know that you hate me, why else am I always your punching bag?” Jayden wraps his arms around himself, staring at the wall and breathing fast.

“Jayden I didn’t mean...fuck.” Logan lays back on the tiles and pounds his fists into the floor before sitting up and grabbing onto Jayden’s shoulder who pulls it back. “I’m sorry if I’ve been hard on you...”

“Understatement of the year,” mumbles Jayden. “I just wished that I knew how to impress you. I’ve been trying. I’m the first one in the gym, the last to leave. I work on all of the moves at home, but you and Gino are always fucking with me I’m just at my wits end.” Jayden couldn’t help it, as tears rolled down his face. “If you don’t want me here just say so...I can go somewhere else. Maybe I can transfer back to my old school.”


“Congratulations Logan. You’ve won.” Jayden sniffs, gets to his feet and begins to walk to the locker room. “I’ll clear out my stuff, I’ll even give back the jacket and singlets. You can pick someone else as your punching bag. I’ve already got a brother that does that.”

Logan grabs Jayden and spins him around looking into the youngsters red tearful eyes and sighs, pulling Jayden into a hug. “I’m sorry,” Logan whispers into Jayden’s ear leaning down.

Jayden is stiff in Logan’s embrace, fists by his sides shaking. “I did all of this for him...” Jayden’s words tumble out as he hiccups, stuttering. “It’s never enough. Not for Gino, not for you, everyone hates me.”

“I don’t hate you Jayden,” Logan pulls Jayden into a hug and wipes his tear stained face. “You’re like a kid brother to me, I didn’t think...I didn’t realize that I might be hurting you emotionally. I’m your friend, and want you on the team. Okay?”

“Really? You mean it?” Jayden asks.

“Yes,” Logan answers. Logan holds him a bit longer before letting him go. “I’ve been kind of a dick to you, let me make it up to you. What do you need from me?”

“Help me with Gino,” Jayden says immediately. “I don’t want to be anyone’s punching bag anymore. I need to put him in his place. He has plenty of other boys that he can chose from. That’s why I got him on the team to begin with.”

“Well,” Logan smirks, “He’s back there on the mat. I don’t think that he’ll be too much of a threat now.”

“So you will let me go in?” Jayden asks.

“Yes sure” Logan says. “Do you want me to go in with you?”

“No I’ve got Chase to cover my back...oh man where is he?”

Jayden turns away from Logan and looks down where Chase was laying on the ground but he’s nowhere to be seen. Jayden turns back to Logan, and sees Chase has snuck up behind him while Logan was distracted. Logan feels Chase’s forearm between his legs as Chase punches him right in the balls. Before he can react Chase opens his fist and manages to grab both of Logan’s dangling orbs crushing them between his fingers.

“Gotcha Logan, how are they hanging now?” Chase asks sneering.

“Chase!” Logan groans. “Let go of my balls!”

“Not yet, after all you rearranged mine pretty well, I think that it’s my turn to do the same to you,” Chase says twisting his grip and stretching Logan’s testicle cords between his legs.

“Fuck,” Logan screech’s. Logan swings his arm back defensively straight into Chase’s already messed up nuts slamming Chase’s nuts against his butt cheeks.

“Fuck! Not my balls!” Chase whines as Logan swings his other hand and punches Chases’ nuts again. Chase’s mouth makes a perfect ‘O’ as Logan fire off another quick punches that nails the proud teen in his bulging balls. Chase howls in agony as he finally releases Logan’s nuts. The wrestling captain spins around, to finish Chase off with a powerful heel kick but is suddenly wrenched backwards.

“That’s enough! Damn! I need Chase to deal with Gino and now you’ve nearly crushed his testicles. Just leave him alone, please.” Jayden wraps his arms around Logan’s midriff to hold him back.

Logan’s hand twitches towards Jayden’s balls but just as he goes to grab them, he remembers what Jayden just told him moments ago and reluctantly let’s his hand fall.

“You too Chase! You promise to leave Logan alone too, right?” Jayden turns his head to see Chase curled up on the floor in a fetal position groaning miserably.

“Ugh! My nuts! Oh God! I think I’m going to puke!” Chase sobs quietly as he massages his busted testicles “Fucking bastard!”

“Come on, get up stud!” Jayden chuckles “Your nuts are tougher than that, let’s go and find Gino.”

Jayden finally released Logan who just laughs and stands aside. Then he turns his attention back to his hurting friend.

“You’re big nuts will be fine, Chase” Jayden grins “Logan’s the wrestling captain for a reason, you really shouldn’t mess with his balls.”

He kneels down, drooping Chase’s arm over his shoulder as he hauls Chase moaning to his feet. The blond athlete leans heavily against Jayden, moaning about his shattered balls.

“My fucking balls hurt so bad!” Chase groans miserably and asks, “My God! Why is it always my nuts?”

“Your nuts can take it, tough guy!” Jayden chuckles as he comforts his sobbing rival and takes the opportunity to grope the boy’s scrambled eggs one last time. Wow Chase, your man-nuts must be unbreakable!”

“Yeah, they are!” Chase growls, “And I’m going to fuck up Logan so bad next time.”

Jayden shakes his head, and secretly pulls out a plastic cup sliding it into places before he gets to the wrestling room, ‘Just in case,’ Jayden thinks.

Logan laughs as the two swimmers stagger towards the wrestling room gym. He takes out his phone to call Ashely, rubbing his sore nuts as he talks to his girlfriend.

“On my way babe. One hell of practice tonight. I’ll see you soon.”

Logan walks away smiling as Ashley explains what she plans to do to him when she gets him alone. He is so absorbed he doesn’t even here the yelps of surprise as Gino kicks open the door and pulls inside Chase and Jayden into the wrestling room.

Jayden finds himself and Chase thrown into the room, as his older brother says, “Finally, I thought Logan would never leave.”

“Gino!” Jayden gasps in surprise, seeing his bother looking so feisty. He retreats backwards positioning Chase safely in the corner where he doubles over, cradling his busted nuts.

“But Logan said...”

“Yeah, yeah, you should know by now my nuts have grown more resistant to pain. I guess I inherited the tough nuts in the family,”

Gino smiles wide. He’s dressed in his Bartlet Wrestling singlet, which clings to his muscled torso, the shoulder straps etched into his muscled shoulders. Gino’s body glistens with sweat, his nipples erect as the visible indentations poke out towards Jayden. Gino’s large cock lays against his right leg, his bulging balls outlined in their pouch.

“Logan really laid into me, but I’ve recovered enough to bust my two favorite playthings. Thanks for bringing Chase, I can’t wait to get my hands round his cute little nuts! By the looks of things I guess I won’t be the first today”

“Fuck you!” Chase croaks, “Get him Jayden!”

“I will,” Jayden voice quivers with dread as he gets into a wrestling stance and faces his brother. “This time is going to be different. This time I’m going to beat you fair and square.”

“Hahaha,” Gino laughs slapping his thighs. “By all means, put up your dukes little bro, I’m going to do what I always do. Bust your juicy balls and make you cum. And when I’m done with you I can play with Chase for a while. Maybe I can even make you and Chase cum together like last time!”

“What are you waiting for,” Jayden challenges, pulling off his clothes so that he’s showcasing his taut body in his own wrestling singlet. “I’m ready for you.”

“What’s that?” Asks Gino pointing between Jayden’s legs.

“Oh that?” Jayden taps his groin. I plastic thump echoes around the gym. “That’s my new cup.”

“You wore a cup,” surprise etches all over Gino’s face as his eye brows rise up. “You little cheater...”

“I consider it an even playing field, after all you are three and a half years older than I. I’m just making sure that things are even,” Jayden smiles triumphantly. “You are in so much trouble.”

Gino’s eyes narrow, “I’m going to rip that thing off, you are going to wish that you never put that stupid thing on.” Gino taunts as he rushes forward towards his little brother.

Jayden’s heart thumps wildly in his chest as he rushes forward as both brothers collide against each other. Gino and Jayden are locked together in combat, both trying to overpower the other. Gino uses his extra weight, height, and physical prowess gradually force Jayden backwards, forcing him to retreat. Jayden clenches his teeth, losing ground as he struggles against Gino shoving him backwards. Gino keeps pushing his brother back until he is backed up against the wall. Jayden grunts as he is pressed against the wall, Gino using his legs to force Jayden’s thighs apart.

Jayden gulps as his older brother winks at him and with one hand Gino pins Jayden’s arms above his head. “Look what we have here,” Gino says as his hand traveling down the planes of Jayden’s body. Jayden trembles as he struggles to free himself. Gino’s hand swirls around his navel. “This turning you on bro, are you boning up yet? I heard that can be quite uncomfortable in those cups. Let me fix that problem for you,” says Gino helpfully as he grasps onto Jayden’s hard plastic cup. “I’ve never worn one. Does one pull down or up to remove it? I guess that I could always try both.” Gino says thinking out loud as he raps his knuckles on the plastic protecting Jayden’s assets.

Jayden struggles in Gino’s grasp with his legs forced apart and his arms held above his head Jayden says, “Don’t Gino.”

“You chose to come here” Gino smirks grasping onto Jayden’s groin guard, moving it around within his younger brother’s singlet in a gentle circle. “Also, if you are wearing a plastic cup that means you’re wearing your first jock strap. That I can’t wait to bust you in, so let’s get rid of this!” And with that Gino yanks up on the jock strap catching Jayden’s junk as Gino forces the cup upwards. Jayden’s eyes cross, as pain explodes from his balls.

“My boynuts!” cries out Jayden, Gino continues to force the cup upwards inside the boy’s singlet until the lower edge rolls right over his young testicles leaving the cup resting on top of Jayden’s bellybutton. “Fuck me!”

“You’re not fucked quite yet, but I’m working on it, how’s this? Can you feel my hands grabbing your ‘boynuts’ bro?” Gino grins as he cradles his younger sibling’s balls, juggling them between his fingers.

“Chase, help for fucks sake!” Jayden yelps, bites his bottom lip as he is exposed once again to Gino’s wrath.

Chase looks up with an angry expression.

“Hang in there, Jayden!” he croaks “I’ll come and kick his ass…as soon as my fucking nuts stop throbbing.”

Jayden groans in despair as his saviour turns back to massaging his own aching jewels. He struggles helplessly as Gino continues to rolls his unprotected balls around. With Chase disabled and the cup displaced, there is nothing to save his boy-nuts from Gino’s desires. Humiliation of having his balls back in his older brother’s hands again, still not being able to do anything about it, brings back the shame and helplessness. Jayden’s body is thrumming with useless energy, goose bumps erupt up and down his bare arms and thighs as Gino grips his testicles harder, ripping them further away from his body. “Stop, please,” begs Jayden.

“Never” Gino laughs squeezing Jayden’s nuts harder. “I’ve got your boynuts Jayden. Like always, your balls are mine.”

Jayden groans knowing that his plan of revenge has fallen to pieces. He knows how this will finish, his body at his brother’s mercy and Gino the ever constant tormentor victorious again. In Jayden’s mind he has already conceded defeat, a feeling that he despises as his older brother works over his nuggets twisting the balls, stretching them, and squashing them beneath his expert grip.

Gino watches happily as Jayden slowly gives up in his grasp. This was one of his favorite moments of busting his younger brother, seeming the defeat in Jayden’s eyes as he owns his balls with the knowledge that Jayden could do nothing to stop him. Sensing Jayden’s defeat gave him an erection like nothing else could. Gino looked down proudly watching his huge penis stiffen. His cock is throbbing hard and Gino wonders if he could cum without even touching it. ‘Only one way to find out,’ Gino redoubles his efforts to crush Jayden’s boynuts.

Jayden felt Gino’s fingers digging in deeper into his balls. Gino who has already won, wants to totally and completely dominate him. Jayden knows how this story is going to end, so he tries to reason with Gino. Jayden starts to talk but he is quickly overwhelmed with agony and locks his teeth together and groans, “Ugh, my balls.” Jayden whispers with eyes pleading, “Stop, I can’t take it.”

Gino laughs, throwing his back and cackles. “Never going to happen, these are mine. You know better than to tell me what to do with them. I think that I should make you suffer more because of it. What do you say bro, sound good to you?” Gino taunts.

“You talk too much.”

Gino looks up in surprise just as Chase kicks him with all the force he could muster. Chase’s foot sails deep in Gino’s groin crushing everything underneath. The kick is so hard that the top of Chase’s instep blasts the head of Gino’s dick.

Gino sucks in a breath, his balls screaming in sickening pain as Chase withdraws his foot, then snap kicks a second even more devastating kick hitting the extremely sensitive back of his balls making Gino scream in agony.

“Now that’s the sound I’ve been waiting to hear!” Chase cheers.

Gino releases Jayden’s boynuts desperate to grab his own and protect them. Jayden, still miserable, sucks up his own pain and backs away to prevent Gino access to his own big bloated balls.

“Do it again!” Jayden encourages.

“Fuck yeah,” Chase kicks Gino for a third, fourth, and fifth time. On the sixth Gino’s weight became too much and Jayden is forced to release him to the mat.

“My balls!” Gino cries out. Gino attempts to hold them, but the contact sends another rush of blinding pain and Gino quickly lets them go. “Ugh, no man. My god damn balls!”

Jayden and Chase nod at each other and grab a leg of Gino’s. Gino watches with horror as he is forced to spread his legs out spread eagle before the two swimmers. Gino struggles tightening his thighs but is unable to stop Chase and Jayden from forcing his legs open. Gino’s efforts annoy Chase who stomps down hard as he can between the open vulnerable thighs smooshing Gino’s nuts beneath the sole of his sneaker.

Gino sits straight up as Chase grinds his heel into his bulge. With trembling fingers Gino tries to remove Chase’s foot, which causes Chase to use all of his weight and press down further on his nuts. “Stop fighting us, or I’ll make it worse.”

“Not possible! My balls!” Gino whines.

“I don’t know, I’m feeling pretty creative right now,” Jayden informs Gino. Gino shakes his head as wave after wave of nut pain radiates from the seventeen year old. “Hey Chase?”

“Yeah, Jayden?”

“How about I get to stomp one and you get to stomp the other? A contest to see just who’s better at busting my brothers nuts. Deal?” Asks Jayden.

“Absolutely,” Chase answers giving Jayden space as the two boys readjust themselves. “On the count of three...”

“No!” Gino pleads.


“Jayden please!”


“I’m your brother!”

“Three!” And both Chase and Jayden stomp directly in the center of Gino’s package. Gino flails on the floor, arching his back groaning in agony.

“Not fair! I only got to stomp on part of his right nut!” Says Chase.

“Let’s just do it until we get this right,” suggest Jayden.


And so they do, both Chase and Jayden taking turns pulverizing Gino’s balls, bloating them up in his tight singlet. The extra inflammation makes it easier to aim, and Jayden and Chase get better at stomping on their agreed upon testicle. After five minutes Gino is a mess underneath their feet. His balls are aching, bloating, and on fire nothing but pain to his brain. Worst of all, he can’t do anything to stop the swimmers. Gino’s dick, does not go down if anything it’s so stiff. Jayden and Chase ignore it, not wanting to give an inch of pleasure to Gino. Their main focus is on making this Gino’s worst day ever, and they are quickly succeeding.

With one last stomp Gino’s eyes roll back into his skull and he passes out.

“Now what?” Chase asks. “Hit him until he wakes up?”

“Naw,” Jayden shakes his head and putting his arm around Chase’s shoulders. “Let’s get out of here.”

“We should at least strip him. It would be a wasted opportunity.”

Jayden smiles, “I like the way that you think.” And so they do.

“Can I keep the singlet?” Asks Chase.


Both boys leave Gino behind, his throbbing dick on display and his hands tied overhead to the basketball hoop his dick swinging between his legs.

“What grade has first period tomorrow?” Chase asks.

“Seniors. Logan’s going to have a blast!”

Both boys snicker as they leave school behind walking on the pavement, the cool night air making Jayden shiver in his singlet.

“Hey Jayden...I just wanted to say...thanks for today. You saved me from two dickheads, and because of you I finally got Gino back,” Chase looks down at his feet, “It means a lot.”

Jayden stops Chase and puts out his hand, “Friends?”

“Friends,” Chase says shaking Jayden’s hand. Chase pulls Jayden in and Jayden surprised, hugs him. Chase has other ideas and lifts up his right knee right into Jayden’s ballsac.

“Ugh, Chase!” Jayden groans bending over as Chase releases him from the hug.

“BB friends Jayden,” Chase laughs enjoying the look of mingled surprise and pain in Jayden’s face. “Besides, I’ve never spent a day with both you and Gino where I have not hit you each in the genitals. Chase pats Jayden’s soothingly. “Now I can successfully say that the streak continues!” Chase pumps the air as he walks away from Jayden, leaving him to curl up on the pavement from the latest onslaught to his boynuts.


Mickey said...

My gosh! You delivered again! For me this is among the best of your stories. (I just love the Gino vs Logan story too much).
This has definitely turned me into shipping Jayden with Chase, I mean you need some flavor in romance and a spoiled rich bad boy does that so much better <3
Absolutely love how everyone gets their fair share of busting and being busted, but a shame that Logan's balls are still in order for his nightly activities with Ashley though - if only Chase delivered a harder hit tsk tsk.

Felix said...

Your hottest stroy yet! And that's saying a lot.

Anonymous said...

Awesome story, Jimmy!!!
I love how you brought Chase and Jayden together as a fighting pair. The intimacy between these rivals is a wonderful twist, and i love how Chase repeatedly exploits Jaydens lustful feelings and is desperate to prove he's the Alpha teen. Is this just Chase exploiting his rival's weakness or the start of a budding romance?
I wonder if Logan is next on Chase's hitlist, now that he's dealt with Gino.

Anonymous said...

I think this story is your masterpiece! Since now, of course, but this is your best work. I've read about so many hot balls worked over in very few other stories! I love the partnership between Jay and Chase and I don't know if I want them together in a relationship, because Bill is so cute! But them both are really hot, especially when Chase try to arise Jayden, when they touch each other's balls...
I loved the moment when Logan calms Jayden: the wrestler can be so cute and protective towards little ball breakers like Jay or his cousins. Of course, I would have prefered to know that his balls would have been in so much pain to have sex with Ashley, but I think also that sometimes he deserves pleasure other than pain. I only have one note: I'd like to read about more details about Gino's tortures! I'd like to read more about his balls destroyed.
Congratulation again for this amazing story, now I absolutely want to know how the story will go on...

Anonymous said...

By -X

Anonymous said...


I am overwhelmed by the responses and positivity of this story. I just want to say thank you so much to everyone for taking the time to read, comment, and like the story. It means so much to me. Now onto the individual comments:

Mickey: Thank you so much! I’m really finding my stride with these characters and it’s been so much fun to write them. I am so glad that you liked this story, and you humble me with your responses. I’m sure that won’t be the last time Chase has a run-in with 18 year old wrestling star. Logan better watch out!

Felix: Thank you so much! I did have some help on this story, and I think it has made it all the better because of it. So glad that you like it!

Reg: My dear friend, thank you for reading and responding to this one in particular. A spark has been ignited between Jayden and Chase, but what will happen to that little light is unknown as of right now. But sparks can lead to explosions, and with two tough guys like Jayden and Chase, it’s going to be explosive no matter how it ends up!

I think Jayden was actually pretty happy with Logan, he may in fact be coming around in Jayden’s eyes. However, Chase has very different feelings on the blonde wrestling champ. And we all know that when Chase has something to say, you will have to listen to it.

X: Masterpiece, aww shucks man, thank you! Yeah, wait until you read the next story which comes out in early May. Bill and Jayden take center stage, but something is clearly developing between Chase and Jayden. Who knows what direction that will take, but I’m pretty sure Bill won’t be too happy about it when he finds out!

Thanks for your comment about Gino, I will make sure to go much deeper into Gino being busted the next time that arises, but Gino is not going to be too happy with his younger bro getting the best out of him. Not too happy at all!

In about three to four weeks the next one will be out, and I’m also working on the next two story arcs each getting three stories a piece! One of them is with a very talented writer who’s going to blow the socks off of everyone. He’s amazing. Just wait until you see what he can do the Gino and Jayden series. It’s going to be awesome!



Gino and Jayden Author

Felix said...

Hi! Felix here! just wondering where i could contact you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Felix!

My email address is

Looking forward to corresponding with you!



Gino and Jayden Author

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, thanks for this very entertaining series! Good to know that you are continuing it. I like that your stories feature a lot of groping in addition to the busting, very sexy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous!

I have a lot of great stuff planned for the series. Part 11 comes out early May, The Boyfriend Debacle. It's based on a readers suggestion but it will also lead into a three part story that I am currently working on with a very talented author. In addition I have another arc coming out after that which will rock the little series to it's very core. That should bring the series to 20 stories, which is unbelievable in my humble opinion. I had no idea that I would be writing the series for this long. It's because of readers like you that keep me going. I'm glad that you are enjoying the series!



Nud said...

This is amazing, Jimmy. Not only it's a hot story, it is also well written. the interaction, the way the character react is pretty realistic. They make sense and don't take me out of the story.

And I know this is the part where most people will ignore, but I really like that you brought in Logan's good-natured side into this. That's one of his character traits. He's not a mean guy. Thank you for doing this amazing character justice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nud,

Thank you for your kind words! Logan is so well developed you have to portray all of his nooks and crannies, and his good-nature is an important one.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed my work. The next part is coming out soon, either next week or the week after. I hope that you enjoy that one too!



Gino and Jayden Author

Nud said...

I wish more people see Logan as you do, Jimmy. He was established so well, only to get dumb down to just cocky loser for many people.I know i shouldn't have been so harsh on your stories and I apologize.

I wish I could sent in my stories as well, but I don't believed it'll be welcomed anymore.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Nud! You are always welcome to comment and to send in your stories. I would love to read them! My email is, and I would love to hear from you! :-))

Nud said...

Oh thank you, Alex. I would love to be a part of creating something after being just a reader for so long.

I blamed myself for being an asshole before and I must apologize to you as well. I didn't word my original comment well and didn't mean to disrespect your guess; so I got defensive when you mentioned that I was disrespecting Jimmy.


Alex said...

Don't worry, Nud. We're all human, and we all have a bad day sometimes. It's okay! :-))

Anonymous said...

Hi Nud,

Sorry I missed your comments (things got busy in my second grade classroom). I really appreciate your apology and honestly I took it to heart and tried to make my interactions with Logan more fleshed out. I’m a huge Logan fan myself so I always want to do him justice. He deserves it for sure.

I’m eventually going to eventually get to the babysitting story and Logan will be in that, and I’m going to try to make Logan stand out in that as well.

I do try to take everyone’s suggestions and apply all those that I can to make the Jayden and Gino series better. I did not imagine that it could have gotten as far and in depth that it has, and at this point I have stories planned out to number 20. It’s going to be an epic ride!

Take care everyone, and as always Alex thank you for all that you do.



Gino and Jayden Author